Santa Maria Times from Santa Maria, California on May 31, 1993 · 9
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Santa Maria Times from Santa Maria, California · 9

Santa Maria, California
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Monday, May 31, 1993
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WHAT'S ON D HOLLYWOOD Trade Winds' goes for the big, big route By Marilyn Beck ' and Stacy Jenel Smith HOLLYWOOD ; Producer ; Douglas Cramer has taken over a ; hotel on the Caribbean isle of St. Martin for shooting of his upcom-: ing NBC "Trade Winds" - and housing of its cast and crew. "We're renovating it and renaming it Trade Winds," he explains. He adds that there's a June 13 start date for the project in which Efrem Zimbalist Jr. will play the patriarch of a family pitted against another clan in a tropical paradise where a forbidden love affair blooms. It wraps the first week of August short weeks before the first two hours of the drama are shown as an NBC TV movie. Thus far the network has only committed to a total of six hours of "Trade Winds" four one-hour segments to follow its unveiling. But Cramer, who was exec producer of "Dynasty" and supervised the vintage "Peyton Place" series, expects to see it become a mainstay on the tube. "The plan is that when the ratings show how great it is," he says with unbridled optimism, "we'll return to production right after Christmas and return to the air in March." With the idea, he says, of producing 46-48 hours of "Trade Winds" product a year! A master of TV's larger-than-life glamourromance genre, he likens "Trade Winds" to "Romeo and Juliet," and notes that it only took him and writer Hugh Bush about 20 minutes to sell NBC on the show. It took a bit longer for the network to go for the cost of shooting on the exotic isle. As it's turned out, it's going to be a summer to remember for the troupe. So many members of the team are bringing their families with them on location, says Cramer, that "all the summer spots in the local playschool have been taken up for the children of the cast and crew." WHATEVER HAPPENED TO: "The Mayor of Castro Street" remains a project in limbo. A director still has not been hired to replace Gus Van Sant, who bowed out of the feature a few months back. No cast has been set and Warner Bros, has no idea when, or if, the saga about slain San Francisco gay activistcity official Harvey Milk will start pro-, duction on the lot. WRITE ON: Olivia Goldsmith, whose "The First Wives Club" literary hit will be made into a Paramount pic, isn't telling what real cast of characters her new "Flavor of the Month" novel is based on with one exception. She reveals the plastic surgeon in the book about Hollywood and its celebrities was inspired by New York's Dr. Michael Sachs. He's transformed, many famous actresses THE' INDUSTRY EYE: Hal Linden has been signed to co-host "Reader's Digest: On Television," a one-hour TV special to air on ABC this fall. Sharing hosting honors will be "The Home Show's" Robin Young. Right now the "Jack's Place" star is on the high seas, performing on a cruise ship bound for Europe. Before Linden and his wife return home, they'll spend three weeks satisfying his passion for golf on the links of Scotland. A FIRST TIME FOR EVERY-THING: "The 1993 World Music Awards" that airs Tuesday night marks the fifth time The World Awards have been presented overseas. They're new to us, but executive producer Gary Pudney says ABC plans to make them a yearly event if ratings warrant. BEST-LAID PLANS: "E.T." host John Tesh thought he had a winner of an idea for promoting his latest record album, "Monterey Nights." Winners of radio contests in eight cities, (New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver ...) would get a romantic weekend for two in scenic Monterrey, Calif. plus a private concert by the part-time composer and Tesh and wife Connie Sellecca would make the weekend a romantic getaway of their own. MONDAY EVENING 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:C0 9:30 10:03 1 10:30 t J H. Patrol , love Connect Shade - Bob 3388 Murphy B. Love I War Northern Exposure 3325 LJ M'A'Stt 9899 Cheers 509 World of Discovery ' Movte "National Lampoon's Animal House" 9515 CJ Ent Tonight Hardcopy Fresh Prince Blossom 5898 Movie: "Don! Touch My Daughter" 8257 Q Murphy B. Cheers 2870 Movie: "North by Northwest" 58308 News 60141 