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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 3

Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 3

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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WKDNBWPAT BTEMiyq. JAN. 16. 1S6T. TOWN AND COUNTIt Ser advertisement of a photographing es tablishment for sale in Shippensbnrg. IIornkr and Meilv advertise a sale of goods, to which we invite particular attention." Ucad their advertisement carefully. To br IIcno. John Clare, convicted of the murder of Henrr B. Grove, at Baltimore, has been sentenced to be hung. i 111 1 Advaxcb LonoE. A AJnM Lndir. No. regular meeting of will be held at their hall tills evening ii vi nut, muj ujoiu ber it particularly requested to be present, as business of the utmost importance to the Lodge will be transacted. Mount Vkrsok Hook and Ladder Com past. A regular stated meeting of the company will be held at their hall this evening, at 7 o'clock. A full attendance is desired, 09 business of importance to every member will be transacted. The Citiy.en Fire Company had an immense crowd at its ball, last night. Among the distinguished visitors present early in the evening, was Ilia Excellency, Gov. Geary. The hop, throughout, was a grand success. Thanks for Music. Yesterday afternoon our office was serenaded by the Chambers burg Silver Cornet Band. This is one of the oldest musical organizations in Pennsylvania, and, as we stated on a former occasion, is one of the very best in the State. We tender our thanks to the members for the excellent music discoursed at our door yesterday. Assault asd Battery. Two men, named Allen Ennis and Henry Shafer, were arrested, yesterday, as suspicious characters. After being placed in the lock up they beat a man named John Cain most horribly, blacking his eyes, and, cutting his face. The assailants were this morniug brought before the Mayor, and, in defuult of $400 each, were committed to prison to answer a charge of assault and battery. The I.VAUGURATiojr. The crowded state of our columns last evening prevented us irom noticing a business banner, which appeared on our streets yesterday, sent out by our indefatigable friend Keller, of Ilousefurnishiug fame. It was a "capital attracting great attention, affording much amusement, and proving the enterprising proprietor to be a business man of the "first water." He certainly dwenMsuccess Tnu Prize Fight. Wo learn that from UX0 to $8,000 was staked on the result of the priie fight that took place near Goldsbpro yesterday, and a purse of $1,000 was made in fnr thn viotnr. About fifteen hundred per 1 sons were present. The largest number of spectators present were from the borough of York. The Baltimore roughs "went through" the hotols and business houses, capturing everything they could lay their hands on, even the meat from the Dans on a stove in the kitchen of one of the taverns. They did not pay for anything. On the other hand, the New Yorkers paid for everything they Ahtained. It is saidthe Sheritt ana halt dozen men were on hand, but were unable to make any arrests. Collier had the advantage over Glade in many respects, which was nrobablv the cause of the result. Collier was taken to Goldsboro' two davsi before the fight. and was trained for the occasion. On the other hand, the New Yorker had beeu drug' gad considerably to reduce his weight, and bavin? missed the train here, he ana a few frianda nroceeded to Goldsboro' in a sleigh When near Marsh Run they were upset, and TLf filnrlA bh at.inpd serious iniurios. from which he suffered considerably. During the fight a cry of loul playwas raised by one ot the parties, and it is said that several hundred revolv ers were instantly drawn oy mo rongus present, all of whom were armed to tho teeth. At the close of the contest, after Collier had whipped his opponent, he magnanimously embraced him, and 'a spectator would have supposed the two to be good friends. FCRTIIER PARTICriAUS OF THE FIGHT, Fiist Hound. Collyer left his seat briskly, took position, and was promptly met by McGl.dU, the oponent eyed each other for a aad, ff.fter a little sparring, Collyer apparently retired from hia opponent, who tried to follow up, but was cheated by a slight 'blow on the body. Collyer was about following up hia advantage, when McGlado fell. Second Round. Collyer was first to time: lifter considerable sparring, McGlado got blow in tho face from his antagonist, and to avoid a repetition of it, he fell; first blood for Collyer, cried Considerable cheering from Collyer's friends. Third k'onnd. Collyer. again first to time: after some careful sparring Collyer got aheavy blow on McGludtfs face, and in return received a Blight touch (com McGlade the lat ter knocked uown neavuy; vnes oi ursi knock down for Collyer. Fourth Hound. Collyer again first. McGlade came up smiling, but evidently ill at ease, backing towards his eorner, followed promptly by Collyer, when, after' one or two blows, McGlade again fell. Fifth Round. Dj this time it became apparent that the niatoh wan a soft one. Collyer advanced triumphantly to McGlnde's corner, and there attacked him, adding to the latter' already disfigured face. McGlade tried to appear unconcerned, but was evidently afraid to fuco the music, and when (Collvar struck he again fell. Stvih Hound Collyer went promptly to McG lade's eorner, but received a stunner in the body, and Cell for the first time. The men followed each other up with spirit during this round, and one or two good face blows wore given and received. gesenth Hound CciUyer first to time McGUdegotin a heavy Mow on Collyer's the latter fell heavily. Great jby McGlade's friends, and cries of "Keep it up," go Ac. Aighth Hound Collyer first again heavy blows given, and McGladd down, after being pursued by Collyer. Neither of the men appeared much injured yet. Hound. McGlade fell as Collyer advanced, but the latter did not strike. Tenth Hound. After sparring around the Thf CoUyer got in two blows, and McGlade felt a Hound. McGlade made several desperate tempts to h(t Collver, but the latter displayed greii AiUfaf odg Twelfth Round. Collyer received oneblow in the breast and thC.u went in and McGlade went down. Thirteenth Round. McClae mi88? Culver, when the men closed an several heavy lace hits were given and receivea, Glade went down. Great cheorine for v. 9nyr Fourteenth Hound: tMcGlade red up, but was careful a blow fwtn Collyer sau Fifteenth Hound. Collyer received aheavy blow in the breast from McGlade, but the latter went down, looking woeful, and with nose nnd face bleeding. Sixteenth Round. Collyer had everything his own way, and McGlade was again knocked down. Seventeenth Round. McGlade fell trying to hit Collyer, the latter displaying his usual agility in avoiding blows. McGlade terribly punished, and his case hopeless. Eighteenth Round. McGlade again missed Collyer and received a heavy blow in tho breast. McGlade again down, Collyer falling On him. Nineteenth Round. McGlade backed from Collyer and fell, after a feint from his opponent. The different rounds from the nineteenth to the thirty second were all against McGlade, and did not vary much from those above described. At tho close of the thirty secoud McGlade attain fell heavily, after receiving a blow from Collyer. During the round great excitement prevailed, and an impromptu fiirht took place between theJHends of the