Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on October 6, 1967 · Page 6
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 6

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1967
Page 6
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Freeport Pg. 12 Stock Gains Top Declines On Market NEW YORK (AP)-The stock market held near its best level of the session in fairly active trading late today. Butcher hogs — 25 to 50 cents ' Advances topped declines I lower; receipts 6,000 hogs; topi individual stocks by 19.75. At A Glance Start Search Confidence For Missing f ° me c ° sts _ . . ^ iMan Securities : NEW YORK (AP) - Markets at a glance: Stocks — Higher; active trading. Cotton — Higher. CHICAGO: Wheat trade. Corn — Mixed; fair trade. Oats - Hieher- good demand i" 11 * 8 11SIS loaa y- 100Kin I wr how three Chicago Sovbeans Hifher- S $1 ' 7 million in mission g U.S. I to bilk him of $868. sup^r ~ " t ' ght !: n ^_™ tes , that . a PP are ^ Lewis told police that he was NEW YORK (AP) — New Hiehpr- Poori latP 1NCjVV xums (Pi ^> ~ 1New Highei. good late,York City banks and {inancial i institutions checked their secu- j Titles lists today—looking for Henry Lewis. 44 S. Hooker Ave., came to police Thursday afternoon with a description of a confidence racket known as "the pigeon drop game," and how three Chicago men used it among nearly 200 issues. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was up nearly 3 points. Changes of most key stocks were fractional but some ranged up to 2 points and there were some wider moves among ? Unng a Wal1 returning to Freeport from a ,. iransier - I visit with relatives in the South Police did not rule out the pos-| and was making connections in .. Slaughter steers — Steady to s tv of tne " l)Ut were work- a Chicago bus depot when three 25 cents lower: cattle receipts! ! ng °, n the assumption that the - easil neotiabl" : 6,500; top 28.75. .men he met offered him a ride 'easily negotiable" securities 'to Freeport. went astray in a mixup between! He accepted the ride, Lewis, 1-3 325-400 Ibs 17.25-1800- 2-3 i °! 1 . e b * nk '. s , messe nger and an-continued, and, upon arrival at I other banks clerk. jhis home, picked up three un-i One of the notes is for $1 mil-i casne d checks to take to the'; 450-500 Ib 16.25-16.75. Cattle 6,500; slaves none; slaughter steers unevenly steady the more volatile issues. (to 25 lower; heifers prime 1,150- Brokers said there was broad ui uiwi o a a in uivi. c we* a ui uau •••• * vv **•* wiuM^in.v-i otv-^i ^ j i^iv* speculative interest in compu- grade 3 and 4 28.25-28.75: mixed ter stocks. Gains by these is- choice and prime 1.150-1,375 Ib . Gains by these is sues included IBM 12. Control Data about 4, Burroughs about 3 and Scientific Data about 2. Motors, farm implements, oils, airlines and drugs were mostly higher. General Motors and Chrysler advanced about half a point. Prices advanced on the American Stock Exchange. Grain CHICAGO (AP) — Soybeans futures advanced 2% cents a bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade today and helped influence higher prices for soybean meal and soybean oil. Wheat advanced about % cent a bushel while corn, oats and rye scored lesser rises. A fair amount of export buying plus a developing tightness of soybeans in the country contributed to the higher prices, especially in the early contracts. Estimated carlot receipts were wheat 13, corn 84, oats 2, rye 1, barley 12 and soybeans 66. At the close, wheat was Vz to 1 cent a bushel higher, December 1.55%-%; corn was unchanged to % higher, December 1.15-14 3 /4; oats were Vs to 1,400 Ib slaughter steers yield CHARLES BELL The Daily Record It Is a principle of American Justice that an Individual Is always presumed Innocent until proved guilty and a