The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1948
Page 6
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PACK IOC BLYTHEVILO! (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 1D48 Committee Hears Housing Expert Spokesman Claims Housing Shortage "Only Imagination" WASHINGTON, Jan. 2«. (UP) — A spokesman for apartment owners Saturday said the housing shortage Is 'V figment of the Imagination" and continuation of rent control Is unwarranted. But A spokesman for the Textile Workers Union (CIO) said that rents In many Industrial nreas «r,uld be doubled and evictions would mount rapidly If rent con- trots were ended Feb. 29. . "If this Ls not the Mine to permit federal rent controls to expire, then that time will never come." John E. OT-'CU. president o( the National Apartment Owners Assn- clallon, told a .subcommittee of the Senate Banking Committee. O\ven said that the "violent upheaval" of the war Is past. The nation's population has now settled permanently In a "true postwar pattern." he said. According to Owen, routs have increased less than seven per cent since 1942 while average Income has more than doubled. As a result, he said, vent absorbs only 9 | to 14 per cent of lhat Income compared to 25 per cent before thr war John W. Edelman, the union spokesman, salrt his slalMnenl iv<\5 based on a survey bv union representatives In 30 "different sections of the nation, He said a study of the BosUm area showed that many landloi'ci.i had Ignored the rent control law completely and already had doubled rents. So severe Is the housing sVioTl- igc, Edelman snld. that a textile worker In the South today Is "far Jess fearfutl of losing his job Ihrvn of being put out of his house." Church forgives Thieves And Invites Them to Attend Worship Service LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 26. (UP) — Members of the Foursquare Gospel Church here have literally "turned the other cheek" to the thief or thieves who stole between S35 and »50 from the pastor's study Saturday night. The Rev. Warren W. Twyford »aid today thnt he led his congregation in prayer tor the thieves' soul at the regular meeting yesterday morning. "We prayed the Lord would convict them of their sins and thereby save their souls," the minister said. "Furthermore, we want the culprits to know they have a sincere Invitation to attend our services and accept the Lord. Everything Is forgiven and forgotten." Despite the lenient attitude of the pastor and his congregation, Detective Chief C. O. Fink said today tlfnt his men are conducting an investigation. Dreaming of June in January. Airport News The meeting of filers of this firm hat wns cancelled because of cold wcnthcr FrMity nlghl, when a plots club was scheduled to lie orsan- zed. will be held the last of this week or the flrsl of next wccX, it wns reported yesterday, A definite date for the meeting will be RiinoLinced this week and notices of the meeting will be sent pilots of tills section. Flying activity »i the MunlclpM Airport was .slow during last week because of the weather. Snow and ice didn't hamper flyinp as much n.s wind and low temperature. 1 ). operators and CAA officials. The conference starts tomorrow. Lee Richardson Jr., of Blythevllle Flying Key vice, and Pawl l,loy<J, of PItintors Flying Service, drove to Fort Worth for the meeting. . Charles of Rose la mi and K. M. RoKcnnkl of Armorcl flew to Atlanta, On., last week to attend tile lOlh nnuuFtl meeting of the National Cotton Council. They made the (rip In Mr. Rose's Bonanza, Ira Gill of DlylhcvUlc flew to Little Rock In the Blytheville Flying Service riper Cruiser last week. during the past week Include: Donald ShuUz of Kennett, Mo., Lus- COJHUC; Lowell Allison of Pocha- hontns, LuseomUe; James HaiJaa of Patiucah, Ky., and T. R. Ward of Piulucah, Ky., Piper Cruiser; M. W. I Robinson of Fort Worth, Texas; Ed ' Amlmnn ami Horace Scrape ol j Memphis, Tenn,, Luscombo, Transient pilots who landed here Lincoln, the Inventor Abraham Lincoln was an inventor. He patented a device to lift boats over .shoals in .shallow rivers in 1849, ami his keen interest in the U. S. patent system Inspired the immortal words carved In stoiii above the patent office door. Znnc Hall, a partner in niylhc- ville Flyinx Service from the time ol 11* organization until early this rnonth, Is now at Hamilton Field, Calif,, with the Army Air Forces. He applied for re-entry into the Army late last year and was recalled as a first lieutenant. Lt. Hail has written friends here that he expects to receive an overseas assignment in the near future but lias not been tolrt where—except for a taciturn Army hint that he will be Hying In a "temperate climate." He flew four-engine craft In WW 2. C. V. Kebnugh, Airport Manager Ernest Halscll and W. I. (Sonny) Osbornc took off from here yesterday morniiiK in Mr. Sebuugh's Na- vlon and headed for Fort Worth, Texas, where (hey will attend a three-clay CAA Fourth Region conference of airport malingers and it's June in J;mu;uy in Cleveland, O.