opposing parties, the JrTenas of McGlade videntlv trvinc to Jtfeak un the fieht, in order to save the bets." Tho rounds from the thirty second to the forty seventh were without materia', chango in the relative positions of the cnabatanta, McGlade getting the worst of erh round, and falling on the Erst ap rvroach of his antagonist. At the conclusion of this round his friends thrnw un the snonee not because he was so his was port Col. ing, as All ii ful in oft of a dreactully Beaten as to oe unaDie to come io time, but because it was evident that it was useless to prolong the contest of the two combatants. Collyer was the least injured, his bruises being on the body, while the injuries ef McGlade were on both tho face and body. At the close of the t5lt both men were taken in carriages to Goldsboro, and the Baltimore ms and New Torkers separated for their re ispewivt Goxi. Tke Good Will Fire Company of Philadelphia left Harrisburg this morning, for Reading, where the men will remain until to morrow. During their say here, the Good Will boys were the "admired of all admirers." and by their excellent deportment' won the respect of our citizens generally. Attempt to Rob a Store. About nine o'clock last evening the jewelry store of C. A. Aughinbaugh was entered by a rascal who is supposed to have been intent on committing a robbery. Fortunately for Mr. dog escaped from the store when the thief entered, and gave the alarm, and an attempt made to capture the villain, but he escaped. He however failed to secure any plunder. Germans iS the Procession. In our re of the procession, yesterday, we unintentionally omitted to mention a delegation from the German Union club and German Union League of Philadelphia, headed by Frishmuth. They occupied a place in. Gen. Owen's division. This forenoon the delegation visited Gov. Geary to tender him their congratulations. The Fakir of Vishxu opens his mysterious budget in Brant's Hall, this evening, and will give six entertainments there. The Fakir is said to be a wondertul man, pertorming teats that astonish the beholder, and as he distributes one hundred and fifty gifts each even we expect to see Bract mil densely crowded each night. No jewelry will be given away, but a great variety of valuable and useful articles will be presented to visitors. Personal. Mr. J. V. Sherry, of the New York Theatre, was in this city yesterday, making arrangements for his series of entertainments to be given in Brant's new hall, next week. The company is the largest now traveling, and embraces twenty two first class artists, together with a full silver cornet band. We can assure theatre goers ana all lovers ot amusement that Mr. Sherry will present great attractions during the coming week, and such win merit me patronage oi me puouc. ua Monday evening next, the season win open with the beautiful drama of The Little Bare foot. There is a grand cast of characters. who have witnessed "lancnon, the ctick et," should be sure to see its companion piece, 'ha l.ittl Karetnnt. Serenade to General Cameron. The Carlisle (Regular army) band, under command of Brevet Brig. Gen. Grier, of the Recular army, tendered a number of delight serenades on the evening of yesterday Inauguration day. Alter paying tneir re spects to Governor Geary, the band proceeded to tho residence of General Cameron, the member elect to the United States Senate from Pennsylvania, whom they honored with several patriotic airs. The General appeared the door way and briefly acknowledged the compliment he had received, reiterating his expressed interest and pride in the high discipline and well known efficiency of that model branch ol the public service, the tteguiar army, tie intimated that in the place to which he was now going he might be tound service to tho Regular army in several par ticulars, and that under all circumstances its men and its officers, from the humblest in the ranks to the most potential would find in himself a consistent and persistent friend. The band then gave nine cheers for the General, and having discoursed the Red White and Blue, quietly withdrew. Correspondence of the Tclesbaph. LETTER FROM TORE. the brutal prize ioiit AT GOLDSBORO, YORK COUNTY gov. swann's "pets" on hand 8AM COLTER'S FRIENDS A SET OF BALTIMORE PLUG UOLIES, THIEVES AND PICK POCKETS OUTRAGEOUS CONDUCT OF THE TLUOS EN ROUTE FROM BALTIMORE TO GOLDSBORO SIX OR SEVEN PASSENGERS ROBBED FREE USE OF WHISKEY, PISTOLS AND BLASPHEMOUS LANGUAGE A RAILWAY CONDUCTOR ABUSED AND THREATENED AN OLD MAN EMIGRATING TO THE WEST WITH HIS FAMILY ROBBED OF ALL INEFFICIENCY OF THE YORK COUNTY AUTHORITIES ARRIVAL OF THIEVES AND PICK POCKETS FROM NEW YORK, THE FRIENDS OF THE FIGHT COMES OFF AT THE I LAN OPPOSITE GOLDSBORO CITIZENS OF HARRISBURG AND YORK CLAIMIXOTO BE RE SPECTABLE OV HAND WHERE "CARRION IS FOUND BUZZARDS ASSEMBLE," AC, AC. York. Pa. Jan. 15. 18C7. Editor Tele graph Sir: It haying been announced that prize fight was to come off at MarysFille, Perry county on Inauguration day, the law and order loving people throughout the State anxiously looked to the'proper authorities to squel ch the proceedings. So far as relates to the measures tasen by the authorities of little Perry the affair was stopped. Not so, however, with regard to the powers that be in Democratic old York. They either slyly winked at the matter or were afraid to do their duty. So self reliant were the muscular" individuals from "Maryland, my Maryland," that they could do as they pleased in the Democratic atmosphere of York county, that they shipped Sam. Colyer, the prize fighter the "rooster" of the Baltimore plugs to Goldbboro as early as Sunday night. He was accompanied by four or five notorious scoundrels, hidden away among the passengers. Governor Swann's efficient(?) police force knew of his mission, yet made no arrest. On Monday about eighty to one hundred of the worst characters to be lound in Baltimore thieves, pick pockets, peni tentiary convicts, scoundrels of all grades took the 7:20 train, all armed with revolvers and whisky, and got off at uoldsboro. IN less than seven passengers were relieved of their wallets five between Baltimore and York, and two between York and Goldsboro'. One old roan, on his way to the West with his tamily emigrant passengers had his wallet cut out of his pocket, and lost all (or nearly fifty dollars) of his funds. The conductor in charge of the night accommodation train, George Dunn, was struck several times, and his are threatened lor jnteriermg ana rescuing the old gray haired man irom among the bloody villains add placing him in another car. So bold and damnaDie oecame tne pirates that after robbing passengers they rushed out upon the platforms, and openly and above board divided the sdoub. a leeiing ot re lief cameover the passengers when the horde of unhung villains leu the train at ooidsooro. Among the select party from the Monumental City was "Boney" Lee, M'Lane, "Vic." La Roche, nd hi pink of a brother, White, Bussard and Ooiburn the latter claiming some pretensions to Jistiana accom nhshments. together with a host ot tneir "nnln we pals," well known in the annals of crime nd infamy. About the party that accompanied Mr. M'Leod hither from New York, I know nothing, save that passengers to the nuinber of twelve or thirteen were robbed on the same train on which they came to Harris burg. The Buffalo Express south, brought most oi mo new uibuijjicb iuuuiusuuiu. Thn rnndurtnr on