The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 2
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FAQB TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWf 1 Treasury Is Hit For Aiding Reds Sen. Boll Charges Tax Statin Helps Subversive Groups By JiBi«i r. Donona (VaMat m*a Miff corrnpondent WASHINQTON, Jan. 29. CUP) — Sen. Joseph H Ball, R., Minn., charted tod»y that the Treasury it Tirtually subsidising Communist aettvltlea by granting special Ui status to eight organizations which Attorney <3«ner») Tom clark hw branded •• "subversive." Ball «aid in a statement that the treaaury lists these organization ajnoni "charitable, religious •dmtlflc, literary or educational" *nte*prlaea. Hence, he said, contributions to them are deductible on the donort Income tax return. "The eight organizations," snld B«JJ, "are all Communist 'front*' vhleh meana that a good proportion « any funds contributed to them ire siphoned off to finance Communist Party work." Re said the privileged tax status of these groups helps them to aoltdt funds. This, he »«ld, "almost amount* to « federal department assisting organizations dedicated to the overthrow of our system at government." H> called on the Treasury De partenent to submit Its list of tax- dedueUble organizations to the FBI and "clean out all subversive and front outfit*." Hit eight organizations mentioned by. Ban were: The Joint Antt-FascUt Refugee Committee, National Council ol American-Soviet Friendship. Hollywood Writers Mobilization, Inter- nationa} Workers Order, Ohio School of Social Sciences (Cleveland), Philadelphia School of Social Science*, Samuel Adams school (Boston) and the School of Jewish Studies (New Tork City). , LfcUt Mr Loyalty Checks .Ball noted that alt eight were on the list of some 80-odd allegedly •ubterslve organisations which Clark submitted to the Loyalty He- rtew .Bourd last November, Some ef th»*e groups also have been branded aa Communist fronts by the House, UnAmerican Activities Committee. The Minnesota Senator expressed doubt that the eight are "the only Communist-fronts on the Treasury's tax-deductible list. He said, the Southern Conference on Human Welfare which "the Communist* brag about controlling," Is not bn Clark's subversive list but is on the Treasury list. Ball criticized th e apparent conflict between the Treasury and Justice Department lists as "another ease in this administration of the right hand not kno' Ing what the left hand t« doing." The government Is the loser In this case, Ball said, because of the tax revenue involved. For instance, if 9 contributor should give one of these orgnntza- tIons $1,000, he would be able to •write if off on his tax return. So, actually, the donation would cojt htm only a part of the $1,000. while the government would be footlnj the Nat of tha bill tn the form of lost revenue. All This and Washable Too Carnegie Hero Fund Announces Awards to Ten prrreuunoH, jnn. ». <up> — The Carnegie Hero Fund Coinmli- siou toclny cited ten Rets or heroism In seven states with medal au.irdi, three of diem [xisdiumous. Only illver medal awarded In th« rrcup went to P. Ro*coe Chapman, *», Avalon, Pa., boiler repairman credited with saving the life of Samuel Hopkins, «, in PlttsbureJi, May IS, 1M7. In another case, the commission •warded a bronie medal and »80 i month benefits to the widow at Raymond F. McCormlck, Sr., Rosedale, N.Y., subway maintenance man who gave his life saving two small boys from drowning. Bronie medalj also were awarded posthumously to Triad B. Oreen, 24, Taylora, B.C., who gave his life saving a 58-year-old farmer from Ualer, suit lor a