The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 11H7 Teachers' Union Asks Federal Aid Commission of AFL Affiliated Group Prepares Appeal BOSTON, Aug. 13. (UP) -- ft special commission of the American Federation of Teachers (AFLi today urged Increased federal aid id "II public schools in the United States. r •In a report to' the federation s annual convention here. Com- ni<ssion Chairman Floyd- Kceves of Chicago said local ai-.d slatu sup- Port of schools must bJ uujjplcmeru- -«d "liberally by funds from the led- eral government." •> . Reeves, who is a member of the faculty of the University of Chicago's Graduate' school' of Education, warned, however, th'nt federal aid "must not imply federal control." 1-ciu.u ^ He said a majority nf the com- .^misiion believes federal hinds ; noiilrt be disbursed through Hate / education departments. Wiia; constitutes a public school, iic Mid I5LYTIIIOVILL13 (AKKJ CCHJ1UKK NU\VS fedora! money, state should be In accepting Hecvcs said, the required to: 1. Distribute such funds to every part of the slate on the basis nf need. 2. Devise a plan whereby the combined slate anct local funds for teacher's salaries and other educational purposes shall be maintained -at -an average level -not less than that of Sept. 1. 1347. He said federal funds should be used lor such children's services as free lunches, recreation : facilities vacation, programs, transportation 7 grants in aid to 'families to enable them to Keep. children in school and an"Adequate'public library.' "Services for these purposes should ue made-available to all children and youth, regardless of race, color, creed or national aii- ceslry," Reeves said. In the distribution of federal money, he said, "full protection of the rights and privileges of min- Sitters, Inc., Brush Up on Those Fine Points Tilcmbars or the new juvenile firm, "Baby Side K, Inc.." these seven 12-year-old boys «it so.ia- pomlers on the senile ;,i I of diaper changin;: from nurse Marion I'okle ;it liieir first i>iufc,siunaL mcRlnii! in Kcw York City. Already veterans a I minding kid brothel's, sisters ami nciuhhois' off- siJi-mg; the yoiingslcrs decided lo turn "pro" nml i-apilali/e on iheir specially; Their late is 50 cents i>or )iour—and nmyoc MI dio and icfiiuerator privileges. Trial Starts for Suspect In Cashier's Kidnaping T'HApY CITY, Teiiii., Aug. 1'J (UP) —The '..trial of ,'Alford Whitworth. Union City. N.. J., starts ;3uny on charges he kidnaped -easJUer Alviu Henderson and attempted to rob the First National Birtil: here the night of -.May, 23.. , f , , -. .. . A list of.;250^prospective' jurors' has been ,Wa\vn, for the casc, : ' ;' ' 'Henderson'was forded p.t, Eunpoint to teaye liis. ;hjSnic:.aiu:'. j;tf-'io'.vhc bank. There.'liowevb'ft .ai time 'lock ob the vault balked the robbery'.plan. Whiuvovth was arrested IAO 'tiays later in Chattanooga along with 17- year old Gerald Diiggiin. and W. S. Bell, Tracy City. \vns arrested later. Bell is to be tried tomorrow on charges of conspiracy in connection To Build Access Road To New Recreation Area orities must, be guaranteed." . Reeves prefaced his remarks with a warning that Communism and Fascism botli have "netted gains at the expense of the fear-ridden middle." • He said that only a "revitalized 1 bat either system or tyranny n nd is democracy can successfully coir.-'the only choice for free men." with the case. 'Friday circuit caurt will hear an appeal from Du^a'.i from a juvenile court sentence that he remain in the stale refoini scliol until he is 21 years of-agc. 'E ROCK,' Ark,, AU3. 10(UP) —Constructioni of -two nnd one half miles of grave! access road to the recreational iire.% at Blue Mountain Dam on 'Petit Jean River was a step nearer completion today with the aiincunccmer.t that & Fori, ,~mit!v firm had submitted the low bid. ; Col. Gerald 'E. Galloway, Uttl:- Rock District U. S. Engineer, salrt that the''Fort- Construction Company of Fort-Smith submitted a low bid of $27,270 on 1Mb project.! The government's estimate was 524 ESQ. Phone 3371 Night Phones i527 'and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC; ,, * Complete Electrical Store ' ; v '" Wik-ing - Fixtures - Aopiiances 4 «• - ». — i^*. ^->-^.