The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 1948 Rocket Ship to Mars Possible, Army Expert Says, But There Is a Joker Teachers Strike Looms in Chicago Initrucron Demand FaychKki Withheld By Budget Rejection •f WtUUm R. Meyen (TTBlted. Trtt* 6i*lt Cotmpondent) CHICAGO, Jan. 2«. (UP)—Mayor Martin H. Kennelly offered today to mediate t budget dispute between the Ohio go City Council and th« *chool board to avert * itrlke tomorrow by the city's sctwl teichers for their back pay. Kennelly stepped Into the picture u the 1,100 memberi of one twchen union, the Chicago Men TMchcn' Club, threatened to stage their second "sltdown" strike In cla&srootns. "If berth the. City Council and (certain'peoples suffer from economic 'the board ask me to sit down with 01 . socjn) i 1Bnd i ca ])j. He believes that •them. I'll be very glad to try to Mars mfty lmve me government^ .help them work out a »oniuon, and t])nt u , ls g ovcrnmc ,,i niay have Kennelly said, | bMn ,„ ex | s t fr i ce f or 1,000 yean. He added that he would be hap- | Dr. Randolph »ald he believed py to «pp«ar «t « meellng of the ni, e " s t r | ps O f vegetation" on Mars Council Finance Committee and j 0 D QWcd lhe laying down ol rall- •chool board nlcmbew today. School Superintendent'Harold C. Hunt and Board President Charles J. Whlpple »ald they would ask the Finance Committee to approve the budget and recommend Its adoption by the council. Members of the teacher's club, plus t.OOO members of the Chicago Tetchers' Union (AF1»> were pol'- ed to *trike tomorrow unless the >lty e*me through with their pay cheek* Immediately. Herwhel Scott, president of tlie t**ch«r»' club, told his members to b* at their desks today but not to teach, . "Well ]u«t be there to protect, By Paul F. Ellii * (United Pres» Selene* Writer) | NEW YORK. Jan. 26 (UP)—Dr. James R. Randolph, army major, college professor .nnd. rpckel expert who believes that men some d»y will fly to neighboring planets, said today he believes that life exists on Mars—« life higher In culture than that on earth. lie said he based his theory on new studies of the so-called "canals" which have' been observed on Hie surface of Mars. These canals, he s»!d, actual!) may b« strips from 10 to 30 miles wide "In which more vegetation grows than In the country farther awny." He pointed lo Ihe even, symmetrical design of the canals, an Indication, he said, that the Martians know how to get along together. In contrast to earth, he said, Mars apparently 1ms no areas where Mltslssippi River /ce Slows Racing Tow boat t CAIRO. 111. Jan. 26. (UP)—The slcambonl Kokoda nnd the Diesel- powered Helena were on the final stretch of (heir 1,000-mile race up the Mississippi today with the Ko- koda still lar I" the lead. Both ships were bitching heavy tee and It was ro|)oile<l thai the Helena, with one engine out of service, w»« nearly locked In the flows 87 miles soulh of here. The Kokoda wns 72 miles North of here and making slow but steady progress :ow:irrls St. Louis, the finishing point It appeared that the Ice would keep the Kokod* from reaching St. Louis before Wednesday but there was UUle' likelihood that the Helena could pus.s her. The slcam-vcrMis-Dlesc) we began at New Orleans on Jan. 15. JJotli ship* «re pushing four heavily-laden barges, rear sleeper car of an Eastbound CalHorniant Continue F'rle Railroad passenger train left Ihe trucks near Nlobe Tower, 13 miles West of here. The victims, all Ohio residents, were taken to two hospital* In this city for treatment. A preliminary report by the railroad Eftld the derailment "was probably caused by a defect on the i sleeper car," which turned, over on Ail-Out Battle is Waged for Mac Arthur MADISON, WIs., Jan. 26. (UP) "MioArlhur for President" lead-i s ' ec P er ciir ' w" 1 " 1 """<=". ""••' "" «-. M £^7th? W^War'll «- «"«, ««5 «™t.^.^ ™ ** roads, along which the Martians settled. The symmetrical design, Indicates, he said, that the railroads may have been built by private enterprise, but that they were under eminent. Dr. Randolph Journal of the Is editor American of the Rocket Society and has written numerous articles on the possibility of flying a space ship to Mars. He also Us professor of mechanic*! engineer- Ing at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Previously, he has speculated that ft colony of carthmen could be landed on the planet, but that them Gov, Loney to Inspect Barium Sulphate Mine LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 28. (UP)—Gov. Ben Lancy was scheduled today to Join In the Inspection of the $1.500,000 expansion program recently completed by the National I^ad Co., of New York at its mine near Malvern In Hot Spring County. He will accompany •chool property." he said. "We must ihow city officials that we mean :buslne«» aixl are not Just talking loosely about a strike." strategist Into an all-out battle for Wisconsin's 27 Republican convention votes today despite Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower's admonition that military lenders should sUy out of politics. Former