Daily News from New York, New York on October 30, 1948 · 196
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Daily News from New York, New York · 196

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1948
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DICK TRACY V-l SHALL MORk1 MOCE V WUPM V TODAY TUP: I " COODBVE. $3f3 - i.r fr DIRECT, PAPA. I SHALL DO VOU NEXT TIME WE 1 -...A PAPA. 4p ' NO, I DID NOT TURN Sl SIMPLV WALK INTO POLICE EXPECT MEET, YOU k V nrTTlKX E OVER A PICTURE OF VOU f HEADQUARTERS AND TELL TO PO WILL BE -XI v' 1 TO THE TELEVISION B THEM WHERE VOU CAN J THIS?V BEHIND r. JXlffi EOL Q.g - f a 53 Martin Horrell Looking Listening with SidShalit Din For One, James . . . You've heard of three-dimensional pictures? Martin Horrell goes in for three - dimensional sound. According to Horrell, producer of CBS' "Grand Central Station" drama series, radio scenery should be heard not seen. To Horrell, sound effects are to radio what stage sets and lighting are to the the atre, bince Ira Ashley, who directs the show, is just as pro-sound effects as Horrell, "Grand Central station prooaDiy puts more emphasis on sound than any program on the air. Both disagree with the school who believe sound should be applied sketchily, merely to suggest the action. "Suggest," snorts Horrell, "is far too weak a word. Sound can tell action! Like a good picture, a good sound sequence is better than a thousand words." A psychologist might say that sound effects stimulate the auditory nerve to the point where the mind can actually envision what is happening. Horrell says, much more simply, "Sound is the scenery of radio drama, that which is heard but not seen." Sounds good ! Headlines . . . The new cigaret-sponsored mystery series, replacing Phil Baker's quiz, gets under way Friday, Nov. 5 at 10 P. M. over CBS. Burt Lancaster, lugged, two-fisted movie rage, stars on the opener the first of a long line of Hollywood and Broadway names who'll headline these shows weekly. The programs will he produced and directed by Williajn Spier, who .launched "Suspense" and currently pilots "Sam Spade." . . . WPIX will telecast the Seton Hall-St. Francis basketball games, starting Dec. 10 with the 'St Francis-Manhattan court clash. . . . That very hush-hush and taboo subject homosexuality - will be discussed over WMCA tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 on the "Something Ought to Be Done" forum by Chief Magistrate Bromberger, Dr. Frederick Wertham, psychiatrist, Howard Whitman, author, and Josiah P. Marvel, chairman of the Quaker Emergency Service. Writers Strike . . . The Radio Writers Guild has set Monday as the date when picketing begins of ad agency produced programs, which have not signed letters of adherence to the same contract now in effect between the guild and the four networks. J. R. Mandelbaum, f the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, has, in