The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1947
Page 6
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PAG* SI* niA"niEVTu,rc (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 10<I7 Charge Rejected by U.S. '• State Deportment Denies Withholding j UNRRA Food Supplies ; WASHINGTON, Aug. 23. (UP) — • The State Department yesterday •sharply rejected chnrges by Yugo- jslav Ambassador Sava N. Kosnno- ,vK that the United States is at• t<fe}j>img through economic prcs- 'rtre to throw up a blockade around •'his country. , Lincoln Winre, d e p a v t in e n t •spokesman, took special issue with JKosanovlc's charge last night that j American aid to Yugoslavia. [ "Anjbody who takes tile trouble 'to. do so can look at the casualty -figures in the war and see Hint •we suffered considerable loss oi •blood and loss of life in addition :to. kicking In 72 per cent of UN- iRRA's fumls iii the amount of h!l- .llbris," White told reporters. 1 On Kosanovic's charges that the 'United States withheld food s\ip- . plies from his country. White'point- . eB out that the Yugoslavs themselves stated thcl'o has not been "one death" in Yugoslavia from .starvation. He noted that such was not the ease in other countries which lira! received American food supplies. • •Accidentally InflictedGun 'Wound Kills Wynne Boy Relaxing At The Beach Oil (he ^Uvacli at ViarcBuio, near Leghorn, Italy, dC|K>mleiits of Army oflicers attached to General jiiliu C. If. l.ce'fi Mediterranean Thrati'r of Operations U. S. A., relax at the resort, section taken over lor Army use. General Lee's command Is now under investigation as the result of a scries of dispatches by Robert C. Runrk, Scrlpps-llnu'ard columnist, who revealed "flunky" and "niirsc-innid" duties cnlisirii men must perform for oflicrr's dnppiulenl.s in Lee's command Ls causing a growim; rift. Ttiis photo 'was taken August 10 at viarrgRio by [,eo Klocckcr, Aciuc-NEA staff correspondent.--(NKA Tclcpholo). MEMPHIS, Aug. 23. (UP,—Jorc al| S' i»I'«lcd by n friend. • Jnrrcll, 14, of Wynne, Ark., died in A .22 caliber bullet struck Jan-ell '^a hospital here I'osierday Irnm ajalxjvc the left eye when a pistol ,'bullet wound ,ln the head accident-| accidentally discharged in the hands of IC-ye"ar-old Jerry Proctor at Wynne last night, Arkansas Stale Police reported. The yinith won the Arkansas .safe. 1 driving championship In QIC Tri- State Dilvt'rs CoiilesL here htst June. His mother was killed in :i traffic accident In l!)4(i. "Why couldn't you have got your raise when 'prices v/ercirt so high?" ; .1 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NQRTH TENTH Phone 3151 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at tlic Arch '/, ft. pt. 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 Calvert . 1.35 2.65 Schenlcy 1.35 2.65 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 Hill & Hiil 1.40 2.75 Old Taylor 4.35 Four Roses 2.85 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 FKEt^LES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3KK He's Nice That Wiiv THK-STORTt , Pftlil (•hlrr.'i'ltufeM ! f«*r*rri~im him by p Mc.An. hn»- Ike- {li.-u-llvllr Aurlltilly imr- . c,ir» Dr. Mjil- calm.- <jLr*h. -<«>||. ul»»u.|rU>iil Hur- f*um..f*m*, Ai-llh?; Chief. (hut >V«x>dl\xird.l.ltriv Mtnff ilni'lnr. IM 4ur. HUM. .MnlroTiu t* NClvi-i) ivlth lwlpT«lh«;;whllr njtrrnUiiK nnd hi* hrolhrr.. l>£.^Mnr1ln Cleiln. Jinnim Into tW brchfh. Mnrilii IH III dive wltl* Suuttn. MalriHnt'N ufrU-«- tiurMc. Mi»» lliiiipiTl. kt-nil nur*r. I* ji-iil- •mn of Suxrin, Impllm Ihtll Ihr nnr *.«•!, ir Mill be maJu- lfc* nr,v Cklel «I Stall. .. .... - • HE red-haired man who c.