The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 16, 1947
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 1P47 ELTTHHVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* per Hue tor coBMCuiin la- •vr. tons'. 1 lime per ji^ - .'.'.'/.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Me 2 Units p*r line p«r tfajr IZe J times jwr line per d»y ... ., **e « lluif$ JHT jine p«r day Tc J2 times j*r line p*r day ic MoJith per line 9»c Count fire average words to the line. Ad ordered fur three or six tlm»» and noticed before explr^Uau will be charged for (lie number of times (he ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified AtlvoitlsluK copy submitted by 'persons residing outside of tlw? city in list be accuiniiajiled by cash. Kutes may be easily computed from tUe nLovc table. Advetilslnp order for irrefuUr laser-1 lions lakes tht one time taie. No responsibility wilt V* taken for fcu/e than <iue lucuerect ms^rtloa of |uy clarified ad. PAGE SEVEN' For Sol* Owner wauls quick sale. 8 room House. Near school. Cnll 3770. 1>. o. uox 3')l. illytliirvllle 8tl2-pk-19 1 acre, <i-room residence, now vacant, adjoining city limits, 100 yds. off Highway 61 South. Gravel roaci. P ; rice $.1500, $2000 cash. Halance SS1.25 p«r month. H. C. Campbell, I'hone <t4(i or 29UO. 8 U ck 11 Cafe building and 1(( uni( tourist court with garajri'S. Also small chicken ranch. Located 1 mile soulli of lilylheville. Highway <ii. C. Abraham, 505 I,like St. 8 M ck 28 For Sale 1 -2',i pallon counter ice cream freezer with cabinet. $IOOJ. H. I- K\i\e~. V'-vme G7, Mnttlla. 7l2«-pk-tJWa | .Naturally we sell lots of Flna Foitin tatrs inlk, D^ulh Viilut Plo:« iav*: wimelhtng you lon't «<>v<lv Tr.Kle o: KH1 H at Swi»I> £U-»O- 4Q1 ft- Mt-Ul. Pltone B59. 4130-ck-u .uto Nioai-1 Hiwer cotublnruloil vacuum fltv.\uf>r Im-lutles two Hiacliinefi \iM\ nil alltirliincutii. 850.00. Cull !)<M. I2-DR-17 lYtni'll flm! :i i-omplrtc Hue of JEEP PARTS lit POOI.K MCrrOn COMPANY, filfcli-. Ml=i. l :oxirl. Phono Ktft'le 4!) for prompt Ec'rvlci;. I.W p»]. sled iirmiui for i2 each. Pli. 7319. rDnnc cnm. Ii;il-l>k-l8 |One four room and two two-room houses. MILSI be moved. Puoue 3<XJO. . MiiSKi-y llurrb: oomlmip. 1041 model, uood r-omlillon T. P Hi-Hakcy. Phone 2H1R. Kti'i'le. Mo. Bil3-l)i;-'.:t l Ilni.- Baited S3<1<1U! ItorKO. "J yeitn old. Prlnc $1SO (.Mil T. P. nvUakpy. Kt(-«-]f. wo., mi. 2:1111. B:i'.f-itk-ia Sluiby 4. wlicrt "fnrrn trnllers. (i 'DK- llres. all slws truck inul trailer brds Also W3KOI1 rnvalrfi. iu-llry \Vesi hrpok Blmu. roniierly Dan Stovil 62 MpcH 1 ! McConulck Dceiijij' co-nblne A-l shapf. n. W. l)«lll. Bandy Klilec ' 'BllS-lik-iJ ac- 35 mm ARGUS C'J cumern wltti .«.-£orJ>'s. Exccllont condition Corona portnblo typewriter' with C.ISP OnII 231M between C and 7 vm . , 8jis-pk-22 P:ife unusually' -vrll crispin-d liictlv (Iccoruted. C*rop^f\s nljovit $115 td-'ty Ueat location In Slkt-s-.on lOJOl IK-> uhtilor). Re-il opporiuiilLv. i'J-1 •- 5COOO. Havii M'vr-rnl Ollifr hiiFji*\sos Sliitc what vou want. C'ak'b iiiul'ii SlkCritCUI. MO I,atlit's Urtiss StiO]>. Stock Invoice n'n^t $3000. J-"lx(«re.i 40000. Henc WO inoiith, 1'rlce s:iOO(>. (j^ltji Smith. H9a Kast .Mulonc Aye. Slkoston. MO 320 jici-fs hes: hlack laud In SK. Mo One inUe Iroiti jjhi. NO siind. No overflow. I*rlrti $100. per acre. Good t.ciniK. Severn I ot liens Jur^cr nnd sjiiiillf-r. Slate what you ivntu C'tJeh Smith, 1 E0;'i East Maloni- Ave .Stko 1 ;- New piece mahogany .dinette suite. Tike new. ,'110 W. Walnut. l>)i. 2!i25- 7 24 dh tr iMERCilANTS o^el meat cases. walk-In coolers, re- 'itcoiA, mid Ijtveniyt; coolers are il>Jf: ror liiirneitltite t]j.]1vcry. Also Ice cream cubUict-f Eirul comprfessors. dee Dell Scott. 