The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JANTJAKY 29, IMS BLYTHEVTLLB (ARKT COURIER PACTE Jewish Leader Protests to UN Special Commission To Dump Charges Into Britain's Lap 1,AKE SUCCESS, N. Y., Jan. 29. (UP)—The United Nations Pulcs- i^e Commission will challenge "eat Britain to explain Arab Inni: rat ions into Palestine, it wn.s Iciii'jied today. Thn coin mission decided to put the problem up to Gre:it Britain Rtier Mo.'ibe Shcttok ot the Jew- JMi AMency protested that Arabs crossing (lit* border into Palestine \vere making an invasion which the UN' v.-;i.s obliged to stop. Shertok Riiid Ainb mirl.s inlo Pal- hip, plus belligerent slate me ni.s by Arab leader.s. indirated that nn : Arab n^gtcsMon has begun. The Palestine rntnmis.sion will Mnd Great Britain a resmn<> of Bherink's charges. Technically, the coMimi.ssion will do no more than thai, but the communiratioti \vill be a challenge to Great. Britain to reply. •Sliri Ink. frstiryhiK behind flrx^rd d'-or*, s;iit1 thur Ihe UN f:u:ccl Ihp "nmrnt " jnh of fanning an tntrr- nitlonal avniy for Palestine, the "mce.nter" Joj) of .sottlnp up a provisional Government for the proposed Jewish state, and the "urgen- ti'.st" job of finding nnn.s for the rlef en tiers of Palestine. SheiInk .su[[R('stct3 that any in- tf'rnntional force for Palestine be rniiipprr] w ith armor and aircraft, but expressed hope that it would not have to flphl. The Security Council, faced with [ sn imminent struggle over the Pal- I estine problem. rushed to dispose progress was slow. Soybean Flour Suggested as Wheat Substitute Uv Caynnr Marlrliw NKA Staff Writer To help save \vhent. use soy flmir end oatmeal in wholesome cookies the younc.sU*rs always demand. Here fire two recipes Irom cooking experts of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Sugar Cuokics I Makes B dn/cn cookies) One and ihrce-tjuarters cups of stirred .*.oy flnur, 1 3-4 cups jilted all-pmpose Hour, l teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup shortening. * 1-2 cups sugar, 2 eggs, ^*ell beaten. 2 teaspoons vanilla. Sift the first- four ingredients together. Cream the shorten ing. Add Appeals to Eye and Appetite FesUve cream p\f. is womtthliiff to celebrate. Cheese Cake Ever Popular For Desserts U T Ci.\ v nor M a r! rl in (NKA Stuff Wrllrr) For * sure-(Ire dessert Mir CMS, finmt on t:hee*p cnke. II always wins. Tt la parked with nutrition. Therefore when you servr it, you can rut rtown n lUUe on th* other tUshoji. (Sirvcn 9» Hllhiff: Throe rRfis, I nnckofie: rreaiu cheese <0 OUIHTK of cheese), 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 2-3 cup sugar, 11-2 tablespoons flour, 3-3 cup whipping cream. 3cpnrntp CKKS: reserve one while for crust. Thoroughly beat epn yolks llent I'mun checks inlo yolks. Slii in vanilla exlrnct, 2-3 cup .tugnr and flour. Whip rrcnni nnd Tok into mixture. Heal two egg whites until stiff nnd fold hit< [• mixture. Pour cheese uiLxtur on Kiahnm orncker cvusl. Crust: One atid one-hiOf cup grnhfim tTrtcknr ctumb.s, 1-2 cuj chopped pecan meat. 1 !, 1-3 cup suuar 1-3 eup melted .shortening. 1 eci while (rc:.erved from ogRR for fill By Gaynor Maildoi [NKA Staff Wrllrr) In every family there is an mrca- Muna] traciiiional Auiericau crenni pte, plus l riniinfn^s, conies iti. I t's Rood cat Ing, Root! food and Rood to look at. So don't IcL the extra lime needed prevent you Into flutes on pie plate. Bake in hot oven (425 riecrer.s F.I for libout 1ft mtnule.s or until crust is brown. Filling: One teaspoon Ki'liUin, 1 tablespoon cold \viiU-r. I cup milK, Mix I'^ethn Kiiihmn mirke crumb. 1 :, chopped pecan menls, 1- cup .supar ;uid melted shorlenlnj imttl we] blended. Reserve 1-4 cu ol this crumb mixture for topphn Into roniiiLnlnK crumb mixture sti in one CKK while, beaten until stlf PJCSS Rraham cracker crumb mix lure inlo bottom of cup sugar, ^ table.sinions corn-1 Rlns.s .