The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1947
Page 3
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^WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1917 Women /n (7.S. to Wear 'Funny-Looking' Skirts Just to Keep From Looking Funny, Style Survey By United Press Reveals; Men Aroused to Action BIA'TIIKVILLE (AUK.) COURIER United like tltc Canadian Airman Sfale Department to Buy Rescued After More«-— - e. 23. (liy Most women in the United States don't keep from "looking funny." A survey of women In 13 cities showed ihal only onc But nearly iwo out cf every three planned lo wearlhem. turei"! -iii/>m,,ti,,', C "° mm werc co " vl »c«l Hint Ihe :ieiv fashion was dreamed uire.s attempting to create an artificial demand lor their product But Ruth Halfleld, Chicago fash-* lou designer said such an opinion was nonsense." "If enough women decide they ,\ don't want their skirts real lonp k manufacturers will give them what" ever they do want," she said. It is sheer nonsense to thhn »>ai a designer can get in en ivory tower and dictate what the •ubllc wants. If the public revr-i; long skirt*, maniifaclurers 'w'ill change in a big hurry." But in spite of designer., 1 insistence that the American woman wants the new style, the wum'-n themselves continue lo \olc i i(. Ill New York a Patricia Ward Co. poll of 1200 women found that b" per cent opposed th» trend Most of them said they v.ould no 1 ' replace their wardrobes completely but would lower Ihe hc-nihnc on Uicir old dresses as far as possi- Tailors and dressmakers Eaio, they had been .swamped witjx skim brought in to be lengthened "The trouble is that n»>:;t of List year's dresses don't have a hi" enough hem to drop the skirt" 10 the current 13-Inch length " they said. -That is five inches lonaer than last year." ... T1 ? < : a ™V h as announced in Washington that it plans to ii-igfh- en the skirts of the WAC mi'torm but the wife of the Army chief of staff, MIS. Mamie Eisenhower, said she thinks the new longer skirts 'are less becoming lo Ihe majority of women." The general's .wife admitted however, that just like other women she . is buying clothes with longer skirts and making alterations in others "to keep in style.". Andrews Sisters Itcbcl Many of the strongest opponents lo the new skirt frankly admit that hey favor shorter skirts because they hide their pretty tegs. "If you've got legs that are worthwhile showing. W hy cover them up " they asked. They claim that the new fashion must have been started by some "spindly-shanked" designer and continued by "a lot of bow-legged or knock-kneed wo- I men who have nothing better to do than buy new clothes." The Andrews Sisters, popular singing trio, said they don't have any intentions of wearing long dresses. Patty Andrews said that they "do something to a crowci J'icss) new long skirts but .they'll wear them anyway to woman in four approved calf-lenlh skirts. / up by clothing manulac- Nine-Day Wait GOOSE BAY. Labrador, Aug ... (UP)—J. n. Mutton, a Canadian ail- man stranded lor nine days In the wilds of Labrador after his seaplane clacked up in landing, was recuperating here today following his res;ue by a U. S. Coast, Guard plane •Mutton v:as found and rescued yesterday by U. William C. Mori-ill Lakehmst. N. J.. pilot of a PBY fly- init boat assigned to the search Mori-ill said he was flyini- over •Lake Aubon, i-0 miles Southeast of Goose .Bay, when lie noticed a "Hashing light & t>aal five -miles to starboard." He dropped down to investigate and saw Mutton .standiii" at the edge ol the lake flashing a shiny piece of metal from his wrecked airplane in the sun. Morrill set the twin-engined fly- ii:s boat down on the lake and picked up 'Mutton. Caruthersvllle Schools Ready For New Term CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. AUff 20 — Registration of Caruthersville high school students for the 1947^48 term will be held in this city next Thursday and Friday, Aug. 23-23, it was announced today by R. M. Pierce city superintendent.. Seniors will be registered Thursday morning. Aug. 28, and juniors tiu.t aUernoon. with .sophomores to he registered Friday morning «Wo. ^8, and freshmen that afternoon Junior high students—71 h and 8th grades—will be registered Monday morning, Sept. 1. Elementary students — Grades also register Alon- through 6—will day. Sept. 1. Superintendent Pierce stated that, buses will run both Friday and Saturday to .bring rural high school students for registration. --.-.j ..~ Jt /.in.L»..ii K LU a crown Caruthersville citv schools mVn when you are trying to sell a song, the term Monday Sent ! c-m IF The longer the dress, the longer 1 L.UUII.