1211 W. Muln or Colored .Property nr lot KflllOi IGlh Kt. Crov. r lrv Atl- 'lltloit. Isatic Mart:ilii. % .Courier QUICK SALK OPPER 00 Molly .V Division, 2 lots, 2 5-ropm furnished for u home. Uive-s'.dir He«r llils Kl Iticomo liropurty. <'[ice. Net low price I'lionc I-'lckl. 2.T11. , chair and 2-MI!).or 2:141. ' '» 15 ck 17 Nc>v 12 I'l. marine pivwood boat. Wu 21(M) or 12341. 8 IS ck 17 For Kent trhlklrti]. IJiftl Asl Uil4-»k-l! coitirortuljli! bedroom. Atllr- uiily. 310 W. Walimt. 7| neUroom. 314 N. Ninth, pn. 11^ K. Mntl). Ph. 952. lsli'jri l>p(lroojii;KLt[:lipii privileges E. Davis. I5-nk-10 h'or Fine Porlraits— O'Steen's Studio, 7 19 ck 8 19 i lh. Coolers tor Ice box. Rear 60'! Mrtln. . IS-iik-ift Sin- norn- s of furniture 1 ', t plnno. r.wliii: plilnp. I wnrrn tovn 1 ri'tllo siutl Vt;co!'d"p\J\yftr, I 3. 1,aV.e Pt. l»li. 35G4, 12-)>k-l7 ACRES IN SOUTHEAST MISSOUKI '•iiri.'!! nucl li-ncecl. tmclor Iniul. I On iflllch Inivelfd blacktop road. P.lec'.rlrlty available. Clieai) at S100 iir:r['. Iluy now ami collect rone | tills Pall. ' APAMS. REALTOR. 220 FALLS UUILD1MC! PHONE 8-7080 48TH YEAH H-Ck-18 hour Ark. r own concrete work nntl SUVL- n conrrete mixer l>y day or Phone .489. Box 059, DJytliL-vllIc Wanted to Rent ITnfurnlKhed ariarLincri'c for Veteran wife and 2 children, 8 .t 10 years old, phone 3048. Can furnish references. ' a:i2-pk-i8 2-B e d r o o m unfurnishej house pr apartment. Cal' EcP'TBclote; 'Courier News Addverlisinjr I)ep1. I'honf '«>!. Uefcrences. 8 Kl ,ck U Services When the Car Needs a Drink ... or if you're Iryinjf lo l»cal« a '!dit(k", jcl Motor Civ he .your iuitomotivc trouble .shooter! Our attendants an- rcall-y lu'lpf HI, and know every : mak;e of car .fixini the insiili; onl. Drive in troubled: drive out with ritlintf- pleasure There's No Place Like Home For Real Ford Service! ompany nth at Walnut I'hone For SoJe of Trade fink, i'hl/lciclM-. prcwmro cookers, fmcl ni'.niy. many other Itrms [or rnlu nr ttwle ot Klufrl UMlliiuurn 8114-rk-its For Sale or Rent llomn of On 1 1007 W. M SCREIN DOORS MOH( sixes now in stock. K. C. ItolmiKnri Co. For Complete Protection . Against All IHSURABLf HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. j. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoo Hotel Bldq. 124 W. AihSt. ,»cil Ami I; Instance M»vlm .00 «4>1 W M«l. At* toil HIM. StlrtCM, BOM 8«rrtc« ' «ora« •». Clean Reconditioned USED CARS Await Your Selection at SHELTON Motor Company 119W.Ash Phone 438 Notice Wutcli for big HioKo ul •die Hut, Thursday, 21. Sppnsorwl by ladies of Catholic Church. 8 12 ck 20 Help o carl- tor iwo 'clillil'rrn rit s altor working hours. I'rlvntu and.Dath III nlra lioilw. MIOIII- ' iitiLSludy for .iieniiancnl pOKl Kootl fnuiri 1 . with toc»l rleasiuit workliiB condltlot box M E, % Courier News. ton with concern Write .HI7-cX-tf Wonted to Bur Cf-w ilr^ roosters from U. K. uliorum controllcU stock.. 