The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1947
Page 12
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BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 1947 Hospital Board Doubles Mental Patients' Fee LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aug. 21, ttft>). J- The St»te Hospital Board yesterday nearly doubled the monthly fee charged lor taking, • care ; of pay menial patients. s The charge was raised from the present $17.33 to $:J5.00 a month. The controversial ques:;->n over location of the university medical school and hospital was not discussed, and Clvilrmin IMber White of'Osceola said it was not tnken up* at the meeting. White said that until tJie legal asjiects of the hospital locution have been 'clarified the board will not consider the question of the medical center. Action also was deferred on construction of $2,000,000 worth of buildings authorized by the 56th General Assembly. White said, however, that they might be discussed later. . • ' v White indicated the board was about ready to ask for IMds on six cottages for staff members at the Beaton unit to be paid out of f> carry-over fund. Auto Plants Shut Down •DETROIT, Aug. 21. (TIP)—General Motors Corporation announced today that because of a steel shortage it will close Its Chevrolet and Pontiac plants in this country during the lust week in August or the first week In September. In addition, production schedules at the Buicl;. Oldsmobile, Cadillac and GM truck and coach dl- French Scouts Visit Dixie ~y^f, T r- n # ~-z*m DIXIE A group ot vlslling French Boy Scouts leave -the "Dixio •>;,'.- r. si part of the U. S. encampment at the Jamboree for Scouts being held at Mols-wns, France. The sign over the entrance gives the identity o[ the men In Hint particular camp, these Inds being Irom North and South Carolina anil Georgia. (NEA Tclcpholo.) Atcheson Search Ends HONOLULU, Aug. 20. (UP)—The search for George Atcheson, Jr., chief "of the Allied Control Council in'Japan, and four others missin;; since the crash of their Plying Portress at sea was called oft today. The search was ended after nlr- visions will be reduced, the compa- craft and ships had comted for 5H ny said. - : f- hours .the "well-defined" area where 50 Drowned in Nile CAIRO. Aug. 21. (UP) — Fifty Egyptian villagers celebrating the Moslem Ramadan festival drowned jn the swollen Upper Nile' when their boat capsized while crossing the river, dispatches from province reported today. Atcheson <ind nlne.companLons were killed Saturday night. ' ' ••' '•'• © byEliiotell.Stir.rl. Dislobul.d by MCA SERVICE. INC TIIF] STOllVl Pop MCA*, *«»- Vllnl Cklff, rkltfru «C the Inacllv- Hy fuwed on htm': by a l»nrll«llr paralyKlHff Klruk*. He Irlltf t»r. •Cnlrutm ClenM, *o|T obMtvlrlful • •MrK*o*l, tfcuc WtHMliYATd, thr »e\v «1n(I doctor, IH due la nrrlvr Kiuin. Mulc'olm IH KrlEtil ivlih ml^riilne while •pernllMK and hl« brolkrr. »r. Mnrtfw Cleitn, JumpN Inltt the fcrrarli. !•' the tilvnn household, Mnlculm'M daughter Mfckl brlnxft her /Inure. Hrian Cox. hume with fcrr after a pnrly. When the »ee» the yonapr lover* together .N'aney. ilaletilm'a wife. rfllet'lH hlltrrly •a hi>w £Tow:itc her own life lia* fcccouie. . T\R MARTIN GLENN sat behind Malcolm's vjnlnut desk and made out the reports of his brother's day of- work. The handsome office was warm and quiet. The iniier door stood ajar, for Malcolm w'as sleeping in there, drugged mercifully against the pushing fingers of pain. Susan sat beside Mnrtin, helping him. Now and then 1 lhe~ doctor glanced down at her bright, pretty head on which the peaked cap rode like a paper boat. Frequently, the nurse rose, went to the door. ''of Malcolm's room, disappeared through it. When she come out. Martin would look up questioningly. and she would murmur reassuringly. : "I hope it vvcrfciT" s=;d Martin fervently. "It dtes seera as if someone should Jjsii "x selief for migraine^if nol £ eti'J Martin was'ss fc?? s ir^n as his brother, but miKh dsrti^r in coloring. His hair w^s thick and black, his Ekin the csltsr of svolnut juice, his 'eyebrows feushy over brown eyes so dsrk they scemec black. 