divorce. Carl Purrlngton vs. Ruth A. Pur- rlngton, suit for a divorce. Wootworth Heirett III; Condition Termed 'Grave' BERN, Bwltierland, Jun. ». (UP) —Prince Igor Troubctzkoy said today that hit wife, Woolworth Hcir- eu Barbara Hutton, had taken a turn for the worse and was In a "very grave" condition. Reliable sources said Miss Hutton was operated upon for an Internal ailment at Victoria Hospital earlier thli week by the famous surgeon, Dr. Outon de Coppet. THURSDAY. JANUARY 29, 1948 University President Dies NEW YORK, Jan. 29. (UD— Dr. Donald Bertrand Tresldder, sa, president of Stanford University, died In his sleep last night in s suffocation In a well, and to Ronald Lee Balcewell, 14, a Brownsville, Pa., schoolboy who lost his life after saving nn ll-ycar-old child from drowning in the Monongahela River. Other bronze medal awards went to recipients In Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Dakota, Oregon and New Yorlt. two-room cult* »t tht Bot«l K. Regli. Dr. Cameron Hoean, hotel phyjl- clan, falii tlie noted educator, ap- parfiitly died in his sleep or natural causes. Moon Calendar The Indians' moon calendar was Snow Moon for January, Hunger Moon for February, Wakening Moon for March, Grass Moon In April, Planting Moon for May, Chick Moon In June. Thunder Moon for July, Molting Moon In August, Hunting Moon was October, Mad Moon In gMoon was October, Mad Moon for November, and Long Night Moon In December. An average of 47,000,000 gallons of wnler flows over Africa's Victoria Falls every minute. HEADACHE Cip«dt«« ,„„'.,. 4 ijumlly tocttbtr lo |[*t .lidi r«lfif Fo!le» Jli.t'uoi, M Ilk*" *"' DELICIOUS WAFFLES Are Always in Season! TRY TIIKM AT THE Nickel Stand Mr>. Jack Sallba 103 West Mala Streei Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug StorcS Model Marge Kerrlna ihows off her freer) end while rtrlped cotton dreaa by forming • perfect circle with 1U five-yard iwlug akirt. The rireu Is on* of 15,000 new tpring alylei on display at the . NationaJ Wnb Apparel Show In Chicago. State Seeks to Lower Death Toll On Highways by Teaching Drivers LITTLE ROOK. Ark.. Jan. 29 (UPI* — The groundwork lor a «erle« of : — The groundwork lor a «erle« of : f . . auto driving courses, which have ' ScnOO/ at OyCSS Get* Read Courier Kew» Want Ada. way death toll, will be given to teachers from 34 Arkansas high schools at Little Rock next week. The teachers will be given a week's Instruction by Norman Key, stall | educator of the American Automo-' bile Association. These teachers will then take over student classes at home. The Arkansas Automobile Club and live otiicr orgnnfations are sponsoring the safety driving program. A. B. Wetherlngton, lUte itiper- vlsar of school transportation «aid "whether our nnniiftl highway truffle death toll remains high or not In the future depends largely on what kind of a start today'a young drivers have." Wetherington laid that dual control cars art being furnished all schools by the A. A. A. In cooperation with local auto dealers. Other organizations behind the program are the State Education Department, the State Highway Patrol, the State Safety Council, the Parents and Teachers Congress and the Arkansas Education Assoclatlo \. Schools already approved for driv- l»g (raining courses Include: Carlisle, Osccoln, Danville, MaU •vern, Star City, Crosactt, Searcy, Cabot, Ward, Havana, Hot Springs' Hughes. Plalnvlew-Uover, Marked Tree, Smnckovcr. Arkedclphla. Beebe DCS Arc. Texarkana, Paris, Present! Batesville, Sheridan, Wynne, Waldron, Ola, Fort Smith. LlttU Rock, El Paso, Judsonla, Central at Jud- sonla, Desoto Parish at Mansfield