this train verv wisely noti fied the passengers to be on the look out, and secure their valuables, and the "roughs" were forced into cars by themselves as much ts nnaaihl. before lftvincr Harrisburer. Now, Mr. Editor, as a public journalist, I ask vou. in the name of common decency and humanity, why are these things permitted in a civilized country Is it because they can't he prevented By no means. If the "Vigi Uti. committee' ot San rancisco, van forma: vears ago, had not taken into its own hands th punishment of despe radoes, by and expulsion from the citv. whv. the i himself not have wWWr.r.d thn of the vamrjvres mix ed with the population Vat nourishing and wealthy city, the capital ot v.e Uoldeti btate. The Sheriff ot lorK county fhA Runcrintendent of the N. C. h.Ov )T prominent citizen of York, and the Mayor oi xiarnsDurg. iuw iuo uisiv attair would come on. ouiu no uu stopped the entire party from Baltimore, msi night, by a company of armed men say the old members ot the 87tn regiment uu ni rosted the entire crowd on tho Jrain, on a charge of picking pockets Instead of fcc.Ung Eromptly, he waited until tno unseasonaow our of 8 o'clock, a. mm Tuesday, then telegraphed to the Mayor of Harrisburg for military forces, when they were not to be had. From what I know of the character of Mayw Edwards, I am convinced that he would have famished assistance promptly, at the right time. All I have to say id regard to this" matter is, that Jesse Engle, the Sheriff of York county, either did not wish to interfere, or that he is incompetent to perform the duties involved in an extraordinary emergency like the one referred to. My friends and self members of the old 87th would have willingly helped to capture this rebel element, at tho point of the bayonet but we were not asked to do so 1 It looks very much like the spirit manifested by the York authorities on the occasion of the great Geary mass meeting last October. Of the particulars of the disgusting affair on the field at Goldaboro, I know nothing but in conclusion would only sav that the ''fa9t young men from York and Harrisburg who attended this hitrhlv interesting niece of brutal amusement ought to be classed in the same category as the brutal prize tighter anu his intamous aiders and abettors. 1 ork. tions for the Mr. but any best of D. His and in the ert feet Mr. of Mr. in 1 iUW to on 'of H. has in to we to it. be C. as on A Serenade. We are nnder many obliga to the members of the Huntingdon Band the delightful music at the residence of proprietor of the Telegraph. They were accompanied by their worthy Representative, Wharton." We learn that the band was recently organized, yet they were equal to of the oldest bands in the line of procession yesterday. Their instruments are of the class, and we wish them all a long life of happiness. Complimentary. On Tuesday the House Representatives, bv unanimous consent, extended theuse of their Hall, on next Thursday evening, to Gen. Pierce, of Washington, for the delivery of his patriotic lecture, entitled, "Our Age of Heroism IU 1 cach ings." (jeneral rierce is known as naving rendered very effective service in the late campaign lor the election ot uen. ueary. reputation as an eloquent spenicer win insure him an appreciative audience of ladies gentlemen, who will doubtless not be dis appointed. Pennsylvania Fruit Growkp.s' Society. This society met this morning at 10 o'clock, the orphans' court room in the court house. This is the annual meeting of the so ciety, and there is a very good attendance of members. The officers are, D. Gross, President; H.Shellenberger, Secretary; Rob Otta, of West Chester, Treasurer. The proceedings of this society are of very great interest to every man, because all are, or ought to be, consumers of fruit. We can here learn how to plant trees and vines, and every man that has a space of ground three bv four can have a grape vine or fruit tree. All are invited to attend and become members, or exhibit such fruits as they may have. The society will be in session for several days. A Pick pocket Captured. Yesterday as John D. Williams and family, were in front a patent medicine stand in Market Square, W. observed an individnal place his hand the pocket of his (Williams') mother in HT WnKon.a of 4H i .1, oil i fi ii ii atniivo. i) in icino i siezed the would be pick pocket and took him the Mayor's office, and he was committed until this morning, when a final hearing was had. Mrs. Watkinsdentified the man as the individual who had attempted to rob her. He gave his name as John Butler, and asserted that he has been in this country but a short time, having arrived from England four months ago. It is believed, however, that he was before the Mayor of Harrisburg eighteen months since, on a charge of being concerned in the theft of a watch. He states that he i3 now a resident of Philadelphia, and was, yesterday, his way to Goldsboro', to witness the prize fight, butmissed the train at this point. Mayor Edwards committed him to answer, in default $1,000 bail. The Lecture To morrow Night. Gen. A. Pierce, of the District of Columbia, will deliver a lecture to morrow night, in the hall of the House of Representatives, which been tendered him for that purpose. His subject "Our Age of Heroism' a most ap Eropriate theme for the present time will, we ave no doubt, be handled in a masterly manner. Gen. Pierce has done good service in several campaigns, having spoken effectively New Jersey, Delaware, Maine, and in our Commonwealth, during the last canvass. He has won a good many laurels in his efforts elsewhere, and! we bespeak for him a full house morrow night. The General is a man of fine presence, an easy, graceful and forcible speaker, a chaste and beautiful writer, and have no hesitation in saying that the lec ture will be a rich and rare intellectual treat all who may be fortunate enough to hear Let there be a full house, and a generous and cordial greeting to him. The lecture will free and all are earnestly invited (and especially the ladies) to be present. Burglary. Last night the room of Mr. M'Alarney, in the Bolton House, was burglariously entered and a pocket book con tainiag $150 belonging to Mr. M'A. stolen therefrom. This morning Mr. Bolton visited the Mayor's office, and gave such information subsequently led to the arrest, at the depot, of two men who reported their names as M. H. Moore and Charles M. Vallier. The latter had stopped at the Bolton House. As the officers were bringing the men from the depot, Moore dropped a pair of "nippers" the pavement. Mr. W. O. Hickok hap pened to pass at tne time, ana noticing tnis immediately informed the policemen of the fact. When, brought before the Mayor the villains were searched. In the pocket of Vallier $52 10 was found, and subsequently officer Hippie discovered $60 in the waistband of pantaloons. The Mayor held the accused in the sum of $2,000 each, to appear at court, and answer a charge of burglary. Being unable to give the required security, they were sent to prison. The nippers dropped by Moore are of peculiar construction, and calculated to turn any key that might be left in the lock of a door." Mayor's Court. In addition to the parties noticed elsewhere, the following persons were before His Honor since our last report W. Rinebaker, drunk, became so disorderly in the lock up that he had to be committed to prison. John eaver, vagrant, wa3 committed lor twenty four