The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 1948 BLYTHEVILI.E (AUK.) COURIRR NEW3 Tobey Troubled By Truman Act Senator to Learn Why President Kicked Eccles Out WASHINGTON'. Jnil. 20, <Uf>>— Theft Reports Show Goofy Doings Carried On in a Big Way in Some 1947 Puzzlers B.v Mtader G. Patliiiiton charge of forgery. NBA Special Correspondent | In p »rls, »ll The thief who stale a 20-ton ^H,,/ ', ) '!*; Wr PAGE SEVEN New Yorkers Head West l Marines Leave Feb. 1 For Healthier Climate; To Locate in Arkansas mbltloui l «> »uthr>r vmes pitted who with 1.500,000 mil- lo(lcl " es atr Mlchoscan. Mexico. Chairman diaries W. Tobey of the 1 Siiiall change didn't discourage a Charlotte, S. C.. crook who carted off 4000 dimes »nd 5000 pennies. But a backward look at the ac- fienate Banking Committee" vestcr- j "vUlcs of rogues lust year proves w .™. ,„* „„. JK-.-S decis^insTrer ^ "^ "" "*' ^"^ £&- ^po^V'&•£ llntlns Marrlner S. Eccles as Fed- Someone stole an unfinished i , , til Reserve chairman. .home at East Peorla, III., while |)las ' lo find out" why the I another look enough sod from a One youthful criminal at Lan- Vidcnt is dropping Eccles from I Salt Lake City park to start a good caster, Pa., gathered $292 coir-from a wlnd* dl c ° lns -' rom » » inflow <us- In 51 ,O.Oialninnshlp in favor of a Re' Tliomas B. McCabe, To- said. ; I One opportunist snatched a $30001 " Olympla, Wash., a of jail In- time short time later on a ; out of line with majority feeling I to signal a left turn. ti his part:;. There seemed little' Jloubt that his committee and the J3enate would approve appointment i, i« nrn fof the more conservative McCabe i „,. ';! ' ' to the Federal Reserve Board. This j "" Is a necessary' prelude to Hie Pres- | gfo_<£ KRlP(?E MOST HAVE Idenl's designation of McCabe "I i •• chairman, Eccles—a New Denier by conservative banking standards—will stay on as vice chairman of the reserve board. "I think the President placed j himself In a very weak position by what he has done," Tobc v sahl at a banking committee hearing. "I deplore it." "It's nothing to me that the man Is a Republican," he said, referring to McCabe. "I'd like to know who the forces were that went to the President and objected to Eccles and Sot htm removed," Tobey declared. "I think this committee deserves to know." Tobey's statement came during a price control hearing while Seymour Harris, a Harvard University economics professor, was testifying. Tobey praised Eccles as a "forthright fellow" who had "sat through" the problems of the federal reserve and worked hard. 'iThen the president says 'Eccles. '^n not going to renppolnt you", I'm going to appoint a Republican, and wouldn't tell him who It la," Tobey said. On top of that, he declared, Mr. Trumnn wrote Eccles a letter of lawn. Police 'never discovered any burglaries. But he did more thaui connection between the two jobs, i $1000 damage stealing that much. Police seemed to have more than their share of luck last year. Two Puyallup, Wash., officers were helping a motorist fix hla^ lights when their radio blared the announcement of an auto theft '.Ithoug'ji Tobey Is a Republican, ! r \ n g from the finger of a woman f m New ^Hampshire, he frequently ! mo torlsl who stuck out her hand to read and write, re- The unli|hted motorist wa« tht llfl- For Caribbean Waters CAMP LEJEUNE, N. C., Jan. JO (UP)—The. Second Marine'Division will embark beginning Fcb, 1 for fleet lactlcnl exercises in the Western AtUintlc-Ciirrlbboan area, nl- RUTLAND, Vt,, Jan. 29. (UP)— Her homc-miido covered wagon pulled by a pair of stalwart work horses, Mrs. Arlluir Lumenr, 52, of . Bethel left lor cilons Palls, N. Y., I vlslo » Headquarters announced yts today on the third lap of her 1,500- I lei-day, mile trek lo a new life in Arkansas. I Public relations officers said the Protected from the biting cold ' "rsl contlgent of Marines will load and snow by blankels nnd quilts,! «t nearby Homrehead City, N. C.. Mrs, Lamear said she expected to I »')d embarkation operations will nvcr&gc about 35 miles riftUy ou continue through J'eb, V her way westward with 11 goau . The Marine unit, commanded by