Casper Star-Tribune from Casper, Wyoming on July 19, 1980 · 16
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Casper Star-Tribune from Casper, Wyoming · 16

Casper, Wyoming
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1980
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A16 Star-TriDune. Casper k'o Draft CootiDiMd from Al Circuit Court of Appeal, V S. District Court Judge Edward Cahn. and t' S. Distnct Chief Judge Joseph Lord III wrote in their opinion "In this) case the harm to the plaintiffs is neither remote nor hypothetical. Registration is a sufficient intrusion on the rights of any citiien to allow this court to adjudicate the constitutionality of that registration We need not wail, and should not wait, until Uie governmental intrusion on the individual's civil rights reaches maximum proportions and the nation is is a time of crisis The case is ripe "Gender discrimination is a badge of inferiority and must pass constitutional rev iew whether or not it is arguably for the benefit of women "The die is already cast for substantial female involvement in the military." WHEN A COURIER arrived at Weinberg's law office with the opinion, he shouted, "We won!" Weinberg said, however, that Congress has only allocated S8 million for the previously proposed draft legislation and therefore cannot afford to register women. An ACLU spokeswoman in Washington said, "The ACLU Is against registering and drafting anyone in peacetime. We are gratified that the court upheld Important rights for men and women." If Congress changes the law permitting draft registration of women, Weinberg said, "it would be a politically risky thing. It would make it more difficult for the country to get into unpopular wars. "If they were drafting women during Vietnam, there may never have been a Vietnam." THE CLASS ACTION suit was brought in 1971 as Andrew Rowland vs. Curtis Tarr, who was Selective Service Director Frontier Continued from Al known stars coming to Cheyenne include June Carter and Johnny Cash and Eddie Rabbitt and Dottie West. During every night show, Indians from' the Southwest will dance. They will also dance at 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. in the Indian Village. The professional dancers Include members of the Comanche, Apache, Kiowa and Zuni tribes. The first parade winding its way down Capitol Avenue will include a number of visiting bands, Bryan said. It will also include historic horse-drawn vehicles and equestrians. Free chuckwagon breakfasts will be held in the downtown area on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Other activities scheduled for the week include square dancing and an open house at F.E. Warren Air Force Base. Anderson attacks arms race ByMATTQUINN WASHINGTON (UPI) - Returning home Friday from his five-nation Middle East and European tour, independent presidential candidate John Anderson wasted no time in blasting Republican Ronald Reagan for advocating "the most expensive arms race In the history of this republic. " " Anderson told a news conference at Dulles International Airport that Reagan was repudiating the basic philosophy of the last four administrations that relied on the notion of essential equivalence in military strength. "To now say we are going to go for broke and we are simply going to run the Russians into the ground with more than f 100 billion of additional expenditures in military over the next three years on top of the present level of expenditures," promise a tax cut of $140 million over three Eight executed By the Associated Press Seven men and a woman were executed on a street in downtown Tehran at dawn Friday, Tehran radio reported, the latest such mass sidewalk execution ordered by revolutionary judge Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali in his bloody crusade against drugs and sin in Iran. The Moslem militants holding the U.S. Embassy in Tehran Issued a statement Friday saying some of their American hostages had been moved from the western Iranian city of Hamadan to another, undisclosed location. I SUPPER CLUB I Additions to our Regular JMonut, ' l aroooi 1 ' I toll u. tttrstar Tail 11.95 8.95 7.95 I 6.95 I Wlit til MlUfilW .. Ski irlli Mill Mitt.... I ftWJjjtriflllakfjMi HOT MORS D'OEUVRES AND I SALAD BAR SERVED WITH I I EVERY MEAl . J17 Ml' Saturoa Ju-j at the time, Rowland, the original chief plaintiff, left the suit after Congress repealed draft registration April 1, 1975. Although the case was considered moot, medical school student Robert L. Goldberg in 1975 replaced Rowland as chief plaintiff. Travel Continued from Al The occupancy rate for hotels and motels ranged from 46 percent in January to 91 