The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1947
Page 6
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sec gLTTHEVILLE (ARgj CQUKEER OTCWB TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 10-17 "Ptikistah Becomes New Dominion Seeking Recruits President Truman {•dorses Campaign For More Members WASHINGTON, Aug. 19. (UP) — President Truman disclosed today the National Guard will launch a paign next month. The recruiting 'eanipaign will start in mld-Scpteni- ' 'ber and continue io»- two months If successful, the campaign will add 88,888 new men to (he guard's strength. Mr. Truman said, however, that this is only an immediate Koal "It must be surpassed," Hie President said In n statement, "raid I •am eonlident it v.111 be surpassed, ,^ t(> the end thai the secur^ty\of the ,;. united Stales may remain in- i (Violate " ' f * Mi Truman earlier hnd proclnlin- ^ed Sept 16 — the date on which the campaign gets under w*y — as= National Guard Day.. The .dale " marks the seventh anniversary of _"\he Nntional Guard's Induction into* federal service prior to'World * -War II -."A. strong National Guard-Is ne- , pessary, lo llie security of the. United States." Mr. Truman said. "Because of this fact,. our mlll- *~ tary leaders h»v<) planned, a new National : Guard which ; will take its p'ace in the national military establishment as n force In •being, available .for immediate mobilization and service," v , The: President said more,.th'an ». 100,000 men have been recruited ill »• a little more than a year. He snici ^this - is -n remarkable achievement lwUen,,it is considered, its nerson- -r.nel w'nVseparaled from federal ser- '"yiee. "*~, As an incentive to "recruitment, ^tTSlr Tiuman stud the *vCuaid enlisted man .who is the •'champion recruiter in each state t "'Hie Territory of Hawaii, Puerto s ,jRtco. and 'the District of Colmnbh iWSYill be,guests in.Washington o[ the — secretary of «ar hnd will atten.l "the Army-Navy footbau game in .^Philadelphia l^Wqi'Crimes Tribunal —Convicts Nazi Doctors " NUERNBERG.-.'AUS, 19. (UP) * Karl Bfandl, Adoll Hitler's personal ~ physician, was-found guilty of war * crimes and crimes against huinan- ~ ily today by an Arrvuican War c Crimes Tri'oitnal. He faced a possi- * ble death sentence. , * Brandt was found guilty of'ha^- I lug JuVow ledge ot medical "expci i. menu-; .'.wherein hundreds of tlious- * ands of persons lost their lives' in * concentration carnps and. m * research stations I He was the leading personality of ; the< 23 'Nazi doctors and scientists 51 whose trial before .the American J. tribunal began Inst "December He ,;nas the supreme medical aulhonb j*0hly to Hitler if Judge Walter fB Beals, Olympic .^Wash., in reading the judgment' dt 1 - "fnoimced the fatal experiments for jUof the Third Seich, subordinate } iviolating all medical ethics ^ Biaridt also was found guilt} «f "--membership in the S S and ot re'_ sponsibilits for the TUtSnnasla pro Digram under which the aged and in firm called "useless enters" were -gassed fatally -J-; J ;Siegried-iHaridlosef, chief of the "Xuftwaffe medical service, also wns guilty. SUMMER CLEARANCE ...ALUMINUM When Hobiti Ibrahim Rnlilnlooln. right,• flral High Comiiiis.slonei- in London for the new dominion ol Pakistan, arrived in London, he brought with' him Uie new flag of live dominion. The ling is white :m<t green and was raised over llib new dominion August 15. Mohinmned All Jlnnali, lender in the Moslem light for independence, Is the govcrnor-gencrai-deslgnator of the new state. (NBA TelcpDotb.) Road Program Launched in Pemiscot County CARUTHERSV11J.E, 'MO., Aug. 19. — Construction of new highways, reconstruction of existing highways, and reconditioning ol highway; equipment Is again underway in Division 10 of the Missouri Slnfe Highway system, after n lapse during the war years, according to a report released tills week by Hie State Highway Department. A total of 337.3 miles at farm' to market and major highways Is scheduled for the 19W-48 period, and 21.J of supplementary highways have been completed ill ;i cost Of »9*,459. and also 43.7 miles of major routes since January : 1, 1946. at a cost of $Gl.n<i. ' At present, Improvements arc imcler contract or have been re- cently awarded for completion of 104.5 niiles of suppleinontiuy routes 10 cost'approximately 5547,011, antl 75.0 miles on the . major system to cost npp-raxlnmtcly $3.410,105. The twelve coimtie.s that com- ,11-isc Division 10 Include Bollingcr, Duller, Cape Oirardeaii, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, I'cmlscot, liiplcy, Scott, Stoddarcl, and Wayne. Read Courier News Want Ads. GrandparentsGciCustotJy Of Abandoned Chiid 1/ITiE ROCK. Ark., 'An j; 13. tUi't • -Arkansas child welfare aiitlioritii's are awarding custody of t'u'o-yt 1 :;! 