and two dogs. Somewhere along the way, her quickly dropped It when he <hs- In Denver, two squad car officers ( covered it contained three live nU- quietly watched a Ihug hold up a tlesnukes. man, waited until he had stuffed sufficient evidence Into his pockets, then collared him. In Philadelphia, husbnnit will Join her. Vhe Uimcars have bought land In Clnrksvilf, Ark., and plan to ratse goats there, Luincar, advised to move lo a milder clltnalc because of a circulatory ailment, is disposing of their 125- acre farm In Bethel. She stalled out from Hetliel Sunday in the wagon she anil her I husband built from a large cart. I Tlie Lamesrs added boards In the side or the cart and used a qullt- covfred bcrisprlng for a top. At night, Mrs. Unnear .said /lie lilnimcd to slop iU Juvm houses along her route. V'roiii Glrnx Fulls, Some of the boys suffered from I stie will RO lo Saratoga. N: Y., and conscience pangs last year. A man In West Point, Mass., re- j N. Y.. Kile, Pa., 81. Clarksvllle. a crook in the midst of a holdup i celved a cashier's check for S50 spotted four armed policeman and I from the thief who stole his watch fainted. | in Louisiana 35 years ago. At And the gunmen had their share 1 Springfield, Mass.. a s.ifecn.tkc. of hard luck One stlck-up artist stopped rinht 111 the middle of n in San Francisco pounded his vie- Job. called police, confessed his tim over the head with a gun. Tho; "!'» e and waited for the cops lo gun went o(f, wounding the pound- j P'ck him up. | er's pal. Iix another part of Sail | An assistant bank cashier In San Francisco, a gunman fired a warn-j Francisco spent a week convincing ing shot as he made his getaway, • employers she was telling the Irulh the bullet ricocheted off a wall about embezzling $10,000. ttnt she the money so and hit the fl»ln( bandit. In Philadelphia, a thief conveniently dropped his wallet with an Identification card and address In it. beside his victim's car. Police had no trouble locating him. In California, * rattled thief snatched a box from a parked car. had Invested the money so well she was able to turn back $15,01)0. The Judge awarded her the $5000 profit. Some Ponca City, Oklu., thieves took the trouble to return a .set of hubcaps they had stolen. The reason: 'They didn't Jit our car." Ilience to Utlra, N. Y.. Syracuse. Louis and MaJ. Oen. Franklin A. Hart, will loin the Atlantic fleet under Adin \V. II. P. niandy for general niival maneuvers, oftlccrc said, and will carry out landing operations in Uve Vlcmilc-Culebra area of the Caribbean, The division will stop at San Juan, Puerto Rico; Port Au Prince. Haiti; Kingston, Jamica; HIU! Santiago, Cuba bcloic returning to Camp l.e- Jeune in March. A detachment of Marines loll Morehi-ad City Jan. 5 for dulj with Naval vowels In lh« Mediterranean, KOMI Courier News Want Ads 4-H Boys on Long Tour Discover Why Taxes in U. S. Are Too High keep raising taxes." Marshall's Nciahbors Support His Aid Plan PINEHUtlST, N. C.. Jim. M (UP —The neighbors of Pciirclnry of Slate Oeorge C. Miirshnll, whn own., a home here, yo.siordiiy urged Con- Krcss to take inik-k. favorable uctltvi on Ihe Marshall Plan. A petition signed by more tlmn '2.000 residents ot Pint-hurst and of Southern Pines and neighboring coniinunlltcs vvns sent to Washington, where It will be presented by Sen. Clyde R. Hooey, n., N. C., to Sen. Arthur H. Vancleuburg, R, Mich., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. By l.eo Turner (I'nited Press Staff Correspondent) We went to th e United NJtlons Rus- "Boy what a ipot to be without a tun." "I ain't mentioning no names." tlie boys are going home, satisfied drawled Trulock, "but a certain > to be formers—except maybe At- (UP)—IT yesterday and talked persons spends a lot ol time chasing rabbits through his 'later patch." "A rabbit wouldn't, be seen in your 'later patch." said Atkinson, edging toward another pigeon. Ait«r selling their crop In Boston, Boys' Quartet and Girls' Trio Sing for Kiwanians The girls trio and the boys quartet of the Blytheville High School I music department presented a vocal j program at the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club yesterday iioou in the Hotel Noble. The trio was accompanied by Mrs. Wilson Henry and the quartet was accompanied by Jlmmle Lowe. Guests at the meeting were the Rev. Harvey KUlti and Bilty Boone, both of Blytheville, and Earl J. Lone. Raymond A. Klemp. Jack Taylor and Floyd W. Brown, all oT Caruthersville. The ssven champion sweet-pota- I bet It's hooey." to growers of South Carolina, aged 12 lo 15 years, their faces scrubbed and their hair slicked down, are out taking a hard look at the big He missed the pigeon. 