The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1948
Page 9
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MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 1947 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ;n,YTHKVILI.E (ARK.) NO, I'M NOT HURT-NEITHER I FALL.' WHEN ALL TH' BAGS START EP TEARIW I JIST LAID DOWN BEFORE THEY PID--AN' JIST IN TIME.TOO.' WELL, TOU DO TO A PAPER BAG WHAT DO TO A SUIT OF CLOTHES IN ABOUT THE SAME TIME.' EGAD, MISS AIRY.' Ho\M -"W MO VM. riOl I OPTEKb I EtWV YOUR USE-// MftRRiEDTO ' RJL LOT IM UPE ? ~~ AS ^"l MV JOS, MMOB' A UlSTORY -TEACHER, M I LuX.6 IT. BOT' CARVlriG UPOkS YOOM& ^ I'D TRAte TH& "*?i THE LAW INTELLECTS THE LeSSOrtsjk'OUNG INTELLECTS)! Tn^ t£ i OP YesTeRYeAR,vc>o <A FOR A SKILLPT t/-\T ^^-^ < M.DST ee ~AH ER~— ) ' N i"v.T^/Sr-r.Vs 7 r? ^ VISITED. POP ee TH& RIGHT Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople All-Time High Set in Payment Of Dividends NEW YORK. (UP)-American corporations paid out more dividends to their .stockholders during 1947 than ever before In history. The total for the current vear approached the $5,000,000.000-m'ark according to the best estimates available, as compared with soiii-- thlng over S*,000,000.000 In 1946 the previous peak year. In 1945, corporate dividend pay- '4f approxlmnlcd M.SOOOOOGOO' IJiile the figure for 1S4I, a record imtil last year, was about 53,950,000,- Tl.roughoul this year—and particularly in the final rmarter— there was a veritable (load of in creased, special, extra or year-end fl-iyldcnd payments, as well as many Initial disbursements. .Many Increases Reported Among the many corporations which paid out more in 1947 to holders of their common or cap. ««1 stock were such well-known ones as Allied Chemical fc Dye Allied stores, American Radiator' American Rolling Mill. American safety Razor, Anaconda, Bank of America. Bubva Watch, Burlinc- ton Mills. H Also. Cities Service. Coca-Cola Colorado Fuel & iron, General Motors. International Nickel, International Paper, Mack Trurt-, Rfchfleld Oil. Standard Oil of CalU roiiiia. Standard oil (New Jersey) .^s-^-.a-"-^ During 1947, General Motor. Corporation disbursed approx^nme .^$132.200.000 '° the holders of ill * ,« AnmO ? s * oc ki or sonic $33,000000 before" 1 "" ""* recelvcd •"« «« Some Reductions Made Omcniufsi By Adelaide Humphries TIIK KTUHVt Junior lllh.rj. nreu>. ejltflckil younf murkr la VOUUInr Htld bailllHUMl*. audl'tr rfllt'- lor Krlc llulbruok, run* hi. olfk-r 'or fclm. EJr. Ifad.rnttk'B lifnil lUnl. K'lJnt.out ivlfr !,[,„ j UN( | ef , (l , r tvnur,. Hi lot.k nfu-r ..,,„,. ,,r.,i,- f-rl, ihfrr. '1'ln- 4-v«.|ifi, K ,,r brr Ui'iinrlltre llir U.ifrnr, lun.'l?. :isk» .linilrc la fcnvr dlnnrr will. him. 1C !• MB blrthdnr. Jnnlcr a ftrr • lien Archr frlrnd „< r. Urn, Jnnlrr. v* lYlth hrr. child- hnm* lie !• VII JN the cab going home, Janice came down to reality with a thud. What was she going to do about Ben? For Ben was going to be disappointed, too. He would probably be much more than that, lie might be angry. He might, in fact, bo furious. She knew that he had already had tickets for on* of the hit shov/s. She and Ben had gotten back on the old familiar fooling. He had laken to dropping in at the Hilary house whenever he felt like it. It did not matter whether or not Janice was at home. He was part of the family, as he always had been. Mrs. Hilary spoiled him, Dad liked to argue with Ben and discuss politics and sports, and Albie, well. Albie, now that she was a young lady, was simply wild o " ow: Oil ( N™ oow: S^ndar on (New Jersey). $109,000000- a