The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1947
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NUWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION »aH» r*t* per 11 a* for couecatlv* 1»Minimum 1 Ume p*r Hue , 2 tlnit-s per line per 4*7 '-s times per line p*t «Uy 6 Unit's per line jwr day 12 times P«T line per day Mouth per line 15c J2c »e 1c 5C *tt Count Uve average words to the lino. Ad ordfird for three or sli limes and flopped expiration will b* crtars- ftl for I hi- number tit times the iui ap- IM-areU ami aiilnsimcru ol bill made. Ail Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing o til stile of tbe t-lty uilist he atTouj jollied by fusli. Kalt'S may lie e:ishy rumjiuitd from Hie above labte. AilvtrllsInK order for irrrxuimr lnser< liuns Cikej the oue lime rat*. Nu responsibility will *>* taken r»r my rlusisififU one incorrect insertion or B80 acres. 700 In cultivation. Two modern liousis as lioaclciiiBrtm I large burn. 4 small bimis. Has 6 u ,, mnl . houses, oil under fence. Tills Is a real Improved num. Worth the money. V.'u will Eliow il.K fami without any obllgutlon on your liart. Ti)(> iirlcc is J80 per ncre witii attractive cerpis. 185 acres. J houses, 2 burin. Halt nillp to lllull school on K rtv«l rood, lias llBhts. I.orat«l it, mile trotn CJrav Kldgc, Mo. on highway lio Price 1125 per acre. Terms. Well located 20 ncroa, ^ mllfi of 'l-'s- se.i. MO. 911 highway CO W. of fll-iw- ton. ull reiicwl will! fair li»»>ovc- inciiM. Price «2SOO. Terms 42'.ij acres on Kravel rood ribrm; ait. miles fitmi '.3 uoou tov.'ns Hus a n"*-! crop. Alftilra. co;n, couon weiim, li>il>rov<!ineuiii consist or K oo'il lio'ilsf! .J harn.s. all miller fence Tr-icior land. On market for short Um<> omv 1'rk-e S5000. v-illi >' 2 down niyineiil , 300 acres Highly Improved hum W eli locnleil on Kiavel, luis electrlcly Jimke.s KOO(J ciops every year Thin jilnce Is locutfd close. lo DIvlhevllle Ark. ' 40 acres, close In, with KOod hnurove- For Safe Duplex, 1701! Hi'iirn, with or \viltioul. IttiliiiiG system. Kmiill (!n\vi\ payment will handle. Terms- Phone 2(i2<>. 2.'5 pk :K> it.s. Price Sl'^.OOO. Trnns W« Imvfi llsl.s oti nil kinds of city j mom-ay and niriti Inuds If you jire | hiterrsU'ri In ijuyliiK or selling city - property or u fiirtn, drop in mul si>e us. We diny have- Jusi what, yon liuvo turn looking for We it ISA muko loans on city projiurtv Hfiil farm land. LuilUM- (li-iiy. HroJu-r. Ties] deuce I'll 513 Jim Ross. HuU-.Miiun. Hc.sldt-nce I'll 3«Lli Olilte with Million WlILiiuns insurance Ajit'iicy. II, 1 . 3, Tlilril Kt. Phono 2751. Ulytlie- 1 - 2 l ,<( gallon counter Ice with ci,bliu!t. tlljrtj. l>hone 97. Manila. cretiin freezer II. J,. King. 7!28-Ilk-B]28 I fjlicvrolel, pick-up hed, complete, will] lenders und l»nii])i>r. Shelton Motor Co. B-21-ck -M wo iiell lota or T-'lna Fouin e3-y r:l^iii':i-, .S'U''H-il CUA'.Olk. rJeals Valul Store ou'll rind n complete line ol JKK1' PA11T3 at I'OOl.K MCTl'OH COM- I'ANY. 8ti:ele;. Missouri. I'hotlR Steelft 4y lor uro'npl service. (Joiv>rcd l-Yoperly Out 1 lot. fioulli ICtli St.. Crowley Ad- •lltlon IHIKIC Mftrtuln, % CMnrlor Late model Cushman motor scooter, complete with windshield. In AM condition. $250.. Cary Mason, phone 2325 r,r -Ifil. 8 1-8 (th tf 7 room coitus on Clilckusawba. close tO lMlf,LlHisS KCCtlOll U1H1 SChOOl. Wllll uaratfc :md servant room. San have Immediate powic.'