Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 17, 1896 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1896
Page 12
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Great Commences Monday July soth. i v( . ' _• -•* • ^ •"-' T»IJC /-'/M TMTXT OITI P Has prepared the greatest Bern- THE UOLDblN KUJLt; nan t Clearing 3ale on record such unheard of prices has never been your good fortune to behold and only occurs once in years.. For particulars and prices SEE OUR LARGE POSffiRS. Remember this is a bona fide clearing of all remnants odds and ends, regardless oi cost to us. Every item conspicuosly displayed in the center on first and second floors. SCHMITT & To The Ladies This a the season of the yi>ar wheu the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of tie housekeeper and not a little; dt- pends on the appearance of your lu.ee turtalcsas poorly donc-upcuttalnispoll Ihe effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We have experienced help la this clas.s of work who do nothing else and we K2ow we can glvo yon perfect satisfaction. Wo • are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We wI appreciate your patronage. • -. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. A Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one that is a loser. Why run any risk when you can have your wheel insured against theft at a very nominal figure and get its value when stolon? Insure at once' and bo «n the safe side. . Ponclnred Tires Repaired ...•-v.'A'.y From this date on for 25 cents at the Burgman Cycle Co DAILY JOURNAL ,__—_-•-••—•—•—-aB—aaagga FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1800. Bcnanas, lOc per dozen.—Foley. Solid silver spoons and forfcs.^-Beti Mai tin. ' ^ ''•"'''' Surprise In parasols. Don't «pls4..it.--^ Trade Palace. Tlie Riverside Cycling: club will 'give a darco at Spencer park tonight.. Waists, waists, 25e, 4Sc, Tuc.and^DOc, all worth double amount—Trade. :Pai- ace. Great remnant clearance .sale commences next Monday morning at the Golden Rule. Look and see the bargains In -belts. .ribbons, shirt waist sets, kid gloves, etc.—Trade Palace. The ready-made department will offer the greatest bargains at the Bee Hive's Benefit nnd Upbuilding sale. There will be an ice cream festival at the Anokn hall Saturday evening, July.lS. All are invited lo come. Linen suits, duck suits percale dresses* lawn dresses and wrappers at greatly reduced prices.—Trade Palace. The condition of Mrs. Sarah Be.nner w.ho was so seriously injured by being gored by a vicious cow. . is reported greatly Improved. 20c, 13c wash goods, lOc; loc wash goods, 8c: indigo prints, 4c; Oc bleared mualln, 18 yards for $1; Cc challns,'ftc; $1.'50 lawn, dresses, 78c. Everything way down. It starts today.—Bee" Hive-. Tlie Rev, S. B. BarniU, D. D., of.Dus Moines, Iowa, Western Secretary of Home Missions of the Evangelical Lutheran church of the General Synod, ivlli preach at St. Luke's church this •yvc-nilng at S o'clock. He is a speaker of wide experience and Is deserving of a good hearing. You arc invited. FREE SILVER FALLACIES. Judge D. P. Baldwin Shows up Unsound Arguments. ist lidiiur .lournal: One ol! the mo plausible of all the free silver fallacic iitiw afloat is tliis: "If the United State mints ave thrown open lo tree coiuajir of .silver (just a.-i they are now to sold and any man can -take hits silver, m>« win-ill "jO cent; 1 , on the.dollar to them ami set it coined into a dollar, that thit process alone will make every iW eiMit.- of bullion »o coined worth 100 cents." Stated more largely'the argument I?: -t'iive its I'Vee coiniiffo a.nd the world's silver will .insle.-ul of its now bcinj; wuL-ih only 5(.i cents on the dollar, go a; once to par." The illustration is sriven: Suppose- the United States should buy wheat a-ud pay $1.00 per bushel, how luiifc would wheat eft ay at 50 cculs, Its present price? Or, suppose a Logansport inereliii'iit should pay 2,1 cents a tloxL'ii for ejrgs, would not that fact, il he had the money lo keep this ofl'ei -ood..douhle the present price of eggs- It certainly would, but th-e trouble is that .in the case of free coiiingo tin 1 United States government buys nothing. It only certlfles that _the Ii-ti.Ic round disk of silver so coined is one dollar, and tlwn returns It to the bullion bi-.ln-KCi'. That'is not like the case of the merchant buying eggs