Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 1, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1891
Page 4
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John Gray's 'CORNER" 'On Spring and Summer Underwear and Smith & Angel's celebrated Fast Black p ~ Hosiery for Ladie's, Misses and Children's. Every pair -f)f hose guaranteed pure vegetable dye—no mineral "poisons used in coloring. all the State which have general license laws is 1 dram shop to 250 inhabitants. In Maine there is 1 retail dealer in distilled liquors to every 750 inhabitants; in Vermont, 1 to 820, in Iowa, 1 to 520; and in Kansas, 1 to SOO. TO-UAV you can buy twenty pounds of sugar- for ono dollar.- Yesterday you could get only fifteen. The sugar you paid four dollars for you now get for three. The reduction is owing to the McKinley bill the sugar clause of which goes into operation April 1st. SOEELY PUZZLED. Treasury Officials Annoyed by the Latest Counterfeit. FINE PERFUMES :-: AT TarllT Pictures. ' "If we do not buy we cannot sell," suys Ihe free trader. Well, there's England. We fold In the last llscal year to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland goods wortb. $W-],469,01)D. The Bogus Two-Dollar Silver Certificate Remarkable for Its Excellent Workmanship. wlille we bought of her only $188,488,950. —New York Press. A Blow at Kn^liiiiti. The reciprocity legislation placed in the McKinley tariff on the representations of Secretary Blaine has set in motion a movement for reciprocity in all the English colonies in this hemisphere.—Philadelphia Press Parvin's [-• 12th-st Drug Store. :-: Retaliation' A'avorecl. The report that this country will retaliate if Germany continues its interdict against American pork will be received with satisfaction by the people.—St. Louis Globe Democrat. Daily Journal, FoMlsned every day In the week (except Monday) byJW. D. PRATT. so per Annum, .... Price per Month, . - - - WEDNESDAY HORNING;APRIL 1. THE EUROPEAN WAR CLOUD. Foreign dispatches would be sadly •defective in their aspect for the entire year did they not contain an annual war scare Just how far the correspondents are responsible for the the alarming- features it is not possible to determine but it is probable that imagination has something to do with it ^incethe war cloud floats gracefully away about the time the correspondent gets through with it. Just now • the. agreement of alliance between France and Russia threatens .the. peace of the whole of Europe. Both Nations are hostile to Germany ind with France attacking 1 on the West and Russia on the East, Germany would not lare very well. A cablegram from London says that by the erms of the triple, alliance Austria and Italy will naturally go to the help of Germany, and if, as is believed • to .have-been the case, the mission of the Empress Frederick was accomplished on her late visit to England, that country will probably take part with those forming- the triple allianca, which would increase its weight' and prestige, though, ol course, it would ceaso to be merely a triple and become a quadruple alliance. Such a state of affairs. would mean undoubt- 'edly, a general European war, the consequence of which would be far reaching beyond the probable sight of any statesman living, .and vrould change the geography of the.Continent and the history, of the world in a manner which no practical statesman would probably care to even hazard a guess at. The.se" alarmist rumors serve to bring "prominently forward one fact which no thinking man can afford to put on one side, viz., that the peace , of Europe seems to hang on a very slender thread, indeed; but the sword of Damocles, which we know never fell, was suspended only by a hair. This ought to help those who dread what they call the approaching con- ilag-ation. There is one other- point which must be considered in this con- nectibn. viz., that the Eastern question .has to' be settled. If Russia " thinks the time is ripe for that settlement, and it is her intention to forego such'Settlementjin a pacific manner;, by means of diplomacy, -war may cornel' -But it is at least questionable whether'any one nation will be allowed by the rest of his neighbors to dis- v turb.the-balance of power in Europe. The; Gerrymander. The question is whether a Democratic Legislature has a constitutional right to violate the Constitution. Let the courts decide.