hours. Joseph Aiassey, drunk and aisorcreriy, was discharged. Arthur Jlenrv. supposed to belong to the gang of prize fighters, proved his innocence ot the charge, and was discharged, Joseph McUourt, drunk and disorderly, was discharged. John Walter and llehry Edmunds, lodgers, were "discharged. tieorge West and Mary Ann West, revoiV' ing vacrauts. were committed for ten days. uananer, aruiiK, nau 10 ue cume to the lock up bv three men. At the hearing this niorning h.3 promised to leave the city immediatelv it the Mavoi vouia msctiaree him, and said he would never trouble His Honor again. Upon being permitted to travel, he informed the Mayor that he 'J would treat him if he ever visited Pottsville." Walter Crawford, drunk, was discharged upon payment of costs. Samuel Danner, an old grey headed man, and Geortre Danner. his son. both of Cum berland county, were arraigned together, this morning, on a charge of drunkenness. They acknowledged the corn, and upon payment of costs were discharged, Ax Attempt to be smart. home one who does "un" the "items" for our scurril ous cotemporaVy across the way must have suffered terrible pain while inditing the "squib" headed, "Sunof Austerlitz." Vexed, doubtless, his own failure in life, the de tracter of eood men names gathers addi tional strength in belching forth his venom in bad Knglish and worse grammar. Ihe etrort to be smart was certainly, in this instance, a failure. Intellect and gentlemanly conduct are neither inherent nor acquired, andneyer flourish where "blackguards most do congregate." It is more than absurd to suppose, therefore, that the petty spite exhibi'ed by this "redoubtable" itemizer could elicit aught else but contempt. A wit is not necessarily a buffoon, but a clown is always a scabby character. To defame the living by comparison with the dead was not only unfortunate but infamously impious. Snyder, Hiester, Wolf and Shunk were of good name and fame, in private and public lite. It any, or all," were accused of "short comings" in their day, it is criminal to disturb the graves which hold their relnains. The "eood is buried with the dead, but the evil lives after them," and as demonstrative fact we have for proof uic smart wotu py this ogre tnis monster who delights to butcher chara vari all that ennobles the living and dead ot humanity honorable manhood s' AO night. We trust none of our readers will fail to attend the rich intellectual feast to be served up in Brant's New Hall to night, viz The entertainment of John Smith Dye, his company of musicians. The hrst lecture iir. I've win be delivered, noon this occasion. it is iicautitullr iiius trated with paintings, and embraces an ac COltDC CI tne origin oi iue uuuiuu race, snow insr the early conceptions and plans of the Creator in relation to man, and his final an pearance on the earth. Also, a full explana tion of the true cause ot ditlerent complex ions amonar the human lamny snowinc why one portion is red, another white, and still another black, and vet all descendants from one common pair. The Lecturer will then Introduce to the andience Lottie Brown, the young Slave cirl from Wilmington, North Carolina daughter of Mrs. Brown, who was so atten lLo starving Union Soldiers at Camp 1 while Lottie, with sweet melodies, soothed their passage to the tomb. Mis3 Ara lena, the most beautiful nnd accomplished young Indian girl, and Mr. Ira D'Cliff, the Colored baritone, of Philadelphia, vlio will enliven the entertainment with a few choice songs. Gustavus M. Hazzard, of Philadelphia, the well known Colored pianist, will perform, way, 30th in the had the ing of had bvt The and his the all a are coming this Brant's Hall on and will pertorm in Wednesday and Thursday evenings, January and 3 1st. 1 i Harmonic Society. The concert to morrow evening by this society, is all the talk about town. We are glad to notice that our citizens are waking up to the fact that we have an institntion so worthv. and that has proved itself so competent to entertain as the Harmonic. They have taken especial pains the preparation of this concert, and it is rarely that we are afforded an opportunity to enjoy so hne a treat as their rendering oi tne "Song of the Bell" will undoubtedly be. Remember the place. Court House, time, Thursday evening, and do dot fail to attend. Those who have to attend meetings, cam have their seats secured, at Knoche's music store. Serenade to Gen. Geary. Brjgadier Gen. commanding Carlisle Barracks, with Major Hastings and other officers of the barracks, accompanied by the U. S. Band sta tioned there, serenaded Governor Geary at Jones House, last night. After the band ceased playing, Gov. Geary appeared on balcony in front of the hotel, and On be introduced by lien. Uner, the reception His Excellency jvas very enthusiastic. When the cheers subsided Gov. Geary said hat he was highly pleased with the compliment which had been paid him by the representatives of the regular army, with whom he been associated, not only in the late war in that with, Mexico, as well as during his services in California and the Western Terri tories. He paid a high compliment jo uen. Grier, whom he said he had met on many fields of danger, and whom he recognized as among the bravest ef the brave. He also referred to the fine appearance which the band, made on parade at the inauguration, and complimented its members for their efficiency. serenade he acknowledged as an honor, said his remembrance of it, as coming from men of the regular army, could no be effaced from his memory. After repeating thanks to all participating in the serenade, Governor retired amid great cheering. DU8IXE8S ITEMS. for the Holidays Just received, Citron, Lemons, Oranges, Currants, New Figs, Drie'd Fruits, Cranberries, Seedless Raisins, Layer Raisins, Yalentia Raisins, at N. R. BUCK'S, 305 Market street. Taffys, Mosey and other Candies, fresh at times, at WISE'S, College.Block Store, Third Street. janlO tf Winter SELLING OFF AT REDUCED PRICES, at the well known store of Mrs. J. A. MATHER, North Second street, above Locust. Janl2 d3t Cloaks and Sliawls. Ladies' Cloth and Beaver CLOAKS AND SHORT SACKS. Also, a lot of Single and Double Shawls, To be sold out without regard to cost, at MAX MAYER'S, Agent, No. 8 Market Square, (Next door to Felix's Confectionery Doctor Wiesthng's building). dell tt Extra Bounty; Colored Soldiers who have served THREE YEARS, and have not received any or more than $100 bounty, can have the same collected by taking their discharge papers to EUGENE SNYDER, tt Attorney at Law. Chocolate Caramels, of our own make, fresh every day. OHN lSE'S, janlO tt tioiieee ciock, inira street. Just Received An invoice of Smoking Tobacco, "Virginia choice," at HERMAN'S, College Block. jan4 tf Mattresses, Pillows and Bolsters Of all kinds, including the celebrated Cork 'having Mattresses. Also ttett springs to suit, and Bedsteads. Call and examine stock and prices, at the Popular l'nrniture Ware Rooms, corner of Second and Pine streets. deeS tt Selling Out Winter Goods All kinds of' Winter Dry Goods, such a FLANNELS, MERINOES, DELAINES, PANTALOONS bTUiJJb' tor men wear, are beins sold without regard to cost, at No. 8 Market Souare, one door south of Felix's. MAX MAYER, Agent. janl0 5t Furniture, Oil Cloths, MATTRESSES, WINDOW SHADES, LOOKING GLASSES, BEDSPR1NGS, A full assortment always on hand, at very low prices. YINGST Corner Second and Pine streets, de28 tf Harrisburg, Pa. r9 Gentlemen's Felt Hats cleaned and re shaped, in the latest styles, at Jennings' Bleaching and Pressing Establishment, sec ond, and Walnut streets, opU0 tf A Sure Cure. Gross' ointment is an in fallible remedy for TETTER, RINGWORM, BARBER'S HUH. and other sfcin diseases. Price $1 per bottle. Call and get a circular, containing testimonials, Address John a A ill Gross, Harris House, Harrisburg. del tf Clear Havana and Yara Segars, by the box or thousand, at HERMAN'S, College Block. jan4 tf How to Save Money, Goto Ennkel 211 Market street. and purchase your'Dry Gooda. They base a full selection and are selling at reduced prices. Remember the place. tf 211 Market street. