The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, AUGUST 18, Drouth in Mid-West May Veto United States Foreign Policy By Curtailing Grain Production By GAVNOR MAUUOX NKA Staff Correspondent CHICAGO, Aug. 18.—The hot lirenth of drouth blowing ncross the nation's corn-producing states today holds veto power over America's now foreign policy—ami over the Justice Department's new plan to halt increasing food prices by prosecution. Unless the rains conic quickly, top-ranking experts in" the grain and food industry predict.: + •LTTHEmUl (AKKJ COUROEK NEWS 1. No cor:' shipments of any consequence, v.ill go to Europe tills season (lust year we shipped 110 million bushels). 2. A rut in \vlieat shipments (ft Kurojic wheat will be used at home to substitute for a shurl corn truj). 3- A stumpcJle of cattle to market in Iow.".radi: condition, tlc- pri';sjii£ prices temporarily but causing lighter meat supplies uc\t .vear, with consequently higher priecs. '. A price rir'c in milk, fowl, eggs and butter; a minor rise, figure*! in pennies, in packaged corn pro- duels such as starches, cereals and desserts. The price <>f corn today is admittedly a weather affair. Many important leaders in the food field, however, are icluctaiil to discuss costs of merit, hogs., and other foods directly dependent on the corn crop in view of the justice Department's investigation — and threatened prosecution — into increasing prices. But sonic of tile leading grain and food executives, in exclusive statements to NBA Service, went on record with their outlook of food prices in relation to the corn crop and the drought. The effect o< our aid to Europe i.s a big ]>ait (,< the picture. Last year's lecord corn crop was 3.3 billion bushels, and the yearly average is 2.75 billion. Anything! less than 2.7 this veav would mean n serious shortage, warns Herman Steen. executive vice president of tile Millers NJ-.Uonal Federation, and less than 2.6 "would be a national calamity." The Department of Agriculture's Aug. 11 prediction for this year's corn ciop was 2.GG billion bushels. "When corn fa in short supply and wheat is available," said Stccn, "wheat is fed extensively to livestock. we do p.ol know now how much this substitution would a- nionnt to this year, but based on past performances, it could be 100 to 200 million bushels. There is a close relationship between the feeding or Europe and the size of om- corn crop, eve'i though little corn is exported. A Khort corn crop means a cut in available supply of wheat for foreign countries. David Thompson, former editor of Prairie Fanner and now agricultural cxpcr' for the Grocery ture liquidation of cattle and hogs. There svill be consequent price depressions and lighter meat supplies next year." A spokesman for another major packing house pointed out that already high prices of corn have made feeders reluctant to put corn into meat, and he anticipates a !an;e and unexpected quantity of poor grade meat, followed by a short supply and high prices This outlook was echoed by Wesley Hardrabcrgh, president of the American Meat IiLstitutc, who said the fear of what even a normal frost nilsht do to corn now in the tassel stage is strong among the farmers. It would mean, he said, a wet it nd soft corn lhat can't be stored or shipped advan- lageously. Milk. fowl, r^jjf, and butter will be hit by the corn crop. too. said William T. Brady, of Corn Products Refining Co. so may numerous packaged food? _ cereals, prepared desserts, cprv. syiup. corn starch, and corn oil for salad dressing. But competition between corn syrup and oil and similar products which do not use corn will keep rises ill these items to a minimum, he said. On grocery shelf items, the public will pay for the weather's damage to corn only in pennies, according to Pan! Willis, president of the Groceiy Manufacturers of America. "Manufacturers of packaged corn products," he s«id, "take the risk of on!v minor increases in finished products despite 'the heavy increase in prices of raw material, on the tlicory that over the long run, prices of raw materials will stabilize." Manufacturers , linns Stan's n out that a I'.a-. bushels wi . \K\:> needs only uuci Europe. Grain fac'cr mann, vice pite' f America, con- -sriiction, pointing tiV of" 2:5 -lii'tUnn . care of do-.uv.r ; Ic^ve nothing fo.- Richard F. IJhl- cnt of the Chicane Hoard of*, strs i. -.v.-i-" cf relief if rain conrs before the last week in Aj'j,/;;. but adds "Ui- l.»ti fortnight h.u Itkcn. considerable toil from nn a'ur.dy small corn crop." CATTLE "STAMl'lDE" With living (•.-.[•tl : tion s better nni meat consumption soaring, he added. the small corn crop "is going to affect I he entire cost of living. with little ch.-.ncc of any recession in meat prices even assuming that we feed very large quantities of wheat (to catlle)." The stampede of cattle to market was forscen by W. A, Netsch, vice president of Armor & Co., who said "if the present dry spell develops into nn extensive drought, it will probably result in a prema- Skirmishes Continue in Dutch-Indonesian War BATAVIA, Aug. 18. (U.P.) — Dutch troops pressed mopplng-ii): operations in central Java despite "some resistance from Indonesia! forces, a Dutch communique reported today. The Dutch also reported thai Indonesian snipers conlinitcd tlieii "usual" Iiarrassing tactics through out the East Indies. In West Java the communique said, smaVl Indonesian guerrilla bands attacked Dutch patrols near Lcuwiliang, and were repulsed "with casualties." 