The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1947
Page 12
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K 'MAfX TWELVE % --)v-''.'". 1 t/JS. ftenews I Protest Over t IflosedPort & ' WASHINGTON, All*. 22. (UP) : State Department revealed that the United States has a second sharp protest to ».over Its continued delay in'<j reopening the Chinese port of Da- ,' rf»n f^ . I3LYTHEV1LLE (AUK.y.COUKIEK NEWS General's Train FHIUAY, AUGUST 22, 1917 .The protest was delivered to the Soviet '.'Foreign Office in "Moscow 'onJ.-Aug, 14 by U. Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, American ambassa v flo$^ to Russia. ,A similar protest to ; , Russia made by ing United States last Jan. 3. " In its latest note, the United $ttt«s said It "perceived no reason" why there should be further d£l%y In reopening Darlen to International commerce as a free port. Such a provision was 'made in ^a Soviet - Chinese agreement signed.on Aug. 14, IMS. President Soon to Set Military Unification Date .•WASHINGTON, Aug. 22. (UP)— President Truman today may set tile-date .for putting Into effect the new law unifying the armed services and may name some of the top leader? under the new setup. H$ has called.a news conference for 4 pm Mr. Truman told newsmen a week ago he might disclose today when .Navy Secretary James Porrestal will take over his Job as Secretary of National Defense. It was considered likely he might .also disclose his choices for other leaders in the new "national military establishment." Si . , —J'-..*. A lounge anu living car, with » .small uar nt the uiiu, comprise JJ.ITI ol trie personal train' ot' LI. Scncral John C. H. Lee, commander of the Mediterranean Theater of Oper/ilion.'i, U. S. A. The phone near the easy chair connects with every car on the train.— (NEA Telephoto). Soviets Renew Protest Over German Steel Policy WASHINGTON, Aug. 22. (UP.) — Russh has protested to the United States against, the proposed Ame- rlcan-Drltlsh-French conference on raising the German level of Industry, authoritative soirees disclosed today. Official quarters said the Soviet note received by the State Department objected to the threc- l>owcr talks as a violation of the Potsdam agreement. The three power conference Is scheduled to open in London on Friday. Similar Soviet protests were understood to have been delivered to the London and Paris foreign offices. The soviet protest followed reports that France was willing to permit German steel production be Increased to 10,000,000 tons annually — a figure near that sought by the United States and Britain. © by Eli!<il)e:l> Scifcil. Dillr-txJtcd by NCA StBVICC. IMC THE STORYl P.p McA«. ko.- Vltjtl Cfcicf, ekaff-B •! Ihr lunftlvlty X»rtri OB hlM hy • parilM!!? |»«r- •IrxlHic Nlroke. ' lip tcll» Dr. Mnl- r*lM . <ile»H* Iftp otolttrlcnl >ar- |t*>M, : that '\Voo4vyHr4, thv NVTC M«lr*tfM '!•: aclEr* with ml(trnin« nhlle •prr»1inR and »!• brother. IVr. Mnrlln Ulenh. Jvmpn .Into tfcp fcrraclk. . Martin la In low with ftjMAIi. Malfolra'ii.of [icr narftf.' lip WK* li«r tn marry aim bat • •? ' CUSAN sat on in the quiet office, *•* with the fire and her thoughts. At regular intervale she went into .the r -small room wlvere Dr. Glenn slept, his face white =nd drawn, utterly weary, somewhat pathetic in the helplessness of dee p, •drugged sleep. But, even in sleep, .the. two' deep lines, remained be ;tween his brows — as if he •frowned. Susan and Martin had loosened his clothing; he might ;b«:more comfortable if he were in night clothes, but Susan would hot risk waking him. She went back to the shaded lamp, to the small fire, to tnc evc - nintf paper which an aide" brought in. '.'.'.•'''. The waitress brought her a supper tray arid word that Mrs Glenn had tried tq reach the doctor, > • ' • '', "II! call her," said 'Susan. A 'ruan's voice answered ; from Ih4 Gtenns'r-T-v,-.'