Gov. Philip La r'ollellc, who served a* colonel on MacArthur's staff In the Pacific, sounded the keynote for the MacArthur supporters at & meeting here yesterday, He all but Ignored Eisenhower's statement. Hii only apparently reference crept Into the speech In passing. The meeting officially opened a campaign to win the state's GOP delegation for MacArlhur In the primary April 6. •It would be unsound to support man for the presidency of the United states just because he was a military figure," LaFollctle said. "But It would be far more unsound to oppose someone who Is In every way qualified, solely because he had demonstrated great military leadership," Wisconsin supporters claim MacArthur as a "favorite son." polf-t- ini! out, lie halls from Milwaukee. They have entered a full slate of MacArthur delegates In the primary. They apparently hope to score a resounding victory to convince MacArthur they have suffl- Ine's westbound tracks. Read Courier New« Want Ad* To Support Eisenhower LOS ANGELES. Jan. 26. (UP)— A nationwide poll to see If th« public wants to draft Gen. Dwljht I Eisenhower for president was plan- I ned today by hli California booster club. I'lie California man-of-the-hour organization refused to follow other Eisenhower backers in endorsing Harold E. Stassen after Elsenhower said he would not run. From where I sit... fy Joe Marsh Where Does Your Money Go? first Invaders would have to build another rocket ship on Mars to make the return flight. He estimates that a one-way flight would (m ta of the ATIj union, told members of ,hl* srflup to teach through today and be prepared to strike nt the direction of. the union executive board tomorrow, Enrollment dropped far below normal as students stayed away from classes in sympathy with their instructors. . Badge! Apj>rot»l Refused The strike threat" resulted fr»m the school board's action in holding , up paychecks when the city council refused to approve the board's proposed 1948 budget. Under state law, the Chicago Board of Education decides own budget of expenditures and aets Its own tax rate. The budget and levy are approved by the city council but In the past tills has amounted to a rubber stamp. j This year the Council Finance I Committee and other aldermen balked because the board had Increased Its proposed expenditures for UiB'.year by «16,000.000 to a record $I03.o6o,000. It also boosted Its proposed tan lavy by $23,00.000. The aldermen/., screamed that -•they .WMdwnto'' lake the "P. ' *^ r7rra " rwise,' Jcf the .fell that the '-. *«rle» of reforms since Hunt's ret~ appointment, could have epread the pK$r»m over several years. The council i asked the board to trim its schedule. The board refused. Meanwhile, the board held up th," teachers' pay on grounds that Such a rocket ship, lie said, first would have to circle the earth as a satellite, then move through space until It reached the orbit of Mars. officials of tile firm and of the vlllvl; ^.v,,™.*..". — j —- Hock Island Railroad. I clcnt .strength to get trte OOP Officials said yesterday thnt pro- i nomination for him IJ /it wants it ductlon at the barium sulphate de- | posH soon will be Increased from 18 to 25 tons dally, aided by completion of a Rock Island spur track from ISutterfleld on the Hot Springs highway to the mine and mill. Barium sulphate produced at the $3,500,000 plant Li used In the production of chemicals, paper, rubber and to give weight to "mud," a substance used In drilling for oil .0 prevent thp sudden release of petroleum In gusher form- There again, he said, the Rocket would have to circle Mars as a statcllltc. "On the first trip," he said, "Hie main rocket ship might lmve to land an exploratory party of men to make a check on ground conditions." Eight Pe/niscot Men Sign Up With Army Pullman Can Overturns; Seven Ohioans Injured JAMESTOWN. N. Y.. Jan. 26. (UP)—Seven persons were injured, none seriously, lust night when the Reid the other day where country folks and farmers spend more money, proportionately, on their home" than city dwellera do. Doesn't seem hard to believe when you think it over. Take the folks in our town, for instance: They're home-loving people — who'd rather spend nn evening by the tire with a mellow glass of beer than go out in search of entertainment or diversion. So H'H only natural they put more into wliat meanK moat to them and to their children: (heir homea.They may not hare to« moeh to ipend — but It goes for those permanent, abiding comforts that make home a nicer place to be. And from where I ill, that budget calls for some of thi niceties ot home life too—liko cider and popcorn for the kids from time to time, and a frictully glass rf beer for Morn and Dad ... things that belong with what we mean when we say "Home," Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 216 LaClede Street North Robinson Gin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs PHONE Frank Ashby and Eric Hall, Owners Cotton Moore, Tractor Mechanic ARKANSAS COMMITTEE, UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION HACO BOYO, STATE DUECTO1 . . . M7 PYtAMID •LOO.. IITTII «OCX AIXi could not disburse money \mt\ the budget was approved. The paychecks, which were due last week, already were in envelopes, nicy contained a substantial salary boost which accounted for much of -the board's increased budget. Tfc«. city's failure to pay the teachers inflicted hardship on many Instructors because they had not Salem Man Stands Too Close to Heater, Dies MONTTCELLO, Ark., Jan. 28.