The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1947
Page 2
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BLYTHEV1LLP,' (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1947 Studied , , HiwJus Kill Because '-,•>;. Of Mpslem Murder; •, Death Toll Runs High . (Editor's Note: The communal §£t*Ife in India Is chain Reaction slaughter of the ese-for-au-eje type, Robert c Miller, United JPiiess correspondent, reports In the following dispatch Miller went to India to., take part in coverage of f the independence cc'vinonlcs, and •continued to Lahore, scene of the • latest major .outbreak of violence tb'seek on analysis of the strife.) By ROBERT C. MILLER (United Press Staff Correspondent) LAHORE. Aug. 19 IUPI — The festering body sprawled face down iWard 'outside the Lahore rail station is that of a Hindu who died because a Moslem was killed last week in the nearby city of Amu* ;sar. 'Tlie., Moslem was slfTin in Am 'rltsar because a Hindu was killed In .Jnllumpar, 10 mite-s east of Lahore list, month. The death of the Hindu/stemmed .from the murder of T Moslem hi another town far dov 'the. line, and so on as far back ia's the great Calcutta killings c year ago. Chain Murder Plan It Is chain reaction slaughter whose death toll already exceed: that',of the'atom bombs in Japan What caused the recent outbreak here was •: hot precisely c«rti>l' : There .were -several- reasons whlcl fanatical zealots could have use. to stir'.up communal frenxy. Politics could be one reason. Lu More and the surrounding area nr pretty evenly divided bet.veen Mos Ic-ms and non-Moslems. In some lo parities Hindus2b'r Sikks" predo'm nate.. In others Moslems hold 11 majority. Tlie boundary.'-commission had I decide which parLs of the old Ind were going under the rule of Pukl tali,-whose government is predom nately Mpslem, and which uiul the Dominion of India, which pro-Hindu. Th^ Sikhs, reported unhappy at the prospect of living under Moslem Pakistan rule, were understood to liave decided to revenge themselves for recent murders at Jullnh- par, allegedly at the hands of Moslems, and at the'skme time impress the commission with their strength and determination.not to be "ruled by Paktsta'fr, '\^ '• :O' ,' It Is a simple matter for any bloodthirsty, crafty Sikh leader to implant ihe idea In the heads of the rank and filers, and touch off a slaughter Orgy Started Aug. 11 Once it stalls, the old^atSage. of , an eye for an eye guaranteed en- Intercepted Japanese Message Decoded Prior to Pearl Harbor TOKYO, Aug. 19. (UP) -- A. US. Army Intelligence officer testified ai the war crimes trial today Dial essential parts of the Japanese war message hud been decoded and were known to hlsh 'American officials the night brlorv the attack un Pearl Harbor. The witness was Col. UnVus S. Brnfton, deputy chief of the Army's C3-2. I])' 19)3 he wa;; custodian and processor of intercepted Japanese diplomatic message. 1 *- His testimony was given in the form of an affidavit presented to Hie tribunal trying 23 leading Japanes: 1 suspect?:. iBratton said ;t H-point Japanese ultimatum AIIS delivered to the W:u p Department In Washington between 8:16 and &:3D a.m. Dee. 7, 1941 and was sent "Immediately" to the (Stale Department. A Japanese ''pilot" message, ordering that the tilllniatiun be presented to t!ie United f3tates at 1 p.m. U'STI Dec. 'I was also iivail- itbl' 1 bv V a-in., he testified. " ISmUoii said the text was com- municateii to Gen. George C. Marshall, then Army chief oi stuff, nnd other officials. !:e wSUics'i snid he mel v.'ithMur- sliall. CXni. Sherman Allies, chief of military intelligence, den. Leonard T. C.Jerow, chief <jf the war plans division of the iriH'ra! stuff, at il:2ji a.m. and i - ead the complete text of 1 lie two tne.isaj;cs. I'lhf ori^in'il Japanese plans called for pnsentalion of the "ultimatum" one hour before UK? Pearl Ibibor nltu::):. but, this later was : ut to 3D minutes.) Police Find Bomb Legionnaires to Meet \BHbo Reported Improved Members of hud Cnf.on 1'ost 24 of I the American legion will hold. 1 NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 19. (UP) - Near Residence Of British Official LONDON, 'Aug. 19. (UP) — Police today found a home made Ijomh under the arches leading Irom Downing Street to tlie foreign office The bomb, only 30 yards from No. 10 Downing Street, official residence of the prime minister, was hidden among boxes. It was found Scotland Yard said the bomb was harmless because it had no drtonu- lor ultliongh it contained explosive jjm'.'der. 'Ihe bomb consisted of two elec- HL batteries hound together and wind lu a small glass jam Jar with a :im-tol cover. The Jar coiuainod f reyish powder. "weaker." was reported "considerably improved" I" a Foundation Hospital bulletin at 11 a.m.. CST. The .senator told doctors ne felt ' their weekly meeting at 8 o'clock I Sen. Theodore G. Bilbo, wh'css con- 'j u , ter a he ariy bieak.'ast tonight in the Legion Hu', he:-2. ' dition was descriljcd early today as B ^AUTHORIZED BEALER Read Courier News Want Ads. n Saiitn Ana. Calif,, Chief Clerk Ed Kolbe cms out censored parts o[ the much-contested love letters exchanged between murder de' George Gollum and JBculah Overell. The jury was al- cv;t'd to vend the letters after they iiart lie? n censored. Oolhim and Ovi'ieli are on trial for the murder Jif her parents last March TelrphnloJ HtATING EQUIPMENT CLEANS MOUSE fflQNI TOP JO BOTTOM/ 'SO" Eight Rubber Firms Accused Of Price Fixing WASHINGTON, Aug. It). (UP) — The Justice Department yesterday charged eight tire nnd tube manufacturing companies, eight of their officers anil a trade association with fixing the prices of lives and tubes in violation of the anti-trust lnw,s, . .