The Courier News from ,  on January 30, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from , · Page 2

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Friday, January 30, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Brand Jurors Hit Uberal Element Mev* to Resume Gambling at Spa Suffer* a Setback MOT enUHOfl, Ark., J»n so. (UP)— A newly-created "liberal' pol- kfcal party" In Hie Spa received a "•lap oc UM .wrist" last nlglit »h«n the Owl *nd County Grand Jury nn»d thtt it "cotulder means »f cr*atlng revenue" by "open gambling." other than Jury, oiled together by QI Circuit Judie Clyde H. Brown, said thtt "wt »r* familiar with pre- lent dtmandi for « more liberal attitude on the part of law enforcement officials." Rowiver, it added, "gambling in Arkanau, except parl-muttiel batting, is forbidden by law. Tile eourta, the juries, the law enforcement officers are bound under oath uid by statute to enforce the lawn prohibiting gambling. They have no personal choice In the matter. It li not thefr duty to determine the moral or economic footers concerned In an 'open town.'" The Jury heard from present GI Uv enforcement officials as well u members of the liberal "Protec- Hr« Business Men's Association." The association— lend largely by County Judge Byrum Hurst — recently charged that gambling hns been' going on in full view of the •chool children of Hot Springs and advocated setting up of exclusive gambling establishments, such its existed prior to the present administration. The (rand jury said tt foimrt no fact* to substantiate the charges that school students are being exposed to gambling anrt commend- Pine Bluff Negro Leaders to Ask Admission to State University offtctsls for ed law enforcement their work. It further urged that all gambling l»ws be enforced and. that "the membera of the business men's group consider means of creating revenue for Hot Springs other than through » program of open gambling. "Small businesses Mid small industries, financed by outside capital. could be induced Into our vl- elnlty without detracting from Hot Springs as a resort area, "the Jurors concluded. X-Roy Clinic Chairman For Pemiscot Selected OABUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Jan. M —Community chairmen for the Pemfsoot County Chest X-Ray Clinks, to be held In March, were announced yesterday by the sponsoring agenclM, of which Rev. Floyd Bjr Mori Stern 1 (United PreM Btmff Correspondent) PINE BLUFF, Ark., Jan. 30 (UP) —A Pine Bluff Negro, convinced that he has the support of n number of white students and fnciilty, hns revealed that he or another Negro will attempt to gain admission to the university Monday. Twenty-five year old Uxtcab company manager Wiley A. Branton snltl he hns been Invited to do so, In letters from faculty members and students, and that he has notified Register Fred Kerr that he will seek admission to the College of Business Administration. Kerr confirmed Branton's statement Ihftt he plans to register, ant! said the university's course of act- Ion will be decided by i'res. Lewis Webster Jones. Branton told newsmen he believed he would be denied admission, but disclosed that he would then nppen: to the Nntlonn! Association for the? Advancement of Colored People Tor assistance. BranloB femes from a well-to-do Negro ftfmlly, and manages the 98 Taxi Company which his grandfather, J. A. Branton founded In 1015. Affiliated With N.A.A.C.r. He Is chairman of the Pine Bluff Negro Park Commission and Is H member of the regional speakers bureau And state bonrd of the N.A.A.C.P. i During the war he served llirec! yenrs, Including a period ill the Pacific theatre, in the Army Air Forces ns an Intelligence specialist. Branton showed newsmen a port folio of letters, and read one which was postmarked Jnn. 21. H said: "We decided Inst night thnt we will see If we can get a Negio student enrolled here at the University of Aakamas. Our first big problem is to find a student who wants to. get Into a department that Pine Bluff A. M. and N. does not have.' "I can collect enough donations here," (he letter writer explained, "to give him or her room and board for about a year. . .We certainly have the sympathies of the vast majority of both students and teachers." Branton admitted that the students were members of an organization but h« was reluctant to disclose the nature of the organization or the names of the letter writers. Meanwhile, Prcs. Lawrence Dnvls snld A. M. and N. College docs not have a division of business administration, because It doesn't hnve the faculty with which to staff It. JonM Sajj Idea li Mistake "It would require a nice salary for an instructor as he must have at least a master's degree In busi- Southern Man Urged to Win Over Truman JACKSON. Miss.. Jnn. 30 (UP) — Mississippi Democrats today pondered a plnn proposed by Ren. James O. Easllnnd, D,, Miss., to put a Southerner In the White House next Fall. Eastland addressed the state legislature here yesterday and urged the running of n "favoril* Southern son" for president. He explained how the South, controlling 127 electoral votes, could "stop the national Democratic Party in Its tracks and throw the presidential election Into the House of Representatives." The House, he said, would elect n Southerner. He explained it this "nepublicans would take a Southern Democrat before they would a Northern Demot-nU. Northern Democrats would take a Southern Democrat before they would a Hopubll- can." "We nrc today a sleeping ginnt.' Eastlnnd said. "If our people would but act, they could make the South the most powerful section of country." this ness administration. But the school l» now negotiating for V. Brower, local Methodljt minis- i * nd ex P e cts to be able to offer a t«r. a county-wide chairman. complete couroe by next Septem- The community leaders are: I " er '" Hayward. Bon Hone; Concord- I stn le Education Commissioner Btenley, R. R, Pickle; Warden, Ral P' 1 B. Jones said he believed' Avon Knight; Pe*ch Orchard, Al- I Br »nton.'t application would be turn-1 ton SUltanim; HrtJ»«rl»nd»—ewlft. *$ .down by university authorities.' V A Y.