The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1947
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER 1 NEWS' 1 •WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1(147 icer Detains Youth Movement Girl fRAGUE, <Aug 20 (UP)—American delegates to tho World Youth Festival charged jcslerhay that n Czechoslovak Army. olflc«r held an American girl, Eleanor Hoberls, from 2 to 4 a. m. Sunday afier sne. refused to surrender leaflets she was prepai Ing for distribution. A - formal statejnent. released through the U. S. Embassy regarding, the Incident identified the of- licer as Lt. Michael Janicek. H said Miss Rolierls ivas threatened with ha\ing the "entire political )x>lice force of Czechoslovakia" brought into action against her. The statement said the leaflets were "prepared with tho knowledge of the whole American delegation to the meeting, but that fewer than half of the delegates had sighed them. ^ (Miss Howris was working on n translation at 2 a. m. Sunday at festival headquarters, according ;to the statement,, when Mita Laccl;, Communist" representative on" the Festival committee, called and said it was -known that "anti-Communist propaganda was being prepared." •Lacek and Janicek appeared and demanded the document, and Miss Roberts refused, the statement said Then Janicek awakened festival truckulrivers and ordered them to stand guard .and let no one' enter or-leave'the place. Janicek relented when a Czech translator pointed out that he was intimidating a foreigner, the statement reported, but the effect, was New "Big Inch" of the West Like a giant snake, steel pine is welded tour-liter near La Junta, Colo., to form a six-Inch pipeline from Dmnns. Texas, to Ln Junta which will entry gasoline, kerosene, dlcscl fuels, propane and butane nl the rate of B.OOO barrels a day. Now Hearing completion, the line runs through the Texas and Oklahoma pnn- handles and through the Colorado wlirat country. It will he Joined at La Juntri by n four-Inch line running 135 miles to Denver. (NEA Tclcphoto.) Indonesians Reject Netherlands Proposal LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., Aug. 20. (U.IO—The Indonesian Republic officially rejected today proposals by the Netherlands for settling th? to delay distribution of the pixm- | Indonesian dispute outside the pljlel. I United Nations and nrged the Se- curity Council to ad before Dutch forc'.'s "put an end to the Indonesian Republic." Unssin lined up with the • Indonesians, condemned the United Slates offer of its good offices in thi! conflict a.s a maneuver to by-: pnr,s tlie UN, and demanded that tlie council promptly send a. lenm of observers and a mediation com- fctiydiidh © by Eliiobcili 5ci(c.l. DiiK.buicJ by NEA SERVICE. IMC TUB STORY I Pop MrA*, h<i«- tHnl Chief. chnf«* a( the Inactivity forced on, hlM l»y a partially par- »b<liii; .irokc. He iclln )>r. Mtil- rolM Olfit», 1«p ubxlrlrlrnl »MI*- Ki'im, .'tknt. Woodward, Ike ntiv Mtnff doclfir, IN due 1n arrive noon. M:ilrn1m IK »rlir« ^vlth mlKrnlne tvt.llr oprradilKf and hlH brothrr, IJr. Mnrlla <:lrnn. Jump* Into the lirrnca. Ill tar t^lcntt ImtlKrhttlil, Mnleolm'M d.-inKlitrr Nlkki brln^M fc*r fltim-e. Ilrlnn Cox, hnmn wlla her «l«*.r n 'pnrly. N«n*y In Malcolm'.* >vlf«-, 1'cte^ null Jerrjr ala HI • •'.'!"