The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1947
Page 12
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AGE TWELVE roops Defending ncton Claim Attackers Routed AE5ES, AU(f 19 (UP) — yn» P»r*«uajan government claim- y that its forces had launch- vigorous counter-offensive rd)3l forces attacking As- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 10, 19J7 uncJon.- . ' Tlie communique, nsscrlcd that the rebels were driven from all lon-ns surrounding Asuncion and lliat 0>c 'Loyalist troops Were now advancing on all fronts. The government claim was ad^ an;ed as reports circulated thai efforts were being made to negotiate n truce in the bitter civil war. Read Courier News Want Ads. Truman Not to Accept Invitation to Visit Chile WASHINGTON. Aug. ID. <UP> — ! President Truman was Invited loduy to visit Chile on his forthcoming trip to Brazil, but he declined with thanks. The White House said President. Truman told Chilean -Air.btesador Don Felix Nieto tliat he nppreclal- fctiy&slh Copyright by Elizobcjh Seifert; Distributed by MEA SERVICE, INC 1 . THE STOHV! Far rbl*f. «-bafc* tmrvrt on Mr.ln, ko«- t Ike inni- lie trllw l>r, »t Woodward, the , in 4u« in nrrlvr M vNH <0 McAll, Cl • » <Vlll> I IK' Kill Of Suxn operating room was, actually, a Ihcaler. The audience upon the en cling benches was^ as 'enthralled. Al sight of Dr. Glenn, the nurses, bolh blues, and whiles, sat forward and drew in their breaths a litlle. The students and Ihe other doctors settled themselves more comfortably upon the thin cushions which only stemed to soften the stone benealh Iheir spines. All eyes were upon the tall man in white. For a second this gaze turned to the nurse who tied the mask about his nose and mouth But when Dr. .Glenn moved, the eyes returned to him, and stayed with him. The lights went on; he stepped to the table, spoke to the Head, to the anaesthetist, glanced at the chart, looked up at the fcenches He began lo speak, to lecture, explaining the case—a matter of high blood pressure, i He took care of the-delivery. Thejbaby was born, taken to the side table, the pediatrician look charge Next weeli, the new man, iWooduard, would be there. Today, Dr Glenn must watch this doctor, barely out of school. Between cases, Dr. Glenn lectured Twice, . as he talked, lie jerked bis head as i( to shake his hair out of his eyes. Once he 'fighed deeply. Susan Perry, his purse, \\atched him closely, and spo^e a low word lo one of Ihe other nurses , , v . fl HE pallern of operating room routine is sel firmly in a mold to the surgeon's liking. Each person kno\\s liis steps, bis dulies. jS&ch does them, «nd could do them, probably, in total blindness. ' But if one of the cast falters a , very little, it throws the rhythm I off beat, and the others notice. So, r.toaay, when Dr. Glenn stopped for a minute and looked dov<n at his while .shoes, heads {went up, hands paused, all .over , Ihe room. Susan came swiftly to (his side, went with him into Ihe iscrub-iip room. Behind, them, sig- jfiificant glances were exchanged. I "What's up?" said the sopho- ;more Medic, who was marking his jfirst o b. observation in his log. I "Headache.^ Dutch Report 13 Soldiers Killed By Indonesians BATAVIA, AUB. 19 (UP) — A Dutch communique reixjrted 'today that 13 Dutch troops were killed mill 22 were wounded in "clearing net Ions" o( the resurgent hostilities in Indonesia. , Governor General Hubertus Van Mook refused to comment on an un- of'licinl report from The Hague that he h:ul asked the Dutch government lor authority to renew the campaign the Indonesians until "11 Java and Sumatra were subdued. •me Dulcli high command reported that. Indonesian guerrilla bands were attacking Dutch patrols in Uie area of hostilities closest to Jogja- karta, the Republican capital. The daily communique renewed the charge that the Indonesians still were ignoring the cease fire order issued at the request of the United Nations. "A clear tendency is observed to push forward their lines and force the population to take a non-cooperative attitude toward the Dutch," the communique said. Laney Calls on Truman For Purely Social Visit . WASHINGTON. 