—Indianapolis Journal. LOOKS LIKE WAE. Italy Displeased • at the New Orleans Investigation, Her Minister at Washington Recalled and Americans in Rome Reported Held as Hostages, SURPRISE. AT THE CAPITAL. WASHINGTON, March SI.—Baron Fava has presented to .the. state department his recall by the Italian government, and has demanded his passports. The department 'is greatly surprised, because it was wholly unexpected and because the investigation into the New Orleans matter is not completed. 'The reason for the recall is "the king of Italy is dissatisfied with the progress of adjustment between the two countries in regard to the New Orleans massacre." This action can be construed in no other way. than open hostility on the part of the Italian government to the United States, with which it has heretofore been on friendly terras. It is reported that eighteen American citizens have been seized and imprisoned in Rome, to be held as hostages. Secretary Blaine has just been seen, and absolutely refuses to say one word. A NEW PARTY. Arrangements Being Made at Cincinnati to Launch Another !polltlcal Craft. CINCINNATI, March 81.—Capt. C. A. Power, of Terre Haute., Ind., is here to make arrangements for the national convention to be held in this city May 19 to organize a new political party, with the Farmers' Alliance as the basis. Power is the national organizer of what is known as the Citizens' Industrial Alliance. He said Monday night that there would be 1,000 delegates present representing thirty states. The .conference will put a ticket in the field next summer. This convention has .not the indorse- ment of the great alliance bodies, but individual members are taking an interest in it. Among the men who will "be present are Senator Peff er, of Kansas; Senator Donnelly, of Minnesota; Streeter, who was the opponent of Gen. Palmer; G«u. .Weaver, of Iowa, aid Congressmen Simpson and Clover, of Kansas. The workingmen in this city are takfng'no interest in the movement. SOCIALISTS MURDER A WOMAN. HARD TO DETECT. WASHINGTON. March 31.—The officers of the secret service are at their wits' ends over the recent discoveries of counterfeit silver certificates. Aside from the dangerous character of these particular -counterfeits the fact lias been brought out that no one knows how much counterfeit money is afloat. There may be 51,000,000 and there may be §20,000,000. Bills which are circulating from hand to hand and from bank to bank may be counterfeits. As one of the-secret service officers said, the perfection of counterfeiting has been reached and banks can be deceived as readily as individuals. There are some peculiar features connected with the counterfeit two dollar bills which have just been brought to light. They are the issue of 1880, bearing the face of Gen. Hancock. It was only by an accident that one of the bills was detected in Kansas City. Then another was found in the redemption bureau here. Since that time careful scrutiny has brought 'to light about twenty more of the bills. But the peculiar feature of the matter is that this acme of counterfeits should be practiced on bills which are next to the lowest ones issued., .There are but two paper-mills in the United States which make the special kind of paper used in the printing of money. Both of these mills are under close government supervision and it is not possible that the leak should come through them. If the counterfeiters had their own plant for furnishing the paper it must have cost them at least 5250,000 according to the statement of a- secret-service officer. This has led to the conclusion that the counterfeits must be sent here from abroad. The officers say that it would hardly be likely for men to go to the expense of S250,000 in producing paper and then, turn out bills which were next to the smallest ones issued. The question was asked of one of the officers if there were any means of preventing the issue of many millions of counterfeit money by