The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 10
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PAGB TEN BLTTHKVILLE (ARK.)' OOURrER NEWS Planned Menus Cut High Costs Market Reports Can Be Helpful in Purchasing Foods By Gay nor M;idt)ox NEA Staff Writer Early In the week .-study market report,";, then plan your budget menus for several days ahead. This method \v!l) help you combat the high food costs, Th* ,'olloulns excellently planned menus can be patterns. Ch.inpe them Recording to local markets and" prices. . Breskfasl: Mixed citrus fruit Juice, xhreddeu v>hrat with hot milk, toasted raisin brraci, fortifiod margarine, coTfce, milk. Luncheon: Crc-fun of vpRrtablr K>up. peanut butter stiiuUvlch, fruit cup, hot cocoa. Dinner: Yefrt loai, nuiriipd \M' tatoes, 'steamed kale, bread, fortified margarine, deep dish applo pie. coffee, or tea, milk. This dinner will cost about $2.74 /or R family of five. Breakfast: Orange, slices, whole wheat cereal svlih m' . toast, fortified margarine, coffee, milk. Luncheon: Sliced, h"l potato salad, carrot .strijis, btrad, fortified margarine 1 , fruit, milk. Dinner: Swiss steak, buttered noodles, mashed yellow turnips, romaine with Russian dressing, bran muff ills, fortified margarine, butterscotch pudding, coffee or toa, milk This dinner will cost about $-'J-33 ! for A lnrr.lly of five. Breakfast: Half erapefnii'., fa- rim fi".D milk snd ravins, t^ast. j ferried marcarir.e. coffee, in!Is, L«.^i:heon: Coitaje cheese ome- fr,i;'.?d cc-z-kiej. h-x milk beverage. Dim: <?r: Bre:!rd mackerel, pars- A~.l •crap«:'- i u:t ill's:, cornbread i 5t;fiar?s, '-^T'lfifx* m- 1 -:^arine. cin- | nainon co*'*?- ci"**\ coffee or Here's Special Valentine Treat ValonUnp rrtam tarts with lender heart*. lly <«:i.vnnr Murlrlox XKA Stuff Writer | Here's a delicate cream tart ! c'cipr, with U'luJer pu-stt'y brnrts, j with pepper soul (ubu.sro, Add oyster Ucjuor, then oysters. Cook for | 30 miinite; 1 . slowly. Lot coo). When cool put Into 'I pic plates ! lined with your Favorite pie crusl, | have upp;-r crust thicker than lower, about 1-4 -inch. Hake in hot oven (400 degrees F.) until pie cnisl is nicely done. k) gi rice your Valentine pnrly. ValctitJrio <'rr;irn T;u t* (Serves 4) One and (mp-riuartrr cups -Sifted flrmr, '<i to f{- tensjjoon suit, l-'i cup colrt .slsoilonlti}-. 2 tablespoon. 1 ) told water (about», l pncka^t? prepared vanilla pudding, 2 cups milk. 4 teaspoon!) tart red jclVy. Sift flour once, mon.sure, ntld suit and filfl n^'iiiu cut In shorten |i^ until ple^e.s are about th P .size of small peas. Add water, n. sionll amount at a time, mixing HfjhUy with fork. Handle as lilLIe ius po.s- JANUARY 2!*, TOMORROWS MKNU BREAKFAST:' Stewed pruno.s In ni-aiiRC Julcr. atinral, enriched toast, homemade innrma- latlc, roffiic, inllJ: LUNCHEON: Wed «llced bo- lognn, potato cakes, rye bread, butter or rortllled mnrearine, rale slaw, oatmeal cookies, U>a. milk. JJINNKll: Ijimb stew with vegetables nnil <lum])lin l; s, e ,,- rlclu'il hard rolls, butter or for- tlflcd •tnnrcnrlnc, Pascal celery. «)>!