The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1947 BLTTHEVILLE (ARKJ COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for eouecotlvt »• Minimum Chart• ; ftt 1 lime per line J3e 2 times per line p*r &MJ , I2c 3 times per line ppr day S*c C llm«j per line per day 7c l'& Units per Hue p«r day 5c Month per line *H>c fount five average words to the line. AU ordered for three or six times and flopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad up- iwared anil adlusLment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted l>>' person!; restcJIng outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Mutes may be easily computed from the Advertising order ror irreeular Insertions takes the one time rate. I Ka responsibility will NJ taken for . piore thau one Incorrect insertion ol •my classified ad. for Sale l-2', ! j gallon counter *ce crcim rreezer with cabinet. $10(W. H. U King. phone 07. Mftnllu. 7l28-Dk-8i28 Nulurnny we &t'U lots ol Fina Foam upholstery CTVIT'-;!-. Saii'H^d cujio- luexs liilk. Uectl-s FiUut S'.oni 7i20-.k-8!."i For Kent Comfortable b«droom. Attlo ran. Men only. 310 W. Walout. 7|3IM>k-«|M Bedroom. 314 N. Ninth. Ph 2338 5-pk-9|S Bedrooms. 10611? E. Main ph 952 8|l2-i>k-0!12 Do your own concrete work and snve Rent n concrete mixer by day or hour Phone 489, DOS 653. Hlythcvlllc. Art- 8!16-ck-K ComrortEiljIe bedroom. Cietitlemcn preferred. Convenient to Ijath 817 Chlckasawrja. 8!18-uli-' ) 0 For Sale or Rent Home of the late Dr. c. c. Stevens 1007 W. Main. Phone 2427. For Hire Tnvctor breaking plow, busters, disc, harrow, planter, cultivator, ellppei" combine. John C. Bright, you S. Second St. Phono 870. S!14-]J&Tl|l4 lluv« EO QIC thing you JfrTr, need/ Trade or sell It lit Swap tSh->D. -SQi E. Maun. I'liorie 859. >4l30-ck-t( you'll oml ii complete line or JEEP IV. 1 ITS at PO OL B MOTOR COM PANY, Slcele, Missouri. Phone Stccte 4*3 for prompt service. - ', Wonted to Rent 2-1J e (1 r o o m unfurnished house or apartment. Call Ed IJelote, Courier News Advertising Dept. Phone 461. References, 8 13 ck if 5 piece mahogany dinette suite. Like new. 310 W. Walnut. i>h. 23257 24 dh tf MERCHANTS hY>KCl meat casrs, wulk-in coolers, re- frluerators, mid beverage coolers are HvrilluWe lor imintiSliuu delivery. Also Ice cream cabinets &nd compressors, fciee Dell Scott, 1211 W. Main or l>ljone 2260. S!21-ck-8j2a Colored Property One lot South IGtli St. Crcwley Acl- flltlon Jsaac Martnln, % courier 1 - 75 l>). enolemtor Ice box.'Rear G03 \V. Main. 13-PR-20 IClfocrla canning peaches. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and groceries. Open lil 8 o'clock every day. Phone 2632. Joe Hester (Jroccry, Highway 'il South. Itelow Swift Oil Mill. 7 22 pk 8 22 S25 • REWARD — §25 For information leading to furnished or unfurnished house or apartment. Phone 27C5. 8 10, pk-20 Services SEWING MACHINE We electrify your old trenille sewing nmcblne Into a mouern electric portable or cablncr. model. C. E Drake. SOS E. Ash. 8iM-|)lc-9]14 Lale model Cuslimun motor scooter, complete with windshield. In A-l condi- MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need * loan to reyalr • or remodel? No down p*y- ment, no mortgmg«, no red tape. FHA approTed rate S%. Ask for details. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 20S4 Lynch Bldf, BlytberUle. 9-23-ck-tt House moving, 13 years experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Leveling, foundation repairing Virgil Foley, phone 2105. 