Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 1, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1891
Page 5
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f-» ;\ " '. FRBE3 READING R Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. Welcome to All. CrokiiFale The greatest of all gamts To -be Sad at- MONEY TO LOAN! i.nd Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 percent. GEO. B. FORG Y. declSdiiiw6m MONEY TO LOAN, D U17 ram »t to8 LOWEST rates. Prlvnt* raodi Onl7, Mono; &lwayv in band. No re \ tapa or de* 1*7. Iat«r«»t and principal payable In Logsus- port. Special arrangements »" to payment ol principal nod Interest, made to eult t*v« wlbhe» o( borrower. For rnrtbor partion'.ars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Court House. The Grand Bazaar. DTt. E. M H ATC H. Homoepailiist . - Physician and Surgeon , .McCaffrey Block Brofidway Cor. Sixth Residence, 1122 High Street, Logunsport Ind. St. DR; W, D. SNOW, OFFICE and Residence 102 Pawnee St. LOGANSPORT, :..---'- • IND. Special ,A1$entIon Given to Acute and Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Women and Children. Consultation Free. 2JI«at Bell Promptly Eesponded to. MONEY; Gtoatral Invnran W and- Loana. All klndp of In- •oralio* plaoM In ttrrt olut oompatileii. Jtndow- o>»nt pollolM pnrchsmd. Bonds of nmtyii.. vrltMo tor parties holding po»ltten« of trun vh«ro a bond ia required. 319 PEARL, ST. S. :M. Closson, •DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY. MORNING APRIL 1. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Thursday, April 2d. Playlngtsthe Capacitj- of Theaters Everywhere. Wait for the Big Show. The Comedian, Aaron H. WootiBlll, In toe charming New England Comedy, U n e I.e. Hiram Supported by a Strong Company! Magnificent S:-enery!Superb Solo Orchestra! Music, Singing and Dancing. PRICES:—25, 50 and 75 cents. Keeping's drug store. Seats on sole at, DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. THREE. NIGHTS. Friday and, Saturday, April 3d and 4tH, And Monday, IApril6tri. . Planquett's Charming Opera :" "ChimesoflNormandy Will be given by a strong cast, large chorus and fall Orchestra New and Elegant Costumes! •Bright and tuneful music. the production will be under the auspices of the lady managers o£ the ; Free Reading Room . .And direction of Mr. Deniorest. . • -. ADMISSION 50c. No extra charge for reserved seats. Tickets now on sale at Keesllns's diug store and by the lalies of tbe Reading Room Management. The Opera Pinafore Is also in active preparation and will be given, with special scenery, costumes, stage effects and large chorus, assisted bythe Logan Greys; whi in a body, t gether with Lis Sisters and Cousins and his Aunts will accompany Sir Joseph Porter on his tour Of Inspection. OPERA HOUSE, • INDIANAPOLIS. • SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST ACTRESS, BERNHARDT! IN V1CTOREAN SARDOU'S TWO GREATEST •-.-. PLAYS, . APRIL 14, "FEDORA" 15, "LA TOSCA" PnMntid with Ihe tamo Great Company «nd th* i«m» "Eltborats Scenory, Costumes and Propertiet ' ' ai ware employed in New York. . .PRICES OF RESEBVED SEATS: All Lower Floor, $3, All 2d Floor, $2. All 3d Floor, St. Sale of Seats Begins MONDAY, APRIL 6tb. : Suta can t» fecund by writing or ttltgnphlng . ' ' D!ck»n & Talbott, Indluupolia, Ind. SPECIAL -NOTICE.— Ptrtlta «f.ten or m«f« «an mura ndundntta. Apply to Local Ag«nt. Victor-Setter, is on the sick list. New, jewel trimming-rat: .the Golden Rule. ', '-.-' - ; : "-; ; ' -•"• ' •. "".'•'.' Make.your iue contracts with,John Baker. . .- '^.-" - , ..' .mcb2.4dtf See the hew kid gloves at the Trade Palace. Mart Miller'as .confined to his home by'rheumatism.' /-•"••,'•;• . Kead. the change' of., ; advertisement of the Golden Rule. ' v . ' . See the-ne\y:.Gloriaocis dress goods, at the Trade Palace. Dress shirts-and-.dress:-ties,- ;at Patterson's, the Ha'h'eiidiisher'. ' ' New nobby spring jackets and spring- dress goods.— Golden'-Rule:.]" ^ The-original Nashville Students are billed to appear ? at.th,e rink . April 7. See those dress shirt's; 11 collars and ties, at Patterson's, ..ib.e_Haberdasher. Fire sale at the''-BeeV Hive -will be continued told&y with, unabated force. : Just one month/ from to-nig'ht the B. B. of L. E.