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES! KUNKEL 211 MARKET STREET, Offer to the public eoods at reduced prices. consisting partly ot BLANKETS, DRESS GOODS AND SHAWLS, FURS OF ALL DESCRIPTION, READY MADE CLOAKS, In fact all goods in the dry goods line. Call and examine our stocK. janio tf For Bent Til hi BUiLiLUJNi iaieiy occupiea as a School House, at the corner of Raspberry and Cherry alleys. Possession given im mediately. Inauire at L. KOENIG Uor. Chestnut st. and itaspDerry jano lw' Go to Wise's. No. 2 College Block, Third street, and eet some of that Spanish Lream. or Sponge' Candy the best in the world for children. iJur own make. janiu tt Notice to Milliners of Harrisburo and Vicinity. J. C. Jennings having completed arraneements is now ready to alter and re shape all kinds of felt hats and bonnets into the latest stvles. Umce corner second and Walnut streets. octlO tf Navy, Congress, Spun Roll and Bright Tobacco, by the box or caddie, at HER MAN'S, College Block. jan4 tf J1JST RECEIVED AT DR. MARKLEY'S College Block Drug Store, No. 28 North Third Street, A choice variety of FANCY GOODS, Bukable for 1 CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. BOHEMIAN COLOGNE BOTTLES. A select assortment of FQREION AND DOMESTIC PERFUMKRY. EXTRACTS F0K THE HANDKERCHIEF, HAIR OILS AND POMADES, FANCY SOAPS, SUPERIOR COLOGNE AND JiAY RUJsJ. Call and exaraine. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. Sharplky's Minstrels is at we are the by of is The following are two of the verv many certificates received recommending Gardner's Cough Candy for the use for which it is intended: We have tried Gardner's Cough Candy. It excellent a superior article, and worth a trial. Rev. F. Fox, Late Pastor 2d Ger. Ref. Church, Harrisburg. Carlisle, March 26, 1866. I have used Mr. Gardner's Cough Candy, and find it a verv efficient cure for colds, sore "throat, hoarseness, and also for clearing the tnroat and giving a healthy tone to the voice. J. G. Hamblen, Dickinson College. The above' named Candy can be had at wholesale or retail, at JOHN WISE'S. janlO tf College Block: 100,000 Thousand Segars to Segars, at $12 CO per thousand and upwards, HERMAN'S, College Block. jan4 tf GREAT IXDrCEMEXTS A Rare Chance to Save Honey. CHEAP GOODS, GREAT BARGAINS. Having determined to remove to the West have concluded to close out our entire stock of Dry Goods at cost therefore, all those who wish to secure bargains, and thereby save money, will do well to cail, for we determined to close out. Our stock embraces everything that is usually kept in a Dry Goods store. N. B. Any person wishing to purchase a part of, or the entire stock, in order to secure stand, can do so upon favorable terms. The stand is one of the oldest and best in the city of Harrisburg. CHRONISTER RAFFENSBERGER, cor. Market street and Market Square, jani Pa. LIQHT EQUAL, TO OAS I PATENT GAS CONDENSING BURNERS Can be used oh any lamp and dispense entirely with chimneys. The flame produced these burners spreads out similar to that gas. The construction is such that the smoke is confined in a gas condensing chamber, and is wholly converted into flame. The burner does not depend directly upon the wick for its light, but burns the smoke which produced therefrom. No Trimming of Wick is Ever Required; And also a saving of thirty three per cent, less oil than chimney lamps produces a more brilliant light than any other burner in the market. County and township rights for sale by DANIEL A. MUENCH. Umce, Chestnut street whart, tlarnsburg, Penna. may7 tt 1 I would call the attention of members of the Legislature and strangers to my superior stock of Shirts on hand, made of the best Wamsutta and Williamsburg Muslins, "the cheapest and best made goods the city. Opposite the State Capitol Hotel, Walnut street, Harrisburg. tf Miss KATE RITNER. Fob Fire Insurance, Life Itrsurance or Accident Insurance, go to Sullivan S. Child, who is prepared to accommodate you with policies in the best companies in the country. SPECIAL NOTICES. THE MISERABLES MISGUIDED AND UNFORTUNATE YOUXO MEN. TCasarg of Warnine and Instruction for Tonne Men who have abased their physical wasted their substance in riotous living, and fallen victims to disease with reports on the Howard treatment and care. Sent ia sealed letter envel opes, free of charge. Address Dr. J. Sft.lljL.i i HOUHHT03J, Howard,,i miaaeinia, Pa. jamu uWJm ALLCOCK'S POBOFS PLASTERS. Allkstowx. Penn April 4, 1965. Messrs. T. Allcock Dear Sirs My daughter used one ot your Porous Plasters. She had a very bad pain in ner siae, ana it cared her in one weak. Yours truly, JOHN V. N. HTJNTEB. We refer to the Forty Thousand Drusrsrists who sell our Plasters, as to their high sterling char acter. ALLCOCK Agen. Brandreth House, New York. Sold by all dreggists. janS lmdaw BANKING MOUSE OF JAY COOKE Corner Wall Nassau Sts, New York. TN connection with our houses in Philadel phia and Washington, we have opened a NEW YORK HOUSE at above location, and offer oar services to Banks, Bankers and Investors for the transaction of their business in this city, including purchases and sales of Government Securities, Stocks, Bonds and Qold. We are constantly repre sented at the Stock Exchange and Qold Board, where orders sent us are promptly filled. We keep on hand a fall supply Government Securities of all Issues, Buying and selling at current prices, and allowing correspondents tho most liberal rates the market affords. may ll dwly I jax CUUKKSIU A PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE. The Cheapest Book Ever Published. Containing nearly three hundred pages and 130 fine plates and engravings, of the Anatomy of the Human Organs in a state of Health and Disease, with a treatise on early errors, its deplorable consequences upon the mind and body, with the author's plan of treatment the only rational and successful mode of cure, as shown by the report of oases treat ed. A truthful adviser to the married, and' those contemplating marriage, who entertain doubts of their physical condition. ent free of postage, to any address on receipt oi za oents in stamps or post age currency, by addressing DR. LA CROIX, No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. The author may be consulted upon any of the diseases upon which his book treats, either person ally or by mail, and medicines sent to any part of th world. dec20 dw6m A Cough, A Cold, or A Sore Throat, Requires immudiate attevtio.v, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. If allowed to costisue, IrrltMiqn pf tfce Permanent Throat lls ease, or Coninmption, IS OmX THE BKBULT. BROW BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAVIXO A DIRECT ISPL1 RNCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IlfXBDIATE