or the United States buying 50-cenl wheat and paying one dollar a bushel. - Nothing of the kind. It is a ease of certification, not of purchase. What makes the dollar of today which contains only'50-ceJits. worth of sllvet do the work of. 100. cents of -silver? It i because the government supplies the lacking 50 cento of bullion In our sllv.ci dollars'by its policy of redeeming the dollar In gold. Withdraw that policy (and that is what free coinage means) and the dollar o£ today would be worth only the silver; bullion that -is in It, Putting 50 cents worth of silwu- In a dollar and then calling It a dollar (and that .is all there (» to free coinage) won't make it Into 100 cents any more'than putting two pints in a measure and call ing It a gallon ma.kes it four quarts. The whole mistake 'grows out of the fact that under our present currency laws the -United States supplies throughiits redemption in gold the 50 cents of silver which Is lacking In our cart wheel'dol- lars. Abolish that redemption In gold and you can no more innkc ">0 cents Into 100 cents by calling it a dollar than yon can-make IS inches a yard by calling it a yard. ' , , , Docs 't.he reader suppose that this kindly act of Uncle Sam iu supplying •the lacking silver In- our dollars costs nothing? Then you lfciv.e been asleep for. the hist tli'vce years. The government -has had to borrow $205,000,000 and issue Its bonds therefor to make good this shortage of bullion In our silver dollars. Kather than let the laboring man and the farmer lose, by our bobtalled 50- ceiit dollars 'now In circulation, Uncle Sam has issued $205,000,000 of bonds. But if free coinage prevails, then everybody who holds or takes his pay In sil- ver'must stand the loss of the 50 cents not in th'e dollar which the government now-makes good lo him 'through its device of gold -redemption. T.l>c truth about, free coinage. Is that it is a project to flood the country with rotten dollars, with-a legal tender attachment which will wreck every bank and debtor.- in'the United States. How will it affect the laborer? A little anecdote will show. There was once a poor man who had a cur dog which was ent- ing ltd 'hoad off.' So as to save expense, he. traded2off the dog for six half-grown pups, and wondered that times nt his house wa* so hard, nud wha.t became oC all his 1 victuals. Sec! D. P: BALDWIN. Logansport, ,Tnfy-;lC, 1SOO. - Be on Iwnd next.Monday morning, July 20, as you will see one of the greatest remnant clearance sales ever heard of, .at the Golden Rule. PERSOXAL. Dick Parish went to St.. Louis hist night. G. W. Davis of Galvostou was here Tiiesd'.iy. Miss Nellie DuiiL-au i* at Flora visiting her parents.- Harry-Frank, ;|r.. was a't Delphi yes- Ionlay on Inisimw. Abe Lucas and 1',-iml-ly IIIIVL- -returned from a visit a-t Hi'iullee. M, A. Little, wns at Burut'llsville visiting early-..hi-. I be week. Miss Mayme. Lmijrwell has..pine to IdavJlle lo vfelt relatives. Recorder.Butt Thompson of Carroll county. \vas :l in-the city yesterday'. Mrs. George W.-Walters and.ciiildren visited at Rnyal Center yesterday. Lora ICarly • wa>5 lit Kowaulia several days this week, visiting relative!?. Mrs. Alice O'Neal of Kewannn, was in the city Tuesday visiting relatives. Attorney L. D. Boyd of Doipiii. was in tlie City yesterday on legal business. Misses Minnie-nnd Emma Huck'ot rent are visiting relatives In this city. Mr. and-,.Mrs. Bc'n Chilcott wore -at Burne.ttsvlliL'' • 'Visiting relatives this week. . . . Trainmaster Burke of the Vandal hi was at Terro Haute yesterday on bus Iness. 1.. ;• -. i, Mrs. G,r;ui't ITIltnn has been visiting at Mooresburg with her sister. Mrs. G-. D. Williams. Miiss Lizzie. Grusemuoy.er,.hassrctuvned from an ox tended visit at Dayton-and Cincinnati, Ohio. - Mrs. Ellas .Winter aaid daughter, Mildred, have returned) from a, visit with relatives.at Delphi. ' Mr.«. L. K-: Oppenholmer. of Cincin- uati. is visiting Mr.-r. Qppeuheimei-'nnd family ,of this city. Mrs. Harry,, Longvfeir-will leave for Battle Grou/nd-.thi.s morning where she will remain.a we.ek; j M-iss Myrtle, Simon has returned from a two weeks'-, visit, at'-Chicago witli Mr. and Mrs. Will.Paden. 1 . Ben Diaanou-dstone lias returned to his home at AVatseka,jlll.,! after a visit with his sister.- Mrs. Mv Barnard. Hermann .