The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 1D47 BLYTHEVILLB (AKKJ COURIER Memphians Bag Big Elephants Brooks Trio Kills Two Giants on Trip Deep into Africa By VIRGINIA WALTON RKOOKS The Berry B. Brooks E.xpcdlllr>,: from Memphis d^e-,} into Africa observed Independence Day by en- terini; Ihe tlc;>liant country and both the exiKdit'ion leader and Ills daughter, Vlrsi'iii,. 14. made kills. Bach day the hunters arose .•>' j 4:30 a.m. '.T bi-Rln their noiseless, cautious trek in search of big game. The novices •«•••? n.ilialcd into the art of spooring, and trained to search for thj herd Lulls. .' E!cpii-..nt trophies are measurad !>y the size or the f.isK of the '1.1. ipal winch falls t:eior'.> a ("ante'- 8,1111 and ft is the ambition of the huntsmen lo gel a 100 pound tusk. Berry and Virginia walked yearly 100 miles before their elephant l|iint was successful. They passed U|) more than 150 shots, befo'c finding animal:; selected for the kills. Three separate camps '.vere established during the elephant hunt and the sites ranged from tlie Equator to near Italian Som- allhncl, 50 miles from the Indian Ocean. We nicknamed our local trackers the following descriptive names: Slinklc, Skunkie, Lousy, Ragamuffin. Gunny Sack, and Semitic. When the natives want to impress a hunter that he has seen a really big elephant he gestures that the giant has such colossal lusks that he is forced to walk backwards. When the local trackers came to report on the elephant Inat Berry was -to bag they did not greatly exaggerate his size for truly he was a monarch with beautifully syni- riiclrical, black ivory tusks. He towered 10 feet 0 inches at his t, great shoulders. His massive feet ? made great tracks. Berry was on the spoor from 10:30 in the mom- ing until 4:15 In the afternoon before he had his first glimpse of his quarry. Tho cmiatoiial sun was scorching, the 1-i'nters were thirsty, hungry an'l extremely tired but they pluggcO on. The wind chang- PAGE THREE Bagging Big Game in /Africa rAbove) Miss Virginia Brooks, daughter of Mr. and Mis. Berry Brooks of Memphis is shown with lion she killed while hunting in Africa. <rtlghti The members of the EJrooks Trio are shown here with another trophy of the hunt. Mrs. Brooks on right thcformcr Virginia Walton of Blytheville, is the aulhor member ol the hunl- ing party. Loyalty Probe To Include All U.S. Employes WASHINGTON. AUK. 10. lUP) — The federal uovc'iimicnt officially set out today to purge Its H.OOOOOt)- workcr payroll ( ,i ,>u persons dis- loya to the United stales and ils ideals The "loyally" investigation, ordered by PrcMitenl Trillium lust March, will bo a.mlurtcd under tlu- jurlsdlclUm of die civil Service Commission. Government cxpeiLs estimated thai it will , ake mm . 0 tlian a year t,, complete. Before I he task Is finished the FBI will have cbrclicil llie record of ovory sovcnunent employe to determine whether or not. hu or .-.lie Ls loyal (o the us. six and one-half tons. The hunter.- had jusl reKnrncd to a belated lunch at camp Ihe next day when an excited while robed child ran breathless and shaking into camp to relate thai he had just .seen a colossal elephant at the nearby walerhole. Dubiously we tore out after the earnest child, Mobamed, to verify his judgment of an elephant worlh pursuing. There was Virginia's quarry Inking a mid-afternoon bath at the waterhole as he showered himself with his trunk. It took only one glance to note that he carried" well over two hundred pounds of Ivory in his huge bulky tusks. Virginia showed her usual calm and made her first shot count. The wind was on the right quarter but an ivory laden' elephant quickly smells the approach of man to start the rumbling noise of the stomach and Ihe flapping of Ihe ears. He threw his ed co'nlinually~to harassTlieTiunl- hciul nlKl trll!li: "P^ai'ds in an at- Ixnisy and" tiic ' c " is I> osi t io n. his small, beady eyes were malicious as he spread today nn ,| (tlch lllnn | n hereafter until M ; tich 31. 10-18 every government n W n<-y ( , nl | di'iiaiimcn', must S lvc the PHI a list ol about 15 per rait ol u.s totnl personnel. .These lists will be accompanied by "loyalty c |, 0( . k f 0 ,., lls i. )„ wn | ( .|, employes win K i ve tll ,,[,. f ,, n ^ ni n. flcation. <>i-(!uiilnlloniil tics, jobs and residences (or (lie last 10 yrir.s. fl'lie Fin «i|| check these lists against its own tiles, mid those of other Kuvermneiu yioiips inclmltnu the House Un/Miici-lcim AclH'lUrs Coiumitlce. 