The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1947
Page 6
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- PACE SEC BLYTIiEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER N15WS WEDNESDAY, AUGUS'J 1 20, 19-17 British Troubles ,* s > *- .. r._-:. _ v ' ,.., !ri Egypt Studied Brazil's UN Delegate /JrVoiild Let Disputants •t Settle Their Own Row -5" By HARRY WILLIAMS UhHed Press Staff Correspondent - iLAKE SUCCESS, fi. f., AUG. 20. (DP)—Brazil oflerett a plan today for Britain and Egypt to settle their troubles among themselves while tbe harried United Nations Security Council keeps an eye on the negotiations. ^Brazilian sources said the terse compromise (plan \vould tic'laid before the 11-natlonal body by Ambassador Carlos Munjz when tlie council meets Into today to discuss Egypt's complaint. Today the council moved on to the Egyptian complaint and Prime •Minister Mahmoud Fahmy Nok- ^rashy Pasha's urgent apjieal for (he immediate evacuation of British troops from the Nile Valley. Nokrasliy told the council last week that, it 'British forces were not ordered out of the Nile area by Sept. 1, his country would not be able to "hold back the tide" or national resentment. He warned that •Britain's continued presence would mean riots and bloodshed throughout the Middle East, and called for the complete dissolution of Britain's administrative regime in the Sudan Sir Alexander Cadogan of Britain argued that Britain remained in the Nile Valley under terms of a valid treaty signed with Egypt, in 1936. He asked the council to strike the whole Egyptian complaint from its agenda. The Bralizian plan, as outlined today, called for: 1. Britain and Egypt toresume negotiations in accordance with normal international law. 2. The Security Council to keep the question on its agenda, but in a dormant form similar to the treatment given Iran's complaint against -Russia last'year. - 3. lEoth parties to report to the Security Council on the progress of their negotiations, Authoritative Brazilian sources said the compromise proposal had been discussed In advance with both the Egyptian and British delegations, but there was no advance indication whether it was acceptable to either. Hirohito Gets Around Too Late to Classify For Sal* Ciixiccry etorc dolnij a goud busings lirtccd rljjlit, Seg Osunr Alexander Phone JJSO. 101 W. Main. Uosldciicc riiono M70. (Ji2.0-ck-27 4 room house on Kasi Sycamore ,' down. Imiaticc liy the mouth Oscar Alexander, J'hcmc 830, • 107 Main. Kcalilcncc Phono 3470 SCHOOL SHOPS Continued from for shop work, it will develop pressures up to 3",0 pounds per square inch. Arc welding equipment is also ; included in the shop facilities and a one-fifth iloor of Hie court house, in the 1 CHy cf Hlyllicvillc, Arkansas, at public bWrtcr West side of the shop building and' Mr. Holt said that acetylene svuld- Ing equipment will be added when Ihe wood working tools on the East. The classroom is located in the Northeast corner of the build units for It The shop arc obtained, also contains auction, to the highest on credit of three months, (1-5) interest in and to the following lands belonging to said minor to-wit: Cue-fifth (1-5) interest in Lot sheet-; Kour <4>, J. W. liadcr Addition to M Ernjierof Hirohito of .T.npnn peeks Into tin cleclric magnetometer in Hie niclal laboratory ol Tohoku University in Sentlal during a iccenl 15-cl;iy inspection lour o£ North Honshu and Hokkaido Island. Pem/scot 4-H Club Leaders Are Selected 18 AAF Generals Re-assigned in BigArmyShakc-up 880 ncrcfi. 100 In cultivation. Two modern house's 113 hcnrlqimrteni. 1 Inrije barn, 4 RiTinll hums, Has 0 terms >L houses, nil under fence. This Is ft renl Improved farm. Worth the money. We will nhow this farm without any obligation on your part, The price Is $80 per ncro with , iitUiicllve terms. | 1(55 acres, 3 houses. 