oToTc a V 19TOOOO: Standar s 1947 Divid about Ben. "Albie! That's it," Janice said , aloud as she paid the taxi driver and got out her key. Albie would be delighted to go to the theater with Ben. Luckily, her young sister was at home, nnd when Janice called out from the enclosure of the shower «' '- :i. and above the noise of prosperity which permitted higher! payments to security holders. i Among corporations which have' found it "tough going" this year, are air transport companies, air- ! craft manufacturers, shipbuilding corporations and, to a lesser de- I gree, railroads. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L. MABRY >J23 MISSOURI ST. PH. 3627 CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second SttllRllV Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. / BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL ASH ST. PHONE the water, to ask (t Albie had any plans for the evening the answer wns "nothing imp or | an (." "Nothing important, why?" Albie repented, coining from her rnom into the bath the girls' bedrooms. "You act ns if you hud. Never saw you in such a ditherl What's up?" iilfiht you nnd lien are Inking a show, doing Die loivn. Is Men «uing to put on his white lie, too?" "I don't know whnl Ben's going lo wear." She had decided to tnke lime 1 to put her luur up. Janice iras in just the mood lo dross up, "This is the night—nnd Hint's the favor. I llumKhl, darling, mnybe you'd go with Ben. You see, I—" • • • "T-JEAVEN1.Y day!" Albie exclaimed. Her young (ace " l ' h "' s Few persons would have guessed lhat these two were sisters. Albie's hair was red, Jnnlce's chestnut brown. Albie's eyes were blue and Janice's a quieter gray. Albie wns taller and thinner than her older sjster. Most people, at iirsl, considered hers the more dramatic beauty; but Janice's became more apparent as time went on, nnd one finally arrived at the conclusion thai the older sister was the more ntlrnclive. sc^ra'tcd i n T,' ' " "' ". wl11 : c » Pleasure. Tliat is"-lhe 8 ' OW .,' 1?}'""! " llltlp "'' if J""' 1 " '. l ", b<! oli "5' b * "<»'•" <ion l 5ee wn " shouldn't be,- 'WOULIJ you , tl u c k i c?" do me a favor, Janice asked, emerging from the shower and rapidly beginning („ t)[ ,i[ on lllc garments she had laid out. She was not in a dither—at le.-ist not in much of one. But she did not have any lime to spure. "We'll sec," her younger sister replied with a condescending air. "What's on your mind? Hey! Are you going lo wear your chartreuse? You must be stepping out." "You don't think it's too dressy, do you?" Janice asked a bit anxiously. She sat down at her dressing (able to do her hair. Should she take time to do it up? It was becoming worn off her slender neck, the curled ends forming a tricky pompadour held in place by a pair of gold combs lo match the wide gold belt which was the only trimming on the chartreuse dress. "How can I answer that one," Albie asked, "when you haven't said where you're going? Yon haven't named the favor yet, cither. You are in a slew, Iambic! You act, as if you had to be at a fire. Oh, I remember—this is the Janice returned. "You jusl tell him Hint I'll explain the next lime ! FRO him. -SomelhinK came up nt the lasl minute— Uut no, I'll do Ihc explaining myself." "You mean," Alhie demanded, silting down on Janice's bed, "you aren't even going to tell me «-her« you're going or with whom?" "I don't believe I shall," her older sislcr replied. It would be fnr heller nol lo Icll Albie. She might not moan lo spill it, but she was bound lo. Much belter that Jnnice herself explain lo lien. "You sure