• T5RIAN hung his cap on a lamp shade; dishes of candy, plates of fiuit cake, glasses of punch ap- p^eaied. Someone began to play records; three more boys-came in, bees drawn : to the honey pot o[ the prettiest girls on the campus. A 'cadet was 'with them, his eyes respectful toward Lieutenant Cox. The house fairly sang with young voices; cigaret smoke ble'.v about; someone whispered into the telephone. The place was a blur of silly lapel pins, jangling bracelets, the high, clenr girl-voices, the deep tones of the young men — precious, breathless youth. Nancy loved- every bit of ,it This was what it meant to bear children and raise them. "Where's Doc?* 1 Nikki found minute to ask Nnncy. "Hospital. Miss Perry phoned and said he had a head." "Oh, the poor darling. lie misses ' all Hie fun." Tlie,, the young people, j centered upon Nikki, upon her | glowing .happiness. Upon Brian i whose ring blazed upon Nikki'a | finger, whose arm. circled the girl's . waist, proudly, possessively. Tall ; lean, attractive Brian. He cnmc I from Texas — one. of Nikki's soror- | ity sisters had told them about thi | Cox ' ranch, the Cox wealth. Be Lsides his uniform, -his position a instructor at the Naval Air school | and the golden wings on his breast | Brian was completely and com ' u «ortably, eligible. Lucky, luck mission Into the troubled islands. Soap should never be <used on white silk. IL should be dissolved ii'. water before -laundering is begun. C-.indles 'used for lighting purposes arc n times more expensive: than electricity. ikkl? And lucky lucky— >r what other girl conic". l>o so vcet and desirable? • • • 'T-TOW you goin' to like llvln 1 in iA Texas, Nikki?" drawled Ihe 'exan sorority sister. "What's wrong with Texas?" hallenged Brian, his smile while cross his dark face. It must hnve something,' 1 nn- thcr girl said. "Brinn bent the 'me of all the other men who ave rushed Nikki." The sweet notes ol° a new Harry. anics record lifted the young eople to their feet- Nikki's soft air brushed Brian's warm cheek. I think I'm lucky, too," she lo!d im, her eyes shy and at'.uring. His arm drew her closer, they ircled out into the hall between :ie stairs and Hie \vnll, bnck— way a little from tho others, from ic noise. .Brian's lips moved lo Nikki's lifted, palled ones. Their lOiiths clung together; they were xciled, too happy—Nikki took his and, pushed against a door, led liih down the steps lo what would lave been the basement it this louse had not sat upon such ;leep hill. To Ihc rear of the louse, these rooms were the first loor. "It's my uncle's room," she whispered to Brian. "Isn'L it nice? t was nice. Pine-paneled walls, niaple furniture, deep red leather cushions. Red and white checked curtains at the windows—a quiet, still room, all to themselves. Brim: drew the girl lo him, "Nikki," he said deeply. She clung lo him, her soft arms straining. "Oh, Rrian—" "Nikki, Nikki!" "I didn't know—" "What?" His gray eyes searched hers. "That it would he this way—" Slio saw a smear of fruit cake tramped into the bine carpet; someone had left a cigaret smoldering upon the arm of the slip- covered couch. Pete was talking in a loud, silly fashion, tne girls minfi nt his outrageous pronouncements. From the swooping gestures of their hands, the cadet and Jerry were evidently talking airplanes. . Mac, .the Scollie. lay on tho rug before, the front door, his head on his paws, his black eyes rolling. He knew belter than lo gel in tho way of those Dancing, heedless feet. Nnncy sighed. She'd go downstairs and sit In Marty's room for a bit. I-X'cn if lie had come home, it would be