percent in July. And Wyoming visitors comprised nearly one-fourth the total occupancy for all hotels and motels in the state, the report said. Its analysis of Park and Teton counties shows that Wyoming visitors lead the list in Park County while Californians are in the tourist majority in Teton County. The purpose of the report is to provide insight into the composition and economic characteristics of the travel industry. Television Continued from Al Casper was made in order to increase the station's viewing audience and its advertising base, said Cantu. The station currently serves approximately 80,000 viewers in Riverton, Thermopolis, Lander, Worland, Dubois, Shoshoni and the Greybull Basin. "Although we won't be competing with the two Casper stations, KTWO and KCWY, for advertisers right away, we certainly plan to some time," Cantu said. "By beaming into Casper, we will almost double the amount of our potential viewers. That is good for sales in the northern part of the state, and will eventually be good for sales in Casper," he said. KTNW PLANS to have a large in house news staff, as well as bureaus in each of the areas it serves, said KTNW Sales Manager Jon Roberts. "We've only been on the air up here for three-and-a-half months, and have been concentrating on getting a high quality local news program on the air," said Roberts. "In a while we hope to have one of the largest news teams in the state, providing our viewers with on-location coverage of hard news and sports. I couldn't say exactly when that will be, though," Roberts said. Cantu, who previously worked for KOA television in Denver as a program director, said HlHo also owns WDHN-TV in Dotham, Ala. The company is also constructing a station in Valdosta, Ga he said. years, and at the same time endorse a balanced budget "is to inflict on the American people the same old politics that they've been exposed to for a long time," he said. ANDERSON WAS greeted by several hundred youthful supporters and his wife Kiki after his flight from London. " "In calling for superiority the real danger is that a Reagan administration would launch the most expensive arms race in the history of this republic and with it perhaps increase the incalculable dangers that would go with the kind of response that would be made by the Soviet Union and I think not add to the ultimate security of this country," Anderson said. Anderson said the foreign leaders he spoke with on his 10-day trip were "fearful that an American administration before it is even installed in office is going to be a strain on alliance ties." in Tehran AFTER THE FAILED U.S. rescue attempt April 25, the militants reported they had transferred hostages from he embassy to more than a dozen cities throughout Iran. Officials in Washington have expressed doubt that any were ever moved, however. The 52 American hostages end their 37th week in captivity Saturday. HONEST WEIGHT AND FAIR PRICES FOR YOUR OLD GOLD OKES JEWELERS 208 S. CENTER HILLTOP WESTRIDGE Jack Schachterle Formerly of Country Club Toxoco It now associated with Jim's Interstate Standard 1-25 Curtis 234-5975 He fnvJfes hli customers (o stop by 2 die, but Bakhtiar eludes lie a ! . -l - f J ii - r - - - - SAFE: Shahpour Bakhtiar, who was Iran's prime minister between the reigns of the shah and Recession at 'full GNP falls WASHINGTON (UPI) - The "full force" of the recession caused an economic decline this spring as severe as any Since World War II, the Commerce Department reported Friday but added that recovery may begin before year's end. Courtenay Slater, the department's chief economist, said the recovery may be slow, and unemployment will remain very high, unless appropriate steps are taken, . including a tax cut. She told reporters the "appropriate time" for a cut in taxes would be next year. THE DEPARTMENT RELEASED preliminary figures showing the Gross National Product adjusted for inflation dropped at an annual rate of 9.1 percent during the April-June quarter of this year equaling the post World War II record drop in the first quarter of 1975, during the last recession. GNP, the total of goods, and services produced by the nation, rose a modest 1.2 percent during three months of this year. Sixty percent of the second quarter i No end to heatwave in sight By United Press International Scattered showers cooled the sizzling South by a few degrees Friday but relief was minimal and fleeting. Meteorologists saw no end to a month-long heat wave blamed for more than 1,000 deaths in the Southwest, South and Midwest. Psychics attending the three-day Psychic Entertainers Association convention in St. Louis predicted the killer heat would abate In precisely 