'He was ten years younger than Malcolm. Susan stood beside the desk looking back to the door of Malcolm's- room. ."It isn't. right!" she said intensely. "That he shouk tuffer so. He is so good, so kind — ' Martin tipped his pen on its round end, tried to balance it. . "Malcolm's , darned lucky. vish somebody felt thntwny about Jr. Martin Glenn," he said. "You don't need it, tlie way he oes. Ur, Malcolm—" 'All alone, poor goof. With a vife and three children, a ntirse lypnotizcd into slavery to him, a vhole hospital to jump at a word rom him—not to mention his little itolher—" "Who neglects his own work to do Dr. Malcolm's," Euban competed. Well—I wouldn't say neg- ects—-" "Nobody would, Marly. But— •ou are busy, and you do take over his office when Dr. MuK'ohn's lick. . . ." • * • VfARTIN rose to his feet then, put his hands on ' Susan's shoulders, drew her to him anc kissed her. "My Siisic," he said deepiyv "My—Susie.'* • Her'fingers" stole up to slroke lis dark, thick hair. She returnee lis kiss, "ff the Supe were to come in now!" ."Let herl" Martin cried. "Why shouldn't I kiss my girl? Look Susan . . .* He reached Into the pockc' ol iiis jacket and took out a smal icart-shaped box ot white velvet In ft W«rc two rings. Martin drev forth the one set with n gleaming stone, reached for Susan's lof land. She drew back, her eye., troubled. "Oh, Murtin, I—" He seized her hand, pushed tin ring upon the third finper. Hi mouth was set in a grim line. " want my ring on your finger, Su san. I love you—I—" She moved closer to him, pu her hand to his check. "1 lov you, too, Martin. You know thai. lie held her close. "I know don't have you—as I want yot Susie. And I do want you—s much." She clung to him, her little ca awry now r>n '.lie -."rives of her re tir, her crisp uniform crushed to strange wrinkles. , "Please, Susan," said the' tall octor. "Please—** She was warm and loving in his rms, but Martin felt her with- rawal, her withholding. "I can't cave Dr. Malcolm," she imir 1 - ured against his check. "Yoji now I can't leave him." made a muffled sound in his throat; he set her aside. :rodc across the carpet to the lire- lace, stood for a minute looking own into the rosy ashes. • "I now you don't want to leave im," he said crossly. "But, Martin—" He swung on her. "If you loved ic—" - ' "I do love you." "Then why don't you do some- hing about it? You can!" "You know why I don't! For he same reason you don't go into csoarch, ns you want to do." Martin staved at her.. "How did p ou guess . . . ?" "1 know you very well," Marm." "nut—" "Ycs3" she cried. "Yon'have to itnnd by Malcolm. Just as I have :o stand by him. What's more, ,'ou wouldn't do anything else but stand by him. You know that." Martin stood there, his face Irnwn wilh pain. "I know," he idmiltcd. "But—it does seem as if . could have my girl." Susan looked at him compassionately. "A. nurse, can't rtiarry one of the doctors, and stay' on— It's loo bad you had'to chooic the ,vrong girl, Martin." He swung on her savagely. 'Don't talk like an idiot. A man doesn't choose ti girl. She's there -mid he wants her. It's something beyond his control, or doing—" "Or' wanting," said Susan coldly. "I'm sorry if I trapped you." Martin glared at her helplessly. She confronted him proudly, then slowly drew his ring from her finger and laid it on the desk. She walked across the floor and into the room where Dr. Malcolm lay sleeping upon the high bed. She felt tired nnd drained. It hurt, horribly, to quarrel with Martin. What had got into herl (To Be Continued) "•• Deaf-Mute Asks Divorce; Says Wife Is Too Noisy MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Aug. 20. (UPi —iDeaP-nv.itc Clyde Boss Graves W. yesterday filed suit for divorce against his deaf-mute wife on grounds that she made too nuicli lolse. Ills ]«tition said Mildred Exiu Walker Groves. 