The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 6
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PAGE 8CC; BLYTHEV1LLB COURIER NEWS TOl OOUWER NEWS CO. u W HA1NE6, Publisher JAMES L. VERHOEFP. E FAOl D HUMAN. AdvertUlnt BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 1948 Blythevllle, A gress. October 9. 191?- under Btrved by the UnlUd Pre« "SUBSCRIPTION RATES: p» y »ble tn tdvanct^ Meditation Remove not the ancient landmarks, which your fathers set up.-Proverbs 22-28. # * "* Every ..ner.tion wa*.t« •»«<" H™ ""''* old but rnltht more profitably enjajea •omethhil new to the old .tructuro. aters of World War II, so there arc two K reat divisions of the present IjatUe for peace. At home, we must check inflation. In Europe, we must help to revive an exhausted economy in time to save it from the advance of communism. It is a pity that, thus far, so many in Washington who are actively concerned with this battle's strategy have shown themselves to he more intent on November's votes than on an integrated attack upon today's problems. VIEWS OF OTHERS Well, Well, Fancy Meeting You Here! And a Stall for the . Bubble Gum Addicts A Memphis movie house has installed a sound-proof glass booth whore mothers may take their infants if the infants start to wail. This is a good start toward the logical end of a completely compartmentalized theater. There could also he separate sections for the smokers, the peanut and 'popcorn eaters, the commentators, and the young couples in love. Oh, yes— and a small section for those who just come and sit quietly while they watch the picture. Strategy of the Bloodless Battle In his statement on the Marshall Plan, Bernard M. Baruch spoke to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of "the incredible follies of mankind which destroyed earlier civilizations/ The greatest of these follies is war. Yet war seems to be the only thing that will make Americans work together as Mr. Baruch says they now must work together to assure world peace. lu wartime, common danger begets common, all-out, effort. The government functions, not perfectly—for that is impossible—but with reasonable speed. People are willing, us Mr. Baruch says they must again be willing to "contribute what is required in moderation, self-restraint and, if necessary, sacrifice." War wastes money and material property, as well as lives. Us prosecution demands a more authoritarian head of government than a democratic people would tolerate in lime of peace. Yet war calls forth in all of us some commendable traits of unity, industry, charity and straight thinking. - Those traits would be particularly welcome in the collective mind of Congress today. The members are now called upon to decide whether there is to be a bloodless battle for peace in Europe anci, if there is to be one, to plan its strategy. This task needs statesman that resembles our wartime generalship. Planning, integration and production—those were the three problems that had to be solved at home before our troops could win battles on distant fields. Those are the three problems which must be solved at home again before the bloodless battle can be won in Europe. Mr. Baruch did the Foreign Relations Committee and the Congress and the country a great service when he presented those problems in their proper perspective. We do not say that his plan is perfect, or that his recommendations should be carried out without question. We do say that a program of European aid cannot be carried out successfully without some counterpart of his wisdom, vision and objectives. "By itself this legislation cannot . bring peace," Mr. Baruch told the committee. Vlt is a beginning but not thc end. If its objectives are to be realized, it must be accompanied by two further actions—we must stabilize America for peace; we must develop a global strategy for American peacemaking." The problems of the battle for peace are varied and complex, but they are inseparable. As our military strategists could not put off fighting Japan until Germany was