- thc mcns faces." | At -DaUas,_Tex.,/r.,women J .oi>posc J i 5, lril $ c against lengthened skirts for the .new styles because*of the ef- wom(> n. •feet, Mrs. Harold E. Tacker. wife ' The '"en. who .wanted to remain of a student at Southern Mctho- [ jinomymous for the present organ dist University, said the new styles "make everyone but tall girls look like Whistler's mother. They are very unflattering and unstylish." Girls at Denver, Colo., picketed Movie Star Lizabeth Scott when she appeared recently wearing near ankle-length dresses. Women at £an Francisco complained that the cost of remodeling an entire wardrobe to conform with the new. trend would be much too high. 23-Year Term imposed for Robbery Attempt TKACY CITY, Term.. Aug 20 (UP I — Albeit Whllworth diced a 23-yrar prison senlcnce today for an allempled bank robbnry "that wax foiled by a lime lock, but he could gel at least one hollow Jiiiigli from the case. Because of the guilty vcr.llet and -3-year .senlcnce given Ihe Union C-ll.v, man by a jury late yesterday. 1)1*1. Ally. Gen. C. C. Chatiln decided today not 10 press an Indictment against him on a charge of kidnapping, challtn said con- for >tustrians'. vU ' 1 ' 011 °" lno klcll >»i>i'ig -;m> BU 1 could add -only u o or three years" lo the sentence. Meanwhile, W. S. Bel'., lornier practicing ualuropalh here, was to be Iried today on ch'11'gr.s of be- IIIR an accesory befor-j Ilia fuel In charged with .. Cashier Alvln Henderson from his homo (lie night of •May -28 and forcing hihi nt pistol IJuiiii to go to the First National Hank. There n lime lock balked a Plan lo obtain a $40.000 payroll WASHINGTON, Aug. 20. (UP)~ Ihc stale, Department, Ignoring Us d spute with Russia over the Ame- rican-Auslralian relief agreement today announced plans to purchase approximately $43.000,000 worth ofl thc same case. post-UNHHA relief supplies lor' Whltwnrlh was Austria by Oct. 1. , kidnaping Although a majority of the roller supplies will be purchased in the United States, the department said some fertiliser will be boimht from Belgium ami Czechoslovakia due to a shortage in this country Some coal for Austrian distribution will be procured from Poland. Russia had objected lo Ihe terms of the agreement laid down by Congress in the overall $350 ODD 0!)b program as n violation of Austria's sovereignty. The department still hopes, however, to distribute ihr supplies in Ihe Soviel-occuplod zone of Austria as well as the American, British and French-controlled zones. Approximately three-fourths uf the $43.000.000 will be spent for food, including items surplus i,, this country such as canned iish and dried fruit. Livestock ° U1S STOCK - 0,300; salable 5.500; barrows and Bills f,o 0 10 i 5l , higher Inctud- !J *J I RS: • S0w ' i $1 lo $1M MB'!"': a»>k ion 5L> 8 freely Including sales l >iu ' klv| ' s : B°<Kl ami choice { - 7 ' 15 -* 2 «: «0-270 IDs.. ; only scattered small > ' wlRl'ls; iaO-160 lus., 100-120 Ibs.. $21 -$23.50; . ,|o Wll $22.75-$2 1 %• low "" $2L50; OVCT ««"»- u.0 «4-$.><,.50: sows 455 Ib Cattle 5.000; salable 3,500; calves 1,500 all Kntiiblo; .steer mil. Ugh', compilsiiiK about 25 loads of which " cms wcn> Oklahoma and Kans;vs srnssrrs; pan O f iioldovcis; opening Hade slow but uboiit steady with Tuesday's decline; few choice steers. $25o ; several loads grass steers, $20.73-27; medium around $21.25; 5 n ,, s mc( n,i n , Rruss steers, $2l.5D-$24; nil oilier classes of caltlo ncllvc „,„, ri||)y steady; inedlum lo i;uod heifers and mixed yearlings, $ia-*2|j; comtnon. »li.SO-$l(i; common mid incdliini beef cow.s. $13-$16; odd head uowl. i ' C """ CI '' '""' cutters, $10.59 Read Courier News Want Ads. ' Read Courier News Want Ads. crsvillc high school has been fully accredited by the North Central' Association continuously since 1030. Redman Dunham is principal of Inc. high school, and J. E. Brown of the grade school. 8:00 BIG BINGO! Thursday Night, August 21st GALAXY OF PRIZES (Including Dressed Chicken) American Legion Hut "• Admission 50c Sponsored by Ladies uf Catholic Church WANTED EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER Permanent Position — Good Future — Witfi Local Firm Apply in Person/ D;HEIFUS Ilu^amls Face Crisis VALDOSTA. Ga.. Aug. 50. (UP) —A group of husbands here anticipating a "pocketbook crisis" proposed today a nation-wide style , i ., "~~ ' le!1 " llc of br oke husbands i Pledged to vigorously fj.rht the ! dictatorial tactics of dress stylists I ni_New York, California and Paris." :xi:icu " Wc ale goinR lo have a talk when I ; vlth our wives and try to get them ' to see that our pockctbooks just ' wont stand up under such pressure." one husband said "Us ridiculous that women must, discard their entire dress and skirt, wardrobe —• no matter how good or new they may be — just because the dictatorial stylists in New York California and parts, wantin" to make up for the war years "establish the four-inch longer iicm- line and declare obsolete th» clothes that don't conform 50 as to i.