The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 30, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS HIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAS'l MISSOURI YOU XL1V—NO. 261 Blytheville Courier Blyth«vill» Dally Kcwi Mississippi Vnllev Leader Blythevllle Herald RIATHKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, KKIUAY, JANUARY SO, 1948 TBN PACKS SINGLE COPIES mi CEMTt J SlickRoadsCause Assassin Kills Gandhi Starting Riots 'Schools to Close, Hamper Buslines Dangerously slippery roads sheathed by ice that formed as quickly as freezing rain yesterday and last night hit the ground today forced closing of virtually all schools in Mississippi County not already shut down because of fuel shortages. Bus lines making runs out of the county had stopped this morning but the Blytheville Coach Lines, operating within the city, and P'raxier Bus Lines, operating mostly over gravel roads out in the county, were continuing operations. + The low temperature Mils morn- ' ing wns 20 degrees, two degrees below yesterday's high of 28, but ciouds kept the sun hidden and the snow and Ice melted but very little during the day. , Forcctsts of more freezing rniii combined with predictions of "not so cold" weather tomorrow made reopening dates of tlie schools indefinite, city and county school officials said [his morning. All 13 schools In Ihe Bl.vlhcville •yslcm were closed Imlay, Including: rural schools and Harrison Negro School, Superintendent W. B. Nicholson said. They may he closed Monday also, unless warmer weather melts (he treacherously slick coating of Truman's Budget Nicked by GOP For 56 Millions 19 Independent U.S. Agencies Hit; Paring Begins in Committee Jce on the road§, he said. Superintendent C. Prank Sanders fai Osceola said this morning that Oseeola schools will close at noon today and remain closed Monday In the bad weather continues. Schools there are experiencing no trouble with heating, he said, but the roads are too bad to run buses. County Supervisor of Schools John Mayes of Blytheville said loday that all schools had heard March of Dimes Drive Extended Cold Weather Slows Progress Toward Goal of $6,930 Diet of Parched Corn Predicted If Congress Again Rations Meat By WAHKKN l!nll«l PreM SUff WASHINGTON, Jan. 30. tU.P.)— A corn bell grain spokr.imnn J»ld today American workers will l» reduced to a diet o< "unrcherl «orn and boiled liny" If Congress restores meal nUioning. Mnrlc w. 1'ickell of Naiilcrvlllc, III., told « Kcnnlc SulxwininlUrc on Mont, Kullonlng that livestock (orders In the MldWcsl. »ff "Jillery" beauise of tlie "threut ol chuos cmiMrt by rutionlnig." 1'ickell. exi'ciillve secretary of Hie* — -------- in the county that he from have closed, iti- The March of Dimes infantile paralysis fund, drive lias been extended 10 days because of bad weather and will end Feb. 10, Norlh Mississippi County Drive Chairman Arthur S. (Todd) Harrison announced yesterday. Cold weather and icy roads have slowed collection's, particularly at March of Dimes booths, and because of this the campaign was extended in order to meet quotas. Unofficial compilations showed yesterday thata of eluding those at Wilson, Joiner. | Coinm that date approximately $3195 of the 50.930 goal for North Mississippi County has been assured by contributions and the allotment to be received by the polio fund from the 1847-48 Carson, Milligan Ridge and Manila and all smaller schools. There may be a definite announcement Sunday in regard to rc-open- ing of schools closed by road conditions, he said, but it was not known when schools closed because of fuel shortages may re-open. Bus Lines Hampered Bus service was tied up throughout this section this morning bv the Icy roads but il wns reported" that efforts will be made to resume service If any of the ice melts by noon. The,taut Or*ylnjuxi,bufc,l<o,arriv here c*inc t& »t•«"-•— < - 5K — •-•^•-' Road?j» t^Jiw ,„„,_ ed Icy from Memphlm: to Mo. -•• „ " Mathis Bus Lines service also had halted this morning and it was not known when it could be re- sumad. T. J. Barnes, co-operator of Blytheville