the meantime, arranged a meeting for tomorrow between the guild and program sponsors. Members of the Authors League of America, parent body of the guild, have been instructed to withhold work and material from programs' which have not signed up, among them, Fibber McGee and Molly, Great Gildersleeve, Red Skelton, Radio Theatre, Dr. Christian, Hit Parade, and many others. Chit Chat. . . . Nathan Straus, president of WMCA, will broadcast '. a "' series of takls from Tel Aviv, Jsrael, Mondays - through - Fridays, al 6:05 P. M. starting next week. RADIO PROGRAMS Saturday's Features IOiOOA. M. WKYC. UN Proceedings from Paris. J 1 too A. M-WJZ. Abbott and Costello Kid Show. l:0p.M. WOK. Luncheon at SardTn. 100 P. M. WJIVC. Arrival of first Shipload of Displaced Persons; Ugo Carusl, Raymond Milliard, others. H4SP.M. WJVHC. Duke-Georgia Tech; Bill Stern. IMS P.M. WOK. Yale-Dartmouth; Bill Slater. H45 P. M. WJZ. Navy-Notre Dame: Harry Wismer. 1 s5o P. M. W I N S. Columbia-Cornell; Don Dunphy. liSSP.M. WMGM. Army-Virginia Poly. Institute-Ted HuslnR-. 4:15 P.M. WCBS. Calif.-Southern Calif ; Red Barber. Ji3tP.M. WNBC. NBC Symphony Orch.; Arturo Toscanini. 7iOO P. M. WCBS. Lucille Ball In "My Favorite Husband." 7i30 P. M. WNBC. Vic Damone Show; Hollace Shaw. 7:SO P. M, 81OO P. M.- KKIO P. M. NtMt P. M, K:in P. M. ,:to p. m. X:SO P. M. i0 P. M 01(H) P. M l.ltt P. M :: P. tri.'IO P. M. l."tO P. M, 10:00 P. M lOsO P. M lOiMI P. M. TKI.K ISi (Eastern Standard Timet 5 A. M. TO 2 P. M. 5 SO WOR. Jo. nur. 4:30 WNEW. ,.. WNBC. 660 t'luO. AS WJZ. Kecurds. WCBS. Harry Marble. W,7V-.N!': KporUm.ii tiul.le. WJZ. liim News. WMGM. Radio New-sreel. WOR. John (JambliriK. T80;, Uuittrwurth. WNEW. Newt. WJZ. Patl H.rnei. S'4-W0R. MumlnK Watrh 7:VZWC- N'"': Bur-..rth. wwrc. Sunrise Symphony. WJZ. News. WOH.. News. 7:15 WJZ. l-.tt Burnet. WOR. Musical riork. 7:30 WNBC. New i. WNEW. Newt. 7:45 WNBC. Mystery Chef. :00 WNBC. News; rtultrrwurth. WNVC. Children! Fair. WJZ. K.WI. WCBS. News Roundup. WOR. New,. 1:15 WJZ. The Kitrccr.lili. WCBS. Villi Cook Show. WOR. Dorothy .ml Dick. 8:30 WNBC. 1'rank Lullier, tones. WNEW. News. WCBS. Margaret Arlen. 90 WNBC. Trinle 1! Kaiiih. WNYC. M.sterunrk Hour. WJZ. Shockers' Special. WCBS. News. WOR. News. :I3 WCBS. This Is New York. WOR.- More Out of I.lte. 9:30 WNBC. 1AL Theatre. WNEW. News. WOR. Redurlnc' Circle. 9:45 WNBC. Hump Club. WCBS. :I.n Drake. WOR. To He Announeed. 10 mn WNBC. M.ry Lee Taylor. WNEW. Ballroom to 11:30. WJZ. This Is For You. WNYC. IN Cour.ne. WOR. Newt. 10:15 WQXR. Youth Korum. WCBS. G.rden tjate. WOR. Charlotte Ad.mt. 10:30 WNBC. Archie Andrews. WNEW. Newt. WJZ. Johnny Tliompson. WCBS. Mary I Taylor. WMCA. Quiz Down. 10 45 WJZ. Slrlnf Ensemble. WOR. What Am I Offered! ll0 WNBC. Meet th Meekt. WJZ. Abbott and Costello. WCBS. News; Left Pretend. WOR. News. 11:15 WOR. John B. Kennedy. 