'Aug. 10. (UP) — President Truman yesterday received Gov. and Mrs. I3eu T. Laney of Ar- I Kansas in 'a "purely social" visit to ! the White House. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH PKbne 3151 v ...,.„...._.., Iluislrnlccl l.y KllzabPlh Tvmrrson The fronl door burst open upon f. bevy, of girls in light, summer dresses, with llyiiis hair, pinlt clicelts, long, slim legs. "Mom, it M'as (forge!" shrilled Nikki. "Tile loveliest parly-— " Lacked cd the invitation, but regretted thill It would be impiacticable to include Chile on his itinerary. ."So what?.* -The r . — .—„ ,, t -* ..*. sophomore ; Medic was scorntul. , ^ .' i '''So—it's too bad'.' 'Glenn's kind iare no ]oke. He'll come out of Ithere pea-green, and as sick jdos" .';•-, . „_ ! "And operate?!' ' "••'" ! "Watch him. And lake notes. ;His last one is always his best ;one." • The sophomore hunched- for- iward. :The new ; case came in. :Brack, Dr. , Glenn's assistant, ^stepped to the lecture desk. He :vas a ~ small mail \vilh a hlack ; muslachc, arid a correclcd .club Joot.' Dr. Glenn slood away Irom >the table, looking down ;it the -floor. Susan Perry spoke to Ihe .circulating nurse, watched Mal- icolm. ! The woman on Ihe table was be - \ing anacslhetlzed locally. The lecturer's voice droned' on. The '•lighted doorway of the scrub-up .room was filled for a second \vilh .the'tall form of anolher doctor, a dark man who glanced ill Malcolm,-then nodded to Susan. The nurse went with him to the basins, helped him \vilh gloves. "Glenn's brolhcr," Ihc senior .•whispered to the sophomore. ; "Diagnostics, isn't he?" ; "Yup. He helps in a pinch like this." :Marlin. went-lo stand beside Malcolm, his shoulder rubbed his brother's, his dark eyes were reassuring. The case was ready; it was: Martin who glanced at the assistant, who look- over Ihe lec- Inre. It was IVUirtin \vlio approached the patient. Malcolm stood back, his eyes closed. Susan and Martin 'worked together—until nil nt once .Malcolm was with Ihem, his hand slrclchlng for the scalpel, his fingers even move swift, more sure than they had been on Ihe caller cases. The child was born, swiftly, safely, and withoul a mark or a scratch upon him. Those in Ihc operaling room breathed a relaxed, relieved sigh. Dr. Malcolm Glenn held- his attention to the business slill in hand. Finished, he shrugged his chin out of his face mask, looked up at l|ie class, nodded, glanced al his brother; one could see' Ihc spark of affection ss between Ihem. He went with Martin and Susan»inlo the scrub- up room. "Veil!" said Ihe sophomore. "So that's what a headache will do for you!" "The right kind of headache," agreed the senior. "1 understand brains arc required for migraine." TPHE Glenn home was one of Ihc preltiest on faculty r~w. U was a Cape Cod collage of while- painted brick, with a blue root'and shutters. It spread across the top of one of Ihe town's many hills; below it 1 was the southward strelch of the river, and one of Ihe many bridges. This afternoon (he house was breeze-swept and pleasant!