Jeopaf(ty ' Wheel-Fortune Fresh Prince Blossom 5238 Movie: "Donl Touch My Daughter" 55219 O Jeopardy! Wheel-Fortune World c4 Discovery . ' Movie: "National Lampoon's Animal House" 75073 O MacNeP Life-Times : Women of Courage 52764 Great Performances 40431 Not Frontline Inside Edition Golden Girls News 89290 Sports Endorsements 80734 News 30211 CD La Picari Sonadora 55870 Cars Sucla 80718 Crfstina: EoTdon Especial CD Married... Current Affair Movie: "Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise" 18702 News 30239 CD Ent Tonight Hardcopy Shade Bob 2306 Murphy B. Love & War Northern Exposure 95851 IB Star Trek: Next Gener. Baywatch 38580 Star Trek: Next Gener. News 51431 A&E Lovejoy Mysteries 284493 Evening at the Improv 293141 David L Wolper Presents Sherlock Holmes Mysteries AMC Movie: "So Proudly We Hail" Cont'd 117035 Movie: "Back to Bataan" 136783 Dark Angel FT Cycle League Angels Golf. Volvo Championship 63832 . Press Box Cycle World CNN World News 846257 Sports Moneyllne Newsnight Crossfire Larry King Uve 845528 DIS 101 Dalm. Pluto Avontea 2384290 Movie: "Back to Bataan" 9093275 World War II ESPN Baseball ' Baseball Night Sportscenter 662257 Superbouts: AH vs. Norton Speed Speedweek HBO "Hot Shots!" Cont'd 178528 Movie: "The Last Boy Scout" 668431 "Patriot Games" 917219 LIFE "The Killing Mind" 988832 Movie: "Night Eyes" 990677 Two Pair of Jokers 902412 MAX "Dutch" Cont'd 980290 Movie: "Meet the Apptegates" 401493 Movie: "The Outlaw Josey Wales" 1315615 SHOW "Life Stinks" 84093344 "When a Stranger Calls Back" 6554677 Movie: "Basic Instinct" 9708615 TNN Bin Monroe On Stage Club Dance 455615 Crook and Chase 435851 Bill Monroe: Bluegrass TNT Objective, B! Movie: "Beach Red" 74656734 The Naked and the Dead USA Quantum Leap 831325 " I Murder. She Wrote 840073 IwWF: Monday Night Raw Silk Stalkings 830696 f.TOVKS TELEVISION 'Women of Courage takes overdue look at the women pilots of WWII By Greg Dawson Orlando Sentinel At age 75, with white hair and glasses and a cookies-and-milk smile, Elizabeth MacKethan Magid of Winter Park, Fla., looks like what she is someone's grandmother. It takes a giant leap of imagination to picture her at the controls of a B-17 bomber. "Women of Courage," a splendid documentary by Magid's son Ken, makes the leap for us and adds a long-overdue picture to the nation's mental scrdjJb'dbk of World War II. Airing tonight at 8 p.m. on PBS stations nationwide, "Women of Courage" is the story of Elizabeth Magid and 1,073 other women who made up Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASPs, who served, and died, unsung on the home front as flying guinea pigs and gofers for America's male combat fliers. From 1942 to '44 the WASPs logged 60 million air miles and flew 80 percent of all "ferry" missions, flying new aircraft from the factory to air bases, and war-battered planes to the junkyard a perilous chore that many flyboys refused. WASP Florene Miller Watson recalls: "We were running them around the country without help of radar or navigation ... sticking your head out the window and looking down at the ground, seeing what you could see and hoping you got the wind direction right." The WASPs flew all 78 types of U.S. military aircraft available at the time. Magid flew single-engine trainers (the WASPs also trained men to fly) and co-piloted a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. It's curious .that a mjlitary which barred women from combat, ostensibly out of concern for their safety, didn't hesitate to use WASPs for something close to cannon fodder. It was WASPs who towed targets across the sky for gunnery practice, often landing with bullet-riddled planes. They test-flew dubious aircraft. One WASP recalls a bomber that "had a little problem with fires, and some of the men didn't want to fly it. The attitude was, if a woman can do it, any idiot can do it." But only the male "idiots" had military status and benefits. Despite being an integral part of the U.S. war effort, WASPs were classified as civil servants, and the 38 women who died in service were denied military funerals. The WASPs were not officially recognized as veterans until 1979. -v.. Considering the second-class treatment they received for first-class duty, the WASPs are remarkably good-humored in their recollections perhaps because, as one puts it, "this was the best time of our lives." They were young and