disposed of, so our peacetime strategists cannot conduct their campaigns one at a time. Just «s there were two great the- Harold A. Young and the Cotton Industry • The election o( Harold A. Young, of Pulusk county, Arkansas, to the prcsiricncy of the National Cotton Council places at the heart of ft major body, guiding one of the South's chlcl Industry, an authority on the fiber whose knowledge and experience reach far beyond th« limits of his plantation. Col ton Is his principal interest, but he sees it as a .social factor In Southern life! He comes to his new position with the viewpoints ot a n.nntcr who knows the Importance of diversified farming; of a community leader in lied Cross work and other welfare activities; o! a citizen who has performed valuable service as chairman of the Pulaski Quorum Oourt Budget Committee; and one oi the iund- ers of Ihc National Cotton Council. lie has Imd a siibslaiiliul role In forminB the policy of the council. DuniiB the 10 years since It was organized he has served as vice president. Every phste of the cotton business has necessarily engaged his attention. This organization embraces the whole field of cotton production and processing. It brings together all the cotton arcixs ot the united Slates. The association's projects alfcct millions ol |>eopie, many of whom are not actively concerned with the fiber. Tile future of cotton ciinnot be predicted with certainly, although Ihe industry will remain one of the main enterprises in certain parts ol the country. No other type of American agriculture Is being so revolutionized. Arkansas is in the heart of the belt where the great changes ar occurring, and thus far we appear to be adapting remarkably well. Our success is due In no small degree t 0 men of Harold A. Young's caliber. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. I l/.S.S/7ver Fox Fur Market f s Infiltrated by Russian Bear THE DOCTOR SAYS By Harman W. NichoU (United'press Slaff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Jan. 29. (UP) — Thc nasty facts are that the Russian bear is In the silver fox mur- , kct. And the American fur farm- Bv Edwin P. Jordan, M. D. j er is getting his tail clipped. 'Written lor NBA Service That's what the folks said in Far too many people are given | testimony before the House Rules to the dangerous practice of taking . committee, which is considering » a. pill or drug whenever they have i bill lo loan silver Ton farmers S5.- dlHiculty In sleeping. In fact, this! 000.000 to keep them from going practice Involves so many people out of business, and is so hazardous that at least 34 | The testimony followed a pat- .slates have laws regulating the sale I tern. Russia, during the war, . of sleeping drags couldn't send any pelts to the Unit- T- • Most of thc sleeping drugs in j cd States, .„. ("£.">«*•«"«»« common ose are called barbiturates.! at the same time the foxes there These are various combinations of ; ^pl on acting like foxes and pro chemical substances, called barbl-, ducing young like the <J'« k «" 5 '=° uric acid They have real uses in ' the USSR tanned hides and put em medicine and Ihe only objection to all In storage, most of them is that they are, In America, silver fox farmer* ottcn misused. ' i did the best they could to keep up The barbiturates can cause acuie ; with the demand, what with people poisoning. A group of 13 hospitals, • making money hand ove fist an* for example, collected 643 cases of wantlnR to fix up like the Smiths poisoning bv these drugs. These »nd McGiMtcuddys. So the Amor patient* had taken large overdoses 'cans sold out as fast as the cus and wove sick enough to have to tomers came along. go to a hospital. Undoubtedly, there ! Then came V-J Day. Here were were many others «' J had taken ' the American silver lovelies all tlr- a little loo much and had merely ed out from raising families or al- bcen slightly sick. ' ready made into neck pieces or Some people arc' especially sen- coats. And there were the Rus- siiiv,. to tlic barbiturate drugs. Such slans wllh a bis stockpile of pcl«. pe son, cm get reactions from only So USSR flooded o,,r market and in Ml iia. titles. H is also a matter your wife and mine found she could o concern that some people be- buy a silver fox skin for about come addicted to barbiturates. They half what it used to cost r^vruut ^"vrs a ^mbrr «,£ «- c^nVVoduce harm if U .