R8LIK'. For Bronchitis, Astnma, con sumptive and Throat Diseases, TROCHES ARK USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD SUCCESS. SINGERS AND PUBLIC SPEAKERS will find Trochee useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving (h throat after an unusual exertion of the vocal or gans The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from em inent men throughout tne country. Being an arti clo of true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test of many years, each year finds them in new localities in various parts of the world, and the Trochee are universally pronounced better than other articles. Oetais only "Brown's Broschul and do not take any of the Imvtattane that may be offered. Sold everywhere decl d4w6m Colgate's Aromatic Vegetable Soap. A Superior Toilet Soap, prepared from refined Vegetable Oil in combination with Glycer ine, and especially designed for the use iAdlca and for the Nnrsory. Its perfume is exquisite. and its washing properties unrivalled. For sale by au druggists. febtMUwly FRIGHTFUL EXECUTION is done upon thousands of grey by endeavor ing to darken thorn with metallic dyes that Scorch and Blast the fibres from tip to root. 3Avoid these horrible IISFIGrttIXG AGENTS, and only the great toilet staple of America, CRISTADORO'S EXCELSIOR DYE, which not only instantaneously produces all shades of black and brown, but alto nourushes.strengthQns and beautifies the Manufactured by CRIs TADORO. 6 Astor New York. Sold by Druggists. Applied by all Hair Dressers. jar.8 dawlm Katolielov's II air Dye! This splendid ITair Dye is the best in the world. TbA nnlv true an, I n.rf.i jr Harmless. RelinklA Instantaneous No disappointment. ridiculous tints. Natural Blank or Brown. Remedies the 11 effacta of ttid Vyfe. Invigorates the hair, leaving St snfr nn.i honntiflll. The KenUlUB is fieneH Wil. liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere and should be avoided. Sold by all Druegiata and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. TwT dly :iiT.iHiuiiiiia or by CTETar ADTERTISEJIEITTS. 1 ,1867, Fashion? Demand J. W. BllADLErS CELEB R'A'TE DUPLEX ELLIPTIC (Or Double Spring) SKIRTS. fTIHEY will not BEND or BREAK like the Single Springs, but will PRESERVE their PERFECT and GRACEFUL SHAPE, where three four ordinary skirts are THROWN ASIDE as USELESS. They are the most ELASTIC, FLEXIBLE andDURABLE SKIRT MANUFACTURED. They COMBINE Comfort. Durability and Economy with that ELEGANCE of SHAPE which has made the DUPLEX ELLIPTIC" the OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. This Popular Skirt is universally recommended the Fashion Magazines and opinions of the press generally. We are also exclusive manufactarers of the new "DUPLEX JOINTED SKIRT HOOK." At Wholesale, by the Exclusive Manufacturers and Sole Owners or the latent. WESTS, BRADLEY CARY, WARE ROOMS AND OFFICE," Nog. 97 Chambers, and 79 and 81 Read N.York. J. W. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic KKirt. For eleganoe, comfort and economy, the "Duplex Skirt" is unequalled. New styles in "Empress Trail." "Pride the World" and "Paris Trail." Also, Childs' Misses' and Young Ladies' Duplex, in ail tne diaerent styles, just received. D. EPPLBY CC 12 Market Soknrs. (tws doors alio ye the Harrisburg Bank) HARRISBURG. PA. J. W. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic bKiri. The most graceful, durable and pleasant Skirt ever invented they are perleotion in Crino line. IS ew styles in the tar famed Pride or the World," "Paris Trail." and Extra Wide Tapes. Duplex Elliptic? Skirts; also. Misses' and Young Ladies uuplex, tor sale by a. jr. JHKAAJJX, "Southwest corner of Second and Walnut sts HARRISBURG. PA. J. W. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic SKirt. Tbev are the lightest, most flexible and most stylish Skirt made superior to all others, flew styles in tnnse celebrated impress Trail, raae of the World." and "Paris Trail" Duplex Elliptio Skirts, just to hand; also. Misses' and loung La dies' Duplex. C. L. BOWMAN, no. i Koutneast cor. ot ront ana marxei UAKULSBUKG. PA. To aiminsfc he articular to notice that Skirts offered as "Dcfi.kx" have the red ink stamp, vi I J. W. BB1DLBT a I DUM.KX ELLIPTIC I 8TKL SPRINGS 1 upon the Waistbands. Also, notice that every hoop will aamit ot a ptn oetng paused tnrougn tne centre, thus revealing or proving that there are tVo Springs (or Duplex) braided together therein, which is the skchkt of their flexibility and strength, a combina tion not to be fauna tn any other elin. Uamsourg, uct. 184 oeU9 REDUCTION IN PRICE OF THE AMERICAN WATCHES, Itfade at Waltbam, Mass. IN consequence of the recent great improvements in our facilities for manufacturing, we have reduced oar prices to as low a point as they be placed With Gold at Par, So that no one need hesitate to buy a watch ow from the expectation that it will be cheaper at some future time. The test of ten yean and the manu facture and sale of More than 200,000 Watches Have given our productions the very highest rank among time keepers. Commencing with the deter mination to make only thoroughly excellent watches, our business has steadily increased as the public became acquainted with their value, until for months together, we have been unable to supply the demand. We have repeatedly enlarged our'l factory buildings until they now, cover over three acres of ground, and give accommodation to more than eight hundred workmen. i We are fully justified in stating that we now make MORE THAN ONE HALF OF ALL 'THE WATCHES SOLD IN THE UNITED STATES. The different grades are' distinguished by the fol lowing trade marks on the plate 1. "American Watch Waltham, Mass. i 2. "Appleton, Tracy A Waltham, Mass. 3. S. Bartlett." Waltham. Mass. 4. "Wm 5. OUR LADIES' WATCH, of first quality named "Appleton. Tracy Waltham, Mas 6. Our next quality of Ladies' Watoh is named P. S. Bartlett," Waltham, Mail. These Watch are furnished in a great variety of sixes and styles of eases. t3 The American Watch of Waltham, authorise us to state that without distinotion of trade marks or price, ALL THE PRODUCTS Of THEIR FACTORY ARE FULLY WARRANTED To be the best time keepers of their class ever made in this or any other country. Buyers should re member that unlike the guarante8 of foreign maker who can never be reached, th guarantee is good at all times against the Company or their agents, and that If after the most thorough trial, any watch should prove defective in any particular it may always be exchanged for another. As the American Watches made at Waltham, are for sale by dealers generally throughout the country, we (To not solicit orders tor single watones. CAUTION. The publio are cautioned to buy only oY respectable dealers. All persons selling counterfeits will be proseouted. ROBBINS ft APPLETON, Agents for the American Watch Company. 182 Broadway. IN. X. sspn aaweom ynlijnle teal Estate fVkr rTIHE undersigned offer? he following valu able real estate for sale, on reasonable terms: VFne iwti swiry xiriou iwciiiok uuu, nmnvo uu Third street. fev doors below Market. Price n. II 1 1 1 i nnn Une IWO SiOiy trame iiweiiing uuuse, uu jru TT in front Said bouse is fitted up in the best style, situate on Second street, near South street. Price One two story Frame Dwelling House, situate on Sixth street, near Walnut. Price $2,400. One Lot of Oround. 20 leetlront by 210 leet oeep. situate on Pennsylvania Avenue, above Keuy st. Pri Two Lots of Ground. 