1301 w, Asl> St. 8iH-Ilk-17 30 e oil watftr heater with Killou •/alvaut/.ca UuiK and fKth w aiii-iik Mil sell I1H7 Pontlac nL ll:;t price to | nvrson vi-ntlnvt '»"> :\ 2 ijr 3 liotl- ui^d house 111 de- I Flr:il>li' ncliililHirlKioil. Phone M12. canning peaches. Fresh vegetaMcs, fruits, meats and groceries. Open til 8 o'clock every day. Phone 2fi^2. Joe Hester Grocery, Highway 11 South. ijelow Swift Oil Mill. 7 22 ph 8 22 SF.VVINC MACHINE! We electrify yonr olil treadle sewln" mnclihic Into a mortem rh'ctric iiortajjle or cabinet model C [•• )mkd. 408 E. Asll." 8il4-pkr9|M" SANITAUY WORK. I'nniphiiT cleaning ce-w wiot reccptaclr- t?. Kobert Allt-n. PI). .15:1. Kaf» Jlwv end Ste Larry KJIOHS for Payroll and In* come Tax -Service, bookkeenluK ftntl General Secretarial Service, lofl East Mulii. Phone 4 s0 7ll7-uk-B!]7 IMONEY IT) LOAN Do yon need a .toai> to reyalr or remodel? No down pay ment, no Riortgagc, no ir«<> tap*. FHA approTed rat* 5%. Ask for details. Mai Logan, Rtaltor, phone 20S4 Lynch BHf« Blytherlll* rooms and lialli, on lius line. Completely furnished. Price $4,000, '/, down. |-))C(hooin home located on j Vine Street- Cood condition. Priced reasonably. kmlern ncighliorhmxl grocery ,\vitli livinjj; <niarters. A <j°" inn business in a coming; part of town. cveral FHA approved lots. I Build your own home. I can finance ii|> to 90 per cent of current cost. 1> see any of those prnper- | lies, see or call MAX LOGAN, RKAI/I'OR T. IlllliUAIll), Salesman Lynch UMK-, Ph. 20:i I 8 15 ek 10 M? .St.'illon National rash ro"lslor DO Iierrnit rrluillt. Ilcr.lMrrs Su cd !'. O lie.-; BT.i. 81S-ck-19 A(Ti-= lii'.i.' Paranonlil: level, 101) A irltlvaiion: CD A. tlinhcr: frame l-.\rj'<- l)nrn. gravel road |-(ectrl^ity. l'r!re. ift.OOO. part rish (.'li:vl>i'l. Manila, Ark. 8,15-nk-M NTHA1, AM) TIICIH SCHOOL KPR- [Al^i One R-room. 2-0 room t -'4 run homes within 2 blocks school Ironmls. Prices SI.800 to $0.500. •ree t'utcery Inislne.^es ,MKI vacant t>ts }2SO,00 up. Ihc- hk: lir,r n -alns at 1200 Holly for JS.500. peal E-^late .V. rire Ins. Phone Field lo-nk-ai •vhrel trailer, suitable for stock nr otlon at l> Wade's Auto Salva<r- 111 HiKhway. 8:iR-tik-'J your coal liefore t>ie whiter rush t' us fill your bin. Phone 41.1). Hox fc'J. Itlythevllle. Artnusas. F, 10-ck-tI to fferrf i RE\VARD — S25 • information kadinp; ,to iiniished or unfurnished otise or nparUuenl. Phone 5. S 16 |)k 20 fc70 House movinjr, ; 18 years experience. I'lcnlv of efjuip- mcnt. References. Leveling, foundation repairing Virgil Folev, phone 2105. 8 8 pk 9 8 Expert radiator repair for less. We have the best in radiator repair equipment. Let. our trained man .Itpil out and repair your radiator for yoti. Quick ^cry- ice. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Douglas Lawsnn, Mgr. Phone 2171. R !)"lf Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway 01. phone ;)785- 8 5 "ck If Sell us yonr car now and get the lili;h- t-st |K)ssloIc price. POOI.E MOTOR COMPANY-; Pl'Ojie Stecle A9- steele oiinc mim for Eat?ji |]o.slt]«]n with C.oocl .future. \Vltli lllttlVevlllc tlnrt- Write IKIX J F. ",'„ CoiirR-r News ". 817-ck-tr A HEAT I.XriY.' WHO IS" THTIIU.!.' CiENT. GOOD ON' SHORTHAND ' \ND SOME HOOKKEEPJNO. TO ,DO,OKN- EKAI. OPFICK WOIIKJ APPLY TO BOX (JOO. >;>„ COURIER NEWS. •A new insulanb, consisting'of (j, per cent tsition mid 91 per ftenWahv "will (iiiike iijorc room in rcfngor-' ntoi'.s, .by pormiling thinner wnlls 1 wHhout loss of efficiency. SEWINO MACHINES .KV.crt service on all Prake. 408 E. Asli. Rkes. (;. K 8E>2-pk-91l2 bpholsterln? and rifrnlture repair. E* wrl wotXnnnshln. E. V- