The Morning Post from Camden, New Jersey on November 22, 1879 · 2
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The Morning Post from Camden, New Jersey · 2

Camden, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1879
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7' l if The Daily Post. The Oldest Daily South of Trenton PUBLISHED EVERY EVENING . JbJT 139 FEDERAL ST, H. Ii. BONSALL A SON, Prop'rs. II. L Boxsali. Babt. I. B0K8ALL .... .-. .- Ctarrs Hatih, Advertising Manager. SATURDAY," NOYE MBKR tt, 1879. NOTICE TO AD VERTISER8 Business notices, Marriage and Death notices, and Advertisements every kinJ, must be left at the Counting Boom " this Office by 11 A. If., in order to en sure "insertion " the tame dayr- Marriage notices muct be accompanied by a respon sible name, and art charged ttoentyftce cents. Death notices, tvcnly-fite cents each insertion. K . . "PROCLAMATION BY THE GOV- " ERNOR. u when war and pestilence prevail we have an-ple caae to render U-anksttfee Almighty for His goxea? so much more reason bare we now, when lie his broagm back prosperity to our land ; when he Las again blessed the farmer with abundant harvests: when La has restored activity to trade aud manufactures, given wort to the laboring men, in, whose hornes p-iva- tion and want o loug prevailed;-when He has restrained the pestilence; ween He has given 11s peace, health and prosperity. - For these good reasons, and in accord- ance with the established custom cf the Stale, I, George B. McClellan, Governor of the Stale of New Jersey, do hereby de-.- signate THURSDAY, THE 27TH DAT OF NOVEMBER, instant, as a day of public ThanksgiTing and praise through, out this Slate, when we may reader thanks to Almighty God for His abundant benefits .- to us, aud humbly beseech Him for a continuance of Bis blessings, not according to cur deserts, but in the superabundant measure of His mercy and lovirg kind- . nesa, - jl lzLl Given under my band and aeal, at the Executive Chamber, in tbe city of Trenton, this eighteenth day of No- r .vembar, in tbe year of our Lord one L.S. thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine, and of the independence cf . . the Ueited States the ore" hundred "77 aud fourth. ; r . V GEO. B. McCLTTLLAN. Attest : Jomr A. Hall, Private Secretary. Hoh. Edward Bettle; hasfiaished h's Prison Labor inquiries, and tho results of the investigations of the State Coni-missloa'will be published for tlielnfonria-tion of the Legislature and the public at large. The conclusions arrived at by the commission are' understood to bo tliaf while Uh competition of prison labor with outside effort Is cot eo : great as ba been imagined, still, to prevent such com-j etifion from asjumfng anything like disturbing proportions, it is well to diversify -the product cf the prison as far as possible, so as to attain the indispensible end cf keeping the prisoners at work without causing their out put to come into seiiors competition with any organfz-dHudustryT The Idea that a prison ehould bo rnsde a source of revenue to the Sta'e, cr even ( nlirely. sel' sustaining, seems . to have been considered! of