The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY. JANUARY 20, 1!M8 Slassen Issues DebateChallenge GOP Presidential Candidate Turns Guns on New Yorker DURHAM. N. H., j au . 29 . (up , -Republican presidential aspirant Harold E. stassen moved on (o Maine 1003.V after challenging aov. Thomas E. Dcwcy to a debate on campaign issues "anywhere, anytime " <In Albany. Devey's executive as- flsUnt. James C. Hagerly. said tnere would be "no comment." on Stassen's challenge.) The former Minnesota governor issued his challenge In reply to « proposal by Rex Karncy, political "Her for the Wisconsin state Journal, ty-idison, that, the two OOP contenders /or Die presidential nomination meet in a debate. "I would be glad to accept the invitation." stassen .said at a press conference last night, "providing the debate Is held under impartial sponsorship, I B -oiild be willing to urisue foreign and domestic affairs »-"h Mr. Dcwcy." "For that matter," he added after a moment's hesitation. "Tel be Rhd to debate with Dewcv aiiv- wliei-e, any time—prodding the debate was sponsored by an Impartial group." Before leaving for Portland !ifc where he speaks today. Stamen said h 0 was "greatly encouraged" by evidence ol support i,, Nciv Hampshire where the nations first primary takes place March 9. "I feel that t will win „ ma i or . ity of the delegates elected In N'ew Hampshire," he said The Mtnnesotan, iTferrhi" to hh split with Sen. Robert. A. Tart, said he would not have entered the nti- marv in Taft's home state at Ohio If the Senate majority leader had been \yilling to stand a contest in the Illinois primary. "Illinois would be a good test of our comparative strengths," Slas- scn said, "but since he will not enter the Illinois primary, i feel It necessary to enter the race in Ohio." Stassen spoke last night at New Hampshire Hall, proposing a registration of all men in the nation over 19 years of age. but with guarantees that congressional action be ir-sssary to call the registrants to active military service. NLRB Hurls Accusation WASHINGTON. Jan. 29 (UP)-Robert N. Denham. general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, today charged General Motors Corp.. with refusing to bargain »nd with' attempting to force em- ployes to join a company-sponsored insurance plan. To Preach Here Capitol's Bishop The Hev. G. Franklin Alice. D D Bcrmtrton, Wash., who is touring the Arkansas District ot the Church '-if Ihe Nnaucne, in (lie Interest uf Sunday School work, will speak a' the First Nazarcne Church, Friday anri Saturday ill 7:30 p.m. and also at the Sunday morning services. His two months' lour 01 the Arkansas Distiict will be climaxed in a campaign to cuch a goal ol 14,000 in Sunday School on Easter Sunday, Pair Arrested After $75,000 Theft of Gems NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 29, (UP) _ Police, today held a Detroit man who allegedly entered a midtow-n jewelry slore here with a milk- coated woman companion and fled with a i ray ol uncut diamonds vplued at $75,005. The man. identified as Eddie Bronel of Detroit, was captured with his wile Mona Jean when police threw up a road block. Po! lice said the ecms were found in ' the Brouels' car. along with $30.600 in government bonds and »4,00(1 in money order packets. Police said the Broucls would a? charged with robbery. The mink-coated woman who entered the store with Broucls was listed ay police as Vicki Bivins of New Orleans and described as "an unwilling accomplice." She said she met [he Brouels on the Mississippi Gull Coast, and wem to the jewelry store/of Colemnn E. Adler and Sons with Bronel "to help .select a ring lor his wile." Police Supt. A. A. Waters said she told him Broucl grabbed th': tray of diamonds from a salesman and ordered her to "stick thcss under your coat and let's get out ot here." When she refused, Brouel ran to his car, a heavy convertible, and fled with his wile until the loud block forced him to halt. B1ATHEVILLR (ARK.) COimiBR NEWS Pravda Rebuffs Balkan Official Customs Union Idea Lacks Approval of Communist Leaders LONDON, Jan. 29. (UP)—The Communist Parly newspaper Prav- dn