8 3 pk 9 8 II When the „ Car Nee3s ^ \ a Drink ... ; V Steel Oil Barrel Racks • : Any Blw ' t. L. MABRY ttt MISSOURI BT. ML UJ1 And I. our Dbttnec Moving SCREEN Most six E. C. Roliinson !A>r. Co. DOORS Musi sixes now in slock. or if you're trying (o locate a "clink", let Phillips. Motor Co he your automotive tronlilu showier! Our attendants art really helpful, umi know every make of car from the inside out. Drive in troubled: drive oijt \villt riding plea.sitre redoubled. There's No Place Like Home For Real Ford Service! For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLf HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel BIdg. 124 W. Ash St. Wl7 luiurtd Cott d M>M. S.rric**. OB* MnlM b M«n«* •«, uiupamj Sth at Walnut Phone 453 Notice phone 2325 or 4G1 8 1-8 clh tf vv-imibmuui. in jv~i uunui- Expert radiator repair for tion. $250.. Gary Mason,! ^ss. We have the best in "' 1 "" "" radiator repair equipment. Let our trained man boil out and repair your radiator for you. Quick Service. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Douglas Lawson, ftlgr. Phone 2171. 8 9' tf 7 room collage on Chicknsiuvbn, close to business seciion and school, with ytira^o find servant room. Snn have immediate possession If .bouRht thU week.. Call Mrs. I. H. Fleming, 117 Mornin^sEdc Park, Memphis'. Two bra [id new. but sllglitly damn^od ^eiillli \vashliiK nmchlnes. Also «--cv- t-ral :iew Krtsky oil furnaces, complete with luttumnttc controls s'.nt- uhle for Inrvie offices, stores, elt. Flione 74. Wilson. Ark.. . alter G p. .. 18 -ck 21 Top flight plastic tableclolhs anil aprons. Sells on sight. Write lor 11- lusLrntcd folder and prices. The Rohert Jordon Co, 3U7 Walnut StrEicL Philadelphia G. Pa. 8!19-nk-20 I Out- Hvlnp room suite. !>lke new. Also l dish cabinet. 816 Clark St. Phone 2:(3». 19-pic-22 I :i H.E>. Speak j net-Twin cylinder outboard otor. 550. Phone 2-175. 8;i9-pk-22 | r'our Yiurncr oil cook stove, Oil hot water heater, OH heater. (Jood con- tllLkni. One Minute Cfife. 422 Ash Htrfit-l, PhOUC 078. l&-[ik-24 .-j-lmrner table ton Florence oil stove, flood condition. Phone 4CO. Its Eftst D.ivls. 19-[)k-22 Cfi Arrrs iir:n- I'ara»ou1fl: level. 100 A. r'lltH'Atloii: GO A. timber: frame d-uellinir In TV barn, y ravel road, I'ltrtri^'f-v, Pr!cf SR.OOO. nart cash. J. C. Clno)5o, MnnllA. Atk- 8!15-])k-22 | CFVTT7A.L AND HIGH SCHOOL RPK- ClAIif? One H-room. 2 - fi room. 2-4 room home.' within 2 blorks school grounds. 1'rlccs SI.800 to SG.500. Tluf't* I'rocr-ry businesses »ud vacant lot;; 525000 mi. -w thi- bli; bargains ill 1700 Holly lor SP..500 Ti.-nl Estate A; Fire Ins. Phone Field Watch for big l?ingo at the Legion Hut, Thursday, Ante. -21. Sponsored by ladies of Catholic Church. ' 8 12 ck 20 Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiwav 6i; phone 3785- H 5 ck tf SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED Expert service on nil makes. C R Drake. 403 E. Ash. 8;ia-pk-9]l2 Business Opportunity Distributor ofrcrs to right person Opportunlt"_to operate 50 CMUo'niia Almond Nut Machines - pro-'en. fit $1.00 per machine per week Cash necessary Approximately $500 p.,r more Information. Write Air. Davl-I Berns. 2336 Olive Street, St.. Loirs, MO. 'M't-Plr -I ] Help Wanted Saleslady for permanent position with pood future, with local concern Pleasant working conditions Write box M E, % Courier- News. 8i7-clc--tf Young man for sales position, with snort future. With Blytheville firm. Write box J p. % courier News 817-ck-tf l"> wliecl tnUlcr. suitable for stock or colton nt D Wade's Avito .Snlvace. N. Cl Highway. BliG-pk-'aa |]Uiv your roal before tlii winter rifjh. I i-i" u<t nil your bin. Phone 489. Box •J59, nlythevlllc. ArHntisas. 8]lB-ck-tf j'Allacidc Johnson irrass. Poi- KOM now available a t Planters Hardware Co., Inc. Phone 515. 