The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1948
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 1JMS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms BLYTHKVIU.B (ARK.) COUR1KR NBWS IT'S ^ORSE \ TO HAVE'EM J GO THAT / FAR WITH \ HIM AN' HAV6 TH' DOOR ) SHUT OW f 1OU/ J IT MUST BE V6RV IRRITATIM' TO HAVB OU BOYS &O 'THAT PAR WITH HIM' YE6, Miss AIRV, I SUPPose I VJOHfl SAY IT, BOT 1WATT AMGUT APPECT THE THE EPFfcCT OM .r.. .£,..'.,.'.,','.<! ..THE PISCQNM6.CTIO Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople PAGE NINB DDT Improved, Renamed DDD, Expert ReporVs LITTLE ROCK, Arlc., Jnn 23 <UP>— Arkansas' 1940 malaria ami '.ypnus control programs will be discussed by R group representing the United states Public Health Ser- flce and the Slate Boai-<t of Health here today. Yesterday the group heard H, A. Johnson. Memphis sanitary engineer of the U.S. Malaria Investigations Bureau, say that experiments with DDD have produced favorable results In tests against mosnuHa larvae. DDD is a milder solution ^|at the well-publicized DDT. ^¥ Johnson said the new solution lias proved effective in killing mosquito larvae at greater distances nncl is ICSA dan;;crous to fish arm other animal li!c. Old Rifle Range Sought for Experimental Forest LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 23 lUPl —Establishment of an experimental forest on the 886-ncre rifle range at aid Camp Pike in PuJaskl county may be possible under terms of an act pending In Congress. Hendrlx Lackey, director of the Arkansas Resources and Development. Commission, said todav that his group had filed an application for the property through the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The land would be made available to state agencies under terms of the Wlierry bill. Lackley said that if e.stabJishcd. the farm would be supervised by Fred Lang, state director of forests ant] parks. The rifle range adjoins Fort RooU and lie.i entirely in Pulaski county I Ironting on the Arknmas River. OFFICE By Adelaide Humphries r, IUC. With the Courts Chancery Edna Hopibt.s vj AV. H. Roljerts, *uit lor divorce. Joy L. Poley \' 5 . Joe Folcy. suit lor divorce. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, C1IICK- ASAWBA DtSTRICT. STATE OF ARKANSAS. tn« Cable Worts Plantff v s. No. 10,338 Jnm« J. A. Works Defendant. The Defendant. James J. A. Works, Is hereby warned to appear In this Court and answer the complaint of th e Plaintiff, Inez Cable Works, within 30 days, »nd upon TIIK STOHYl Jtintc* Illlarr, l>opulNr an* hnntlhumr Harlrly dnr_ Inr Krlc lliiir>niok. run* hi* ulllcr for him. niitM llllle llrKy JJI H ^ • liltiNtrrlnK 3U»M Willow*, oni- of nnd Iruvr, Minn Wlll, JM » rrii]lt-«f cur*! II 1 . m pity, n tfrrlhlr pit.." Jnr.lcc >lll«rr -rlur,,. k.imr "... thl» pnrllculnr rfar In *nJ u *ur. |irl*»- vUllnr. n I- Mm .Arohi-r. • oMMhixid trlrnd, Imck iiflfr Ihrtr* yrnrn ovrrnrn*. Il«-n allll Ruiirur* In hf In Invr wllk Jantrr. •lihnuich cmrrjiiArmcnl. llr ,]<t«..s nnl npprnT« of hrr bring n career Blrl. r rt)NlGHT Miss Willon-s was having an orgy. She was (joing through sonic o[ her treasures. She 'was enjoying a nostalgic pleasure few collectors of (he rarest prizes ! seldom entertained. For tonight, 'alone in her little fiat, she w;is i Looking over some of the memen- i Iocs of the years spent in Dr. Hoi- brook's employ. There were cards and ribbons saved from every gift the doctor | had given her. And there hart been [a gift upon every occasion; flow- j ers or candy untiJ Janice Hilary had started purchasing ever/ gift Dr. Holbrook gave, even the ones that went to his wife. Janice always chose something rot only fitting but miraculously just what one wanted. I wonder, Miss Willows thought, repacking a box of handkerchiefs u-hich Janice had "elected and which v.