The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, IMS BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Middle East Oil Deal to Be Aired Senate Committee To Call on Defense Secretary for Facts WASHINGTON, Jail. 27. (UP)-r Ctairman Owen Brcwsler, ft.. Me., oV^|;he Senate Wai- InvcstiKatin^ Committee said today he expects nelensc Sccretarj James Forresta! to toll his £roup Inter this week what he knows about Navy <jil purchases in the Middle East. Bresvs'er said the committee will hold -A hearing Thursday to question Rear Adm. Andrew Carter, a fanner supply corps officer, about the Navy's paying $1.05 a barrel for oil to the Arabian-American Oil Co. in the Middle East. Tiic committee has heard testimony that standard Oil of California and Texas Co., parent concerns of Arabian-American, otice offered without success to sell oil to tile government ai about 40 cents n barrel if Saudi Arabia were given lend lease aid. Brewster nun been trying to find out why the price later went up to SI. 03 a barrel. The senator indicated his coiu- mitlee might also call Max W. Thornburg, former Standajrd Oil directo: 1 whom Brewsler has accused of being "planted" in the slate Departmen in 1911 to work for leuti- Jciisc aid to Satidi Ar.iuin so his company could obtain oil rights. He ceiled Thornhurg's actions "most reprehensible conduct." Former Secretary of Interior Haro:d L, Ickes said Thornburg's conduct was "shucking." Ickes charged that Thornburg was working harder in the State Department for the oil companies than ;or the government. The blunt-taling "old curmudgeon" told the committee in a heated Bearing Saturday that he helped f S'TlKil nblirg fired in 19-13 by tell- ii»17 the secretary of state about an alleged letter Irom Thoiiihurg to the U. S. ambassador to Mexico, George Messorsmlth. Ickes said Thornburg wanted Mesbeismith to "work under cover of night" to regain expropriated oil lands in Mexico for American companies." PAGE SEVEW Troublous State of the World as 1948 Dawns __ grow* detpite go ment efforts to check ]|. Preliminary sparring for Round TKrcc of wage in. creases starts. Politico! leaders revamp campaign strategies alter Wallace declares himiell (Kird party candidate. third ytor line* war's end, Britoni fact tvtn greater "ouilerity," with labor under tight government control. _ end pri vation Hilt rule, as "Cold War" bttvMn Kuiiio and western nations to split the country into two cntogonittic pails—«astirn and western "" ""'•' into two opposing campi, one led by Ruisia, the other by th« U. S. Thii year '" «r the decisive "Cold Wor" baltt«i __ i __NflliojialliU and Communbt* continue their long, furioui it rugate, with the Coflimuniils rucking joni* headway in Hie north end showing jitjni of becoming m?\e active, lor tSe lirit time, in Ihe.southern icct disorder* than in 1947, unfcs* economic con- waiiarc occasioned by iclugcci being attacked as they mode their vcy doni one dominion to the olKer. No ncncc in light. 1 he world skirled its newest year with a global headache. M,,,, spots Ihe mosl ImporlnrU trmtble 7,,,,os. »nd [he mr,M l.npor.nnt lot-a izcd roubles Bui ,he,e are othe. trebles which are world-wide. Most s.gnillcanl is probubly iitor,uc energy Will „ L , - cesstutly harnessed for peace ul purposes, or will Its use be contlned to destruction? And Ilic Mi.rst.nll 1'1,,,,-w II I, help l°,,o |c regain Us feet, or will It fa,I? Above all these troubles looms the vital quesllon-will I94H see (ho world plunge .nlo war? Phone Booth Serves as Office For Operators in Gray Market I liy .Marc J. Parsons I NEA Staff Correspondent I NEW YORK, (NEAI— All it takes to IJP a gray market oporatO! 