The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NIO CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION pally rate per Un# for couttidv* !•wr.ions: Minimum Cham .... fjta J time per line lie 2 times ii«r line per toy ....H" 18e J tim«s per line per d*jr *r 6 tlu«<i iwr line »*t day 7c 1^ times per line p*t day Sc Muniu per line 9«c Count five average word* to tbc lm<>. Ad ordered fur three or klx times and Etupped before expiration will be chute- eu for Uic number of limes the ad appeared aiul aiihisum-nt of bill made. Alt Classified AdveitisLng copy sub- fuit led by JJLTMHLS residing outside oj liiL- city must l>e act uni[>aiiied by casb. Italic may bi: easily computed from the ulwvL- jable. Advertising order fox irregular las«r- lluns t:ikes Uie one time talc. No responsibility will be taken (or Bum- tlian one liu'tmect insmlvb «J • ny classified ad. For Sol* 880 acres. 700 111 cultivation Two dern Haunts »s hcacKiiurU-rs. 1 tarn. 4 small bams. Hus a it houses, ull miuer fenle This re»l Improved form worth "'"•>«•• Wa will show tin? without «ny obliBuion ou Is » the r.V.u For Sale 1 -2'.!i rulloii counter ice cream rrcezer wllli ciiDlnnl. SIOW. II. L. KInK. Dlionc 97. Munlla. 7!2a-i*.-B!28 NMurully \ve -sell lots or Flna Foam upholsti-ry cl'vn":i-. S<U'*It J U CLlj'.o- uiers talk. I^iiln '. J ul«.U Ston: Yinl'll llml 11 comiileto line at JEEP IViKTH lit TOOI.E MC/FOR COMPANY. SU-rk', Missouri. I'hom! Bteele 4 ( J fur prompt M'rvli'y. MERCHANTS ''O"ttl meat cnses. waltc-ln coolers, re- Ii h;c.*raton>, and beverage coolers Bre HviilluDtc lor immediate delivery. Also Ice crcrun trnWnels uud compressors. KM Ucll Scott. 1211 w. Mulii or phone 226<), CBl-cK-8t23 Colored Properly One lut Koulh idh St. crowlisy Acl- illllim l:;u:ic Murtuln. % courier News. Late •mndvl Cusliman motor scooter, complete with windshield. In A- I condition. $250.. Cary Muson, phone 2325 or <l(il. 8 1-8 dh ti 1 7 room cntliijlc on Chlckasawba. close to IniKlnes-s section and school, with i:aru;;(; uml servtitu room, aim have Jiiim(jiH:ite ims-sesslon 11 rjovi^ht this v:ei-k. call Mrs. I. H. Fleming. 127 Mornlnrslile I'nrk, McmtJhls. 8!18-pk-2. r > H.P. Scuklni,' Twin cyllnUer outljourd motor. S50. Plioili; 2-775. Four hurncr oil cook stove. Oil hot v.'iHfr .hi-alor. Oil heater. Good condition. Out- Minute Cafe. 422' Ash Htreet. Phono 978. 19-pk-24 CENTRAL AND HIGH SCHOOL SPECIALS One K-roo:n, 2 - G room 2 - 4 room home; within 2 blocks school L-roniKls. Prices S1.800 to $C.500. Thrc-i' rrorery businesses and vacant .otrf ^250 00 up. Sc-:- Die bi;: har^nlns at 1200 Holly for ilral Kstatr «; Plrc Ins. Phone Field 23D4. 16-nk-23 2 wheel trailer, suitable for stock or cotton at D Wade's Auto Salvage. N. Gl Highway. 8]16-]ik-23 Unv your coal hcfore the winter rush Let ns fill your bin. Phone 483. Box 159. Hlythcttllc. Arkansas. . 8]16-ck-tf 'list Received — Shipment Oil Healers—3S.OOO BTl) and 42,1 n() BTU. Priced for quick sale. Fireslonc Store, phone 2102. 8 20 ck 27 Ehr.Iljy 4 wheel farm trailers, G ply llrcs. all sixes tritck nnrt trailer hods. Also wauon repairs. Henry West- h'ook shup. formerly Dan Stout ' 1 acre, 4-room residence, now vacant, adjoining -city lim- i(s, 100 yds. off Highway (il Soudi. Gravel road. I'ricc S.'if.OO, ?2000 cafih. Balance §31.25 per month. H- 0. Campbell, Phone «14G or 2<i;iO- 8 14 ek If Grocery store <loln» a uood business priced riyht. Sec- Oscar Alexander Phone 830. 107 W. Main. Residence I'hom: 3470. 