The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE Filipinos Earthqu Flee lake Zone New Tremors Add To Horror in Ciry When Twenty Died MANILA, Jan. n. CUP)—Thousand* of resident* of Ho Ho City have fled to the countryside and refused to return today as a result of terror inspired by three new •hock* that rocked the quake-torn city just before midnight. No new casualties yet were reported to add to the 30 dead and 100 injured already counted but authorities searched the ruins of the virtually abandoned city In effort* to find possible victims. President Manuel Roxas instructed Legislative Secretary Mariano Ezpeleta to visit Ilo Ilo Immediately as his persona] representative. Er:peleta will survey the damage and coordinate relief. The tremors struck between 10:08 and 10:40 o'clock last, night, •ettlng off a wave oJ wild rumors end terror. Residents fled into the streets from houses, hospitals and theaters. Entire sections of Ihe city were deserted In an exodus to outlying suburbs. Thousands spent tha night In public plazas and others abandoned the city entirely, driven (o panic by rumors that further earthquakes and tidal waves were on the way. Ths Philippines Weather Bureau, however, said that equilibrium had been restored, Indicating lhal (lie shocks would taper olf. The'most violent of last night's shocks lasted four minutes. Even before the new quakes, life in Ho Ilo was virtually at a standstill. Schools and colleges suspended classes and many businesses closed. Several buildings were cracked and in danger of collapsing. Reports from the Interior of Panay Island described widespread do• trnction. Huge fissures appeared in the earth, cutting almost nil national highways. The largest crack reported measured 325 yards by 60 yards. Damage to Ilo Ilo wns estimated up to 5750,000 and reports from surrounding towns indicated total damage may reach several millions when a full survey is made. Towboat Kokoda Hearing Finish Line in St. Louis ST. LOOIS, Mo., Jan. 27. (UP) — Tha steam-powered river boat Ko- koda ncared' the finish Hue In her 1.051-mile race up the Mississippi i Htver today, a good 175 miles ahcnd of the Diesel-powered Helena. As the Kokoda pushed four barges Counterfeiters Caught _BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' to JaU ,„ defau!t of ,5.000 bo American TouristMayGetBreak In Paris If He Sails Real Soon By I,KO TURNER United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YO«K, Jan. 27. .;U.P.I — you waiit to see Puns in the spring, the devaluation of franc will save you about the - • ~ jfii, ni.ll ill I, UIIL third of the cost of a month of sightseeing anrt shopping. But you may hnve to hurry. If you stay at home, you'll ftel the effect of the franc crisis only slightly and over a long pcricd. Supjxwc you do want to make a trip to Krnnce tills yrar. The rnundtrip steamship fare—around $310 tourist or $C70 first clnss- wont be changed by the devaluation of the franc. You will have o pay for your ticket In dollars on ? S Jf e 'u, a 'J d the price ln '"""i" "'I 1 be kicked up on the other side of tha ocean. NO saving there But inside France, it will be a different story, all sources agreed at lenst until prices catch up with devaluation. Tourist agencies said (lie cost of living in French hotels won probably drop from »15 to $750 day in Paris—meals included—and maybe as low as $5 in Normailrty You II save money on all the souvenirs you buy in Prance-even anticipated Increase in with an prices. If you want to buy a dress in fcnnsT™' 10 "' " 1C Pr ' CC l ° Am "~ ur through the thin ice of the riv'er the more modern Helena was limp- ; ,, ----° U ° 1 " 11 f ,, , hls al The two ships left New Orleans 13 days ago. Both were behind lhe , schedule because of ice and fog: in., conditions which forced a complete runs from $300 to $700. be able to save hnlf the new rate of ex- po i ~ - i° buy a rarw original h, an Amerl ' cail store. American importers don't sell dresses from Paris, They buy them and copy them. The dress 11 buy is made of American ma- New York buyers expect French perfume price of makers to increase their product soon the - — -•• I" "II Lit V .TUVfll HI 1111 the devaluation G ni> is rubbed out. As for imports in general, Pierre Martin, executive vice president of the French Chamber of Commerce of the United states. - n aes i n < Itic., saw no great price slash for , L SCOUTS (Continued from f'ajc 1) following terms were Fnber White of Osceola. five years; Mr. Howe four years; Mr. Carlson, three; Mr HOKCI-S. two: C. R; Black Sr. of Corning, one. ™ _, tnuL-r uie Key mp riirr Council Jiiombc-i-sliip-Kt-tareel Eastern Arkansas. PCtnCl Ia>;T. nlrrlif i.n-!,.,!