-Schmttt "of. Danville, 111., was hero yeste,i'd.ayjix3iatteud the fuier- al oC the late, Mr., Valentine Muench. Misses Iihi.aaid- I-'ann-le Taylor and Mary Delt.r,J<:h.left, yesterday for Harbor -Springs,j;Mlch., .to spend the summer. ,!!,v ...••-.- '. Mrs. WJlLuira.,S.jtewai'ti and daughter,. Dorothy, .will .return soon from a two weeks' visit at .Kolcpiiu- and Indiana-, pOliS. .;;,.;;. ;; \ '.. ' . Mrs. I-Iattic-jI-Iousor was at-Flora the. first'of the week-to attend the funeral of Calvin Elkoubeny. and, visit among relatives. .... ; Mr. nnd Mrs. August]Smith'have co', turned to their .homes at Norborue, Mo, They worc.Vallcd.bere-to attend tho<fu- : ucral of August Smith. . Miss Mellssa.Myers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Qu-Incy.Myers; is the guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Co.rnalius, at Indianapolis. Michael CallaJian, wife nnd daughter, have retrned fu.rp.rn am .extended Eastern trip. They.-visited Brooklyn,- New York, Fittsburg. and many other points. In.the East, • • • -.-.•; •• Buruottsville item,: Mouticcllo Her aid: Mrs. J...W. Schneider gave a party last Friday night,in honor of her guests' Misses NettIe]',LIttle and Agnes Schneider of Logausport. W. H. 'Smith,.-formerly-of the ..Star and later wi'tii-The Journal, the Indl- auapolte correspondent' for -the' Cincinnati Commercial-Tribune, was in the city last evening. ;. • - Mrs. S. T. Black'ford of Charleston, 111., who has,been the guest of relatives here,' left.yesterday for Danville, 111., where she will visit .for a fihort time before returning home. -. Misses Emji}a.an£ Gertie More-hart, of Wluamac, haye. .returned home after a week's visit w.itli-Miss'Ada Wheeldon. Miss-Gertie will, leave, in a-few flays for Minnesota .jvvhere,. she has accepted a position ln.,.the.,.St;.; Charles public schools. ' ,: -.. • •;.;.. • . • . ' ', Lon Saxon Captured in Chicago and Returned Here.. HAS NOTHING TO SAY Dripped'-'His Mustache, But Tis , Just the Same. w Lou, Slaxjjn, who is charged-with hav- . lpg"'Ciiniiityilly nssau.l-i.cd, beaten am' ''i-ob'befl Alis^ Florence Moreton in thi 'city last Sunday afternoon, was arresl- ;.<>d-yesterday ufteruoou in Chicago, returned jo, Lcjgansport-lute morning at 12:40'on t'ra.in No. 10, and was taken to the county jail at once and given quarters in the wamsiu's-'dcpartmont, away from the common herd of criminals. The news that Saxon had been taken was'received by Sheriff-Adams iu the following telegram: •"Ciiiciigo, 7-10, :}:0-1- p. in. "John G. Gallagher, Logansport. ••Inform Sheriff Adams that I have l',on Saxon in custody. I. got him on Michigan avenue at ~ p. m. Will arrive on No. 10 tonight. "M. V. Bradley." It was noised about the streets early In thp evening yesterday that Detective Bradley would arrive with the prisoner 0:1 the train that reaches Logausport at 7:20 in the evening, and there was a cro\Yd of fn-Ily thn-e hundred -people at 'the st.-itiuii when rho train pulled in i.o.greet the officer and his charge, but they failed lo arrive. The presence of .inch a number it't tlie train caused Sheriff Adams to fear that there m-i;. po.'viibly lie trouble in store when the alleged 'r.-ipis'," did arrive, and a-close waifh \viis kept ou the final! knots ami groups of men gathered on the streets during'-rlie evening, to learn if there was ini.v plan afoot 10 take the prisonc from the ollicurs: There were many ng l.v-remarks heard, but as the evening wore on riie apprehension of violence was qnieled and a plain to take Saxon from the train at Royal • Center and drive him across country to Monticello for safe keeping., was abandoned, us was another by which it was arranged to-have the train stop at tlie Vaudalia •cross!iig ; on tlie We^tside. and let the . officers''ar.i.l their prisoner off, thence bringing him to the jail in a closed carriage. When the Chicago train pulled into the-station at 12:40 there was a crowd of probably one hundred waiting to catelr'ir glimpse of the prisoner and Ills guards;'but Capr. Bradley and De- tecMve Dwyer, who had him in charge, were too smooth for them. They were on-the rear sleeper and when die train .stopped tlie rear platform WHS on the crossing of Third street, and the de- 'tecl.ives, with Saxon handcuffed to Dwyer.Mmrriod up.Third' street and were .iu-the jail office before the crowd know that It had been fooled. At the jail Sax-oii was searched be- -llore bt'iiig taken upstairs a-ud every- .thing-lid'hail-in ills