820-CK-27 '1 room linuso on East Sycamore. SIROO flmvii. balance nv tile month. Sne Oscar Ali-xaiKler. Phone »:iG 107 \V Main. FU-Kltlenct- I'lione 3470 B20-ck-23 Cafe building and IB unit tourist court wilh garages., Also .small chicken ranch.) Located 1 mile soulh of I Bfydicvijle. Highway 61 C. Abraham, 505 Lake St. 8 14 ck 2« ic ?^ a< jf*i, 3 *i? iu f Si 2 i> « rn «- *" mi> ,? hf * i Schoo j on « rlr « »»*. h»s KJ- ^ al * d "i. Inl1 * from °'»v ?; 2U5Be ,Wr M u 0 er, 0 "T,K WKy "' """ Well located no a Cr<M> . 'i, mll<! g[ f . sex. MO on highway ai w. of Sli-,1 ton. all lencea will, s^r Impiovr- Jiients. Price J2800. Terms " ID '" VI! 42>,<j acres on gravel road nboui in. "ii leS 'I?!",, 2 K00d towils - Has a V,ivt crou. Alfalfa, corn, cotton uAiu. lininoveinents consist of KOO'U I on"o' 3 barns, all nnder fence . •rrskior "« ?5 I 000 1> 'S'h h ",r sl ,'°» >lmeoil.y' i rice 5»wy. with "a tlown t>aviiifiiL 200 ucres lilKhly imjroved lanil well located OH B ravel. has electrlcty uiakrs good crops every year This place is located close to Ulyllicvllle. 40 (ipres. close In. with BO od Initirove- menis. Price $12.000. Terms We have lists on all kinds of city proporty ana farm lands If yon ar« interested in buying or sellliii cltv property or a farin. drop , „ ,i see us. We may have. Jvist whit ^a'y. in" '""'" '°°t ; " 1K f0 '' *« «'» "am, land" °" ty Properly and 1 ","^ CJray : P rak ". Residence Ph 513 liei t lioss b,ilesm,,n. Residence Ph. 'Mm A -eiic • M"«on Williams Insurance "' ' 1hl " St ' Pli <>'lc2151. Blythe- 8:20-pk-27 Chevrolet plck-np bed. complete with lenders and munper. sti"!lon Mo'or **°- 8121-CK. H Bendlx washing machine. Phono Mis ' fine 3 year old spirited, p-alted rud- dle-horse. Or will trade "or more gentle horse. Call 3415. 3121-i* 25 JO acres m>nr Piirii K oiiltl. Cloo<l i-oaU electricity. 8 room dwelling Larijo barn. J. c. Cha Manila. AIR 3 John Deere 12-A Combines with 1110- dTloi Hh C " rS . ol<l '" <>*™"<"it con- Eiisl 1'ralrlc. Mo. ' 8i22 : 'i?k-Vi 33' Mercury. Good condition. Call ' 8ll8-plt-25 for Rent Comfortable bttlrooin, Attic xan Men only. 310 W. Walnut^TimTpli-alM Bedronm. 314 N. Ninth. Ph. 2338" S-pk-915 Bedrooms. 1061[? E. Main. Pll. 952. BH2-f)lt-9|12 Kitchenette anartment. Call 2087 8:21-nk-28 Do your own concrete worjc and save Kent a concrete mixer by day or hour Phone 489. Box 059. Blythevllle Arlt - ' 8116-ck-tf Wonted to Rent 2-U e d r o o m unfurnished house or apartment. Call Ed Belote, Courier News Addvertising Dept. Phone 461. References. 8 13 ck tf Bedroom, with 2 Ijeds. Kitchenette. by- Sept. 1. Near bus line. Write Bx 114 20-nk-23 . . Manila. Ark. Veteran ami >rtfe desire small ho\iv near BlythevlHe UMrlni; cotton pTcK inn season. Write Box I. c '•' Courier News. 8;21-n!:-24 Services x ^ SEWING MACHINE We electrify your old treadle Kewlnt- machne Into a mudern electric portable or cabinet model. C. E Urafcc. 408 E. Ash. a!14-pk-9|14 MONET TO LOAN T>o yon need * IML ta or remodel? No down . neat, no mortgage, no red tape. PHA mpprored r»U 5*. Ask for detaife. MAX Lofm^ Rector, phone 20S4. Lyn«* Bld», Blytbevflle. House moving, 13 years experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Leveling, foundation repairing Virgil Foiey, phone 2105. 8 8 pk 9 8 fi Chevrolet nlrkno stake botiv >', .'< L-?v'"n ?? "'>","'"'• "o- on 61 ^Jiv.av. It. If. Hatlev. R-25-47 12 ft. Roat. l>ycr Garner. TU. Tlv'lratrtl lime, r/i ih. ^ack -lOc S12 n«r ton I" Ion lots. Flreston- Slor" lihnne 2I02. S20-ck-27 p" .Toll" Ueer<- Tractor r,;od-.