11:30 WNBC. Ed McConnell. WNEW. News. WJZ. News. WCBS, Junior Miss. WOR. M.n an th. Farm. 11:45 WJZ. Western Songs. 12:00 WNBC. News. WJZ. Patt Barnes. WOR. Hecorded Music. WCBS. Theatre of Today. 12:15 WNBC. The Ktlhna. WOR. Hep. Tarty Talk. 12 JO WNBC. Lopez' Orch. WNEW. Newt. WJZ. News: Amerlean Farmer. WCBS. Crand Central Station. WOR. News. 12:45 WOR. Answer Man. 1 :00 W NBC. Farm & Home Hour. WJZ. Mangl McNeills. WCBS. County Fair. WOR. Luncheon at Ksrdl's. WNYC. np Arrival. 1:30 WNBC. Ed Tomllnson. WNEW. Newt. WJZ. Hemeinber the Year. WCBS. Civ. and Take. WOR. Stan Lomax. sports. 1:45 WNBC. Duke-Georgia Tech. WOR. Yale-Dartmouth. WJZ. Navy-Notre Dame. 1:50 WINS. Columbia-Cornell. 1:55 WMGM. Ariny-V. P. I. 2 P. M. TO 6 P. M. 2 HO WNBC. Duke Cont'd. WJZ. Notre Dam. Cont'd. WMGM. Army Cont'd. WCBS. Stars Over Hollywood. WINS. Columbia Cont'd. WOR. Yale Cont'd. 2:30 WNEW. News. WCBS. Election lteport. 2:45 WCBS. Have t Orch. 3:00 WNBC. Duke Cont'd. WJZ. Navv Cont'd. WCBS. Foster s Orch. WMGM. Armv Cont d. WOR. Yale Cont'd. WINS. Columbia cont'd. 3 -"30 WNEW. News. WCBS. Club House. WCBS. Vaughn Monroe Show. WNBC. Star Theatre; Jeanette Mac-Donald, Lois Butler. WOK. Twenty Questions: Rep. Sol Bloom. WCBS. Sing It Again. WMCA. Henry A. "Wallace. Sen. G. Taylor. WNBC. Truth or Consequences. WNYC CCNY-New Britain; Kevin Kennedy. WNBC. Your Hit Parade; Frank Sinatra, Beryl Davis. WCBS. Winner Take All. . WNBC. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey. . WJZ. "What's My Name?" Arlene Francis. . WCBS. It Pays to Be Ignorant. WOIC Guy Lombardo Show; Henny Youngman. WNBC. Dennis Day Show. WOK. Chicago Theatre cf the Air; Col. Robert R. McCormiek, talk; Virginia xiasKins, jsngene Conley Jn "Martha." WJZ. Klection Preview; Dr. G. Gallup. ON FKATL'RKS lslO P. M. WNHT. Navy- iNoire uame. insF. M. WCBS. Columbia Cornell. Ii45 P. M. WABIJ. Dartmouth- Yale. H50 P. M. WPIX. I'enn.-Washington Lee. 6t30 P. M. WJZ. Quizdom Class. 7 ISO P. M, WNBT. Halloween Party. 7i40 P. M. WPIX. Sunday News Preview. 8:3o M- WNBT. Screen Magazine. fK15 P. M. WPIX. Boxing from Rtdcewood Grove. :30 P. M. WCBS. Gov. Dewey. WQXR. COP Talk. 7:30 WNBC. Vie Damon, show. WNEW. Newt. WJZ. Famous Jury Trials. WCBS. Vaughn U on roe Know. WOR. Answer Man. WMGM. Saui.i.y Solo, aongw. 7:45 WOR. Mel Allen, .porta, trott WNBC. Sl.r Theatre, WCBS. Slnit It Aeain. WJZ. Jotmm- Fleuher. WOR. Twenty lluectlons. WQXR. News; Symphony Hall. 9:15 WMCA. Henry A. Wallace :30 WNBC. Truth Quit. WNEW. News. WJZ. Amazit:g Mr. Malooe. WOR. Share the Wealth WNYC. CCNY New Hriuln. 9:55 WOR. Election ITeview. 4:00 WNBC. Duke ContW. WJZ Nary Cont'd WCBS. Dell Trio. WMGM. Army Cont'd. WOR. Yale Cont'd. WINS. Columbia Cont'd. 4:15 WCBS. Calif.-S. Calif. WOR. Stan Imax. sports. 4:30 WNBC. Hits and Bits. WNEW. Newt. WOR. Voole s Paradise. 4:45 WNBC. Radio lteporter. 5:00 WNBC. Frank MeniwelL WCBS. CaL Cont'd. WOR. Take a Number. 