marketing it quickly in various parts of the country. He replied that there was none. Counterfeiters now have at their .disposal every facility which the government has. Their engravers are as skillful as the government engravers. The only defense has been in the use of special paper containing hair lines, bu t now this defense has gone, for the special' paper used by the counterfeiters in the; bills just brought to light is as good as'- that turned o.iA by the two mills in' Massachusetts under government control. The counterfeit has the same delicate thread runninglengthwise, which isi discernible'only by the aid of the microscope. Secretary Foster will retire the two dollar bills which have been counterfeited as soon as new plates can be. made for another issue. Instead of the head of Hancock the new bills will have that of the late Secretary Windom. In the counterfeit the vignette of Hancock is as fine as the original, and the lettering and lathework is an exact copy of the treasury note. In fact, the only" difference is too minute to be visible to the naked eye. In the 1 upper left>hand and lower right- hand corner of the genuine note is a figure "2," and on its face is engraved, in characters so minute that they are not legible except under a magnifying glass, the word "two," repeated three times. In the counterfeit the word "two" is similarly engraved the same number of times, but in two cases the counterfeiter has made the letters read "owt." But, as intimated, this mistake is not visible without the .WITHIN OTJJR BOItDEES. Interesting- Occurrences Bepbrted from Various Parts of Indiana. l-'Icld t)n.y at Notre Dinnc. •NOT'KE DAME, Ind., April 1. — Mond,ay was the spring field day at Notre Dame university. The recent rains had left the tracks soft and slippery, which fact rendered the making-, of good records extremely difficult. The special feature of the day's sport was to have been the 100 yards dash in three heats between O'Brien, '02, of Minnesota, and Schwarz, 'Q3, of Chicago, but on account of the heavy track this event was postponed. The following is a summary of events: Two hundred and twenty yards dash, Curtis, 'M, 2114 seconds; standing bread jump, 10 1-5. feet, FUzgibbons, '92; running broad jump. 21 feet, Si.nnot, '92; hop, step ana jump, 40 feet, FitzgibDons, '92: putting Impound shot, 37 feet Gillon. post-graduate; high jump, 5 feet 8 inches, Keenac, MM; heavyweight sparring, Scnaaolc, '93; middleweight. O'Sullivan, '93; lightweight, McGrath, '03; pole vault, G feet S inches. Pritcnard, '01; mile run, 4 minutes 2-1 seconds. Curtler, '92. The Bennett Murder Trial 1'ostponod. LAFAYETTE, Ind., April 1. — Judge Everett refused to grant a change of venue in the Bennett murder case, but gave a continuance until April 30. . The case was set for a hearing Wednesday. This case is likely tc attract much attention among railway men by reason of ins fact that Bennett claims to have beec .relentlessly pursued by locomotive firemen because he-took out an engine during the Chicago, Burlington & Quine.-y strike. He claims to have bee.n driven insane by these persecutions and while in that condition he shot and killed William Scott and John Werkhoff (the latter a fireman) November 3. .Highest of all in Leavening Power.—UT. S. Govt .Report, Aug. 17, 1889, / i* b 1 ^rj «<P>H rm j der ABSOLUTELY PURE Ma.J. BathDoneV Services Recognized. WASHINGTON, Mar<;h 31.— Maj. Rathbone, chief of the post office inspectors, has been tendered the position of fourth assistant postmaster general. It is largely in recognition. of the capable services Maj. Rath bone has given in breaking up the Louisiana lottery. Large Plow Factory Burned. INDIANAP.OJ.IS, Ind., .March 31.—A special from Muncie, Ind.. says: Fire Monday night destroyed the Adams shilled plow works of 'this city. The loss amounts to $14,000, with, no insurance. It.was the largest factory of its kind jn the state. , THE use of a "-lass. INDIANA does not seem to be lacking in saloons though other Stales have a greater abundance. There are 185,000 dealers in the United States "by the census of 1890. By the census of 1880 in New York there .was 1 retail dealer in distilled liquors to every 150 inhabitants; in New Jersey, 1 to 175; in Ohio, 1 to 230; in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, 1 to 400; in. Indiana, 1 to 325; in, Delaware, 1 to 360; and in ..California. 