„„ n_ _ , , ' »'T<I-.I_ i • Soviets Offer To Scale Down Reparations I/WDON, Jan. 27. (Up)_ A Bus . sian proposal to scale down Soviet ! cp i™'^l? demall <i« from Austria to »200,000,000 to be p*ld In two years wag viewed today u » n Attempt to siphon off from Austria practically all aid envisioned for that country under the Marshall plan. Previously Russia had asked $700,000.000 to be paid over 10 years The shorter time limit would In effect force payment from American funds. If the smaller turn weie spread over a 10-year period Austria could hope to pay it out of an economy rehabilitated by the Marshall plan. The soviet* still are insisting on taking * heavy share of Austrian oil and Danube shipping and it was beilevcd that the Western powers particularly the United States still would find many objections to the new ofler. Joseph Dodge, American financial expert and VS. deputy on the Austrian treaty panel, is in the United States now but Is expected to arrive in London before nexu weekend. Dodge will preside over the. new meeting, called for early next Dispatches from Vienna, said the Russian concessions were "impres- I sive" but not, sufficiently broiiU to produce unediute four-power approval at the London meeting TUESDAY, JAmJARY 2T, 1948 * »l«w»rd, ffd Youth JWlowhlp « the Methodtat church, commander ol the American Legion, member of the o««ol» Board of Education and manager of the American Legion Baseball team ther«. Past Silver Beaver winner* oret n ' ht wer * Ployd , T. l ,, oy e f Blytheville, joe Clay Young, Mr Rogers, Mr. Carlson, Dr. Sloan' Mr. Howe. Mr. crozler, Mr. Aycoclc and Mr. Nance. Mr. Carlson 1 * annual report u prMldent, which WM distributed at the banquet, showed that there were 3,292 Boy Scout*, Cubs and feenior Scout* enrolled In the 178 Troops, Packs and Senior Units in tn« IJ-county Eastern Arkansas Area last year. Ther e were 1,131 volunteer leader, a nd five paid leaders, "• ------ * • •-- - Medical Elimination Required Seventeen troops last year used the medical examination plan for new Scouts and 20 per cent of the meeting place* In the Council Area »'«re Impeded, the report stated. An Inspection of camp Cedar valley, near Hardy, was made last year and pre-medical examinations were given all Scouts, leaders and food handlers who entered the c»mp list Summer. The financial report showed that receipts totaled »37,4M.3« while expenditures amounted to $3684791 North Mississippi county receipts were $4,431.80 while those from the South half totaled $4,730 A total of 585 Scout. 1 ! from 10 troops In the Council attended Camp Cedar Valley last Summer. He»t» Troop, attended the opening jr« r of Camp Bond nw MadUon, the report showed. The following promotions' were made during 1947: to Eagle Scout ranks, 17; to Life Scout ririk. 35; to Star Scout rank, 87; to First Class scout, 97; ,nd to Second Class Scout, 258. A total of 1 <H<J merit badge: were awarded. During 1947, 20 adults received certificates In Cubben training and 37 received certificate* in Scouters training. At the close of the meeting, 3o» Clay Young Jr., Jonesboro Scout presented Mr. Carlson with aji engraved silver bowl purchasedftw Scouts of the Council area. Exhibits showing Scout handi- jraft activities were set, up In the :iotel yesterday afternoon and last • ;, -H-rge elected last night, insludes the fol- i n <Hi>« ' American buyers. But the effect of franc can be feIC • - Col " u >' '"™: R I-I-- vuuiAij UIC1I. It. Honck of Luxorn, Arthur Rogers , : xorn, rthur Rogers ° (!ol 9. «• C- Langs ton of Lux- Suppose you are a textile work- of Reiser. Rosen Clarion of Blvthe- value. The French business can be reflected In related predict that boost French American Industries. Banking sources sound currency will Promised Land. Others named to this group were Jeff Davis of Trumann. c D Frler•™: 1 J ^ ° r Jonesboro. O. L. Robin— --- ~* *jvi son of