29. is "high-spirited and excitable" and subject to fits of anger in which she "screeches such ou<l noises that even he is .susceptible of hearing them." Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2041 1M4 INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd CharlM O. BlttncrAV. M. (Bill) WIlKra '^Tm_a_big eater., ladies—why don't you go and haunt that eating a club sandwich?" _.- -----. :--..-" 'RECKLES & IIIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER Look, You Lug RUSTY CAN'T GO TO PARADI LAKE .' HOW ABOUr HIS THATS we.' 1 GEMEROUS AS 1HE DAY IS HE 1 MIGHT BE LONESOME AT THE LAKE SOME QUIT/ TOTOLEOO, IWCRK LARDSr/ J HARD AND WE'LL AFTER. LABOR, LAR.O, 1 YOLTIO MEEF MYRTLE ! SUES GOIM3 TE> V.ORK. TO THE HAMMOCK: . FOR SOLO-OOF SMITH/ BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 9751 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch ' *4 Ti. | Pt 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 Colvert 1.35 2.65 Schenley 1.35 2.65 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 Old Taylor 4.35 Four Roses 2.85 Hh 4>.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.SO 5% Beer per Case $2.88j GAS, teg 17.5c; Ethyl 19.S-] All BrandsCigarets,ctn. $1.35! S T T U D E B A K E R S T CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales—Stwlebaker—Service Headquarters for Guaranteed New and Used Cars and Trucks l-MT New Int. l}i ton Short Wheel Base 1947 New Ford I'/- ton Lone Wheel Buse 1947 New International I'/G Ion Long Wheel Base 1946 Dodge >,<t ton Pickup 1946 Chevrolet >/, ton Pickup 1946 GMC Ji (on Pickup 1941 Chevrolet : Ji ton 1941 Chevrolet '/^ Jon Pickup 1910 International 1 ton 1947 New Ford "8" Coupe 194Z Nash 2-Woor 1941 Plymouth 2-Door 1041 Studeuaker 4-Door 11)39 DcSoto 4-I)aor Sedan U D E B A K E R WASH TUBBS He's Up to Something BY LESLIE TUKNE* IM GLRD TO GET BMC,VJASH! VIOyV ftRE GOING AT McKEE INDUSTRIES ? SWELL. HAB. McKEE'S ABSORBED TWO MORE COEPORftTIONS ftMD QPEMED R FEW FOREIGN PL^MtS SINCE MOU BEEN MftSBE IT'S TOO SOOH TO "^f CT M)CH RESJITS... BUT H'D BETTER WOpK OR III SEf K ft NEVf DOCTOR.! DOM'T SEE HOW HE STANDS UP TO THE TERRIFIC HIS PRIWEi ACiTORDlW W HIW...EUT HIS DOCTOR. SMS HE'S TOO HI6HSTRUM6 AW OVERWEIGHT! A FEW DfWS AFTER THIS TITAM OF THE BUSINESS WOR1C H^5 5ECRETLV YIELDED TO HIS DOCTORS ODD PRESCRIPTION: RED KYDER Jiiilked bv Guns BY EDGAR MARTI>' < V WBE NOT-~M=RESf tVErt IF WE Gt WE'D HAVE ID 5-IVE5 A1 ATOCR. OR SSASiEY VO'-OAY, THE BACK. OF tHE CAB1M KriE«E 1HE T\11L IS.' Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoopie By J. R. Williams fJ&LL.TriAR'S SCADS Of* STORIES A800T THIS AH, TH HEROINE LEANS AGIM TlV HERO FOR PERTECTIOM FROM TK RLJPE WORLD.' PERTECTIOM FROM THE RA1M IS ALL— 1TMOU&HT IT WAS JIM JEFFRIES TILL SHE LEANED HIS WAY.' WHY, I COULD LICK HIM.' I AIMT 1.AU&HIW-- I'LL HAVE TO WEAR THEM PADS. IV. BL11LT LIKE A MATCH, . TOOJ If'p BE 5J1CID= RSD.' ftVJKS.' 3OVE, \NMEW ^^o^A.E TLL SEMD OLD FOLK S/XV THRR' 6OLD iNi VT OOCL* DOE5NT5EEM TO LIKE THE lOEAOF OOP5 ATTENTIONS TO AN ONE: AND UV1E1M I (SET MV H>«NDS CM THA SILLVOLO , OF PULVERJ1E IT! ANYONE. CONNECTED SMTH SUCH BORM THlRTy YEARS TOO SOOM BY UCHAEL 'MAT.LEY and RAT.PH WHAT WOOID HAPWN, VK, IF «0 J05T «««D IN ON TM Miff WITH A GUN KU> KfUO HIM 10 TELL YOU WHtRE ANP HER BUDDIE6 By FRED HARMAN tVEN THOU6H YOU KNEW YOU COULD FORCE HIM TO ADMIT CAUSING MV WHER'S MURDER? 'THAT'S RICHT. THE WHEELS Of JUSTICE HAVE A ONE-SNAIL-POWER ENGINE, AND SOME- flieanwHlle, in the Brief's penthouse... BUT ROD \<& =,0 DOGSOt-i'c. VX PvWTVWG ttOW WE TO SET WHEN THE ClEftNING WOMAN COMES IN IN THE WORKING TIL TELL HER TO COME BACK IN A WEEK, THAT I'VE GOT THE MEASLES. T. JU'b'V DOWT •Stt, VKO<N tV-PtCT"b TO GET THAT'S SOWTHIX6 I COWOtfT 00, I KNEW YOU D COME MOUND, KIEF. Ill JUSI MAKE MYSELP AT HOWE HERE WHILE THE PO LICE KNOCK 1HEIR WAINS OUT LOOK- INS FOR ME. WEN SEEM TO fl£ TURNING.

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