secondary importance, as it should be, compared with the moral and pbys!caP effect of a divers'fied industry upon the inmates, who will th5s have aa opportunity of acquiring tot alone ene branch of one handicraft but will be enabled to "pick up" a sufficient knowledge of Mveral"indastrieswhlch th?y can ulillixe when they return to-the community as honest workmen ins'.cid cf becoming psupers or cr'm'ta's. . After a'l, . bat can be dote without the coop er-aUon of other States, ia which some uni- . form plan shall be adopted fa- the govern- of allllLe States - employir-e buion labor; for whatever one State may or may not do will be rendered nugatory by the failure of others in .interest to do the same thing, the product of the prisons of " New York and Connecticut, 'for instance, being shipped to 7 New- Jersey7"ahd our own fabrications going elsewhtre. That prison labor, in so far as it does seriously affect with outside labor should be deprecated and discontinued, all fair-minded men will admit. That labor Is, at tbe tame time a necessity, is equally obTiousv The problem will be to strike tie hippy mean by which the prisoners may be kepi employed and prevented from dying with the dry rot, while, at the same time the product of their labor is made of such a character as to do awy,as far as practicable, wiih its naked competitive character - t - . A Swiss newspaper warns antiquarians against fabricated specimens of articles purporting to belong to the age of bronze, and to have been found among the remains of lake dwellings and in the beds of rivers It Bays there is a regular manufactory of tnese tuingi near the Lake of Blenne, and that bronze swords are balng offered, at f20 each which are not worth a dlme and Ifadame Rumor; with one of her hundred tODgues, says such ancient specimens are jnanufactured every day in our own bc loved New Jersey. ! i It is Btaf ed that nhe Democrats of New York are to ba reorganized and ro unlt d." ' We can underetand tho xo-organlztion part of the programme, but the party in that state will never bo re-aiited eo long Noktu Ameiucan The movement in favor of a - national bankrupt - law; has started in Boston, and has received the ap proval of the Shoe and Leather trado of that city,' which has an especial interest in such a law, as its bnsiness extends to all the States and Territories of the Union. A national bankrupt law is certainly prefera ble to throwing business men upon tho mercies of as many Legislatures . as there are States in the Ucioa ; and yet our ex perience with the law- that ' was repealed by the last Congress was not sach as to encourage the asking of the passage of any similar ao!. - '"v-'.' Ibklaxt is . a powder msgszlne that may explode atanj moment. England, instead cftryinj to Temova the causes of disaffection resorts to repressive measures which, wlrle thoy temporarily prevent the blazi do not extinguish the smoulder ing embers ol revolutiou, and when they ao curs; into name the consequences Cireaten to be s.rious. A strong govern- mentis aood-ildagulLa-jfstUfactory cna i bsitex. And whiListrue-oflEag-! land in her rt!lioas to Ireland applies as well to Spain in her management of Cuba where a forir'dable insurrection is in pro- grcss. 