The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 3
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JANUARY tfl, IMS Phone Company Asks Higher Rate Greater Lirtle Rock Customers Asked for An Extra $275,000 MTI.K ROCK. Ark., Jan. 29 <UPI The Southwestern I!el) Telephone IjCn., souRlu today to Increase its - rates lo Greater Lttllc Rock customers In nn effort to raise an estimated $275.000 atldillonal annual revenue. Tlie second rate request to the Arkansas Public Service commission In four months was accompanied by » .statement that tne company would spend S36.000.000 (or Improvements In Arkansas between 1315 and 1049 IVanl Toll Calls Hiked An additional increase in revenue of S275.000 annually was sou B h| in raisliiR the rales nn certain toll calls (nsfrte (he state. "Zt ts simply a mailer of keeping the telephone system solvent in the «tate of Arkansas," Division Manager \v, E. Gosriin told the commission. "Bad as onr Camillas were when we filed our application last September, they are worse now and will continue at an inadequate, rale unless we can obtain relief" be .'aid. The application supplemented the company's almost-statewide request for Sl.200,000 additional annual revenues late last year. Under the new proposal, the 31! 000 subscribers in Little Rock and North Little Rock would pav an additional $275.000 annually in'tlieir basic rates not soupht In the apnli- cation last Pall. SO Onls-A-Mcmth Sought The, proposed rate schedule would Increase basic telephone charges on business phones from $8 to S9.50 a month. Residence service would be jncreascd from S3.SO to S4 for oiii- dfturty Phones, from S3 to S3.50 for two-party phones, and from 52.50 to S3 for four-party phones. A slight change in measured business service charges was proposed. Charges for rural service out of Little Rock 'would be increased from $4 to £(i monthly for business users—an Increase of 50 cents a month over the one .'ousht in the original application. Rural service would be increased from VJ to S3 instead of the originally-proposed $2.75. Approximately l,(>00 rural customers would feel the rais.- The remainder of the total of BLYTHKVILI.B (ARK.) COURIER It Costs You $270 to Finance Government rs FISCAL YUKS (1949 ESTIMATED) S56 Ml $49 I5< 1939 1949 Nrttoml IMs,,,. $42 1939 1949 Infernation«( I 14 •n 1939 1949 VfltRrins n $49 Per capita costs of government and in the estimated 1949 bn practically non-existenl in 193 p C 1939 194' Ueht Inlm,, •id T,u R,.|,,, J.. 1949 .( uK 1939 19-IJ All Oil, W j LJ on the " " AFL Joins Inter- American Group Fight Against Red- Dominated Labor on International Basis MIAMI. Flu,, Jun. M. <U!>| - .'n,e Amc-rU-an rvderallon of 'Labor uiit Hx flKhl aiininst •• luiteri Inbni- uinvenienl.s" on an In- ternnlioni.! basis today by Joliiin K Ibe Iner-A.nerieali Confefleiatlon of Workers. Tlir AF'l, Kveclltlv. Council. mecllim liere ye.Merdav, took the 1.81)0.000 Al-l. mcmbei., t,lt<, the whirl, win fortned Oregon Towns Meat Price War Should Spread Across Nation Hy Koger Johnson (United I'ress Staff Cnrre.spondrnt) ST. HELENS. Ore.. Jan. 29. tUE'l —The St. Helens meat price war took on a national aspect, today when a butcher shipped free hamburger, prepaid and packed In riry ice. lo mall order customers throughout the nation. The price-slashing contest, which started in this Columbia River Industrial city of 5, : >00 three weeks ago, has attracted bareain hunters throughout the Pacific Northwest. The town was still talklUR about butclier Jack Sapplngtcn. who nave customers 10 cents each to carry away 35. hams in three-slice portions. The 10 cents, he said, was intended as payment to the customer for taking the liam away. He recommended that the money be turned over to the March of Dimes. 