The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 2T, 1948 A Wartime Limits On Speed Seen Motorists May Be Asked to Drive Slower to Save Fuel By Gninl Dlllmau (I'nllerf I'retis Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Jan. 27. <U1>I_ Tie While House Ls considering an ai>!iea] In American motorists to "live MO /asler than 35 miles nn nmir as a move to case the petroleum shortage, It was learned to- nay, An Informed source said the appeal would make gasoline and oil saving a "conscience mr.tter" for the Individual motorist, it would be on a voluntary basis. Tills source said substantial savings In gasoline could lie effected If highway speeds wore reduced and this. In turn, would help the heating oil situation. It. was re' called that speed limits were low ered during the «. ar lo flc hiei'e .similar goals. Chairman Cliarlos W. Tolicy, n N. H., of a Senate Commerce" Sub'-' committee investigating the nil shortage, proposed yesterday that I slate governors order reduced .speed on highways. He asked Max W Hall, director n( the Interior Department's Gasoline a ,, d O ll Dlvi slon. lo urge tlle governors (o earn- out his plan. J Meanwhile, CM i industry representatives and government of'iclals met here to work out along-rance program lo safeguard against \ possible coal .shortage. Interior Department officials pointed out. that (he healing oil shortage has created an abnormal dependency on coal and they emphasized that, there Is not too much coal. Pears of a possible shorlage have been heightened by recent cofd spells over large areas of the country. Conspicuously missing from the 18-man coal advisory committee f was John L. Lewis, president of ftlie United Mine Workers who ceremoniously snubbed an Invitation to participate. He told Interior secre- lary J. A. Krug that he felt the' efforts of the meeting would ba "anemic and futile." Exports Ban Proposed On Capitol Hill, a ban on pctro- BI/YTHEVIM.B (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Can't Keep o Good Flag Down >-~-. During * recent Pacific typhoon which slruck the Island ol Yap this steel flagpole took a beating in the hieh ivinrl- but Old Glory still flies on high Irgun Leaders Seek Merger Of Jewish Underground Units By Knbcrf C. Mlllfr (United Press Staff Ci>rr«pondrnl) Somewhere In Palestine. Jan. 27 (UP)—Irgun leaders said yesterday that talks were going on with a view to merging the military forces of the three Jewish underground ganah and the Sternists. The loaders predicted that fully united command for all tlie Jewish forces would have evolved it nnd when the Arabs begin an offensive. (A former British army colonel. now a Haganah commander, told vi i vjn^iLui X1U1. A UAH Ull POLIO- B *-«*! leum exports and early construe- Jan - 19 lhat lion of a SSI.OOO.Oflfl.oob synthetic ' nctl co< >Perailng with Jan. 19 that Hagannh .. - .„„ .,., lllm .,,i; , ^operating with, either fuel industry were proposed as rith- D1 " )e Stem group, er ways of alleviating the shortage. "The extremists are excellent Son. Styles Bridges, R.. N H, "enters, courageous and rc-sourcc- introduced a bill that would' slap fl11 -" llc S "M. "But they are impossi- nn embargo on all petroleum ship- blc lo incorporate intu Haganah be- nients except to U. S. armed forces --"--' ••-- •--•abroad. And the House Commerce Committee called for an Immediate end to .such shipments until Can-. *--~^.» im..i..t,.ps umn mslcle and gress lias a chance to study the ' outside Palestine particularly their situation. The committee recom- effect on world public opinion -> mrnrirvl l>^t o inint r*~~ ; , T ._,,_ , ... *J' UI1L - opinion, f - c; »'se of