^ion If houftht this week. Call Mrs. I. II. Flcinl'llK. 127 Moriiini;.sl(lc Park. Memphis. 8!18-l)k-25 Four burner oil rook stove. Oil hot water heater. Oil healer. Hood condition. One Minute Cafe. 422 Ash Street. Phone Via. 19-pk-Z4 Ruy yaur co:il htfore the winter rush. lA-t us till your Din. Phone 489. Box T59. Hiylhevllle. Arkun.sii.s. 8!lfl-ck-tf J itst .Received — Shipment Oil Healers—3S.OOO BTU and 42,100 HTU. Priced for (iiiick sale. Firestone Klnrc, phone 2102. 8 20 ck 27 Ehcll>y 4 wheel tfirm trtiUers. 6 ply tlrc'n, nil siw.r, truck and trailer beds Also wanou repairs. Hen ry West - h*-nok. Shop, lortucrly Dan Stout Fliop. 8]12-pk-0!l2 wnshlnt; machine. Phone :<:nfi. fine :i year old spirited. ualic-U .'addle-horse. Or will trade for more nenlle lioree. call :MI5. ".il-n^S Ci acres nt'fir l';uunt)Likl. flood road (rltcirlclty, tt room (LwiilUn^ Ijirne burn. J. <•;, Ohupln, Munii.i, Aik. :i John Deere 12-A Combines with motors. 2 years old. In excellent condition. Phone or wire I,. '!'. Hly^l-.u, East Prairie. Mo. H.22-PK-24 HOME SAI,E SPECIALS A 10 room home Just 2 blocks from Court House. Price cut to sell quick A: possession. Ideal houm or rcnvil Investment. See by appointment oulv Oji Franklin Street, iv rive room collate and 4 room bungalow on same .lot. r l - erms A: ijosse.-vslon. 4\rooui hotisc snas.DO. terms on $1100 We limy have Just what you want :n Field 2:194. Attention Pickers Planters We ;ire annln making tnmllty Cotton Pick Sacks tor thosv wlio wnijt the best. Carney Awning Co. 113 S. Flrsl St. BlylheviUc. Ark. PAGE Don't Risk A Wait! LET US REPLACE THAT OLD ENGINE New 100 H. P $202 15 New 90 H. P $185.00 New 90 H. P. 6cyl $14$.00 Reconditioned Engines $125.00 Plus Small Deposit on Old Rwisonublc Installation Knsy Full Terms .Ith at Walnut jgnpany room residence on Broadway. Price §5,000. Terms. Immediate possession. II. C. Campbell, 44(i or 29308-215 ck tf Clroc-ery store dohm a tioi>d bvislneRS priced rlybt. Hee O.^car Alexander I'hone S/.6. 107 W. Main. Resilience I'honir H470. 820-cl:-27 Cafe huilding and Ifi unit tourist, court with garages. Also small chicken ranch. Located 1 mile south of lilylheville, Highway fil C. Abraham, 505 Lake St. 8 14 ck 28 ]f)-IO Chevrolet pickup stake body ',<, rn1!e f-'outh or Holland. Mo. on 61 highway. R. n. TIatley. B-25-47 12 rt. Noat. llyer (Earner. lit 1 Itlv- llievlllt-. 8;in-pk 20 HydratctI limo. . r ,o Hi. sack. 40e. SI2 p<er ton In ton loUs. Firestone Store phone 2102. ft,:?0-ck-27 Athicidc .Tobnson jrrass. Poison now avainiblc a t Planters Hardware Co.. Inc. Phone 515. 8 18 ck ff CARAVAN HOUn- TRAILER. Permanent he"', h'lte n<- ramie. Rleon"; lour A real l-.-ni'- Sells rf>a^]i; ^.. n Kv.-n-U Mnllilr.. Kriulh Ilivhwa'v (11 •[•ItADIeit-, 1'OST KAI.E.-,, IVvllu-vlll.. I,OT SA!,E I I'hone 453 ^ Btdrootn. an N. Minll. IM li? K. Mnln. Ph. ti.