- ^ , * 3^ f • -, , i''^ 117 So. Second SI. n ' Hiytlicville/Ark. Free Estimates on Ad Work State. Collects Taxes On Big Oil Pipelines I..1LE ROCK, Ark,. Alls. 13 (UP) — Distribution of £li28,2;'U to til'- state and some 20 'Arkansas ccunt- ies was possible today followlni; a 'consent judgment signed by Federal Judge Thomas Trimble yesterday. ' ••'•JFlie money rcprscntcd ad val- orcn (exes in 1344 and 1935 on itr.' Little Inch and Big Ii>:h ' Wets Call Referendum In Dry Crawford County VAN BUREN, Ark., Aug. 10 (UP) —C. R. Stiu bird, attorney for the Van Huron Ministerial Alliance, today is iitreparinij im apricu; rroiu a county court decision upholding petitions .seeking a local option election in Crawford County. County Judge S. M. -Donnlston ruled yesterday that tlie pcUlions were sufficient to .sustain an election in the dry county. , •• • Circuit Judge J. O. Kincaiinou is rxpecled to hear the appeal within ten days. Two Boys Killed When Truck Leaves Highway NASHVILLE, Tenn.. 'Aug. 19 (UP) —T.vo boys riding a tnilk truck were killed near here late yesterday when, the vehicle swerved fvnm Ihc highway and struck a tree. Those killed were Jimmy Ljvcr- ollc. a. and B-jtby Wanien, ID, both of Fail-view, Williamson County. Warden, riding on,thc truck fender, hurled to the pavement. (Leveret te was hurled from 1 the cab nnd the wheels of tlie truck passed over '.is hind. The driver,'James Watts of Fair- 'icw. was not injured. : .-....; Air Coordinating Committee Plan Meets Opposition WASHINGTON, AUK. is. iui>) — I'l-csuk'in Truman's air cooriU- nutlin! I'oininiUec ciiVw protests from Hlrei-uft mnnufacturers to- duy with u pi-oposiil that (he In- rtiiiUy be dispersed us Insurance nifalnsl possible future i\l r ut- t:\cks. The plun,. milkers also had some doujis on ih c practicublllLy of creeling experimental aircraft factories underground. :\ second proposal made b} . the ulr committee in n general survey of av- 1 Ifttion policies Issued late yesterday ' at tlic While House. The committee reiterated Its cplioslllim to a "chosen instrument or single truUeil SUUt'S company (or n|i iiHerniillomu air operations. 'i'he "chosen Instrument," |>TO- jSii was Hie subject of ultler debate bc-hvccn Scn _ o ,<j n Brcwster, K . Me.. nml plmw mnk- er Howard lluuhcs durini; the recent licHrinus before a Senate w n ''^J»>vg^i>ling mibcommllloo. N<>'" t '> •~oF~Ai>Mi NI STK A-HON" On AIIIMM isu,. 1947. lellcrs o! mlininlssi alien upon the estate of nun M. nunkii]. Deceased, were finmlod i« the imcicrslmwl, Marcus Evrurd. Vliosi! iiddu-wi Is 210 lu- «nnn 'lUiiUliii B , JJIythcviHc, Arkaii- All persons ImvliiK claims niinlrisl. srtUt esluti! me required. to exhibit the .same to Uie lulinlnlsli-ator )»&',>- erly inithentlciitrd, within «lx months from tire dale of Ihc first liuuliciiiiun 0 ( this notice. -or they will ti- biuTcd forever iirid preblud- c<1 Irom any benefits In such estate. p.ilu-d lliLi 12th ilnyVof- August. .- Marcvis'Ev'rurdi ' On a Bicycle Built for Two-Couples', ^ A lwn-!inie tandem ta the suucv-blUe pictured ahovte on which two/ i (jay Clcvclimd, Ohio, couples nru shown us (hey started oft tor..a i day's outing on (heir cluht-foot-powor .vehicle. nrowstri 1 and snnii* othci 1 nicmbrr:; of Coniirt'ji.s favor the proposal. Hlifihcs oppnfit'S it. ^ 'resident Tniman Mi;unalcil (lie iiuilllcc's report lt> the Icmpo- . .Marcus Evi.ud, ntlonmy for atH tnislriuor. •<•••! ;; , | ' Too Late to Classify for Sato 12 ft. noiil. Uyi-r Onrnur, HI. [. nlv- _-tlievlllc. li!ia-|)k -as rary Air Policy commission, headed by Itcnry Ford II, which lie set up recently to formulaic plum for modi'rnl/.ing American policy. , • For ftcn* . State of iArkansas'-'antf .3241)936 to counties anrt school districts. Hospital Election Called •U I 'i ''-. V, i iV h-^ PINE ULUFff 1 ; Arl:.