tlie lack of discipline which ls s » essential for us. . Their terrorist activities also are one of our greatest handicaps both inside and mended that a joint Congressional committee be named to develop a long-range program for increasing the country's fuel supply. Secretary Kru^ himself offered such a program to congress In a report urging the construction of enough plants to turn out, 2000- Olltr barrels of synihetic oil dailv Th,. cost: S9.000.M10.000. Rep. Richard J. Welc chairman of T („„ ^ .., - , T talked with Irgun leaders long sought by authorities as "enemies of the stale" at their secret headquarters where they outlined thlcr a counter-attack along the entire front if Ihc Arabs start an invasion "An aggressive defense." they said] "is the only road leading lo victory " One of the Irgun leaders looks the „. C a,.. ! rve beauu House Public : ished apartment. Befo e Welch sniri that even if such an ambitious program were launched immediately, it i s doubtful whether It could be completed before (he nation's dwindling oil nelon- the danger mark : .I j ,,™^ r m , , ^ g " mtler ' s l leaki "» ' a """"'tly-drcssed woman lin ' ' cx Pressed confidence . nv . .„„.„ ' j fiat the Jews would defeat the Arab He said this country dipped Into 1 a !' m " without outside military il-s oil reserves last year to the ! tune of 2.000.000,000 barrels. If thi rate is continued, lie said, domestic oil reserves will be almost com- s , "We are not even considering the • | possibility of receiving official aid ,from foreign armen forces." he said, it became established In the Arab section of partitioned Palestine, the Irgun leader said: "No, never. We do not recognize Abdullah's British mercenary rule of Trans-Jordan. . . So it Is impossible to accept him as the ruler ot the Arab section of portioned Palestine." Some Chicago Teachers Still Earning Less Than Janitors Eat All You Want For 50 Cents At Missouri Cafe OZARK. Mo. <UI J |—Ozark has become R Sunday dinner mcccn an onsis in the desert of high prices It's because of Mr. and Mrs. Art Smith. The Smiths serve lill-yoil-uan-c-it- meals for 50 cents. Each Sunday they seri'e more than 800 guests at that price. The menu? Let your mouth water over this: Chicken and dumplings roast beef, dressing and gravy, vcn; green beans, spinach, turnips, navy beans, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, carrots, cole slaw, white corn bread, peaches for dessert nnd milk and coffee. It's served family style. In an at•active dining room' paneled by mith in native cedar. "We started to feed the neighbors who came lo the village ' | o imdc," Smith s«id. -They .still bring then families to eat at our table but 80 per cent ot our customers are from Springfield, 20 miles away " Managers of Springfield's entlii" places call to see how he rloe.s it and ask whether he Is making money. To that, he replies: "I don't care enough about pocl- ig all of those vegetables for nothing." CHICAGO. Jan. 27. (Ul'l -I'uhli, school teachers who had threatened a city-wide strike got a salary In- cronse lodiiy, but their stauini' pav still was beliiw that nf (he school Janitor. The strike was averted yc.stenliiy when Ilic uiiy Coiuu-ll at a ], ls ' t minute session voted to lew hlrhcr taxes on real eMate lo liiiiuu-e'the .school .sy.stcm this year. The leachi'is had volrd lo twin picket lines at school gules today if the coiim-il luid fulled to art They even had placards made In readiness for (lie strike. Hut the ti'arlu'vs were mildly jubilant today as (hoy entered classes Their paychecks. t],e fj lsl lll( , y h . u| ' received since Dec. 19, were in (he malls to them. Pupils