-will .give their annual ball. - Schmitt & Heffiey want you to read their advertisement to-day. It will payxou. • -. New ribbons, rucbings and party goods of all kinds, 'at ! Patterson's, the Haberdasher., All the latest"'attractions 'in spring millinery, at Miss Jessie Cummings' 405 Broadway. • mar29d2t Kid gloves, silk mitts in every shade and shoulder lengths, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. Goods purchased at the ' Clailn lire sale -will be on sale at the Golden Rule in clue time. Wait! See the new mosquetaire kid gloves in the new shades for i?l, cheap at $1.50, onlj at tbe Trade Palace. Mrs. H. H. Owston has returned from Connersville, where she went to attend the funeral of her father, 'Mrs. Sarah Harris is sick with la grippe at the residence of her son-in- law Thomas Carson of the North Side. Mrs. B. F. McKee'n, Miss Nell McKeen and Mr. Rob. Johnson are in the city the guests sf Mr, and Mrs. Chas. McKeen. •,'Blush of Roses" takes the place of powder as it whitens the face just a trifle soon as applied. Sold at Keesling's drug store. 4— Headquarters for rosebuds, bloom- i.ig plants, in fact everything in the floral line.—Newby's greenhouses, 609 West Broadway. Telephone 62. Bishop Joyce, of the M. E. church, was in the city yesterday en route to- conference of the Northwestern Indiana conference at Huntington. Rev. Mr. Trautman, of Columbus Ind., was in the city yesterday en route to Ft. Wayne. While here he was the guest of Mr. H. W. Engelbrecht. Three more cases' of Claflin's fire goods, that Mr. Twells, our drayman, unloaded last evening will be unpacked' and on sale at to-day's fire sale at the Bee Hive. •'.••.. • Rev. J. H. Jox. F. W. Moesta, H. W. Engelbrecht -and Henry Renn left for Ft. Wayne yesterday afternoon to attend the -annual 'meeting of the Lutheran church. They will be gone about a week. The Young,-Ladies 'Society of the Baptist Church- will bold a social at the parsonage;: '.this'- (Wednesday) evening. A splendid 1 .program has been prepared,. Admission ten cents. A light supper will be served during tbe evening free. After reading-last night's issue of the Pharos /some' of our .customers remarked: '.'Your ; competitors must be green with., envy; they must feel both, scared and 'hurt:" We don't mean, to hurt anybody,>but we- don't propose to go a sleep as long as there are genuine bargains-—good values to be bad Eaat or West.—Wiler & Wise. A Bold Swindle. It is a ' seldom "occurrence that an attempt is made to steal real estate, but such an act was perpetrated O'ri Peter Saltzman, of vVashington township, Tippecanoe county, in February 1&90. Tbe fradulent. transaction, one of the most daring ever performed in that county has just come tu light. The Lafayette Courier says:- At the time named above, a man, whose name was not learned, forged a deed for eighty acres of land belonging to Peter Saltzman, had an acknowledgement taken before a Justice of Peace at Buck Creek, came to J>afayctte, and going to a well known agent for loaning money here told him that he was $1,000 short for moneyQenough to pay for the land in question. The swindler disclosed the deeds, duly signed and acknowledged and was successful in borrowing §1,000, the balance due on the land, giving a mortgage on the eighty acres of real estate to secure the payment of the amount. No thought of a fraudulent conveyance ever entered the mind of the money leaner and recently when the notes became due he began the initiatory 'steps to collect it and discovered for the first time he had been the victim of a bold swindle. Both Mr and Mrs. Saltzman deny ever signing a deed or of any contemplation of disposing of their little farm. The deed and mortgage were recorded in proper form but the man who claimed to have purchased/the land and secured the $1,000 has not been seen since he borrowed the money. The affair is being thoroughly investigated, but as the matter now appears tbe loaner of the money will always have that particular $1,000 coming to him. It was one of the slickest swindles ever perpetrated, and ere this, probably, the fellow has made himself very scarce from this vicinity with the $1,000 be thus obtained. Cruelty