Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 1, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1891
Page 3
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The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. D. E. PEYOR The Druggist handles the purest drugs which the market produces.-— PRESCRIPTIONS A specialty. S1G E. Bpoaday st. Attoutloii Logausport Post No. 14. Your committee whose duty it was to prepare a program for the twenty- fifth anniversary of our order, to be held on Monday evening-, April 6th, wish to say that we find the ladies who have charge of the Free Readin Rooms, have prepared at great expense and labor, an entertainment to be given at Dolatfs opera house on the same evening, April C, the object being- to raise money for their library which is for the benefit of the public. After consultation with many members of the post, we have concluded to make their program ours for that evening, they have promised to introduce some special features for us. We would urge every member of the post to attend, and thus celebrate the anniversary of our organization, and at the same time give aid and encouragement, to a worthy public enterprise. KODXEV STRAIN, J. E. PAHKJJK, A. F. CURTIS, Committee. A WORK UNSURPASSED. The Americanized Encyclopedia In the Mcttt Edition Ever iNNiicd. RAILROAD EUMB1INGS. Real Estate. FOP Sale orTrade . In all parts of Logansport. Residence and Business "property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E, N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek, Broadway Sherman's Memoirs, 1,000 WRITTEN BY HIMSELF, WITH AN APPENDIX BT Hon. JAMES G. BL.AIXE. f.' only booh Issued from which bis family derive any •oroflt. CHARLES L. WEBSTER & COMPANY Sole ?ubMshere, 3 East 14th St.i New York city. tio*i»el Temperance Meeting. J. B. ("Buck") Stanley, the earnest and effective temperance advocate, began a crusade against the liquor curse in the North Side union hall last evening which, he will continue for a week. He is assisted by Jay Powell whose cornet stirs the singers up. The hall was packed with, a crowd anxious to hear Mr. Stanley and his earnest talk was listened to with the closest attention. Since staating out on his crusade Mr. Stanley has improved greatly as a public speaker and his speech is full of vigor and force. At the close of his talk an earnest call was made for pledge signers and more than seventy persons responded, among whom were a cum-. ber of men who have been confirmed drinkers for years. It is hoped that their good resolution will be adhered to. These meetings will be continued for one week and much good is expected to result. Mielts' Weather for April. Clear, frosty weather will follow the storms of the 1st and £d, until about the 5th it will turn warmer, with cloudiness and rains. The 9th to 12th is. shown in Calendar as next storm period. April rains, hailstorms, with, snow in the north, may be expected. Frost and cold will follow. April showers will gather into heavier storms about the IGth and 17th. The 22d, and 23d and 24th are regular storm days, in which rain and hail storms will occur. A very warm atmosphere, with electric clouds, may admonish of danger. In the north, snow need not surprise, followed by the regular fall of temperature, perhaps to freezing. There are reasons to expect storms abo.u't the 28tL and 29th. April ends cool to cold. It is a fact that it is now more than fifteen years since the first volume of the ninth and last edition of the "Encyclopedia Britannica' 1 was issued. This original edition is intended for use by Englishmen in England. The "Americanized Encyclopedia Britinnica" is the same work revised and amended for use by Americans in America.. It is compiled "up to date," and is for sale only by the Journal or its authorized representative. Call at the office and examine the work, or drop us a postal card and our representative will call on you with sample copies. Read the following testimonials: LoGANsroKT, Feb. 19, 1891. I have examined the plan and scope of the "Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica." It has the following advantages over the original: 1. It brings knowledge down to a later date from two to fifteen years. 