The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1948
Page 8
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FAG'* BIGHT Folsom Fumes About Truman Alabama Governor Beginning to Doubt U.S. Has a Leader MONTGOMERY, Ala., Jan. 28 (UP)— Gov. James E. Folsom yesterday/ denounced President Truman In x scathing speech nnd asked Alabama Democrats to send him to the Democratic National Convention "AS your candidate for president" Although he did not name Mr. Truman by name, Polsom declared In a statewide radio address that he 'didn't know a single mnn or wonian who has faith in his leadership or our party." •If you send me there as your .candidate for President, r will challenge the present leader of our party. I will have your'mandate to fight. If I can't BO there with a program r have faith in, I don't care about going," Polsom said after announcing thnt he had just signed the papers entering the race for delegate to the Democratic convention. Sees Dark Clouds Declaring that the nation \vas living under a dark cloud, Folsom i said thai "for the first time In our history, we Americans Bre beginnim; 10 lose hope sbout the future of r^r democracy. "The hcsd o! our party In Wash- rsnar. is s nice man. But he's not n:n^inp o-^r party any more. And iff anl,f our country. He's i Jr. hajrsflf cti hog-tied. He's got S.-IIM rr«-.2 hir ; c:r,c around the While .aoisf xrbo aca'i care anything about him. ar the party, or the country, ^lif^rf thzntiiig sbout themselves tn= JJO-B ihfj- £.^1 , ngke a mil ,j on tisiLtrs oil TOUT sweat." Ht chtrrM thst ihe Defense De- ptrtinetH yas headed by a Wall Strpri Jawyer. the State Depart- jriKit by & professional soldier, and lie CMameree. Department by a mo- 'II 1 was president I'd use the CUQ com shuck mop on the mono- poasti the Wall Street Lawyers and the State Department fancy pints. Midlers back to the departments «here they know their job." "X X X but look what they're runmng all over the world dumping billions on top of billions. They're trying to. bribe foreign leaders to vote a certain way. They're carry- Ing bllhons in bribes In one hand x xV"' oni ° f fcar '" lhe othcr BLYTHEVrLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Texas Boasts Town Where Inflation Unknown And Top Rent is $50 With Natural Gas Free WEDNESDAY, JANUARY «§, 1949 Along Main Street in Toinlml], Tex., 45-ccnt lunchr* and 35 . ccm movies arc to he found and prewar rents prevail. 'Hie prtuy brlcK house (U rishll rents ror $50 jxrr month and the B a s is furnished free. Cecil Paris dower right) is ihc mayor of this Utopian village. 'Maylx. he cost of livi,,» KO»« "P i" Tomball." sa"" M town in " 10 n forgot, '™ rc » tal Trylnr to Bribe IVa.v to Vence yU Vt bribe a " d 'hreal If you found one vacant von : .,'.,., could rent a big, good home from i mt [. ^."^"^ " kc ""* Mayor Cecil Paris for $35 anoth-r [ ..i , '' lor S23, also with free gas aIuV- -, T, mi °' 1 " sl " 1 Kct an »»«tmcnt ler. There are plenty ofmeSn ,,m- i mm I 1 * 1 "'' lwailnblc ta ' s -'° ^ incuts-many of them three-room ; T faomc " ro "''" Ie »<-'"K (or duplexes with ball, an" f™T« i « »"? *'° » '»»»«>- ''« got a eou- plc ot houses i rent. One uoe.s for S2li and the other (or S3a, They are bin. nice houses, loo. "Food prices have gone up some, but most meals arc selling at the -same prices as during the war. "Every once in a while a landlord ligurca he'll raise (lie rent a little. Bin he- always forgets." John Reisl. who operates an all- the WggesV man In ^rWyor" |™°? llc a " cm >\ s « w hc "uill some Fnris. who wasted awav from 400 I " e . ' fm "'- ro «»' "<">«s. pounds to a mere 28ti n n ,. n ,k „,. , ' ch: "pi H'cm S30 a month ,o j iK'Bin with." he said. "I figured IM | go up later. It slipped my mind 1 ~ucss. They still rent for S30. I've duplexes with bath, and free aas and water—for »IO n month, furnished. A good lunch at a restaurant with three vegetables, costs 40 to -15 cents. School children get the sama lunch, minus one vegetable, for as ccnis. Hamburgers and chile cost 15 cents. "We have a mighty lot to be thanklul lor here in Tomball," says pounds to a mere MO pounds after a recent illness. In boomim; Houston, only 32 miles .uv-ay, the cost of living has j J ol „ „,.., risen 111 per cent in 10 years. But ! w ),i,'L ,-,' prosperous Tomball boasts the low- ', . cst living costs in the United States, ] „„..,' with pri>war rents, almost prewar \\£ prices, and gas and water lice ;o | Tomi all residents. The free gas and water—and the general prosperity which contrast so strangely with unbelievably lo-.v Prices-ure due to oil. Twelve years ago the lot-.i) cemetery was moved to Willow drove to make way for , ,„.,,_ an oil derrick. The bi e oil com- ,.:.'