Coach Lines, said the Chest. Approximately $565 have been collected through contributions, coin boxes, theater collections and street booths. Assurance of another estimated $2630 is based on progress of tile Community Chest to date. If the Chest goal is met. the amount received by the polio fund will be $3.500. Klwnnians Give JIOO Mr. Harrison also announced contribution of $100 to the Mnrcli of Dimes by the Blytheville Kiwnnts Club. The money was . taken from .chab;s,. Crippled Chlldrens Fund, -"-•'••-'-• been built up by reve- , .... •'•ball-gum vending ma-" chines distributed throuihout the city by the Klwanians for that purpose. Mrs. Gilbert D. Hammock Jr. Is serving ns chairman of the women's division of the polio drive. Mr. Harrison said, and contributions may lly CiKANT 1MI, I.MAN" United I'ress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Jan. 30. IU.IM-- House Republican economic leaders took their first whack nt President Truman's now budget today by chopping $56,215.313 from his money requests lor some 19 tn- dcpend?nt K ovcl 'nmenl agencies. Tlie House Appro])i inllons committee recommended $901.583,551 to run the agencies in fiscal I94D— u cut of alxmt five per cent from President Truman's budget request of $1,047.798.884. The committee said it reclaimed $3,092,158 ill unspent funds from various agencies, bringing Us total savings in the bill to $59.308,071. At the same time, thp committee lashed at Die Burled Bureau which it acciiscd of "delaying action" in working out some way of redticiiip the "large number" of personnel officers on the federal payroll. II salrt the government In some cases hail one personnel officer fur every 18 employes. In private business, It said, Ihe ratio raiiRes up as hlfh as one to .1,500. The committee's reductions today little more than nicked Mr. Truman's total budget request ol $39.688.000,000 for the fiscal year starting July 1. Republican economy leaders have promised (o trim his estimates anywhere from $3,000.000.000 to $5,000,000.000 before they are through. Chairman Corn Hell Livestock Feeders Association, snid cattle feeding declined under OPA to only 37.6 per cent of what. It hiul been in 1943. "Tlie feeding Industry hii't not yet had a chance to recover from llml condition," tin lesdlled. If meal ral ioning is restored, he said, "you should wait at least until conditions have been restored to a poim where the housewife cnn set some meat for her coupons." Plckcll sn(tl a return of meat rationing would cause livestock feeders to dump hogs nnd brood sows. It would bring on Ihe "parched corn and boiled hay" diet rather than "a dinner with meat made from feeding that corn tinct hny to livestock." Sen. Ralph K. Plunder. R.. VI, meanwhile, sold he thinks President Truman and the Agriculture Department arc "dead wrong" In ing won't work without |>rlc« controls. ' Plunders, who Is co-author nt Ihe get-ready meat niltonlng bill, described the lulmtnlslinllmi proposal as "loo sweeping." Flanders' bill, now before a Senate subconimlllce, would nulhorl/.e Ihe uoveinmenl to prepare for meal rationing but would nol actually i It into cftccl unless Congress decides later thnt It l.s necessary. The bill makes no provision Hi all foi price controls. The President lold his news conference yeslcrndy Unit rationing would bo no good without (he rjowei to control prices. In fact, ho aaid price control must come first. At the some time, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Charles F Brannan wns telling Flanders' subcommittee I lull rnltonlng wllhoul price controls would almost cer- )emocrafs Seek o Avoid Split On Tax Matters Search it Started For Substitute to Knutson's Proposal their contention meal r»tlon- | Inliily speed the rise of prices. John Taber, R.. N. Y., said the initial cuts would have Prisoners, Who Plan to Devalue Escaped, Caught Four Are Returned To Missco Penal Farm; Fifth Wounded : ranc Advances Premier Schuman Wins Favorable Parliament Vote Pour of the mnde a break five for prisoners who freedom from previous congressional commitments to appropriate $B17,aili,D52 of tile total. Discounting this, he said, the committee had only $23,481,912 in. executive request.'; on which it could use its economy axe with impunity. The committee justified its the Mississippi County Pcnnl Piinn : '. Wednesday night were returned to by i the farm today following their capture yesterday nnd the fifth Is In the Blytheville Hospital here recovering from a gunshot wound in hLs fool Inflicted when he attempted to run afler being spotted by pursuing of/leers. The Injure^ man on grounds that "unprecedented nye. a Mcxl cuts] County demands" both at abroad require everv home possible nnd 60V- Frazier Bus Lines, which runs coaches lo points throughout the county, reported that its busses will continue operating. One bus was late thl: Ernest Caston has been named to handle the Negro March of Dimes booth to be set up on Ash Street. Mr. Harrison also said L. K. Isaacs percd less by icy pavement. A new blanket of snow fell over much of the state lasl night, adding to the transportation and communication snarl and to the personal suffering of thousands of persons. Temperatures Remain Low '-. on the streets of Blytheville for the remainder of the drive. Contributors Listed Following are contributions made by employes of the firms listed below: Coca-Cola Bottling Co. employes S2E T , i vuon-^um Ajui.iinjg \j\j, employes a'D Low temperatures of 22 degrees. Leo Motor Sales emploves.. ...$1650 PrP rpnnr^orl Ml(c nlnT-,llT,,Y ™t! f- _ _ ... _ ' . •••"«•,*»* were reported this morning at Harrison, Morrilton and Pine Bluff. Precipilation of mostly sleet and snow was reported at Arkadclphia, Batesville, Camden, Port Smith. Gilbert, Little Rock, Newport, Pine Bluff. Texarfcana ami Ozark. [ South Arkansas still was hardest i hit. Telephone, telegraph and povv-1 er company linemen continued to! fight (he heavy coatings of ice which broke their" wires about as as they could string them. Virtually all bus schedules were cancelled again today, and trains were running from 30 minutes to an hour late. Missouri Pacific Traihvays cancelled all its trips again this morning. Santa Fe operated only one from Little Rock to Joplin, Mo., *'ia Harrison. Cro\vn motor coaches operated only from Little Rock to Fort Smith. Greyhound cancelled all its morning schedules and booked afternoon trips only on a tentative basis. American airlines landed all il.s DC-3 planes at Little Rock, and Braniff international held to its regular schedule. However. Chicago ernment economy. Even some very desirable spending must be post- (xmed, it said. Despite this, it added, the bill is about $106,086.974 larger tlinn appropriations for the same purposes this year. It said this stems almost entirely from a mandatory increase of $105.588,854 in public road funds. Emergency Fund Slashed The committee voted an over-all cut of S496.965 | n federal trade commission funds but increased its anti-monopoly account by $473 MO to a total of $1,364,481. The committee trimmed the President's emergency fund by S300.0OO. cut his Council of Economic Advisers S100.000, lopped another S9.3M,000 from the civil Service Commission, cut the Interstate Commerce Commission S409,fi83 and trimmed Federal Works Agency $3.590,610. Gco. M. Lee S5, Lcc Motor Sales $5. Mabel Hogan $2, Earl Paul 51, Verner Williams si, A. M. Hilton SI. J. C. Lee 50c. Gilbert Hammock Jr. $1. Boone Cleaners $12 Reville Hudson 50c, E. B. Spaeth 50c. Mary Lyons 50c, Helen Baker 50c. .las. McColloUgh SOc, Jas. Wills SOc. Chas. Lnngley SOc. Pinkie Burns SOc. Jane Brwin 50c, William Erwin SOc. Will Simpson 5Cc, Marie Winston SOc Boone Cleaners $5, Carl Marlin 50c, Rube Carson SOc. Hubhard Hardware Co. $6 C. P. Rambo SI, Jessie L. Fon- dcn SOc, Leon Jones SOc, R. I. Haley 50c. Greene Payne 50c. C D Kinney SOc. C. F. Blnkcmore SI, Mario Burns SI, Harry Meyers SOc. Phillips Trartor Co S7 Nelson Decker SI. H. H. Helton SI, Allen Hardin SI. Douglas Lawsnn SI. Arlin Killingsworlh SI Virgil Smith SI. Other contributions received follow" Ed Ferguson 55 E. C. Robinson Luml>er Co 5 Miss Martha Frances Stevens... S f »n«l!» Red" i __ _ lo run after beinf ipotted by Mr. Lucns, Deputy sheriff Dave Young of Osceola. and a Polnsctt County deputy sheriff, when Uiey surprised him and Raymond Walls In the home of Walls father IS miles South of Harrisburg. Two of tlie escapees, Eugene Bridges and Francis Whitson, were apprehended by a sUtc patrolman near Newport and the other, Doyle Martin, wns captured by Sheriff's Deputies Ed Young or Osceola and ! Herman S|)iccr of Luxora, aL the I home of a sister In Truniann. Deputy Sheriff Dave Young slated lhat Ihc officers first Ifnined of Ihc possible whereabouts of two of Hie prisoners. Mnrlln and Walls, through mall from [heir relatives i by item in Harrisburg and Tiumnnn rcceiv- \-, f hi,[ac\ cd at the farm and thinking Hint the five might have stuck together the officers went Immediately to tlie tivo Polnsctt County towns. He stated that Hie escapees hailed nn Osceola taxlcab shortly after making their break and hired the driver lo lake them supposcd- B.r Joseph W. Orl«i Unlltd Prm Stiff Corrcsponrirnl PAUIS, Jan. 30. (IIP)—The i». tlonal assembly tonight ndupte government measure establishiiif a free told market and autluvr- Irlnr the convrridon of foreign holding*. PARIS. Jan, SO (UP)—Preml Robert Schuinnn wenthcrrd 01 " ".IL.-jinluRtlnii enrly to th«. : National AsscinUl ipprovcd withdrawn! of S.ono-friu note*, and .anptired hnullng f. Biggest items in the bill are M43.290.000 for civil service. $459588.854 for Public Roads Administration. 564,165,500 for Public Buildings Administration and S41005- 000 for the National Advisory coin'- Marked Tree, mittee for Aeronautics. ! Tlie prisoners, who were work- The committee said tlie Atomic '"£ out Municipal and Justice of Energy Commission, Maritime Com- ! ttlc Pence Court flues for misdc- mission. Veterans Administration i niaanors. made their escape by and War Assets Administration— battering a hole in (he roof of t'.ie which were included in the meas- 1 wooden barracks to which lhe> ure in previous years—were left: wcrc assigned. another victory *f7h his free RO market bill. The Council of Ihe Republic, tl second chamber of Parliament, n proved the franc recall mcnsur il to 126. The government decided lo pern: unnks to open Ihls afternoon. Th had been closed yesterday, [nirpor edly for two dnys, because of 13 devaluation crisis. The bourse w open briefly Saturday. H uslia Is closed Saturday. The National Assembly adjourned at 5:45 a.m. after an nil night session. Deputies were scheduled to meet ngnlii today to begin nn Item ate on the bill to legal- foreign credits nnd establish a free money market in gold. Before adjourning the assembly ndoplcd 307 lo 288 Ihe bill withdrawing 5.000-franc ($23.30 notes from circulation and roldlng thepi as legal currency. Then deputies rejected by 328 to ly lo Harrisburg hut that tlie five! 24 ? * f '", nnce c ? mmlll « c "">«<"• to split up n _t Harrisburg Corner nenr ! ^L™"™™ S J.^."°i c b»T" ,m By Hrx ('h;uu>v hiilrd 1'mis Sl.iff Ci>rn'ri|iMiu1i'iit WASH 1NGTON, Jan, 'JO. lUPi — Unise IVinomil.s .sviuclu'i! lor n iibsUUiti! income tux u'cliii'Llkon 1:m loduy to pii'vont n lluvnloiu'd )H1 In Ihrlr nmks over Uin Kr- ubllum bill for u $G.500,000.000 tux Inslt. DcmocintU: lenders. howt'vtM 1 , Iwd illlc mote lliuii hlnh tiosu-.s ol yoh'lnn ix plan us Ihe HOUM? \vnil nlo llin srcond and hi si tiny of clwle on tl)c GO1* tax bill spou- orcd by Clmlrnum Hiiroltl Kiuit- , R., Minn., of the Way.s nnd Meun.s ConinUUi-c. Votes on tlu> Ciuitsoit bill nnd llu* IViiioi'iiilir ulxstlliilo will bo lukm Monthly. A innjoilly of House* IX'iuooruls i re nn|x>.scrt In KnnUson bill, lint m I lie other hand, ninny Ocmo- :r«Us .sLroiiBly favor the Idou of tux •eduction and Imve fonunltlcil h'cinsclve. 1 ! to work lowaid.s II. The .