-ere far too fine to carry and risk losing, I wonder if the doctor's wife minds that his oflice j nurse purchases the gifts her hiis: band gives her. Birthday and I Christmas and anniversary prcs- ; ents. and only recently Ell the new iairpkmc luggage, when Mrs. Hol- 1 brook had decided, suddenly, to j hy lo t'ranee. J "So it's France this time, is it? Miss Willows had said, setting her mouth in a prim line of <lis;i|i- jroval when Janice had conlided the destination of their employer's: wife's mosl recent (rip. "Cnddiiii; all over the «lobi>. You'd think a « ifc would stay by her husband's side at leasl part of the lime. Hut each season seems to call for some special place—Florida, liar llnr- bor, Bermuda, SaiHlogu, Lake I'lacid—and now Fiance." "Mrs. llolbrook has some property in Franco." Janice had reminded her. "It's only nulurnl that she should want to go see about it now thai the war's over." "I should think she couhl jiay somebody to do Hint for her." Miss Willow.'; hail remained unconvinced. "With all her money. All the fine houses she owns everywhere. She oin,'litn'l to leave the doctor so much and so long. The poor man cannot have much of a home life. And a man «s busy as he ccrlainly needs thiil. Hut Mrs. llolbrook—" , • • • ^O yon know, I've never seen Mrs. Holbrook," Janice hod interrupted. "Is she as beautiful as her portrail?" "She's beautiful, all ri^ht." Miss Willows had not sounded, however, as though she approved of the kind o( beauty the doctor's wife possessed any more than she approved of her habits. "It's too bad," Janice had said, "that they haven't any children." "She wouldn't want children." Miss Willows had sniffed. "She couldn't lake that much time out from her travels nncl entertaining. Besides, it might spoil her lovely figure." No, Miss Willows made no secret of the fact that she thoroughly disapproved of Mrs. Holbrook. She had not approved of Janice Hilary, either, when (he young nurse had first come to lake the place of the nurse who had left because her mother was ill. Aga- Iha Willows had no mother, nor nny llvirm relative who coultl linvc DCOII Iniporinnt cnouxli to cnust her to leave Dr. llolbmok. No one. nothing, could be tlmt important. That had been wlmt she had mcnnt wlicti sbc Inid told Hetty lani! that Ms llil;iry wuvilil nevei riuil. No one who worltnl for the (lorlor «?\'or \>'nnled Ui lf;ive. "It's .1 pity—n terrible |)ity." sbo iinil said, not knowing wluil lind n)atl<r her sny it. SLill. il w»H. Kur if .lanicc Hilary sliiycd on wilb Dr. llulbrook, ns of course site would, she would never be nblc to leave. Kvcn i( some youiiR man, .« Betty Jane had suggested, should urge her lo. And Miss Willows no longer resented or disapproved of Janice llilliry. .She had become, Indeed, very fond o( the young nurse during Hies* past four years of close association. fifAYBE, Miss Willows decided, I ought to sny something to her. What could she say? -See here, Janice, unless you watch your step you'll walk the snmc chalk mark I follow. The same straight lint to doom: to adore find serve—almost worship—« man who could never return even a degree of that devotion. Or who, should he ever want to do such • thing, would not dare. Or if he dared, still he could offer nothing more than for the woman to go on tending and curing for him. Miss Willows did not know how she could be so certain that there could never be more than those stale crumbs for any woman who gave her heart to the doctor. Yet she did. She knew it with almost as much cerlainty as she knew that Janice Hilary would not be able to resign from her position unless the unforeseen made her resignation necessary. Mis. Holbrook was not the sort of wife who got—or gave—a di- voicr. And Janice, being a nice girl, was not the sort lo have anything to do with a man who could not offer her marriage. Dear me! Miss Willows thought, I ought not lo Ihtnk such things- riot about Dr. Holbrook and Janice. II wasn't as though either of them were in love will] the other. (To Be Continued) Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; 81u T. L. MABRY W MISSOURI ST. PH. S8ZJ tils failure to tlo so the complaint | in said cause will b« tnken as con- j fe.ssed. Given under my hand ;md soil; this 32 day of January, 104B. \ HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Dorothy Conley, D. C. ! D. r. Tnylor, Jr., Ally. 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