2. It includes the biography of living persons. 3. Although it condenses and curtails some of the English articles, its articles upon American subjects are fuller, more perfect and complete. 4. Very fine and correct maps of the States are given. 5. Except on subjects touching special professions, the work is a decided improvement for the general reader. 6. The cost is only about one-fourth of the original. HORACE P. BIDDLE. ciiiK Iroin tlic Note-Book of Our Hallway Reporter— PoliitN Per- MOiial and Otherwise. Instead o r discharging men in the shops of the Pennsylvania company at Indianapolis, they will work ten hours five days of the week, and but five hours on Saturday. This is Superintendent Darlington's idea of the best,method to reduce shop expenses Train 21, coming West over the Pennsylvania lines, on Sunday made the run from Columbus in four hours and thirty minutes. The train sheet shows that, deducting time for stops ind slacking speed, the run was made in three hours and forty-five minutes: distance, 188 miles. From Columbus to Bradford ten cars were hauled in the trrin; from Bradford to Indianapolis six cars. It is intimated that, with the taking effect of the Pennsylvania Company's summer time-schedule, the running time of trains Nos. 20 and 21 will be shortened at least another hour. As these trains are now scheduled the run from here to New York or return is made in twenty-four hours, and the Vanderbilt lines and the Big Four make the run in twenty- four hours and ten minutes. So long as the Vanderbilt lines and the Big Four were two hours longer than the Pennsylvania in making the run between these points the latter company rested easy, but the present time annoys them somewhat. A _ (EFFECTUAL? GUINEA A BOX.' PAINLESS. ®&~ WORTH For BILIOUS ft .NERVOUS DISORDERS Such as Wind and Pain in tfiv Stomach, Fullness and Swelling after Meals Dizxmess, and Drowsiness, ColdChills.Flushinys of Heat. Loss -of Appetite Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Scurvy, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations Ac THE rlRST DOSE WILL CIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES ' BEEOHAM'S PILLS TAKEN AS DIRECTED RESTORE FEMALES TO COMPLETE HEALTH For Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc., l??inn hrhf fA0IC.Stnng1JienIng the muscular System, restoring long-lost < U1TH u£ e , F b ;' c V', 6 * ec " ""O" °/°WMe, and arousing with ihe ROSEBOl . ~ —., Com- \ . ana arousing with ihe ROSEBUD OF C o buman Iramo. One of the bfist Kimrantoes Just the same, AND 50 DOES Pianos Tuned, $1.50 For the purpose of introducing my work to the musical people of Logansport f have reduced my price lor tuning Pianos, J2.5C to $1.50. I also keep on hand a full supply of repairing material. Pianos repollshed, restrung, new hammers, tone regulated, action rewalted, the touch changed heavy or light. First-class work. S3 years experience. Orders by mail or left at Allen Hlchard- son,s, 414 fourth Street- Organs as above. marlldSm W. ». CAPKON. Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING-APRIL 1. Still Improving. A Washington special says: "Mrs. Owen continues to improve in health slowly, but surely. Mr. and Mrs. Owen have both had severe attacks of illness, and both are in an enfeebled condition of health. As soon as Mrs. Owen is strong enough for travel, probably next week, they will go to Old Point Comfort, Va., for a few days and then go to Logansport and on to Mrs. Owen's old home at Logan, la., for a visit and recuperation. LOGANSPOKT, Ind. Feb. 20, 1891 I have examined with much care the : 'Americanized Encyclopedia Briti- annica" issued by Belford, Clarke & Co., of Chicago, in ten volumes. To the average man this is superior to the original edition in twenty-four volumes. It retains all the substance and omits only the details of the original edition. Having occasion to investigate the subject of Mexico I found all the substantial facts I needed in a half dozen pages. Not the least of its merits are the.maps, all of which have the last nail roads and the new discoveries, notably