1 to 75. The average in Evidence That Mrs. Scliladeck Was the Victim of Society's "Reformers." CONSTANCE BADEX, March 31.—The police made a raid 'Monday night on the lodgings in this city of Herr Scnladeck and other prominent socialists, several of whom, were arrested. The wife of Sehladeck was mysteriously murdered recently, and the police have been investigating- the crime. Evidence came .into their hands confirming their., suspicions, that she was the victim of a conspiracy and had been murdered because she betrayed the secrets of the socialists. The" police have discovered criminals, among those arrested.-. Proofs? also have been obtained of the existence of an anarchist conspiracy '-with; ramifications 'throughout Germany.. ; . .*.-• <:. - -.- - - /WIU B.v.a Great Bejjatta. March 31-.—The national regatta that is to..be. held on the Potomac during the coming summer :promises to ;be a :great success. Secretary Gibson.Jhas already. had • assurances that over forty organizations will he-present, embracing-. such crews as ;,the champion f Bradfords, in fours and eights; the famous Atalanta eight; the bid-time' Narragansetts, who -,von the .'match 'here in 1881;'the Ottawa and .Tpronto clubs, the Manhattans and New York Athletics and picked ones from the Schuylkill navy, besides the 'pick of New: York, Newark, Chicago, Richmond,: Albany, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Jury Bribers Held* CHICAGO, March 31.— J. J. Hopper, who yasterday confessed to having a.t- tempted to bribe a juror in a damage suit ag-ainst the West Chicago City Hallway Company, was sent to the county jail for ninety days for contempt of court and held in Si, 000 bail on the jury bribery charge. Martin C. Shannon was held in Sii.OOO hail on the charge of alleged complicity. Rumors of Another War. NEW YORK, March 31.—A dispatch received iii this city says that rumors of war - between Hayti and San Domingo are current. The old dispute, the boundaiy line question, >s the cause of the strained relations of the two countries. The dominican representative at Port au Prince has been recalled and diplomatic intercourse has ceased. Quashed the Eight-Hour Indictments. MUNCIE, Jni, April 1.—Judge Lotz Monday morning heard the cases in which the grand jury had found three indictments against Superintendent Kennedy of the pulp mills on the charge of violating the eight-hour law by compelling his employes to work ten and one-half hours a day. The courl quashed the indictments, holding thai the statute only applies to parties having contracts with the state or municipal corporations and that it does noi apply to private persons or corporations who employ mechanics or workingmen. Kvangellcal Conferencp. BBEMEN, Ind., April 1. — The Indiana conference of the Evangelical association, which has been in session here since last Thursday' under the presidency of Bishop Thomas Bowman, of Chicago, adjourned Monday. The following were elected delegates to the general conference of the association, which will meet in Indianapolis in October: Revs. D. S. Oaks, D. Martz, M. W. StefEey and G. Arlin. Strong resolutions were adopted sustaining the bishops and general officers of the association, Su.iplcious Drou-n/nir of a BOJ-• MARIOX, Ind., April 1. — Tl e body of Archie Koonta, a boy 9 years old, was found in the river here Monday 'morning under circumstances that indicate foul play. He is known to have had money, but none was found on his body. He \vas last seen alive in the company of tvvo negro boys, who admit being at the place where the drowning occurred. Saturday evening, but claimed they did not see him. An investigation by the coroner is now in progress. _^_____ Whipped by White Caps. SHELBYVII.LE, Ind., April 1. — White caps assaulted a man named Baker at Fail-land Sunday night, whipping him unmercifully. He had just returned from serving a two years' term in the penitentiary, and was following certain business men and seeking to do them bodily harm for the part they took in the case when he was tried for murder. After the whipping he was released on. condition that he leave the country and never return. Grain, Provisions,' Etc. • • ' CHICAGO,- March 81. FL00K—Quiet and firm. Spring Wheat patents, 3H.60©$4.eO; bakers'83.30® 3.7S. winter Wheat Flour, 84 CO a 5.00 for patents and 84,40 ® 4.50 for straights. WrrEAT—Active early and quiet'later. No. 2 cash 1.03@1.03i/,-, May, $J,04Ji@»1.05>i. COBN — Active and firm. No. 3 and No. 2 Yellow, 57®58J{-c; May, 57^@M'ic; July, 05M @67c. OATS—Lower. No. 2, 52%@54c; May, 5X8 55|^c: July, 52@63Sic.