The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 8
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PAUB EIGHT Paps Scheduled To Play Chicks and Squaws Journey to Trumann For Tough Games The Blylheville Junior High School Papooses, seeking to end • three-game lasing streak, will on- terlain. Ihe Whitton Juniors In a single game at the Haley Field gym here tonight. Game time Is set for B o'clock. The Paps, after winning their first four starts without encountering a great deal of (rouble, have dropped Iheir last three contests, the latest of which was the heartbreaking 25 to 20 selback handed them Saturday night by the Hcle- • na-Wesl Helena Papooses. Coach Buddy Davis sent Ills tribe of Paps through tapering off drills yesterday In which lie stressed ball handling and Moor tactics in an effort to sharpen the offensive drive. In previous • games Hie Paps have looked fairly gooO on defense BLYTHEVILLB (AnK.) COURIER NEWS Have Impressive Cage Record lake naiv laiiijr yuuil oil CICICI1SC q>,^..,... >rt Tn Jj but lacked Ihe necessary offensive! inaians „.. „„ ,„, ,,,,,. tJXK!a sextet in me drive to pull them through in tight I preliminary game at the Shuwncc gymnasium tonifilil. Coach crcciou SpOlS. I RoOk'S SPXlr-l has InRl. nnlv 111 Hin MrLl*,*.. ..[,.!_ i .._.,._ . .. one and one the sextet In Ihc | spots. Opening for Ihc Paps tonight probably will be Jim IXrr, ace polnt-makbr. and Lcroy Crincr at forwards, J. (3. Drake at center and Dick Reid and sonny Sllres at guards. However there U some „ ., .... mov e Bill Boyd, a substitute' puard. who has turned In some good per- ; Jenny Smllli. Tommle Smith and formanccs in the last two or three Rook's scxiel has losl only lo "the Wilson s lrl s and baltlcd Ihc teiun lo a 30-30 deadlock in a previous imviinn tnis season Their list of victims includes such iciuns as lilyihcviHe. Osccola, Dell, crawloids- fishr-mc,, nlle. Members nf Ihe squad arc back row Iclt to n 8 ht_CoacJi ROOK,I" license. „„„ ,, 5 ncrmen may we Margaret Nell Smith, Peggy Lou Tugijlc, Maiy Ellls.'Nornm Kay De.aton thc .' r llncs bclow (I ""'S during th ret Hrnwnifi. I/in..*., i ..,i._ ._ Aiaicb 1 lo June 30. announced Rules Revised For Anglers In Arkansas LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. 27- (IJP)—plshcrin«n and toiling got the principal attention of tlic Arkansas Game and Fish Coinmlj- sions annual regulations mccllnz yesterday, as the Angling law.s were lemcneO In spots and loosened In others. The commission reduced the dally limit oi ( most game fish and put new restrictions on froR-takiiif; and BiRglng". However, l!ie commls- «!r>n liberalized the rules on nut- of-slatc same fishing and on fish- Ing below dams. From now on the dally limit on bass will be 10 instead of 15; on bream it will he 20 Instead of 25- and on crapplc It W H| he 15 as before. But the limit of all /| s h you can have on the string will now be 20. Ti'o gigging season has been changed from July nn <| August to November and December, and the ' "so of under water lights h, gigging has been banned. Prom now on frogs may be taken only from Apr, 1 to Dec. 31. The sale of nou-rcsldent com- mrrciiil fishing licenses will bc discontinued, but otil-ot-xtatc Ramc fislK-mcn under 16 will not need men may wet j and Jimmy s "»<"- row-Margaret Hmwnlec, Lo'nnie >»••"! possibility that .Conch Davis will I --„ ^,., ^,,, lm; . me commission . .. » - I Johnson. Virginia Drewry, Lula Mae Precis, Front row-Ly,,,, Tmslcy | IWB "mils To^ wTbf set in February. li >: (, bypas- -d tlie ISMIC of closing al iqunll hunting i n 13.13. TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 1948 contests, to a starling sentinel post. Meanwhile the senior high Chicks and Squaws will invade the den of the always powerful Trnmann Wildcals tonight for a pair of important costs tlml will have definite bearing on thpir chances in the District 