those of Africa. In cheapness in price, convenience of reference and fullness and accuracy of facts, the Encyclopedia is just the thing a busy man needs, either for personal or family use. D. P. BALDWIN. LoGANsroRT, Feb. 21, 1891. I have examined the "Americanized Encyclopedia Britinnica," and cordially recommend it as a valuable addition to any home library. The work is complete, condensed, concise, and is "up to date." and at once meets the wants of both the'student and the business man. It is 'cheap and within the reach of most American homes and is precisely the reference work 'needed, as nearly all that which was so tediously exhaustive in the Ency- clopenia Britannica on subjects of English geography and history, is condensed to make room for American history and biographies. E. B. MCDONNELL. Beecham's Pills cures sick head ache. • d6t Make your ice contracts with John Baker, and you are certain to be supplied. mch25dtf Bed lounges of the best .make and very reasonable at Rodifer's, No. 316 Broadway. mar29d6n&wl^ The place in town to be suited in trunks and valises is Rodifer's, No. 316 Broadway, and don't you forget .it. ' mar29d6t£wlt SSILOH'S CURE will ^immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis Sold by B. F. Kees.' ling 8 George Rodifer, at 316 Broadway, has just received a fine lins of baby carriages at reasonable prices. mar29d6t&wlt Short breath, palpitation, pain in chest, weak or faint spe.lls, etc., cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. Sold at B. F. Keesling's <*) CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal injector free. Sold by B. F. Kees ing • 3 Miss Cora Annis has the exclusive agency for Memoirs of Sherman, written by himself,, for Cass county.. Any other work than the one she has is not reliable. mch24d5t THE REV. GEO. H. THAVER, of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consumptive Curs. Sold by B. F. . Keesling 6 On Monday, March 23, the Chinese Laundry on Third street, commeBced cutting prices on work as follows: White shirts, 8 cents; collars, li cent and'cuffs, 4 cents. mar29d3t How's This! We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward tor case ol Catarrh that cannot be cured by taking I ^"' , ""'" "" Hall's Catarrh Cure. I for reference. F.-J. CHENEY & Co., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last lo years, and believe him' perfectly honorable In all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by their firm. WEST * TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.jWALDING, JONNANd; MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tha system. Price "5c. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. LOGANSPOKT, Feb. 23, 1891 I have examined a volume of the •Americanized Encyclopedia Britan- j nica," and consider it a valuable work j for reference. Something of this kind should be in the library of every student. H. A. SEARIGHT, Sup't, Cass County Schools. . It was Mr. Emerson who said "the wealth is health," and it was a wiser than the modern philosopher who said that "the blood is the life," The system, like the clock, runs down. It •needs winding up. The blood gets poor and scores of diseases result. It needs a tonic to enrich it. A certain wise doctor, after years of patient study, discovered a medicine which purified the blood, gave tone to the system, and made men—tired, nervous, brain-wasting men—feel like • new. He called it his ' -Golden Medical Discovery." It has been sold for years, sold by the million of bottles, and people found such satisfaction in it that Dr. Pierce, who discovered it. now feels warranted in selling it under a positive guarantee of its doing good in all cases. Perhaps it's the medicine for you Your's wouldn't be the first case of scrofula or salt-rheum, skin disease, or lung disease, it has cured when nothing else would. Theti-ial's worth making, and costs nothing. Money refunded if it don't do you good. Uncle Hiram Homespun. .A strong, well-balanced play is "Uncle Hiram," holding its interest to the end, while its comedy elements are in the highest degree entertaining-. As the unsophisticated but withal de- cidely sharp old