report that anyone is charged with an offense cannot be construed ai proof that he committed the offense. Accidents A truck driven by William "-"«*- wj. till, ilVH-O 1O 1U1 «J)1 11 111- I —"•"•«lion and the others for $100,000(bank. each. They are payable to the bearer and thus readily negotiable but one bank spokesman At the bank, Lewis cashed the checks for a total of $268 and withdrew $600 from his account. yield grade 2 to 4 27.00-28.00; mixed good and choice 900-1,150 Ibs 26.00-27.00; high choice and prime 950-1,050 Ib slaughter heifers 26.50-26.75; choice 8001,025 Ibs yield grade 2 to 4 25.75-26.50; mixed good and choice 750-925 Ib 25.00-26.00. Sheep 400; wooled slaughter lambs and ewes steady; a few lots choice and prime 90-110 Ib wooled slaughter lambs 23.0024.00; choice 80-100 Ib 22.00-23.00; good and choice 20.50-22.00. CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Official estimated livestock receipts for Monday are 11,000 cattle, 7,000 hogs and 500 sheep. CHICAGO (AP) - Futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange: said tnat in practice it would be'The money, he said, was to be ' '"""' * 1-*»— =- "-- "---•• 27.75-28.25; choice 1,150-1,400 Ib difficult for anyone to cash! sent to relatives in the South. lem i Safe Keeping Ruse The _ disappearance reported: His three new acquaintances Thursday marked the third ma- told him they were going jor loss of securities from - 0 0 to Rockford on an errand and that month. street institution within a they would return. One of them i asked Lewis to hold $1,000 for Mayor Daley Gets Some Wearin' Green I $1.000 and his own $868 inside a folded highway map after which jthe three friends departed. Lewis said, later when he looked inside the map he found •no money there. CHICAGO (AP) — Terence i Lewis then got in his car and O'Neill, prime minister of be S an Pursuit of the Chicago- northern Ireland, had ""' "" Sales Close Live beef cattle Oct Dec Feb Apr Jun 255 225 113 85 58 4. • AfcF i^ 't j UCILO Yf\*l t lO t\J /» higher, December 71 cents;!Apr rye was V* to % higher, Decem-| Jul Live hogs Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb 2 0 1 0 0 0 2 27.07 26.50 25.90 25.85 25.95 19.35 19.35a 19.75 19.70a 19.85n 19.75n 21.25 Prev. Close 27.02 26.50 25.87 25.85 25.95 19.25 19.40 19.85a 19.90 19.85 19.75n 21.25 . — a few green gifts for Mayor Richard J. Daley, Chicago's most fa- 'mous Irishman. O'Neill visited City Hall Thursday to present Daley with i green necktie and a set of .rish linen handkerchiefs "just n case you don't have any with you." "It's a beautiful shade of said Daley, admiring ans' auto. He last saw them at U.S. 20 and Ridott Corners head- ng east. green," the tie. ber 1.19 5 /s and soybeans were'/ to 2% cents higher, November 2.66%-67. a-offered; n-nominal CHICAGO (AP)8 High Low Prev. | Close close; Produce CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Wheat j Mercantile Exchange — Butter 1.55% 1.54% 1.55% 1.54% i steady; wholesale buying prices 1.61% 1.60% 1.61V4 l.GO'Al unchanged: 93 score AA 67; 92 A 1.63% 1.62 3 / 4 1.63% 1.62% 67; 90 B 66; 89 C 59y 4 ; Cars 90 Dec Mar May Jul 1.60% 1.60 1.60V 4 1.59% B 66%; 89 C 60%. Sep 1.63% 1.62% 1.63'/ 4 1.62%i Eggs uneven; wholesale buy ing prices unchanged to 1 low- Giant Chicago Picasso A Joke? CHICAGO (AP) - Pablo Picasso would like to see a snow job on the monumental sculpture he gave to Chicago. Some critics feel Picasso pulled a snow job on Chicago when he gave the city the design for the 50-foot rusty stee sculpture, which was unveiled in the Civic Center Plaza Aue 15. But William Hartmann, the architect who persuaded the ar tist to give Chicago the sculp and went to inform the police. Coolness Continues; Rain Is Forecast An overnight low of 46 degrees and a reading of only 