*tvif* ' ''•*>* •. V" ' J^k«4: *ttA+. 4* .utww* i_ .. ,«. . . ' Two Students Honored CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 30. Pcmlscot County students iOi)K the 448 students at Mls- —Two we; saurl University named out. of the total enrollment ol J900 to the honor rank list of the' university college ol arts and science (or the 1946-47 academic year. The list was released yesterday by the dcnn o[ the college, Dr. Elmer Ellis. Those making the list are required to have maintained a scholastic average of 300 or better. Those from Pemlscot County Included on the list wcro: Bucll F. Weathers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Weathers of Pnscola, with a grade of 400.00, nnd Guy i Reginald Harper, son of Mr. nnd | Mrs. M. H. Harper o! Steele, with 11 grade of 306.666. Oil Tanker Deals Under Scrutiny Profiteering Firms To Be Investigated By House Committee WASHINGTON, Jan, »0 (UP)_ Despite the acute shortage of ships to carry pctroluein for domestic users, some American companies art; lensinir oil tankers to foreigners at "roughly" 100 per cent profit, Informed sources said today. These companies are leasing or inlying tankers from the U. S, Marl time Commission, It was said, an;l then are turning the same ships '>r their own over to foreign Interests at "roughly twice" the maritime leasing fee. This was brought to light shorlly after Chairman Charles A. Wolvcr- ton, II., N. J., of the House Interstate Commerce Committee promised an Investigation Into the Icijslng of tankers abroad. Wolverton said he intends to find out who hns bought maritime tankers and on what terms, ire snltl the Petrol Corp., a Philadelphia concern now running out of oil, has lenscrt one maritime tanker to n foreign Rovernment for three yeart.l Max Ball, head of the Interior Department's oil and gas division, hinted yesterday that tankers alone may not solve the East Const fuel oil. shortage. He said he expected the East Const demands for tankers to be satisfied in March but Hint, "It remains to be seen" if there will be enough oil to fill them. Armed Forces Short on Fuel . Meanwhile, there were these other developments In the fuel oil situation: 1. Military officials denied a slulc- ment by the National Petroleum Council that military petroleum requirements for the next six month; are 80 per cent covered.• 2. Government officials predicted Hint the Navy will not he able to get back the 1,051,500 barrels of fuel oil it has loaned civilians by the June 30 deadline. They said the expected gasoline shortage this •Summer nnci fuel shortage next Winter made the Navy's hopes dim. 3. Hop. John w. Ifcsclton, R., FRIDAY, JANUARY, 30, 1948 Mass., Introduced legislation to cut fuel oil and gasoline exports In i half and permit them only to coun- ] tries that Imported from the United Stoics between 1035 and 1940 or countries already allotted such imports for the first quarter of 1948. Military officials said the Army, Navy nnd Air Force are now running close to one-third short of requirements for the next six months They claimed the petroleum council—and industry advisory committee—Is throwing Into it* 80 per cent estimate "a lot of fantastic offers that we couldn't possibly accept" both hi'citmc of price and location of the profcrrcd supplies. passed by the City County requires th;it the owner of a car must first liai't! pnld his city personal lux before tie cun secure his city auto license sticker. 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Counties In which he will »erv« Include Pemtseot, Dunlclln, Butler, New M«Jrid, Btoddard and Rlpley. He replaces I*o a. Lance, who re- *lgned to accept an appointment as personnel director for the Boys' Training School at Boonvllle. .Mr. Morman will assume his new duttei February. He formerly lived In Canithersvllle, where he was a former director for the division of Welfare In Pemlscot County. . "It Is my perjonsl feeling," said Jones, "thnt any effort to rtcUbcrn- tely break down our traditional segregation of the races la a mistake." And he added, "everything possible ought to be done to stop It." Contacted at Faycttcvllle, University of Arkansas 'Registrar Kerr any statement, and explained furth- said he was not In n position to make er that the matter "Is In the hand." of the president." President Jones was out of town and \vns not expected buck to the university until the end of the week The first mid-Winter commencement exercises are Sunday. Branton said he Intends to be T married »t Memphis Sunday, and ' If transportation difficulties prevent htm from being at Fayettevllle, tlie attempt nt registration will be made for him by others. Auto License Stickers Arrive in Caruthersville CAnUTHERSVIIAE. Mo.. Jan 30 —City Collector R. I,. Tlnsley announced yesterday that the nea' 1M8 city auto license stickers had arrived and were ready for distribution. The manufacturing firm was late in shipping them, this year. which caused (he delay. A new city ordnance recently ATTENTION < STALLED MOTORISTS AND A.UTOMOBILE DEALERS The ( Universal Jeep (Truck, Passenger Car and Tractor) , Will Save Your BUMPERS AND FENDERS As Well As Chains With Its Famous 4 Wheel Drive We would like to assist yon, ant), at Ihe same time demonstrate this unusual vehicle. FOR TOW/NG SERVICE CALL 554 BLYTHEVILLE WILLYS SALES Authorized Dealer In Blytheville Vernon Thompson ... Stays Fresh Longer! Your Blytheville Propane Dealer Has Plenty Fuel! 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