2 barns. Half milt i to hJnii Kchool on gravel road. ims i llyhts. txjcfticttl \'i mile from cinw '• Kklgc, Mo. on highway CO. Price ' $125 per ocre. Terms. Well located 20 acres, Vi mile of i;s- sex. Mo. on highway 60 W. ol Sl! ; f«- tou. it 11 I'enceu -.viih fair imi>>nvi>~ nLents, Price $2SOO, Terms. 42',-1 ncrca on j?rnvel road nlKnn Si- a miles from 2 ^ood towns. Has n CIMVI crop. Al f alia. corn, cotton, bCM)t>, linuroveinetUM consist or Rood home a harjis, all under fence. Tractor land. On market for short, time only Trice $5000, with \'- t down payment 300 acres hlnhly Improved land wtill locrttca on Kntvet, him tlt-ctrlciy. inakefl K»i>il cropr. every year. This place Is located close to Blythcviltu /irk. 40 acres, close In, wllli E;ood 1 in prove- incuts. l*i jce 1)2.001). Terms. We have lists on nil kinds of cits' nropL'j'Ly niul nirtii lanus. If you i\re interested In huyinn or selling ciiy ]>roLirrty or a fiirm. drop in uiui sec t IK. \Vc tntiy 1m vo just wnav yon have; ueen looking for. We al.^o inaS^c loans on city property anil (arm land. Luther (./ray. Uroker. Residence Ph. 513 Bert lioss, Salesman. Residence Ph. [JSlti Office with Mitrlon Williams lusurantt: Agency. 115 S, Third St. Phone 2751,' BlyLhc- vlllc. Ark. a l 20-fik-2J hi{{ uiul Mr. Holt's office Is on inctalworhfng equipment such us' the City of Blythuville, Arkansas. ' " " ' rollers, breakers and formers. \ This -sale is made pursuant to an Woodworking power tools include order by tho Probate Court on the the second floor at the South end. Mr. Holt said he is having a hard time locating hand tools due to the acute shortage of them. All the machines came equipped with the necessary accessories, but the shop needs more basic hand tools, he snid. A World War II veteran, Mr. Jig band saws, an 18-Inch 12th ,<lay planer, a 12-inch joiner, lnlhcs.1 purpose wood simper, two sanding ma-' funds, chines, two wood drills, a cut-off| rurcltnscr required to of August, ion, of reinvesting for the ward's saw, grinders, an file, a table saw san'dcrs. automatic and small belt Holt served In the Army ror three I and a half years as an Instructor IN THE In the same type of work lie will be cloinK here. He spent the past year finishing work towards his degree and at the same Lime was In clmrgc of night vocational classes in Faycttcvllle. His riS degree in Industrial cd- I'l'.OBATi: COUKT I'OIl COUNTY, ARKANSAS C1UCKASAWIV\ DIKTKICT NOTICE Notice is hereby given i:iat the undersigned as guardian ( or i\ K estate or Doris June Wadley, a .security, for tiic purchase Recruiting Station Here Redesignated by Army Tlie U. S. Army Recruiting Substation here has been re-tlcsignnt- cci a "U. S. Army and Air Force Recruiting Sub-Station," Stnff Scrgt. Don C. Seal said today. The retlcsignation was ordered by Fourth Army Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston. Texas, in accordance with the National Security Act, lie said. So creamy white -a real delight/ tvi/ W / ._ THE dainty COOKING FAT 3t'sWonderful! CAEUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Aug. £C—Winners of the annual Pcmiscol bounty 4-H Club Achievement. Day, :\eM Saturday and evening at Holland, were announced this week by the olficc' of County Agent M. D. Amburgey. Those named to roprescnt this county in the District, Round-Up at Do.xter nre: Groomlnfj—Carl (Avis, Steclc, anil Peggy Manlcy, Caruthcrsville. 