5:30 WNEW. Newt. WNBC. America Viewt UN. WCBS. C.I. Cont'd. WOR. True or False. 5:35 WNEW. Hallroont H 7:30. 5:4T WNBC. Lassie Show. WJZ. Dorothy Fuldlieim. 6 P. M. TO 9 P. M. 6:00 WNBC. K. lanchart. news. WJZ. News; Manhattan Closeup. WCBS. C.I. Cont'd. WOR. I.tIc Vsn. news. 6:15 WN"EC. Football Result.. WJZ. Jlimvnlee Sisters. WOR. I, vie Van. news. 6:30 WNEC. NliC. Symphony. WNEW. News. WJZ. Oui.dom Class. WOR. Van.levcnter. news. WMCA. Itaninc Results. (:45 WCBS. Football K. eume. WOR. Stan Imax. sports. WMCA. Steve Ellis, sports. 70 WJZ. Joe Hael. sports. WCBS. Lucille Hall. WOR. Ouess Who? WMGM. Today's SporU. 7:15 WJZ. George C. l'ulnaro. TELEVISION PROGRAMS All Tim WPIX Channel 11. 1 Penii-Wawhtiitrtoii Iee. :Otl News: Re-ords. 2:,M News: K.lm Shorts. 7 "lO Ttlt'U.x Newsrwl. "5:10 Sunday News Preview. 8MM Film. :O0 News: Boxing-. 10: H5 Telepix Newsreel. WCBS Channel S. i:l.' Muttic; IVeview. 1 ::t0 Quarterback Quiz. 1 :45 Columbia-Cornell. M iirk; Previews. 8:X Film Shorts. H:I5 Feature Film. :30 Gov. Dewey. WNBT Channel 4. l:OS Football Film. JMO Navy-Notre Dame. 7:30 Halloween Party. Hitid Screen Magazine. 9:00 Film. . P. M. W'AHU Channel . 1 :lfl Dartmouth-Yale. WM Channel 7. :SO Uuizilom Class. 7:MI News; and Views. 7:15 Film Shorts. 7:.'I0 Sl.ortH Review. 7M". Three About Town. 8:lM Play the Game. 8::io Film. WATV Channel 13. S:l; Music. S-.mt Film. 4 :00 Western Feature. ft:tMI Junior Frolics. :.'(0 Film. H :no Camera Hirhlisrht. 7:Ofl Western Film. K:m Camera H.gl.l.t'hta. :.- Film. : Feature Film. Frequencies of New York Stations at a Glance wasna S7n , waive .n . wiata WNBC W0 ' WCBS M0IWMGM WOR WJZ 1010 WLIB (AO. wnu 7111 1 WP.T Wll i U.UI l .inn I u r i n 770 WAA1 ;0IWNEW 1130. WBNX IISniWNJR 1430 1 280 ! WHOM 1480 1330 I WQXR 1560 I330 IWWRL 1600 9 P. M. TO MIDNIGHT 9:00 WNBC. Hit Parade. WJZ. lurikbu.-t.-r-. WCBS. Winner Tke All. WOR. dabri.l Ilcait.r. 9:15 WOR. J.an.ij Ks show. S:30 WNBC. io. 1H-.VCJ- WNEW. News. WJZ. What s My Namef WCBS. It I'avs to Be Ignorant. WOR. tiny Iinhaid-i SIk.w 10:00 WNBC. Ilmns I lay Show. WJZ. Joht.iiv OJsen tjuiz. WCBS. Jtooetown lt1nion. WOR. CtuVse.i Thtaili. WNVC. CC.Y Cont'd. 10:30 WNBC ;ra!.d oic Opry. WNEW. Newt. WJZ. Eltci.i... l'revi.w. WCBS. National Cuar.l Hall. 10:45 WMCA. Cene W.rd. snru. WMGM. liarnefs lta.es. II 0 WNBC. Kvbert Trout, news. WJZ. News. WCBS. tieorge Bryan, newt. WOR. Vande. enter, news. . WHOM, ltrja.lt -Carroll. WMGM. Ka.l.o Newsreel. WQXR. News; Svmphony." 11:15 WNBC. Morton Downey. WJZ. Sp.rts IteMiltr. WCBS. CBS Views th. pres.. WOR. Frank Sln.iser. news. 11:30 WNBC. Ijimbardo's Orch. WNEW. News. WJZ. We.ther; Jureens' Orch. WCBS. lialen Drake. WOR. Duclun's Orch. WMCA. Svmpbonv Sid to . WINS. Boll Brumby. AFTER MIDNIGHT 12:00 WNBC. News; liraha.u s Orch WJZ. Music to 1. WOR. News; Herman's Orch. WNEW. Matinee to 8. WINS. Jack Ellen to 4. W A AT. News; Musle to t. 12 JO WNBC. Herman's Orch. WCBS. Morgans Orch. WOR. Hudson s Orch. ISO WCBS. News. WOR. Kirn's Orch. WMGM. Music to 2. 