pockets was taken from him,- with the exception of a.pock- «t'hand-kerchief and a comb. Hi<s face wore -nil ugly sneer while the officers were turning his pockets Inslde'out, and he' opened his lips but once while under- .golu'g the; operation, asking that he be allowed-to keep the comb. His appearance has' hot changed materially since his.'hurtled departure from Logausport. •He- lias had his upper lip shorn of the slight- iriristache that adorned it, but anyone-'who knew Lon Saxon would have-little difficulty in recognizing him, even with tlie mustache away. He wore a-blsk-k soft hat, black cloth trousers, -wlth'sack coat of the same material. A pair of -new tan shoes covered his feet and a negligee shirt with a four-in-hand tie-completed his attire. Never very handsome at best, he was.less so under thri-glfire of the electric light in the little jail office. If he felt any nervons- •ness it was not apparent, except in the eagerness'with which he followed the turnkey-to his cell. O.f the crowd of a hundred or more which followed to the jail doors; no one was admitted except the'officers and a Journal representative. Saxon looked about over the group of'officers'and his scowl deepened. i-Ie was not very favorably impressed with- their looks evidently. . • An attempt was made by The Journal reporter'-to ga.la an interview with tlie prisoner, but Sheriff Adams refused to let-'him be talked to, and will enforce this rule against all. The story of Saxon's capture shows a very shrewd bit of work ou the part' of Sheriff 'Adams.'. That official went to work on the case as soon as he was convinced' tba-t Saxon was out of reach of the police, and by means- of a letter tvhich was-sent to Saxon by liis sweetheart, a".-M&s 'Daggett, of this city, his whereabout'were learned. The sheriff communicated with Chief of Panhandle Detectives Bradley at Chicago, Wednes- day'evening, as sooiijis the destination of the letter' mailed'by Miss Daggett wa<r v learned:'' ' Capt Bradley, who knew s'axoh : ''sl.lgh:t]y, picked him up ,-it the corner of Michigan avenue ,and Athims'street yesterday afternoon, at 2 o'clock: It was a good piece of .work on the part of the Sheriff and Detective BradleyV and the other officials of the ''•"'":': OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we wilt sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots-- 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and I..25 Cotton Worsteds 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street/ I'auhandJo lent every aid to the capture by transmitting messages to all stations along the line, giving a description of Saxon and asking that a-ny information of his presence at any place on the road be telegraphed to tills city at once. The crime which Saxon, stands charged with committing, or rather the triple crime, i-s for assault and battery, atempted rape, and robbery. His victim is still a guest of Sheriff Adams, whether she will or -no, and will be held as a witness against Saxon, who will probably have a preliminary trial today. Conviction on tin: charge of attempted rape moans a.sent-ouce of not more than fourteen years, and he may be convicted on all three, charges and given enoughs-care to make him white-headed before- ho lias served ihem all. lie is about twenty-eight years of age and lias been, in the employ of the Panhandle railway as a brakeman for some years. While his record heretofore ha riot been of tlic bast, he was not considered an especially da-ugerous man ex cept while drinking,, when he became abusive and quarrelsome. It is not at all certain'that the story a# told by Miss 'Moreton will not be contradicted iu some of its essential parts when the other side of the tale is told. SALE OF SHOES. ?2.0S For Choice of the Store. ?2.9S Except Men's Cordovan. FIGHT FOR A CHILD. Schuyler TX'ase and wife of this place were divorced about a year ago, and their child -was placed In the hands of an aunt, Mrs. Eockfleld of Adamsboro. One day recently the mother of the 1H- tle.oue, accompanied by a male companion, called 1 at the Rockfleld home, and forcibly removed 1:he child, driving away with it. Mr. Lease has begun proceedings to recover the baby. The'ffloth- er and child arc now at Marmont, Lake Maxinkuckec, Ben Use Ben Mat-tin's spectacles. '.See the artesian jugs at Folcy's. McKinley souvenir spoons at Martin's. ' •-. Mrs. Jennie Hedgecock of Frankfort, is visiting her .sister. Mrs. Hawley in this city.; . Table IIliens', crashes, muslins, prints. :lnptanw! etc., all go at cut price.