farmer, Hiram Homespun,, Mr. A. H. Woodhull has broad .opportunity for the exercise of bis ex- :Cellent talents as an author, and does so with irresistible effect upon the risibilities of the audience. It is an immensely catching individualization. The play is produced with fine scenery especially painted for it. Its rep- resentationoto-morrow evening will be greatly enjoyed, as 'will also" the splendid music provided by the '•'Uncle Hiram" orchestra and brass band, a notable combination of artists. MADE ONLY BY N.K.FAIRBANK&.CO. CHICAGO^ A POSITIVE CURE FOR ALL -FEMALE DISEASES. SOME SYMPTOMS: ^^S^o^^ir:^n^Sa^S^^^ Joiver part of bowels'. Greatsorenwss iaresron'-f ovaries, Bladder difficulty Preaiient nrinit- tions, Leiioorrhoea., Constipation ol bowels, and with all tbeso svmptoms a terrible nprvmm feellnffis experienced by the patient. THE OBAJSGE BLOSSOM TJKEATAIBXT removpsaJi these by a thorough process of absorption. <-»<M. A LdGAI APPLIGATIHN • p?rfe f\ rh T^ Giss '^ bic ^ everrlad 5 rcanus «' lje K e i f - ^ed- n muni. KriLIUHIIUH icmes token iaternally vrill never relieve the many formn^of female weakness. The remedy must be applied to the parts to obtain permanent relief. A PI AIN TAI If Tfl I A111 F^l !n our circular - ^^ yo«r druggist for one, or send two ILHIH IHLI\ IU LHUILOcent stamp to home oOioe for sample box and circular" EVERY LADY CAN TREAT HERSELF. 0. B. Pile Bemedy. 0. B. Catarrh Cure. $1.00 FOR ONE MOUTH'S TREATMENT. -PKEPABED BY- O. B. Stomach Powder*. O. B. Kidney Oonei. J. A. McGILl, M. D., & CO., 2 & 4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHIBASO, ILL £ FOR SALE BY BiF . KEESLIXG and JOHXSTON BROS, W. J. HUGHES & SONS CO. WHOJUESAliE DOORS, SASH, BLINDS, LUMBER. N.^W. Cor. Fourteenth, and Maple Sis! 1 LOUSVILLE, KY. In Capable Hands. Rev. and Mrs. S. W. Brown were guests at the New Kobins House at Crawfordsville over Sunday and speak in the highest terms of praise of all the appointments of the new hoteL under the management of Mr. Jones, formerly of the Murdock of this city: The Knights Templar of Crawfordsville banquet at - the New Robins Thursday evening next. J. P. C. The Junior Prayer Circle, composed of boys of from twelve to sixteen years of age, met Sunday at 4 f. m. and elected the following officers for three months; Pres.—Alex Boyer. Vice Pres.—Robert Matthews. Sec.—Chas. Garrett. Treas.—Bert Patterson. A Good Work Commended. Midland Mechanic, Kansas City: The Trades Assembly of Logansport, Ind., has, after, a few montha' fight, succeeded in having established a park, to be kn own as Assembly Park. There should be more of the same work done by labor organizations in other cities. Henry Renn departed yesterday for Ft. Wayne on a week's visit to his daughter. Use J. B. L. Blood and Liver Tonic. ' eod&w DR. J. MILLER & SONS—Gents: I can speak in the highest praise of your Vegetable Expectorant. I was tolft by my physician that I should never be better; my case was very alarming. I had a ohard cough, difficulty in breathing, and had been spitting blood at times for six weeks. I commenced using the Expectorant and got immediate relief in breathing. I soon began to get better, and in a short time 1 was entirely cured, .and I now think my lungs are sound.—Mrs. A. E Turner. dec7d&w6m Randolph, Mass. Dr. E. M. Hatch, a Homcepathic physician, has recently located in the city in the McCaffrey ^ block—Sixth and Broadway. Dr. Hatch comes highly recommended, he having been, employed in Green Hospital, Detroit, Mich., for five years prior to living- here. His residence is No. 1122 High street. d&w See the new carpets at the Trade Palace, the largest stock ever shown in the city. Gems in colorings, out only twelve days; Don't fail to see them. WILE BE THERE SURE.—If you sell potatoes from a measure with a false bottom, you. will find on the judgment day that the measure will be there, too, If you. buy a bottle of Dr. White's Pulmonaria you will find it the best cough remedy you ever used and full scripture measure. to6 Excursion to Indianapolis. On account of State Encampment G. A. R,, the Pennsylvania line will sell excurson tickets to Indianpolis and return for all trains April 6th to 9th, at one fare, $2.35 for the round trip. Tickets good to return until April 10, inclusive. mar29dyt IMention this paper. dewUkrwlj Brown leghorn ESK* for Sale, twenty-five cents 'per '13. Drop a card or' call on me. Ed Washburu, 164 Smith street, (Smithtown) city. Dr. A. G.'