1:30 WNEW. N.wt. WOR. The Bueraneert. I 00 WOR. M.iite to 5:43. 130 WNEW. N.wt. . . . For first voters arid others whose technique may be rusty, Walter Kiernan will telecast instructions on how to use a voting machine, Monday night at 7:30 over WJZ-TV CBS' documentary on the movie industry, "The Hollywood Picture," will be aired Wednesday night at 10. The program will use as its theme a case-history of the Oscar-winning "The Time of Your Life." . . . One of our favorite disk shows is Eugene Endry's "Music of the Continents," Thursdays, 11:30 P. M. WMCA. The session makes heavy use of Viennese CT"W""W" mmmmmassimm jit Can Happen to You! LISTEN TO COUNCILMAN EDW. RAGER SAT. OCT. 30 7t 15 P. Me WQXR and Hungarian melodies. . . . Three glamorous Walter Thornton models, draped in full length caries, will be "unveiled" by mentalist Dunninger, who, before they drop their capes, will describe in detail the costumes underneath, Thursday, Nov. 4 at 9:30 P. M. over NBC-TV. Costa Rica Fliers Alert Nicaragua Managua, Oct 29 (U.R). N icara- FASTACTIISSPH DEPENDABLE FOR CHILDREN Favorite of millions. J','V00dgI The world's largest swe(!tenedto seller at 10c. Demand child'staate! St Joseph IES ASPIRIN guan air and ground iorces nave been ordered to "use force if necessary" to prevent Costa Rican mili tary planes from flying over Nica-raguan territory, the Government announced today. Frontier guards reported yesterday that Costa Rican military planes were continuing to trespass in Nicaragua's air despite repeated official protests. Lesson Made Graphic South Bend, Ind. (U.R) Motorists were confronted with wrecked automobiles at most of the busy intersections in South Bend. The cars were displayed to drive home the price of 'careless driving, during a safety campaign by local business men. WHEN ABRINGS A base court IT and soothe I' i ke rnt Children. ," adult like I pleasant tasting PENETRQ COUOH STRUt 2 drone in OflfK Twaii I V?r check watery j flow, sneezes "f end snides. You breathe easier right away. IFEMCTRDS.'. DR. WESLEY C. MITCHELL Economimt Dr. Wesley Clair Mitchell, ef the National Bureau of Economic Re search and professor emeritus of economics at Columbia, died in New York Hospital yesterday. He was 74 and lived in Stamford, Conn. A former member of President Roosevelt's National Planning Board and chairman of President Hoover's Committee on Social Trends, Dr. Mitchell was the author of many books on economics. DR. GEORGE FULTON TAYLOR American dentist in Madrid Madrid, Spain, Oct. 29 (U.R). Dr. George Fulton Taylor, 76, a leader in Madrid's Anglo-American colony for 44 years, died today. Taylor, a native of Jersey City. N. J., came to Europe as a six-day bicycle racer. He became a dentist, and settled in Madrid in 1904. Seat!) Notices Jn iHemoriam Bit A NUT Ja.ob. On Vt. 