calm down there, and quiet. If this gang stayed on for supper— By nature, Nancy moved in a light, .soundless fashion. She was down the stairs, into the doorway of Martin's room before she uesscd that Nikki and Brian were . They did not hear her, they 'ere so tightly embraced, so ur- enlly withdrawn from all else ul their love. Nancy stepped back, feeling her wn pulse quicken, her muscles ighlen and draw. That girl and ml mini—her Nikki. Her baby— he lillic gold en-haired girl so inch like her mother. Soj much ike Nancy had been at nineteen, 'he same pale, shining hair, (he Icar, transparent skin, the kit- en's face, and soft voice. Just-so >!;mcy had been when Malcolm iiul firsl loved her, and married icr. He had held her that way, i hungry, strong mate. Nancy pressed back against the vood paneling of the stairway, lad he really? Had Malcolm once jcen like llrian and had he belli s T ancy so? Vos.r Yes, he: had. Twenly-four years ago. And now it was Nancy's daughter in a man's hungry arms—and Nancy who stood and looked on. Malcolm was over at the Hospital with a migraine headache. He'd probably stay thcic all night. Why not? He had as good a bed there as he had at home, and would not be disturbed. Nancy Glenn laughed a little, bitterly, and went upstairs again, her step now deliberately silent. (To lie Continued) Read Courier News Want Ads. IMt »Y M> SONKC, IMC.T. M. HIP. U. S. P*T. OFF "I wish-Fred wouldn't insist that 1 quit working—there's nothing I'd rather do, but if I gave in now I'd feel I was spoiling him 1 ." 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(Hill) Wilson BY EDGAR MARTIN TTPSTAinS, Nancy stood in th hall doorway for a minute ? CAtHOU HEAR ME 7THE SHERIFF ArtDI HM£ Goi You CORrtEREt>'CorAE outwrmibUR ON YOUR WAY. RYDER: YOU ByJ. R.WiWams WELL, PSYCHOLOGY I DID IT--VVE \, WORKED CUR \ HEADS Of F / TEN MORMIN'S I 6ET~TIM' HIM I UFJ'AN' TH' \ OME NWRMIM' ( WG COM'T, HE V RIGHT UP. CAESAR .'• D0^5i'T MB IT'S BREftK- ALREP.DV r HpvEDLM B^TreD AM EMBMHIS PlOMEER STVL& 8ILLETT \MASKfT SO BAD AT FIRST, BUT IT'S PROD Me LIKE A BED OF NMLS.' I'M STILL r!?OW o^sTHE SLAB AT WODPLE AVfthiO COOLD S,\3ooz.e SPIRAL STAlR- CASE/ I HWENT BESUN TO JUMP VET.' JUSJL\VAJTLL I6ET MY ON YOU. YOU FIEND.' NOW LOOK...OOP HASNT DONE A THING.-THAT GIPL YOU **J,., HIM WITH ON THE SCREEN WAS MAGNARY.' VcXJ TO A FM-SE CONCLUSION HI BY MICHAEL O'MA1,I,EY nnd UAUUI Ry FRED HARMAN HOOTS ANP H*iR BUDDIKfi IIWKTOR 0»OW. SAYS NOTHING KAS «MOMM UP IN THE NET. CRI8B MS WSAPPMRED LIKE A MAG4CIAN> MBWT. ~/ JUSTICE LISTIN.CRI8B, THE IAW 15 CERTAIN TO LOOK FOR \OU HERE, WH IM. THflTS ONLY LOGIC. COPS AREN7 AS LOGICAL A5 SHYSTER LAWYERS BRIEF. PLA1N- ClOTKESMEN ARE WAKHISG1HE TRON THAT NIFTY LITHE T WHY STAY IN SEIF-HELP ELEVATOR /tlf APART- 5OT ftlE Ut> HERE W1IH-V/HEKT? If YOU OU T A WBODY CATCH INOfGtlPICKEOUP A GLWPSE.YOU'M SUCH) HERE, UL BE A GOOD KOS1 I THINK (IMPLICATED. 1 I'll HIDE 001 MERE ^, ^^. ^- -^ ^ ^ «- . — — * ^ %...-. _. X > WITH THOSECOPJ "W OM SECOND HINKING THEY'VE ( THOUC-HT, ViWfiE PT ME OUT, THEYH\I1'S JUST M WILL EVER IOOK. AND IF / TO HAVE YOU • HEY CATCH ME AMY-l HERE.MV FRIENO-- WERE.MR.B.,YOU'LL \WHEREICAN URN TO JUST AS ^^ WATCH VOU. BUCK A CINDER AS I WILL VOUlX VOO KNOW 1 COliV.D»'T (AUCK ROD I et I P<Rt _S ftS HftPPM ft?' \n<irr 1 TO MIW K> K WOMX- , DOES IT,' V»C? OOORANOTHE SERVICE ENTRANCE, BUM IVAIKE IN THE GARAGE.

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