<: 'Attorney General Tom C. Olark announced that u criminal information detailing the charges had been filed In federal court for the Southern District of. New York. • Clark' said the government charges that the defendants agreed on prices, discounts, '.allowances. Bo- mrses, classifications of customers, ,, ,, . ,,, , , trance to heaven if they kill non- s(lles ^locations . nnd engaged In MosltnAi^ocordineutoaheu-.-creed... Q tnei ;- practices for the purpose of . _^ 11 at Amrifsar, with Sikhs run- Thc information further charged j- mng »ild in a bloody orgy. Amnt- ll]C companies W ith agreeing to 1 sar Moslems fled to Lahore by the mn intnUi Rubber Manufacturers S tialnload As mim ns 20,000 rush- Association Inc., a defendant, as n ed into Lahore telling of massa- . mca i ls 'i,y which tlic lire and lube cres.snd exhibiting wounds. By Aug. . 1.3, retaliatory- .. . 'begun in Lahore, by Moslems, prices wire fixed. ' Gompanies .were Dayion named defendants Rubber Co., Dayton, '^.Hindus.and Sikhs WhaWhaope'ned •""•F ""* lu " «'. luul: ' ^"". "">'•""• y v at Amntsar *as repeated'^t La- °-^ M ^' le l 1 '^,,^ n n n P ivhofe jast Wednesday. Thursday and I General lire & Rubber Co., D; If. T^Triday The situation was complete-' ^opdiicii Co.. oooiiycai .. • f —M: A -« *.._.! • ' ' Rubber Co.. and Sclbcrhnir Rubber 1 —*- 'It started out as a Holy War, but ^Ttioodlums" used 1 -'It' as an excuse ^^_^c^*"!o6t lape burn and plunder, ^j. regaidtess ^of whether .the victims V— -were-Moslems or non-Moslems J~*~ , A jnajorltybf the police nre Mes- ^2ems who reluctantly fired uiion 4hen OAn people The niliitary v-^force = Is weak, undermanned anci ,**-'laek!ng in leadership — in -short" ^^uilable to cope with the situation. ^ Conservative estimates place the ~f dead at between DOfl.and .1,200. Un/ told millions in property damage ^ resulted from fires set by Moslems. Co., all of Akron, O.; Lee Rubber fc Tire Corp.. Conshohocken, Pn., and U. S. Rubber Co., New York. Breeders fleet Ark.. Aui;. 19. (UP) — V A nevT board of governors took oflice-today at Payetteville to handle the administration for the eoming year ^of r the Arkansas Artificial Breeders Association. The new board consists of Harry Goforth of Fajetteville, president; J. U Moore of Benlonville, vice- president J Atchlej of Berryvillo; C H IBrown of Harrison; Nolan Parker of Huntsville: Marion Wasson of Fayetteville, and Dr. Warren Glfford of the University of Arkansas Department of Animal Husbandry. Little Rock VA Hospital Plans Going Forward After Considerable Delay LITTLE ROCK, Ark . Aug. ID. (UP) —Despite revision of blueprints requiring at leest two months, the U. S. Engineers hope to advertise for bids on construction of the W,000,000 Veterans Administration I ' Hospital in Little Rock before the end of the year. Ool. Gerald E. Galloway, district engineer, made the announcement yesterday. At the same time he announced that the VA has ordered the elimination oi some units oi the proposed 5SO-'jed institution to oi'f- set higher buililinjj costs. 1 Galloway said thai the VA has eliminated the auditorium ami j cha]>el and has ordered the rcduc- I lion "in general" of some wailing roonis, porches and the cafeteria He emphasized that the number of beds and facilities essential foi medical treatment will not be reduced. - No liquid! No suds! 3-lb. can $1 KEEPS RIGS CLEAN Us* en any rug or carpet, including light colors and Iwish: QMHM entire room or small areot wMtowt leaving a ring. • SPMNKU ONI • BRUSH Ml . • VACUUM OFFI Charles S. Lemons Furniture ONLY COMPLETI Premier's CHARLES S. LEMONS, Furniture Has Been Appointed Authorized Dealer For OIL HEATERS Charles ^ Lemons, furniture type cleaner—the Jull suzed anil hi 11-powered Aire-Matic "80"— cleans the high places as well as the low ones. With plenty of power for cleaning rugs anil carpets, the Aire- Matic is equally efficient cleaning upholstered furniture, walls, moldings and hard-to-reach places with no extra effort on your part! Equipped with 9 simple at' tachmcnts, it's an all-round See this Premier "80" today .' Have your liomi; (jircscnt or planned) "heat-surveyed" now lor inimcdiaU; installation of new Coleman Healing Kquipuicnt as soon as it is available. Find out about this nma/.iiig new aulo- malic healing comfort, convenience and economy for every hnnm —old or new. Call loday for complete information . . . and get y'oiir frci; ropy of an unusual new booklet-.entitled, "The Inside Story of Tomorrow's 1 lonu: Healing." CHARLES S. LEMONS Furniture The "Hot"Home la Home Healing Coleman OIL BURNING Beautiful floors WITHBIGKL<>W CARPUS and HOGS HEA1 NOW AVAILABLE! Place Your Order Now and Be Ready for WINTER $! (Without Tank) they're rich :uul sirinrl. 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