|:Aiij.,lD (UT>: —^An election has been s::hednl^t' ficrc for Sept. 33 on the question of whether or .not the city shall bu> the Davis Hospital from the federal QUESTION: How are my garments Cleaned? i-C '.^1 ANSWER: All your clothes get careful attention when we clean them, because every garment is sorted for cither wet cleaning or dry cleaning, depending upon the nature of the fabric—assuring you cleaner,) brighter wearables year 'round. Call today. New Telephone Number Aug. 28, 4418-4419 BLYTHEVILLE AND DRY CLEANERS Phones 418-419 government. The voters also must fiyrovo a $85,003 bond issue lo ua'nce the purchase. The ordinance calling for thcspcc- il election was passed by tile City Council last night. Must Imvc lij- Hcptcjnbci- ] loin or live room, ilnfnrhlrilxcd or /urn'r;llfil np»rtmi - nl or liouac. Adlllu. Plirjim • Conifortiiblo Ijoilroo'n. KL ICKCS If dc'slred, 2ta E. COLORED PROPERTY lie licllc C.iecn. 1112 S. Li'itc:' ' nshhi!; anct Ironlnii;, \VI1IH: >;clh- Urccn. 1112 S. Uikc. ' mri-iik-U.2 Wontoif «o R«»rrt Apnrtin'ccit. 'funi^Aliril or ^nrMTii^ rtvc one child. Write ilo*; MM, LEADS CARAVAN The Jeep Curnvim will como to lilylhcvllle Wednesdiiy, August ,201)1. A cleiiioiistnilldn will he liukl at the Kusl Uiul of Main Stri'ct at ,5:00 P.M. <>| thiil diiy. Be therel .-ace .thquiilehty Jceli • in actttui. - ' • ' "'• - •' ' :i ' „ ; '. . 410 East Main St. ' Phono'5S4 PAQE ^IVi^..^. „;;;.....;;, Tuesday- .-'" •;' Also .'siiotL;.'i _; 'v '.. ,\> Wednesday and 1 rii'«nidiiy ; -w ''' • - •;> • »i\> : - . '^IV "Guilt of Janet Amei" liussell, Mci^yn '•'!:' Scltctird RIT THEATRE .' , "' , • '• • • : ' Manila, First car in history to give you of/ the combined advantage i of All-Fluid Drive, floating Power and Full Floating Ride. Tho lowetl priced car with Fluid Prive, Last Time ;Te> k : y m^9^> ' JJ : L-lij' Paramount Sweeps You Aloft in the, ..' Screen's Greatest '-' Romance of the Skicst BLAZE ,- . iiarnng, ^ ANNE BAXTER' WILLIAM HOLDEN SONNY WILLIAM BENOIX STERLING HAYDEN I DA SUVA —T J*^. ' V*. WjR^, . M* '•*j....rfb, «oti«t uuowi ' BLYTHEVILLE DELIVERED PRICES rof/awi'/?g Prices Include'. ' '• •k Froighl CosK * Federal Taxes • Vt Hum'.tiua & Delivery Chnffloi HRICL3 SUOJCcr TO CIIAIItiE V/IIHOU! MOIICC ALL-FLUID DRIVE DODGE Two Door Deluxe Sedan lour Door Deluxe Sedan Four Door Cuslom Sedan PLYMOUTH CARS Tv/o Door Deluxe Sedan Tour Door Deluxe Sedan Four Door Special Deluxe Sedan ISIM.ill Hi'M.'l« !.'{<.) 1.00 LET'S KEEP THE RECORD STRAIGHT! With us a used vehicle is it«t a requirement for placing :t new car or truck order. And, toil—i;«m decide on what extra accessories and cquiinncuL >/oit want on your iiew car or truck. Here arc (he local delivered prices of a few models. Other Dodge and Plymouth car and Dodge truck models are comparably priced. All delivered prices include the sa>ne percentage markup Hint applied to our 1941 vehicles. Despite an excellent production record, (he great popularity of Dodge prevents our making .immediate delivery. Our DOUBLE PROTECTION DODGE "JOB RATED" TRUCKS 2 ton Pick-Up Truck a Ion PonL-l Truck Above UucV prfeci include Itvt fi.OO x 16, 4-fvfy'lirbs, 1 <|l. oil halTi air clearer, rcplcccahlo clcmonl oil, filler and double ading fronl and rear shock .obtoibcri. 11- ton Slnko Truck • 4 xos-i. MJOVO Ifutk price inclotlci 7.50 x 20, S-ply lrori> ond'ilunt tear lirci, ouniliary roor jprfnQl, brake ^sobilcr, II inch, clulch, Ffnme rcmforccntnnli, 1 qj. oil boih oir cleaner, icploccoblc clcmcnl oil liltor, and cngjn* govcinor. . .- R4i(> News and Short SKKVICIC wiil help maintain your present vehicle's (op trade-in value anil provide utmost safety and comfort while you wait. , . ^..^t BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 217 S. Second Street Phone 422 Wednesday and Thursday^' 'f./ Sargc Goes t Ainu lliilc Jr. :mrt Juiic News and Comedy Open at T-.H ^mi; Staiti T:3» Km. Tuesday. •'.;.,. PALNITE 'Blondie wih • Penny. Sinjlcton -and Arthur Like Serial: HThe' Vijllantes " ..'-:. Also Shoris ' ' Wednesday ,& OFMpNTE . : ..".'.':' : '.. .-'wih

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