'If anylhin;; suspicious Is tinned up. Hie Mil will unit,. a 'field InvcsHHuiioiV o[ the em- ploye and rcixirt its findings to the commission. Pcmiscot County Drivers Among 'Most Careless' CARTII'EKS'VJI.iLE, Mo,, Wu-j, 18. -Jl'cmisvot Counly highway useis rank second In Southeast Missouri counties us the ."most, careless", according to figures released by State lltahwuy Patrol headquarters at Poplar li:uff. These Jinnies cover tlic first half of 11M7, diillnij from January 1st. Durlii);' that period, six lives have been lost, and 63 lilgliwuy accidents have occurred In 1'e.mlseot County, •with tola] property damage listed lit $23,192. Durln- July, there were cUht highway, aecidenls in Poml.scol County, ttltli one denlh and 13 licr- sons Injured. in ( | proiierty danmgo lor July was |>laral nt $2,070, Cape Olrardcau County ranks, Ilr.-it ainont! Southeast, Mlssoiirl counties. In total propel'Ly damage as ii-sull of hlnhway nccldcinlfi, wit $24,'itlO, since January 1, 1M7. New Madrid leads In number of highway fatalities for the first half o 11) 17, with II lives lost. If the clot, medically Identified'.*!} ", uhnonary cmbolliin, £hou)d cu-< urge enough to step the flow of lood, It would cause certain death', factors said a» examination would- • he made af soon as possible to see the clot is bclnit ellmiiialifd. The entire secUon of the big wooden hospital where-hte room to- ocalcd was closed to visitors.' A i\irse kept coiulant vigil at his bedside. .- ••'• Read Courier News Want Alls DREIFUS' WEDDING BANDS Exceptionally Lew Priced < by a ruling l,e had .made, i Ilio Jury delliK-rnlcd only 15 minutes nftci- hcarini; testlm'imy tiom Dr. Winfrcd Ovcrholscr. St. Ettm- oclhs llosp;nii psychiatrist, Hint Kaiser Is .suffering from "nil or- liiinlc brain disease." l'i'C'5i<toiU lllr.imo Mnrinliio o[ Paraguay has abandoned Iho i-clrel-bcsii'i'.i'd cupiliil nl Asuncion and moved Ms jtnvcrninonl ti> Pilar, MO mites smith of tlio I'upitul, say Ai-fjeulino reports. *- Ticks can live cinlil ii'.unlhs without wilier and thine years without Ic'od. Ktlenlisls report. Bilbo's Condition Takes Grave Turn, Doctors Report 'NftW OltLHANS. AUK. HI. (UP) — Senntor-Klcta Theodoru O. Uilbo loiiuhl HRiiliuil death tcjdny with tile same stubbornness Unit was tlic trademark of his four decades In Mississippi and national politics. illiloo developed a blood clot In One of the turner vessels Suiidny •and for the rirat, time since ills prolonged lllmvis from cunrcr doctors lit l-'oundatlon Hospital admitted thai he Is in it serious condition. ers' progress. Suddenly Skunkie snot out in a 100-yird (ir«h that noukl have broken the Olympic i-e^ird. Eciry thought '-hey ha.1 j topped on p. python ,>r bren chn/Bi'tl by a >,,i|.r; They toil; rover f.v tl:n ]--.\ fd.'f upon the iyi"iwtr:i:s c'.ipha'it, ;i iong lav and li'i.ii fi;:ht Hiev. no bounds. It, was then that Berry saw the enormous back, spreading ears of fhc monarch elephant. Noiselessly, warily, they crept nearer. The sniffing trunk went, i:p. At once dlKturbcd and mistrust-, _ful; he charged with murderous in-' Jeniions just as Berry fired a mor- Jal shot'tinder his upraised trunk lo drop him to his knees. Berry quickly fired mother frontal throat thot and two into his side to the heart as his heavy body pressed backwards to fnll on his right side. When it was v.'ell established that no life remained in the old gentleman of the [jiijantic. height, out strode Skunkie and Lousy with great bravado. Skunkie ran up to the boast and plunged his speer into the elephant's _side with an air of conquer',. Then he pulled out the spccr to make a second ,plui:ge to bolster his, returning couiagc. By now Lousy had regained his ccjr.