1 is n telephone bootli and a stack of nickles, dimes and quarters. I tried It. I them at the moment. ' Actually, industry spokesmen say, (liere Is very little steel avillablc for gray market deals. Every big steel company and most or the I smaller ones carefully allocate their Strange Titles Henri chiistophe, Negro slave, who later ruled Haiti, from 1811 to 1820, created the Count or Lemonade and the Duke of Marmalac, as two titled members of his "nobility. " Lending a Hand other question. I didn't. An official of an independent sfcel company gave of several "dealers" customers cxccp- Whether you'll make the fabulous products to legitimate ' profits rumored in gray market who use it In manufactured prod- deals in steel, nails, barbed wire, nets. Accaslonally some msmufac- ; doors, window frames and other ucts. Occationally some msmifac- matcrials in short supply Is an- own reputation will resell his allotment for a big profit rather than use It. But there art the me tlie names. tions, lh c industry believes. ,. . . wh ° reportedly i Talks O f million-ton deals are could svipply m e with steel. | mostly just talk. One mamilnctur- "We know who mast of them are. There Is nothing illegal in what they are doing although It isn't what I would call ethical business. We watch them closely to choke off their source of sup- Peggy Barlield, 21, of Hcnning, Tcnn., whose legs were crippled by infantile paralysis 3 vear ago. goes to bat. for the March of Dimes. Her complete recovery, aided by Ule March of Dimes, was climaxed by her recent selection as Miss Navy ol Memphis, Tcnn. ply whenever possible." I set up my "office" In and grill on New York's Eighth Avenue. My first call was 'to ,11; unlisted number In a city in Penn- 'I have a principal who r/?eds nO tons of sheet, 20-24 eausrc. hot 01 cold rolled. Can you er explained It this way: "A factory manager, short of sleel, will contact a broker to buy 10,000 tons. The broker seldom has any un-altocated amount like that available even If he Is » perfectly ( legitimate operator. So he will be- bar gin calling other brokers. Say he calls 10 and these 10 don't have 11 cither, so they each call 10 others. The first thing you hear someone is in the market for a million tons. Ride In Airplane Proves No Cure For Hiccoughs ATLANTA, Ga. don't like airplane (UP)— If you thrills but you mediately." "Sorry, I like that this morning, you get my name?" "A man close to you . A broker In New York told got anything | mid-western business, firm that he How did | could get 20 carloads of nails from j us at almost double the mill price. r organiza- i The mid-western firm tried to buy •"" - 1 "" 1 " the lot but the broker couldn't deliver. We knew that." Steel companies, whcreever possible, are policing their own distribution systems to prevent their products from getting Into the gray market. When they discover a customer divertine any iiart. r.f his allotment into the gray market they close off his source of supply. But the gray market finds new supplies, however limited, someplace. And the soft voice over the telephone says: "I have 50 doors— 75 tons of -sheet, cold rolled — 40 kegs of nails —for a price." Delivery Is moM uncertain. Father of Three Joins lion said you could get me steel, I told him. "I prefer not to name him." "Oh," said my dealer. "Well, T can let you have 300 pieces of 12 gauge, 38 x 60, at S13.50 a hundred." (That's S210 a ton, about $170 over the mill price including extras. It is also too heavy for many fabricating lists such as refrigerators, stoves and "novelties.") "It's a little high for my principal but I'll try him and call von back." "Where can I get you if I find some lighter stuff " I gave him the number of the pay phon e in the restaurant. Then I thumbed through the ads of a trade journal until I found one that read. "Wanted: . Son in Hiqh School 14-28 gliage hot or cold rolled, | SALEM think they might help to get rid of the hiccoughs, don't feel obliged to BO up In an airplane. It might not work. Not if you have hiccoughs that really arc hic- coughs. Not even if the plane does nose-dives straight at the ground from 10,000 feet or more. Not even if you're almost scared to death before you get back to terra flrma. Take