to Animal*. Yesterday in Squire Smith's court pound officer Will Cullen and his as sistant Frank Baker were arraigned' for cruelty to animals. After carefully weighing the evideace tbe Squire im posed a fine of $o with costs of prosecution on each of the offenders. The defendants straightway filed an appea 1 to the circuit court. . ; The cause of this action was a complaint filed by George W. Flannigan alleging that the defendants in . impounding his cow, which had strayed from the North Side over to the city, cruelly and inhumanely beat the beast and broke her tail. He further showed that at the time the pound officers were running bis cow in that his boys were in search of tbe animal and told the officers not to impound her. Such cruelty as was practiced on the beast merits vigorous condemnation and the fine imposed for the act was not too great. Mr. Flanntgan following the point gained against Cullen straightway' went before the Police Board and filed Charges against Officer Cullen, asking for his dismisssal from the force. The, charge entered by Mr. Flannigan against Cullen sets forth the fact of the latter's disgraceful assault on a. man in a Twelfth street saloon a week ; or more ago and sets the matter out in such specific terms that it is altogether probable tha>t the officer will receive his dismissal. In crossing George Flannigan Will; Cullen has caught a Tartar, and before the fi#ht is over something is expected to drop. He Wax f om Clymerg. ; Many amusing scenes are enacted a .the natural gas office, but yesterda the climax was capped, :'so to speak A-'tall, gaunt countryman, drifted.int the gas office and stepping, up to th window surveyed-the scene and notec with much apparent interest th motions of tho busy clerks before him .Finally-awakening to a realization o the errand which had moved his step, thither he smiled blandly and ap preached tbe subject thus: ••I 'low that this is .vhere you sel nat'ral gas, isn't it?" AlJenks "'lowed" that the plac was the same. The countryman "sized up'' the smiling secretary as if to assure him self that he was not going to be bunkoed, then after another careful survey of the office and a close scrutiny of Mr, Jenks and tbe clerks, reached down in the two pockets of bis long overcoat and fishing out a couple of quart bottles laid them on the countei with much dignity and said: "Well then, you just fill these here bottles up with the pesky stuff, and bow much is the damage." "You mean gasoline, don't you,' said'Al, nearly choking in his efforts to control his amusement. "No, I don't; I mean nat'ral gas,and ef you've got it trot it out and fill these 'ere bottles." "You have certainly been misinformed, sir. We cannot furnish naLural gas by the bottle. Its gaso- i line you want," said Mr.- Jenks, • realizing that he had a most peculiar customer with whom to deal. "I tell you its natr'al gas I want. The pesky stuff you get over here from Kokomo. I know what gasoline is and you can't fool me. Fill up these bottles." "Where are you from, any way?" gasped Jenks between smothering fits. "Why, I live down here by Clymers," said he of the bottles. "Well, I thought so," exclaimed Jenks turning back to his desk, "I am sorry, but we are just out, and can't fill your order to-day. Come in again." The office force by this time was convulsed with laughter, and tbe man from Clymer's somehow began to realize the situation. He smiled again, a ghastly smile, asmiledevoid of mirth, and gathering up his bottles, let them drop gently into his capacious pockets. Opening the door he slid quietly -out. Yesterday morning the following ladies departed from here to attend tbe annual meeting of the Womans Presbyterian Missionary Society of this Presbytery which will convene at South Bend to-day: Mrs! Dr. D. P. Putnam, Mrs. Chas. Horning and Mrs. VVm. McDonald from the First Presbyterian church; Mrs. E. S. Scott and Mrs. Chas. Clark from the Second church, and Mrs. Newman Sustles and Miss Armstrong from tho Concord church in, Harrison township. The meeting will be in session two days. The First Step. ^., Perhaps you are run down, cant eat, ..can't sleep, can't think, can's do anything to your satisfaction, and you wonder what ails you. You