-,•••.!..'''./ ; -i<-.>V' : *Glemi v "residence^"' ILieuti'fi Cox speaking." That. would be Nikki's officer. He had 'a pleasan Voice; Dr. Malcolm had said hi wasn't handsome, just "man-look' ing"—whatever that me>nt Susan, could hear chatter am music—a dog barked—that, wouli be Mac. Mac's portrait sat in silver frame ~ on the wide desk tlong * ith Nancy's picture, an Ihe child rep's.' Nancy said,"*'Be still, everybody Please! 1 ? irid then she spoke int the phone.. "Miss Perry?" "Yes, Mrs. Glenn., I—the docto 'is had a very bad headache. Is ceplng now. 1 told the operator ot to rin; this phone." Yes. I'm sorry. Is he—" Welt, the best thing is for him sleep." ' 'Martin thinks he won't get omc tonight." "He is much better off here in cd. H "Yes. I'm sorry, I— Thauk you, llss Perry." Susan murmured, set the phono side. She took the cover from ic plate of creamed chicken. For ic first time she saw the wife's ide of this doctor-nurse rclation- tiip. Nancy was a lovely person, nd' sensible. She probably knew lat Malcolm adored her; she Idn't bother about his work, sel- om set foot in the Hospital. Yet—Susan could keep his wife way from Mrlcolm, if she though »6t. And Nnncy was helpless. On le other hand, if Susan called Dr }]enn at home, Nancy would no opsider objecting. In n way, hi ffice riursc is closer to a special st than his wife. • • • ' ' T HE outer door opened a cati tlous inch, then sproaii widclj q admit Miss Huppcrt, Superin endeht of Nurses. Susan stood up, smoothing he lrt; Sh'.e. waited for the Supc k ^afr. •-tJut when Miss Huppcr jribved-toward the inner dobr'.'Su san stepped before it. "He nstte not to be disturbed, MUs Hup ;>crl T " she said quietly. Miss Uupperl was a large worn an, and handsome, tier gray ha was curled beautifully, her ski was. clear pink and while. He uniforms were beautifully cut, an her cap becoming. Her rnthr.r ligl blue eyes now looked coldly upo Susan. "How is he?" she demanded. "Sleeping. Dr. Martin gave hi gyncrgine." "1 see. I'm Lfraid—" "Dr. Martin said he was not to disturbed, without calling him •st," Which was not strictly true, ough Martin would have said it he had thought it neces*aiy. Miss Huppcrt came over to the sk. "It certainly balls things up have the Acting Chief dead to e world." Susan looked sympathetic. Or— narily. Huppcrt would be off uty at this timu of night. "McAn's no good," the Stipe Id. "Ho Just says ask Glenn." She snifTcd at the red rosebuds tlio silver vaso. "I'll certainly e sla,d when Woodward comes. young Chief of Stuff will be a t easier to talk to than McAn." But is Woodward going to be hlol? 1 thougr.t—" "You think what Glenn thinks, e feels being Acting Chiet. with lot of patients squawking for m, is enough—"• .,., • • » "-"Sl^l- IUSAN looked angrily at the Sune. Huppcrt admired Glenn anatlcolly, but there was frustra- on. too, which showed itself in csenlment of Dr. Glenn's aulhor- .y as Acting Chief, and as the lost popular man in the entire ospilal group. Susan, his chosen >ersonal nurse, replacing Huppert n that job, often had felt the esull of this resentment reflected upon her. "1 hadn't heard that Dr. Wood- vard—" Susan said nrw^ faintly. "Look, Perry. Don't be blind on purpose. Woodward is coming to lo Pop's work, isn'v he? Chief iccliatrician. Well! When the or|hopcdics wing is finished, he'W ake over all ol McAn's job—and jc Chict of Staff. And then what, of your precious Dr. Malcolm?** Jealousy of Susan gleamed in her eyes. She nodded her lunclsome head emphatically. "Things arc going to be a bit different around here when Woodwjrd comes," Huppcrt promised, going out ol the room. Susan stood looking at the door. What if she were right? Why hadn't McAn made Malcolm Chief? She understood the old man's hanging on to his title, to his nominal power.