said today It disapproved formation of a nalkaii customs union as advocated by GeoiRl Dlmitrov, Communist prime minlsler of Bul- Thc Prnvda article, considered • sensational rebuff lo Dimllrov. WM broadcast by liadio Moscow. In the article Pravda Implied that it disapproved the Idea of a Unlk.ins federation or customs union because It. was not called for in ihe dec aratlon establishing the nine- nation comlnfoim DlmllroVs approval o[ a (edera- llon-customs union for the Haitians was expressed In a press conference in Sofia alter he hnd returned from signing a IHilsiirlan-Hotiian- lan mutual »|<i pact In Bucharest. Pravda published t|,<. tost of the Dlmiliov statement last Friday. Since (lien, (he paper sairt. a number of renders have vrlttcn asking If Dmutrov's statements were sup- Itoilerl and approved by Ihe paper Experts on Russian affairs said ihe Pravda stiitement. touching upon vital problems of international i politics, could not have been pub! 11-shcri without thn express apprn- >'*i of (he central committee of the All-Uniou Communist Party of which the unper is the principal mouthpiece. Read Courier News Wunt Ads Methodists Contribute $164,138,457 CHICAGO. III., Jan. 28— Prominent in Ihe tabulations contained in the statistical report of The • Methodist Church lor 1947. Is tin' 1 iotal of S164.133.457 given by Meth- j odists of the nation lor all" Church |cciise.s. Of Ihis amount, $31.076.049 j was given lor World Service mis- I .sionary and educational work and jollier benevolences. These and other | figures released by the Rev. Aluc;-l j C. Hoover, chief statistician, indi- ( cali' a si-neral trend toward jjrcnt- I er interest m religious matters. ! The Woman's Society ol Chris[ tian Service, which has a national membership of 1.508.924. contributed S14.783.C89 tor local church work and ruis-iioiiHry projects. Membership of The Melhodi.U Church within the United States totals 8,567,742. There arc 24.0ID ac.- jlivt. ictircci and s'uucr-numerary .• Mcihotllst ministers, and 40.321 prcaelifi.g places which arc divid- j cd among 21.606 pastoral charges. j In addition there are also 10,623 lo- i cal preachers. Last year Methodists paid more 'thi.n $6,0:0.000 on the principal '>! Total indebtedness on The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick A. O Boyle is the first Archbishop of Washington, D. C. He was recently consecrated at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York Just ask... we like to say "YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, Private Servlto . Personalized Attention Co/no in or le'rphone 2938 122 W. Ash St. BiiYTHEVILLE GENERAL! CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION Rubber Footwear Specials! Mens Knee Boots ----- S2 95 Sizes 6 to 10 Y-•'«-' Women's Knee Boots - - - $2.95 Sizes 4 to TO Boys Knee Boots - - Sizes 3-6 Mens 2-Buckle Overshoes Sizes 6-11 Mens Storm Rubbers - Sizes 6-13 - $2.95 - $1.95 $1.65 Womens & Childrens Galoshes $1.65 All Sizes Family Shoe Store 312 Main Street ^ uman F| y Barfed by Monster Plane insperioi ,s m a boi.lswain's ciuu nrlri -""'l churches, pursonngra and oi|uip- at the close of Ihe oju-yi>,ir period amoui-.ts lo more than $18 003,000. Church buildings, equipment and properties are estimated lo value about $950.000,003. Of th<! more than IM million dollars expended by lonil churchrs. moiv thnn S31.COO.COO was spent on church uuHdins; and improvement. Mctlwulst. Church Kclioc s. which have been .showing a steady in i-nrullincnt and atlcndiini-e within the last three .veins, totnl 117 45H. Enrollment is recorded as S.MAlli. iind .ivmifje altcndnn:e numbeis 2.710.237. There were O:i0.97!l McLho- dlit pupils enrolled In Vncntlon Church Schools Ihe past yenr. and mi.Htio In Weekday Schools ol Religion. Read Courier Wanl Ads. The Iiidiim knew the nit uf making maple SM-UII Inn,; ihi- comln K ol ihe while man, who ;cnri!e,i i.he Irom him. Now To Relieve Bronchitis Crflomul5lon relieves promptly because it ROCS rlnht to the scat of tho troublo to help loosen and expel Benn laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in- named bronchial mucous mem- b ™ n ,". Tell your tlniRgisI to sell you R bottle of Creomulslon with tho un- derstiindinB you must like tho way It quickly allays the cough or you are \ to havo your money buck CREOMULSION for Coughs, Ch«r Colds, BronchiHj WARDS NEW POWER TRAC Hero il is I \\anh now I'OVVKK TKAC lire..' '1'lic lirnvy liar? slraiglil arross are .irtn.illy ilrr/jrr ever — nive vnii liolter, more |ir>.