4 cage race. Trumann Has Strong Team Pitchers Lead the Way In Contract Signing; Red Sox Re-Sign Parnell hoiicful Ihal he can si I!y Carl f.uiulqulst (United Vress Sporls Writer) | NEW YORK, Jan. 27 (UP)—Led ^ Play Opens in Helen Lee Doherty Tourney Trumann, which always floors a | by a pair of no-hit artists from strong team, narrowly missed an < the Cleveland Indians, the pitchers upset victory over the Joncsboro took over the olf-sea.son side show the Hurricanes and the stale cnnm- p!on" LIUIe Rock Tigers an.ri Is rat- • signing most ed as one of Ihc strongest teams i sight. major leagues tod,, y by I operation: The "Red" Sox aiso'si.n- of the contracts In c,l pitcher Mc l i» a inell who won Wildcats force^ie^^l^^ ! "^ "S" '",-">' «» ."-'--»'"-"- «^ £^^1,^1 a- tadte f ta 5ri^^!!f,n n S!SIS lc SL 1 SS!T l S ,;; •SS^iSS''^'^^" 1181 "-" ""^ B Tom- i seven of them were pitchers. How- 'cver, In that same cnleRory, the MIAMI. Fla., Jan 27." i UpV—A'« Wew York Claims Three Remaining Undefeated College Cage Teams final quarter to nose out point vlctorj'; fallowing their showdown the Wildcats tonight, the Chick.s »nd Squaws return home to meet she capturcrt Ihe yesterday with a Tl. women's par over the i The Yankees "signed three hurl- , U 7 , cl " b '".vout. Three crs. all past iwrformers with the eent four-under- their arch rivals, the Jonesboro 1 Oklahoma Hurricanes Friday night And Ijl- lowing this contest they will entertain the Manila Lions on Feb. S before they take a intioh needed rest. loudest squawk to be heard to dale club but none standouts They came from Allie Reynolds, the nor- wcro right haiidcrs Randy Ciutn- " -asual Ceeek incllnn from pert who won four and lost one in who reportedly wants lasl .season. Karl Drews (6 and t;> iinei Don .Johnson <4 and 3). All are Riven n good chance to liuiel regular starling berths. Vrteran outfielder Sam Chnp- upivards of 530,000 from Ihc Yankees next season. Reynolds the big Yankee winner last year, suggested thai he. »v,,.,,, , , would have to have nearly double iimn signed a contmul""wllli the Starling for the Chicks tonighl his reported S1G.QOO figure of lfl<n Philadelphln A's whom he led in will be the regular first-string ami that the Yankees lindn't come home- runs will, 14 last season eil lineup , which consisls of Dudley • cleae to that. ii,m.,,i. i,,..i..._ „.,.. n -J >l- ' !>0 " 1 "'' Hardy nnd Bob Mullen al forwards, : 'Jlic Clevclnnd no-hit twins who R. B. Hodge at ccnler, and Dohnic ; crime to terms were Don Black ''Q- Gentry and Billy Bob Elliott at guards. For the Squaws the starting lineup will be Sue \vieiener. Bobble Whisenhunt and June Stires al forwards, and Ann White. Ruth liincl was Dorothy Kir by of Atianla, G.I., with a one-undcr-par 75. Jean Hopkins, of Cleveland and folly IJiley of Fort Worth Tex were tied for third place, each with a par 70. Ihoiigh battlti onlv ' , year-old ri B litliander. who double- blanket! the Athletics lasl Summer and rookie Lyiuan Ltnde, up ; from Oklahoma city of the Texns • League. V/orking For Bout With Maxim LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Jan. 25 (UP)—B:ib Sikcs, Little Rock boxer Hooper guards. and Edna Overman . ... *" ' — Lj»" OJM-.T, ijiieie. ito Llnrte. considrrc(i n fin e prospect, i who cl.ii'iis the Sonthein Arkansas Ball Player Signs to Manage Team j.'^i' at : scored his no-hitter against Shrcve- 1 port, l,a He had n record of H victories and 13 defeats and is being considered for a steirlinR berth i Black, u retonncel playboy who became one of th e most iiluslrini.s members or Alcoholic.s AnonyinoiLs, attributed Ills changed life to an ' ... . • iivm j wcicht erov\n. will begin training Demands 30 Percent For June "Title Fight Brundaoe May Resign As U.S. Olympic Head ST. MCRIT2.' Switzerland, Jan. , * 7 - (UP1 - The "impossible; dcad- I lock" bdween American hotkev fac- HOJIS may proni])t the ic.sijjnation U. S. Olympic Cominltlce, it was , reported today as official efforts i were mndc to prevent i of U. S. athletes from both winter . and Summer yunies. i As the International Olympic 1 Committee met in a momentous session to determine whellicr the Annlciir Hockey Associnlion team or ;iic one rcpresciiling Ihc U. S. , ...... „„„,.