| "A" o" rnl.b'-T-. v-ltl, rultivalO"; pr>-l Tilr.nlprs. Onf .lo>i:i no f . r(: drill with -..,,,,11 neoO nirnchmontK. Orm Allts- rl.alni""! rnmhlnc N,, m vv | t] , mo . Inr All nliovc ccnilmnrnt almost r-on<( ns rtfw. Anv nnn ] n iie"C' or ti'i*; f>anli>iiu:nr r-^n't i'"->T It will pelt all or lir-no for S37.S1 00 Tf 1|1- L.rorir'l n»' In innch vntli «.». niv f-I.-nliO'i- ^'. p'"ht 272 .1 r. M-- f:n1n. Olrolonn. Mlr v s. 20-nk-23 Allaeidc Johnson trrass. Poi- pon now arailahle a t Plant PVS H.-mhvare Co.. Inr. Phone r>1">. S 18 ck tf THADlNfi POST SALES, Expert radiator repair for less. We have the best in radiator repair equipment. Let our trained man boil out and repair your radiator for you. Quick Service. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Douglas Lawson, Mrrr Phone 2171. 8 O^tr SEWING MACHINES REPAIHErP' Expert, service on all mikes 7- „ Drake. 408 E. A.I,. S.^-ng^lfj Washing and Ironlm;. Will',, ivn Green. 1112 S. Lake. 8iiri-pk'-'l Help Wanted News ' 817-cfc-tf The Gift Shop will Interview by „„ polntment only apnllcanti for permanent sales position. Exnerlen necessary. Knowlecli?e of anum china and Rlass preferred I " letter or call 2254 for an 2l-ck-2fr A NEAT !>AnT. WHO 73 INT^TTT GENT. CIOOD ON SHORTHAHD \Vn SOME BOOKKEEPING TO DO nVJ? ERAI, OFFICE WORK APPLV^o DOX 600. % COURIER NEWS' 8;9-,.lc •( LOT SAT.K | Imvn cul th" iirico nf Jotp Sinn r;ir!i. These lots are rPFfricfctl fr> nro'ect your investment. 25% down, hnl- ance in 90 rfnvs without iulevopt or 5% discount for rnsh. Lorated on Camn Moiillrio Drive. 2 hkx-ks north of new school site. I.ichts, water, gravel streets all free to you. This sale will lasl to Aiitf. 26. O. S. Wollison. -105 N. Broadwav. Phone 330!) 8-21 ck 28 Lai y to stay In house and look aft<-r clilldrcn. Private room. Inoulr" „[ Southern Auto Stores 20 p'k 2T Clean Reconditioned USED CARS Await Your Selection SH ELTON Motor Company mW.Ash Phone 438 Don't Risk A Wait! LET US REPLACE THAT OLD ENGINE New 100 H. P $202.15 New 90 H. P. $185.00 New 90 H. P. 6 cyl $145.00 Reconditioned Engines $125.00 I'Jus Small Deposit on Old Knyine Reasonable .Installation Charge Easy Fall Terms 5th at Walnut ompany Phone 453 For Sale or Rent Notice For Sale of Trade Pump gun. 5 eal. coffee urn Norltake china plates, cream separator, chlt- ferobe and nsany other Hems for sale or trade at Elberi Huffman's Swap Shop. 401 E. Main, ph. 853. 20-ck-23 Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiwav 01, Phone 3785- S 5 ck tf Sell us your car now nnd yet the hlfh- e Jt rice '- PO ° L E MOTOR pllonc st «1e 40: attetc. value for used, surwus Iteii^ "S, "^ E ."^ rt ">"""»ii's Swa 401 E. Main, ph H"irj ' Concrete Culvert-tile Slid It" to 3«- (Rclnforced or tv'on-Relnforecd) Cheaper and Longer Lastlur than any other Bridge Material. Concrete anils for Sanitary Prl»y —Concrete Septic Tanks. A. H. Webb Hvy. Gl N. at State Line Phone BlythcTille 7M EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC In spite of Krcat losses suffornd i n the fire n\; our plant building, we are continuing to give COMI'I,ETK service in nil departments. Don't take a substitute for veal RUIOK SERVICE bring your cnr to I.ANGSTON-WROTEN now—as always! A complete line of New Ruick parts has been flown to our shop to tako care of all our customers. Complete Telephone Service DIAL 555 For Service! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phon* 555 Investigates Lee MiiJ.