{* dallied ,lth £ Wj* ribbon Most people v,-ho develop the | crashing onto the concrete. Ho House Appropriations Committee Chairman Refuses to Be Tagged While Hosing Around Bv Prior Fdsor, 'pcared. Sizing up the situation, In the land of Fujiyama and the T«£^ .1 the results are loss and less sue- but - ^ ^^ if ,„.„„„„. C Poisoning Possible | Smith said that for hl*P«t Chronic poisoning is a possible give him a choice of » ^«' ?! result one woman, who had taken I a hank of fur and guess which he d barbiturates for several months. I take. Just, guess! ^ became mentally incompetent. Irxli Keefe said, wall a. mmute i « control of her elimination, lost i people in his state who rals « "' weight, and had to be fed with | ver fox also raise black ^J^" (j * llSng drugs should be taken | jSsri'^deli^ although an 1m- wilh caution. They act on the uer- ! portant nne ^ An ^ er1 ^ h "° wH e un* witnesses, that it silver fox- costs more to considering the ed, except when "there is some real reason for usine them. Even then , i .nat * »...^- .-.•• --- . he use of sleeping pills should not; Russian e° n ?P^ ltlo "r; lha " * mar 1 b" cdn»"ucd without the advice of gets for th e hide on the open mar- BARBS ««™H =::% s«SSi s^^la^OTwigs^ssiife^iii^^^" capital about" Thc other replied: "Oh, don't yon know? That's thc name of the" mistress that Kins Carol o( Romania just married." So now. when members of the U. S. staff ye,s case as ,re we , rfown, there are a few minor fool- I ' lon notes still kicking around which 1 "W ' nected stimulation of the a tiling or two. Murray said that if Mr. Smith would consent to leave warm Vir' WOUHI UtJlldKiJt t« »-" • — — -' note,' still kicking around which 1 "We are going to allot time (to I ^y'mp'athetic" nervous system" by \ ginia in the Winter and__come o arc not without interest. One ot 1 speak) as members come here and the Bct of chewing or by he food-, cold Y' 5 ' 0 " 5 '" ™ n hem concerns Ihc poker parties ask for it-first come first served," n probably Is nothing to wony weeks he d darr,.oon . . .,._ ~_.._..,., 1.-1,] r«.. KirrK r»*. Ti*<, t n,i imnnnm-pr "Anri T am ..hnuf a fur coat IS no l"* held for high , Dr. Eaton announced. "And T wnen meniucrs 01 uic w. o. .-,mn wmcn tne V.IVIILM.II unv* 1^1 ...p.. [ *^i. *j<*.~ ~-- - | of UNESCO arc asked what they're A j r FOR . C brass, aircraft manufac- : now going to ask my dear friend, doing they reply, "Oil. don't you tiirers and nclghbois at his Long : the gentleman from Michigan— | Unow? i'm\vm-kiti'i; loi- LUI'ESCU." iKi'aVid csiateV'ami'th'e nearby com-i Here Hoffman cut in on him j A Milwaukee wife made her hubby a sandwich of sliced tulip bulbs, mistaking them for onions. He's probably wondering when the Ilowers ire going to come up. * + * What this country needs Is nn Ironcr "»al will pul the buttons b»ck on. • • » We don't need an etiquette book to know lhal one thing in good lasle right now Is buckwheat cakes. » » * The easiest place for a nwn to acquire * vocabulary l« at the allnr. « * * If people would slop to think they'd never think to slop buying (jovcvnincnt bonds. ' mi'mity country club. Some 'of Ihe t with. "Very dear friend—" Economy-minded Clmirmiiii John victim's have been talking ruefully, Eaton look the words hconomy-mnuiLu \juiui mm, UIMH. victims n;ivi: uuun mi.-mn; ,...-....-., Tabcr of the House Appropriations a i 10 ut. how they got taken in those ,-, ....itinn .,.,1,1 T i,lot In Ahnfllin. n ^ r]ftn,\\, \i-nc imniiHv a blZ Committee paid " visit, to Atomic Energy -Headquarters the other day cames Denny' was usually ° v j nncr " to cii'cck up on all Ihe millions of n CO5 t SGOO to gel in out of his mouth and went on with big : mild sarcasm, "—my very dear : friend, "who was- very greatly greiv- the dollars going iulo nuclear fission gHm c. That bouglit six white chips resrnrch. He slopped at Uu: infnr- 1( t 5101) apiece. Thc reds were SSOO ination desk, registered, and then an( |' the blues were $1000. and they was given the usual visitor's Ixiclgc werc n ii tossed around like pennies. 