-imc up " lc steps of the Lnir, ned the heavy door and ciime the^hnndsorfie lobby, observed fo't thtr girl a: the switchboard jiras busjr,"liic reception dcsl; va- xgnt. He strolied. .down . the first ifall, stepped into the elevator, jxxle.tQ.tlie second floor, .lie- wore ;no hat or overcoat. His suit wns '.a easun! one of iigtit brown tweccl. Ta ;bow.:tie Was jaunty under his •hea'vy-';'chin. He ipo!;c to people '.He met ns if they should know •Who he was. He had an engaging ?grin ,w}iich made others smile at jhirnTv.Hjp'vyeht.. all "over the hos- ;'pitairl«!^fen pe'efed' into the 'emplj, shadowy operating room, into the ^diet kitche: , walked np one cor- Cridor, down. another. He lounci the ^children's .. ward, 'the- fraPlure jward. There were many visitors, 'Jjall welcolneyTo'dDy'be'ciUiEe it was .Sunday. Tfic. staff was a skeleton 'one.' '. '• • ; It'. vSos a fine hospital— big .handsome, very well equipped 'Andrew Woodward covered all of ^it; he saw everything. "The guy oacjj like a tax^ossessor," one inten -commented, spying him in one Hward;_'and Ihei.'m another. Down- 'stairsVa'gaip. ;he : bumped into Sii- -isan,/ coming around the corne •from-- Pop's roorns.^-The nurse' tarffrs^WefeTflill^cr basket of fruit Jthree ' book's. , a "red dressing ROW '(slipping from her arm. Dr. Wood •!ward steadied her from tailing (ip, "laughing. "Thank you! I was tni'lns .MIC f some of Pop's excess— acS. I'm Hikl be called it junk." T*:ie (all man stood gniVing. Can't 1 carry it for you';" She frowned up at him. "Arc on—?" "A visitor. Out I would like to l|>." "Thank you. T wns takinj' the mil to the hilchen." Shn sin- enticrcd the basket, led tlie way own to Ihe basement. V.'oodward ras helpful, lie was i;allanl. He lade it quite obvious that he ap- n-ccJatccl this pretty nurse. • • • JUSAN found herself laughing and talking with the stranger. Certainly a charmer, as men went. \nd witty.. His comments on the ks which had been sent Pop d pungcnl. "Why do they try o .improve an old chap's mine Vhy not fiive him mrnjn^ines np VHodunits? I understand he's l])lcss-" "He's, had a stroke, he can't valk—but he's far from helpless, 'ot'the way lie can swear—his mind is as keen as ever. And hat's sharp!" *Are you his nurse?* 1 "Oh. no. I'm Dr. Malcolm lenn's nurse. Dr. Glenn isn't ic'fc today, lie's at home with lis family—he lias n Brand family." "lie's tbo gynecologist, isn't he? Enthusiastically. Susan agreed He asked her about the hospita group—bow din such a large plan get patients in this smallish col lego town? Snsan explained clearly and intelligently. This wa the State Hospital, fly a complt cated. but smoothly functioning system of daily ambulance route throughout the state, all need cases were brought : -i for exam ination ani treatment. In atldi lion, the hospital cared for a Mm itcd number of particular case ->y one?. :v? course, which ralsht to coiiie to the town, to nsc hosjvvv and irr specialists. ooilw^'i wak'i'.d her as she liked. H'/J.ed \;;\r was beauli • il, her >*!';, grcivii'sh eyes, tier plurnetb -'.we. her wnrm, full- Plicil m..-Vi. She wns a lovely irl! - • t • ! \ IF. th-> the stranger; he her; stood nnd watched • go l-::'i: to Hop's rooms. Ho Kintercn in the other direction. lispensar.i. Well - b:iby clinic. 'odors' offices. Oh. oh! lie lopped. Dn this door was his wii iiam:. D!l. ANDHKW WOOD- I'ARII, Vfell! He wen*; on. Next was the of- cc mnrk-.-cl nit. ANGUS McAN: IIIKF or STAFF. Well. well. Across Ihc lobby again. The orner office here would be where usnn mijihl regularly be found. n this door wns the name DR. 1AI.COLM GLENN. On an impulse which he did .lot ry to resist. Wooclwnrcl's hnnci rar.;jed the handle, lifted the atch; the door swung open. lie tnod in the small foyer and ex- mined the luxurious room be- •oiid. While paneled walls, a Gorion Cli-afU original over the marble mantel. A line rug upon the iar(|iiclry floor, a handsome wal- Hit desk, a leather chair, 'n silver •ase filled with heavy-headed red •uses. Hmmin! Dr. Glenn did him- ;clf well. Dr. Glenn was. ob- •iously, an important man around icre. All this—and a "yrancl Tara!