(ix l.ssuti i.s cortiiin lo bo Imnorl- nni li; l.bc cunilJi^ L'iectlon cniu- ItXlgLlR. Thoir dlli'intnu is to find t\n nl- .ernatlvc to the Ko)nibllcun 1)111 that \ll l)ejiioL'i'L;Uc factions will rui])- i>ort. All cHorlA In Iht.s dit'oclloii havr Inilcd AO fnr, but one uti- Ihotilnllve source snid lio wns morn "hopeful" limn lie hud been. lloih sldej; agree the KnulvSon hill will the House. Hut the Democrats are (111x1011.1 lo muster Kiil- ftclent slrenglli Ut demonstrate Hint they can sustain a presidential veto of the politically-potent Knutson bill. President Tinman hn.s all but .said he will veto the GOP MM if il readier, him In anything like Us present lorm. Democratic Lender Sam Rayburn lold reporters niter a. Democratic strategy huddle l:ist nl^ht that his parly would have n substitute. 11 will be conliiined In the niciiicm to ^ ^ Republican bill buck lo ayji 'and Menus Committee, lie.-, Mali!. Rayburn refused lo speculate on what might be In the Democratic prnixisul. It wn.s reported In .lome quarters thai the. Democrats are leaning strongly toward an excess profit.* lax on corporation as proposed by President Truman. Mr. Truman's iccommemlnlion for n 5.40 Inx credit for each taxpayer nnd dependent ha. 1 , been cllsenrcled, however. One source saiil Ihe Democrats mny try io couple Ihe excess prof- It*) proposii] witli a tnx ji-duclK't, plnn along lines ol the Knulson bill. The GOP bill culls (or a S100 |ier capita In the piT.scnl $500 per.sonnl exemption, extension of the community prniierty principle of lax splitting to all slntcs, and a cut in tlie Inx rales of [rom 10 to 30 per cent. The, sum total would be tnx cuts ranging Iron, 10 per cent in upper Income brackets, to 100 por cent, relief lor Ihe 7,400,000 persons who would bo removed from lax rolls altogether. Religious Leader Felled by Bullets; Slayer is Nabbed Hy JAMKI MICH/VEI.C Unite,! I'rrtim SlaK C'orrNpondont NKW DIOL11I, Jan. SO. (U.P.)—Molumdas K. Gandhi was nssimimUcd lotluy ami, HS if by pre-arrangemeiit, sav. ntfo I'iotinx hroke out in Kombny. (iiindlii WHS shot and killed as he walked to his evening devotions by it mini who guve tlifi Hindu name of Hani NnLui'iiin, prcsuiniibly ono of the Hindu extremists who hnyo IOIIK opposed (iiuulhi's erforls to bring peace and con. dilution In tin; wim-inK camps of Hindus and Moslems. llio dentil of (ho man who was regarded by millions ot Indinns not only nn llioir |x>titieal but their spiritual li'itder nuiy turn the whole subcontinent of India into a caldron of civil win- nnd snvugo strife. WHIiLn minutes of Ihe receipt lu+ liomlmy of Ihe news ot Grnulht's I deulh turmoil eniplcd In three din- " trii'is Inhnbtk'd by Hindu cxliem- l.fl.'i. 'I'he rpiicLInu wns so swill as lo nilse |ii« iio.ssihlllty thnt. (hi: bulli'L which felled Gandhi di-fiignod [t« lhf> ti'lggor lo release cnmmmuil uttncks Ihroughout. In- <lla. Gniulhl died uL 5:45 p.m. (8:15 run. CS'l'l ulxilll half nn hour uf- lor he was shot by n man who hnd mingled will) alxuil n thousand of Gandhi's follov.'crs who had asscm- I>|CM! rni his cnslumiiry evening flc- ndlnn leiuter left Hlrla House, the mansion pul at his dls- isnl by o!ie of fmlln'x maR- \lvti, and \vn.s walking slowly ong n gnrden path toward n little iimmur pngodiv whore It XVIIK his i-stoni to deliver his evcnluK pi'ny- 1 jiTnl Iniiif sermons. The 711-yenr-old man, weakened by his latest fast which ended only 10 days iign, was hobbling slowly with thj. aid o[ n great stuff. Afi he m'niTd the pnvlllon a mnn, apparently about ;t2 yeivrs old, slepixjcj from Lli<? throng, nlmed a revolver at Gnudhl hml fired three shots «t extremely clone range. "Hirer bullets penetrated Gandhi's body, one striking him In the chest, one in the upper and one in the »b<Jomeii. He col- wn rd. Hut n.i _ .. , hnn<i to his f*M > la • ftml gtt- r r ot forgiveness to the nwasMn ' He siwke no word herore his ath and died In the firms of Ills and Southern booked its flighls only E. M. Holt tentatively. ' L. E. Isaacs A " public and parochial schools! i^L Lilt ! c Rock nlltl Nortn L1ulc I Blythevill KOCK. including the Little ROCK r » -. Junior College were closed today. I Employes $2,067 Under out for "further Investigation and study." Gandhi's Death Is Mourned by World's Leaders WASHINGTON. Jan. 30 (UPi — President Truman regards the dc.