>'« cruinljle pie, coffee, milk. .ill)le. Wrap In waxed paiier: clilll! tlioraiiKhly. \ Roll >.j,-|,, c |, o, lck on | (( j ht | y ; f oun-d board. Cut in clrclo.s and fit carefully nn outside of four tin. i turned 4',-lud, | ait „„„.,. . Jvlm cd R e.s. Prick with fork J-'roiij i-PiniilnliK} pastry dounh. cut out 4 Kmnll lirarls. Prick with SoThrifty... To Get Mothers Oats Benefits and Lovely Dishes Too! for x f^p--:~ c-'. f:ve. Sr^s-i'Mt: S'-e'sed prunes, oat- x>?i! TT.II- h'X n:i!>. to as:, fortl- f.*c. —, coffee, milk. T-iincieor.t CreAired Itina \vith rr*^;: p^i sauce on, fresh Sri:, ho: chocolate milk. Dinner: Grapefruit juice, pork chop *uer with rice, mixed preen •ft! ad, sailed crackers, for'I tied margarine, fruit pclatln, coffee or tea, milk. This dinner »-IH cos', about $2.89 lor a family of five. Creole Dishes Suggested to Save on Meat Bggs »r« bccomlnR more plentiful. 1 Oysters too are a gocxl meat »Uernativ«. L«t's listen to Adelaide Van Wey, Snutbprn-born contralto, •itpert in both Creole snugs nlul Creole cooking. 'Hu'se Creole rc- •lpe« »rs from her collection. ERRS • U Orolp Bix egg yolks,beaten. 0 CRP ^liites, b«Aten. salt, blnrk pe|)per. cnyemie pepper, 1-2 pint medium rreiun salice, 3 tnblespoons chill sauce, 5 tablespoons grated sharp chec>e. Fold beaten egg whites into beaten yolks. Pour some of this mixture over part of the cream sauce inlx'-it well wlih chili sauce, whirl, has been placed in casserole dish. Sprinkle liberally with grated chco.^e. Repeat layers in this order until nil Ingredients are used. Grated cheese must be on top. Bake in innclerntr oven (.150 degrees F.) until cheese is melted and delicately browned. Oyster Tic Two dozen medium sized oysters, 6 or 8 shallots (onion to taste can lie substituted), sliced. '2 tablespoons salad oil, I heaping tablespoon flour, black pepper (to taste), dash tabas- co. Use NO salt. Heat- oil. and fry shallnts in oil. then slowly stir in flour. Season El's a Ihin, ayslol-clcor, quick- thill. sleiiUzcd bolHc filed wilh Tush, ifpc flavor ond dcliglilful ciorno — that's iSc real, Ihd only Gtapclle. Rich in dcx- ttose. Sparkling wish mellow carbonolion. Ask for il by nome. Soy: "A GRAPETTE THIRSTY <w N O T SYRUP A PRODUCT OF AN HZUSER • BUS CH fork. Plac,. on baking iihret. Baits III hoi over <4Sfl degrees F.) 10 In 15 inlnutft or until slightly browned. Prepare pudding ax directed on package. Cool Mil tart, slinlLs wllh pudding. Spread pastry hearts with jelly, place on In center of ea'th tart. Chill. And here'* an apple pte recipe i which makes a jwrJect Vnlenllne I If>r a liuiiKry man. Apple Crumble I'Je Six large tart apples, pared and Dilnly .sliced, 1 unbaked pic shell, a i citp sugar, \k teaspoon .salt, 'i j tensixx>n cinnamon, !i tea.sixxjiif nutjiieg, 1 teaspoon lemon juice. ] v i cup brown sugar, '/, cup silted flour, 2 tablespoons butter or for- | tiflcd marifarlne, Vi cup