'Dress revue—Mary Evelyn Hicks. Braggadocio, and Nona B. Dudley, i Braggadocio. j Demonstrations: "How to Choose i Becoming Colors," Fnyc Binncn- heimcr and Evelyn Miller, both of Biaygadocio. "CleanhiB the Air-Cleaner of a Trnctor." IBilly Maloney, Pnscola. and Robert Cottrell, Bragg City. "How to Make an Pin Cushion," 'cggy Gill, Hayti. AljDiit 203 4-H Club members par- Iclpated in the program, which included exhibits in clothing, home 'urnlshing. unlive crafts, vegetables, woodwork, home grounds, [lower arrangement, roue work, and home service. The meeting was held in .he'Holland -high school gym. which liad been specially decorated with green and white streamers nnd four-leaf clover emblems for the ccsasion. Judges ,of the various events were Mrs. Lee Stiles, Mrs. Neta Bunch 'ind Mrs. B. A. Bugg, all of Bly- tlicville. Bert "Flope, assistant county agent, was In charge of (he program, whlcli included group singing, special vocal music, welcome address by Mrs. Miry Alice Workman, skits, demonstrations, and dress, apron and grcoming revues. The evening program- .included a mock wedding staged 'by the Braggadocio Club, a home tnlent show, and climaxed with n candle lighting ceremony directed by County A5cnt Amburgey. Miss Mario Corrcll was in charge of the'--music:' - •'-\' ; .'/.^ •-.•'.---..' -••^':'.:,. J - ; .\ WASHINGTON. Allff. 2f) (CP)-- Ttic Army Air Forces todny un- noiincc'd rciissignincnt of 18 KC»- ci-aU in one of the biggest j\AF shnkcitps In recent years. No reason wns given for ihc maw rcnsslgtimcnt of "lo\i ijrnss." but it was believed connected with the .settintf vip of ati nuLoiiunious iir force under Uiu new armed forces unLfleaLion plan. Help Wonted .inly to sli\y In tioune and look lifter <:hl]clrcn. Priviite room. 1m Southern Aulo Stares. 'relatively new decree which was given for the [irst time in 1U44. He was in tlic third class to receive such a degree, he said. Vast Store of l^quipmcnl Mctalworking equipment in the j shup includes eight metal lathes, ] ranging in slM; from small bench ' lathes to' an 'IB-Inch machine; two { millers, large and small drill presses, a power hack saw. large blade . grinder, surface grinder, metal saw,' ] a large punch press for extra-1 heavy work, - other punch presses ; rangiiifj in siy.c from si^ to 18 in-| dies, bench grinders for heavy duty as well as small tool work. | In direct contrast to the large si/.e of mud) of the equipment is a sensitive, or Jeweler's, drill which minor, will on Die Bill day of Sept. 1047, offer for sale south at such sale will be give note, approved price. You are hereby further notified that the interest of all other heirs of the G. C. Wadlcy Estate are of full age and will execute warranty deed to the purchaser for their interest in and to said above described lands. , - v Dated this the 10 day of August, 1947. Virginia Mayo Guardian 8-20-27 UNBLOCK ^DIGESTIVE TRACT And Stop Doting Your Stomach With Soda and Alkalizes Don't eipect to get real relief from headnthe, tout »tom»ch, |[u >nd bad breath by Ukicjc *cxia and other alkaliieia if the txue CJIUM ol your trouble U constipation. Jn tbii case, your real trouble Is cot In tb« stomach at all. Uut in the intestinal tract where 80% o( you: food it digested. And when the Lower part gets blocked food may fall to digest properly. What you want for real relief in •ome- thtag to unblock" your tower intestinal tract. Something to clean (t out effectively—help Nature get back on her feet. Get Carter's PJ1li rl«ht now. Take u directed. They gently and effectively "unblock" your digestive tract. Th.ii permits *Jl 6 of Nature'i own diPtative julcva to mis better with your food. You net genuine relief from Indigestion BO you can fuel really good again. Buy Carter's 1'illa today. "Unblock" your Lnteatizial tract for rtaJ rdiet from lad£g«*tloD. Wanted to Rent Byrd to Serve State As Acting Governor rk., Aux. 2 It's all vegetable LITTLE 'HOOK, Ark., AUK. 20. (UP) 'For the six'c month. Clyde Byrcl of El Dorado, picskleiil pto-lcm of the Stutc Senate, will be Arkansns' governor. Senator (IJjTcl will ncl in that capacity next week, when both Gov. Hen Liney nnd Lt. Gov. Nathan Gordon will be out of tlie state'. The governor Is on » good-will tour of tlie Northern stales ami Canada, and Gordon will go to New York for the American Legion Convention. Bedroom, wllli 2 beds. Kitchenette, bv Sppl. 1. Nour Ims line. Write Dx. 114. Manila, Ark. 20-1>X-2J ^'' [ bores holes from one-eighth of an ' inch in diameter clown to wirc- fjuugc diameters. 