<tt|imre rnko dish. Pour fillh treating your family and friends. Vcslive Cream I'ic starch. l « teaspoon (Serves 5 to 6) One eup sifted flour. l 1 l-i teaspoons vanilla extract, ^ j teaspoon almond extract. '.- ,:up sliced ahuuiul.s, \\ cup sliced mart'rnst: One eup sifted flour, Vi | aschino cherries, 1 cup \\ hipping teaspoon baking powder, 'j tea - cream. spoon salt. 1-3 cup shortening. 2 to Sof , CIJ Keljl(ill in colrt W1;U ,,. 3 la ble.sp ooJ i s ice wa t e r. Sift together flour, baking powder and M' teaspoon .salt. Cut in .shortening with blender until it Add ice water a fork pastry is si/e of peas. little nt a lime., mixing only enough to hold ingredients together. Place dough on lightly floured board and roll j to about K-inch thickness. ! Lino a nine -inch heat-resisfaiu glass crinkle edRe pie plate. Allow pastry to extend about U-lncri beyond top edge of pip plate. Tuck pastry under so that it just comes to top of pie plate and press pu.stry on tou of crust, Ktultiklc w of crumb mtxUne and bake in slo oven i,300 degrees F.) for one hou tnlnufe.s longer, stirring constantly Remove Irom heal and stir In dls- milk in to]i of a. double boiler. I .solved KL-lnlln. Cool and add vanilla and almond extracts. Sllr In sliced iihnomls and cherrlC5. Whlj) cream and fold Into mixture. Pour filling into bukcd ]iie shtll. <>;u jiisti: Ten iiuiraschlno cherries. 2 ounces clli'on. For festive winter occasions, garnish with maraschino cherries and citron cut in shapes to resemble iiolusct URS, ClilU pic lu i'c- fripcratnr for about two hours or until it is firm. Mix tojjL'lhcr suynr. cornstarc-li airl Vi tcaspociii hall. Add some of the hot milk to the cor list arth mixture and mix throughly. Then return mixture lo lop of double boiler mid continue conking until Ihick. Stir conjitanily. Cook for about 15 ITU"mites Longer 01 until no starchy taste remains. Heat, cgK^ uutil HRlit imd llvifly. Stir into thickened mixture and continue cooking for about three ntes. Oatmeal Drop Cookin Oiie and one-half cups sifted flour, I 1-2 cups line oatmeal, 1-2 cup fat, l cup sugar, 1 egg, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons cinnamon. 1-2 cup milk, 1-2 teaspoon soda dissolved in I teaspoon water, 1-2 cup chopped nuts, 1 cup seedless raisins. „. Cream the fat and sugar and add the sugar gradually and beat until j the beaten egg. Silt together tha HghL Add the eggs and vanilla and •, dry mgrcdie,ntf., except the oatmeal, blend thoroughly. Combine with the 1 and add with milk: to thn mix- dry ingredients, mix ihoroughly and chill. Roll the mixture to 1-4 inch thickness on a lightly floured board nnd cut it into the desired .shapes. Sprinkle the cakos with siu-ar and bake iheni m a modenue oven »:)M) ;' degrees F".) lor from 10 to 12 min- mmm lure. Add the .soda and water nnd then the onlmeal, nuts and raisins. Tvlix \\''A\. Drop by spoonfuls onto a gr(!;iscd baking sheet and bake to a jjutricn brovMi in a incKierately hot ovti '37r> to 400 degrees F.) Remove Jrom the jjiui while hoi. /t*> from MATROSE TEST KITCHEN TO BAKE A HAM Muyrvte IJirm Hots not require parboiling Place fat side up on a rack in an open p,in. Use no Tvsccr. Bake in a slou- oven (325 e F.) according to following weight schedules: Ifito l8ll».-.|ia4Uhtf. or about !5 min. riti Iti. I! TO 15 Ibt. —}V4co ( hn. or ibout 16 min. per lb. 10 in !2lb!.-3 l or aboin 18 j f to lolhj.— 2','t cojhn. onhoui ^Omin.ptrlb. 5 to 7 Ih. pc*.