-, „,„ ,, UL ue caned on 1.0 Olympic committee will play in the ! risk its record this week, bill N.Y.U ] .,<liliPS WlllCil bf pin >inr*» unvf TTiv.; f I'J-fl i innnic- i-,;..i. -r% . . ' Welch Brothers Win Tog Match In Legion Arena The Welch braiders, Jack and Joe, added another win to their long list of mat victories last night by defeating Tex rtltcy and Bob DeMarce in the lag match feature of Hie American Legion's weekly wrestling show at the Legion Arena. The Welch brothers took their win by downing th e fast moving Riley and DcMarce In the final fall after they had been defeated in. the second. Hlley was called in as K last minute substitute for Joe Dillman who was snowbound in Nashville, Tenn., and was unable to appear. Joe and Jack took the first fall In 15 minutes with Joe eliminating Hl- ley in 12 minutes with body slams and a pin. Jack defeated DcMarce three minutes later with a pin. Riley and DeMarce -evened the score in tlic second fall by defeating the Wclchs In 20 minutes. DeMarce eliminated Jack Welch in 15 minutes with a step-over toe hold and IZiley downed Joe Welch in live minutes with a double jack knife. The Wclchs came charging back to capture the Ihiid fall after 18 minutes of activity with Joe taking care of both opponents. He eliminated fiiley In IS inimites will! flj'IiiB tackles and a body pin and defeated DeMarce in three minutes in the same manner. In the two one-full preliminary bouts Joe Welch defeated DeMarce in 22 minutes with a double jack knife and Riley defeated Jack Welch in 10 minutes with a crab hold. NEW YORK, Jan. 27. (UP)-Onlj three major college basketball learns still were unbeaten today, and by amazing coincidence all of them were In New York City—Ford- ' ham. New York University, and Co- ' lumbia. The trio qf the metropolitan • I cams was left standing alone as ' ine elile ot campus coiirtsters last night when Texas Wcsleyan upset pi'cvloinly u.'ieaimed Dtiqiiesne. 57 to 53. n: Pittsburgh, it was the first setback .'or the Iran Dukes in 13 same's this sctson. Columbia, which has won 11 anrt lost. none, will not be called on which begin here next Friday, tlu'sr three avenues seemed the only ones open for even partial settlement of the involved controversy: j -a one 1. R-.'iiewed endorsement of the : wit th !-0> meets high-scoring Brooklyn College on Friday and Fordham (100) faces Syracuse on Saturday. Duqiiesne took an H-point lead I t one lime, during the first half, Texnns found out how to [ hrrc Fiioav for what premises to i I 01 '. 30 >"•'' ccnt o( 'he net receipts. 1... .»-- ..,. ' lJ.^JIIl.}l..T LW | \ „ J....J1 | ,.. ,,..„...„ . ,' [".Greenville, Miss.. Jan. 27. (UP) former Memphis Chicks outfielder I only 10 games anrt lost 12. he WHS •was signed today as manager of oflcn one of the most effective, the Greenville Bucks of the Colton pitchers in the ICHRIIC. He said he States League succeeding Harry ; hoped to win 17 Ktitncs next season Chozen, former major league calch- Cleveland president Hill Vceck. er who signet! up as manager of who said Ihe club now has 17 plr.y- . _ . crs ulu | cr conirud pointed out be (he blcpest light of his career. He will meet Joey Mnxim. Ihc im- tion'.i third-ruled hcavvwcight in a 10-roiiiK! bout at (he'auditorium lie invited Walcott's repre.' decision oicr Olle anrt'bcrq 20 pound Swedish flgliier. in a Mad son Scjnare- garden bonl. I to confer asam today. I Bocchicchio. Cam'dcn promoler, ! has a contract for Walcoifs cxclei- • sive services and he hns h™,, i,,,. A. H. A. team by the International j s'ymie their attack. Despite" the'facV committee, in which case Brundage | tha'. Ihcy lost two stars'on per- Fla.. Jan. 27. , V' 1 "' 1 , 1)c ca ' lcd upon to make good [ fouls, the Tcxans took com- nt : J] 's threr.t to withrirflu- all mim,. ' man/i nf n>^ "ame in tile final 10 „ n •— -.