coiifuiliilalcd (heir Icacli- ers as classes begun, but some of them nbivlim.sly were dlsappoinlod (lint there was no strike, and no excuse lo miss .school. Oospil,. Hie M per ,r..t Increase for elementary teachers nnd 25 per cent hoost for high school Instruct, ins. most of ihom slill receive less than the sclioo) Janitors and einilii- eor.s. Elemental y tcachcis now receive $251) a iiiimih as Mariim- pay lm< i S-IOO a moiilli and $4KU after 'n decade. ^ Janiuirs receive a Hal salary of SX'.l.Sil a month with no increase for M'uidrity while school eiiKinefi", receive $:<8H,su t,, $r.l)7.f.O dc|icndin B on seniority nnd tire si?.e of tin- school plant. The increase pay dues not help the lowest Ki'ados of le,achers nuirh Tile 19-17 salary rales were $^^() (o S:!2fl fin- elementary teachers nnd S2(i« lo $«0 for hiiih school in.slruct- Baptists' of Arkansas Confer in Little Rock UTTI.K ROCK., Jan. 27. <U|>> — Or. R. G. of Memphis, Teiin. Woman, Held (or Death Of Husband, Posts Bond CI.AUKI-:si>AI.K, Ark., Jan. 27. iUI>) — Mrs. lihodio Huwbotluun, dun-god with second decree murdrr In (he slovi'-poker killlni; of her husband, was lice on bond loduy niter the clunnes were filed yoslcr- <!«}'. Tlie Un-.vvar-oM wonmn ullcuedy struck her elderly luisbiind will, a linker and then pnuied u shovel-full "I hoi. coals m his lap, Chnri;e.s wcri' filed by ]'ro.<eciillnK Allorncy C. (1 Geoi-Ro of Danville. llc'ilhmn of Hlvlhevllle. Maurice K. ilail^.ler of lllythe- vllle and Miss Gladys Mailc 'Ktnn of Osceola. J Judge Insists on Early j Trial for Negro Suspect I.ITriJO HOCK. Jan. 27. <UP>- I'lilaskl CJhviilt jiidBc Oils l>Mlk lius asked I'rosuniiiliH: Attorney Er- wln '" way lo brliiii North utde Kock Ni'Ki-o James llarr 1 -; to (rial nn cliinucs of cilmlunl assault before HIP end of the March term of court so (hat H Jury panel can be oh<i.sen (airly. The was to in> tried ycsier- ] iluy, but of the youi'iu' ut- [lie Dock inntrnii who was lo be [Hie lirosiHMilIng u'llnoss cnused liie j di'lnj-. I JudRc l-'ulk (old Ihe proscculor Ihul if (he could be brought to (rial In March, (ho prospective I Jurors could be chiwen In .such n way Ihul the panel could not be [qimshed for racial discrimination, in nddlllon (o the iissnult elinrcr, | Hiiirls hires HiiirKex of l)iir«liirs' j nnd i»nind iaicenj 1 . j — Head Courier News Want Aits PAG1 TRRJBH Notice to Our Friend, and CintoiMn . BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 21 fl LnCledc Street N« r lh Robinwn flln Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs PHONE I'Ymik Ashby and Krit Hull, Owners (.'«(Ion Mmn-e, Trnclor Methsnic out Arkansas opened Iho second ol their tlnee-day evnnnelislic confer-' cure here, oilier speakers lodnv in- ' elude Dr. W. Ward Aver of ' New Yoik nnd Or. Hurry Rimmi-i- of Hollywood, Calif. Yesterday some f,r,n delecalcs, heard Dr. Himnu-r say ihia he believes in nil of (he miracles do-! scribed in Hie Uiblc. He said liinl ninny modern scientific develop- i ments would have been considered I miracles 50 years URO and maintained that God could have used scientific laws as yet undiscovered ' by man. •'There are laws we have not vel. discovered," ho said, -and when God operates on the basis of those laws, we call it a miracle." Warren H u ] t j.,-cn of Southwestern Thcolnyical Seminary dismssKl Hie •• Youth Hevival in Texas." I lie following couples obtained mail-lane licenses yesterday in the «'««' of MJSS Elizabeth" Blvlhc county clerk. ' ' Jesse .Sides and Miss Gcoigia Mac Bus]: of Holland. M (J . E. D. Harry nlld Mi.s.s LaNcal in table radios from Big in Performance! Big in Size Small only in price • Beam power