-posuic for he proceeded to climb upon the slain elephant's back where his black skin and while robes made him look like a vullure in a nightshirt. B?rry was aglow with the satis-i /action of having accomplished I something very gratifying even j though he had gone without food i from 5 a.m. until 7 p.m.. The native safari Iwys carried him on! their shoulders as they danced the Ngama and sung chants of victory. Tile next morning was devoted to the careful icmoval of the head- skin of this pachyderm patriarch. Tile four feet, lail, side skin and tusks were savcn. Berry's monarch weighed his enormous cars alerted to charge to kill. Virginia had been briefed to make a fatal side shot but the upraised trunk made a throat shot to the heart imperative. Tusked and towering, he slumped into the mud where he regained his strength to urn for his life for 100 yards. She fired he:- second shot to pin down the ears v.'ith side shoulder shot that topp!c:3 the majestic ele- .pliant over like a domino with an earthquaking thud. He had run with incredible speed for elephants take* a lot unless they arc hit in vital parts. Virginia's shots had hit the vulnerable marks Virginia approached her mortally wounded elephant with great caution as she- fired the final shot into the back nf the neck for a spinal shot at two yards distance from the anii'-ai. Her trophy :nsi his Waterloo in less than 23 hours after Berry had shot, his elephant to make this safari scribe both wife and mother of elephant slayers. Virginia had followed the footprints of her famous father to be- r.omc the youngest person ever to kill an elephant. Licenses were .:ciup,ht for her tj ;.h"Ol all the, 014 if-mc. inclu'iiui; il-ino 'and cle- ..uliant, when ?he was 12. She ccle- I lira led her 14t.-? birthday on safari ! June 4, 1047. Virginia uased for Cover Girl in all altitudes bc-i-lc her I06-;]j^:ul tusks. Virginia had achieved the greatest of arub'Uon.s i:y fulfilling her las* as ati inlrepid young The c!r-phant weighed six Ions, was !e:- feet to his shoulders, his tusks were il (eel three inches long. Father Arrested For Murder of Young Daughter EYLVANIA. Ga.. Aug. 18. (UP) — Police said today Dial because J-ie M. Pate, 44, did not approve of his pretty daughter's friends, he shut her to death Sunday with a .32 pistol. Then Pale calmly stretched out across the bed in u'hich the girl was slain and took a nap, investigating officers said. Sheriff W. I,. Crumley held Pate on a charge of first degree murder. He was given details of the shooting by the 16-year-old brother of Helen Pale. 20. the victim. /The youth salt: ])e and his sister came home around midnight Saturday and their father arrived several hours later. He said he could bear Helen arguing with the elder Pate in the nexl room. Then Ihore was a shot.mid his sister ran into bis room, Ihc brother said. In a few moments their father strode in brandishing a .32 v.ista!, he said, and after anolhcr brief ar- gumenl leveled Ihe gun at his daughler's head and fired at point blank range. She died instantly with a bullet \vound in the forehead. "I would rather sec her dead than running around wilh that bunch she goes with," the shcnli quoted Pale. Gray hair begins ( lo show on white iicrsons at the average age of 35. In Negroes, Ihis occurs seven over I years laler. Only in His"Forties"-but WORN OUT FROM GETTING UP NIGHTS! • Many folks 40 nnd over have to get up nigMs -have frequent desire to pais wntci — have backaches, too, because of minor functional kidney disorders. IE this'is yuur trouble, flush out your kidneys find bladder with Dr. Kilmer'* Swamp-Root. It quickly works to increass the flow of urine, help relieve excess acidity, nnd case burning sensation . . . liclpt bladder irritation that pets you up nights. Swamp-Root is truly nature's own way to relief. Millions have tnken it for thtoa generations . . . often with wonderful remits. Caution; Tnho as directed. For frea trial supply, write Dcpl. A, Kilmer fe Co., Inc., HOT 1255, Stamford, Conn. Or — ppt full-sized bollle oi Swamp-Root today at your drugstore. SELL YOUR CAR FOR CASH! If you have ;i laic model car (hut's clean, well kepi . . . xve'li pay you the highest possible cash price for it! Clean up UIOMC bills thai hang over your head by selling your car while prices arc high. Hank Ihe dill'iTcucc if you want, or ask us about Hie new, versatile JKKI'—might for every purpose! A Complete Line of Jeep Ports POOLE MOTOR CO. ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator Phone Steclc 49 South Highway 67 at Steclc, Missouri Lunacy Court Jury Finds Former Policeman Insane WASHINGTON, AllR. It). <U['I — A former capitol policeman who fired two shots at Sen. John W. Orickcr. R.. O., last month in the Senate subway was found Insane today by a district conn lunacy jury. William L. Knlsor, -19, who recently had been cILscIinrgccI from the cnpltul police force, followed Ilrlck- cr Into the subwiiy on July 12 nnd .shot nl him with a .22 calibre pistol. 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