-ilivc Irin-lirm. anil °iilrwnll<i are sjifdiilly coinjicinnilril tviil, anii-oxiilanl to rf?isl rrac-kinn, ,ijiir,g. .S|o|> at \ tnilay . . . and prt our Mirraf lr.t<lr-in offer on \\anls new lli-ljai lr,ii:lor lire! TRADE-IN YOUR OLD TIRES FOR A GENEROUS ALLOWANCE 1 ^—.^_ Mid-South Rivermen Mourn Death Of Captain Ed, Former Arkansan PAGE- rmr MEMI'lllS, •IVllll.. Jan. 20 <U|.) — Ilii' doiitii or 88-yenr old Cnnl W«nier oldest stenmboal- miui <,<!„ i, M , lsslssl «" >1 *™ mourned winy by rlrermeii from New r>i- euns to 81. u«iK for 70-()il,l yen™ Winner hiul •en funster. ])lloi. a,,,| y ,,i-n-siiln- •r on sleiimuiwls, !.,„, „„„ , mvs hut had chm-ned up old murtuv. lie iT((r«l In liHI. When his wile (lle.l „ inonili ngo Wurner .s;ild sndiy ], c u . o ,||, ( ... olt| Itor sliorlly." And (hen » \vrek acn Miorlly before he ramc flown whli I ho luial Illness, he fllclateil ni, fiuloWoKM!,,!,,, (o M| . Si J(t]|1M wlti-Jlell. his (tnii};liter. It slni'U'd: "Cupl. K. II Warner. And Ihen H w«ni on to ieli of Ins With In ll;itesvlllc, Ark the Ilihd .son nl John BII<I Him-let. \Vnrnei-. Ciiptnln Krt i-iuiif from n [ttinllv "f .tloaniboitliuen—AH pilots find inastri's tit old time packets. When ho vfns 12 he slarled bl» ipri'nllei'sliip niiuiinx nbnvo llnie.i- vllle, Ark., on Ihe while illver. ' In two yiMir.t lie cnine to Mem- Phis nntl eubbctl on n tnKkri. Jn 11177 he received liLs llrsi. pl'lot's lla-nse. lie was llekcled lo nuvl- i! Ihp Mlsslwlppi. HIP while, ilir Si. Prunels mid (lie Arknnsns lilv- nml to luuidle aldewheel, strrn- wheel and screw lautatx. In 18BO ho married Laura sons of Haipsvllle. par- Cnptnln Ed's only sun vni « river e.nptntn nnd his two arc .skippers, now Read Courier News Want, Ada. Recruiter at U.S. Nary O///c* H*n TVansrWrW Chief Machinist's t, o. Morris. USN, of the U. 8. N«vy Rwruit. ItiK Substation here will lc»v» Blythevllle Saturday for B*tc«lL* where he will be r«cruft*r-)n-eh»rf» or a new recruiting aubsUUon OOMI- IIIK there Feb. 1. A native of Searcy. Chief Morrta has been stationed here for the nut two montlu. for 'Comfy'vnA 'Maty'** MENTHOUTUM TWINS f3m^ MM *Vl^KMHBHBBBMHHiHHiMBBinV'4Kmpr"'' • v ^ -* VI^MM^^^^K ',,j-•.•,•.-.• .'.„ -^ Qu/dc MENTHOLATUM T iinLy MG »I>>">' ti>e two r.moo. Muntholntuin inercdicnti, *r« • Mother, when coiitihiiiKilumiiin «*""«<"•>«hiW'*a«lic«l«norB»»l wr,, li .voiirrhilit'N burly mid lenvu "* m ~ tlut *hoy_ work fsnt to help i,:» i... i — -., i . looson congcfttlQJi, caAO ftorcMM, In* hil. ..^.... .,...,., .. ,> HO Khrn it- hurts lo hrimthe — quick! call nfy" niul "Minly" to the ie. ComrortinK ('acnptinr nnd Jtnil I . ALSO RtlltVtS KE«0-COt» STUFFIKtSJ, NASH mmTftTIOK AND CK»fflN6 FEINBERG'S JANUARY CLEARANCE CONTINUES THIS WEEKI DRESSES $3 $5 $10 GROUP NO. 1 Wool Dresses, mostly small tijcs. Some slightly soiled. Values to $19.95 GROUP NO. 2 A nice selection of dresses, Odd sires, one of a kind Sizes 9 to 15, 12 to 20. Values to $14.95 GROUP NO. 3 All nationally advertised dresses such as Bobby Brooks, Darna Lee, and Ann Sutton. Select a bright color or a pretty black or brown. Sires 9 to 17, 12 to 40. Values to $19.95 COATS GROUP NO. 1 s, odds an I. Values to $29.95 AM wool Coots, odds and ends, mostly large sizes. Slightly soiled. $5 GROUP NO. 2 Beautifully made 100% wool coots in boxy and fitted styles. Sires to fit every one, including half sizes for the stout woman. Values to $45.00 GROUP NO. 3 Our finest quality Fur-Trimmed Coats in 100% wool materials. Tuxedo and other styles. This group must be cleared. 25 Values to $99 Other Coats on Sale at Great Reductions Other Items On Sale, Including Sweaters, Jackets, Blouses, Housecoats and Purses. AM Sales Final — No Exchanges — No Refunds

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