The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1947
Page 10
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IJIATHRV1LLE (AUK.) COUK1BU NEWS Copyright 9y ElizjpclhScifert; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. 2EEN by one coming into the 'town, the Hospital dominates Joe campus. The road seems to "Pfrt the hills on which the Uni° varsity is built; below them lies the river, neat as a pin between its stone-paved banks, slick as a ribbon threaded tlirough the bridges, A traveler's interest be- txjnics occupied with the river un- ti| someone, a child usually, gasps •M says, "Oh, look!" Then evcr,y- ooe turns to look, and (here is a little silence ot admiration. JFor to the left ol the road, built upon the crest of its own hill, the units of the hospital arc spread out like a handful of photographs. The towers, the stonework, are touched with magic. The buildings stand proudly against the blue summer sky. Cars swing busily ujj the drives;-the sunlight gleams against the windows; a group of blue-caped, while-capped nurses wajks swiftly through an archway, crosses a sunny quadrangle, disappears into the doorway of the Nurses' Home. There is something sure and safe and good about this hospital. : Its local point is the tower ot one building which stands taller and more proudly than the rest. It is as if the other buildings stood back and let that one le-.<l. This is the Caroline Lehr Memorial. Carrie's Lair, as the students call it. It is the Women's and Children's Hospital of the group, a new, fine painting in pink granite and white limestone. The University and the ptaic are very proud of the Lair. ' :;At noontime, Ihe sitting room of Pp. McAn was bright with sunlight pouring through the wide windows from which the old man had pettishly had the Venetian blinds removed. 1 "i can't see through the tlog- 1 lluslrn[oil hy Klixahclli Kincrson Sirssn tied Malcolm's sown lie-hind Iiis shoulders, let it lisas open the rcsl of the way. , "AH right?" slic asked. l -*£jY 1 flat, bronzed check. "I cutherccl as niiicb. How old is he?" "Less than forly. 1—a new Staff is always a gamble, Malcolm." T\K. GLENN mashed out the end of his cigarcl. The phone rang iigain. This time voice was annoyed. "Can't yon read orders, Miss Huppcrl? Well— I'll be up there in fifteen minutes." He smiled ruefully at Pop. "Nurse ought to jjel married by the time she's forty," he said mildly. "Huppcrl's :i good Supc." *'She is. But if yon nurse for twenty years you're bound to know more than the doclor." Old Pop laughed; lira huge body shaking. He took a tissue from a blue box on the table beside him, wiped the corner of his mouth. goned things," he said. He spoke 1 "What docs Huppert have to sov ,\vilh difficulty. A stroke had left ibonl the new Staff?" one side of. his face, and of his ;huge body, as nearly helpless 'as !a man could endure. j Dr. Malcolm Glenn grinned. •dropped into a" deep chair, his .•whole body seeking to relax. His :big, clean fingers took a cigaret .from a bowl upon the table; he lit at and looked ul Pop. "You o.k.7" j "Sure, I'm o.k. Tied to this •chair like n baby in its prom. Hav- ;ing to wait till someone wants a ;smokc to see anybody, to hear any- ithinjj. . . ." j Malcolm blew smoke about his .sandy head. "You wait," he , "and then tell us the ^agreed, .news." j "Hospital's sotl'ot dithcry today, :ain't ilV" Pop demanded. His little Icyes peered across at Malcolm. j "Sure. All the same, we're mighty glad to be gelling a now Staff, sir. At the meeting, 1 only halt believed it would happen." "Had to have one in Children's, 'didn't you?" j, "Oh, yes, we had to have a man. •But lliese days—" | "Think you'll like Woodward?" | "Uaw can I tell? We're both '.taking him on hearsay.; Ordinarily we'd have had a personal in- ;tcrview/,-But -he'll. &e >very .