'ruK BAnu.i was befoze Judge Lud ow yesterday on a requisition from the Governor of New Jersey and a warrant of. extradition from Governor Hoyt. He is charged with killing Jersey-City school boy during a disturbance between a num- i . . . , . i Aaiiaus, wuo were sircat musicians, rrooi waa made rf bis identity, and T.,l- - - o ow ordered him to be delivered into the custody of Captain Hugh Mullany, of the Jersey City Police, to bo taken to that City for trial. r , u : Iks thousand holes have baen bored n the oil region of McKean, xounty, Pa. u the sweet by and by some genius with i utilitarian view3 will gather up all iheso holes and mike a huge McKean-scat chair of thera for 6om g'gantic geologisLwho will point to tbem-rv-the : footprints of tho ages, The articles of incorporation cf the West Jersey and Atlantic City Railroad 1 have been filed in the office of the Secreta ry of State at Trenton. The capital stock is $300,000, divided into 10,000 shares i of $30 each. . . The Coroner's jury in the Nynian case, at Passaic, N. J., yesterday foucd that JohFNymaa-died by"violenceat the hands of Kommer, and that Kate Nj man, wLe of the deceaeed, was arcessory. Joseph WHAUTOJf ha3 bought; the Hackeltstowji Furnace. He is a stock holder of tho Bethlehfyn Iron Company, but it is understood that" he purchases it on his own account. CAMDEN PRODUCE MAKKETT Beportfd ry wittiAM K. Cqby. ( 2, Federal Street Market. ; , Cabbage........... .........3 0) per hundred. n-PP'e 3.50 per narrel, t'otatoes (Kose,).. ........ , .70 Der buB.hl. Snowllakes ; ., .75 Cranberries. ........... : .. Beans (Lima)...., CO per basket. 8 weet Potatoes, Cjrn .45 " AS 1 25 " Pears, llartleit... Cucumbers ,. M .81 -53 0 Kc Plnt tt PeDrer8 Tomatoes...... Chickens .15 per pound. Spring, is Eggs (fresh Jersey) .25 per doxeu. "WTltBrLAl5lE8 OF CAMDEN. The finest and largest variety of cakes is at Manu's bikery and confectionery, 605-N.- Second St..-uch-as frnit.-i8(lv. pound, epong, white mountain, bun and many omer Kinds. Mince and and differ- est ojner kind or pies, fresh evetyday. Chew Jacison'a Tscc. i L P, MiU Sitts? Wiae of lm Gives tone to the stomach. Itimproves the avjtii "u i8is aigesuon : excites tne bowels to healthy action, exnlitn? an 1 h humors that contaminate the blood, corrupt the secretions and offend the breath. It excites the liver to a healthy action and strengthens the nerves, imparting that glow v mo juruceoua aione iTOm poriect health. Get the genuine. Sold only in 91 bottles, or six bottles for 3. Ask for Ev F. n.uBj.iLuuuK0Dooiuer. ifyourdrue- ust nas it not, send to proprietor, E. F. i.UNKKL. KO. 259 North Ninth .tmot Phlla ouvimuw; euciuse uiree-oont stamp. , Worms. Worms. Worms. E. F. Kunkel's Worm Rvmn destrov Pin. ftaat kml R txtir. au xsrMrtna Dr. Konkel, the only Buocessful physician wno removes Tape Worm in two hnnm.1 alive with head, and no fee until removed. Uommon sense teaches If Tape Worms be removed, all other worms can be readily destroyed. Advice atoffice and store, free. The doctor can tell whether or not the pa- ..UU.UH9 .v.uui, .uuuMuua irvuymK,aaiiy worn worms. E. F. K.onkeiT'8 Worm btkup never rails to remove them. Price. 