'Scrub TfionV Tackles d 'Monstrous' Job without u missliin vclo. "T T B''n 11- WHS i-mitiiiu-ren'ble In conic circles Mint llio Ameilcim piopo.sul would full to net the ncc- essiiry seven votes, 111',- majority requiml. lo curry n nroposnt, One well-plueed Amei Iran source Mild, however, the United slates Ihouglil 11 nlrcmly Inul lined uj> enough vnles lo carry the pro- jm.'inl If Husslii doesn't use Ihu veto. I-'rimce. Columbia and Syria could spring I lip MirjH-lst. |>y relusiiitf to vote for Iho Anievloiin re.folullon wlncli was submitted Tucsdnv bv Amerleim Deputy Deli-ante Hor- sclioi Johnson together W nj, ( |, 0 announcement thnl the United States wonli seek nelion from h, j Cenmil Assembly If a ,ioc«i»l art i It from (ho eouncll. \ SAGE SEVEN Concrete Culvert-tile Girl members of Ihc Snt-Tecn Club mid [)el;i Siginn 1'lii Uic-kletl a cnvumiui-si/i-d j.,1) when tbcv ollered to KJVC rcpiwlnctions ot prehistoric monsters, in St. GcorijoV Park, I';,!,;:,, v Albeiln lliolr ummaL scrubbmt;. 1'holo above shoxvs uirls.'some or them on 35-foot luddeis, ;'l work on "Dinny •• model of a !)U-[ool hronlosaui us. ' Britain Leans Heavily on U. S. In Emergency .LONDON 1 . .Aklfe'. 18. (UP) _ Fuel Minister Kninnuel Sliinwcll told 3 Labor pnrty rally today that iiny- one who thoiighl lliiit. Brilnin nn'l Europe conlu carry on without American^ help wns "jusL puUina Ills head into the sand." H is just wishful thinking." ho Ifurbi Charges His Son-in-Law With Abduction 18. HBVEHLY IllLLS.-Cul., Aim. (Ul'l — Violinist .Stephen Hero, __, was booked e'.'Vly loclny on it charge or slealins his two duuglilers from his rather-lii-hiw, pianist Joao It- nrbl. Iturbl signed a complaint ncciis- ..„. ... inn liero of illceally spiriting Masaid, "to suppose dial in tho pie- ''In Teresa. 10. :,n<l Maria Anlonln. sent .situation and for sonic time • 9. f ''oni Iturbl's home to New York by plane June 10. The concert pianist, :u-tor wan children In to come we <n:i remain completely independent of the United Slates " He spcke at the; Perth parly's annual rally. Shinwcll said Ihe \v;:r increased American productive capacity while impairing European economy. "Consequently." i :c said, "in the short run Europe must depend for its reconstruction to some extent on assistance from the united States." Police Kill Three Indians Celebratinglndependence MADRAS, 'Aug. 18. (UP) — Reports today said that police opened fire on Moslem nationalists at Tin- nevelly, 300 rr.llcs South of here, during an independence celebration, killing three and wounding Hair-Pulling Row In Bathroom Ends Up in Courtroom ATLANTA, Gl\., Aug. 18. (UP) — A bathroom hnhvpulling row involving Jnmes Wilson, his wife and a woman tenant ticcusert oi taking baths with the coor ajar movcil into the courts loday. Wilson admj'tei! thai he had nn i%ht to encroanh on milady's bal'.i. but he told Civil Court Judge Quincy Q. Arnold thai his wife was inside too, shouting for help. Wilson said thai he dashed into the \vtdc-opeh bathroom to bre:ik up a halr-pulline fight bcUvccn his wife and soi(p-siiddcd Mra. C. A. Jessee. the tennnl. Other tenants, the Wilsons said had complained that Mrs;' Jessee took her ind movie liven custody of the 1043 after ciniiRhtcr, Marin. separated from Hero. She committed suicide a year also. Hero \vns in-rated in Hcdlands, Gal., where he was entertaining at n music festival. Hi:; ball was sot nt S15.000 an; 1 arraignment scheduled for Monday. When lie arrived in New York wilh the children In ,/unc. he admitted "aljtliictini}" them from their grandfather bill said he did if because they were unhappy. He said he hnd lived "in ferir of violence" in the Hnrbl household for n year and decided to bring the children to his parents' home m Forest Hills "so we can be happy together." ' lubs with door open. MONEY -FOR MATRIMONY OR MATERNITY Milestones call for money. When you're getting married or expecting a new addition to the family, get the money quickly from G. C. P. C. PHONE 2328 122 W. ASH ST. BLYTHEVULE t GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE f CORPORATION We Handle Your Car With Care! i Wheel Alignment KNniiiKilc-mmcccssary expense in wear »f your lircs by letting *us keep your car in perfect alignment. 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After that Wilson made hi-, entrance, I Mrs. .lessee hailed the Wilson.-; into court nn^ charges of assault; and battery saying that the; two! Pushed into the hall bathroom and struck her. The covu-t dismissed the warrant agninst--Mrs. Wilson but bound her husband over to criminal court, under bond of S100. YOU CAN BUILD NOW! Pro-Fab Sectional Government Buildings „ lire 2(l-fl. x lll()-ri. All in fi-ft. sections, boiled. Hoof .section !>' x 12'. \Vnl)s 5' x 7'. I-'IIMM- sec- lion :V .\ ]()'. Sills, .'( pieces 2" x 8". Hnl'tei's 2" x .1" Trussi-K. Average includes 2(1 windows, 2 cloi>r.s. Kasy lo tiikc down and put up. IJiiy entire 20 x 100 or Vi cir V, as you need. All ready fur immediate delivery. While tlie.v last. $211(10 Value Only $650 Will Make Fine— t Tenant Houses, Tourist Camps, Hunting, Fishing Lodges, Farm Buildings, Stores, Barns. BOSLEY WRECKING CO. Dycrshurc, Tcnn. Army Air Huso. III. M, 1 Mile North oi Hulls 10 Milcx Smilli of llycrsburc Mr. Koslcy, M((r. 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