-creasa their sales " Proof of DREIFUS Greater Vttfues! They're big! They're handsome! They're Ihe finest Tiger-Eyc Cameos seen at so low a price! In uch 10K yellow ROW, they're truly superior values! DHEIEUS nrnifns . . » \Vrnr I §i.TflttV;iia, NMTHU AM* L. just another way of saying ,ha, you can ajord quality-it you're a Penney shower. True, our prices are often S0 low you'd hardly believe they could byquMtj. But they do! We are able to keep up our high merchandise standards because of our careful buying and frugal slorekeepi,,g habits. Today • as always, we've fighting to bring prices down-hut quality, as always slays UP Summer 'n' Fall Blacks with Expensive Airs! Onty 7.90 Again Penney's proves that fusil- ion and good taste can te low priced! AJvance-of-Fall styles in fine sheer rayons with dainty liandmatic-lookingdctails. Black rayon crepes ehowered with white polka-dots—and looking as cool as a Summer rain! Choose yours in navy, brown or black .. .wear them now, enjoy them all Fall. They're super "buys"'"at this price. Misses',' 'women's, juniors' siies. PAGE THREE Minister is Speaker At Rotations' Luncheon OSCEOLA, Aug. SO-'Hie Rev W. n. Wniiinck, pnstor' of the 1' Methodist Church hero, nddressed members or the Osceola notary c;ul> at their luiK-l-.con-mcctiiiK ycslcr- ilay noon. He iu;cd us hi s topic -]lu- imm lU'lutlons". Wclby YoiniR, |)rcsi(tonl of the i-lub, piesldeil over a .short business session llial lollowcil the Kcv \Vo- mach's acMicss, during which three new members were accepted. Men iccclvlng full fledged membership were Jim Henry and I,. E. ;,:i5/,lis- UT, of O.jecola; and nn honorary momocrshlp went lo Harry I). I'aulus, Kccrc'lury-inniiugcr of the Osceola Chamber of Commerce. Visitors Included Holarlans W. B. Johnson mid Jerry poc, of Ulylhc- vllle; aiul A. U. Hill of Uixora- Roy t:. Smilh, of Sapulpi, Okla • M L> Uiimn. of ncll.mcv. u. E. L. Hearden. of Manila; n. a Cusli, of Wll- '.on; Dick- Prewltt arir Herbert ihlppcn, of Osceola. ' Read Courier Neira Want Adi. ton ITCHY lcs aad na- Its wholesome Jure aiding meaicucion. nouuncelae like It—nothing TO comfortinj—or pleasant for externally™-™ 5 * troubles. 35c. Get a JTo don't run our business for the luxury trade, We have no mink coats, no French perfumes, no charge accounts, no deliveries. But that keeps our prices <!ow>,-nolh;,ig tike that is included in what you pay for our good, sound mtr--' chandise. It's all soli,! value-will, nothing added jot storekccping jrills. And that makes seine to the average American budgetl • • ' • Your Fall Suit-Slim a»j LONGER! I Long Skirts, Jackets... , Big Style Highlights 24.75 Smoother, longer jackels, pencil-' «lim nkirts (no more than 14" from ithc floor} -we've hundreds for you lo choose from! All with, soft hip tucke, fine-(shoulder details! BUY NOW for the hcst chaicc-for early Palll ' ' Softer Detailing/ Fine Hard-Finish Woolens 29.75 TIicsc Fall suits arc graceful *n4 slimming, superbly detailed-they / l)oast the moM careful workman* «liip. Fine hard-finish 100% wool- coverts, gatiardincB, crepci land Vorsteds! Come into x Pcnncy*» now \ for.thcBC.grcaM'alueii!, .- 'V , , T , That's just another way of'sayfa'g'lhai you can'afforJ^italily-fJ you're <t J'ciiHcy shopper. 'Irue, our prices are often so low you'd hardly bctieVe they fortd bay quality. Bui they do! We are Me lo keep ,,p our high merchandise,' standards became of our careful buying and frugal storekeeping habits. Today; M always, wf'rc fighting lo bring prices down-but quality, as always, stays UP, Hundreds of New Fall Styles by Cynthia ! 90 <lnr wondri fill Fall collcclion of Cyn- tliin.s is liriinininj: over with ii|i-lo-!lir- niiiiulo, flallprin^ blylcst Ileanlifnlly lailoreil s|ioclators, classic walking Mop-ins, dainty ilrrpsy ]inni])s. Corn-. 1'lolcly clofprl (ij's Fall's new look!) or M-ilh periling open Iocs! You'll fun! <-.iicfn)ly designed lasts that really fit! Von'll find quality nil ,), c lhi-cni»li, from i| lc j r Muf,,,,), Icallicr lo llicir tiniest Iritnmi l.iils-ini|ioi-tanl liows, neatly rxli-nsioii Milrs,. liin-luckrd vai 'I'lirsn arrn'l ordinary rcononiy.pi flioi-s! ThoyVo Rimes llial look, ill frel nn "cxprnsivc more"! Yc.«, the unhrlicv.ihlc high ([iinlily-i ll: ,|. value buys for your 5.50! hi it, I

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