-Cii-n. Irn T. Wychc, Army liisppi'ioi- fii-iuM-al, Is on Ills w;iy to lliil.v in invostiuiito chai'fies o( misoi-iihlo living co lid 11 ions iiiiiOhj:(i[' s I,, ,],„ McdilcmiiiBini CuiniiKuul or I..I.-C1CH. Juliii C. H, I,co. For Hire ' . <: Mrli-lu. MO H. - B7SI. U]ll-|ik-l Eddie Salibo Maintenance Kngine«r Roof Coating, Industrial and , Household Paints <CM fur Srtf Hoof Inspectiun . . . Let inn solve your puiiil problems. Factory Distributor lur C«- loiibl Itrlhilng uml Chnnirul Co. I2<l K Kentucky rtve. Klythcville, I'horie 25:!r> Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Lftrec Dividend Saving* Low Net Coat Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE «» E. DOTH St., P. O. Box 431 Phone 2487 BVtlherillt, Ark. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Kipert Repair* Kt Eut Main 8t Felix A. Carney RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MOIIUL. RE- LIABLB WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN ! Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Ratio Sales and Srrrlce IOC South First SI. Quick As^The Snappiest Wink! We'll put your car in prime condition. Our ex]M!rienced technicians check and comjct every factor of aulo perlormance: brakes, w ),e«ls, steering Kcer, cooling system, spark, carlmrctor, r«.'d |i neH> Kcars-and, if you «isn, rejuvenate your car's mmi>urniici>. roimirc.. .)««„ .,.»., '_„.. for it this full. • cars apiiearance. Have repairs done now—pay PROMPT, THOROUGH, INEXPENSIVE LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO We Never Close Sales Dept open til 8 Ail ounce or spider's web woiilil 'Xtcml 350 miles If straightened out. , . NOTICE TO PUBLIC The low offices of acne E. Bradley have been'moved to 411 \V; Miiln. lAcrosa street from MoiiL- (jomcry Wnrd,) FARM LOANS You can now secure the most attractive farm loan In history. l/>w rales of Interest, extremely long terms with liberal prepnymcn privileges. Practically no expense attached. If your present loan doe.< not bear less than 5 per cent yoi will certainly b« interested. In our Farm Loans. Unlimited amonm available. Such an opportunity mny never exist again.' So If yoi wish to finance or refinance, write or see A. F. DIETRICH United Insurance Agency 20914 W. Main-Guard Bills. RlylheTlIle, Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock / Guaranteed Rest Prim Kirby Drug Stores As a Natural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE l!i»li lilnnii pressure associated wilh Vlrlnrj disease m:iy Ire rcdurecl by keeping kidneys fnnttlonlne properly. For SO years doctors ha»e prescribed this min- cr:il w:iter frnm Hot Spring, Ark. Pure lasting . . . nol n laxative. I'honf or Write TodilT for Free Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main an* niiMn BllthtrtUe, Ark. i DON EDWARDS '**"* Transaction UUBT BX 8ATIBPAOTORT) ^»« "Mister, if you w:in( a picture of somelhlnf mlchty pretty,.ret * " IMYTON TIRES ANI) TI)BES ' ^t at ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe—Delicious Whole or Sliced Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 E. Main Phone 973 'Ri'OILLA'S POP W* Guarantee RECAPPING Ut Year Ntxt Tirw B« GENERALS Cost More — Worth Mm MODBfGER TIRE CO. ! ! Count 'em again, How many f Oh, boy! Eleven days till I start To kindergarten, that is! Voice of Experience / don't csre! It's school-3nd I think it's wonderful! Gy AL VERMEE1 when she gets to be OUT

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