- Samples steady. No. 3. 51^®5214c; No. 3 White, 52H@54c; No. Z,!Ay t ©53; No. 2 White, GSJilgSSc. ' ' RYE— Scarce and flrm. No, i '-'cashV'SBc; April, 86c, and May, 87«c., .Samples, 87® S7'/ic for No. 3, and 83@«ac for No. 3. BARLEY—Hardly any lor sale. - Good malting Salable, 70@73c; common to fair light weight, 65@S9c. MESS PORK—Trading ..-unusually active and prices rulod lower, prices ranged at $12.50® 12.62H for cast; Jl2.62'tf@13.00 for May, and K3.00@13.50 for July., - : . ... . .--,.--: L.ARD—Market moderately active and prices lower. Quotations ranged at M.70@6.75' for cash; M.92^@?.CS;< forJSIay, and S7. SO a 7.30 for July. BUTTER—Creamery,' 22®28c; Dairy,' I8@25c; packing .stock, 93>9c. --•.. ,, . ... c . . PomrftY—Live Chickens," 8>i©9c per 16,; Live Turkeys, 6®llc per ID. ; Live Ducks, 8®lls per lb.;-JUve Geese,. $3.00@5.00 per doz. OILS—Wisconsin Prime White,' 8c; Water White, HH'c: Michigan"- Prime -White, 9!4c; Water White, ' JO^c; Indiana..Prime White, QJ-io; Water White, lOc;' Headlight, 175 test, 3!4c; Gasoline, 87 dejj'si'' 14c; 7-1 deg'.', 9e; - Naphtha, 33 deg's, Sc. LlQUORS-Distilled Spirits ruled firm at ?1.H per gal. for finished goods. NEW YORK, March 31. ' WHEAT—Fairly active; prices H@%c up, firm. March SI. 17 5-16®l.177J; May, $1.13;;® 1.13%; June, U.Il}£@l.li5j;' July, 81.09H® 1.099-16; August, Sl,U5j^(gil,05^; September, $1.04^-^1.04?^c; December, 8].06^{g;l.08rr. CORN—Firm; '/iOfjcup; less active." No. S, 79H@Slc; steamer mixed, 79@80&c. QOA.TS—Quiet and firmer. Western, 58®65c. PROVISION'S—Beef active and firm. Extra mess, $7.00@7.50; family, S9.50@10.50. Pork, good demand, firm; new mess. 813.75@14.00; old mess, $H.7i@l2.25; extra prime, Sll.50@12-.00. Lard, quiet and firm; steam rendered, $7.15. Mildly K«ir'ect Passeiij;«i's- DETKOIT, Mich., Ma,rch 31.—The steamer City of Detroit, the finest vessel on the lakes, valued at $400,000, while en voyage to Cleveland Monday night struck on a rock on the Lime Kiln crossing, a few miles helow this city, and was partially sunk. Seventy oas- sengers were panic-stricken for -a time, but were safely landed on the Canadian shore. The damage-to the vessel is unknown. Kusinesrt Kesumcd, * KANSAS Cm-, Mo.,- March 31.—The American national bank of this city, which failed January 19, has resumed business. The bank has over S1,725,000 : in cash in its vaults. It was predicted that there would he a run on the bank when it opened, but such was not the case. On the contrary, the bank has received deposits from its old customers, and there is a, general, fee ling-, of confidence in the new organization.--. To Succeed Huston. • : NBW YORK, March '31;—'A"sjiecial to, thfe."World from, .Washington ; -";s'aJS'the'- latest rumor about the treasurersiiip is that the name of E..: H.'.!Kehecker, of Fountain county,-Indiana, ;is-:beioig considered for the place. —MT.- Nebeeker is a Iftczil^politician of some means who has served as a member of the- republican state central committee.. ; ..»,-, ....... ., JSfafiTICA CLEVELAND, .O.,.March 31. pETROi.EU.At—Easy. Standard white, 110 dog. test, eye; 7-1 deg. gasoline, 8!4c; 86 deg. gasoline, 12c; 63 deg. naphtha, 8J4c. l-ive Stock. CHICAGO, March 31. CATTLE—Market rather quiet; Quotations ranged at $5.45®e.40 lor choice to fancy sMpping- Steers; 4.76®.'5.40 for good: to choice do; 88.75® 4.50 for common to . fair do.; 83.8504.00. for butchers' Steers: J2.50®3,25 for Stackers; 13.00lSj4.1i5 for Texans; S3.'iil33.90 for Feeders; $1.50@3.50 for Cows; $1.50@3.00 for Bulls, and Sa.Oftgri.oo for Veal Calves. ' HOGS—Market • moderately - active. Sales ranged at, 83.30@450 for Pigs; $4.35 6)4.95 for light; ' $i.45@t 05 for 'rough packing; $4.6n@r>.o3 for m ixed, and 84.70©5.25 Cor heavy paclunc and shipping lots. BEEGHAM'S PILLS A.CT LIKE ON A WEAK STOMACH. 