—June in Hie store window displaying the In test bathing sin I fashions and January outside where Mrs. Marguerite Gove stands sluvcnng in n recent cold wave. The picture was completely imposed. INSTANTLY STARTS to relieve coughs and BREAK UP CONGESTION of CHEST COLDS In Upper Bronchial Tract, Nose and Throat! At tho first Ri«n o[ a cold —rub Muslprnln on chest, tliroul and hark. It iirxtntitly sl:irla to relieve cou^lis, sore throat, iiiicl actually breaks up lln- [>iiin(ul surface (-oji^ualion. Musii-role t-is-t-^ sui-h f»si. lon«- liisLiiit: rclii't lj«-i'»imr U contains won i lor fill [i:iirt-rfi]ievir)x,sri m ulatiiij; Oil of Mustard. Ciiinuhor. Mcntlml ami (111 ot Winiprcreon. Has nil nclvantiigcs of a niuslarii [ilnsUT yet so nmcfi oabicr to apply. Just rub il cm for nnmi|Jl rcrlicf! In 3 Strengths: Cti'ilclrcn's Mil*) lor CALL 4627 For Lower Cost Insurance • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS •if- Arkansas Mutual Agency * ' W. L. Ti'.mkc, Mtrr. Isaacs Bklg., Blytlieville, Ark. fox *e*t Atmuxy stwici tiww Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blylheville Ark. 112 Walnut St. Way to Man's Heart is Discovered By Top Brass in Uncle Sam's Army Police Training School Planned In Caruthersvillc CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Jan. 26 —The Cflruther.sville anri FemUcot County police will sponsor a police re-training school here for five days, Fab. 9-13, inclusive. II was ar nouncert here this week end by members of the CnruthcrsvUlc police force. The school will be under the direction ol the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Southensb Missouri Peace Officers Association will hold its annual meeting the final day nl the training school. Feb. 13. beginning at one o'clock, to be concludrc with a fish fry for all, Officers of *he Southeast Missouri Peace Officers A^sociatioi are: Trooper Percy Little, Capi Girardeau, president; R. E. Beck man. Cape Girardeau, first vice president; Sheriff BSll Brent, ond vice-presidcnL; and E- R. Cum mings, Hayti, third vice-president. By William F. McMeiuimln (LTnfUMi Tress Slaff Cnrri-spinidi-nt) WASHINGTON, Jan.' 2G, (UP) — The army Is setting up a new fimd service program (o keep up Ol morale. In a general order to nil Lroop.s. Gen, Dwight D. Kiscn hower called for maintaiiiins troop morale by .serving pain table am! appetizing food. j "High morale among 11oop.s Is one of the greatest factors ncce.s- I sary in order to win battles," tin? army chief o[ staff said. "A,s an Rid to commanders In nttnliung : | and maintaining this high .state f morale, the food procured must e prepared and served in n paln- nblc and appetizing form " Hi.s order n mended ft previous no ordering nn Improvement in army food handling method^ liat u'fts issued early in 191G. Ttie food service program will be nndleri by specially qualified offi- CTS and enlisted men, trained for heir jobs. A food service cp.recr plan s now being organized. In the meiimiinc, \'2 special rnt- ngs for enllslcri men seeking a ood service career plan is now A wrist radio, 21? by 2 by Inches, has been marie possibS through the development of "print ed" electronics circuits. I bring organized, > In the MU'iiiUime. 