The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1947 Transfer of State Funds is Blocked Chancellor Rules Against Plan to Aid Legislative Council LITTLE ROOIC. Ark., Aug. 13. (UP) —iTJic Pulaski Cluuicei-y Court yesterday ordered the State lionrd of 'Fiscal Control, the state treasurer and the state auditor to refrain from transferring some $9,023 from the governor's emergency fund to pay salaries and expenses of tlie newly-created State Legislative Council. In a far reaching decree, Special Oliancellor Guy Amslcr held that the expenditure undertaken in behalf of Hie legislative council by the fis:al control board was not nu- tlioriMd by the legislature. The decree, uncording to Assistant. Atly. Gm. Ike Murry. in effect held tlmt tlic 1315 law selling up functions of the fiscal control board is unconstitutional. Murry said the clecrcc would be appealed to the Arkansas Supreme court. •However, as Hie court is in recess until Sept. 15 a quick decision on the matter was not possible. Murry said lie would ask the court, to advance the case on its docket as a matter of public interest. IMcanwhilc the council Iras not mimed a research director or other employees, awaiting outcome of the suit. The suit was filed by James Mic- Krell. Little Rock radio evangelist alter tlic ficcal control board agreed to put up funds Tor operating the research body, The council was without funds after the 1947 Senate defeated its ar.propriation. In handing down his decree Chancellor •Amslcr read a previous Supreme Court decision in which tile court held that a sccilic appropriation by the legislature is an "absolute prerequisite" to such a transfer of funds. After the decree Murry asserted that "if this appropriation is not constitutional, I'll say that a iarge number ol the appropriations mads by tlie 1947 general assembly arc not legal." • And he added, "if this decree is v.phcld by the supreme court our entire theory of state government and system of making appropriations will 'have to be changed." Today's .suit was the last of three filed against various state agencies by Ma:Krell. Previously he had dismissed suits against the State Hospital lEoarcl and against, the State Education Department. NOTICE OF I'ROltATE OF WILL Notice is hereby given that the Last Will and Testament of Dan M. Dunkin was probated in common form by the Probate Court of the Chickasawba. District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on iVie 12lh day of August, 1M7. An appeal from such probate can be effected only by filing a petition, stixtiiig-lhe grounds of such ''appeal with this court, within .' six <fi) months from the date of this no- ajB (ARK.T COURIER Soviet-Controlled Hungarian Regime is Target for U.S. Blast Daily routine at the Memphis, Tenn., Collnn Exchange was interrupted wlien Arthur Bower, exchange secretary, brought the first bale of the 1947 crop into the "pit" and turned auctioneer lo sell it. lie coaxed the price up lo C5 cents a pound fnr the 495-pound bale, although the market price is only 3(> cents. Arkansas Man Aboard Plane Lost in Pacific LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Au«. 19. (UP)—Col. David Larr. 4), formerly of L'ttlc Rock, v:as amoiiB those who tliccl yesterday in llic crash of an Army ffl-17 bomber en mute from Tokyo to Pear] Harbor. He \v!is a member of a mission, headed by George C. -Atcheson, Jr.. winch was on its way lo Washington ;o discuss Ilic Japanese pence treaty. Atcheson is.listed as niiEsiiiR. Larr, a member/ of Gen. Douglas Mac-Arthur's staff since 19-12, was educated in .the schools of Little Rock, Kerr and Lonokc. He was a graduate of the United States (Military 'Academy at West Point and joined MacArthur in Washington. He is survived by his wife and two sons, who are in Ja- ipari. WASHINGTON'. Ads. 19. (UP) — Hie United Slates loo's another slap at a Soviet satellite today with » charge that the Communist-controlled llmigiirian Rovcrnmcnl is concUicUng a "wholesale ijlslrim- cliisctncnt" or noii-CommunlKi Voters. The obvious Intent of I lie p,ove;n- mcnl In depriving eligible voters of their rhjlit U> cast buttrts is to make cciUilu Ihe Communists get ecnlrol of (lie ne-.v legislature "rc- gardlcss of Ihe outcome of the balloting," Hie state department said. Hungary's national election is scheduled to be held An?. 31. sclden Cliapin. American minister t« Hungary, was inslfiKlcd lo seek :in interview with Hungarian Prime Minister. Lcscs Dmnyes lo urj-c him lo correct "electoral abuses." The State Department said It inn erstood the 'British minister would mnke u sim- ibr protest. Tlie U. S. covcniment's Jab at Ilunr:iiry c:imo soon niter the Slate Department hud chnrKed liniiianln, niKitliei- lialioii Unit falls wiDlin llio Suviet orbit, v.ilh HK|IH> "Iliinl det'i'i'e" !iK!>il.-i on pnUiicr.l prLs- to extract "confessions" from then'.." A stnte ncpartmcnt .""o!(csman, coinineiU!ti|> on ttiu s'.Uwtlon lu Romania »s reported .'-tinuiRli diplomatic chiinnels. obsrrvi'd tlial the incthotls behiK used in llimgury niid nomanlu were similar. / . The State Department snld llio reasons tslvcn tor' dlsfrnncliisliiB I voters in Hungary were "urotosnuc." j "Wtliwns of llio Jewish luith linvo been <!istn:iillfii.(l on Ihe nectisa- tlen )s'ral if "a\:iij ; - JCCM | t]nl ibers of [,„,„., a " ll: '.i(loii.s; old women, of of brl,,ii|"m- Cs: fl ' ct "'T «•<"•'">••». ^'''"^'^'l''l«Hmmsald;' ld<;<l •.: i no Cominunlsl nmini-emcnl of ."'>(,"»'<! UStS other p / PAGE H»B cb'iihuHt mroujj, !„.,,„„,.,, , b . iiunfM i !!' l> """ 1 lo lljsuro t»o Cnm- co lo ;"'-!' aiul lu «oll«bcmuor* crt-l, f 1C IK>W ^8i«lntiiro,rc-, *." nt " lp "" ( '-o"ie of the iwl- ^ine Belgian 5oy Scouts iMjn France Ml. .^o -Mur AIIR. l!l. (Ul>) UfiSTiun Hoy scouts were when two narrow ,;iuise operniliig near (lie world i'e i':iHip fille enisluM yes- tcrdny. Till- iirrltlen!, o'Tirrrcil' »-. "xvm 1 . leaders of »>nic « rmllons convened lo elect n new IntenViilloniil ccmmttlce lu Kiwm Inlernuthinal Seoul policy for llio next two years Col. Julm B. Wilson nnld the I conference, ivn.s partluulnrly Impou- iiiu sin™ H Is the llrst s'liico JOM anil many mv.v problems Imvo rui- crited ns it result of the war. Aiuuiii! Ihi-sc question.*, l!" . sl |i Is Hint "of scoutIIIK behind the Iron cm lam, Kx-nu ]i:i>Un>is i :1 i;,,.,-. many ,in,| <li M ii;i,-oil pi'r::ali.s •!!! •(•- liillon In sroiilln;.." "World .sc.nitnij'," he M\K|, "Imiks forward lo the time when It will be possible lo ;;i'rure and linve're- ('OBiilzmi a 1-fKtilnteil usMichillon of (ierman scouts. Scouts havi ora- dually started to yrow up in the Ilirro western Mnes of Otnuuny with the cooperation of the International bureau." lie said scouting "is now free uml diMftinlui'd In slay tree ol ptilltU-s but iiiifovtuiiiili'ly have reiH'icus- .sions on It." . • . Elizabeth 'Hlylhe '-'.>:.-;.,MI. Clerk of said. 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V/liaL <lo you thiiilc is tlic ','rcalesl iiivculion ever inatlcS 1 Ccrlainly c;ii;!i is ii)i|iortanl, ;unl ciicli luia contrihiilcd ^ciicrnujly lo our way of life. Uiil '(lie American public, in Dr. Gitllup's^rr.ccMt coaol-lo-i:i>;isL survey, vulml ckclrivily [lie most important invention of ail.- It's Iiiird-to iiii:iginc our (ypc of civilixaiion vilhout clcclricily. We depend on it for so many things— ill on;; homes—iu iniaiucas aud industry —in transportation and conuniiiiirnlioii. TIic on yourlicail — llii- food on your l::l>!::—-llie neWs-' paper on your door.-'lcp—your favorile radio show—each depends diterily on cicctrieity. ^'c! Anicrir.iu familirA spend just aotnil ]•' out of every hudgi-l doilai- for llieir electric eer- •\-icc.--I3eCittisc rleclricily <!or-< so nitieli f,,r so lilllc is, perhaps, I he main re.ison why Americans have voted it the most important invention of all lime; I.i!l<<n ,o ll,c Stlminrr Dlrrlrlr Hntir - Hrrni.ill. 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