--2 to 2'/i hrs. or about 22 min. per lb. 3 rn J'A h( n. pcrlb. /o r}o° /-. inlirrtat Irmfti Remove paper and all rind. Cover with one ofthe following glazes: % cup brown sugar and 1 tablespoon flour; % cup brown sugar and 1 tablespoon mustard. Bake in hot oven (400° F.) for 15 mlnulei, or till the desired brown. Planning a really "special" dinner? Naturally, you want to serve the finest. And, that calls for delicious Mayrose Ham ...terrier, full-of-flavor quality ham. i'rom end 10 end, sugar-cured, hickory-smoked Mayrose Ham has that superb "corner-slice" flavor... Iruly magnificent! To pet the highest quality ham, remember to ask for MAYROSE. Send for free Recipe Booklet, "Holiday Hospitality with Ham." Write: Dorothy Stuart, Mayrose Test Kitchen, 824 Vandevcnter Avc., St. Louis 10, Mo. REMINDER: TK, name MAYROSE Idenlifies higheiT quality meat prod- ucli, iuch_ os...Mayrose Pure Pork Sausage, Mayrose Sliced Dried Beef end Moyroie Read/Serve Horn. Aik for them by name . . . MAYROSE. ill // &J^-. Y<] !>' { FOR DELICIOUS LOWCOST MEALS! "vjoSuvf •_*••*••— _____——• ^^ofuaooT V^2^^^ IfOSTS O/WJ rfitWNG /» tnt: In t«v* flow \SV) W.VCL. «,^^r^«-* ST. IOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY * \ «;-ss.»^,:;!;;»c 0 ^" s^rs--—' ^ ' EASY TO COOK! Tender! Fluff?! d\ Simple, qiiick, easy to cook! Tender, fluffy, delicious! Rich in natural nourishmenlt THE BEST QUALITY R/CE IS LABELED... ROLAND *3,OOO SEE HOW KROGER BEEF IS ^^Ts "T Kroger-Cut Beef gives you more meat .... ^less bone...less waste! MINK COAT IN LEVER BROS. CO. $ 100,000 Contest! Enlcr with iiny oF these six Lever products. Unity • buy at Kroner money • saving prices , J-Ai» Krog«r-Cut r«move« *xce»t bon» «nri wait* b*/or» th« b«ef it weighed »nd priced. Rft> ro*sU ir« not mor« than 7-in.. itctk «nd« not more than 3-!n. "Cut by th« ruler" Rivei you mor« meat, lest bone and waste. It's top U.S. Gr«dc« of finest beef. U. S. Graded Good or Choice Rib Roast -• - - ib. 59c U. S. Graded Good or Choice Brisket 0' Beef - ib. 39c CHUCH ROAST ....„, 55 FILLET OF SOLE lb 49° l-'rcsh, Kroner Cut Deep-Sen Delicacy PORK CUTLETS ,,, 49 C RIVER CARP lb 19 ENTRY BLANKS AT KROGER LUXToiletSoop 7t>ul ol I 0)lolly»ood >lnr,p,.l,r I SWAN Soap r*ur» wM* flonlinp loop LUX Flakes longer fife lor fin* wuihabilM RINSO For bright »^l», *o\\»r w<nh»t LIFEBUOY H«adS Soop. Bnnnh "6.O." SPRY Shortening 2 Cakes Loan, 'I'ondi'i—N<i Jtone SLICED BACON ,69 Armour's Wliitc l/itbcl, Weekend Only OYSTERS ,„ 79', 12-in. Plastic Ruler While Supply Lasts Flexible, jiurnhle . . . ideal for home or I'YcNh-shore Selects Mhool. The kind of ruler Kroger uses yoi urn partment. WHITING Dressed Ih ---.-. _-._ ....... ,/» i iiii_i in ir^ci UnC9 to jjive you more rncut . . . less waste. •JQc Gel yours free . . . nt our Meat De- POTATOES ftfftr & '•"••'''"••••• V1 U. S. Washed Scleclcd Reds 50 b .r 2.39 RADISHES 3 bchs. 10c ^ ^T f Fresh Crisp Texai Red lhT \, Grapefruit 10 t 39c Juicy Texas Seedlais TOMATOES nfuh r 25 CELERY ponnd 10 C i Kcd Ripe Slicing Quality CARROTS 2 1)unchfl 15 C GRAPES 2 Ihs 25 s k Cn.sp, Fresh Young—VIlHmin-rich California Red Emperors I Kroger Bread 12 T/4 Pound Loayet ' • Actually less than 72c | a pound | Bordo I GRAPEFRUIT I JUICE ^ \5( I School Day I PEAS 2 £.'23* I Macaroni, ; Spaghetti | 2 St 33^ SPOTLIGHT £ 40? Kroger Hot-Dated Coffee. CIGARETTES- 1.99 Popular Brands. 16-Qi. Jar SALAD DRESSING 25* Embassy. Value Priced! MACKEREL S 23* Standard Brand CORN FLAKES'«" 231 Kroger. Fresh Crisp. SPAGHETTI XT 29* SUGAR 10-fb. Bag Pure Cone Granulated. FLOUR"- 25 .:2.15 Avondalc Plain or Self-Rising PURE LARD - 1i9 Firm White. Pure Hog. 32-Qi. Can Kroger Dinner. 76-or. Con CORN BEEF Star Hash. KRAUT 2 Kroger, Expertly cured. BAK POWDER 23c Clabber Girl. WINDSOR & 93* Wisconsin Cheese Food. MARGARINE - 370 tatmore. fconomical. PINTO BEANS S 35c No. 2'/3 Can Dry. Cello Bags. EVAPMILK3c^39< Kroger. Vitamin D Added. ,

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