\'2-\ K-9[12 KJIchenelti i' anarlmein. Cull 2087 >o yoin- ou Hent coiic-ieli) work and save, . . '"""eto miser by day or I'Hone 4SU. Dux U5'J, Dlylhevllle. _ P '!!!rl!-. i 1 ' 1 ! 1 ,"' 1 ', '" Hml "i'» niou'l 110.111. rh, got. Ar- K • 1 1) Help Wonted niikj mun ror nnicft iwsHlon with £00 (utni'iv Wild lllythi'Vllh- Illni. Vrlti- hnx j i-', r tl cnurtttr NOWH l)ll> Cilfl Klioii will Inlervlew liv np- dolii.lii«.in only ifppllram« ror u lieniiniieiit snlrs position. Kxiierlenee lieee^saiy Knowledlie or illUlfUU' clilna i.nd l: i llss preferred. Apply by letter or oil »M ror an Inlelvlew. ,.NEAT I.A11Y. WHO IS INTKU.I- OKNI, Clot)l) ON SHOHTIIANI) \Nl> SOMK HOOKKHHl'lNCl, TO IK) OHM- KRAI, OI-l-'KrK WOUK. API'l.V TO 110X 0X1. . (.-OUItlKK NKWM. K!U-.k < i ruck tu flfl' \Viuli''n Man with 5cr iMtkfS ..:,.[ vanilla WUfiTfi hV'm'v- I th«;VlH«' ;in>;i C!;,D Ol - fi ,,,, (i-nlaiitl HuriuT, Krii noi>i> Si , Jon Ark. I'lioni* 4a-(5 For Hire dlse. Iniclor • Ijri'iikhnt plow, huslern. hiirrow. plainer, oulllvalor. ellppi'i' combine .ioi m ( :. llrli'lu, LIDO M Hc- rond bi 1'lione KTJ. IIIH-uk-liH 7CO acres West of Basset t on ilitch No. 40. Plenty tenant ho\ises B:n - ualn ni $135. per acre. SOI acres 5 tnllcs of Ulythi:%-Lllc on Bootl rpiwl nncl hlKhllnc*. Good tjii-1 nroveml'iits. $210 oer nt-rn 880 ncres 18 miles West ol Sikeston ^to. Highly Improved. Gmvel ronti through farm. Bargain HI $80 per acre. 165 acres West of Sikcston, Mo. '^ miles from «oo<l town nnd school Highly Unproved. $125 per acre. 200 acres 2 miles West of Morehouso Mo. $100 per acre. 200 acres Northwest of Steclc. Mo. Cull or write Fletcher Fisher 115 W Davis. Ph. 245C. Wonted to Rent 2-B e d r o o m uniurmshed house or apartment. Call Ed Belote, Courier News Advertising Depl. Phone 4<>1. References. 8 13 ck If Veteran nnn wife doslre small lions,- l nenr Blytlicvlllc during cotton nick- hitj fieason. -\Vrite uox 1,. C •,' ' Courier News. H'21-" 1 - •" ! Trr OfltCCf TO 0if» ! Notice Highest value in triiile at KMop. 401 K. ror useil. surpi,,!! Items KlUert lliirrm ,n',j Hwmi Main. |,h. 819. 2i-ck-tr rishln;£ wornn. One cent each Call nt 305 Lilly St. «!23-!lk-2U Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway 61, I -phone :5785- •"••-- 8 5 ck tt (Sell us your car now and (jet the highest, possllih- price. 1'OOI.E MOTOR COMPANY. I'hnue StcctL- <9: Stecle. Missouri Services SEWIKQ MACHINE We elcrtriry your old trenillc scwltl" Tiinchlne Into a inutierii electric iMirtable or cAblnct jnotU-1 c t: Urake. 408 E. Ash. 8'14-plc-9|14 MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need * loat to reyalr or remodel? No down pay- Kent, no mortgaK^ "o red Upe. FTIA approTed rmtr &*. Ask tot details. Max Locin, R««Itar, phone 2»S4. Lrnch BMr-. BlytheTllle. »-2S-ck-» House movinj?, 13 years experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Leveling, foundation repairing Virgil Foley, phone 2inr>. . 8 S pk 9 8 have cut fljc price of lots Sinn each. These lots .irci rcKlriclccI to protect your investment. 