-vth of Mohandas K. Gandhi as "a Ira- pic loss lo the whole world." The White House said today. Press Secretary Charles G Rr->s told reportr the President is pre- riiiR a formal statement which will be made later. Members of congress expressed sorrow at Gandhi's death. hazardous under Ihclr heavy coatings of ice, and motorists again were urged to travel only in cases of extreme emergency. Emergency shipments of kerosene and fuel oil have been sent to Mananna, Harrison and Hebcr Springs, and Forrest City is using Us fuel supplies on a rationed basis. Weather freezing portions, rlourlv Icmgla forecast: Cloudy with rains i n extreme Nortli not quite so cold Partly la and Saturday Not 40 cold Saturday. Minimum this morning— 26 Maximum yesterday— 28 Suittet today — 5:36 Sunrise tomorrow— 7:08 Precipitation, 24 hours lo 7 a.m. today— trace Total nnc« Jan. 1—6.14 Program Seven en.ploye.s of the J. W. Adams Appliance Co. here have received a total of $2.061.71 under the firm's employe profit-sharing plan, J. W. Adams, owner, said yesterday. This was the second year the profit-sharing plan has "been in operation, Mr. Adams said. The employes received the second payment of thtir shares of the profits this week. The first payment wa.s made a week before Christmas. President to Speak WASHINGTON. Jan. 30. (UP) — President. Truman will make a brief appeal tonight at 11:54 p.m. EST over all radio networks for support ol the March of Dimes Infantile paralysis campaign. The broadcast will lasl about three minute. 1 :, White Pr Secrttiry Charles G. Rc*t laid. $700 for Red Cross The Chickasawba District Chapter of ttie American Red Cioss here has received a $100 advance contribution from Montgomery Ward and Co. for the 1948 financial campaign | which begins In March, it was »n- j nounced today. bill and closed general (he measure In prepnr:il!on Tor this afternoon's vote. The adopted bill voids as of Jn:i 2!) all 6.000-franc notes In circulation, estimated to have a value of 330,000.000,000 francs. Anyone attempting lo pass Ihe IllcKal notes will be subject to prison terms of six months lo five years nnd fines ranging from 100 to 100,000 francs, plus confiscation of the illegal notes. The government yesterday declared a two-day banking holiday while the measure was debated and the bills now cannot be passes when _ banks nnd the Paris bourse opens j tomorrow. Dealers Urge Ceiling Price On Used Cars WASHINGTON, Jnn. 30 (UP) — Oliver W. Wood. piT.sicIcnl of the National Used Cnr Dcalfrs A.sso- cmtion, nskcd Congress today to pm. price cfilinRs on new and u.scd cars. Wood proposed Hint thr ceiling on usnd cars her rqvml lo the price of new automcbilL'.s. Apijriii iiij; l>clote the Senate BrniMng Committee, lie cxprc.sscd (ear of a.n eronomic cot- f* rowing out of I he current price .-iiLu.-iUoti in which used curs ;:re priced «bove nc-,v models. High prire.s will rlrive con.snmcr.s from the tnitikcL, he shiil. _, Jury Commissioners Named for New Term Churchill Shocked LONDON. Pan. 30 r UP)—Winston Churchill said today of Mohandas Gandhi's assassination• "I am shocked at this wicked crime." Nitrogen Most Needed in Fertilizer To Be Used in Mississippi County , Maintaining a soil conservation the soil of tills arcs." he told the program which would include prop-: group, "and the shortage of nitro- Icr crop rotation and the planting : gen fertilizer Is expected lo con- , l , 111 ^ 1 , _ ,-,„,.._ . of legumes and Winter cover crops, | Itnuc through this year and pnssl- j pnst two wcc ks was expected lo end I was recommended to North Missis- ! bly through 1<!49. Therefore your I [ O( j a y ' sipni County farmers by Dr. R. P. | No. 1 solution to the shortage Is to | j{|i c 'y j nn es of Manila. Jodie Na- ' 'Hie Awansln Trie* t<< Kill Self One build nc-nctrnled Gnndhl'a upper right Ihlnh and Ills frail figure crumbled lo the ground. Tlie nssnssln then • turned liU gnu on himself ami attempted lo pul R bullet Ihrough his hend but the shot merely creased his scalp. A grent moan arose from the crowd as llu: devotee* realised what had Impiicmcd. Some of the crowd turned Mivagely upon the, while others bore Gandhi's bleeding body back lo Blrla House. Police