.-• Miller, .,of,South Bend, will be at the Murdock House Thursday and.Friday of this week. • Consultation free.- ' - ,aprld2t . Rodifers .furniture store is full.and complete. • Gall at No. 316 Broadway, and see his stock. mar29d6t*wlt A. Foul-mouthed Woman is even worse than a foul-mouthed man. But no one need be foul-mouthed if they will only use SOZODONT and rub it in well. Doa't spare the brush and spoil the mouth as some parents do with their children when they withhold the rod, to29 lor Sale* Two cottages on Tenth and Toledo streets. One two-story house corner of Tenth and Spear streets. These houses are all new in first-class order vrith gas and water. " Cheap for cash or part on time. mar28dtf War. HAGENBUCK. IWilliuery. Just returned from . Chicago with a complete line of spring , millinery. Call and examine before buying, at 32" Market street. mar26d6t ADELIA BHOWN. Biliousness, ,constipatioa, torpid liver, etc., cured by Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills. Free samples at B. F.. Keesling's. (3) Worth Its Weight In Gold. If a price can be placed on pain, Mother's Friend" is worth its weight in gold as an alleviator. My wife suffered more in ten minutes with either of her two children than she did altogether with her last, having previously used four bottles of "Mother's Friend." It is a blessing to any one expecting to become a mother, says a customer of mine. HENDERSON DALE, Druggist, Carmi, Illinois. Write the Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by Ben. Fisher & Co. to5 Rodifer, at 316 Broad A'ay, is rapidly getting to be the people's outfitting store. Baby carriages, bed lounges, furniture of all kinds, trunks, valises, and anything else you want ' at very reasonable' prices. Call and see. mar29d6t&wlt Good Pasture. Good pasture for cattle, 75 cents a month, just east of Seventeenth bridge, south- of Wabash river. Inquire at toll gate. ' mar28dot WHY WILL you cough when Shiloh s Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents, 50 cents and fl. Sold by B. F. Keesling. 7 . SLEEPLESS NIGHTS made miserable by tha.t terrible, cough. Shiloh's Cure is the. remedy for you. Sold by B. F Keesling. . 2 THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly : cured by. Shiloh's. Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by . B. F. Keesling 1 A Little Girl's Experience In- a Lfght- , lioune. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott are keepers of the Government Lighthouse at Sand Beach, Mich., and are blessed with a daughter, fouryears old. Last April she was taken, down .with the measels, followed with,:a- dreadful cough and turning into a fever. Doctors at home and at -Detroit treated her, but in vain, she grew worse rapidly, until she was a mere "handful of bones." Then she, tried Dr. King's New Discovery and after the use of two and a half bottles, was completely cured. They say Dr. King's "New Discovery is worth its weight in gold, yet you may get a trial bottle free at B. F. Keesling's drug store. 6 An Excellent Medicine! . --My wife and myself were in bad health for some fifteen years. I chanced to be looking over one of Simmons Liver Regulator almanacs and saw.. A. H. Stevens' arid Bishop Pierce's names to testimonials. I then obtained some- of the Regulator, and can heartily recommend the Liver Regulator to my- friends as an excellent medicine." Z. E. HARRISON, M. D., to 5 Gordonsville, Va, Dr. Koch, with the assistance-ofthe; German government, may have discovered a lymph that will cure consumption, hut hew much belter it would be to prevent it by the timely use of Pine-apple Syrup. It will do it as well as cure your coughs, colds and sore throats. It acts wonderfully in cases of cr.oup. Mothers should not be without it. F.or sale by J. F Coulsoo & Co. . to&

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