Enrlc, For there. taxpayer, would profit Truman's New Pilot On Test Hop to Clarendon, Paul Mills of Helena. G. W. Metzlcr of More, W H Harris of Market! Tree. R L McG» of Marked Tree, Leigh ' a £?e o Jonesboro, Jr. J. Howell of Watash. SL-ssravsE x;. Meyers, planned to leave for Wash- , These of ,.» A " lcrfcan l»bor and .1 Olt be ™? cut In the mat now averages $BOO TI stylists said there isn't a . , ">* ivii_i,-vi n i-umpieie halt last nieht and the night be- t h< fore. Even the fancy radnr equipment with which the Helena is equipped was no help In (he fog The towboat Tom Sawyer went ncr,nen e .0^^^"'at i J ¥"*^" *»" Jefferson Barracks. Ma. ^ndlLr I runTf, e y^' her across the finish line in front i mice wire hi nVhere Cml *"** UnC '« ""»'- ?."<*»'% "do'^.'S i go lo Paris fave monev. like for French per- There are approxi farmers in . uyers for ar Now York stores don't expect nnv price cut here. Mrmy so ca"lcd French perfumes are made vacation "White House" here. ' Williams landed the presidential [I*"" h ^J>: K \"^ on a flight ion to familiarize before bringing the President Vcl" for his next, rest. |.xwrtnrt expected =» l •» » t "*-v. her Reduces Attendance roads reduced the appearanc Education, tendance ami prevented of Rnlnh Ship Loses Propeller NORFOLK. Vn.. Jan. 27 (UP) — A Coast Guard cutter was on its w1i'ii t0day '° aid the Libertv sl »l> William A. Richardson, which los> a propellor 120 miles Southeast of Cni.e Henry, Va. yesterday The Coast Guard said the shin was in no immediate danger bin that the cutter Cherokee was or- WBS scheduled the banquet. One of the Silver Beaver winners was absent due to road conditions. H ls name wilf be aniioimceti Inter. In Mr. Jour-s' absence, brief talks on tlicir interest In Scout work were given by j. V . Dates of Blv- rllPl'lllo XI. r^:_, ._ . tj '.' theville, ,M r . B: approximntely I SM fur | "f," 0 ' P«r«mes are made in «™t the cutter Cherokee was "". s iT,,n- C ' B Wisconsin. (America fio m French materials.I <i"cd out immediately to help the ^. Lmc., w •^i^j Richardson. The Cherokee w!S e" mto Uoub™ Richardson, Western the Richardson to Ellis of Victoria. L. C. B . Young of Oiccola, and Harley E Erl) of Memphis, regional Scout executive - Erb termed the Scout unit the key man In Scouting In i Arkansas. This nation Is great," he said because of th c willingness of men to give time and effort to others. This is the spirit of Scouting " In closing the meeting, Mr. Howe, the newly-elected Council president. Mid credit was due Scouts' parents and that they were needed in Scouting. During the afternoon meetings yesterday, the Executive Board District Committee, Finance Committee and institutional representatives met at th e Hotel Noble while Camping and Activities Health and Safety, Organization and Extension, and Leadership I mining Committees and Scoutmasters, cubmasters and Commissioners met at the First Prcsbv i - ian church. Committees Report Committee reports were given at the business session in Hotel Noble prior to the election of officers Mr. Ralph. only Mississippi County winner of the Silver Beaver award last night, has been connected with Scout work for the past 12 years. He has served as a member of his Troop Committee and as Scoutmaster, District Finance Chairman, district advancement chairman, and district commissioner. He also has been a member of the Executive Board for several years. His record of civic activity in Osceola includes service as presi- pected to re.ic tiny. The Irclehtor. owned by thc U S. Lincj, wa.s bound for Norfolk! o, when she ran MY DEARS, PR ISC ILL A KNOWS HER tfTUFF r ~~ rt ELLIS POOLE X: SHE KNOWS THAT CUT PRICE OFT' IS> BLUFF FOR ME HER SLOGAN'S &OOD ENOUGH \ ^ DEAL AT POOLE MOTORCO. _ .._ . , ' ln the hole on a deposit?" NO NEED FOR THAT! DELIVER ' N G ^ w w -Dial Steele 49 SALESMEN TO SERVE YOU-5 MO. Phone Steele 49 Forty-four Negro Scout* from sev- SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENDED WHISKY. 86.8 P Seagram-Distillers Corporation. Chrv only HUDSON gives you HOUR SERVICE With Better Cleaning . . . the Hudson Finish iKAHN JCAPPS —SUITS BY- ROBERTS i SEWELL j HUDSON CLEANER Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR CLOTHIER Steel*, Mo. I :.

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