1.00 per bottle, or six bottles for 5.00, (For Tape Worm, write and consult the Doctor.) For all others, buy of your drueeist the wonn Syrup, and if he has It not, send to DT ,EF KcBKM.,259 N. Ninth street, Phll-adalphla, Pa. Advice by mail, free: send three-cent BtamD. Kunkel's Bitter Wine of lron Is sold in Camden y De La Cour, 8rd and Arch s Martin Goldsmith, 2nd street and Atlantlo -i jx. imx, m and Linden ; Rlntrel 2nd and MarketT A v t. u ? k' and Federal, and the drag trade jenar'aUy. AN AGREEABLE MESSAGE: ; Mrs. John Brlnkerhoff, of Highland, UI- r y ' V '" loiiowmg message ..K , rlen wil was about to visit Rondout : 'Call on Dr. Kennedy and tell him that I have used the favorite Remedy aa he direct- wihuhuim it us aone ior me au ne promised and more. I tOOUld not I emmnt rift mil h. out it. Tell him, too, that I shall always be glad to recommend it to all m lori v frion.iB Who baDDOn to be snfrnrlnir fmm tn. rl thoso complaints to which we women are ubiect." I i TheDoctorallegesthattheFavorlteRem- eay is equally efficient in removing all those complaints Incident to Change of Life, to A ge or Climate, For Bftle everywhere. On liQUar bolUs, . inarmy -RAILROADS, WEST JKBJSEY ' ,1 BAILEOAD On and after SEPT. ai. isrit Train, ,n ax m luilUfTVt' Expresi for Cape May t.M a m. Ao-oominodatton 8.30 pm. eandav Mail 8.40 am For Vinoland and MlllvllU,i 8.30 and 9.18 s m, 3.20, d.(kj p m. -on 8undr 8.40 a m. , For Swedesboro40.10 a tn a.40 and 8.40 pm. For Bridseton and PorV Norrtt, 8.30 i ar.d3.10pi. For Brtdgeton, B.40 m. For aalem, 80 a m and 8.40 p m and en wwwmrw una BRiurcarKonryats.40rtn. or Woodbury. J0 laiO 11.80 a ra 8.40 (.43 B.40 S.40 and lL0 p m. On Bonday 8-fiO ID," For Wenonah. 8 30 llJJO a rn 8.40 4-43 B.4D pm, ana on Tbundra only at C.40 and 11.4a pm: On Hntvdny 8.) m. .. For Delaware Klvcr li. B..11.W m and u. tr. ia it jdc.u, oenr Passenger Agents CAMDKN 4 ATLANTIC RAJLT.OAD. Express Trains run through In 80 Minutes. Oa and after OCT. 5, 1S79, TrabuLexm Tbu Street Jijrry, PACadepWa, FOR ATLANTIC CITY. Accommodation, lne'.udhis Sundays, 8 am. Express, except Sundays, 3.13 p m. Accommcc&iioii, exoopi Hunays .oo p m. LOOAi T3AJ3TT. tH;bor axid 'Ab:con, 8 a niT73,13 and , 4.&1 p m. -. May's Landlnjr, 8 a m, and 4 p m. WUllamstowu, 8 10.13 a m 4.1S p m. Hasnmonvoa. Sam 8.13 4 CO and 6 p m. Acto, S 10.13 a m 4.00 0 and from Camden only. 11 53 n m. HadJonfleld. I S 9.45 and 10.19 a m S 4.00 5 6.46 ana from Camden ouly, OA5udU.63 pm, SYains Leave Aiitmiie CXty. Express, except Sundays, 7.00. a m.. AcoommodaUon except Sunday 65 am and 8 30pm. -Sunday Trains Accommodation. &B p m. Exnres8 (stops at E Harbor City.) 6 n m. Far?, 81.00. Bound Trip Tickets, good iOT ten days, 8130. The Union Transfer Company will call foz and i-Jieok hapacp tn dentlnatlnn eireei., vise hitni rerry, jroiiaaexpoia. mA vn a rno.tnn . 1. H. MDDY, Agsnt. CHANGE OF TIMS. T3ErfuL0UCE8TER AND MOUNT O EPHRAIM RAILWAY. r . YT. 1 1 . 