1 old Eawaril Lutx, Jr.. Ao his paternal grniulfathcr in VersaiJIes, 111. The child was inrncd .over to inn weliare division last July, after oc- ini; abandoned by his mother, v.'lio was hitchhiking through Arkanus en roul(! to her home in Alubiunr.. CITY LOANS Repayable in Small Monthly Installments Low Interest Rates Quick Service BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL ', SAYINGS fij LOAN.ASSOCIATION 124W.AshSh -C/arkedo/e Man Drowns •"While Swimming in Lake T CSjAHK'PDALE, Ark., Aug. 10. * (UP>—Funeral services were belni: ••planned todaj' for John L. Millci \ 21, Olarkcdalc Ianner*w'no drowned in Danner'Lake near here vestDnhtv afternoQii. * Friends said Miller drowned •-while * s»jinming in the lake. *- Murder Trial to Open * Tontorrpw in Tennessee 'R1PLEY, Term., Aug. 18. (UP) - bratliers, Johnny Yoclunu, 2'J Carl /Ycphum, 2j, \v;il be ar- •iii''circuit court Ijere to~ morrow on murder charges " The Yochum brothers are chitrg- - ; ed with the fatal shootine o; two .other brothers, 'James anfl Jasper ' Henderson, at Golddust near here last F^b 22 Statement To The Public. Have IT w»v«, but (gents have . Jar dream Aim actress Janice • JfSiic*"hai •umy bucks «*vh« A small amount of material such as parts and tires was salvaged from the fire sustained by us. All such items arc being sold to used parts buyers and arc being disposed of in order that our new in- ventory will not include any material that was ex- posed to the fire. Our service shop is in full operation on a temporary basis, in our new annex building and our company assures first class repairs with new parts being re- ceived daily. <ta It is our earnest desire to render good scrvice-to our customers, and everything possible is being done toward that end. Should there be some small in- convenience, please bear with us for a few days. We hope to return in a few days with even a much larger and better parts and service department to supply your needs. Langslon-Wroten Co, Walnut at Broadway Sts. Dial 555 wartime methods of making aluminum sheet for airplanes now make aluminum roofing low enough in price for farm buildings. And it's genuine Alcoa Aluminum. Think of it... a roof that will last for years and years and remain attractive. A strong roof, yet light in weight. You can easily install it yourself.Good for siding, too. Come see this aluminum roofing... quick. Price P^r Sheet I.cngtli ' - Length 6 Feet . .\ ;$1.30 10 Feet 8 Feet $1.75 12 Feet $2.19 $2.58 Do 1 lie job right — ahimiiuim niiils iirul aUtniiirtini rail. Kasy to install; . .and economical. Heavy Duty METAL \ \ in Corrugated Sfee! Aluminum Painted - 26 Gauge 22" x 100" per sheet- -1.64 27i"x 108" per sheet--1.64 30" x 106" per sheet -1.76 26i // xl01 // perslieet--1.48 32i£x 105" per sheet—1.88 END and CORNER POSTS ENDS (id-Inch S2.7.'! -] 72-Ineli $,12i> '; S-l-Incli S:t.RO S4.10 CORNERS b'OInch 72-lndi 84-Inch $4 .(58 ('aiKfrnclcd In siaml Hie strain iif .stretching any fence. Knil posts Iiiive one brjicc, corncr.s two braces. iMuin post HS^x'i^.xV, inclips thick, reel oxide piuntcd carlion steel. pullin): for team tractor. usts Trom 84-ins. to' 132-ii.s. Thin heavy duty Ail-Strrl truck has COCO Ib. lo;id caiiacilv. ha* 62-inch tr.^rk, line- and 2-ir\rh ^cinart* axlo. lloUlcr b, J frtty 2.7 inrhf-i from urounti for low lift. Quality fi.OOxlC balloon lice* anj lube* iiicluik'il HOG cod SHEEP FENCE . Pcr 20-«od Knit Standard Weight A. good utility sUick [cuoc. Stay wires G inches apart. Top and Ixiltom wires 10 gauge. 12 \- -gauge filler wires. 32 inches liigh. 9-Bar, 39-in. Hog Fenc BuiH of first quality galvanized steel wire.- Top and bottom wires I0-yaugo. Filler wires D flH 12''} gauge. Stay wires 3 • spncctl G inches a^avt. I*cr £0 - Rod KoU Angle Sfeel Fence Post 78" 84" 96" 72" 84" 96" ' 72" 84" ........ 721/2C 8lc Clinched Tee 76c 86c 95c U Fl:injce<l 67c 75!/ 2 c Posts are ina(!c of c;ir- l;on slccl, (lie s;imc as- rnilroad rails, proluctttl by a cunt of red oxide meljillic |i;:inf, Horse I''ull 00" track. Steel wheels, 28" front, 32" rear- 4" (read drop ccn- ler reinforced. Skeins i(4 x 10". Sfiff tosigue. Complete with singletrees :intl doubletrees, with stay chains and tongue chili as. WEED - MASTER ELECTRIC FENCERS $19,95 The Scnsolionol Weed-Killing Fencer Holds AH StocV Tron^mils a d^fcrcni ibock than cny olhcr clcclric fencer . . . holds slock sofcly bul also kills weeds that grow .up on<i touch tli^ u r ire . . . keeps fence lines clean. For 110 AC. Approved by 'hc Wisccm-n Jnduslriol 'Commission. 6-VOLT HOT-SHOT Sf 9S BATTtRICS 1 Each COTTON PICK SACKS Sack, 29 inches wide. 2 shoulder straps. 12.'11- uz. white duck bottom, ll.fiO- uz. olive drab SA.flS top. Kach ™ Knee Pads . ..' !)8c pr. Buy Now and Save! 9-Ft. Asphalt-treated Sack. SA.55 Kach fc OIL HEATERS Heats Your House Like a Furnace No more hw'dlinR around ;i lieafer to keep warm— Coleman circulates the warm air in j-imr house three, to five times an hour. Gives warm floors, warm corners. Beautiful streamlined rfcsign*. t,ow draft performance saves fuel. Automatic fuel and draft controls. Radio dial heal control. It's more-than an oil heater! (Jives clean automatic /\S Low !>il heat—Genuine "Furnace Type" Warm Air Cir- Diilation . . . Gives entire family even, healthful heat!

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