It from Juanita McMiclieh of Atlanta, a 18-year-old lass with dark hair who hiccoughed for olEiU long weeks while doctors tried out every remedy they knew except two. Finally they gnve her the choice between those two— nn airplane thrill ride or an operation to relieve pressure on the phrenic nerve. Choke Proves Hard It was a hard choice; especially after having taken iimirhhment through nose lubes, having been on diets ranging troin sparslty to over-abudance. having had transfusions. minor scares and shocks. After all thnt Juanltn was dcs- pernte. She was In the hospital, pale and worn from the ordeal. She chose the airplane ride. She and her father, M. S. McMlchen of Jacksonville. Fla., boarded a plane piloted by Marine dive-bomber ace Joe Hornsby. For an hour the plane zoomed and climbed. Hornsby rocked It up and down. He dived the red and yellow craft at tremendous sliced. Juanita said she was scared "almost to death." It was her first plane ride. It didn't do the hiccoughs any good. Happy Kmllnjt pit at the end of the hour still hln- pit ul he end of the hour .still hic- coughing every 10 seconds. llonishy said he was awfully sorry his "treatment" tuuln'l done any gouci. Southern Airways rngrctu-ti it too. nuil lljcy refused payment. They culled It a "nu-ivy flight." The .story had n huppy ending. The opcriilion was successful und the hlccouRhs ceased. liul for planes rides—no more for JuiinUn like that. She Got the Hook, He Got the Bird Ore. ber' Sd itS '''' *"* ^^ ^ ""*"' ' ?™<* Lockman, "I have 300 pieces of 12 ga two phone calls. "Is your steel he asked. in New York "No. It's doun in Pennsylvania." I told him. "The price is too high and it's too heavy for our present customers. If your supplier can cut lhc price sonic let me know and maybe \ve can handle it. But we will want immediate delivery. We're tired or chasins ghost loads. We represent. 15 fabricators. Keep us in mind for anything you can get." My neM call turned up diamond plates (for heavy flooring in fac- • torics and some types of ship , decks). "I can let you have all you unnl. 3 16 to 1'4. sizes 4x8 to 5 x 16." The price was reasonable. My customer wasn't interested in diamond plates so I called a . steel company and found out that there wasn't much demand for ^" June. He will be getting his diploma a year ahead of his sou, Frank, Jr., who is a high school junior. day hopes to share with his son. a law practice FOR FASTER RELIEF NEVER KM miaesM GetsWorse! Quick! Us. Th«j. Spectaf iity Not* Dropt A Mtle Vlcts Va-tro-nol in each ncT- nl r.ll«M« head cold distress fast' InrJ if used at first warning snlflle or ticczc. Va-tro-nol actually helps to * MYAKKA STATE PARK, Jig. I UP)—A married couple hooked (ho same fish on their lint's here, Ttic wife got Ihe last word, und ' the fish. G. L. Miller and his wife were: fishing from opposite sides ot their honl, A tilg bream snulchcd Mrs. Milter's hook. It darted under the liont and swallowed Miller's halt. The luB-of-wnr that followed Iniulcd the fish, iiotli oluttnod the catch. Last reports officially credited Mrs. Miller with the prize. Long-RongeRoad Program Urged Federal Works Chief Holdi Conference With Contractors' WASHINGTON. Jan. 27. (UP) — Federal Works Administrator Philip n. Finning today called for » Ions-, er road building procrum to begin alter I he present 13,000.000,000 one expires In 1050. To build the highways needed for modern tramriorlittlon requirements will take "linsc sums" and ninny years, Fleming told the American Ito.idbultdcis Association. HctiihiB said a IOIIR term pro-, ci'uni Is iira-sstiry beciiusc ID It now lakes a liu'Bo annum construction program to nmtntnlu the present roiuls and 12) states cannot af- foi'il major lilRhwny projects except over R period of more than two or three yours. Thc> :n,c::o.«K) molor vehicle «•«- Istrnlioii.', lor ii).(7 will to 50.