1 . ... , . I Kaighn's Point and Pluladelphia Ferry, 1st wkarf above South street, Philadelphia, and return, as follows : (Sundays excepted). eave muaaeipnia iorut. j.po shralm, and a to. 12.15. East Gloucester, 7.00 and 8.15 a to, 8.15 and 6.13 p m. Leave Mt. Ephralm for Philadelphia, T.55 and 8.50 a m. 12J50, 8.50 and GJ50 p m. Leave East Gloucester T.40, 83 a m, 12. SS, ee, 6.55 pm, Leave Philadelphia for aioucoster,6.C0, SM, 7.00, 8.19, 9.18, 10.15 and 11.10 a m, 12.10, 1.13, 2.13. 8.13, 4.15, 6.15,.15 and T.13 p m. Leave Camden 6.12. 6.42, 7.12, 8.27,90,100, 11.80 a m, 127,10, 2.07 WT, M, 5 30 tSB,! Leave Gloucester for Philadelphia, 6.00,6.83, . ....;.. , I 7.00, 7.45, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00 and 12.00 a m, L00, 8.00, S.09, 4.UU, 0.00, C.W, 7.00, 8 pm. Nlghi Train, on Saturdays onl'ji ' From Philadelphia, 8.15, 9.13, 10.15,11.13 p m. From Gloucester, 9.09. 10.00, 11.00, 12.00 p m. An extra tram wui leave an ana Auauuc Avenue at 5.45 a m. Horse cars and eoaehes connect with all trains at Camden, going and returning, for 1 Philadelphia, via Federal street f6iry, and ail pans oz uamaen. ua eatuxaaya, nair nour trains netweec ftiuaueipuia ana Gloucester ire-m ii.yu m until iMp in. Trains step at Jappcr street Junetion of tho Philadelphia and Atlantic CJ ty Kailroad on algjftl cr notice to tho conductor. .. .. ni .. TTl TT3 irinvruuTi I AND -ATLANTIC CI1I It. WrcOvrPrER , ABOVE WAINUr ST. Operated under tho Trustees from July 7, 19. FOR ATLANTIC CITY. AcoommodaUon, daily, etopplng at all l stations, : 1 : " c a. m. Accommodation, daily, ex. Sunday, 4 p. rn. Kxcress. dall vexccDt Sunday 4 . m. Sunday F.rprtB,, 1 8 a.m. Dally Excursiou, except Sunday, (iicund xnp on icw train, oocts.) bJJO pm. FROM ATLANTIC CITY. Accommodation, daily, ex. Sunday, 7 a. in. express, uany, except aunuay, 7 a. ra. Accommodation, daily, ex. Sunday,3.60 p ra AcoommodaUon, Sundays only, 4 30 p.m. Express, sunuays only, 0.10 p.m. Excursion, dally, except Sunday. 6.25 p. m. Sineie Fare on regular trains. l. Round Trip Ticket, good Sr 10days,?l M. Sunday excursion xiaket,fi. l'ai'.y Jixcnrson, cx- Monday, CC ct. KIIJ8 CLAKS:. .,IT1B4"," MZDZRTAZim DWIN GILLINGHAM, GENERAL FURNISHING UNDERTAKER. -OFFICE r No. 23 MARKET STREET, pBranchOfllce, 332.JBENSON1 STREET Latest style hearse and carriages. With all thinca antxertal ulnar to the (ran. era! Undertaking business, furnished at the shortest notioo. mrl CIQARS. H.BOLGIANO, : CIGAR MANUFACTORY, 810 Federal Street, Camden, N J. Q.US. HOFMANN, ' DEAldbtt ls VIMS KtUAltH, 419 N. THIRD STREET. CAMDEN, N. J. jJBNEB SPARKS, S. E. COR. THIRD AND ARCH 8TS. Oil 'rs and tobacco of all kinds. Smokers jhewers will here be satlafled. ... and W2uT. STEIN. PRACTICAL GUKSHITH, 309 Federal Street.Camden, N. J. Breech" and Muxxle Loading Shot Guns. i Revolver, Cartridges. Powder, Caps, , AT TUB LOWEST PRICES. , i SHOT, tL65 PER BAG, (25 lbs.) Ail kinds ofBTOlTS mad Sun Repaired. 13'W, t - X f.- :. llllllll.Wll i j ll1 ' . ' TJ O. MASON, - TaACJlM orPixorooaOxoAv, , Ko. 448 soutn Finn street. . Term, tfl per Qrtr bt Mlassons. Pnn IU ti ws ca Hi sin Crras et issici RAILROAD B. PENNSYLVANIA U.LOAD ' On and after Nov. 17th., lfli. ; MAINLINE. ; - JVcau leave Depot, 32d and Market ttruli Pittsburg Exp., daily. 