The Courier News from ,  on January 28, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from , · Page 11

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Wednesday, January 28, 1948
Page 11
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WTONT5SDAY, JANUARY M, 1948 ew Extended Stalin Churchill Insists Big Three Should Try For East-West Accord LONDON, Jan. 28 (UP)—A source 'i'.v close to Winston Churchill nd today that his demand In omrjijwis last week for settlement •Un-tRiissJu ivns In effect to call >r a meeting of (He Big Three,to •y to reach n realistic agreement etwen the East and the West. At a meeting of Conservative Par' lenders after his Commons speech, hurclilll was reported to have In- Tprcted his address as a bid for n 'untl table l];i!|iiimmK session to iclude Premier Josef Stalin. What Churchill wants, a highly iithorilatlve source reported. Is n cs or no from Stalin as to whether ovlet statellites will cease fomen- ni? unrest along the border of irewe nnd giving aid to Hie Left- it guerrillas fighting government orces in that country. The opposition leader and war- mc prime minister told Commons uriug foreign afalrs debate last cek that the Western democra- ics,should seek a settlement «-itn le Russians before they get the torn bomb. He suggested that might >e within R year or two. Churchill now was described as anting a definite, understanding hat the Cominform. the new Com- umist alliance of countries in East- rn Europe, would not expand be- ond its -legitimate" sphere In hat pan of the world. Finally, he vras represented as •anting a general "understanding" "th Stalin on which a stable peace an be built. If such assurances were not forth - omuig, according to the source ol iformation, Churchill feels tha* certain steps" could be taken (ARK.)' COURIER NETTf Slick Chick's Slick Trick With a simple twist of the .torso, Mitsuko Sakura. 24, of the Tokyo Theatrical Revue, improvises a quick sarong from a bolt of printed silk, which has returned to the Japanese export market Silk will play a leading role in helping the nation regain foreign trade lost during th« war. Overrules Plea 3' Maternity by Driver LOUISVILLE, Ky. (UP)-Erncsl * Woods, a jeep ambulance driver, vas fined $5 in police court lor imning a stop light, although he Meaded an emergency run. Asked the nature of the emer- rency, Woods said he was hnrry- g a white Spitz to the Blue Cross .nlmal Hospital to become a moth- r. It developed that the delay cails- d by the. ticket violation resulted n one of the puns being born in he jeep. When Salesmen Meet, Somebody Gets Sold DUNCAN. Okla. (UP)—When two salesmen meet, let every fast word look out for itself. Citizens are telling thn story of a pots and pan salesman who called on a former Duncan resident in Vnllcjo. calif., to sell her some aluminum wiire and ended up in th e Army Air Force. The woman's husband, M Sgt. Gilbert Gallagher, an air force recruiter at Hamilton Field, led the pan slaesnun off to a uniform. here. The only requirement for membership is ihe ability to climb the 200-foot Hulzclaw fire tower near the Jefferson County line. Then you get a signed certificate ol membership in the Jefferson County Squirrel Club. Tho club, formed by the county forester, Paul Vast, has no officers, no dues, and no constitution. Vhen You Get a Plumber For Free, That's News ANADARKO. Okla. (UP)—p um b- srs here get $2.25 an hour for their •vork but, Mrs. Wjlburn E. Lax <*ai ler bathroom drain pipe repaired "rce of charge. L. T. Tnylor. a plumber, received i call irom Mrs. w. E. Law complaining that a drain, pipe in ,her bathroom would not function He Tt io the Wilburn E. Law resi- '^o and. repaired a leaky pipe, hen he returned to his office ie found Mrs. w. E. Law had call- about her plumbing problems. Scaling 200-Foot Tower Test for Joining Club LOUISVILLE. Ky. (UP)-A rather eclusive club has been formed He checked his directory and found the town had two W. E. Law listings. He'd gone to the wrong houss. Truman Replaces Mariner Eccles Federal Reserve Board to Hove New Chairman Soon WASHINGTON, Jan. X. (Up) _ President Truman today displaced Marrlner S. Ecclcs us chairman of the board ol governors of Die Federal Reserve System," effective Feb. Ecclra, who has been chairman since 11)35. agreed to :cmnln with the board as vice chnlrman despite the blow to his pre.stlse. Thoma.s n. McCabe, Industrialist aJic! ch.witiRii of the Philadelphia Federal Bank, who was nominated yesterday to the- board, will be de- signaled as chairman when he li confirmed by the Senate. F.ccles' term on Hie board runs until 1958 but his present lour-year term as chairman, subject to the "pleasure" ol the president, expires Feb. 1. Ecclcs has been in conflict recently with commercial banking elides and with Secretary ol Treasury John w. Snydcr over some elements, of Ihc anti-inflation picture. Lcclos has been urging (hat banks be required to set aside special reserve funds. The effect would be io dry up some of the ready money Unit l.i available fat- lending. Snyder and leaders of commercial banking circles have opposed the suggestion. Bowery Comeback Association Aids Derelicts to Help Selves New paint, composed of pigment and polyviny] resin dispersed In water with about I per cent of a synthetic wetting agent, can be applied with brush or .spray and dries without .odor to a hard film In less than,a hall hour. Illinois now ranks as Ihe second state in cheese production, produc- me 60.000.000 pounds of cheriar cheese In 1014. NEW YORK. Jan, JS. (UP>—Two men who drifted down to th« Bowery to forget—one • 34-year-old Air Fore* vrtrrmt. the oilier a 44-year- old bartender—stiutcd along the comeback trail to respectability today. They were the first human guinea pigs chosen by the Bowery Comeback Association to prove that, given a chance, the derelict!! of thn sdeel of forgotten men would rehabilitate themselves. John H. Davey. who earned six battle stars with thp JSighlli Alt Force In Europe, and Andrew K Quarlcll, the bartender, hail a month in which to mnke good. Dwvey »nd qimrU'11 were among some 300 persons who shuffled Into the Howery Follies Nightclub Monday and told their tnlcs ol misery to a committee of four which ruled on their applications. Ench blnmrri—whiskey, a luck ol money, or women lor his troubles, Some were, sincere in their m>- pculs for help, others saw In (he experiment only a chnnca lor a month lonx hlnse. "I'm a machinist," salil Davey. "I'm not n ill inking inmi. [ know 1 can make nooil money If 1 get a chiincc—S75 n week or more." lie explained tlmt he had drilled Into the Bowery torn- months ago He. said lie came to Now York from Grecnsljtire, Pa., a yen, and a half HBO in search ot a job. But h c had been unnblc to find any nml juad- unlly had lost contact with his fnm- ily. lie said he didn't know where his wife was but presumed she wns with relatives who had ndoplcri their six-year-old son. "We'll help you," said Siiimny Fuchs. proprietor ol (lie Follies who calls himself the mnyor of Iho lloiv- cry. Quartcll plciiiled that hc wanted a chance to jjct i )]u: x to his wile nnd rnnr-yenr-old rlnitKhler. "We had a Iluht. on New Year's &'c," hc explained, "filio tassed mo out. ehe told m» not to «om« b«ck until I made good. l'v« been * loiuy husband, playing the horwi an« drinking. But It'/i Ward to m»k« rood when you low your front." The two ijien were Uken to » clothing »tor«, outfitted In new i\tUi given a shave and a haircut and Installed In hfctel roonu. They will b« given their meali and *I5 a week cxptnsei tor four w«lu Alter that they ar« on their own again. The Bowery Comeback Association Is sjxwuoml by the merchant* of what is probably the most notorious skM row In the world. "W« want to prove." explained Fuchs, "(hut these fellows don't want to be l>um«. A lot of people drink. A businessman nmy be carried home pome nighis. but Iho next morning He puts on clcnn clothes, a fresh suit ami goes back to work. These fellows haven't got clean clothes." Rash Perplexes Doctors; Poison Ivy it Answer KDINIIURCl. Ind. <UI>> _ Phyllis Wcrli, n, was Injured seriously when she wn.s thrown fm,i, a skid- dins automobile along H country road. At. a hiMpltnl, she broke out in a rnsli that puzzled doctors. But her father, Clydo' WcrtJi. thought he knew what was the matter. He vi.iltcd the accident scene iintl found (hat Phyllis wan thrown Into a bed of poison Ivy. Veterans Administration has released (he first one-handed electric typewriter designed tor disabled veterans. The water-ouzel can run on the bottom of a swiftly-moving mountain .stream. Read courier New* Want Adj. What are you doing to get me a telephone? IN BLYTHEVILLE ON JANUARY 27, 28, 29 AND 30 HE Will INTERVIEW AND HIRE WEN FOR "CATERPILIAR" JOBS For the convenience of men ]Ayie Blyllieville area, a Jalcrpillar Tractor Co. j-ep- •oscnlalive will be at the \rkansas State Employment "crvice Office, 123 South ceond Street, on January 27, 8. 2.9 and 30, to interview "<1 hire applicants for "Cat- rpillar" jobs in Peoria, Illi- ois. There are openings for oth skilled and unskilled. Begiiiiiin K f ; , c i, )ly ra t C5 f or obs ve.iuiring no experience ange from ?1.03 to $1.23 cr hour, depending upon •pe of jol) and sliift. Skilled jobs pav ,, ropol .. • onatcly more. Stop in and see the "Cat- rpillar" representative. He i-'ll give you complete de- ails. fcN'OTK: ,\p|)licnn(s who were As o "Caferpilfar' employee you'll enjoy.