- Cf.O.CCO in n lew jours, Fleming sulri — nil "npiiiilllng" concept consider* I»K ttie country's ••antiquated htiiii- wuy.s. l-- ! <>'-'.i\ It has been csliiiml thai iio.uoa to flO.OOO miles or state- iiiuiiH,lined ronds nml rebuilding and H.OCO miles or iltvn-liiiio primary 'lui'linays are carrying lour- Inno trnlilc. The incscnl lilgliwny program provider for $l.503,Mu,i:oo ol (ederal nid to Mules with inati'hlng funds. The. deadline for uslnp. the federal money is June, 1U5D. Fleming predicted it few slates will have n hard time xci aping up the motley to Promptly relieves COUGHS of CHEST COLDS Break* Up Surfac* Congestion, Tool Al tho firat sign of n. trhesl cold—rub Miifiterolff on du'sl, throtit ;uul back. H inxtnttlly stnrta to rolirvo cou und Unlit aorpnwa in chest mua Then >jood old rrlijililo Miifilerola helps brmh ii[) painful mirfuro ccm- xetsUou HI id clu'ckn irrllnUun. In H strengths. At all drUKfitorc\i. Rend Courier Nows Wiuu Arts. .L.YaOR FAMILY! ALWAYS HAVE You want your family to have a home, even if something should happen to you. Life insurance is the best guarantee chat the plans you have for your family's happiness will be carried out. Consult a friendly Life of Georgia agent about a sound program for the financial futui3 of your family. District Office Horum Bills. 203 \Ve.s1 .Main St. RED LEWIS Now In The Body Shop OF LEE MOTOR SALES Expert Repair Work At Reasonable Prices 307 East Main Street Phone 519 — Slays Fresh Longer! mlch their full slmre o( federal Id In that time. Even II uutli (eileral and state unds were available Immediately or u modern highway »ystem, he nld, there are not enough materl- 1s, labor, machinery and highway nglnecm to do the Job In two or hree years. Fleming predicted the federal aid irlmary system of roads connecting :irge cities and the federal aid scc- mdary "fnrm-to-mtirket" system vlll expand from the present 500,300 mile* to 760,000 mllei In "10 •curs, perhaps." Of the three-year !«d«ral funds, e said, H«,000,000 U still unused, There Is under construction now >719.000.000 worth o( roads of which the federal government I* ptjrln* W74.000.CM, , ., *^'^ PIN-WORMS GO! Don't let roar AM rag* tka PEn-Worm»l Todv. nwdk.Ur r«o»nlt tlv* lreala*nl hu Ro wvich for the wanl«« ttnm, ot»«- clsllr UK cmb>rT««ln« racial ltd. Ot JAYNI'l r>-W rlxhi in, u>4 dbv iC rltrtctiont. ThMt , p^ alter nu> •( n«H«il M> M«rch In th« laboratory* ot Dr. D. JanA • Sen «» •« In * iptclal war <* »<»»» 1'[n-Wormi. [(•• cuy to remnnUt : f^W for Fta-Wantf! IN BLYTHEVILLE ON JANUARY 27, 28, 29 AND 30 HE WILL INTERVIEW AND HIRE MEN FOR "CATERPILLAR" JOBS Kor llic convenience tiCinen in the ISlythcville nren, a C'nLcrnillitr Tractor Co. vcp- re.sontativn will be nt the Arkansas State Employment Service Office, 123 South Second Street, on .Imnmry 21, 28, 29 nticl 30, to interview ami hire applicants for "Cnt- crpillar" jobs in Pcoria, Illi- noi.s. There arc openings for Ijoth skilletl ntid iinskillcd. 'g factory i-Htea for jobs ret]tiiriiiR; no experience range from $1.03 to ?1.23 per hour, dopondirifr upon type of job and nliift. Skilled jobs jiay propor- tiomilely more. Stop in and .see the "Cat- erpillnr" representative. He will give you complete de- Uils. NOTE: Applicants who \vcr« in sirmed forces must hrinjf service discharj-e piipcra with Ihem when ap- • As a "Caterpillar" employe* you'U enjoy: • Good Pay • Opportunity to Uarn and Advann • Employees' Retirement Plan • Voluntary Group Insurance and Surgical and Hospital- izarion Benefits ' Complete Medical Program • Vacations with Pay • Hot Lunches at Low Cost in Clean, Modern Cafeterias 4 a aooct »£cux Jfo CATERPILLAR TRACTOR Co. PIORIA, ILLINOIS Extra!... Extra!... It's important American history that many of our successful men started in business by soiling Capers . . . But education and study time is most important, so be ready for your newsboy when he makes Ilia collections next week. Circulation Department Dial 4461 Blytheville Courier News

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