'Hie "war" started without fanfare when two partners. Norman Raymond and Ernest, Peterson, opened a new store called the "Rite Price Market." They j o ||ed eiwlr competitors with a Martini; price of ns cents a pound lo, hamburger One by one the other butchers slashed their prices. llaniburKcr took the heaviest KOIIEC. Wlirn one , dealer cut (], c price lo 29 ccnla Butcher Roy Harrington annoiiuc- cri he would give it away. "It made just as much 'sense to . hnnd out hamburger free as lo f.wil It lot 29 cents." Harrington said. The response was electric A man j from nis Uaiiid.s. Mich., wrote; ••[ ! would say you can furnish me will, » pound at yoi, r earliest coll- I vcnlenee." A 1,0ns Beach. Cal.. correspon- ; dent said: "I am writing you tor a j pound of hamburger—more power • to you." ! "1 am going to answer eacli let. ter I Ret. personally." said Hnrrln"- ton, exhibiting a pile of corres- pondence on (op of his meat display case. "I'll (HI then, what n nice Ulile !»«•„ we've Rot here. jThcn I'll .send n pound o[ hambm- Ucr In dry ice. c .|ui, K e prepaid, lo I every |;cr.«.ii wno wrote to me. Hut i after liMlny. me offer Is c'linccllcd •• | I'rU'es on mosl licet nud pink I I'""- "'>'' ...... »'i, ;o m :», c ,. nls ,„.. |lmv normal. At the chain Kalewav which ndvrrllsrrl || , v ,>i!),l meet niiv TOinpetillve price in ( mvil ,„.,'. grndc uround beef s uld f<ir P 'D rents down (mm 45. The Rile Price M.,,..' kct offered pork , at 45 ,-euls 1 aeon wcnl for 59 cent., throne.!,.' out S(. Helens. A man In St. L/mls. Mo tcle- anpinstun for «0 worth meal" with the under- In Lima, Peru, curlier tb| s mo , m ,. AM. I'l-esldeiil Willlnm tireen •vald the new Imdy hoped | n cn-alc 50 ,27'4 Births In Arkansas In Single Year UTTLK HOCK. Ark., .hill. 2[> (UI'l -•A record number of hlnh ie«i«- trullon In Arkansas In Kin rulsed the .slate birth-mi,, to nntily three biihie.s-|».|-tl,i,ii.M,,,i populull.M, nuire i J 1 " >'• ""lloiml IIVCH.KC. ,icrott|. Inn lo iinrry i.<, ( . Williams n( |( u , Hinciill of Vital .S1nllslli-«. ^ A ^totul of blrlhs recorded <>« 2BD per llionsnn<l> coni|M,red to the naltnniil riverii(.c of 2(i. The- previous record yeui- f,,r lilnh rcKlstriUlr.u In Arkn'iiMis vv,s .'"^ *!!''" • 1S - 81H ''l'-'«1'« «•<•'•" HTIS- .. tree Dcinorviitic world Inhnr lm . i «<•<•• rmi ?," "'' K01 ' lvil(l(1 »" I" oppose ll,e Voi-irt (.vderatfon of Trnde Unions h\, c'.'iminuiiKl"''"''' 1 ' '' ' l(> " lln » l '' ri : !". l)or '" The new world oiuanli-iillun will ! IJ| »». " nu!d, li'iu made ^"rl,.',? He bused "on tin- prlu.-ipies or fi w i'_'"" ••C-iuiiimuiist. un,l |.' a . M ,| sl ,„'" CALL 4627 For Lower Cost Insurance • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS $! Arkansas Mutual Agency j\. J W- I,. Turmke, Mgr * I rsnncs liKIjr., Blytheville, Ark. Coinniunlsm." cue™ s.ld. 'I'he Al-'l, nnnounc,. m enl «»or»y after Info,.,,,,,,,"! ' of 5550.000 sought, was asked ill raises for long distance calls within the state. Gosdin said these increases would be principally on shorter calls for which higher rates were not asked in the first application. 0 Smash Savings on Fall's Newest Fashions More Than OFF! DRESS CLEARANCE Wards original low < f Price was $15,98 .... NOW 0 Dresses originally $10,98 NOW $ A Dresses originally $6.98 . NOW Dresses originally $4.98 . NOW $ 7 •- .--...,. s ,, , i in- ] UMV he saved In ,he March of uimc.v K! " "l»». who liadiri been able lime lor linu-h lor live co.u-etlltlvc nays, summed up his to take sl'cllti attitude: •••."