15 Years Ago hi Blyiheville— fur coat is no luxury. Mr. Smith said he didn't travel much in the Winter. Rep. Christian A. Herter of Massachusetts, also a member of the Rules Committee, said b« had been wondering If th e folks from .the fur belt knew of any way to control women's fashions. He said he'd just come back from down lo wear for his identification while In the carefully-guarded building. I'abcr refused lo pin on thc badge and wouldn't even accept it. The receptionist explained the rule Hint cri last lime over t-he matter-" M ancl Mrs . j nc k Applebaum ">•« '"" h """ 0 ,r,Vn buv » coon "And I still am!" Hoffman in- havc gone to st . i j0vlis for several yondei—where \ou can ouy » terruptrd. smirly. (days where they will purchase mer- skin for aa cenw. Eaton ignored this Interruption, | • • finished his sentence, and asked ' Ichiiiidise for their store. . George M. Lee underwent an Sonic of Ihc guests figured they j Hoffman how much time he. Dished. opc ' ration today at Memphis Baptist, iiad done enough for their country I ••""•-- •-- " •—'•" """•"=" - =.-when they lost their original six I Marked To indicate to eligible men their white chip ante, mid called it a night. Others arc still trying to , • ,, , , ._ „ opcitit'ui' ^>Ji,,i> .'^ ...^...j —t - - lo maictiLc t" t,. B .«.^ . •Three minutes, sad Hoffman. ital . Mrs . Lee is with him. do , T1P stic dualities, unmarried worn "The fientlrmnn wants three nun- _'.'. -,,. .—,. TT_,.*~,,,) -;, n ,^-r.r uu' 1 ";^ 1 -. .^ . „__,—, „ ^^ D ** : en of Victorian England wore chnte- utcs!" exclaimed Eaton. "Thank - - ,-,.;..- ^ i, •- Go<1 ror lllc shortness of Ihe pcr- ^rvi'sitors'had'lo be identified, and fi'gme out how th c low-paid offi- lort." n «•„.,,.in I S: that it was against orders to allow ccrs couM RtJ ord to play for such ; "It is difficult to be satisfied with _ anvonc to pass the without a slRhcs . • e-nythmg the gentleman states f . n Une VVQOds - at walker 1 badge. Taber was obdurate. "H 1 ... , Hoffman began. .That is due._pel- N( _ w membcrs of lhe group have to wear that badge, then the A correspondent, recently return- haps, to my own ignorance. , w ' ho ' h!vve passed the tenderfoot test' Atomic Eiicrf.y Commission can e rt from Tokyo, says he has at last. Then Eaton cut him down w in, . lmn come up 1.1 thc hill and see me," 1 rlgured ovl t me appropriate title "I am glad lo Have penetrated the =>ie. i c said flatly, starling lo walk out. • ros . the book which every newsman Stygian gloom of- thc^ gentleman s just then' a scr-urity officer ap- , ns5 igned lo American headquarters mind on this subject. 1 \ the hospital's staff of SO THEY SAY . who have passed me lenriciiuui. l "" , 0 keep the hospital's siflii or ; are: Lois Moon Critz. Mary Jean s p ro< . rEs slng In their profes- i Affick. Jcannetta Jean Scabaugh and sjon flt a rate propor ti o nate to ths i Alice Ware. ifnrraasinz state requirements for hc;iri£ Hnv , c , cri lllls dcc , arer BY F.nSKINE JOHNSON finds himself in three no trump, ' 1 don't believe that even the present work! situation requires us to scrap the Constitution of Ihe United States.—Rep. Charles A. Eaton tRI of New Jersey. • • Thc sum tola] of depressed minds and helpless altitudes is now a staggering millstone on the world.—Harold E. Stassen, Republican Presidential candidate. • • • You must have invasion or the threat ol invasion lo win a war. otherwise, the mosl yon would get would be a permanent stalcmale.— Secretary of the Army Royall. * * * It will take the steaks out nf thc grocery stores and put them in swanky restaurants and hotels where bloated bureaucrats can iced on them three limes a day oul o! their lat, tax money, expense accounts.