'I he shop is also equipped with a Wcstinghouse air compressor to be used for spray painting. One of the largest compressors muclc IN BOTTLES AND AT FOUNTAINS Cop Officer Exonerated; Assailant is Indicted TPXATJKA'NA. Ark., lAllj. 20. :<UP> —-Twenty-lour year cu; naymoml v rost has been indicted by a Bowie County, Tex, grnnd jurv for »s- sauMing with intent to kill a Tcx- iirknnn used car dealer. I •Prflsl was svoundcd and his broth- or killed by a police officer following the knife right with the car dealer. Yesterday the same grand jury absolved Ihe polireivmu—Floyd Watson — of criminal charges in connection with the shooting. WAUNING ORIIEIt ' IN TUB CHANCERY COURT CHICK ASA WRA 1) I S T R I C T, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AltKAN Pepti-Cida Company, Long Island City, N. Y. Pranchised Rottfer: Pepsi-Cola Hottline Co. of Biytheville GETS A LIFT The spring-tooth cultivator, above, is one of the ninny hydnuilii lift farm implements to be demonstrated with the Universal Jec| when the famous Jeep Caravan visits here umlcr auspices ol UK local Willys-Overland distributor. See This Demonstration Today East End of Main Street! Demonstration Begins 5:00 p.m. Blyiheville Willys Seles Co. 410 East Main St. Phone S54 SA7S. John J. Smith Plaintiff vs. No. 10,162 1 Eva Marie Smith Dcfentlant. The defendant Eva Marie Smith is hereby warned to appear within .thirty clays in the court narqe'd in tlic caption hereof and ; answer the complaint of the plaintiff John J. Smith. (Dated this 28 day or July. 1047 Harvey Morris, Clerk Percy A. Wright. Att.v. for Pit! 7!30-8!6-13-2G ForCOMPLETE SERVICE Bring Your Car or Truck to LEE MOTOR SALES Complete Line of Parts -Oldsmobile, CMC Trucks Complete Accessories See Our Line of Farm Trailers ^mmmf^mm Easy Terms Open Nights iin til 9p.m: Large Stock of USED CARS '46 Ford—Radio and Heater '41 Chevrolet*—4 in Stock '41 Chevrolet 5 Pass. Coupes '41 Pontiac 4-Door — New Paint And Many Others New CMC 48 Passenger School Bus Ready to Go We Buy Clean Used Cars Sales Dept. Open Nights Until 9 p.m. Phone 519 LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St. Oldsmobile , CMC Trucks How to look like $1,000,000... ..heading for /he country STETSON CAS UAL f 1 lie Cdfiial is a >ufi \v t-ll.ri!;;o ;nn|)-l>rini. \\ illi n In i^ld new nanow liaml. ll ^(iri \\-\l\\ )our >|ioils clollics like spuuca villi a lawn. Sec it lodav. ...stepping out in town THE WHIPPET S 10 Tlie ir'lu'i>i>cl is one of America's most popular town lials. I is Imuml hi im lias a hold S\M-CI> thai pcrl.s up your entire appearance. It's a must! If It's For A Man- Mead's Will Have It Clean Reconditioned USED CARS Await Your Selection at SH ELTON Motor Company T19W. Ash Phone 438 ELBERTA PEACHES $2.50 and $3.00 Per Bushel We Sell: O By the Pound O By the Bushel • 'I'ruckloiul BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 180 E. Main. Phono 073 New Theater Manila's Finest Sham EVERY NIGHT Matinee Satnrda? A Sand»j Box Opens Week I)ij» 7:to p.m. SB!.-Bon. 1 p.m. Cont. Wednesday anrt Thursday "Guilt of Jcnct Ames" uith Itusalind ICusscll, Mclvyn Douglas Selected Short Kahjccts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday and Thursday 'Sargc Goes to College" with Alan Hale ,!r. and June I'rcisscr ,\c\vs anrt Comedy v Open at 1:00 p.m.; Starts 7:3t »J*t> Wednesday & Thursday | "THE RETURN OF MONTE CRISTO" with l.onls Hayward .t Barbara Brltto Fox Movietone News Also Shorts

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