56 at noon today reflects the late veek decline in temperatures for the Freeport area. Less than 48 hours ago. ture, said Picasso is very Corn Dec Mar 1.20V 4 1.19% 1.20 May 1.23V4 1.22% 1.23 pleased with Chicago's recep tion of his gift and has asked to be sure and send him a photo j mg prices unenangeu 10 1 low- "•- ^"'^ anu ocnu nun a 1.15% 1.14% 1.14% 1.14 5 /8j e r ; 75 pe r cent or better grade I 1 " 3 ?" wne " snow is on it 1 9.flV^ 1 ]Q5/o 1 9.A 1 1Q&Q A ...UU nn on. : i rtft_ i: Thoro hie- hnr»n nn^^i 1.19% 1.22% 1.25% 1.25V 4 1.25% 1.25% Jul Sep 1.25V4 1.24% 1.25 Oats .71% .70% .71 .71% .71% .71'/ 8 .71% .71 .71 .70>/4 .70>/4 .70V 4 1.25 A whites 30; mixed 29; mediums 22; standards 25; checks 18. Dec Mar May Jul Sep Rye Dec Mar May Jul Sep Soybeans Nov 2.67 Jan 2.70 Mar Jul May Jul Aug CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) .70% I Potatoes arrivals 26; on track .71 136: total U.S. shipments 226; .70% I supplies light; demand and .69% | trading limited on account of j Jewish holiday; market steady; carlot track sales: Minnesota 1.19% 1.19V4 1.19% 1.19% North Dakota Red River Valley 1.24% 1.24 1.24V4 1.24 i round reds 2.45-2.65; Wisconsin 1.27% 1.27 1.27V4 1.26% I round reds 2.50. 1.27% 1.27^ j ~ I Chairman Announces Total Bond Sales There has been considerable debate about what the sculpture depicts, but most experts be lieve it represents a woman'; head. 2.65'/ 8 2.67 2.64% 2.68V4 2.69% 2.68% 2.73 J /4 2.72 2.73 2.71M; Norman C. Sleezer, general .4 . . .; . , 2.76% 2.75% 2.76% 2.75>4 county chairman of the savings committees, has an- Sep <S.IO"/8 i./J72 4.I07Z i./J'4 • 2.75% 2.74% 2.75V4 2.73% bonds -« ,-,.—, . lt .o «., 2.76% 2.75Vz 2.76% 2.75V4; nounced ^ ai Stephenson Coun 274% 273% 2.74% 2.73% i tv resic *ents purchased a total 269'/ 4 268% 269VB 2.68% ! of ? 162 -218 in series E and H i United States savings bonds and CHICAGO (AP)-Wheat No 2 j Freedom Shares in August. hard 1.59% n; No 2 red 1.53% n.i Other area counties and Corn No 1 yellow 1.21; No 2 yel- ! amounts include Carroll, $91,low 1.20V4-21; No 3 yellow US-' 5 Jo Dfwiess, $35,051; Ogle, J /4 n. Oats No 2 heavy white 71% n. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.6363"4. Soybean oil 8.85 n. Penney Store New Manager 9s Named Charles Bell is the new manager of the J. C. Penney Co. store here. Formerly manager of the Belleville Penney store, Bell is a graduate of Wake Forest College. He has also been employed by the J. C. Penney Co. in Louisville, Ky., and St. Louis, Mo. In Belleville he was a member of the Rotary Club and on the board of directors of the United Fund. He was vice chair, B ,..„..„,. man of the downtown division Lewis' returned to Freeport! of the Chamber of Commerce. _j . , . „ .. 1 , Ha ic a nafn/a r»P Cn«f^^^ , ;him for "safe keeping." Lewis said he then put the Gladden, 47, of Lincolntown, N.C., was turning into an alley off South Galena Avenue between West Main and West Spring streets Thursday afternoon when it scraped two parked autos. The cars were owned by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Rockford, and Charles S. Pack, 111 S. Cherry Ave. No tickets were issued for a Thursday afternoon collision at W. Galena Ave. and N. Harlem Ave. involving cars driven by Edward Veer, 22, of 528 S. State Ave., and Ronald Hutmacher, 24, of 642 N. Hunt Ave. Thefts Diane Lawson, 958 Monroe Drive, reported to police Thursday that a blanket and two cushions were stolen from her car while it was parked in front of her home late Wednesday or early Thursday. Circuit Court LaShelle Automotive Service, address listed, was awarded a $66.15 judgment against Jacob Geerts, no address listed. Bankruptcies Bankruptcy petitions filed in Federal Court this sets of $675. Robert A. Langdon, Rockford— alleging