— Trade Palace. See our jundcrwear, hose, gloves, men's shirts; -ties, etc., aU to go at cut prices.—Trade Palace: f " Disease attacks- the weak and debilitated. Keep yourself healthy and itrong by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. Colcr.klgo has been shipped to Detroit and will be started there on Saturday. The fracture in his leg has almost completely healed. .,;/,;,. Remnants.—Odds and'ends of everything a't unheard of prices. Next Monday morning., Dou't;, forget to be ou hand.—Golden Riiieiivf The greatest event of the year will occur next Monday morning at the Goidefl Rule when their great remnant clearance sale will commence. Frank Pettiuot, an employe at Kenneth, died yestWda-y morning at 3:30 o'clock at St. Joseph's' hospital. The funeral will be held'tllls morning. The Christian church ladies will hold aoi ice cream nnd cake social, at the home of Mrs. Long, 019 Race street, lis evening. Refreshments, lOc. There will be a church- festival at Auoku Saturday night. July IS. Come one, come nil and eat ice cream with vour friends and have a good time. Drs. Powell. Cady, Colemaii and Barufield held a post mortem examination, of the remains of the late Carrie Woll- yesteixlay morning and found that' death resulted from Itmg disease. Two dollars and ninety-eight cents takes choice of o°ur finest shoes $5, 50 and §7 footwear. This sale is strictly cash and will last just a few days. We expect to remodel our store and havo made these extremely low prices to reduce the stock. $2.48 for choice of all shoes that retailed at ?3 to ?3.25. ?1.0S for choice of all shoes that retailed at ?2.50. and' ?2.75. .fl.4S takes choice of all $2 and $2.25 shoes'. $1.24 take choice of all $1.50 and $1.75 fine shoes. OS cents will buy a very good shoe that others will charge you $1.23 to $1.50 for. 22c for men's or women's carpet slippers. 33c for women's- fine serge slippers. Just the thing .for. hot weather. PILLING, the shoe man, 412 Broa,<J- wav, Logausport, Indiana. ,«' ^••Bgggg ANOTHER MARSHAL MURDERED. Marshal Ab Holmes, of Cayuga/Ver- mllHon county, was shot and instantly killed Tuesday afternoon about 1 o'clock by Alf Campbell. From the facts learned in the case the murder must have been a most atrocious and cold-blooded affair., Campbell Had been drinking excessively, and was raising a disturbance in Groeudyke's store. He had tipped over a box of vegetables on the porch in front of .the ' store, and wlieu Marshal Holmes attempted to arrest him, Campbell pulled- a. revolver from his jwcket and shot Holmes. The bullet,entered his abdomen anil caused instant death'. Campbell fled immediately after the shooting and was pursued by a posse of enraged citizens. The last seen of the murderer he was swim- Ing across the Wabasii river. . WAGES HERE AND THERE. Preceding the closing of the plant of the National Tin-Plate company at Anderson, because of a difference over wages'. Manager Donner asked for a slight reduction, but the, workmen de manded nn inci-caso. claiming th.it t.he wages were no hfeher t-hjjii paid In Wales for the same class "of wort Mart- a-ger Donner then offered to pay the Welsh scnle of wages, the living expenses of his-employes and a, gratuity besides, but this,'offer was declined.-This started an investigation by Tin and Tonic, the official organ of tin-plate workers, which- shows that American- workmen receive 123 per cent, more than Welsh workers, while the differ- ^ jnce in cost of living will not exceed 12V{> per cent. THE LAST RITES. The funeral of the late Valentine Muench was held yesterday morning from St. Joseph's Catholic church and was quite largely attended. The funeral was held under the direction of the St. John society of which tlie deceased was an honored member. Services were conducted by the Rev. Father Koehne. Interment was madejn Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. LAID TO REST. The funeral of, the late Carrie Woll. which was held from .the residence of A. N. Donaldson on Sycamore street yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock was quite largely attended. Services were g conducted by the Rev. C. B. Wellborn.^ Interment in Jit. Hope cemetery.

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