20 feet front by 110 feet deep, situate on Cumberland street, nenrKiugetloan iota rrice Three Lots nt wrnnnrl. wh VII tpnt front, on Road (6th street) by 190 feet deep to Montgomery btreet. Price $1,000 each. All information desired will be given at my office. Walnut street, opposite State Hotel. SCLLIVAJN S. vmuv. jano dtf Qenerai xnauraucg ngem. Special Attention Is asked to the large assortment of FAMILY BIBLE Comprising all sites, styles of binding, and prices. The present stocu nas Deen printed iiom new type, and are euul in appearance and quality to the best Oxford editions. They contain numerous fine Eng lish teel lino engravings, anew and beautitul family Rec rd, the Apoohrypha, Concordance and Psalms, and are to contain sixteen Family Photograph Portraits. They are a most desirable ana nanasome article tor 1 CHRISTMAS GIFT, And none can be nicsr? i ppropriate. Special atten tion is therefore called to thorn for that purpose. Call and tee tham, at BERGNER'S BOOK STORE. y2ft Market ftreet. A FEW more of those desirable Lots for anli. nnnnaitn W. IlnrTer's steam mi'l. be low the city. Price, from $125 to $175 each. Terms nuav TnniilfAfif J. ftilril. ianS Keystone Farm an A Nursery. CHOICE FAMILY FLOUR, at Vj nuv28 J. SH1SLER 4 TiPvIED PEACHES, APPLES AND Cherries, at EQYER KERPER'S. for P. SELLER'S H0USEFUBNISHIN6 DEPARTMENT. GOODS SUITED TO THE SEASON. HAJtBISBURG, DECEHBEH SOtb, 1866. THERE is do more desirable present to a motfeer than the COMBINATION CRADLE, BABl TKNUER, BABY WALKER, BABY JUMPER AND CARRIAGE, sale cheap at KELLER'S HOUSEFURMSHING DEPOT, dec29 Second and Walnut streets. "WAIT for the BEST. "YE will publish a work by HON. ALEXANDER H. STEPHENS, OF ENTITLED "A HI'TOKY OF THE WAR BETWERN THE STATES TKACIINW ITS OlttUlN. CAUSES AND RESULTS." Mr. Rtmihena' name is a mffiaient raarantea that thii mill be the Standard, Biitory ot the lata war. and all who desire the most reliable and complete work should await its issue. NATIONAL FUBLISHIMU No. 607 Minor street, Philadelphia, Pa. jan5 d2ww2t MASON HAMLIN'S CELEBRATED CABWET ORGANS, AT W.IOnTOOBCE'S 93 Market Street, Wholesale and Retail Agent FOR CENTRAL rJ31VVA. apll ly LEA PERRINS' CELEBRATED WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. PRONOUNCED BY EXTRACT of a Letter from Connoisseurs TO BS TBS MEDICAL GEN TLEMAN at MAD KAS. to his Brother at WORCESTER. Only Good Sauce May. tsoi. Tell LEA PER ASD APPLICABLE TO RINS that their SAUCE 13 highly es Every wrl teemed in India, and is. in my omnion. the most palatable as well as the most DISH. jBj2jthat is made." wholesome eiuoi The success of this most delicious and unrivalled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the Public is reeptptfulU and earnestly requested to see that the names of Lea it Psbbikb a upon the WRAPPER. LABEL, STOPPER and Jtfannfaotured by LEA A PERRINS, Worcester. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, NEW YORK. AGENTS, For the United States. oe 16 dlyin HUMPHREYS' HOMOEOPATHIC SPECIFICS, HAVE PROVED, FROM THE MOST amole exneriesce. an extira success: SimDle Prompt Efficient, and Reliable. They are the only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular use so sim bunk uduua cannot oe maae in using uiem; jrmlesi as to be free from danger, and so efficient to be alwava reliable. Thev have raised the highest commendation from all, and will always render satisfaction. Ueats. No. 1 Cures revere, Congestion, Innamma tiona. Wrma, Worm Fever. Worm Colio, Crying Colic, or Teothing of in fanta. Diarsrnosa of children or adults. Dysentery, Griping, Bilious Colio, Cholera MorbuB.N&usea.Voni 3 5 1 Mr 11 12 13 ,14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 26 27 itine 25 Consrns, Colds, Bronchitis, 25 Faceache, 25 ileadacne, er tigo, 25 Dyspepsia. Bilious Stomach. 25 Suppressed, or painful Periods, 25 Whites, too profuse Periods, 25 Breathing, 25 Halt Raenm, Erysipelas. JSruD tions. 25 25 lever ana Acne. Chill Fever. Agues, 50 Piles, blind or bleeding, 50 ODBtnalmy. and sore or weak Eyes, 50 Catarrn. acute or chronic. Influ ents, 50 hoAnlnir.rflne'b. violent Coughs, 50 AstbtwL oppressed Breathing, 50 EarDiaehnrsres.imnairedUear ing, 60 8erofnIa.enlareed ulands.awell ings. 50 OeneralDebilitv.PnvsicalWeak ness. 50 Dropsy, and scanty Secretions, 50 RinknesR from riding, 50 Kidney Disease, Gravel, 50 Nervous Debility, Seminal Emissions, involuntary Dis charges, 1.00 Sore Month, Canker, 50 29 30 31 32 33 34 i Urinary Incontinence, wet ting bed, 50 Painful Perious. even with Spasms, 50 Sufferings at change of life, 1.00 Enilensy. Snaams. St. Vitus' Dance, 1.00 50 FAMILY CASES. 35 vials, mfirocco case and book, 20 1 ante vials, in morocco, and book. 10 00 6 00 20 large vials, plain ease, and bpok, 15 boxes (Nos. 1 to 15). and book. 5 00 3 00 VETERINARY SPECIFICS. Mahogany oases. 10 Vials, Sinirlft vials, with directions. $10 00 1 These nemeaies. ny tne case or single doz. are sent to apy part of the country, by Mail or Ex HOMCEOPATHIC MEDICINE COMPANY, Omoe and Depot, flo. Ota new ore. iir Hnmnrirevi is oonsuitea aaiiv avnis omee personally or oy leiier, aa aoove, lor an ioinu oi Jforsale. in uarrisDirrg, Dy uean, no, jones Row. feb22 eodly EXTENSIVE MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT I Ho. 804 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. MADAMOISELLE KEOGH, MILLINER DE PAH IS, TTAV1NG rebuilt and greatly enlarged her XX nlace of business, has now on Hand an entire new assortment of the very best styles of FRENCH MIIXIXERY. I Through her numerous agents in Paris, she is en I abled to present, in advance of other establishment the very latest European styles in Bonnets, Head Dresses, Caps, Feathers, Aiio bons, Frames, etc. TBS SALES ROOMS A stocked witn the choicest gnods. and those sending orders can be accommodated at the shortest notice. THE MOURNING DEPARTMENT Ta thnrouehiy organised, and has been made speciality in the establishment. THE WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT Offers great inducements to milliners, who can any ume do lurnisneq witn pattern nonnets ei very latest styles, prior to the beir being exposed retail N. 1'rern'h, Enrlish, and Uerman iken. novl deodem inside Writing Made a Pleasure! PERFECTION IN FENS ATTAINED! S. II. Sieg, 6 College Block, Third street, HAS the satisfaction of presenting to the public a series of STEEL PENS which are made of the same steel that has given tmch a repu tation to Uillott pens. Special attention has been riven to the finish of the points and it ia believed that a great objection to steel pens has been over coine on tnese. SIEG'S STATE CAPITOL PEN. A new nattern. desiened to trive to the steel nen the flexibility of the quill and adapt it' especially tor rapid writing and tor making permanent re cords. SIEG'S BANK PEN. For mercantile use. Point of medium firmness. SIEG'S EXTRA FINE SCHOOL PEN. A verv fine nointed nen. which will enable scholars to make some progress in imitaion ofthe fins Anifa nnri srt riionnnrfteinir to Turlls. This pen is warranted equal to "Gil lot '9 3tttf'and less liable to corrode. For sale at retail and tn dealers, at fi H.KIEG'S.fiCnlleffe U0.8 Third street. Harrisburg. I 1 at at BRANT'S NEW. HALL. TWO NIGHTS ONLY. Wedneadajr itndThnrMlny Jan uary avid ana hiu. OVERFLOWING HOUSES everywhere eet this novel, instructive and delightful en tninment. affording a rare opportunity for intellec tual