liabilities of $2,825.89, no assets. Clyde and Mary Ann Wilson. Rockford, under the wage earner's plan—alleging liabilities of $7,028.10, assets of $1,200. Traffic Cases The following traffic cases include fines and costs. FREEPORT CASES Marjorle Roth, 802 S. 14th Ave., speeding, $20. paid. Waller Mack. Freeport Route 2, speeding, $16. paid. Robert Jones. Rockford, failure to signal turn, $15, paid. Robert Collalti, 833 W. Empire St., failure to have vehicle under control, $15, paid. Bonita Nordgen, speeding, $15. paid. Monroe, WIs., James Soence, 107 S. Galena Ave.. failure to have vehicle under control, $15, paid. Mag/'sfrafe's Court Ralph Bennell, 51, of 25% W. Washington St., pleaded guilty in Magistrate's Court today to charges of driving without a license and intoxication. The two charges involved separate arrests. Bennell was fined $25, which he paid, and was given a seven- day jail sentence on the driving charge. The $55 intoxication fine wasn't paid, and Bennell will serve jail time. Elizabeth B. Schmidt, 72, of 621 S. Carroll Ave., pleaded guilty to a theft charge and paid a $35 fine. The charge was made in an arrest Thursday afternoon at the Payless Food Store. Lloyd P. Bardell, 128% W. Stephenson St., pleaded guilty to charges of disturbing the peace and intoxication. He paid W ere $ 50 in fi ne s and costs. He is C. Mr Bell his wifp Mprilnn anri Strohmever of Rockfo „„„. mi. oen, nib Wlie IVierilOU ana ate petitions-alleging liabilities of their four children will live in $5,806.46, assets of $100. Henry F. Freeman, Belvidere— a native of Sanford, morning by the following: James Edward and Ruthanne Strohmever of Rockford, in separ- Freeport. OVERSEAS DELIVERY AVAILABLE a mark of 83 degrees had been reached. Weather forecasters are promising that the cool weather will continue and predicting rain tonight and Saturday. Bus/ness Briefs George Lareau, editor for the Burgess Battery Co., Robert Madden of Micro Switch and Kenneth Hochstetler of Kelly- Springfield Tire Co., all members of the Rockford Industrial Editors, will participate in a guided tour of the Rockford News Tower to be taken by the organization on Wednesday. $124,640; and Winnebago, $421,-1 916. "The Doctor Says I'm golfrig to have* —and they're due in. just 6 more days!" Livestock CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 6,000; butchers 25 to mostly 50 lower; 1-2 190-225 Ib 19.7520.50; 170 head at 20.50; 1-3 200250 Ibs 19.00-19.75; 2-3 240-270 Ibs 18.50-19.00; sows 25 lower; I TO CALL FOR THE BEST BUY ON YOUR INSURANCE JEROLD D. ROTH 1210 W. Staver St. Dial 232-5210 P 621010 STATE FARM Insurance Companies Home Offices. Bloom ing ton, Illinois PICK UP AN EXTRA TREAT/ BUCKET 0' CHICKEN ONLY... l5-piece» of Chicken Real Chicken Gravy Hoi Roll» Burger Inn West and American Phone 232-7315 It's been replaced. For the 19th consecutive year, we've replaced \he bug. With another bug. To those of you who were expecting something fancier, sorry. (The '68 looks just like the '67 crossed out above.) To those of you who now own a Volkswagen, congratulations. (Once again your model has not gone out of style.) To those of you who've been thinking about buying a new one, nice thinking. The front seats are more comfortable. (They have built-in headrests.) The windshield wipers are much more ef- ficienf. (They're larger.) Even the shifting is easier. (We put a decal on the window to show you how.) All in all, we feel that the 36 nice little changes on this year's Volkswagen make it the best ever. Of course, every year we build the "perfect" Volkswagen. And then we do a masterful job of proving ourselves wrong. PARK MOTOR IMPORTS, INC. 3700 E. State St. (U. S. 20) Rockford, Illinois Phone 815/399-1122 . , — alleaing liabilities of $5,509.23, as PHONE 232-1390 FOR PICKUP BY GOODWILL INDUSTRIES , D ADCA orDnrccHiT ATii/r- R AREA REPRESENTATIVE COME OUT EARLY « GO HOME EARLY NOW ENDS SUN. Start 7 P. M. IFS BRAND NEW * POSITIVELY FOR ADULTS ONLY! known to man, , civilized or / (/ft savage... m __^——— Ki« »' BONUS HIT IN PANAVISION'AND COLOR "FABIAN" - Diane McBAIN • Jan MURRAV "SADISMO" ... 