—but if Woodward came and took over I'op's duties— (To Be Continued) New Industries Located in Arkansas TjlTPLE ROCK, Ark., Aug. V2. (UP)—Some 1500 new industries nave been established In Arkansas since January of 1945, the Arkansas Resources and Development Commission reported today, in its .vcekly news letter the commission said that, the state has seen H.OG.COO.COO in new plant facilities during the same period and has added 25,000 new jobs, making up $50,000,000 in new payrolls. Free Delivery Coll PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 204» 1044 Chickuawtw If It's INSURANCE For dial 2311 Complete Protection Accident & Health Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 'I've been putting on dreamy, romantic records, but I'm \ afraid all he's eolnz to do is burst out crvine!" 'RECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL ELOS3ER Kcconnuissuitce DONT BE NAIV6 / » t DIDNT QUITTING - SUPER ! BUT OIDNT I MR- SMITH SAY SOMETHING /4SOUT QU1TTIMG? MVRTLE.THIS IS LARD SMITH .' YOU'LL BE WORK 1N& TOGETHER.; GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch H Ft Pi. 7Cr °*n 1.35 2.65 Calvert 1.35 2 .65 S^cnlcy 1.35 2.65 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 Old Taylor 4^35 Four Roses 2^85 Ith 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 690 4.50 5% Beer per Case $2.88 GAS ' rc 9 17-5c; Ethyl 19.5: AH BrandsCigarets,ctn. $1.35 i SAID . FITTING/ MY APROvl WASNT FITTING WEU.' IF TWATS ALL. I'D LOVE TO FIX ir Foe . YOU--- . MOLD' IT UP.' CDME OH 1 . MOM'S WA1T1NS Tb DKlV US TbTHE LAKE/ SUES PRAlTlCALLY SOT-HSK. AEMS AROUMO HIM' AND AFTER. ALL. THE TROUBLE I pur H STUDEBAKERS u CHAMBLIN SALES CO. D E B A K E R Sales—Studcbiikcr—Service Headquarters for Guaranteed New and Used Cars and Trucks Kt« New Int. 154 ton .Short Wheel Base 1917 New Ford 1!^ tun I.niiR Wheel Biisc 1947 New International l!i (on Long Wheel Busc 1916 Dodge </. Ion Pickup 1946 Chevrolet y. ton Pickup 19IB «MC !6 ton Pickup 1941 Chevrolet Y, toil 1341 Chevrolet 54 ton Piekup 1940 International •! (on ' 1947 New Foni "8".Coupe 1D42 N:ish 2-I)oor 1941 Plymouth 2-l)oor l!>4t Stmlcbaker 4-I)oor • ' • ;,;) 1933 DcSoto -l-l)oor Sedan "' '*& D E B A K E R STU DEBAKERS WASH TTTBBS M/BUT HE NEEDS /SDWE RE l,61 I'LL ASK HIM fvSMM IE SEE VER^ LITTLE OF WOWAPW (X6KED HIM 10 DINNER TWICE RECENTLY. BUT I KNOW, CAJtOL... HE'S ALWAYS BUSV! THOSE TIMES IT WhS> (>! WEETIN' OF TH 1 City BOM1D! VON TO KFPEP.K BEFORE ENATE COi-WlTTEE V, HME VOU NOTICED AMS- Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charlc.iO. Clttacr W. M. [Bill) Wllnoa BY EDGAR MARTTN SO,6HERIrF,BLVT 1 6=1 fo THE HOUSE. ss trie ASSD GO HROUGH B'JEND,SENDS SHE EE5 hADi OF STICH5 AN!D STRAW.' YOU JLSW HARD Ff?Or\tH£ =HL ASiDGO Our Boarding House with Moj. HooplOjOut Our Way By J. R. Williams SAFF60. BEEN DIVING uvie LL AFTEE- / WHY. HE [ W>,S HERE \ A MINUTE S AGO ( GSTTIW \A DRIMK.' —y OH. IT WASM'T TIME FOR HIS PILL THEN-HERE,TAKE NW ARM. OIJICK--OUT OF TH' WAV ' MEVER KEEP A MAM WITH A PILL WAITIN' VELUOVJ FOUMD BLOVJtJ A FOSE ArV Au_ THESE. VeARft 01 STRUGGLE ANiD V. T. IIAMLIN O(J BETTES J*' ,1ES SUT COC5 CC^7.Y \_TO WHOM 1 O QUIET / t M^-rS-^.MACHINE 5HO\VEO DOIVM.I CONE NOTHIM') VOUS MENTAL j> ATTENTIVE... C . BUT SSE.-VD iT'tC.iUZc. O CCQIN5OM cou RUINING LABORATORY* P TWW'S ^iKsOi^E. WHOLE FLEETS isi = It Yourself BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY anrl RALPH LANE [Mhe houTS ticked by, but I couldn't sleep. By FRED ITARMAN BOOTS ANT1 H5R BUDDIES TWi «\<=>\T LVi SO (AliCK GOOD. ' 3 in sited to the window, in time to see something dis appealing down the driveway. SOOTS To O TOVJW DOILY'S BEEN ACTING SORT IMFVUISNT ABOUT THE FORCES OF THE LAW. IT SEEMS TO — HEY, WHAT'S THAT NOISE ? A CAR STARTING UP? MO WAT OM0CGAVE **W WM(T SOIWTHIHG

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