culture and musical JOHN SMITH DYE will deliver two illustrated lectures on theCr.IGIN. AND HISTORY OF MAN. First lecture, Wednesday evening, January juta. Dblightfcl Eisoiso. Afrer the lecture, each evening. Mr. Dye will introduce is ine audience. mington. North Carolina, daughter of Mis. Brown, who was so attentive to the starving Union Soldiers Camb Lamb (rebel prison pen), while Lottie, with sweet soothed their passage to the tomb. Also, Miss Abalxx. the beautiful and accomplished Young Indian Girl, and Mr. Ik D'Cliff, the celebrate! Colored Baritone, of Philadelphia, who will enliven the entertainment with a few choice songs. Gmtavus H. Uazz iEd, ot Philadel phia, tne well Known uoiorea imitm, iu inurui. Tickets 35 cents. Reserved Seats 0 cents. Family Ticket, admitting six persons to reserved seats. Reaeived seats can he secured at Ward 3 Musics Store. No half price. Doors epen at7 p. 8 p. m. Coraience jauli 5t GRAND PRESENTATION ENTERTAINMENTS AT II It A A Ij SIX NIGHTS ONLY, Commencing "Wednesday Evening, Jan uarv 16th. The Kenowned Fafcir The people's favorite, in his wonderful and pleasing feats of PRESTIDIGITATION. ISO Beautiful and Costly' Presents Will be distributed to the audience at the close of. eacn entertainment. TICKETS. 25 cents; one ticket admittmgsii rr sons, $1 00. Doors open at 7 elock to commence J0.1IA. BRANT'S NEW HALT SHERRY'S NEW YORK THEATRE Proprieter nntl) Manager, i J.1 THE Manager begs leave to announce that this powerful company will open at the abov. popular hall, for a few nights only, commencing MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 21, with a strong and talented company, composed ol the old favorites, together with tome of tae ino popular actors in the Dramatio prolession. having been selected from the principal theatres cf Ivcw and Philadelphia, for the pnrposo ct presenting to the citizens of this place and vicinity series ofthe most celebrated Standard and imo tional Plays. The company consists of twenty two fint class artists, together with a full I Ser Cornet Band, under the leadership ot Prof felL'lscLK BINK: also, a full and efficient Orchestra, condact ed by Prof? MM ME KM AN, making the greatest combination of Dramatio and Musical Talent now well known artistes are iiicluaed in the popular company Mrs. JENNIE CARROLL, The ArUiti The popular actress, from the JSew York Xhealies. From the Boston 'I'beatres. Mr. J. F. SHERRY. The celebrated hegryBand character actor. The favorite comedian, from thsBuSalo Thedashinglishtcomedian.fronitheN.Y.Theatrcs. JUT. i. X. 11, The eccentri comedian. Mr. J. MULLIGAN, From the Walnut Street Theatre, Fhilada'pina. Mr 1KAJN WUJVi urv V.ti:, Mr. D. U. SllioBiiBoi1" Mr. J. H. BLAKENEY. Mr. W. E. STEVENSON. Wr. WARREN BRIGGS. Mr. O. M. HORTON. MV.G.W.HARTNEY. Mr. J. F. ZIMMERMAN. Mr. D. CLKMMONrt, Mr. W. A. OUtillTON. MONDAY EVENING, JAKUABi zisi, Will be presented, tne Drama aaapieu im the German, and as originally played by Miss Maggie Mitchell, with this company, entitled the Little Bare fo ot, Thecompanion piece of FANCHON. thr Cmmet, janio 4t it. r. I. O. O. IT. THE ODD FELLOWS ot Harrisburg intend viving a supper at the State Capitol Hotel, on Monday evening. January 23. at nine o'clock. ti f.a TICKETS. All members ot tai uraer are toucuuuj iu. Ail memoera LEVI WOLFINGEK, Prett. JV. O. Q. V. CORL. Secretarj. P. tf. WM. KUHN, Treasurer. Committee of Arrangements. Tickets can be procured from the N. of the different Lodges. jans aia FOB WALK. IPox gale or Hxit. A TWO STORY UltlUli. ana 1.01 of Ground, located oft argaret street, bet een Colder and and Reily. For particulars, inquire ot M. STECKLEY, Broad street, between Ridge road and the ttew Market Mouse. janl4 q2w JTor Sale. A LOT OF GROUJND, in SwaUra R.ilAV.' All WfirRfi. be town being ll fmnt Kv 117 ilnen. The rooerty will be sold in whole or parts, to suit purchaser Apply to 3anl4 dlwf On the premises. For Sale. A LOT OF GROUND, on the corner ot rft and North allev. onuosite the Capitol grounds, extending back along Aorta alley to West alley. On the rear end ot the lot tronting on West alley, are erected two fine dwelling houses. The houses and lot will be sold f.r i.m Apply te janl2 dot JFor A DRIED BEEF CHIPPING MACHINE, at J. SHIS. ER jan7 jsxonange jtuimma, nmui. Bouse for Sale or Rent. LOCA LED near the New Market House, West Harrisbursr. For particulars, appiy to Al.UEiR.ol Annum rn.ii dect tfj Third street, above North. Iirivate Sale. THE undersigned offers, at private sale, his VALUABLE LOT OF (xRoUA'D. situated on Elder streets between uumoeriana ana nuir the same be ng i.7 ftet 3 inches in front and extending back 130 feet to an alley, idereon ia ereotod a weatherboarded double FRAME DWELL, 25x8 feet also, a large rraine whica could easily be turned into a aweiiing uuuse. xerms easy, xor iuriatr tisxiiuuiaia tn uv owner. tjanii iwj Removal 1 1 ED. KLEIN has removed her Fancy and Trimming Store to No. 8 Market Sguare, where she bos increased taciltties tor tne cxniDiuon ot her stock, and the accommodation ot her customers. She invites a call fr the public generally, to' inspect her variety of Trimmings, Buitonr, Needle Work, Embroidery and Zephyrs, the stock of which will be kept full and complete. lw I I rrlie Sale of a Splendid Residence. HAVING purchased the residence of Dr. George Bailey, on Market street, to which I micua moving iny umce WIU lauiuj uun uuw sale my residence, on Front street, with the grounds aitacnea, oeingone enure ttiuurv. vuuimuiiiK auvui three hounded by Front, lteily. Second and Colder streets. Thereon erected a large HOUSE (Gothio Cottage style) and Barn, together with all other necessary outbuildings, with a cottage lor gardener and a propagating house. XllO BllUBdUU IS Ull, ui iiti luvsv uuiuiuiiii v. State, and is covered with every variety of fruit trees; over two hundred grape vines, eulbracing over thirty choice kinds, all in full bearing, with every variety of shrubbery and flowers. xmmeaiate po. sessiou win uo given. 1 will sell the property together or divide it to suit purchasers. Also, six new tnree story xtniun. uut'Ct on Second street, between Reily and Verbeke, will be sold cheap. 1)AVII Ml'MMA. Harriaburir. Jan. It). 1B7. janil atliW.H Proposals for Cavalry Horses. I.IU nnn 1011. i. .1 i i. Baltimobe. January 1S67. SEALED PROPOSALS are invited and will be received at this office un il THURSDAY, 12 o'clock, JANUAKY 24. l67, for the delivery in the fity of Baltimore of forty eight (48 CA ALKY HORSES The horses will be subjected to careful mfpr etion before being accepted, 'i'hfy must be tound in ail respeots, well broken, in lull flesh and good conl tion, from fifteen to sixteen tanas hign, from five to nine years old. well adapted in jivcry ay tor purposes. Tne ability 01 iuc oiuuer 11 luim nis agrt emutu must be guaranteed by two 1 eapon i lo persons, which guarantee must accompany (tie rropo.sal. The horses must be delivered w.tliin twenty (2'i: days from the date of Acceptance of proposal. The Government reserves the right i nject any or all bids. to be made on completion i contract. Bids will be endorsed "Proposals for Cavalry Horses." and cd to the under.ienec!. Jialt: mure, mx. tsy order. ol the vjuartirmaster Henerai. A. a. KIMltALU Captain and A. U. A Quane inayKr. jan10 Uan24 Coal Oil Coal Oil I BY the nnavt, gallon or barrol. very low. st jan4. UOV6T02J tEtlSlAN'

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