7 P.M. • "THUNDER ALLEY" . . 8:35 Says Israeli Withdrawal Could Bring Negotiations By TOM HOGE Associated Press Writer UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP)—Lebanon told the United Nations today that a withdrawal of Israeli forces from occupied positions could bring peaceful conditions "guaranteeing the renunciation of the use of force and the security of all states in the region." But it ruled out recognition of Israel or negotiations with it. "The conditions are favorable for a peaceful settlement of the present crisis," Lebanese Foreign Minister. Georges Hakim said in a policy speech to the 122-nation General Assembly. "If peace is not achieved now, war will break out sooner or later. Time is not on the side of peace in the Middle East. The United Nations, either in the Security Council or in the General Assembly, must act now." Last Monday Hakim told an Associated Press reporter that the Arab states had decided at their recent conference at Khartoum to "choose the peaceful solution rather than one leading to war sooner or later." "This means," Hakim said, "that if Israeli troops were withdrawn to positions occupied June 5, the Arab States would renounce the use of force and agree to the establishment of peaceful conditions in which the security and territorial integrity of all states in the region would be respected." This was more moderate than the statements that Arab foreign ministers have been making in the assembly's policy debate. Robbers Invade Tiomkin Home LOS ANGELES (AP) - Composer-producer Dimitri Tiom- kin, who flew home Wednesday from Moscow after his wife's death, was tied up and robbed in his home Thursday night by three men who fled with $13, police said. Tiomkin, 68-year-old Russian- born composer who won Academy Awards for scores of "High Noon" in 1952 and "The High and the Mighty" in 1954, was struck on the face with a pistol and injured slightly. His secretary, Martha Harrington, also was tied up but was not injured, police said. for Shose who prefer Sterling more decorative in Jtpfe. Incised mnament as delicate as iace provides a tfcwque contrast with the sculptured border. Elegant. Rich. different. And now... in Sterling byLUNT OUR SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER SAVE $65 OB a 44-pc "Service-for-8" SAVE $90 on a 64-pc. "Service-for-12" Shop Tonight and Every Monday and Friday Evening until 9 P. M. RINGER'S JEWELRY Since 1913—Freeport's Oldest and Finest Jewelry 2 East Stephenson St. Harold E. Witte, Owner Sunday is telephone bargain day for long distance calling Save money all day long. Call anywhere in the continental U.S. and talk three minutes station-to-station for onedollaror less plus tax. Make Sunday calling a happy habit. NORTHWESTERN TELEPHONE CO. For Time and Temperature—Dial 215 TONIGHT 7 & .9 Mat. Sat. At _ 1:30 • Eve. 7 & 9 Sun. Cont. From 1:30 THE STORY OF THE NEW-BEAT-BOLD-TEMPS, MODS AND MINIS AND THE TEACHER WHO HAD TO MAKE THEM COOL IT ... AND CALL HIM "SIR"! COLUMBIA PICTURES Presenls SIDNEY POITIER as the teacher who learns the ABC's from London's turned-on teens! LOVE EXTRA ADDED } COLOR CARTOON "ASTRO DUCK" FREEPORT THE MOST POPULAR PICTURE OF OUR TIME! 2o. RODGERS.„., HAMMERSTKIN'S ,/Z : -- ROBKRT WIS I'HODICTI ANDREWS SPECIAL POPULAR PRICES Open 7 p.m. • Start 7:30 "Sound Of Music" . . 7:35 . . $1.75 Children . . . 75c MATINEE SUN. AT 2 P.M.

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