6x. Sunday, 6.2S p m. umcinnai ; .xprcst cany, 9.10 p m. Faclfle Sxpress, dallTjllJsB p ra. Nlarara Kxnress, daily, ex. Sunday , 8 00 in. W"atklns'Exprs6s,dally,ex.8anday,ll.f 0 am Erie Mail aud Buffalo Express, daily, ex cept (taiuruay, 11.00 p m. Bouovo Express, daUy,ex.Sunday,8 00 m. Lock Ha von Ex. dally.ex.Santffty. am Bagerotown and ilartlneburg Mall, dtllr, except Sunday. 8.00 a m. Chambereburs Express, dally, except Sun day, a ia. t-arliEle Acoommodfttion .dally. except Hun day, 5.00 p m. On Saturday runs to Cham-1 venonrg. Harrisburg and York Erpreas.dal ju except Sunday, 5.00 p m. I Mail Train, daily. On Sunday runs only to Harris furg. s.ooam. . Harrlsburg Accommodation, dally, except Sunday, 2.30 pm. York and llanover Express, dally, except Sunday, 8.00 a ra. . York, Hanovor and Frederick Express, dal ly, except cu.'iaay, am. Columbia and York Accommodation, dally, except aunaay, 4.00 p m. 1 Parkesburgtraf un,aaiiy, , ex. Sunday 0 p m DowningtownconiinodatlcQ, dauyr exl cepi aunaay, 11.00 am, ana 100 pm. (.m Paoli AoommodationTS.S), 1.60 "and 10.M k r.ujiui.v . iij.ii 11 in. " xa, t, 8.30, 40, 6, 6 30, 7X0, 9.00 and 11.80 p m. Buniiay , ana y.ou a m, l, .a ana .oU p m. Bryn Mawr Aocommoiiatlon,d&l!y,eicept . Sn nday , 8.30 a ra and 8 p m. West Chester 8.00 and 11 a m, 2.30, 4.30 and Way Paasen ger, daily, ex. Mondr.y, 1103 am. rTBAiirfl asuitz: 7 From'PXUsbBtgrSVW affil 7TW"ST20"pm dally, aud 7.00 a m and 3.40 p m, daily, ex cept Monday. From Erie and Willlama- port, 7.00 a in, daily, ex. Monday. From Buffalo and N iaeara Falls. 7.40 a m daily. except Mouclay. From Lock Haven. 3 40 "pcictftlly except Bnnday.-From "Ren ova; jliock naven. waixuis', .imiraana wm iamsporv 7 ) p m, daily, except Sunday, rrom uarnsie, aauy, ex. Sunday, 12.01 p m. tYx wumuutuiuipjMwy except Monday, T.H)pm. on Mondav only. llJifl n m QiMariinsDurg ana UAgerstown, aauy, except Sunday, a.iu p m, and dally, except XAuiuny, a-uu a m. NEW YORK DIVISION. Trains Isate Depot, S2d and Market ttrteit. I tfmMii. fA. It7tn V.V lO A., tt OA O 4M V AA VUVI V W .VUt 1.S0 p m)1.4?,2. 4.80.7 and7.3a rm.On Sun- aay, xxvi, 0'), o jt o ana. du a to. ana 7 .a3 p ni. Emigrant Train. 11.40 o m For Brooklyn, N . Y.,all ihrough trains con nect ai j ereey uny wim ooais or "urcok-lyn Annex," affording direct transfei to Fulton street, avoiding aoubie f err lair anu journey across uiew xorz uuy. v m r.,.. .ui.n... v. it Expraes for Freehold, Sea Girt, and Long uxanos, e uu nam. ana p m. For Newtown, 8.4) ' m, 3J0 and CIO p xrv. Sunday trains, 0.00 a m and 6 n ra. 'raVi 3?: Ll! xrainj. ia.yi.'i.4u. Bjuaai,. ana i.ojsa. rKi 75 pm. i . TBAura absitb : ; ' ; . am, (Llroited Expres,12.20,) 1.65,3.(38,5.26 5.65, G.C07.40. 8.C0, S.Pfl, 10.38, and 11.40 v m. f Sunday, 12.60, 7.05, 1L80 a ni, 70, 80,108, n.u Dm. From Boston, T.03 a m, ' From Long Pranoh 11.20 a no. ftnd 7.40 n m. 2Vruw 1&k Kensington DepotPront and Btrki 1 Express for New ork, 7.00 and 8.80 am. ! For Trenton. 7.00, 7.40, 84J3, 10.15 a m, 2.18, 4.10r-4.45,0.13 and-8.20-p m.- On Sunday, 8.00 a ra ami 5U5 pm. . 