>'"—a pretty nurse— Hmmml A itcky man- Swiftly. An I r e w Woodward .nincd on his heel, strode, long- legged, back 10 the door which bore his name, ilc lined the ntch. Ins full under lip jutting beyond liis upper one. An onlcc. Insl '.hat- Fiat steel desk, wilh a blotter and a telephone. A chair. A small white desk and chair in the t-orner. A filing cabinet. Efficient, impersonal. Certainly no plush. No Persian nigs or roses in his —er—joint. Obviously, this Dr. \Voodward \vns not the pampered, important Staff member thai Dr. Glenn was. Well, well, well. Quite a contrast. And one not lo Dr. Woodward's liking. (To He Cnntinprd) WILD HOUSES WOLJLDNT DSAG our OF SHA.DV5IDE NOW.' LARDS OH. LARDSV. L JUST COULDN'T BRING MYSELF TO DESERT YOU' Free Delivery PICKARD'S GROCERY THIWK NOTHIM6 OF IT, BABE; rw IN GOOD HAMDS / WASH TUBB8 :5% Beer per Case $2.83: JGA'S, reg 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5:' jAII Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35i STU DEBAKERs u CHAMBLIN SALES CO. D For Complete I'ralcclton • Accident & Health • ITospilnlization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • ,Plnte Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds Aviiilion Sales—SI mlcbakcr—Service Ht'utlejunrU'rs for Guaranteed New and Used Cars and Trucks 1M7 Nnw Int. l\!. Ion Short Wheel Base 1Q47 New P'ord 1 <<• ton Long Wheel liase 1017 New International 1 Y-. tern l.uiig U'lici'l Hasp Ii)W Dodge \<± (nn Pickup in-lti Chevrolet !i ton IMckltp 18^(! GMC ',!, Inn IMrkup 1941 Chevrolet -;i toil 1911 Chevrolet \'. ton I'ickup iniO Inlernalional I tnu 1!)17 New Ford ''8" Coupe !!)« Nash 2-nonr Hill rlyinoulh 2-Uoor Ulll Kludubuker 4-I)fM>r TB39 I)i-Si)l<r -l-Door Sedan T U D E B K E R S STUDEBAKER BY USSLUfi TUKNEJr BOTHERftTIOkJ 1 . If I, M4 Afftft7IHO GRi^SP WILL PUSH fAE HOW XOF V,TOU> 1'ROSLEMS, TO (AftKE TWO EOIWD (SE»rLE:AcN( «OK MUJT OF OIKECTORS'WtET-J WE FOKiiEt HIG FfrB.- IHfiS IW NEW SOeK'.^SlSlttED POL1OI ^ r\ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplei Out Our Way '~~— -^n S'EP-.R Of EH.PEP.IEKCE AS f, C.\?TWH CF CEIES our EWHWICRUM SEMWOR.!.. Insurance Agency S O'RAPSR E 5 IJ .ER!FF, ByJ. R. Williams ~rwuo>T SWE^P,}/ tr LOOKS LIVC& SECRECY t\1V^E WORLD IM t ew=.T VCUE. EVES ofJi JJ} POCKET, ^\^•50R/-«- MUGGCT/—IP ^( TW/xT STUFF'S -I IT'S \-MKf TCARE V\OPE IHS, }\ CAKi 6OV AND I CAM BUY TVUS LANSD, // I'LL BE SO RiCM. I COULD ") I ( VE SOPS.' (jlVik'G HIM A WHOLE-: OP f^-iS OM A CH-MM TO CLEAM MIS FIMStIR NAILS.' rr SOUND£ LI'<E A SHERIFF IM SPLJR& WRE&TLIM LEG IEOMS.' PORCH f\SE TtAE PACIFIC OCEfNM AMD SWIMMISSG POOL.' Bv V. T. HAMLIN -X BiJT r DID SCUTATn'iNK THAT YARN THEY \ M'CULDN GEES) IF TH' HERO EEEN...TH' cv. 1 ec AWFUL UCOY-DUDDV OH.NC?.VCXJ CON'T; YOU'VE ALL THE EOBrN5CN CSUSO STAND SECRET SERVICE BY MICHAEL O'MALI,EY anrt UAM'H I.ANR Ry FRED HAHATAN BOOTS AND H5R BUDDIES my own car slide down and disappear. I couU Kaye kicked myself. WHAT IS ~W WHAT'S T, MR ? AltV- \GOlNG ON WNGWECAK MR.TLINT? DOfORWU?/0«, I'M SO UP5E1 .' SOMtONE JUST DROVE ^^YCAR AWAV; WR5.M03UL IVE GOT A HUHCH 1 KKOW WKO IT V.'AS. TfttV'Rt -(R^ilNS SO TO tAPAit- ft GO l\OTtX, I'D FtViU SlilUTV OPN THEIR GUESTS I I <=>T \\_V- DON'T NOU IN wtrr, vou UMEBRAIN, WO l*fT 1W «Y5 IH THE HE •SAID HE. DIOVS'T COTTRGt. FOR CfeRWRW V-oV.K-3 I Qo answer/ I didn't expect anV

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