The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION wr-lonv'' *" Ua * ' Minimum Chant i llaie per line r. '("ncs per line ft* Oar .... •* times per line per daj ., . * times per line per day .... M * '"' """ v " *** •••• lie I2e SM ;c M Count rim avirace wordl lo the line. Ad ordered for lliree or cli tlmei and • lopped uifore expiration will be chirred for (he number or tlmei the ad »»- Iti-ared and aillustrnent or bill made. All Classified Advertiilne copy iuti- lultted by persons resldlnE outside Ql the irliy must be accompanied by cash. H-uli'S may be naslly compuied Irom the above table. Advertising order Tor Irreculat lu«r- tlous l.ikes the one lime rate. No responsibility will >« take a for Uiore than one Incorrect lo^rtivn ol «oy i-lasslried ad. For Sale -2 j ,fc Kitllon counter ice crehm rrcezer wlUi CAljhua. $1(KXt. H. L-. KlnK. phone 97. Manila. 7E2ti-|ik-8|28 Naturally we sell lots of Fltia Foam upholstery et^ir ',-!•. SaittM-'u cui'o- lutitti tiilk. Dt'iiln Pnlut Sto:<t *: EOiiielliliia you j|r>n't needy Tr.ide r sell It tit Swap th'ip. 401 E. Mnm hone »5'J. 4130-cfc-lf You'll find f> complete 11 ne or JEEP 1'ARTS at rOO).fj MCn'OIt COM- J'ANV. Sicele. ML&sonrl. Plume Su'Hc 4U lor prompt service. MERCHANTS FORel iiiiMit cases. walk-In coolers, re- Irlgemtors. itnd bcverKue coolers art kviilliihlc lor iiiuneOlule delivery. Also Ice erenm crtblnets t»nd compressors Ke« Den Scott. J211 W. Main or lilmnu 2260. 6!2l-ck-8!2J Colored Properly One lol .<toutli Ifitli St. Crowlev Ady 1 ."?." IK "" C Marlam. % Conner -tS H). Coolcrator Ice box.'liear 003 W. Main. 13-l>k-MJ Kllierta canning peaches. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and groceries. Open til 8 o'clock every day. Phone 2(i32. Joe Hester Grocery, Highway <U South, lielow Swift Oil Mill. 7 22 pit 8 22 Late mo<lcl Cushman motor Kfooler, complete with windshield. In A-l condition. $250.. Cary Alason, phone 2325 or 4(il. 8 1-8 dh If 7 room collate on Clilcknsnwba, close lo mislni-jis fiecllcn mid .school with KiiniM and servant room. Sail liavit Immediate uossesslon Ir boimlit this week. Call Mrs. I. H. Plcmlns. 1£7 Murnlnushlf 1'nrk. Memphis. 3]IS-Hk-25 Two bnmd new. but slightly dam:wd Zenltli wushlns machines. Also Fuv- i-nil new Krcsky oil furnaces com- Iilnta with automatic: controls suitable for larife offices, stores *>tc Bargain. I'hone 74. Wilson Ark _jif^er 0 !«.,:!; -^ One llvlni; room suite. Like new. Also I dish cabinet. BIG Clark St. Plione _233D. HS-pk-22 ?• II.P. Soaking Twin cylinder outboard inolor. ISO. Phone 2-775. 8!19-nk-22 Pour burner oil cook stove. Oil hot 1 water heater. OH Heater. Goon con- dlllon. One Minnie cafe. 422 Ash Street. Phone 078. 19-!!k-24 5-hurner table ton Florence oil stove nooil condition. Phone 460. 116 East Davis. 19-nk-22 10 Acres near PanusouM- level ]00 A cultivation: CO A. timber: frame 'i.velllm' lari'p harn. f;ravcl road clertrlr'f.v. Price Sfl.OOO. nart cash J. C. Clmplii. Manila, Ark. 8!15-nk-22 OF.NTRAI. AND HIGH SOHOOt, SPE- CIAI.S One tt-room. 2 - e room 2-4 home! wltbln 2 Mocks scliool i ^roun'ls. Prices SI.ROfl to 1G.500. I Threi- crorfry businesses niul vncant lots Si'iO.Oll no. -!r" this bis ljr : rgalns at 1200 Holly for SH.500. Ttf'iU Estate ,"v- Fire Tns. Phone Field 2M4. 16-PIC-23 7. whcnl trailer, suitable for stock or rotton nt 11 Wnclc's Auto Salvage. N. Cl Highway. 8!16-pk-?3 I Buy your coal before the winter ru-^h • Let us fill your bin. Phone 489. Bos •>59. Iilyllievlllc. Arkansas. 