10 days. Perhaps they forgot Missouri dubs Itself the "Show Me State." "IF THEY KNOW SO much, how come they're holding their convention here," quipped one sweating St. Louis resident as temperatures climbed toward the 100- w QUE UNTTED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Ayatollah Khomeini, flashed the 'V sign Friday after he escaped an assassination attempt. force9 at 9 yearly clip decline was due to reduced purchases of ' automobiles and other vehicles by both business and consumers, and another 30 percent reflected a sharp reduction in housing construction. "The 1980 recession struck with full force during the second quarter," Mrs. Slater said. BUT BY THE END of the quarter, she said, forces needed for recovery seemed to have begun: interest rates were down; new home sales, building permits and housing starts were rising; and there were "tentative indications" of increased sales of automobiles and other consumer goods and of reductions In inventories. If those trends continue, she told a news conference, business will sell off excess inventories, production will revive and "growth will resume before the end of the year." But Mrs. Slater called attention to a big hitch in that recovery. Inflation and recession have reduced the basic purchasing power of Americans. So-called "real disposable personal Income" what an individual has to spend after taxes and inflation have taken their degree mark again. Oven-like temperatures baked much of the country and the 20-state death toll climbed to 1,026. Missouri reported 264 heat-related deaths the most In the country. State officials said the number of heat deaths In a normal year usually Is around 10. . Arkansas reported 120 deaths, Texas 96, Alabama 92, Tennessee 81, Kansas 74, Georgia 63, Illinois 61, Mississippi 56, Oklahoma 35, Louisiana 23, Kentucky 23, Florida 8, South Carolina 7, Ohio 6, Iowa and Nebraska 5 each, Indiana 4, North Carolina 2 and Colorado 1. AFTERNOON TEMPERATURES reached 106 degrees In Dallas-Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, Texas, and Wichita, Kan. It INSTANT WAREHOUSES 26' and 40' van trailers ' for sale or rent. Clean dry storage. PILCHER MACHINERY CO. Phone 265-3506 DRUMS ALONG THE ROCKIES DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS CONTEST 7:30 PM.. FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1980 KELLY WALSH STAdIuM RESERVED... $6.00 GEN'L. ADM.... $4.00, CHILDREN . . ,$2.00 Tickets available at local banks, Hilton Inn. Les Parsons, and Chamber ot Commerce. PARIS (CPU - Taree would bV" assassin posing as reporters invaded the apartment building of exiled Iranian Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar with pistols blazing Friday, killing a police officer and a woman neighbor In a wM gunbattle. All three were captured, Bakhtiar, Iran's last prime minister before the shah was toppled in February 197s, was eating breakfast in his kitchea at the time and was not injured. Police said one of the gunmen was slightly wounded. A woman seen Seeing the scene was being sought. BESIDES THE POLICEMAN and the 45-year-old woman killed in the exchange of gunfire, another policeman and several people attracted by the noise were wounded. ' x Bakhtiar was named by Iran as a plotter In an abortive coup attempt against Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini which was uncovered tost week. He said he had been expecting the attack tor some time and vowed to "continue struggling for reestabllshtnent of a democratic and constitutional regime in Iran." Officials said the gunmen flashed press cards from the Communist newspaper L'Humanlte to gain entrance to the building. They pulled guns and opened fire on police in the hallway outside BakhUar's third-floor apartment when the exile leader's son, answering a bell, opened the door slightly but kept It secured by a chain. 'THEY STARTED SHOOTING as soon as the door was ajar," said Bakhtiar, 65. Police said at least seven pistol bullets toll - declined about 5 5 percent in the second quarter. "UNTIL THIS DECLINE can be reversed through some combination of reduced inflation, employment growth and tax reduction economic growth is likely to be quite weak, with little or no reduction in unemployment," Mrs. Slater said. Unemployment, she said, is likely to continue rising during the remainder of this year, possibly reaching a peak of t.i percent to I percent. The latter figure would equal the peak unemployment of the last recession. But in terms of the overall economy , and despite the sharp one-quarter GNP drop, Mrs. Slater said she still feels "this is not as deep and not likely to be as prolonged a recession" as 1975, which was the