output • Automatic volume control • Rugged Alnico No. S speaker • Operates on both AC and DC $ 19 95 a 5-TUBE sensafion f ZJ3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2015 Body Found in Ravine tic oil reserves will be almost"com- ' from fol ' ci ?" armen forces." he said,' RUSSELLVILLE. Ark.. Jan 27 plctely gone In another 10 years | "The praticnl and decisive question: 'UP)- Pope County Coroner W o " " ls whether we get arms. We believe (Young said today that James o' „, a11 freedom-loving nations are bound ' Bi 'Re of the Mountain Springs Com- w »nr a " rnEC u : s - falm ls »"«•, 'o nnd will help us." . munity, whose body was found h, i anrt ™ „ Se , r ttla '\ 25 - vrais a ^ 0 Askccl whether Irgun Zvni Lcuml' ™vlne near his home apparent^- ^iid 20 acres larger than five years ; would recogniM the government ..[(died of natural causes. Ho said he - ' Kl "6 Abadullah of Trans-Jordan If I died of a heart attack while cutting wood. Huge lived alone. , Its more than a new look in cars! life a new experience in riding comfort and wide-range vision! ATOTORISTS everywhere know that J - TJ - Studebaker was first by far with a postwar car. Now paccmakinf; Stuclcbaker announces still finer versions of die new foolc, (lie new ride, the new vision that it introduced 19 months ago! New 1948 Champion and Commander convertibles as well as sedans and coupes! An ultra.luxurious, exira-long-wheelbasc, new 1948 Land Cruiser! Sec superb iy-(R examples ni Smclcbakcr's revolutionary new postwar styling and engineering. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. LEX CHAMBLIN Kailroiid & Ash Streets BILL CHAMBLIN Phone 2195 WEDDING VALUES So Iruly the Symbol of lii'e- time happiness, so trul/ Iho head's doaresl expression on Volenline's Day. Discriminolmg men moke it a Irodilion to choose Iheir lovely bride's ring at our friendly store where beauly and value have always blended lo give you the most for every dollar you spend. See, compare and save. MATCHING BANDS for bride and groom Handiorr.cly mated at ihe bride ond gioom. Thrilling ring vaEut* (or ihe double ring ceremony. 10% Down A Year to Pay DHEIF11S Easy Terms . . . tt'iiiir Itiiiiiiitnils .HfittESTMALV SI. STUDEBAKERS T U D E B A T U Now In Our New Modern Service Department (SU'um-lk'uiciI For Your Comfort) • ONE STOP^SERVICE • WASHING & LUBRICATING * K CHAMBLIN SALES CO. K £• Sales .Sliulclmkcr Service O KnilroiKl & Ash Slructs il l.fx Clinmhlin Chime 2195 H iJ| (;) mm |,|i n STUDEBAKE RS tf TJ FARM QP LOANS Horn« Ontri, Newark, N. J. tOHO TKftM PROMPT CL0.1NO LOW BAT« , CAM.. WRITK OR SEX RAY WORTHINGTON m K. Tldrrt St., BlythtTlll,, Ark Hrrvln« Tl,|» Srrtlon L'.l Vrara TIIK rXUIIKNIIAI. INSIiRANCK COMK,Vix7o7AMMtlC* "No t hunks. I'll ,-i«| c will, Ite.l ... He has his repair work dune nl T. I. SHAY MOTOR COMPANY!" ifiQWY WHITE LINENS • SPARKLING DISHES AND GLASSWARE • Soft water takes the drudgery out of wa.sli liny . . . makes dishwashing so much caster . . . for it gives you quick suds. .. more snd.s. Soft water nukes buthing a joy . . . keeps hair soft and lustrous . . . makes shaving easier . . . keeps lunds soft and complexions clear. Soft water is an economy . . . saves an amazing amount of soap . . . makes clothes last much longer . . . keeps plumbing from clogging. You can have soft water ... all you want . . . and at low cost . . . wi'fh a Modern Water Softener, In fact, it will actually pay /or itself through direct savings. There's a size and type to fit your needs. Let us tell you more about them. HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST PHONE 515

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