8116-ck-tf Atlacidc Johnson jirass. Poison now nrailnMe at Planters Hrirdware Co.. Inc. Phone 515. 8 18 ck tf | flidby 4 U'liORl farm trailers G ply tJreK. nil slzi-s truck nnd trailer beds Also wncon rr : Tmlrs. ITenry West- li'-ook Shop, formerly Dan Stout Ftiop. 8[12-pk-9]12 I 02 Model McCormlcK DccrlnR combine A-l slini>e. n. W. jlerlll. Sanily Rld?e' _ 8|15-pk-22 !> mm AHGUS C3 camera with (\c- ic.s.sorl-'s. Kxcellent condition. Coro- ti:i I'OrSfblp Lyiirwrtter with case rail 2324 bL-twPen G and 7 p tn |] acre, •ITOOTTI residence, now vacanl, nd.ioinincr city limits, 100 yds. off Highway 01 South. Cravel road. [Vice §3500, $2000 cash. Itolnnce S.'H.25 per month. II. C. Campbell, Phone i|40 or 2!KiO- 8 M ck tf fmililing and 10 unit loiirisl court with garages. Also small chicken ranch. Located 1 mile south of Ulytlievillc. Highway 61 C. Abraham, 505 Lake St. 8 14 ck 28 •>.!)• Mercury. Good 3858. condition. Cnll 8!I8-pk-25 o-Jfi cli^vrolol nlrVun slake txKlv i' mile Koxirli of rrollftTicl. Mo on- fir lilslm-av. B. H. Hatlcv. ' R-25-J-J 12 ft. Dyer Garner. Rr i rtiv tlicrlllp. 8!19-pk.-26 |Tvdrnlec1 llrnc. 5^ II). -;r\ck. IOC SI2 P"r roil In [on lots. Firestone Slor'* nhone 3102. 820-ck-27 )n" ,Tolin Ueere Tractor Model "A" 0*1 niliber. \«lth nnltiva»or-? a nr | plai'icrs. One ,Tohn D-^ere rlrlll wlt.h >nll peed rvtiarlini n nts. One Allls- lxrilmeri cninhlnc No. fiO with ivio- r AH nlMjve eqnlnnieilt almost roorl n?i new. Any one ]n i^ee-l «r S equlnment c-»n"t li"™t It. Will ll nil or none for J.WVOO. If In- n'S'erl net In 10'irh wllli me. Dnv 1" n hour- 31, DMit 272. J. R. Mr: Ca(n, Okolonn, M1ss. for Salt BLTTHEV1LLX (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS 'ust Received _ Shipment Oil Heaters—:i8,000 HTU and 42,100 HTU. Priced for quick sale. Firestone Store, phone 2102. 8 20 ck 27 FoeRfnt Comfortable bedroom. Attic f»n u«n only. 310 W. Walm.1. 7|30?»k-»|W Bedroom. 314 N. Nlntli. Ph. 2338 . 5-pk-9]5 ncdrootns. lOeil? E. Muln. ph. 952 8ll2-pk-Ull2 Do ^'onr own concrete work niiu save Kent a concrete mixer by thw or hour Phone 489. Box 059, UlythL-vllle ' Ark - -Comfortable bedroom. Kl'.'-hm t'rlvl- leges If desired. 21H E. trivia. COLORED PROPERTY Rooms, furnished or nnfurnli HL- Helle Green. 1112 3, l.ii. For Sale or Rent Home of tlifi late Dr. C C Stevens 1007 W. Mnln. Phone 2427 For Hire Tractor breaking plow. Lusters, disc biin-ow. planter, cultivator, clipper combine. John C. brlKhl. 300 S Second St. Phone 879. 8jl4-i)k-lU4 Wanted to Rent 2-15 e il r o o m unfurnished house or apartment. Call Kd I5elote, Courier News Addvertising ])ept. Phone 461. References. 8 13 ck tt'i Apartment, fnrntshed nr ::i\finn^!i" 1 Have one child. Write ilox MM '^ Courier News. 1'j-ok-i:^ Must have by September I four or five room, unfurnished or finn'shci] apartment or house. Ailnlls. I'i.oiii- 2279. ID-ill--?^ ' Services SEWING MACHINE We electrify your old treadle Ecwlni; machine Into a modem electric nortuble.. or cabinet model C r 8!H-pfe^;i4 .. Drake, 408 E. Asn. MONEY IX) LOAN Do yon need • loai t«i reyalr or remodel T No down pay- •ent, no oortKacc, no red tape. FHA approTed rmtr 5*. Ask for details. Max Lofao, Realtor, phone 20S4 Lynch Bld»^ BlytberUle. When the Car Needs a Drink ... or if you're trying to locale a "clink", let Phillips Motor Co l)e your automotive (rouble shooter! Our aflemlants are really helpful, anil know every muke of car from the inside out. Drive in troubled: drive oul with riding pleasure redoubled. There's No Place Like Home For Real Ford Service! ompany 5th at Walnut Phone 453 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any HIM T. L. MABRY 1X3 MISSOURI 8T. Pll. 3«TT a! An.I Long Distance Movlitf *;* 1 ' 0 ' »-i» ...A MgitBMi. A*«S Si. 