sound mysterious," Albie snid suspiciously. "Mysterious?" Janice laughed. "Could be." The chnilrcufie dress, her fur jacket, anil sha would be ready. "Have a good time, bnby—nnd remember, lell Ben I'll explain und lhat I'm frightfully sorry," Janice said as she prepared lo lenve. She would nol have lime to call downstnira lo her mother. "Plensc explain to Mumsic, loo— there's a dear—nnd lell her I WHI in B rush." "You certainly are!" Albie retorted. "Well, run along. I'll attend to everything. Have a good time, too, honey chile." "Oh, I shall." Janice relumed, wiili such calm cerlninly lhat her younger sister's curiosity wns kindled even more. Now who could it be, ..,„,= wondered, to make Jan look like that? It would have to be someon* very special. Someone .ta wonderful lhat Jnn wns sure Hint Just to lie with him would make the evening divine. (To Be Continued) COURIKR NKWS PAGE NINB " FRECKLBS & HIS KRIRNDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB Springing a Seam oir-i OUCH l BUSTtD SOMETHIM& / ' YOU'RE THE owe WHO'LL " NEED A TbW C4R, (f CAN UY MY HANDS ON YOU/ * DOCTOR i / HURT. HILDA- / GOT YOU jusr / CHASSIS . eusreo A 1 Tuoost-e/ CORSET. STAY,' "Wake him up, it'» time to »tart—h« can finish hi. nap In tin movlMl" ^^ "f ' 'V 1 - "- »'»' Y J. i.'Vr. DFfJj'W IMiivbc Tlwt's It By AL VERMEER 1 young U '" vo1 ' llol "-'> r - A Slip l>v Van Dcr I'liink Ky MICHAKL O'MAU,KY arid RALPH LANB MY TIME IS BETTER SPENT WmVj S THE CHILDREN/ U TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! ._^5™? Devote more hours to Junior and Sis during their formative years. Send both your laundry and dry cleaning to Nu-Wa whore you get swift, efficient service! / Dial 4474-4475 FLOWERS BODY SHOP New Location 118 So. Lilly St • ALL NEW EQUIPMENT • GUARANTEED WORK • ANY MODEL CAR or TRUCK All Jobs Restored (n Factory-Like Condition No Wreck a Tola! Loss! Cur Work Must Satisfy Our Customers! FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty WE INSTALL AUTO ACCESSORIES VMTOO fxcriEo^iT C.RTAINLV ^ [And so an hour later in my office D atJV ANVruiw; I It ltntacc.nUK • T *„. ,_L««^_.,, »"""*> YOU SHOUID NOT H4VE LET YOUR•*> «UY ANVTMINS IIJ INTERESTING, WMY. MR.ORAY- ft. IV1RJ. Df WINriR 5HF BFWKtNTOTHE BKflHMINClim IN WHICH NO VICTOR AGAlf IS5 A AIEWBER. THERE 15S NOTHING 5AOMR THAN A STUPID DEIEC1IUE/ /IMA, HINT.' IT TAKES MORE THAN VOUR (MFASER PtAV- CIING TO MAKfc A — HOW DO YOU CAU IIP-- 5UCKFR OUT OF VENDER FlANKi 10 FIND VIC fLINT sHf DOISN'r WOBKINGONACASS iff KNOW HOW fOR CAMION ANO^jhUlERESTINS IT WEST/ ^^^f\ WIU &E TO VAN DE<? . FtflNK.' i* BUT HOT SO STUPID TrWTICAN'IflGURrOOT ONI THING. FROM IHECIUB HE AtlGHTHAVE FOUND OUT I WWN'TACATE, BUI HOW DID HE LfARH VIC FLINT? WASH TUIJBS Wonderful On I Ionic liy LESLIE TURNER MR.TUB85! YOU MAV HAVE NO PE6ARD K>$ V0US SLWIWAL... BUT I DO.' PIEASF oottl TEMPT" J/V.WOAfiAIM... I —~S=T~ I MAY NOT" ARCHIE SO ""^ ELY MEAT Tll. , __,„ -POM'T86 SHORT-siameci MB.TUWS. AS y,OU CRACK- \ AFIFTEEM-R)OT<SIANT, YOUR FAM6 INED FIENP! \ WIUCIRCIE THE 6LO8E.' CIKCUS THIS IS TH' * SIDESHOWS WILL FlfiHT FOR you... CHANCL- TORFAMf AMt>THE WORKSHOULPNTBE HARD! AW A EASY LIFE- L - Hold On, Lit lie Beaver By FRED HARM AN iv\Y£ E HlDE-UrATRAlrl LUCKY IfOUMDYou, 50NJNY-' RO&BERY LOOT IM COYOtc , - SOMEBOOV -TOOK A BOX FRW\ rne ~~ IT.' IF WHAt5 soap FOR - &Ulp AW.W#$ •£zm^W££^m Conic Itight In! By V. T. HAMLIN. AW, DC NT GET SO <JE t OH YOURSELF.' VOUXL OOP. PLEASED BY THE SUDDEN APPE AID "IXL BE A UNCLE" AND HOOTS AND HKR BUDDI Bv EDGAR MARTIN " tt\&r\

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