'Hie champion sweet-potaU) grower Is Herman Turner. 15. of Mayesville. He grew 337 bushels of sweet- uuw inning a lutin HJVJN a L nit ui& " . , , . cities. The seven sincere farm boys I potatoes on his acre of land and • n' Philippine Collaborators To Be Granted Amnesty MANILA, Jan. 29 (UP)—President Manuel Roxas said yesterday he has signed a proclamation granting amnesty to collaborators with the Japanese, which will become effective if It Is approved by the Philllppine Congress. The amnesty will affect only those accused of treason for political collaboration or trading with the Japanese. It does not include spies and informers who worked with the Japanese or those who committed murder, robbery and other crimes to help the enemy or surpass the resistance movement. respectful toward all. awed by no one and impressed by verv little. Today they were in Boston for a taste of beans and to sell their sweet potatoes to a chain store. "We went to sec. the President in Washington," said John Walton Blackwell, 13. of Maycsville. S. C. "But they said he had a toothache. We saw our senators and Rep. John Rllcy." "Congressmen make too much money," said 12-year-old Charles Harry Trulock, Jr., of Sumptcr County. "That's why our taxes are so high." "They ought to pay the Presl- I dent more." said Atkinson, of Tur- , bevilte "He always looks like he [ needs it." The boys, who as a county team won the 4-H Club sweet-potato championship, spilled out of a bus In which thev had been sight-seeing In New York. The two 12-year- olds had never seen snow before. ! "We ate in Ihe plaae where con- ; gressmen eat." said Blackwell. "Tlie food was lousy," said Atkinson. "No wonder congressmen rated first in cultivation, sorting, curing and packing. H- didn't have much to say. The 12-year-olds didn't give him a chance. At 15 he owns hb own jeep, hal $600 In war bonds and his own gun, all paid for with his own work. He feels sorry for city boys and plans to spend his life as a farmer. Also doing a lot of looking and little talking were Prank Kelley, 14. Sumter, and Luther Welsh, 19 Mayesville. "We went to radio city and saw a million pigeons," said Atkinson klnson. "We saw n machine in Washington." lie said, "that prints $5 bills, $10 bills and S20 bills. Boy. If I had a machine like lhat." He would even pay for having the President's tooth fixed. THRILLING! What x thrill nnrr yiuir hall KM* Kpinnliij; down the alley and miikra a strike! Make It a family affair! BOWL TONIGHT! Chitwood's Bowling Alleys Fasl Main Street Phone .192!) 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See the new PHILCO models now on display SURFACE NOISE, NEEDLt SCRATCH . . thinks ro (he sensation*! new Philco Scratch L:limin.uor ! Pimm-nc^ Mirfjcc nnisc, needle ovcrionci. Keeps rmne out ctccuonkalljr, Music come* throkigli -i.^jinu i background of utrer Come for i G. G. Authentic Chfppendole Mahogany Cabinet Furniture Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 21 fi I.aCJede Street North Robinson Gin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs PHONE • Frank Ashby and Eric Hall, Owners C'otlon Moore, Tractor Mechanic STUDEBAKERS T U D E B A K E R STUD EBAKE RS T U D E B K CHAMBLIN SALES CO. r« Sales Stuilebaker Service R ltailronri & Ash Streets I,ex Chitmblin Phone 21!)5 Hill Cltamhlin Now In Our New Modern Service Department (Steam-Hutted For Your Comfort) • ONE STOP SERVICE • WASHING & LUBRICATING FARM (Ji LOANS Hom* Office, Newark, N, J. LON» TMM ntOMPT CLOMNO IOW RATB CALL, wain OK SEI RAY WORTHIKGTON UK R. Third SI., Blytheville, Ark. 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