\vcl- ,'coine. His reputation is "good. ;Some of the personnel know him." | "What d'they say?" I , The phone rang and Malcolm '<rca'clied a long, white-clad arm to • ;take the instrument, to speak inlo jit. He put it back inlo its ciadlc. •"The usual gossip," he answered ;Pop. "I got only Scraps. He has '.red hair; he's especially good with ;cdngenifa!s; he can tell tlic ucsl /stories!" ,' ">Ia!" said Pop. _ "Ladies' man? ! Malcolm ran the end of his j youngsters fcrngue around the inside of his (you've evci "Well, she explained lo me thai new Slaff doctor could do n lol of Koocl, but on the other hand he could do a lot of hnrm. Also, any- was belter than nothing, since we are so undorslaffetl." Pop grunted. "For her figure, she does considerable sitting on both sides oE the fence. Well, I hope you'll get along with him, Malcolm." Dr. Glenn shrugged. "I have to get along with him, don't 1? I'd rather it were you, sir." : So would I." The old man's (one was dry. "We 'will know I'm done with podiatry, Malcolm. Should Hive up beta' Chief, loo. Well, you'd better run along, sou. Give my love lo Nancy and the kids." Malcolm smiled; his left hand brushed across his eyes; he Titled his head in a short, impatient, jerking gesture. "Nikki's engaged, you know. I'll have her bring Ihc lad arriund." "Nice boy?" "A fine boy. I "doubled 1C I'd ever find one good enough for my girl, but—" . "It'll be just as hard finding girls good enough for your boys." "Yes, sir, 1 suppose so. Now, Nancy—" • "They don't make many like your Nancy. You're a lucky man, Dr. Glenn." Malcolm's face was somber. His mouth was the finest feature he had, the upper lip finely chiseled, h.isn'l been exactly wasted," ' "Yes,, sir. My lamily—and the Hospital." "Yes, you can be proud of what you've clone here in the Hospital.' You're one of the finest obsteli'ical surgeons in the country. But the '• family is best—and first. Should : be." \ "Yes, sir. I guess you're right.: Goodby, sir." ' " 'Bye, Doctor. You're about through for loday?" ; . "Oh, no, sir. I've three jobs. ready this minute," said Malcolm, 1 opening the door. "When does Woodward conic?" "Week after next. I'm putling him in Benllcy's ofllce. . ]Ic'd probably like mine. Or yours." 1 "I'm usinj; mine," said Dr. Gle»n mildly. "And—wherever h: is, H's only temporary. When the new wing is [hushed, he'll move over Iherc." "Yes. I'll lilte him, Malcolm." "Don'L worry about it." Mid- L'obn rubbed his fingers together. "Goodby, sir." Texarkana Bus Officials Seek Raise in Fares TRXARKA'NA, Ark., Ang 18 (UPi — Texnvkima IJus Company officials nrc preparing to go before the city councils on t)>e Texas n:ul Arkansut; rklc.s Of Tcxarkann, to ask for yjcrmhslon to raise fnip.s, according U n company spokesman- The bus company owners wen expected to mnkc the next move, following the expiration yesterday of a municipal "operate or else" ultimatum. The company lias b strikebound Midnight or Auir. 2. and Texarkana inercliants re'- port a llflcen per cent business decline as a result. Neither side has shown a wlll- insness to arbitrate a union dcinn.i:! of a minimum wage or one ttolhr nn hour for men with one year's experience. iMON'UAY, AUGUST 18, 11M7 Officer Accused Following Death of Jail Inmate NASHVILLE, Term., Aug. 18. (UP) — The cnsc 0 [ Patrolman John Miill-inc. charged with striking n prisoner jii the city jail, is set lor further consideration by the Civil Service Cwntnlssion Monday. Jr,e Maittji. coinmisslon chalr- nniii, called the meeting after defense attorneys filed a 48-page brief nccwsirifj (he city of "eruci- fj'iug" the policeman. Tlic iirlsoner wlinm Mullsmc (s cliirgctl with strikiiiK, died, and (he patrolman faces criminal char- Res of murder in addition to the commission iirciisaliotts. Sucimc is the most abundant of |'l is :.i\ alloy of Icon ;il«s all sugars that occur in vhiiiis. j rurbon and other elcmeiUs, Pride £ Usrey GENERAL CONTRACTORS Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition >•«••••*• "I have to use these, mother, or people will think I'm just -,- 'a kkl!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MEIUULL BLOS3ER - Husy 1'iogiam Free Delivery Call with n deep cleft tipwiml lo liis nose, (he under lip full ;mcl sensitive. "I know I'm lucky," he agreed. '"It's a bit more lh,nn luck, son, to raise ii line Cnmily. Yon c;in be proud; Nancy and those three ;ire the lincst tVi'in" :vcr clone—in a life which QUTRIDE, well away from Top's eyes, Malcolm hurried, lie never lol the Old Man guess that (his visiting was sometimes a nuisance. That is, it complicated tilings n liltle, made Malcolm have lo push through tlic rest of the clay's jobs. Those ininulcs of leisurely gossip with the Old Man made him walk more swiftly, as ic was doing now, hurry inlo the scrub-up room, push himself as liiickly as possible through the routine of preparing for a session in-the