25% down, balance in 0(1 days without interest or f,'/,. discount for cash. Located on Camp Moult rie Drive, r 2 block? north of new school site. Lights, water, gravel streets all free to you. This sale will last to Aug. 2(5. O. S. Itollison, .105 N. Hroadway Plione 8-21 ck For Irrsli frnlts r.iul veirrtablc.-; nl-o all kinds of cannlni; fruits r.'j.soii- alily lirlccil. visit Hill Thcunnwi's Curl> Mkl.. Hwy. GI Nortli ~ Ilahy .stroller, r.oott cnnillllon JOIO ^llt'nrn. i>hoiic .1270. 8.22-plt -20 FOR SALE rivi" rrK'ins and hath on Lilly Street Nlrc home on Ulahwav ] 8. 150 fi'et frmitri'T. with rriHa! property on rr-Lir of lot. .l-rooni Imiisn on Holly gt 6-room house on North llth Si 3 iM-drooin borne on Wnlnut St Two room house In Pride Addition 4-room house on Enst Clear r>nkn Road 4 hod room home In HolEnml Mo .•j-room home on East Cherry •1-rooin housr in Pride Acltllllon FARMS ISO arre farm near Huffman. Ark 140 jrcrs near SHCCPSS. Ark. 212 nore.i near Forty and Eight 200 ncrrs In MKsourl north of Number 9. on gravel roa<J, RO nrrfs 7iear Go^ucll, Rravnl roart 100 arri's nrar Rrac^artoclo. Mt>.. Rra- vcl roail. rlcctrlcilv. ICO ar:ri-s tn-ar Steele. Mo., highly Improved, on rravrl road mall route with electricity. 240 ncr*;.s northwest of Steele. Rrovel road .iiid electricity. SOO ncrps near Osceoln on xravel road 600 cicre.i of highly Improved land «oi\r Osrcola. Nice Cafe on Highway 61. Her.nty -Shop for silo reasonably. Thrre brick buildings on Ensl Mntn St. If it Is Real Estate you want, see us before yo\i buy. IMVID nKAl, ESTATE AND INV. CO PHONE 36S3-24R6-32&S 8;22-ck-2fi ;T Mercury. 3858. Good condition. CAM 8lia-p1c-2.'S Pixpcrt radiator repair for less. We have the best in radiator repair equipment. Let our trained man boil out and repair your radiator for you. Quick Service. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractin Co. Douglas Lawson, Mgr. Phone 2171. 8 !) tf SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED" Fx::ert service on all makes, c F Concrei-e • Culvert-tile Sim )»" to 36- (Relnforced or Won-Rein forced) Cheaper and Longer Lasting than an; olhrr Bridge Material. Concrete units for Sanitary Privy—Concrete Septic Tanks. A.H.Webb Hwy. fit >J. at State Line rhuiic Ulytlicvllle 7U Praitc. 40B E. Ash. , 8J12-pk-s]i2 Washing and Ironing Green. 1112 S. Ijike. Willie lielle Nellie's Rcauly Shop now open for business. Located three miles south of Dell at Ramsey's Store. All new equipment, all work guaranteed lo satisfy. ^Operator, Nellie Wilbanks. 8-23 ck .'!(» Clean Reconditioned USED CARS Await Your Selection at SHELTON Motor Company 119W.Ash Phon.438 EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 Get Our Signal! Wc'ro In bo rolled on in cvory way when you consult us about tlic fitness of your car. When we give you the "Go" signal, j'oii know your motor will give you safer, smoother mileage. Make LanKsloirWrolcn your headquarters for g;m, oil and every .service need! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone SS5 Eddie Salibo Miiinfi'ii;incc Engineer Roof Coating, Industrial and Household Paints Call fur frr,; Hoof Iniprttlon . . . l,et rat! Hulve your puint problems. Factory Dhtrlbulnr for Oo- lotilal KeTlnliij: and Clicmliul Co. 12'l M. Kentucky rtve. )t!vtlu'ville, I'hone Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Ijirge Dividend Savings Low Net Coat Protection For 8em>e W. L. TAMKE IM E. Diivlj St., p. O. Box 4JI I'hone 2M7 Bljthcvfllc, Ar*. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Eiyert Etpaln 324 Eut M.ln Bt, Felix A. Carney Quick As The Snappiest Wink! II |Mi< your ciir^ii prime condition. Our experienced U'chnicians check «inn correct every luclor of auto pc'rl'ormancu: brakes, wheels, steerinir ffeer, v»w\\ nK system, spnrk, curhnretor, |Ved lines, ^ears—and, if you wish, rujiivi'iuite your cur's upitoariince. Huve r«»tih-K flonp n,iw nnv for it (his fall. appoanince. Iliive repairs done now— iniy PROMPT, THOROUGH, INEXPENSIVE LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO We Never Close Soles Dept open til 8 An ounce of (spider's w«b would oxlrncl 350 mile.; If strulglUciR'O nit. I NOTICE TO PUBLIC The luw.ofllcos or dene E. Brntl- ley have txten ninved In 411 W. Miiln. (Across street from Montgomery Wnrrl.) RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MOOrJL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. We PHONE 2642 call for and Deliver FRED CALLIKAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola* Sates arid Service IOC South First St. I FARM LOANS You can now secure tlic most nt- trnctlve farin lonn In history. Low rates of interest, extremely lon|! terms with liberal prcjmymcni prlvilciics. Prnctlcnily no expensi nttaclied. If your present lonn (low not bear less thnu f> jjer cent ytn will certainly !>e Interested In 0111 Pnrm Lonns. Unlimited ainiiuu uvnllahle. Such nil opportunltj may never exist ngnln. So If yoi wish to (ilmncc, or reflnancf!, wilLi or .see A. F. Dll.TRICH United Tnsaranre Aftnr.j 209 !'j W. Maln-C.uard BMff. Blyditvlllr, Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest Price* Kirby Drug Stores As a Natural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Iligli Mood pressure nswilited wiih klrtnrj dlsrase mny l« rnluccd bj knplni kldnej.s fanctlonlnj properly. For r>0 years docters have preiwrlbrd tills mineral water from Hot {Springs, Ark. Pare UMinc . . . not A laxative. rhone nr Write Todiy for Fr« Rnnklel CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main M« PltMia MrUMT««. Ark. DON EDWARDS Tb« TyvcwrilM mat- ''. HOVAI,, HMITII, CORONA u« RKBUNOTON POKTABU 11D N. SECOND BT. FHOMI SMI l»r«r» TrmniMwitlon MDBT RK SATIBFAOTORT) I T I. Sfcftv MOTOR. CQMPf)fvj- "Mister, if you want a picture of something mighty pretty, ret loa.l »f lliesc: I>AVTON TUCKS ANI» TURKS I jot at SEA » SEAY T / C. A L I 2t 17 aiVIuESJuE MOTOR ' ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe—Delicious Whole or Sliced Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 E. Main Phone 973 We GuoranfM RECAPPING • i • •» HawkmtMi Tremi \ Ut Your H«xt Tlrn •• j GENERALS j Coat More — Worth MM*! • ;• MODOfGER TIRE CO. UCB.1 I PRIOILLA'S POP The Itrcnilwinncrs Gv AL VERMEEl Pretty soon /// go back to school. Then you'll be on your own much Ive \fI'm proud earned durmg of you, vacation yelling hollering

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