in love with flying, and occasionally a flier. The WASP unit included more than its share of striking beauties. Little wonder the field in Texas where the women were training recorded 100 "emergency" landings by male pilots one week. Producer Ken Magid, 46, spent his wonder years in Winter Park and now lives in the Denver area, where he is a practicing psychologist and part-time filmmaker. Magid returned home to tape part of "Women of Courage." On a balcony overlooking Lake Osceola, Elizabeth Magid reads "Celestial Flight," a poem she wrote in memory of a WASP who died in the crash of a B-25 at age 19. MUSIC Sting, Dead reaching new heights By Greg Kot Chicago Tribune LAS VEGAS It's difficult to imagine a more incongruous opening act for the Grateful Dead than Sting. But that's the odd couple that began making its. way across North, American stadiums which began this month with three sold-out shows at the 42,000-seat Silver Bowl. It promises to be one of the year's biggest tours. The Dead, of course, have taken rock improvisation to. extreme some would say absurd lengths, by playing three-hour shows without a set list. They also attract a legion of followers that revels in spontaneity. With his movie-star looks and reputation as a "pop craftsman, Sting would seem to represent everything the Deadheads revile. But with recent albums such as "Ten Summoner's Tales," the British singer' has been writing songs with more than a few unex pected twists. At the Silver Bowl, a similarly adventurous aesthetic prevailed. Sting played about a dozen songs in each of his 70-minute sets, and repeated only a handful over the three days. "After the first show, he said, 'This is like a jazz audience,' " said Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia backstage on Sunday. "We told him, 'Go out there and push your limits, because these people are gonna listen to you.' " With David Sancious on keyboards, Vinnie Colaiuta on a-ums and Dominic Miller on gu.'tar, Sting has a band that's eager to be heard. Sometimes too eager both Sancious and Miller can sound like they're auditioning for-Weather Report instead of serving the song. But the combination of Sting's structured arrangements and the blow-out-the-boundaries musicianship was frequently exhilarating. No longer weighed down by the somber tunes that plagued his introspective "Soul Cages" tour in 1991, Sting applied the looser atmosphere of "Ten Summoner's Tales" to his entire repertoire. Miller shredded the self-pity in "King of Pain" with some Metalli-ca-like riffing. "Love is Stronger Than Justice" evolved from a country-western spoof into a jazzy free-for-all. And on "When the World is Running Down," the quartet stepped on the gas pedal with the fervor of hard-core band. Sting's go-for-broke approach did not go unnoticed by the head-liners. DRAIN UNBLOCKED $-V I IT f Kitchen Sink- Floor Drain J) 9l ShowerTub FloorSink ) n " 1 Washer Drain Drain Line ' if .. Wash Basin Toilet - , ARROW llOOTE R ; NO EXTRA CHARGE FOB SATURDAY ' , HEW M TOWN? Call your "City Hostess' Bev Warren 037-1266 We'll Bring You... Welcoming Gifts Maps ' Telephone Book Civic Information Greetings; A FREE Service for Newcomers "Family films are back riir A break from usual sex, violence By John Scalzi McClatchy News Service Quick, name the most successful film of 1993 to date. "Indecent Proposal"? Nope. "Sommersby"? Guess again. "Falling Down"? Not even close. The answer: "Aladdin." The Disney animated feature has brought in more than $100 million this year. Combined with the $100 million that it grossed last year, it surpasses even "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York," which sucked in $170 million without blinking. The point: There's gold in them thar family films. Hollywood has realized this since at least 1990, when the first "Home Alone" grossed $280 million. But it wasn't until this year that Tinseltown really got on the bandwagon. Last year by this time, there were only four films aimed at the family audience: "Newsies," "Rock-a-Doodle," "Beethoven" and "FernGully: The Last Rainforest." This year's class is larger: "Homeward Bound: The Incredi ble Journey," "The Sandlot," "A Far Off Place," "Matinee," "Cop and a Half," "Sidekicks" and "The Adventures of Huck Finn," as well as the perennial "Ninja Turtles." While most of these films have not repeated the runaway success of "Aladdin" and