cut. nuts, i Arrange sliced apples In pic shell and cover u'ltli mixture of sugar, salt, splce.i. and lemon juice. Mix brown sugar and flour. Cut'In mil- ter or margarine fine. Acid nuts. Veteran Educator Diet . At Home in Fayetteville j FAYETTEVII.LE, Ark.. Jan. 29.' i UP)—Funeral services were bcins? planned today for Prof. liurtln Nelll Wilson, one of the oldest members of the University of Arkansas faculty In point of service. ; The 7:i-year-otd pvofe.ssor emeritus died at his home late Tuesday. He had been 111 since his re- , tlremcnl In 1940. i Although his subject was mo-' engineering, Wilson, sewed > nl various times Ji.s Athletic business manager and director of buildings and grounds, in addition to his regulur work. He joined the fnc- ; nlly in IHSii. Surviving nrc two daughters and two grandchildren. .Sprincle over apples, B»ke In hot | over HOfl degrees F.) 1 hour. 1 NOTICE PENALTY WILL BE PLACED . ON CITY AUTO LICENSE . AFTER JANUARY 31ST Pay Now And Avoid Penalty Frank Whilworlh City Clerk For Delicious Cold Weather Pics BLACKBERRIES--No. 2 can 19c EVERY PKMIUM PACKAGE HOIOS A 5PARKUNG PIECE! l-V.iN.J Mother's Oats FLAVOR DELTA Flcetwood's Famous Coffee Shop COFFEE 3fc. $1.15 Pure Cane Domino 5 Lbs. 10 Lbs. TOO Lbs. SUGAR 45c 92c $9.10 Snowdrift SHORTENING--3ibcan$1.29 No. 2 Can TOMATOES 2ior27c Pure White HOG LARD--50 ib can $14.95 ain Erices Rri;. Si/.« 2 for 23? Haiti Size 2 Bars Cashmere Bouquet •^ - "' - ' y W/rh the fragrance Men Love. i Floods o'.Suds for Dishes and Duds >fcO;,SOAP EVER k MADE. SUDS LIKE VEL , like. No^oari Voi/'Va £vef Uieti 2 For 29* Box 38* Box 35* SPECIALS *F , r USE PET MltK IN COOKING-.JT'S THRIFTY Hiikcr's I ()/.. I'ktf. COCONUT 19 Assofled Flavors JELLOPUDDIHG , for 25 (Jold Meihil Kitchen Tested FLOUR „„. (;reat Nnrllu'rn BEANS 25IIM No.-2 Out ENGLISH PEAS a fur 19 Urook's M (}•/.. Uollle TOMATO CATSUP 18 Crc-iim Slyle CORN N,,. 2 i-im—2 for 27 Sliced Nn. 2 Ciin APPLES 25 Del .Monlc Spired PEACHES 39 VtGETABLES iO« CBUMiNG VECETAIIU-UM PH MHK Full '() Juice ORANGES 8Illli;ii; 35 1(1 l,h. Mesh Hiik' GRAPEFRUIT 39 York APPLES nd 10 Ktlll '() .Illil'l' TANGERINES 10 Full X) Alilk COCONUTS 12i l.iirge. Crispy LETTUCE „„„ 15 (Jarden I'resli CARROTS ln ,, uh 7i c Moiiila .hiinlin l';iscal CELERY i, im( i, Hod Ilipc pound SPICED CRAB APPLES 29 KIDNEY BEANS Nl , ,„ fan 13 Cut. Nn. 2 C:tn GREEN BEANS 12 Achinis Hi ()/. Can ORANGE JUICE 22 (iihh's Ifi (\/.. Can TOMATO JUICE 23 Sun Aliiid Seedless RAISINS P>f1iniet 20 TOMATOES RADISHES ,„,, .. lender and ^ ininu ONIONS , I'. S. No. 1 Red Triumph POTATOES , um ,s Mustard. Turnip or COLLARD GREENS 15 29 59 Tender, Juicy Minute Steaks - Ib. Lean and Meaty Chuck Roasf - - - Ib. 49* Fresh Dressed Hens - - - - Ib. 57* Tender, Young Pork Liver - - Ib. 37* Dairy Fresh Coflage Cheese - Ib. 29<? Salt Plates- - lb.39jf o ALWAYS A FINE SELECTION OF COLD CUTS and CHEESES Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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