." pany, which drilled 25^-clls in city ..\v limits, contracted to provide gas ol modern t _ tor S23 « montii. I siarl- IRC the price on those slipped niy tnliul. too." | ^ winiam llolclcrrleth. owner of tin: Tomball h\irnilure Co.. hius'-'bccn sentinri the same apartments fo-- 10 years for (S s month. "I went up in the rent," he said [ "but only alter 1 furnished them Now they rent for SIO. Most of bnth—and of course, tree gas and don't like to charge too Folsom contended that democracy ' Barbara Hutton Reported HI m Bern, Switzerland trned^y.^ 1 ^'™ - Management, Labor Can Deal On Merit Raise CINCINNATI, O.. Jan. 28. (UP)— The Sixth U.' S. Circuit Court of Appeals here has ruled thnt merit raises arc a proper subject for collective bargaining between management and labor. In a split decision handed down late yesterday. Judges Florence E. Allen and John D. Martin directed enforcement of a National Labor Relntions Board order against J H Allison A Co. at Chattanooga, Tcnti' The NLHB. had directed the company to bargain on merit raises with the APL union representing its 115 employes. The union had charged raises of this sort were granted in an effort to undermine its position. In a 'dissenting opinion. Judsje Charles c. Simons held that the vol- I untnry giving of merit raises by I management was not ncccssnrilv j an unfair labor practice, especially in an era when the need for incrcas- urred numerous time,, and , "v,,, 1V iwu.-s Limes, and ^£at-ur atm^. ™ *Tfc -JSS±f ^ to «- mine the movement of glaciers, started In Switzerland, will take 250 years to complete. Might As Well Ride An Elephant . , • • • as ritlc a car dial h;is no pickup nt nil. If your car's motor is lazy. Icl us check its performance. We'll tcsl it. do the nccovfnrv "Pairs and all n \ minimum cost. Drive in now! We (;ivc You Th c "Go Mi cad'; For Safe, Happy Driving SHELTON MOTOR 11? West Ash St. COMPANY Phen.4438 much for things here in^Tombali. We're happy, and we want to see everybody happy. "It makes us sad. though, to read j about prices going up so high m ] Houston and othcr places " ! Adults spend 35 cents to see the I latest movies at the Tomball thea- ; Paris. "It .started with (he oi'l 'and the lice gas and water. And we're ; haupy. Everybody helps out cvery- ! body. I'm proud to be mayor of Tomball." HERE'S THE LOW-DOWN FOR EVERY MOTORIST WHO WANTS TO CUT COSTS! Vcs, it gels important to *mc pennies every day. So hcic's oui sii^cslinn to you ... r e c You'll find tuo fine moioi oils cm vile at I'hillips llfi si.i- tinm-ihc rcRiibr ! J hilli]» (J6 Motor Oil and the picmiutn Rradc l'l)illi|n fiR Premium Mulor Oil- jif ronnc. ihc irgu- 1-ir ijiadc CI>MS It ss. f r i N'o\\ p , if \niir rar i< an older rmiclrl, or if j,,,j j,,,, „<<. j t aumiul un.n, we recommend that y.ll ask for Phillips fi6 Motor Oii-tlie rr-til^r {jv.ulc. This is a fine nil ilui h.n hccn plr.nint; Phillips fid tmtomcrs lor jcnis. Ilnl if ynn've jnn bought a c;ir nml wain to keep it in tnp- "otfh condition, jj ,„„ drive ynir car lr>n K ami Inril — ihcn .^t, Im- Philliin fifi Premium Motor Oil. Cue of sour engine from the very first is one of the lien giui-aium ai;iiinsi cxpcn- siic (Jrmiis-.nut (hai'i teal cconomyl PHILLIPS 66 MOTOR OILS RECORD-BREAKING VALUES IN THIS GREAT. Furniture Sale SOFA BED SUITE . . . SALE PRICED! A feature, of Wards great February Sale! Sofa be,] with platform rocker to match . . . !,„,!, upholstered in luslrnus Veloiir. They're built for long wear, and the sofa opens c.isily into a full-size, 162-coil innerspring bed! II9 8 8 88 ISO-COIL INNERSPRING MATTRESS Save now at tins low IVl.r.iary Sale ['rice! Got many nigliis of restful slrrp nl E( , little COM. ]«() I'rcmirr wire roil., ihk-kly raided with all- °* ''*?= !S°° W * now fcllol col Ion. I.nii s wearing woven striped ticking. 27 OQ M-W HOMl CLEANER SHARPLY REDUCED! M-\V cleans nigs, furniture, bedding. Sprays paint. Dcmolhs closcls. 88 COCKTAIL TABLE REDUCED FROM 13.95 A Viargain in style, stnrdine.=s! llnrd- wooil \sitli Mahogany veneer top. EFFICIENT—COMPACT rft nr KEROSENE RANGETTE J'.".> Equipped wil)i 4 wickless burners- roomy oven and storage compartment.

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