-... ...^ gnui^o. — ...... .,..oii.'yans Easy Parham l. Kcvcrsp.i of Ihc endorsement, was the high scorer with 19 points tr'eJr? representation lo the j A near-riot occurred at the; end U.S.O.C. tram in which case nine of the game when Ed Dahler oi other [cams, affiliated with the Duepu-sm, leaped from the bench A.H.A. in I lie Intel-national Ice and chased a heckler up the aisl- Hockey Federalion probably would Several other Duqiiesne plavers fol"-' withrir.n,v i,™,. ,,,„ .. . lovvcd Dahlcr alu , 15 mjmll j s c , ai)s _ ert before Hie police coulci restore pence. MIAMI BEACH. a.. an n o mae goo (UP)—Mike Jacobs tried lo break i '"' s 'i're.U to withdraw all other the dencllock today in negotiations j American athletes from the games for a rcliirn June title fight between ' ""•——' -'••-Joe Louis nnd Jersey Joe Walcott. Although Jacobs had flatly re- jccied Walcott's demand THRILLING! What a thrill once your ball goes spimuni; ilown the allev and makes a strike! Make it a family affair! BOWL TONIGHT! Chitwood's Bowling Alleys East Main Street^. Phone 4929 :entntivc. .-,..„.,..., icclno of Camden, N.J., ! witnclraw from the games here a:ut stage a tournament of International hockey g.iincs c.'iewliere—indepcncl- i'nt of lne Olympics. j . 3. Resignation of Brundagc whicli I miltiit leave the way clear for A.H.A. ! Deportation Hcarinq 1* tlln otinVi. !*»! ...- _ ' signed Louis (or the June defense ; manager, to close for the Louis P^rticip.ition or ] fight if he ciin obtain suitable < ''shincr.ts of a : fcrms. j under a leader I Sot Straus, acting director ot New I factions. York's 20tli Century Club, is as- j Brimdnsjc. in a final futile effort seslini; tne ailmg Jacobs in Ihe ne- to cff ect .1 settlement .veslcrdav aiscusscd (he matter for two houri ''" i cam i Scheduled for Bittleman acceptable to all ' "LAND 1 GREATER FARM PROFITS THE DELTA WAY We'll Keep Your Equipment in Good Shape On Easy-Time Basis By using our easy-lime payments >•„„ have llir n,lv;u,l., 5e of Rollins E ood ,,or1, oul nf ll,.,l and cquipincnl Without undue financial liarclship. "Veuve P3)ins , I5 , „,,„,„ mahj , l5 ynurs ,.. ]m((|jrr i(i[|iT •bout this service. You'll b, hcttrr off »iih smoolb nillllin(f equipmcnl Ihis SpriiiR. FREE ESTIMATES ON ALL WORK! 3/2 SOUTH 2»JP ST. PHONE863 he rcceivcei an avorasc of" SO let- iris a dny during a n-dny period "I Hir hospital for what was described as a "routine checkup " conclllioi) niifl and anxious to Ihe mid-Winter Beach. .. ---- ! 0 " ,'" L s ""' it -' i ": ""'orrow on J U " ni Boccllicchio persist in laiking nbout 30 per cent. He knows that no heavyweight chal- ., Bocchicchio. explained his alti- ;ude. saia. "althonsh Louis .still has ' MIAMI, Fla.. Jan. 27. (UP) - A deportation hearing was scheduled today for Feb. 5 to decide whether Alexander Bittleman, American with Albert Mc-ycr, a representative Jpoimnunist leader, should be sent of the Swiss Organizing Committee. Apparently he got noulicrc. Midnight "Spook" Show Booked at Ritx Theater "Chasm of Spasms." a lnirtni"hl I United States covernmrnt bv force " spook" show, will begin on the * stage of the Ritz Theater here at 11:23 tomorrow night nnd will bc [o "c»vcd by a screen version of Ihe back to his native Russia. The party head, now free under S5.080 bond, was arrested here Jan. 15 on orders from Attorney General Tom CilM-k under a complaint thai Bittlemar. "believed in. advocated taught the overthrow of the Immigrations Officers Edward T. Ahri'ns of Atlanta, Ga.. and \Vil- hnm II. o.vcns of Miami will review Biuicman's case. Tlie first portion of Ihc horror