< i..« auer Illtoi million reuclled here I hut i),,. i>i.|,ivliin novernm.ii Ilind ,,r,ln-e ( | ,| 1( . ,.,> I1 f,. [ |e,,,t| O n ,».,. snlv<- ( | hi thul country us „ -suii- ver.slvc 01-^111,1, „ ,!„,, The confe.leiadon. which Cliren reponc.l „<>„ 1,,,-huies ,,| >0 ul H.OOO.- >uu ni|;nlll/.cd wnrkers. lvns rm,,,,. t | n Lima dllrlnn a thrce-d; lv «„,- f'-rcnce of i,,,j lu , i,,,,le,.s frcm, m Alnerlciin Indians. IVru S;iv« Nn Yestenluy || 1( . ivnivlan K nvmi- »«'i>l snid the eonfederuilon , closely allied will, the opposition people's ]KUly mill t hi ' I .' slHbillly of the n , xhm .. S " >i: ^ Ciieci, siild ll,e .iri-nnliiiuioii wonln «" rlKJil nhcad" with iilnns in iniionl.e South Amerlc,,,,' worker" to, .'Tt'' 1 ' "'"" " s '"'"'I'lunrlcrs to anolher Homi, Aini-ilcnii cdiin- :•(,• III Ronll, America still ,,,e cnr- N?,!".';,."" 1V "I" 1 ' 1 '•«"' K" «< vu- .'onnlry and nnilounc'cd yesleniuy fee you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer l'ho"« -TI79 niylhtvllle Ark. m Walnut St. . . o |,,. ,„„,, '"»<'l'«my of tlir T.ilt-llaille. ]',', v ivunld c ....... (,,„„ ,,„, l-onnci-llrul l-Vdi-liillnn ,,t 1 .,| K1 ,. which iidlln-r.Kriv uoLui-d Hi,. HIV' Head Courier Wmvl Ads. •';nic m,lii,:,| s „<.-,,. ,.„„!,, „„ have more sense than we do." y. l5-mi-mb<. pom,,,,, l DOTHIS-TAKE SIPTOL r-o. >»<)h M,,,m,,ll, -i b,;<:,;,:.";^; h '.; HEAD COLDS .00. j.umi'n"''''"' *'' COUGHS DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality H'liU-r Work uncl KcimMlcK.!* a Specially E. Davis St. Phone 464 1 OUTSTANDING...,,, greater values *«„<. a , Dreifus Groolnes, i, f.nected in chnroctor cmd l*oH m ,hip. Juit a, Februofy', („,„• Orecil leodc,, ac |, iavcc | orna , nosl b(1 . couia of thfl le r f uolilie!, ,o hm our nondly ,l o ,, couslstenlly lokcn llia lead in praienling you will, greater volue., gtealcf saving,. N 0 wondo , leacf.,,h,p in betlcr jawolry buy, hos benn our 1rorf». n iarl<. See and com- par« for youriell. /x ^-•» 6-D1AMOND COMBINATION Special At , Ml /.How 5 old ring f, ,., with 3 S.ry, blu..whil. dio. mondi. «'AN WATKIl All) IN ARTHRITIS — RHEUMATISM? VK.S-ff It's Mmmtnin Vullry Mineral Water the fiiiinnis inliicral water from HOT SPRINGS ARK MOUNTAIN VALLEY — HELPS Orilrr A Case Todny CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main .nil Division Klyllicvillc, Ark. ' "Eat a Bonnce at Barney's" * Delicious Buttered Steak Sandwich BARNEY'S 2006 Wcsr Main Street Phone 3647 DIAMOND SOLITAIRE $4950 $1.35 A WfEK 3-OIAMOND RING 115.00 tASY IEBHI Man's Dian\ond Onyx Ring $ 29 75 OPEN AH ACCOUNT MAN'S 15-J.welBUlOVA Indies $ 33 73 $1 It A WICK I */' <;,,lh,,m YEAH 10 PAY IOVELY COMPACTS $2 50 CHARCF IT IAPSI WATCH MAN , S QUAIITY WA 29.95 ^995 $1.55 A WEfK f I.IK) > Week FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BL06. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. » 9hone 3646 0*42525 RHINESTONE COSTUME JEWELRY S ATTENTION FARMERS! TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE New and Used I— 1!IIS l\r,v) .M.KloI SI KarnMll IfllS INMvi Moilrl B FannalK IDIG Ifsod) M,,,|rl B .!„),„ |) ror< . I!1I7 ll'scdl Mmltl ,\ .I 0 | 1n ,) efrc 1S1I6 lf.-ie.II ,«o,tcl A John Occre I!)IC Hlscil) Ford Tractor IftlB n-^,11 Mmlrl C Allls-Chalnirr. .ITI.V. ,,,.,ny ol | lcrs ar ,, vitl? rarh WMk _ We ran fii > niul,,,,,rnl ncMir.!. They are prlrrd Tor quick n far arranged. Come in and *cc before jou huy! ttrm, BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Bud Wilson Coroner of Main at Franklin Phone 2037 Jess Horncr

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