- Good Pay Opportunity to Learn and Advance Employees' Retirement Plan • Voluntary Group Insurance and Surgical and Hospital- izafion Benefits Complete Medical Program Vacations with Pay Hot lunches at low Cost in Clean, Modern Cafeterias in armed forces must with, them when «p- CATERPILLAR TRACTOR Co. PEORIA, IlLINOIS Here's the answer forBlytheville... We connected more than 750 new telephones in the past year - that's a rate of over 60 a month. We're adding new equipment to the telephone system in record volumes and we are planning an addition to the telephone building to make more room for still more equipment. We're spending a lot of money—more than $225,000 gross for telephone expansion here in Blytheville. More Equipment We used up the last inch of space in the telephone building last fall with the installation of dial equipment providing switching facilities for 200 new telephones. We're Building Before the dial equipment additions planned for later in 1948 can be made, the telephone building must be made larger. We expect to Itart work on a twO:Story addition early this spring. When construction is complete, dial equipment for almost 500 new telephones will b« installed. More Cable Needed But telephones and switchboards aren't any Use unless they are "tied together," and in many parts of town there isn't enough cable • nd wire leading into the centra] oHice. There ls % still an acute shortage of lead- covered cable, and although millions of inductor feet of cable are on order for this year, there won't be enough to provide telephone! for all those waiting. However, you can be sure the cable we get will be put into service as quickly as possibl* after it is delivered. Party Linci Help The hundreds of people who have telephones now—and will get them thi« year—would have had to wait longer if we had not been able to make wide use of party lines. Party lines make it possible for <is to serve temporarily the greatest number of people with our present equipment. Naturally, we're aiming for the day when w« can furnish straight-line service to everyone who wants it. But we will need still greater quantities of switching equipment, cable and wire. That's what it takes. It isn't g simple job, you see. It can't be done in hzite, but it's being done as swiftly at complexity allows. Telephone people are hard at work supplying service and extending it. They appreciate your patience and understanding.. P. J. POE, Manager SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONI COMPANY DELICIOUS WAFFLES Ar« Always In Season! TRY THEM AT THE Nickel Stand Mr.. J.rk Sallba 1M Writ Main Street PRKCRiPTJoii's" Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Dru9 SforeS FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Call 2397* -FOH— • Bob Powell • T. W. 'Hop' Neil We specialize In house wiring, farm wiring, motor rt-iMiir and appliance tnsliijliilion. BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. Hlylhcvllle. Ark. City Radio -Servke- > Dial 2407 r*r Eiywt fefcto tU Cut Mate M. Felix A, Carney FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced •* Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Porto Rico KILN nillKD SWEET POTATOES Delivered tn Your Door Phonos '1077—2<>SG Buck Mcharg Produce «01 E. Main St Buy Now Pay Next Fall '/a Down—Bal. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR Hy 1C xpert Call 811 Brooks Music Store 107 E. Mnin Concrete Tile Sewer Tile SI'ts 4, 6 and 8 Inch Culvert Tile Sliei 10. iz, IS, u, ji, ttf M and 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwy. 81 at state Lin* Phono Blythtilll. 114" RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 3 DAY SERVICE OH ANY MAKE OR MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We cull for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio S»|M and Serriox IBS South Tint St. Quality 2\ lUNUtS "Don't put your foot In It" tin It's been re-soted, re-htrled, pol- Islieil by us! HflLTCRS QUBLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MAIN ST. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY • Phone 2013 1044 Chickasawba I Have On Hand At All Times Severn', tractors and equipment . . . both now and used ones JOHII DEERE, PABMALL and other makes. Also, I have for sale at nil times 70 to 80 head ot mules. Terms cnn be arranged. Will trade for most anything you have. New Ford Tractors Ready for Delivery F. C. CROWE I Mile S. of Branadocl* First National insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151

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