detnchmcnl.i which had been stationed around Blrla House with the deepening of cnmmmicil violence, intervened nnd managed to wrest the assassin Irom the angered Indians The assassin wfis hustled lo safekeeping while additional police with rifles and fixed bayonets moved In to handle I ha sad and angry crowds which streamed kiwnrd Hlrlu House. Within lilrln House there was grief nnd Isimrnlnllon. Gnildht was taken lo n couch and rested there. Within hull nn hour as his disciples—many of them the high officials of fndln—watched. Gandhi's life flickered out of his frail body. News Spreads Rapidly Tn New Delhi word of Gandhi's assassination spread fast, crowds stocd 'vvt-e[jing in Ihc streets and women lore their garments In lamentation. nut In Bombay there was an ominous repercussion—a possible forerunner of uncounted troubles to come. Minutes after the news of Gandhi's denlh wns received riots erupted In three sepnrnle areas of Bombay—each of them * slrong- . hold tif Ihc Hindu Mnhasava move- i ment. These extremists have long cnll- *ii1 for war to the deuth against the 00.000.000 Moslems of Indln. now largely grouped in the dominion of j Pakistan. Just a week ago. B bomb wa.s ex- Trans-Atlantic Plane Missing British Air Marsha! Passenger on Craft Flying to Bermuda I-ONDON. Jan. 30. (UP) — Air Marshal sir Arthur Conlnghnm, wnrtlnie commander of Allied Tactical Air Porccji. and 28 other persons were missing today aboard » '1'ransAtlnntlc |ilane believed down about 400 miles east or Bermuda, the British South American Airways announced. The BSSA, operators of the Tudor transport, said Co:ifngham wiu among the 23 pnssengere and six crewmen aboard the plane. It Ust wns heard from at & p.m. GST yestifi'dny. The pnsseugcr complement wa» iniulr lip of 16 Britons, one Swiss, two Czechs and four slatelcss" persons, according to the records of til* line. The transport w»s piloted by Capt. D. Colby. the only prom- He cotnmand- 1 Mr Tout Ut ten ill K)43, «nd 70"4 1 4-'?S. T3 WS 1 "<Si 'made air marshal In 19W. Ten American super- fortresses from Bermuda w«r» shuttling over th, area Eut of Bermuda where the transport wu feared down, the B3AA reported. Numerous ahlp.s m the aren wer* diverted to Join In the March, it added. Nn .linn of the plane had been found Ihla a/ternoon. The plane Was flying from th» A?.ores to nfrmuda. (The Const Guard reported In New York that a co-ordinated Army-Const Guard air-sea search had begun in the Dcrmuda urea.) The plnne reported "everything normal" when only one hour and 46 minutes ilylng time away from Bermuda. The missing Tudor was believed to be the first large commercial land passenger plane to have been forced down In the Atlantic sine* regular flights were scheduled. The airline said the plane left London last Tuesday but was held up at the Azores by a severe storm sweeping the Atlantic. 'Hie tudor Is a type of plane that has aroused much controversy in Brltl-sh avlallon circles. The government-owned British ' Oversea* Airways corporation refused to put them In service on the North Atlantic, contending they were tnors expensive to operate than American typei. sawta District of Mississippi Oou»- |odc(| ou|s|<1e Blr)a Hol|sc bv thls ly Circuit Court in session'here Ihe | Sw ASSAKStN on f^, ' B Prince Amonjr Men I'asscs CAPETOWN. Jan. 30 IUPI — Prime Minister Jan Christian Siring said of Gandhi's Death: "A prince among men has passed away and we grieve with India on her Irreparable loss." grow the amount of nitrogen that is needed for your soil." Dr. Bartholomew, who is rccog- nircd as one of the South's authori- Callrd CnUslroplie JOHANNESBURG. South Africa. Jan. 30 (UPl—All Indian shops in Wltwatersband closed today when ncw.s of Ihe death of Mohandas K. Ohandht was received. A leader of the bi(; Indian colony said: This l.s catastrophe, 1 ' Soybeans (f. o. b. Chicago) open high low 1:30 Mar 407 407'j 406S 40G' 2 Mi/ ... Wili 402',, Bartholomew, associate director In charge of research at the University of Arkansas' College of Acrl- cultiirr, as the main menus of cop- Ing with the present acute shortage of