8 18 ck tf ttiiby 4 \rhefl lurm trsillcrs. G ply tlr<;s. :ill slot's truck mid tmllcr beds. ,"-.l?o \vn«- r on rrrpalrs. Henry West- Shop, formerly Dan stout A NEAT IJIHY. WHO IS irJTELU- GENT. GOOD ON SHORTHAND AND SOME BOOKKEEPING. TO DO GEN- KRAI. OFFICE WORK. APPLY TO BOX 600. % COURIER NEWS. ' i . 8»-Ui -.1 Shipping and Receiving Clerk. Must be experienced, willing worker with leadership ability. Good salary. See Mr. I.ashbrook at ' iMont- gomery Ward. 8 ~1S ck 21 Bookkeeper with ability to get the job done. Contact Mr. I^ishbrook stl Montgomery Ward. 8 18 ck 21 8112-nk-SiU 1:2 MrKlfl MnCorfnlcK Deerlns coniblnc. A-I sliape. H. W. ncvlll. Snnrty Rltlgy. un A11OUS C3 camera with ac- orJ'--s. Kxcellent conrtUlon. Coro- prxT:?.ble typewriter with case 2^24 bL-twcen C and 7 p.m. 8:15-pk-22 acre, -l-roftm resilience, now vacanl, adjoining cily lim- ils, 100 yds. off Highway fil Sotilh- Gravel road. Trice S3500, $2000 cash. IJnlancc S-^1-25 per month. II. C. Campbell, l*hone >|<I6 nr 2930- 8 M ck If 'afc building and 16 unit (ourisl court with garages. Also xninll chicken Tahch. F.ocalcd 1 mite south of Hlyllicvillc, Highway 61 C. Abraham, 505 Lake SI. 8 14 ck 28 Morcuty, 38S8. Good condition, MG Oli'-vrolet nl^tun staVr* IjOtly 'A rnilo Poulh nf Holland, Mo. on 61 |:]ilQliwnv. K. II- Hatley. 8-25-47 >r RAlc or tr;t'dp for 1-4 room For Sale of Trade small fnrm in 1 -2 room itt ils. - room iiKf. - room hOMKt* find S vm\in». lots. Sffi Mrs. fialllft Wicker on North at,, Blvthevllis, Ark, . I9'pV:-21 WANTED TO EMPLOY BOOKKEEPER. U]ythevIllET business firm 1ms ycrma- IIRIII position open for woman i:ooi- keeper, preferably not iimrrlcd ue- twccn nses of 2o antt 40 years, OooiJ Gnlary and pleasnnt working con II- tlons. Write coiifIdenUjilly informn- tlon ns to experience find eliaramcr refereticcs. to Uox 303. CoxirJer Nows BlythcvlUc. ArK. ' 8H8-ck-23 Hoy to work In shop a"n<J drive tnicl* Must have drivers license, App[V THE FLOWER SHOP. 8;l!)-ck-22 Instruction, Female WOMEN! HELP FILL THE NEED FOR PRACTICAL NURSES Instruction Easy to Icarn nt home, spare time Goxxl pay. Many earn while learning No high school required. Information freR. Wnyne Sc>iool of Practical Nurslujf. Box N. P. % Courier News pll us your car now and get the hl»h- •«*st possible price. POOL'S MOTOR COMPANY. Phone Steele 49; Steele, Missouri More than 5,RCO,000 trees \vero planted during, the 1944 nnd 1345 planling seasons by 1G trcc-planL- machines. Concrete Culvert-tile Sizes If to 36- (Rclnforccd or Non-RelnI«rted) Cheaper and Longer Laitlnr than an; other Bridge Material. Concrete units for Snnttary Privy—Concrete Septic Tanks. A.H.Webb Hwy. 61 N. at Slate Line Phone Blytheville 7U CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing, Screen Worlt Painting, Replacing , Windows Steps, and other wort HOME SERVICE ;& STORAGE CO. Telephone 280J, EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Bnvlnga Low Net Cost Protection For ScrvUe W. L. TAMKS ! tOS E. Davis St.. P. O. Box 4S11 Phone 2487 BtjthcYllfe, Ark. i Clean Reconditioned USED CARS Await Your Selection at SHELTON Motor Company 119W. Ash Phone 438 Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Tax Reports—Accounting Itoom 21, lA'nch HltlK- Write P. O. l!ox 1)!5!