the "Home Alone" films, nearly all have been solidly profitable. Most have brought in between $20 million and $30 million and can be counted on to have a profitable life on video. Even better, most are more watchable than the family films of a year ago. Some (particularly "Matinee") are worth seeing without a child in tow. Someone finally remembered that "family" implies adults, too. How important the family audience has become to Hollywood can be gauged by looking at the summer releases. Both of the likely blockbusters, "Jurassic Park" and "Last Action Hero," were planned with a PG-13 rating in mind, the better to entice the entire family into the theater. Other family films: "Once Upon a Forest," an eco-minded animated tale; "Super Mario Brothers," based on the video game; "Hocus Pocus," starring Bette Midler; and "Life With Mikey," with Michael J. Fox. The decision by Warner Bros, to create a new banner, Warner Family Entertainment, is yet another indication that Hollywood is taking families seriously. Its first release is John Hughes' "Dennis the Menace," followed by "Free Willy," a "boy-meets-whale" tale that Warner hopes will be the summer's sleeper hit. If these do well, expect "family" to be the buzzword in Hollywood for the next couple of years. Pointless screen sex and violence were pretty much absent during the first half of the year. Yes, there was "Indecent Proposal," but let's not forget the OTHER massively controversial w mm 1:OQ 3:10 5:25 7:45 HOT SHOTS! PART DEUX (PG-T3) NO VIP TICKETS ACCEPTED UNTIL 4493 1:15 3:30 5:40 8.00 CLIFFHANGER (R) NO VIP TICKETS ACCEPTED UNTIL 61193 12:30 2:50 5:10 7:30 1 ON S.M. WAV Vh. 937-3318 J OPEN 8:00 ALSO This Ain't No Game, WSK' DRHGDn THE BRUCE LEE STORY the Lire THE' LOVE. era M30 ( FLEA MARKET IVERY SUNDAY I INfO PH. 937-971 J KaEigiiigg ( $6,00 PER CAR OW I. POWOVAH PHOt tn-rm J CUmLli:3l,.,, us r stallq::h Macouloy Culkln sex flick, Madonna's "Body of Evidence," which flopped in a painful way. Instead, Hollywood has given us romance: "Sommersby," which caused more Kleenex moments per capita than any other film; "Benny and Joon," which gave us love among the lithium-dependent; and "Untamed Heart," in which love means never having to say you're sorry for going to a hockey game. Chances for raw, unbridled sex look poor for the summer, too. Romance, on the other hand, is in the air: "Sleepless in Seattle" pairs Tom Hanks with Meg Ryan. Moving on to violence; the "from-hell" genre seems to be on its last legs (both "The Temp" and "The Crush" were t flop-o-roonies), although Disney will give it one last try with June's "Guilty as Sin." The spring's action films were not terribly successful. "Point of No Return," a remake of "La Femme Nikita," was modestly successful, and Jean-Claude Van Damme's sensitive guy flick, "Nowhere To Run," even less so. The most successful action film, If you can call it that, is "Falling Down," which, violent though it may be, had room for thought. Traditionally, the weeks leading up to summer aren't the best time of year for Hollywood. Still, "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Basic Instinct" were both released late in spring, and by this time last year, I had given four stars to six films, "Deep Cover," "The Player" and "Howards End" among them. This year, I've come up with only three: "Passion Fish," "Strictly Ballroom" and "Map of the Human Heart." Moreover, the first two were released last year but didn't find their way to theaters in many areas until 1993. BARGAIN SHOWS IN (parentheses) GIFT CERTIFICATES - ON SAl NOW PERFECT FOR 0AP1 AMD CWADM ma I431-7SS3; W Ml. BTWMOMnC WOBMNOIO WWCNOflMMDC SLIVER (R) (20 :JS 72 fcSO SUPER MARIO BRS. (R) (E rs tx Ms maty CLIFFHANGER im tris 4:451 T-is MADE IN AMERICA (PG pao m 7s kho HAPPILY EVER AFTER Q ps 330 w LOST IN YONKERS PG( mo BOUND BY HONOR (R) po noj INDECENT PROPOSAL (fl g q 730 o HOT SHOTSI 2 (PG-13) pat o w toW DRAGON (PG-1J) (MM 4:40) 7:to fes DAVT (PQ-13) (E10 4 730 4 c W.UnON AVI lOMPOC - K 7jM4 GfN. ADM. UN - tm tlM c VlNDICATlS HKtAIH SHOWS. BOB HOSKINS . PART 4:30. 70 930 ; MAR 1130- 00. S0VER. 4:30 JPO 930 ' MATS 11:30- fl- - CHAPUE SHEEN OM Y EOT J Til , 4 wImI 5Swi HIT HM V.J DAVE rut v 4 4Sv 7 IS 910 i f JL-I v . $.H4 i c NOIHJIOI CIO. . PH 5-KdK.. c $100 uksam fr-1 r - rmOKATit UI1JLJ I j HOOGOtwe 11V t- 11-

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