L«., Noruhlet and Ml. Holly. King's Successor? touU S. St. L«urent, above, Ca- ntdlin miniiter of external al- Jiin, ii coniidered a likely choice •I tht Dominion's next prime miniiter when W. L. Mackenilt King retires from the post some- Vail Gill summer «««• 19 years _ «* head of tht government- Instructor it Heeded School Superintendent Lowell K. Ogden of Dyess said today that n teacher Is needed there to Instruct an extension clasa organized last week. All plans for holding the college- credit class have been completed, he salri, but no teacher has been founc Dean Turner of Arkansas State College hai said that none w«« available from there and that a local teacher with a master'a degree will be certified to tench In hl» major field, Mr. Ogden said. The superintendent pointed out that the teacher of this class will receive n fee from State College plus mileage. The class will continue In aubjects undertaken last year. These Include a science lecture cource for elementary teachers, buslnes* mathematics, adolescent psychology and method! In reading. With the Courts Chancery t.eo Brawley, et «l vi. June* Will* Bowlet, suit tor fioo and llei. on rea^ejtaty, ' •• V-.-.,.*-..<v Pauline LUler ra. Marriage Licenses The following coupl* oblalned < mariage license yesterday In th» office of Mi« Elizabeth Blythe county clerk. James Phillips Buck of Caru- thcrsvllle and Mlsa Prances Sproubo of Bteele. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS A Weak,Run-Down Feeling Is Often A Warning That The Red-Blood Is Getting Low If you do not r««l like your r>»l MU do not Imve tlic urf;c to b» up »nd doiaa why not chtclt-up on jmu- blood •trtnath? Look at th. ptlnu O f TO 2 Ji«nd», TOUT BDierniUi, your Up* tht iolo?? TOUr e *™~* c * th " I* 1 * and S Every day—iTBry hour—million* af tiny rcd-blood-cBlfi muit pour ™rth Irom tho marrow of jour bones to r«- p «ce thinB th»t »r<> worn-out. A low Wood count mny «ff«t you In >CT«T»I w»>-«: no «ppctlt« t underweight, no «n«By, a run-ilown condltlQn. lack at " Help 15 Mile* of KWney Tub« Fluah Out Poitonoua Wait* If TO» h.r. .n €>MW of arf Ji tn TOar —•"•—"*• * "**• L i"7 iutf rt »nd tub«**rtwork- .7«e^o?«cw «H. «5 N "^"™' 1 "" s:^"™?«*i™*'S«''**"«»™ticpSAi* ilfl,. '"."o'WSimd »n«rir. aclUtimp nljlit!. «w«ll:tu. pufline^. iwdir Ui« .y,, ui'^Wfk 4 lll " Il ! e "- ri-^uciitorie.nlV »""**• wfl* •m.rKng .nj )»,„!„, Km , r . ^•kfet'BaSi 0 ,?* 1 "" ""«'"* Kldnerft may need help the ism* at ho^ elj. .a Mk your dm«!st for Do,™i"(ft i «o?.f* nt '""Tfi 1 '- aHi '"""""Ib- by nil! lion. lor onr 50 ,««„. Do.n'i gi» h.pp, tafc« K 1""''"'F <><' "• »H« of ktjSiJ S53L «rtC.f.pS!.! u *""" "° M """ tlv« proof rhown th»t 8SS Tonic Im arn«Elngly trtectlv. in building un low i Mcod ftronsm In non-org.nlo outrl- tiontt anemia. Tni« ! 3 due to the Baa Tonlo lormul* wlilch condlns BpecU Also. 3S3 Tonlo help* you tDjoV tha food lou ,«t bj- Incrculni th. Jlatrl! dlRntlvs Jnlce when It is non-ormnl- c»lly too little or Kantr—SIB. theiSSli ach will hav. Mttl. ciWto ,.t bin?; ?<X)5 ta"'e " ntl g ' V * ° n that *°" Don't wmltl EnargjM your bcxlT with -s^^,r* h ^'«^ t -ss^ ^»&X^ • 1 "P ht '"»«r le.l b.ttJ. worli b«Ur' ^N™^'^"--"- Snm r bottles sold. Clet a Kfpi'a'a's KSdS'j&ja'—™« So It's An Auto HEATER You Want! Gtt one at this "HOT" price Ail nationally advertised hot water heaters • PRiCISION-MADE OLDSMOBILE PARTS Also— • RADIOS • CHAINS • TIRES • TUBES In Our Body Shop If you have body repair work lo be done on your car, brtn* it to us. Red Lewis H now connected wllh our body thop ,ntl h(. rcputalion for »ood work li widely rccor- nlzed throughout thli icctlon. LEE MOTOR SALES Your OLDSMOBILE Deafer 307 last Main Stratt Phone 519 JIM BROWN'S JANUARY BIG TOP SPREADER For Only $6.59 • Easy to Fill and CleanI • 4-Gal. Welded Tank! • Automatic Shut-off! • Galvanized Steel! Dreadnought Roofing Tb* be»t quality roofing made. Each roll coven a iquare. 