2Nth. Beloved hushand ol C.lla. Devoted father Hose Ruseiiberp. Evelyn levine. Samuel. Morns. Isadore, Abraham, Harry. Max and 1'earl. Services at Midwood Memorial Chapel, lti'.i t'oney Island Ave.. 11 hlyn. Sunday, 1 P.M. Interment at Oid Jxl.m-tiliore Cemetery. Spring field. Cl'OMO Efi.osito. Colomha. On Oet. 2K. iy4f. alter a lontr illnests. Beloved mother ot Rose. Joseph. L4U!g. Anthony. Mat-tco. Martin. Frank. It! trrandchil.tn.-n. and 2 creat-sTrandehtldren. Rep&sinr at G.oscia Funeral Home. T320 18th Ave.. K klvil. until Monday. 1 1 :.'0 A.M. Thenee to St. Theresa - R. C. Chur. ll (or blessing. 115th and 12th Ave. Interment Calvary'enietery. HALE James T. tn.O-t. 28. Husband of Marsraret (nee Mountain). Funeral from Walter B. Cooke. Inc. Funeral Home, :i7 Willis Avenue. Bronx. Stonday 1 P. M. IMBRIOSt'IA Joseph. On Thursday. Oet. 28. 1!48. Beloved husband ot Anna E. Imbnoscia and brother of Mrs). Frank Dimiccolli of St. Albans. Queens. Funeral from his residence, 15 Ostend Koad. Island Park. Tuesday morninr 9 :45. Mass of Requiem. Sacred Heart Church. Island Park. 10 A.M. Interment Holy Mount Cemetery. Tuekahoe. New York. INDUDDI Dominic. Late of 132 97th St-Bklyn. Survived by two sons. Ceeare and Frank, and two daughters. Anna-Marie Petmne and Angela M. Rutirluio: also 1 8 erandchildren . Reposinr at Soarpaci Funeral Home. 711 Fourth Ae.. cor. of 23rd St. Funeral Monday. Not. 1. at 1 00 P. M. Services st Calvary Church ot Brethern at 2 :00 P. M. La PADI'LA Carmela. Reposinr at Chapel. 3640 White Plains Road. Funeral Tues.. it A.M. Ar'jrements. Farenra Bros. MURO Rocco. Michael. Beloved husband of the late Agnes Claro. Father of Edward. James. Acmes Strasser, Gertrude Kuhn ana Valentine Salvia. Lovinc brother of Anna D'Onofrio. Also survived by R irrandchildren. 1 frreatrrand-rhild. Reposinr at Coppola's Funeral Home. 49-01 104th St.. Corona, L. I. Service by Reverend Bosch. Sundav. Oct. 31st at 8.15 P.M. Funeral Monday at 0 30 A.M. Burial Lutheran Cemetery. STAMMETTI Anna: Of 123 Hill St.. El-tnont. L. I. ReiMisiiisr at D'Anrelo Funeral Home. 164 Montrose Avenue, until Monday. 1 P.M. Interment St. John Cemetery. TOT1ARO Marie. Theresa. Of f0-0fl BSth Ave.. Elmhurst. Beloved mother of Mrs. Mary Pavonp. Repoain? at Chapel. Pt-1 rl 43rd Avenue. Funeral Monday. 1 P. M. UR111NO Enriea: Reposinr Thos M. Qtllnn and Sons Funeral Home. 36-10 Broadway, L. I. Citv till Monday 11 -30 A M. IJUTRIEUILLE Charles. Althourh you passeil away one year aro ttxlay. you ae alwavs in our hearts. WIFE MARTHA and Daughter ikjrothy wu.liams. La MESZOLA Anthony. Entered tnlo eternal rest. Oct . 3(. I !47 Alwavs In our hearts. WIFE nlCHII.lKEX. Death and In Memoriam Notices M.y be lilrpbmti to Tb Ntui my yattr nnjertaktr tny timt up to f P. M. for jiitrtxin in the rr Jty't piper, tbine UUrriy Hill 2-1214. o o O a M 53 o to

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