should heed the warning, you are taking the first step into nervous prostration You need a nerve tonic and in Electric BiUe'rs you will find the exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to its normal, healthy condition. Surprising results follow tbe use of this great nerve tonic and alterative. Your appetite returns, good digestion is restored, and the liver and kidneys resume healthy action. Try a bottle. Price 50 cents at B. F. Keesling-'s drug store, G €afiet & Holmes, MAKERS of NBCKWAER! ' CHICAGO, March 23, 1801. OTTO KKAUS, Logansport: Dear Sir—Your recent order is just completed and goes forward by "to-day's express. V'e have used every effort to make your Goods to the highest standard and trust they will open to your entire satisfaction and warrant a continuance of your esteemed patronage. We are Yours Respectfully, CARTER & HOLMES. The above Neckwear has arrived and we respectfully solicit your inspection. OTTO A. KRAUS. TRY BEER WINE and IRON r As a Tonic. Sold by . _ --- ,- ' - '.: ,_•-_• ,/ H. C.: P U K C E L L, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. be Ciin't be Cured by local applications, as they can not reach the diseased portion of the ear. There Is only one way to cure Dralness, and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused bp an Inflamed •condition of the mucous lining of the Eustnchlan Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have ;i rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it la entirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken ont and this restored to Its normal condition, bearing will bh destroyed lorever: nine cases out ol ten are caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an in-' flamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deamess (caused by Catarrh) that we cannot cure by talcing Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, tree. - •••'•?. J. CHENEY A Co., Toledo; 0. • BT-Sold by Dnigglsts,,75c • • • ' • - * — ~ — Bradfleld Female Regulator Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers' from any disorder peculiar to her sex, a.nd at change of life is a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write-the Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga. For particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher & Co. to5 Ilorwe Clipping. I am prepared to do horse clipping in first-class style at Earl Stuart's Livery stable. WARNER STURGEON. mar31d6t . , Tbe Chime* of Normandy. A Journal reporter had the pleasure of being one of the very limited "audience" admitted to the opera house last night to witness the rehearsal of the ••Chimes of Normandy/' the beautiful opera to be presented Friday, Saturday and Monday nights under the auspices and for the benefit of the free reading room. Mr. Demorest has thrown a wonderful amount of energy into the preparation of this opera and the chorus is strong and correct. The leading parts are sustained in a very creditable manner, and it is now fully assured thai the opera will be produced without a hitch. The damage case of Henry Heil against the Logansport and Pleasant Grove Turnpike company is on trial in tbe Howard circuit court. This is the second hearing of this case. The first time the jury awarded Heil $2,500 damages. A rut in the defendant's road caused a load of hay to upset, throwing the plaintiff to the ground inflicting permanent injuries^ Commendable. All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by tbe California Fig Syrup Company. It acts gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels, cleansing, the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. "• Mr. and Mrs. Dodds,, of Danville, 111., came hereto' attend the funeral of Mrs. Dodds' mother, Mrs. W.'H Roe which was held from her late residence/on the West Side yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, services by Rev. Dr. Putnam. The remains of Israel Dear, a former resident of Logansport, .who died at his home in Chicago Monday, were brought to this .city last night for interment and are lying at tbe undertaking rooms of VVoll & Parker. Spring The new sunshades are likely to uore than a nine days' wonder. Blue in several shades is seen in many