'I'"": 1 Co.u.rt H.utl»| d Mile. turtle**, •»•• Benlc. fc Btoru* •«. For So/e of Trade House movinjr, 13 years experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Leveling, foundation repairing Virgil Foley, phone 2105. 8 8 jik 9 SJ l-'or sale or trade, for a small fiinrl In the hills. 1-4 room house. I -2 room house and 2 vacant lots. See Mrs. Bailie Wicker on North lUlh St lllythevllle. Ark. lB-i)k--/l' Pump gun. 5 ynl. coffee urn. Norltakc china phucs. cream senanuor. chlf- ferobe »nd many other Items for sale or trade at Elbert Huffman's Swap Shop. 401 E. Main. ph. H59. 2l)-ck-23 Expert radiator repair for - less. We have (he best in radiator repair equipment. Let our trained man boil out and repair your radiator for you. Quick Service. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Douglas Lawson, Phone 2171. 8 •<) tf SEWING \fACHINES REPAmED Kxi.ert service on ull makes c nrake. 40S E. A s h.- n'li-aMl Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hivvay 61, phone 3785- 8 5 "ck tf Sell t!S your car now and get the liiulj- ??A.,'SS."' 1 '' f rlce - POOIJ5 MOTOR COMPANY. Phone steele 40: stecte Missouri The uircrnft carrier, U. S. s I.:inglc\vj w«s the first elcclrlcnlly- (Irive iwlil)) in thp Uniiecl SlnUs Navy. Concrete Culvert-tile Slits It- to 36- (Relnforced or Non-Reinforced) Cheaper and Longer I,astlnr than any other Bridge Material. Concrete units for Sanitary Privy— Concrete Septic Tank*. A. H. Webb > t N. at State Line" Phone Blytheville 71t WnslihiR and Iroiilne. Wil Crecn. 1112 S. Lake. " fi Help Wanted Voting man for sales positi ' " *. NEAT I.ADY. \VHO IS TNT^-Tfl CENT. GOOD ON SHORTHAND"l\5iD SOME BOOKKEEPING. TO DO OPN ERAI, OFFICE WORK. APPL'' TO BOX 600. % COURIER NEWS* . s'.a-^k t( Shipping and Receiving Clerk. Must be experienced, willing worker with leadership ability. Good salary. See Mr. Lashbrook at i\Jont- gomery Waul. 8 18 ck 21 WANTED TO EMPLOY IiOOKKEE"KI< Dlythevllln business firm li:is rjerma nent position open lor woman twoi- keeper. prefernbly not mnrrlcd IK- twecn nuos of 25 and 40 years cowl Ealary anil pleasant \vorkln K com II- tlons. Write confidentially inronn". tlon ns to experience and chnra.-ier references, to IJox 303 Courier New^ Blythcvlllc. Ark. 8?l8-ck-23 Boy to work In shop and drive truck Must liave drivers license Annlv THE FLOWER SHOP. 8!19-ck-22 SALESMAN WANTED Man wanted to succeed C. Klrkman for Rawlelsli business- In Smith Dnnklln County. Sell lo 1500 families. Products sold 30 years. Write today Rawlclgbs'. Dept. AKtl-210- SAS. Memphis. Tenn. or see W Bar- IKnir. 610 Lilly St.. Blyllicvlll,/ Ark Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Tax Reports—Accounting Room 21, Lynch Bltlg. Write l>. O. Box 939 Phone 2940 Blytheville Eddie Sojibo Maintenance Engineer Roof Coating, Industrial and Household Paints Can for free R»of Inspection . . , Let me «*Ive roar piint problems. F«t«ry Dfcttrlbator for Co- toatol Rcfininc and Chemical C. 124 E. Kentucky Ave. Blytheville, Phone 253C EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service^—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC In siiilo of great losses suffered in the fire at our plant building, we arc continuing to jrive COMPI/ETB service in all depni-tmcnts. Don't take a substitute for real RUICK SERVICE bring y nur enr to LANfiSTON-WROTEN now—ns always! A complete line of New Buick parts has been flown lo nin- shop to take care of all our customers. Complete Telephone Service DIAL 555 For Servke! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Comer Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoo Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repnlrinf. Screen Work Pnlntlng, HeplRclng Wlndow.i Stops, nnd other work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 280J Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Lnryc Dividend Snvlngg Low Net Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE 8 E. Davh St., P. <). Boi 4J1 Phone 2487 Blytlievllle, Ar*. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Far Kipert Ktpaln Sit r.xst M»ln Bt Felix A. Carney RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. UK- LIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Service m South First SI. Quick As The Snappiest Wink! ' We'll put your cur in prime cimdilion.Our experienced technicians check nnd corn-el every factor of and. pci-formiince: brakes, wheels, steerinir- Ki;t«r, coollii"- s.vslem, sjiark, ciirl.nrelor, feed lines, K ears—and if von wish i-ejuvoMHle your cur's :i|)|)ejir;iiife. Have repuirs done now—miv for it (his lul . ' • PROMPT, THOROUGH, INEXPENSIVE LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO We Never Close Soles Dept open til 8 An ounce o[ spider's web wonltl extcnil 350 miles If slnilghliinetl ml. NOTICE TO PUBLIC The law office:* of Gcnu E. Hrn<l- Icy Imve l>een movoil lo 411 W. MuJn. (Across street from Montgomery \Vnrd.) FARM LOANS You cnn now secure thfl most nt- trac:tlvn farm loan In history. Ixiw rates of Interest, extremely Innu terms with lllx;riil prcpnymcnl Iii'lvllegcs. Prnclicnlly no iiUnclicd. If your prtscnt loan does not Ijcnr less thnii 5 per cent yon will certainly be interested In our Farm loans. Unlimited amount available. Such an opportunity may ncviir exist ngnln. So If you wish to fiimnce or rerinnnce, write r .ice A. F. DIETRICH United Insurance Agency 209'/; W. Main— Ouard Bldj;. fflythevllle. Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Itest Pi-lew Kirby Drug Stores I DON EDWARDS Th« Typewriter Men* aO*Al s SMITH, CORONA ud REBUNOTON fOBTABLB 110 N. BECOND 8T. PHON1S „„ TT«n»ctlon MDBT BK IBATIHFAOTOBT) I As a Natural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE •^ High blood ji snrc aswhlrrl with kidney ilJscase m:>y be reduced hy krrplnf kidneys functinnlnj pro]i- eriy. Tor 50 years doctors have prescribed this mineral water from Hot Springs, Ark, Pnre tasting . . . not a laxative. riicmr or Write Today for Free Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Uhtafeo BlytbtTlllc, Art "Mister, if you want a jiiofure of somelliinr mighty nredy, eel MOTORS'™ 15 I)AV " 1 '° N T ' RKS ANI> Tl)BKS ' Sot at SKA a SKAY ICE COLD! ^^•^^^g**r**^— Watermelon Red Ripe—Delicious Whole or Sliced Blytheville CURB MARKET 1.10 R. Main Phone 973 We Guarantee RECAPPING Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — Worth More MODWGER TIRE CO. II* K. Mata n». »,,, My Gosh! Where did the mosquitoes

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