operating room, a sense of haste [lushina Hie blood in his arteries upward inlo his brain. Up and down, up and down, went his brush, and that of his assistant. The nurses come and went on whispering feet. There was lalk, of cases, ol hours off, of Ihe new Staff. Susan,.the Chief's personal nurse, came in with Malcolm's gown, lied il behind his shoulders, let it hnng open the rest of (he way. She helped him at the bnsm?, held gloves for him, her pretty eyes searching his face. "All right?" Eho asked. "Hope so. Pop said I managed tilings wrong. You know, you shouldn't wear a cap, Susan." "In the operating room?" Her grey-green eyes were durk, wide. "On account of because it hides your pretty hair." "Why, Dr. Glenn!" There was a gurgle (if nn-.used surprise in her soft voice; she foldefl a towel tenderly about his arms, turned and walked before him out into the theater. . >( Bc Conlhiucd) PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2041 WU If It's INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety, Bonds • Aviation .\YGOOD r.<A(J.WII!TKl YOU'QE MOT G SANDWICHES, OOR..OK. WAITING OM TABLES YOU GLASSES--- THAT 5 WHAT THEY TOLD Tnie Guy' WHO WEWTOVER, NIAGARA FALLS I IMA COWBOAT/ WIPE THE CCUMTFR, ^f OUT we .TRASH. —"NOT HlBifJG AN OCTOPJS 1 GATEWOOD GROCERY | Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. Slats Line on the left at the Arch •A ft. 7 Crown 1.35 Calvcrt- Schcnlcy Three Feathers Hill & Hill . Old Taylor Four Roses . .. . 55% Beer • • GAS, reg T.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 rt. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 6th 6.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 per Case $2.881 17-5c; Ethyl 19.5^! : All Brands Cigarets, ctri. $1.35! Chamblin Sa!es Co. 7 Inc. Sales Studclmker Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern time-saving Loots arc provided for our trained mechanics. They use tlicir skill and the correct, tools to give you better service. We repair all makes of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars l!Mfi Fnril Sillier 2-<lnor l!)ll Plymouth 2-iloor 1!>I! Plymouth 4-iloor lt»10 Tontiuc in 10 Chevrolet Y; tun I'ickup ISM {ijiia ;;. io» Pii-kup 1915 DotlRC'/; Ton rickup 19'Jl Chevrolet </, ton Pickup Lots of Others to Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY I Your Studcbaker Dealer "First by Far With a. Postwar Car- BUI Cliamblia —RR & Ash St, Fhoae 2193^ Lei Chumbl'n WASH TUBBS THE COLOSSAL- N; I!£R'J6 Of- SOU'.... HRVIWG (\ CLOD LIKE BUSTER. WRITE KP.IM6LE SOW WILL NEVER HUE TttfVT 6EOM>a\sr DOWWi GIDEON PP.PP'. TllfW'S TI1EIRST f FE06Rftf.\ VOU'U UWiDLE FOR ME! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople I DIG UP (\ SINGING PLUG WHITER. UENTW.LY ) EQUIPPED TO TURK! OUT THE TRIPE SOU FOiST ON THE U&TENINS PUSUC AMD SOU OB3EC-T TO HIS PERSONALITY ! ARIUG UP OJP. CON- TfeACTl I GIVE S'Oll P.N PROGZAVl.fWD SVILL i NOT SWI5Fret>! Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Clmtlcs O. Bittucr-W, M. (Dill) Wlt BY EDGAR MARTIN By J. R. Williams TO SH03T PAMCvlO FOR. SHOOTING TURKEY MUST HAVE 6EEM THE PERFECT CRHAE/.', —1. 3DST pOLir-JD YOUR, BOX OF 0ULLETS IN THE CAK, AMD KiOT ONE M1551HG.' LET'S Vou SCOOP OP-VWKT BAD HOP/ WHY. I'D OF SWORM THAT HOW1.1W \.VAS AWAV OFF SOMEWHERE; IS THAT SO? ITS HOW MUCH MORE IWTELU&ENCB 1 HAVE THAM AU_ OF VOL) TOSETHER VMNEM "THERE'S SOMETHING TO BE DONE.' FACT IS, \MUEM T-D1S- COVERED X X MESS^eRizeo THE APOLITICAL CAMD1DATE TlAEM X SlMPD/ SHOOK HMOS, CAPTURES WINV By V. T. HAML1N IF YOU0 JUST LOO< OUT THE NVINCV3W YCU'P SEE HIM 15HOVM SAD S BURKE 6DT MASHED TOES = WHY MOTHERS GET BY MICHAEL O'MA),1,EY and RALPH I.ANE BOOTS ANP HER BUDDIES FUED HAUMAN SHEER EGO. WE WANTED TO SHOW Off HIS POWER. HE KNOWS WE HAVE NOTHING ON HIM BUT HEARSAY THAT WE CAN'T PROVt IK COURT. t CAN'T HEIP lllTINSHI.SV. PROOF OR NO PROOF, t KNOW HE'S FATHER'S MURDERER KEEP A CIO5E ,WATCH ON BREVITT'S AWRTMENT BOIID1N6 AT/SU TIMES. IFIci- URE THIS CRIB6 — OR KF.EBS-- \VJUTRV TOCO>n&CT HIM. 1'tL SHOW THAT SMART AlKX BRIEF HE CAN'1 THE XW. was brewing. NO A/1AIL EXCEPT TWO Bills AK0AN AOVEKTISEME^fr. IETS60 BACK 0)JT 70 BESSEMER HILL •>'O'JR TWSiG'i KsP ft WORSt WO VIC,WHY DO VOU 50PPOSE TOE BRIEF PAID 1HAT CftU OM INSPECTOR GROW THIS MORNING AND PRACTICALl tAfJfiHCO in HIS FACl?

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