12.01, 5.00 tnd 7.00 p m. . TBJtlirD AB2IV3V From Trenton, 8.05. 9."5, and 10.35 a m, 1 J6, 4.C5, 5.19, 65 and 8 pm. Un eundar, 1.1c, - and S lfi p ni. v - , IRELVIDERILJDTVISION. iVafeu Uck4 Depot, Thirty-szcond and Mvrksi : urfti, aauy, except cuntiay. . Expresfl for Lambertville, Earton, aud Del aware Wat i i Gap, 8 and 11 a m. and 5.30 pm. --- v.- -v-: For LambertTlUe, 2.00 pTn. For Bolvldere, . 4 p. m. ; For Flemlngton, 8 and 11 a m, and 4 p m. TKAJNS ARBIVK DAILY. EICKPT SUHBAY Fi-om Eastcn, 9.40 a m, 3 55 aud 9.55 p m. ZVafeu It ao Kensington Depet Front and Birkt. stretU, dozily except thmday. Express for Lambertville, Eaaton and Delaware Water Gap, 7.48 and 10.15 a m, and 6.30 pm. For Lambertville, 2.15 p m. For Belvidere. 4.10 p. m. For Flemington, 7.40 and 10.15 a m, and 4.10 p m. VBAISS ASBIVE DAILT, XXOXFT SFNDA1 ; From as',0!i, 9.C5 and 10.C3 a m, 4.05 p m. - ' AMBOY DIVISION. Train: leave from Mctrkst Street Ferry. Express for New York via Trenton, 9 am. ard 3.S0 d m. ... Aooommodaucn for Jamfiabnrg and South Amboy, 9.80 a m and 2 pm, oonn acting for Hquan and Long Branch. Wy Trains for Trenton, connecting with .Express trams ior a ew i ore,, 73 and 10J0 a m, 12 m, 2, 3.30 and &80 p ra. For Trcntcn. 2 r m. : ttt . I Way Train : for Burlington, S.00 pm. On Sunday, 9.80 a mand 10 p m. Way Train for Bordentcwn, 4.53 and 11 JO O b in. oa Sunday, 6 00 p m. - ---- For Kinkora Branch, 8.1C and 10.39 am, and 440 p m. For Hlghtstown, 6 50 and 73 a m, 2, 4, and pm. For Long JBranch via N.J. S. B.R.,T.40am, or xucaeron,2.4uam,cjw ova. For Medford , 7.40 fc 11.00 a m, S, 0, 6.80 p m. or Mt. xiouy, cx,i.w,ana li.iu a m , in 1 ,8. 4,5, 0.80, 10.00 and 110 p m. un For Pemberton, 60, T.40 azd li.03 a m,8, 1, 5 r and 6.80 pxm i tbaixs asbiyx: From South Amboy and Jamcsburg, connecting from Long Branch and ilina-squan, U.40 a m and 8.05 p m. From Trent on, connecting from Not? York, 8.40 10, and 11.40 a m, 2.40, 140, 043,649. 8.05, and 11.30 p m, daily, except Sunday. BALTIMORE A POTOMAC RAILROAD. Baltimore, Washington and the South. ! Traim leave Depot,t3i and Jfarket streets. Express for Baltimore and Washington, 1M 720 and ll.O a. m. (Limited Express, 12.22 and 6 p.m.) On Sumlny, 1.05 a. m. For Richmond, 1.05 and U.40a m., (Limited Express, 12.22 p ra.) On Sunday, 1.05 a m. ' - trains AnKiyx : From Washington and Baltimore, 8.23 and , 10.50 a m, 1.U), 1.20 and 6.45 p m. On Sunday, 3.25 am. xrrom ucnmona,s.z5 a m A 6.41 p xa. Sleepine-carUckets can bs hat &i Sleeping-car tickets can be had at Email and Chestnut atreets, 838 Chestnut St.. and depot, Thirty-seoond Market streets. i xm i union Transfer Company will eallfer uu ou pMggtigB intra noieis ana rosluen-oes. Time cards and full Information can be obtained at the depots and ferry named above, and at tho followinir Ticket 02lcet:&$8 Chestnut strset: southeast comer Broad and Chestnut streets, 116 juarjtet sireei, ana uneiten Avenue, Ger Li x" farmer, General Passes rer Attn! fRAWC.THOWBOJl, CTJRTIS IITjrjL,X, s Ixihf "0 a x? s? i a g o M4JXUFACXUIlMJi. OFFICE AND FACTORY Pi no tA uu xiauaon veuuc, near xenLu. (jam-den, N. J. '" a. xf-rraotiai