proper fertilizers. * Speaking to approximately 100 Norlh Mississippi County farmers at a meeting in Ihe Legion Hut yesterday. Dr. Bartholomew slated that unless farmers of this area have the proper soil maintenance program, the use of fertilizers would be only a tfjmporary solution to (he lack of plant food element In the soil "By proper crop rotation and by planting Winter legumes and other cover crops, you pul into the soil nitrogen which Is so essential to plant life and the elements that the heavy gumbo soil of this area seems to be short, on," he said. "And too, with crop rotation and Winter] cover crops, you can partially cope mew led the group In with the acute shortage of nitro- on the proper application of tcrli- grn fertilizers." Hi/ers and Ihe various types which Nitrocen \cettcd in Missco are suitable for use by farmers of "Nitrogen It whnl you need lor llik area. tics on fertilizers nnd soils mnn- i i crlvalc5 tor Ihc June term, agemcnt. blamed the shortage of Casc5 dis , )oscd of by noon today nitrogen fertilizers indirectly on gov- f 0 ]| ow - ernment commitments lo foreign ! Fi p'jsher vs . Garth Castlio et M: Iradc. "Tf Ihe government would shut off the foreign commitments. 11 he said, "fnrmcrs of America would have BII abundant supply of nitrogen fertilizers." The .discussion on fertilizers and soils management held herrT yesterday was the third In a scries of Two-Cent Subsidy Offered bors of niythevillc and E. C. Wll- '• On Low Grade Cotton liams were named jury commission- : WASHINGTON, .Ian. 30. (UP* — crs today and drew up a list of 36 , The Agriculture Department an- prospective petit jurors nnd 12 nl- ; nounrwl today thnt il will resume Two Blytheville, Jonesboro Cage Games Postponed The two basketball game. 1 ; b«- tween Blytheville High School anct Joncsboro .scheduled to be played at Hatcy Field gym tonight have been postponed until next week, Bly- thevilte school officials announced this morning. Coach Nancy Ponder of the Blytheville Squaw. 1 ; stated that Joncs- boio school officials asked for the poslponment of the games due to inclement weather and icy roads. The games will be played her* next week, she naid, possibly Monday night. four bold in tlje counly this week. He spoke to farmers of West Mis- i judgment for defendants in wilt on con t met. Mrs. Vera Murphy vs. MklWt'sL Dairy Products Co.; non-suit entered on motion of plaintiff in damage .suit. T, L. IjCwts vs. Adclie Hnuchin^: non-.suit entered on motion of plaintiff In ejectment suit, sisippi cmmty in unchviiic Wed- i i aney Selects Chairmen nc.sday night. In Manila yesterday:-.. ' . _^ moiniiiR nnd lo .Soullx Mississippi Of JOCKSOfT Day Dtnner County farmers in Osccola j LITTLE ROCK, Aik., .Inn. 10, night. I (UP)—Gov. Ben Lanoy to<lay nani- Following his talk. Dr. Bartholo- ed R. A- Lile of Little Rock »-s discussion chairman of the Jefferson-Jackson I Day Dlnnci* here Feb. 19. Appoint• f(\ as co-vice chairmen were Mrs. W. J. Smith and Mrs. O. E. Wc.M,- , fall Also o( Little Rock. It.-; subsidy piogram to encourage use of lo\v-fr>rndc cotton In manu- | f.icliire of paper The department said Uo cents I a pound. Ri'o.'vs weight, \vouM be puid (o "frtR-content" paper manufacturers on cotton used in paper manufacturing processes. Under the previous program, which expired five months ago, the rate was four cents a pound. Thr program is limited lo iise of 10.000,000 poimds of cotton. It WHS dovlfjrd n.s one wav to encourage long-range outlets for cotton) New York Cotton 1:30 open liljth low p.m. Mar 340V 3497 3MO 3470 May 3503 3507 346S 3478 O.-; 3161 3163 3145 3149 I Dec, 3128 3126 3110 3112 I U S Steel New York Stocks ? p.m. Stocks: A T and T 151 Amer Ttobacco 66 1-3 Anaconda Cooper . 33 1-4 Both Steel 345-8 Chrysler 59 1-* Coca Cola m 1-4 GCH Electric 34 3-3 Gen Motors M 7-i Montgomery Ward 52 N Y Central 1*1-4 Int Harvester 89 1-2 North Am Aviation 10 1-4 Republic Steel 25 3-* Radio * 3-4 Socony Vacuum 15 3-4 Studebnker 19 5-S Standard of N J 73 1-3 Texas Corp M 7-* Packsrd - 4 S-* TS -

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