—Sen. w. I^ce O'Uamel ID) ol Texas, opiiofing moat rationing. * » » Jn reality, the small businessman In Greece is geuvvij priority over the small businessman In America.—Sen. Kenneth S. Wherry IR> of Nebraska. Training TiL~I r~T^Tl l \s\mr\r\r\ BY F.RSKINE JOHNSON finds himself In three no trump, i net J IN HOLLYWOOD ^^^c^^^ J^»^"^ s ^l^\ Courses Offered ».^-^"——•--"——"—'•»*—"~*~"' — '."^f^Tr'rrA.AV.... ^.........•Jtrirks. n diamond and two club, A • Hf\cr*lfrrtl H^TG HOLLYWOOD iNEAl—The People Talk Back, to Hollywood, to one another and to me: "What's all Ihe oecf about pictures being bad for us teenagers? W; don't sec them anyway. When we tricks, a diamond and two rlub tricks. Where can be find thc eighth Los Angeles. \ anci ninlh tricks? "You went all out to slop llic j Jf the hcarl suiti ),,.,.„; a tlircc- Al Cuponc picture and succeeded. | Now it's lime lo have tlicm recall j another one. 'The Senator Was In- rliscrect.' I iuite to Iliink they can! don't sec then, anyway, vvne we ~^:-" omcl , llnK whith SMms lo ,tt up In thc balcony on Sa tin day (4nlt<v a >]an n , mir rnvprnmcnl ..-_ nights, who's looking at the pictures?"—Seattle, Wash. thc inkc a slap at our government."—| San Francisco. Calif. j "I think you will find that peo-! pic really like double features for the snme reason 1 do—that if one doesn't prove entertaining and sivc you some laughs, the other will."— Los Angeles. Calif. Not "Goon Tuslc" "It seems to me Hollywood thinks! that lots of exposed flesh nnci some j man has never reared children. ^ ,-ery unhinny songs nnrt jokes bor-i Hope lie marries some gil with a dei-ing on btirle.«qvir is what the pub- '•Here's my vote for .. feature with good short subjects and news reels. Wc go to a Sioux City theater that shows NO double features."—Sioux City, Iowa. "Someone wrote a letter to you swing. 'Forget delinquency: give us exciting pictures.' Obviously, that *KJ81 V AK8 # A8 J. 10 4 3 2 loien of them."—Clarknton, Wash, j lie wants. Or do they think that's Admires Dale [ all we can understand? Why tlirrnv "Appreciated your remarks about : g OO d taste oul of thc window to Dale Evans revealing she had a j please a small percentage ol thc pen-1 Iwo. son. I liked her immensely before j pic?"—Grand Junction. Colo. "Any sroumrp who doesn't like fairy-talcs mnv hnvc Knowledge, but IIP hasn't any wisdom."—Den- vcr, C'olo. "U'l::U's Ibr- mailer out llicrc in A A » J 7 6 -1 2 » 9432 * A K 5 Tournament—Neither South West North I r Piiss 1 A 1N.T Pass 3N.T. Opening—* 6 Pass Pass 29 j increasing sTat'c requirements for For the present, classes will b« held each Monday and Friday night. Present anri future courses will be held in the hospilal lecture room : . with frequent visits to the wards i anri laboratory- I Training courses, designed to ex- Blvtheville Hospital has inaug- tend over several years, will in- urated a comprehensive in-service eluoe history of """'"J '™ e l trainios program for nurses in co- sional adjust menu, psi c loio y operadon with thc Adult Vocation- chemistry. » n ? to ™ } ' ^YnatTma? ;!,?;sss;sr^s: ffi^aSBJS-t :~s;»r°;sss'u,, ,,«i« s:s» ««- •»« «"•« j program, Dr. Hubcncr explained, is nursin.; arU. Aword Winner Now I admire her greatly."—Denver. | Colo. "Motion pirlurfs could do more to improve the mnr;ih of our nation Hum any other medium of The design of a remodeled, reconstructed Japan is Hearing completion. The pattern has been clcncd, the palh has been laid. The dc- velopmenl now lies largely in your own hands.— Gen. Douglas MacArthur. In a New Year's mcsiagc to thc Japanese people. * • • Thc United States .stands for individual liberty In the political sphere anri for maintenance of human right*, but Us economy is based on capitalism with Ihe characteristic extreme Inequality ol the wealth'of us citizens. —Clement Attlce, British Prime Minister. • * * We live, in fact, in a much more complicated world than. Mr. Wallace seems lo understand.—Mrs. Eleanor Roctcvclt. • • • When a steer sells lor $40 and Ml in the markcls. somclhing is going lo be done about it.