uant-tnoiini asd 31 MI8CELLANE0 US. A FEW WOKDS,TELL IT ALL! There fs no Better Clothing made than we make and no such stock of clothing . to beseen in the country, Ready-lfade. tir? 7T ' . fTh& uaiui i5G5 the Ltapgesti The Prices arcltho; Lories t, We mean to keep OAK HALL ahead of the traderw here people can sure to ? :. i 1 ; be tatisaed when they fail everywhere else. Our Motto is x. bak-Hall Against THE STOCK IS IN PRIME ORDER, THE SALESMEN ARE IN FULL FORCE ' AND THE PEOPLE ARE WELCOME TO fC VV( ti(()J - f T flTTT vviiiu a jxv amjluu) TOHEl?0R15ETTER"CaTHiIi(7 COME -We and bj-everyialo wo -inake "and We are glad to say the great rush keeps up. We aro ready to give our best attention to every Customer,-though the crowd should be double. : , WANAMAK ER OK HALL, S. E. corner Sixth and Market Streets. Tho Z,axcrest Clothing? -E3SIP0PF. ABT. LEADING 0RSA1T ; An Honor Claimed by Many, to . a. 1 - ivv rs , t T ' . . ' ft : - I i - -J fMW0m, 1,1 Siii3ugi ,777. . I ;1 I : ' . ' ' " .. I I It REASONS. 1st. Unequaled Machinery. 2'i.,Unequaled Workmen. i 3d. Un-'qual' 1 Tono. 4th. A Corps of Artl?ts in Tone and Design constantly employed ou Kew Features. -r r r -- PROOFS 1st, Largest Factory. 21. f luriubiuu nu. jus uuquaumu vuuureeuitiiit ox au musical ana musio-ioving hi ' r pcaple throughout the world. '- - . : ..v. n-i. . . i ! . . . . . . a linvijAiJnhiKr wc aisciaim ever naving received an international Award m JLR It 1a fl flxp.'l trlniirtlk with tin not t rmni-o! A tn nmrminma - - - I PRICES as lorn as can be found in the Country for aReMleirtsframnh PHILADELPHIA AGENCY, " ,; E M. BRUCE, & CO., 18 N, 7th St., Phila. WILHELMJ. MQUHT VERHOH FURNITURE WAREROOUS, ; S- COOPER, SOIST Sc CO., 7u 7 Manufacturers and Dealers in Fine .Furniture & Bedding, ; ! 119 and 131 N. Second St., Above Arch. BRANCH STORES : 43QQ ahd 43JJ PRANKFORD AVE., PHILADELPHIA. Our-Laree Stock -of Fine Cabinet t Ware . Designs in Parlor and Chamber SuUes; Sideboards, Wardrobes, Easy Chairs, ; Book Cases, Writing Deeks, Tables, Hat Racks, etc., etc., and all : guaranteed to be of the best material and workmariahfp. , 7 A Specialty made jn tho FINE UPHOLSTERING DEPARTMENT. Call and examine our slock. Wo aim to etvt aatificliun. and our motto is : . r .. - ..... "WE DEAL FAIKLYBY ALl' i . .. .. : ' . . (Successors to Ecccher & Shion,) : ". .' COiOj'BEAliEKSj 7 ; Best Quality of Genuine Lehigh, acdErd I Whit3 ;Ash SchuyiMll Coal, Selected 7 77 and Prepared for Family Use,. : at lowest' Harkt'Frkel';' ;;l..?:;. OFf ICS & YARD, VlffE BT. WHAttP, Ceojer'i Tolt BRArTCH OFFICR. 311 TTalrf i 1 4 1 0 0 T K(l FOR BEST CLOTHING.: -me k JJcmse In America. BUBENSTEESr, OP THE WORLD " but Deserved Only by the Lareest Production. 8d. Largest Er-r . .. i , . . . - SUItr D20TW comprises the Greatest Variety of New Q 0 . it BROWN ' :. - ' ' . II - an tit iwi lif ty, El R tlh bei f rc lea on ev . un: . nn Be. Wl the his in whi sen tha the era1 lam We Wh Orl Jus The Oea Knc Of 1 Sub o ture foro to i witl the fist first simj Jesn moti tent appe Uger pot arwurrsinBi, . ii ?!

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