25 Cents a Box. OF ALL DRUGGISTS. Doesn't Want tlie Treasurcrship, WASHINGTON, March 31.—J, A. Lemcke, of Indiana, , who has been mentioned as the probable successor of United States Treasurer Huston, in- formed'the president .Monday that his health was so bad that he did. not desire to be considered in connection with that office. He has arranged to go abroad in' May. . ..... • : Mrs, Schmidt Acquitted. MEDIA. Pa.,- March 31,—Mrs. Caroline Schmidt, who has been on trial here for the past week. for the murder on the. night .of December 4 last of her sister Emma Pfitzenmeyer, .was acquitted. The jury was only thirty-five min- uteslcoming to the verdict. Bagged a Burplar. INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., April 1. — Deputy Postmaster Samuels, of Lcdi, Fountain county, discovered Thomas Cameron in the act of burglarizing the post office Sunday night, and, after emptying several charges of a revolver at him, captured him. Choked to Death nt Dinner. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 1. —Nicholas Haige was choked to death Sunday, While eating dinner a piece of beef lodged in his \vindpipe, and before medical help could be secured he was dead. He was 50 years of age and leaves a family. If, Was Loaded. BROAD RIPPLK. Ind.,'April 1. — B. F. Whittendorf, a bar-tender here, on Monday playfully pointed a revolver at Allen Lee, The weapon went off and the bullet struck Lee in the head, inflicting a fatal wound. Old Settlors Dead, GOSHEN, Ind,. April 1. — Three aged settlers of Elkhart county died Monday—Charles Lehman, aged 05; Lucinda AtcCanley, aged 7 4 .'; Ulrich 'Snobadger, aged 82. " • ' A Jeweler Jtobbcd. JERSEY CITY, N. J., March 31.— The jewelry store .of Adolph Walter, 58 Newark avenue, was entered by burglars during Monday, night and diamonds and other jewelry valued' at §20,000 were taken. liroko the K«cord. MOBILE, Ala., March 31.—The world's half-mile walking record was broken -Monday "by Henry G. Klink, Jr.. the present champion one-mile walker of the world. Klink did the half mile in 2 minutes and 55 seconds.- The previous record was 3 minutes and 12% seconds. Amther Cigarette Victim. EACINE, Wis., March 31.—James C. Young, a young colored man, became, violently'insane from the effects of in-, cessant smoking of cigarettes. For years he had smoked from four to five packages daily. He will probably have to be sent to an- asylum. . A Wife Beutcr Tomahawked. STJMPTEK, S. C., March 31.—George Elliott flogged his wife Sunday, and his mother-in-law coming,' on the scene, at the time drove the, blade of a hatchet into Elliott's skull. His injuries will prove fatal. Mortar-Spotted Skin Covered with Scales. Awful Spectacle. Cured in Five Weeks by the Cuticura Remedies. About the 1st of April last I noticed some red pimples like coming out all over my body, but thought nothing ol it until some time later on, when it — begun to look like spots of mortar spotted on, and which came oil In layers accompanied with Itching. I would scratch every night until I was raw, then the next nlgbt the scales, being formed mean-while, were scratched off again. In vuln did I consult all the doctors in the county, but without aid. After giving UP ail hopes ol recovery, I happened to see an advertise meat lu tue newspaper about ; ,your Cuticura Remedies, and purchased them from my druggist, and obtained almost Immediate relief. I begun to notice that the scaly eruptions gradually dropped off and disappeared one by one, until I had been fully cured. Iliad the-ilsea.se thirteen:months before I began taxing the Remedies, and In four or five weeKs- was entlr-Jy cured. My disease was eczema and psoriasis: 1 know of a great muny who have taken the Remedies, and thank me for the knowledge of them, especially'mothers who have babes with' scaly, eruptions on their heads und bodley. I cannot exp ess my thanks to you. My body was co wed with scales,- auff I was an awful spectacle to behold. Now my skin Is as clear as a baby's. ' •• •'••' ' *•'<'.