—Secretary of Agriculture Anderson. Hull) wood? Your pictures are all alike. I hti|ir some of Ibosr uoinlrn lic;i:Is ill Hollywood Make u|i one of these ctiijs .i"(l reali/c we don't ^11 h:ive !'!-> car-old minds or rc- proscd sex obsessions."—New York t'ity. i •*•*••'•.«»* .**,>..• .•..*'.*..* >.»>'.>>> ~"~M<SENNEY ON rclinliilMallon...—New York fily. "Tell the r; uler who thinks Gr-->" Peck and Tyrone !\u\cr too old to play parts in 'The Robe' that she's • cru/.y. Our [inc>t -utists h;ivc do'.i-^ I their best work ill 35 to 10 years -jf igc. They can be mndc to look 25 . . Ilic women arc."-- Se.illlc, Wasn. "I'm a member of a -1-H Club. Thc only v.:\v 1 like double feMurcs is ivhcn my cow has twins."—Uc- inlilji. Minn. "I rton't believe it is asking too much of thc film Industry to ro- good pictures ai regular prlri'^ when we pay a good price for all Iheir bad pictures. If they want to use Iheir heads, they can NCC foi themselves luuv nn'.ny (icoplc rc:illv like pourt pictures. Move people v-. il-i go if the price was lower."—Nap.i. Calif. "How about looUini: for new singers L«nd aclurs in Itullyuoocl? I'm setting fed up nilhThc present crop."—San llieso, Calif. "It looks to me like (be producer ; into wina:rs. arc not Interested In a decent, val- | W 0 will not attempt * * • T Timing, Important Factor in Bridf/e lly \villi:nn K. McKenney Airriica's Cr.rd Aullu>rily Written for XI'.A Service While some proplc like to count losers. 1 bdicve in counlliig winners and then developing losers «c can develop two Uicks there. Wc have to hope that thc I diamond opening is from r> four- i card suit, so ii will do no harm to duck thc first round of diamonds and let Eiisi win with thc queen. East's proper return is tlic king of diamonds, which has to be won in dummy with thc ;ice. If wc cash the ace and king of hearts ii;_'ht now, how call we fict back into dummy to make the kl:ig ol spacies? If we cash the nee and kins of spades, when the op- 'pononus'gel in with a heart they could cash tlic r,iifen of spades. Thus wc have nine tricks, but i i \v c have to watch the timing to I ; cash ail of them ; So after winuini; the second t ' diamond with the ace in dummy , wo should cash the ace of hearts, go over to Ihc ace ol spades, and I I plav a Ic : heart. Then regardless i 1 of what West plays wc play a low , I hc-irt from dummy. If West plays j the nine. Basl will win with tUc . i ten return the five of diamonds, j and West will cash two more. ' rovnris of diamonds. i HORIZONTAL 5 Summer 1,6 Pictured G Strikes doctor 7 Indigo H She is the • g female horse . woman ever to 9 p roic n water win the 10 Lieutenant Lasker award (a t,.) 15 idle 11 Fired clay 16 Fruit drink 12 Baking 17 AH chamber 19 Permit 43 Seines IS Symbol for nickel 21 Maddens 23 Rcclusw 25 Lease anew 25 Meager 2f> Flov.-er 122 Island |2;i Poultry !6 Symbol tor pelcniuni !7 Idolize •iO Wept 3.S Accumulate 36 Platform 37 Baseball tonms 38 And (Latin) 39 Size of shot -10 Hardens 1-13 Russian city 47 Stupefy [siliigh card ;52 Ascended 154 Before '55 She has devoted her Vile to industrial ( medical - 1 • \fil Indian 27 M^ornings (ab.) 28 Period 29 British ac- 14 Edges count money 45 Essential being SUohn (Gaelic) 46French article 32 Compats point 43 Pair of horses 33 Doctor Sacrae 49 incite Scripturae 50 Require <ab '\ -j 52 Malt drink X£& 5 3Ne B at,ve,-ovd 42 Ancient SB Bishop (ab.) Ionian city 58 Symbol for 43 Biblical name samarium in order to cash Ihe spade king. and the ace o[ clubs lo get back in jmflfv Inlo thc Sonlh hand to cash Ihc ate not nncrcstea m a accent, vai-i i\c win nu; ain-iujji to jusiuj . . r ., liable story If il Is an original. They ! the bidding of today's lesson hand, gowi nta"• • i miwv tant a only want to buy thc be-t seller, : Although it is more or less natural J'" 1 " 1 " d ^ Sas ' ta any sport, even if the or.ginals are better."-,! think concct play will product pait in biiose i~ VERTICAL 1 At a distance 2 Italian resort 3 Angers •ICases (ab.)

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