> Phone 2940 Blytheville SALESMAN WANTED Man wanted lo succeed G. Klrknmu for Riuvlclgh business In So;itli Dunklln County. Soil lo 1500 families. Products sold 30 years Write today. Rawlclglis". Dept. AKK-210- SAS. Memphis. Tenn. or sec W. Barbour. CIO Lilly St.. Dlythcvlllc. Ark 8'19-nk-Zl Eddie Saliba Maintenance Engineer Roof Coaling, Industrial and Household Paints Call for frte Roof Inspection . . . Let DM mire yoor paint problems. Factory Dislribntor for Cn- lonfil Refining and Chemical Co. 12-1 E. Kentucky Ave. Blytheville, Phone 2536 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Expert Htpaln 3Z4 Eut M*ln Bt Felix A. Carney ELBERTA PEACHES $2.50 and $3.00 Per Itusliel We. Sell: • By the Pound • By the Husliol • Triickload BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 K. Main. Phono 973 f( Df> You Mind He's welcome to Itt And you'r* welcome ,to the friendly, {re* eervlce you get here.' Courteous attendants will check your car quietly and quickly, advise you and serve you—at no .extra cost. Motorists 'like to drive in to this modern service station (or better service, better motorj ing—greater economy!/ / / LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. I Wrrckrrf ProdncU PKohe 573 8elbetlln * An ounce of spider's web extend 350 miles If strnlglitcnctl out. • : NOTICE TO PUBLIC The law orctccp ot Ocue E. Drart- ley Imvc liceii moved to 411 yt. Mnln. fAcross street from Mont- gaincry Wnrd.) NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC In spite oT great IOKKCS suffered in the fire af oin- plant building, \ve are continuing to give COMPLETE service in all (lepiuinicnl.s. Don't take a substitute for real BUICK SERVICE . . . bring your car to LANGSTON-WROTEN now—as always! A complete line of New Bnick parts has been flown to our shop to fake care of all our customers. Complete Telephone Service DIAL 555 For Service! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODUU RK- LI/U1LE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN F.lectrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and fterrfce 100 Soutli First St. I FARM LOANS You cnn now secure the most ixt- trnclivc fnrm Icmn In history. Low rules of Interest, extremely lont terms wltli liberal i>rcpni'mcni privileges. Practically no expense Htlnchccl. If your present lonn (loci not hcnr less thnn Ij per cent yoi will ccrtnlnly \>c ii\tercsLc<i In our Farm Loans. Unlimited 'ftinoun available. Such an opportunity may never exist ngnln. So If yov wish to fit^ancc or refinance, writ or see A. F. DIETRICH TJnilccl Tnsuriince Agency 20!) 1 /. W. Main—Guard ISIitg. Hlythcville, Ark. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Btyia* OOYAL, SMITH, CORONA Mid REMINGTON POBTABU IIP N. SECOND ST. . FBONB Ha (Every Tranjwctlon MUST BK aATISFAOTORtV I PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores As a Natural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE High Mood pressure associaled with kidney disease may be reduced by keeping kidneys functlonini; properly. For 50 years doctors have prescribed this mineral walcr from Hot Springs, Ark. Pure (asdiij; . . . nut a laxative. I'lione or Write Today for Free Honklct CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP (Iain »nd Division BljtherlU*, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Tnwt Except Cancer) DRS. N1ES & NIES CHnle m Main, BlytbevJlte, Ark, FhMW ml "iMIstcr, If you wnnl u picture or something mighty pretty, get a oiicl of Uicsic DAVTON TIK1-;S AN1> TURKS 1 got at SKAY ICE COLD! Watermelon Cold 2'/2c Ib. Hot 50c ca. & up Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 E. Main Phone 973 We Guarantee ' '.. RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treadb Let Your Next Tim Be GENERALS Cost More — Worth Mon MODINGER TIRE CO. (UK. 1 PRJOlLLA'S POP Living in the mountains for two Wffff/fs sure makes the house seem stuffy and Hcccivc Gy AL VERMEEI the fragrance of crisp, clean air—the feel of soft earth under my feet!

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