12 special rat- ' iti^.s for enlisted nu'n .seeking a .rioti -service: c^retr were outlined They arc: food servuic technician, mess stewart, assistant mess .stc- ward, first and second cook, food service apprentice, muster bilker, n:i.sity bakei 1 , Uiiker, master mcai cutter, meat cutler and fuoil service 1 Instructor. TUe top gndcs will have ranks : cqnlpalciu ui -sergeant, Each will 1 receive s]>ccial training Iti army schools. i The pio»iain cull for food *seiv: Ice supervisors ranging from a lieutenant colonel for a large overseas command to a major lor an army, captain for a corps and divi- ' sloi\. In general, Uie program culls for a mitjor to Miptrvisu the feeding i o[ 10,000 or more men; a captain I for 5,000 to 10,(JOO men and a first ! lieutenant far l.UOO to 5,000. These officers must have special training in food service supervision. The prog, nun calls for special , food service schools. The cnmrier- master genera 11 will be responsible for inspection o[ lotxi service fncl- litles throughout the army. ^m&rr^f'SF? IN BLYTHEVILLE ON JANUARY 27, 28, 29 AND 30 ARMY Surplus JACKETS FIFLD JACKETS Zipper O. D. Lined _ $2.45 DRAW STRING Jackets $3.45 Mackinaws CCC All Wool Nearly New Eisenhower Jackets Very, Very Good SPECIAL! Used Top Coats Civilian Coats in Excellent Condition 112 So. Lilly Si. HE WILL INTERVIEW AND HIRE MEN FOR "CATERPILLAR" JOBS For the convenience of mm in Hie Jjlytlievillc urea, a Caterpillar Tractor Co. representative \vill be at the Arkansas State Employment Service Office, l?:j South Second Street, on January 27, 28. 20 and 30, to interview i and hire applicants for "C'al- | crpillar" jobs in IVoria, Illinois. There are opcninirs for both skilled and unskilled. Beginning factory rates for ! jobs reiinirinjf no experience j range from $1.03 to Si.23 | |ier hour, riependinjr upon typo of job and shift. Skilled jobs pay proportionately more. Stop in and see the "Caterpillar" representative, lie will give you complete details. As a "Caterpillar" employee you'll enjoy: Good Pay • Opportunity to learn and Advance • Imployees' Retirement Plan • Voluntary Group Insurance and Surgical and Hospital- iiation Benefits • Complete Medical Program • Vacations with Pay • Hot lunches at low Cosl in Clean, Modern Cafeterias NOTE: Ajiplivanls who were bring service discharge papers plying. t a ao&ct ttface in armed forces must with llu'ni when ap- CATERPILLAR TRACTOR Co. PIORIA, ILLINOIS So It's An Auto HEATER You Want! Get one at this "HOT" price All nationally advertised hot water heaters $20 oo up PRECISION-MADE OLDSMOBILE PARTS Also— • RADIOS • CHAINS • TIRES • TUBES In Our Body Shop II you have body rrpitir work to lie done on your car, bnnp U to us. Red Lewis is now connected with our body shop and nil reputation for good work is widely recognized throughout this section. LEE MOTOR SALES Your OLDSMOBILE Dealer 307 East Main Street Phone 519 DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality lioilcr Work and Remodeling ;i Spec-hilly 110'/2 E. Davis St. Phone 4641 CAN WATER All) IN ARTHRITIS — RHEUMATISM? YES—If it's Mountain Valley Mineral Water, thc^ famous mineral water Iroin HOT SPRINGS. ARK.'' MOUNTAIN VALLEY — HELPS stimulate kidney action, eliminate wastes, so often the underlying cause of arthritis and rheumatism. Order A Case Today CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blyiheville, Ark. COME IN AND SEE THE NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY GROUND GRIP TIRE 25* Eat a Bonnce at Barney's" A Delicious Buttered Steak Sandwich BARNEY'S 2006 West Main Street Phone 3647 OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Hundreds of ficlrt tests prove Hie new Firestone Champion Ground Grip Tractor Tire cleans lip to 100 r r more effectively, pulls up to 62^ more. InsU up to 91 r r longer and cives a .smoother ride than uny other tractor tire. Xo brokct\ center tire can duplicate this prrforwancel | The greatest advancement in power farming since Firestone put the farm on rubber! The new, record-br*«kinp Firestone Champion Ground Grip tr»ctor 1ar«, engineered ami buik for maximum efficiency and serr- ic« on all surfaces, rnnpinp jfrom concrete to soft mini. The patented curved, Triple-Hrnced truclTon bars and » h*ig4U<>»ed tread •«»k« tiw tire nnc<iu*lle<i FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree-Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • 9kon& 3646a>ut2525 ATTENTION FARMERS! TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE New and Used l_iniS (New) Model SI Farnull 2—1!HS (New) Mortcl B FarmalLs l_l!t!6 il'M-tll Mode! B .Inlm Deere 1 —IH4" (Used) Model A John Decrc 1—l!)4fi (t;.sc<l> Model A .lohn Ilcere 1—1<!46 (I'sc-rtl Ford Tractor I—inu; ll'sccll Model r Allis-Chalmcrs Many, many others arriving each ivcck. We ean furnish almost any rriuipmenl nreclcMl. They are priced for quick •'sale. Icrifls can be arranged. Come in anil sec these before you buy! BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Coroner of Main al Franklin IMumc 20-'!7 Bud Wilson Jess Horner

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