of the 'new dress goods and rib- ons , : Colonial fashions in dress develop more and more as the spring advances. "hey are trying, however, on the ugly irl. Lace shoulder -capes are to be worn bis spring. They will add more to style than the comfort of the wearers. White and gold in furniture continues in highest fashionable favor. but people forget there is such a thing as overdoing, it. . Toques will be one of the favorite styles of hats for. young. w,omen for the next six months, and "Can be trimmed according to taste." Scarf pins in "horsey" designs no longer "obtain" among conservative men. They are. relegated to the "shadows of the turf." . In thin material for summer gowns there is a great variety" to choose from, and, as the salesman says, all '•will make up beautiful." Little men should eschew the long skirted "London frock coat." It gives them a little the appearance of paraders on St. Patrick's day. Flora MiFlimsey wears the box coal as a man, and gets along nicely with the highest standing .collar with which she wears her brothers tie. Old fashioned wooden trunks are rapidly disappearing from scenes, of travel. They have had their day. sole leather or wicker are now the rule Mi *W. Bishop of Walton went to Nebraska yesterday and -will return shortly with a bride whom he will gain there in the person of Mrs. D. P. Sumption, a • former resident of Walton. The princes of the Orient had a rousing "business" meeting in armory hall last night. 'The old raxxle dazzle band was heard until quite late. TERRIBLE SNOWFALL. Colorado Fairly -Burled Beneath.-*. Slant le— Fifty Lives Lost, ST. Louis, March 01. — >Ir. JoKn T. Parish, a well-know u mining- expert, who has just returned from Coloradft, says that never in all his experience ifa the mountains has. he witnessed, any- t thing like the recent snowstorms of the last six - weeks For eighteen days he was • snowbound in th* Red mountains, near Rico, CoL, and during 1 that period was liteially cut off " from the world. The snowstorm, raged for weeks, started about "February 15, and since that time the trails to the mines have been covered up, and fully fifty lives lost by the disastrous ,~? .snowslides tha t vcere of almost daily occurrence, making it dangerous for man or beast to venture away from shelter. He reports that the great producing mines were completely shut off, and that thousands of tons of ore afft awaiting the reopening of the trails. | DeatTi of a Veteran. , i CHICAGO, March 31.—Colonel'Albert'', S. Fellansbee. who liad command of the~3 Sixth Illinois regiment when it was attacked by the. Baltimore raob at the outbreak of the war, died m this city, aged 07 veai-s. Do you know that you can buy a chimney to fit your lamp that. will last till •. ; spine. accident happens to it ? Do you knowthat Macbeth's '' pearl tog :: '' or ' 'pearl glass " is that cliimney ? You can have it—your dealer will get it'^f you insist on it. He may. tell you : it costs him three times as much, as some Others. That is. true. He may say they are just as, good. ' Dbii't you believe it— they may be better for him; he may like the breaking.. Plttoburg. GEO.ji.TMACBETn & Co. Both the method and results whet Syrip of Figs ia taken; it is pleasant' .and refreshing, to the taste, and acts ,j gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,,,,' Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys-- tern effectually, dispels colds, aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is th§ only remedy of^itsi kind ever pro,-^ dueed, pleasing to the taste acd ac- s ^ ceptable to the stomach, prompt in j3 .its action and truly beneficial in its " effects, prepared only from the mosti healthy an'd 'agreeable substances, its^ many excellent qualities commend itjp to all and have made it the most/" popular remedy known. . Syrup of Figs is for sale to 60c|| and $1 bottles by ail leading drqg-;, gists. Any reliable druggist whoA may not have it on hand will cure it promptly, for any one wishes to try it. Do noc accept any >; substitute.'. ' CALIFORNIA F!S SYFIUP C& 'SAN FRANQISCO, CAL, •* LOUISVILLE, Iff, KF.V1 YORK. N.t ,, ¥ ForsaiRbyB,l\Keesliugand all Druggists.' " '

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