Program will • Helicopter Explodes; Army Pilot is Killed PAYE-ri-EVII.LE. N. O.. Jan. 27. iUP| — An Army helicopter on a ir.iminq lliKht crashed yesterday nn ;hr cdse of the Faycltevillc airport killing the pilot, army officials announced. his lille bv .1 nuke, we do not j "Ptb'-named Dr. ogre Banshee and consider Wnlcntt the challenger. | llls collection of ghosls phantoms Ix>uis knows, and nearly every fight " :lrt rtemons. The stage program wil'l fan in the world knows, that Wai- ! bc Presented tomorrow nighl only n n e word nows, that Wai- resene tomorrow nighl only cott heat him on Dec. 5. although I Rllti is P al 't of its first U s tour lie didn't get the decision. Wnlcott " ftcr '"mierous showings in Ixjnrion Four-Part Days --- - ..„.,„, r » San Marino, oldest and small- be presented bv the C5t republic in the world, no clock strikes more than six consecutive times, due to the fact Hint the'day is divided into four parts of six hours each there. should get just as much as Louis 'or Ihe June fight, but he's to take 30 per cent." ho army pilot jx of | next of kin. Witnesses raid the craft appar- t-r.tly exploded in (lie air. hurling , . "».ii£.T u] ijuiinu before the G. t.'s dming the war. The motion , )icuirc ,. Blow| nn( , Thunder was adapted from London s Mutiny on the Elsinore." Birds have a gront varielv of eye colorini : black, brown, clue, gray, ::m>u. orange, rrd and while. ndiiiR notification of j r °'f it plunged to earth from an altitude of about 2,500 feet. cast and west, on account of shadows of the banks. So It's An Auto HEATER You Want! Get one at this "HOT" price All nationally advertised hot water heaters PRECISION-MADE OLDSMOBILE PARTS Also— • RADIOS • CHAINS • TIRES • TUBES In Our Body Shop T you have body repair work lo bf. rtnne on your car, hrinif it io us. Rrd Lewis In now- ronncrlrrt with our boily shop and Ills regulation for Rood work is widely rccoii- nl/cd throuj^hnul Ihls section. LEE MOTOR SALES Your OLDSMOBILE Dealer 307 East Main Street Phone 519 ARMY REBUILT SHOES The Better Shoes $3.50 Pr. Medium. Narrow, \\ : idc GOOD SHOES 2.95 or. Ot]iors__S2.'ir) and SI.05 Army Sox 29c Pr. 4 Buckle Arctics 98c or. Army Rain Coats Small, Medium, l,:n-}?e $2.45 East End Shoe Repair M2 S. Lilly St. Naturally Golden Vil-l li.i'i.; iiii|iii.vri n ,iu in pin ni,ikiii K in 3(X) ><vii-. Strain's r «' 'lu-iMi I ..... •<••« nnkrs llm line pin Manually |r,,l.ln,. N a t,,,alty BARRETT HAMILTON, INC. Distributor LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Opens at 6:30 p.m.; Starts 7:W> p.ui Tonight "Blondie in the Dough" uilh Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, ami Larry Sims Serial: "Brick Bradford" Also Shnrts Wednesday Thursday "HIGH BARBAREE" wllli t Van Johnson, June Allyson and • Thumbs Mitchell Fox Movietniu 1 News Also Shorls New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVKKV NIGHT Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.n> Matinee Saturday & Sunday Sat. -Sun. 1 p.m. ConU Showing Tonight "Lone Wolf of London'^- wtlh Gerald Mohr ami Nancy Saunderi Also Shorls Wednesday & Thursday "FIESTA" wilb Esther Williams and lUcartlo .Montalluu Alsn Siiort Subjects RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Tonight HOT STKOMBKt ,,„„ . GEORGE SANDERS '" LUCILLE BALL ' CHARU5COBURM BORIS KARLOFF HUNT STROMBE^G Warner News anil Shorts Wednesday Thursday "HIGH TIDE" wilh I,cr Tracy and Dnn Castle PLUS Louis-Walcoll Fi;bl Ficturcfl News and Short Subjccls Weekdays Bin Office Opens 6:30 p.m. Stiniv Starls C:45 p.m. Saturday Box Office Opens I2:!S ji.ra. Show Starls 1:00 p.m. Sunday Bo\ Office Opens 1:15 Sliow Slarls 2:00 Tuesday and Wednesday DOlini.E FKATURE Ditlillni from American Grain, 90 Proof Scagram-Dislilltrs Coip., N.Y. Christmas in Connecticut nilb Dennis Morgan and Barbara Stanwyck Also ShoTl.l

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