biggest downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. ALTHOUGH SOMEWHAT more positive than other administration officials on the need for a tax cut,. Mrs. Slater's position was basically the same as that of President Carter and Treasury Secretary G. William Miller. was the 26th consecutive day of triple-digit readings In Dallas. Wichita Falls has reached 106 degrees or more for 24 straight days. In St. Louis, the morgue was full and ambulance drivers were working double shKts. "The other day we had seven hearses backed up at the morgue to get bodies out," said Dan Emerson, director of the Disaster Operation Office In St. Louis. Nearly 100 heat-related deaths have been reported In St. Louis and authorities say they believe there are more bodies yet . to be discovered. "We put out a plea for people to check on their neighbors," said Emerson. "People are dropping like flies on the streets." Try Weinrich'e CHICKEN FRIED STEAK nt the WINERACK IDEAL LAWN MOWEfcSHOP Jefferson & "C" 234-4561 Sales Parts Service Poulan Chain Saws Log Splitters Brlggs 6 Stratton Snapper Mowers Weed-Eater Toro Snowthrowers Kohler & Tecomsen n Skl-Doo Snowmobiles Post Hole Diggers Aerators & Mulchers Toro Riding Mowers - assassins hit the heavily araored door. Tefcxaa Radio broadcast a communique after In attack from a (roup called -the Guards ot Islam, wke said they had sentenced Bakhtiar la death for partkipatioa" ta a coup attempt ag Khomeini and for regional strife k The group made no mentfoa of the attack. Officials said two of the suspects ear1 ried Syrian and Lebanese passports and the third was identified only lis "FaouzL" It was not immedUtety kngM whether they bad any connectkm with the Khomeini regime or ether Islamic groups. The suspects were taken to police headquarters in handcuffs and anki chains. Ill Bakhtiar said the gunmen were "professional assawint mat the government of Tehran has sent to France." , to POLICE SAID THEY FOUND a caf Is? which the assail anU had hidden moMy, weapons and ammunition. The French government condemn the attack as "particularly odious" sift pledged to pursue Us investigation'1 ti "any length required." 1f Foreign Office officials rushed teth airport to confer with Iranian Foreign, Minister Sadegh Gnotbtadea, who was passing through Parts ea route Ua revolutionary anniversary hi Nicaragua, Gnotbtadeh canceled his outbound fjig and went to the Iranian Embassy. iM Bakhtiar had been in Parts since Ust August, gathering support for an attempt to return to Iran. The Islamic refit linked him to last week's coup plot, wUtk! they said intended to restore BakhUaVti power. ''fK? " tr 'i " Reagan bids for Dems arid V lit'OW independents DETROIT (UPI) - Ronald Reagajkis "dream come true," opened his capjgn as Republican presidential nomlnejatl)y praising his party's unity and urging disenchanted Democrats and Independents to join him in ousting PresWpnt Carter from the White House. - "There are millions of Democrats, millions ot Independents as mlserahJejd unhappy as we are about the condiljpnfof this country." Reagan told the Repu,bcen ' National Committee. HIS VOICE HOARSE from hotel air nuiei air -day GOP epullKis to register conditioning, he said the four-d convention bas shown noo-Repui "there is a place for them to go to i their dissatisfaction with the way things are going." til President Carter "will have to run on his record and I don't think It's a record I would like to run on," Reagan told reporters as he and vice presidential namjnee George Bush walked to the RNC gathering. dfW! Just as his Thursday night acceptance speech was aimed at traditional Qergo-crats and independents, so too., fere .Reagan's remarks to the small group of RNC officials. ot11 Reagan solemnly told the comm(t,pe that the convention had been a "dream come true." ,,', iMli "I DON'T KNOW that there's ever Been abetterone." When the audience laughed, Reiigan added, "I mean even before the voting on Wednesday night." Asked if he thought the cairfpaljin against Carter would be "dirty," ReHg'in responded, "There have been itorles''that way, we'll just have to wait and see."1 Reagan and Bush, both obviously hajjfry, started their new partnership wftrV'ca breakfast meeting with members tff'lft host committee for the GOP convenrMit."1 That group Included Gov. WfMam Mllllken of Michigan, who backed BosnHn the state's primary, Detroit Mayor'RCfU-eman Young and Thomas A. MafjWy, chairman of the board of General Motors. I'jllip All Converse Canvas! Selected Nylon Windbreokers e Discontinued Shoes Vinyl Bags NFL Trash Cans And more ... . . - Jhoei llmHWrrMngv.HoMlner'

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