55-lb. and 65-lb. carrJea undcrtiriteri' approval. '1 45-I.b. 69 55-Lb. 65 -Lb. 69 WHEEL BARROW SPRAYER Only $39.95 • Efficient Pump • 17-Gal. atcel Open Tank! • Tubular Steel Frame • 5-Gal. Heavy Duty Pressure Tank! • Develops 200 to 250 Ibs Working Pressure 1 Armor Coat The Finest SUte Surfaced Roofing Made Furnished In red, *n, ?due, black, green blend and red blend. Nails and cement Included In each roll. $185 Underwriter Approved Save On LAWN FENCE Oracefal ornamental weave. Keepf children and peU aafe and adds beauty and value to your property. Galvanized to Insure Ion* serrlce. Furnished )n 4»" height. 9W sauje wire 29 50 Double Scroll Per 100 Ft. 36" Double Scroll, *>0 50 Per 100 Ft. . /J Bird Armolite RUGS Cleans Easier! Lasts Longer! Stays Brighter! 9x Steel Fence Posts FoM» are mnde of carbon ntfel, the same as railroad rails . . . pro- trctrg by a cont of metallic p»inf. Angle Styl« SI" 72'/;C U-Flange Type «" 67c "'^ Tllic " ' 75',-ic M" Sic Punched Tc« sl " R2c SO" CSc ««" «6c 96" at. Tubular Steel GATES Walk and Drive Strong, durable gates. Made of steel tubing with all joints electrically welded. Complete with binges for wood posts. Slecl post fittings available at $1.50 extra. 4-Fecl Wide; 48- High. Heavy Weight ..". 8-Focl Wide; 48 High. Light Weight 10-Fect Wide; 4S High. Litfht Weight IO-FI. Wide; IS High. Heavy Weight Inches 5 90 Inches •fill) Inches g 75 Inches II 18 12-Ft. Wide; 48 Hi«h; Light Weight 12-F1. Wide; 48 High. Heavy Weight 14-Ft. Wide; 48 Hiffli. Heavy Weight Ifi-Fl. Wide; 48 High. Heavy Weight •Inches ir •Inches 16 35 •Inches 17 98 -Inches WELDED WIRE FENCE Two Styles to Choose From Four Feet High Vertical wires two inches apart. Hori/ontal wires four inches apart. 12'/, Range, 100 foot rolls, per roll— '12 25 Poultry Fence Top and bottom wirn IZ',4 itaujse. Oilier wires 111, g». SUy wire* six Inches apart. 4-foot 765' roll 5-foot 165' roll '9,30 M0.95 FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Call 2397* — ron— • Bob Powell •T. W. 'Hop' Neil We specialize in house wiring farm wiring motor repair and appliance installation. BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. Blythevilte, Ark. City Radio •Service- Dial 2407 Per Expert Repair* *M Eaal Main M. Felix A. Carney FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Wot«r Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Porto Rico KILN DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Door Phones 4677—2986 Buck Meharg Produce •01 E. Main It Buy Now Pav Next Fall !/2 Down—Bal. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. « RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 1 DAT SERVICE OW ANT MAKE OR MODEL RE. LIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALL!HAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Rail* Salts and Serrlce 106 souib rirtt at. Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by Expert Cull 811 Brooks Music Store 107 E. Main Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Stiea 4. « and S Inch Culvert Tile Sizea IB, 1Z, 15, 18, 21, u, ]| and 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwjr. SI at SUte Lin* Phone Bijliic.ille lit Ton't pat your foot In It" tin it's been re-wled, re-hcelcd, polished by us! Hfl LTCRS ftUflLITY SHOC SHOP I'ZI W. M a | N ST. 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