— GEO..COT-EY, Merrill, Wis. Condensed R. R Time-Tables, Pittsburgh -Cincinnati, Chicago &" St. I^ois Ey t (CKNTRAL Tna.) /.HHIVK BraOford Oivision . L.KAVX 2:8Bam* JJaste nExpresi l:00<tm* Id6pm«.. F BtLlne:........ 155 pm« 4:20p int.....Accommodation.. 1 ..,. 8K)Uaint 9:46am f. Marlon Accommodation. 430 pmi Richmond DiTision. 3K»am*....Klght Express IflSam* lliO a mf Accommodation.....;, 5.5 > a mt 1:80 p m'-.-.^ayExpress. — 11:20 pmt Accommodation : Indianapolis Divtoton. 230 a m»....Night Express 130 p m*....DayExpres«. 125pa*. Chicago DlTlglon. • UJrfOft m»...,Night Express......... 3:10am» 1*5 pro*........FastLlae 135pm' 1:47 p m* Fast Line 1:47 p m« 7:15p mt Accommodation..,. .,4:15 » mf, State L,lne DiTlsIon, l:30p mt Mall and Express.....; i-JOamt 7:45amft ...Express 735pmt 11:15 a mt Local Freight 11:30 a mf. Trains marked. * run dally. Trains marked t run dally except Sundaj. Vandal!a dine. 30DTH BOTND. Local FrelgM .i-.<-A. 5:00 a m TerreHanwExpress..;'.—,/....:.,........ 735a tt • Mall Train ,!:48 p m NOKTH BOUND. Local Freight ^...ffO a m Mall Train „ lu.-tfatn South Bend Express — 8:45 p m , Through Freight ; 8£§pm Close connections for Indianapolis «a Ool/ai now made by all our passenger trains.—J. C, Edgworth, agent. W^abamh Railroad. EAST BOBKD. : New York Expres, dally .-.... 255 a m Ft Wa'yne(Pas.)Accm.,except Sunday 8:18 a m Kan City & Toledo Ex.,except Sunday 11:15 a in. Atlantic Express, dally 4:06 p m Accommodation Frt., exceptSunduy. 936 p m WEST BOUND. Pacific Express, dally 7:52 a nj AcatmmoUatlon Frt., except Sunday..l2J5 p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday. 3:45 p m LaTayettefPaslAccm,, except Sunday. 6:03 p m St. Louis Ex., dally „ .-..1032 p m Eel River JMv., Lo«;an«port, West Side Between Loganeport and Chili. ' ' KAST BOUKD. Aecommodatlpn, ex. Sunday, Leave.. 10:00am Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Leave.-. 4:40 p m Accommodation, ex.. Sunday.rArrlve. 8:10 a m. Accommodatlon, ex. Sunday, ..Arrive- 4iO p » Cutieura Resolvent The nsw Blood and Skln.purlfler and. greatest o£ Humor Remedies, Internally (to cleanse tie blood. otall Impurities, and thus reinove the cause), and Cuticura.. .the irreyt Skin . Cure and Cuticura Soap, an exaulslte skin Beautlller, fxternally(to clear the skin-and-scalp, 'and restore the hair), cure even . species ol agonising, Itching, burning, sealy, and pimply diseases of ttie skin, scalp; and- blood. . .,-,;.. .,-..,- • WANTED. WANTEDa'-few persons' In- : each plaoe-W do YV wrltlng-at home. Enclose lOc. for «0 page 1 book with particulars to J. H.' Woodbury, Statlen D, New York City. oct21dly 1 BENTS -WAITED.?* opportunity. €eo. A. & ._ uick- . A. SfOtt, »4* . A.m. ir»jr, X. If. Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticura, 50c.; Soap, 26c.; Resolvent, $1. Prepared-by tbe^ Potter 'Drug and Chemical Corporation, Boston. B3g~Sen'(rfor "How to Cure Skin Diseases," 64 pages, 50 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials. W ANTED— An active, reliable .man-salary , 87O to 880 monthly, with increase, to represent in his own section a responsible New Yorlt House. References. Manufacturer, Lock- Box 1585, New York. . "''-'.'.---•_.. - black-heads, red, -rough,- chapped, and oily skin cured.by Cuticura Soap. I CAN'T BREATHE: Chest Pulna, Soreness. Weakness HacklngCough. Asthma, Pleurlsy,-and ' nflammatlon relieved- In one TT7T CTD A PUVtaugM' <l«i<*ly : and IJiLJluKAl Hi cheaply. Graduates placed In railway service. Best school -of 'Telegraphy on earth. .100 young men wimteil now. Send lor circulars. VALENTINE'S SCHOOL, JanesvlUe, Wis. . '•'• - _ nmr27d2m • -'••••. \K7 A WT'CT^ Tw° or three goo&iom YV AH I CiU to represent our- wall 1 known liouse fortown-and i-ity trade; local a"d,.trarellng. SJOO/ii»d expenses per month • to- the right man. Acnly qulCK, stating age, t/ 1..- May ' ______ ... ____ . __ minute by the Ciitlcura Anti- "4c'CoV. Murseryinen, Florists: .and Seedsmen, St. Pain Planter. Nothing like It for Weak lungs j Paul, Minn. (This house Is responsible.) .-.tolm

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