} noisy with the slir of a hom2 where there arc young people. There \vns the pleasant perfume of fresh flo-.vcrs in Ihc study of the living room. The telephone rnng; the Unockci on' the front door lifted mu dropped. Nancy set Ihc phoni down, ran for Ihc door, lifting he eyebrows resignedly at her oldc son and his leg cast. "H's Ihe express Iruck," Jero told her. "Let Pele gel it." Nancy dropped down upon th wide otloman and laid her hanc on Jerry's cast. 11 was dirlj scribbled with ribald message from his friends. "That darne horse! Too bad you're laid u during this wonderful weather." "Heck. I don't rninrl. I just s here and watch the pieces whi pasl my head. Oh, gosh—" Nancy jumped up. sprang ; Pele, her youngc-st. "Don't brii that in here:" she cried. "It dripping!" Pele backed nway, his arms filled with the big carton which, u n d o u b t e d I y, was dripping. "Mom's biiiliday orchids." he said. "Good old II '.varied lover never . fails. Whfll we'd do [or celery this time of year, I don'l know, come (he guy ever gets himself another girl." "Al his age?"-drawled Jerry. Nancy whirled on him. "Alexander can't be a day older lhan our falliei!" she snapped. "Alexander, yd," said Pete, tct- ng the kitchen door s\v,ing to bend him and Ihc celery. Nancy frowned after I'.'jn. She alhcred up three long, tfct pnck- s from the coffee table. "Yoii'tl link 1 was doddering," she imed. Nancy was a prelly woman to icther these stalwart sons, staler, erect, her skin clear and oulhful. Her golden hair was led in becoming curls upon Ihe op of her hend.i, t k1 '\Vith her ^rms'full, she stooped 'straighten -a "cushion when the •out door burst open upon a bevy f girls in light, summer dresses, ! ith flying hair, pink checks, long, im legs. They filled Ihc place with their halter, their shrill voices, their nkling laughlcr. Nikki was the enter — Nikki looking too lovely words. Her hair shining, her eyes sparkling, llib corsage of - .U'ccl peas on her shoulder, no ovclicr, no more delicalc lhan her own young bcauly. She kissed SELL Your Car While Prices are HIGH! SH ELTON "Oh, keep right on talking, Mrs. Jones—tlio children just turned the radio up so.loud so they wouldn't hear you!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By-MERRILL BLOS3ER .Tiic Man Pays GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch ' • Vt PL Ft. 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HOLLYWOOD P.FIER SEftSOH 15 Cl'ER* Phone 204 J 1044 ChickuawlM TEARING UP A . PERFECTLY COOP COMTRftCT! INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Pratcclion • Accident & Health BY EDGAR MARTIW I ranspnrtHtion Hospitalization Fire Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plat* Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation THAT SG M r -5.O K=LP U'<tS O'^ICK ASJT> CROSS BUT HE "-MGWr NS&ED fYf IS} RlfWOCK THE COSOrt=;R HAS COAPLETE.D HIS INVESTIGATIONS OF TriE DI5COVERT AT THE £CHOO'.rtOUSE-- VAT5 0OOY ALL RIGHT. j CJS55 t-.£RE POU3T TtW CROSS nsurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charles G. BlUncrW. M. (Bill) Wilson V. T. HAMLIN BUT.OOOLA.THERE R=ALLV 15 NO 5O3H .. Ci'.SL ON THE SCREHM 15 JJ5T \ FKSMENT OF COP'S IMAGINATION.' By J. R. Williams TOMT CO 'WAY, BOYS.' t GOT A LITTLE TALK FOX YOU OM PULL1M' UP CEDAR TREES OM GOVERNMENT LAMD, PRACTICINJ' ROP1M'-- I'M TH' RANGER HEAH. AM THEIR AUMT DO.M'T ALLOW I E^\ IN TH' HOUSE OR TOWM IM THEM SU1TS-- IS AWFUL,AI\J'T IT- POOR RIDS — RYING TO LEARN) ROPING WHEN EVERYBODY 5 STOPPINJe THE ROPIM& OF CATTLE. FUEn IT ARM AN BOOTSANP HSR BUDDIE13 Pasloval I'eacc Tftt VftV.tFftC.yS i "Mom, il was gorge! The lovc- icst party — Brian's outside — and ook — forks!" She held out the jox. of shining silver. She whirled ibout; the girls circled with her — .hey kissed Nancy; they screamed over Jerry, and kissed him. Brian ran up the walk, his tall head passing the small-pancd window's. lie came in shyly, proudly smiling, hi.s gray eyes seeking Nikki, who came t) him, ran her hand through his arm, her finger:against the gold stripes on his cuff. 'Isn't she Ihc luckicsl gill!" screamed one of Ihc girls on Ihc couch. "Look at them, Mrs. Glenn! Don't they make a precious couple?" Brian blushed; Nikki smiled, and looked up at him. "We like us," she said softly, hauoily. (To r.o Coillinucd) Out Our Way

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