— (UP)—C. E. Garrison, 52-year-old Salem, Ark., man. died of third degree burns suffered In the boiler room 'or the Selhia Timber Co., where he was employed as night watchman. *• Company officials said that Gari rlson apparently put kerosene or fuel oil In « heater anil stepped too close to the flames. Igniting his clothing. He is survived by his wile, two daughters and two jwni. ,:: AwardcdfSefYice Pin -} ? CABUTHSRSVILLE, Mo.. Jan. M —Amos'W. Hecker was awarded diamond-set 35-ycur service pin at the, mitional convention of his company recently when It covwcvteert Rt Boca Baton, Fla. Mr. Recker is Southeast Missouri representative of Ihe Business Men's Assurance Co., of Knnsns City, and he resided In It I Caruthcrsvllle more than 20 years CARTJTHERSVILLE. Mo., Jan. 28. —Elgh". Pemlscol County residents entered the Army during December, according to figures released here this week end by the recruiting slu- llon. Thy are: ] CwuthevsvvUe — Leo V. Turner, Samuel; Carler. Shelby Hatlcyi reg r ular'Arniy; and Richard Owen, Infantry, Hajtl—Bob Chlstn. 2nd Armored Division; Kenneth Rudd, Field Artillery; Isnac Martin, regular Army. SUelc _; James Cotton, regular Army. Attention Retail Food Merchants they're here! the Hlartling new improved Globe Meat Slicers For Free Demonstration , '.Call or See Dell Scott 1211 W. Main Ph. 2260 Just ask... we tike to say YES" to LOANS AUTOMOBILE SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, Private Service) GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE s T U D E B A K E R S TUDEBAKERS Now In Our New •*• Modern Service Department (Sleam-Healed For Your Comfort) • ONE STOP SERVICE • WASHING & LUBRICATING CHAMBLIN SALES CO. E B A K E R Sales Slndehaker Service Railroad & Ash Streets Lex Chamblin Phone 2195 Bill Chamblin TUDEB AKE RS prior dean. to moving to Cape Qirar- received checks since Dec. 19. Chl- cngo teachers tire not paUI for the two-week holiday and the puy- chccks they demanded today were for the two-week period following Jan, 5. MODEL «H-A ClMlttt Cltculllcr Hold. 100 IM. of ceil NO FUEL WORRIES! Famous Warm Morning Coal Heaters will burn any kind or grade of coal, coke, briquets or wood. • You don't hnve to b« cold thli winter! You can enjoy warm, cory comfort from the clean, healthful heat of * Warm Morning Coal Heater. It'i the lowest cost, most dependable heat you can buy! Exclusive, patented Interior design of the Warm Morning result! In an abundance of warmth with a minimum of fuel. Over a million In use! Just think of It, and you need start & firs but one* ft year. Get Yours Today From One of Thes* Warm Morning Dealers: otter! MODEL ill Hn!«f Ib •! co.l HUBBARD HARDWARE HUBBARD & HOKE HUBBARD FURNITURE SEE THE NEW 1948 CHEVROLET ON DISPLAY TUESDAY, JAN. 27 You'll see new luxury in America's No. 1 Car —the car that has been first in number of cars produced for 12 out of the last 13 car- production years. You'll find new smartness in America's No. 1 Choice—now, as for years past, more people drive Chevrolcts than drive any other make—as official nation-wide registration figures reveal. You'll discover greater value in America's No. 1 Buy—Chevrolet now brings you an even fuller measure of Big-Car Quality at Lowest Costl Yes, Chevrolet for 1948 is newer, smarter, finer.' Come in at your first opportunity and look it over. We'll be looking for youl lS FIRST! LOT EICH CHEVROLET CO. FARM (J| LOANS Horn* Office, Newark. N. J. IONO TKJtM PROMPT CLOMNO LOW EAT* CALL. WR1TT OR JU RAY WORTHINGTON 115 8. Third St., BIjtheTllle, Ark. Srrrlnr This S-otlon 3* Year* Aultiorttut Mortgage Loon Solicitor tor THI rtUDENTIAL INSURANCE COSITANV OF AMERICA T I SEftV MOTOR COMPANV "No thanks, I'll ride with Red ... He has his repair work done at T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY'." 301 W. Walnut Phon* 578 HOWY WHITE LINENS • SPARXUN6 DISHES Soft water takes the drudgery out of wash day . . . makes dishwashing so much easier ... for t gives you quick suds ... rnor* uds. Soft water makei bathing a joy keeps hair soft and lustrouf ' V- makes shaving easier . . . keeps hands soft and complexions clear. Soft water a an economy . . • saves an amazing amount ot soap . - • makes clothes last much longer . . . keeps plumbing from clogging. You can have soft water ... all you want ... and at low cost with • Modern Water Soft- iner. In fact, it will actually pay for itself through direct savings. There's * lize * nc i tyP* *** yout needs. Let us tell you mot* about them. HARDWARE CO.lne. " "»e OF FAMOUS eta AMOS 126 W.MAIN ST PHONE SI5

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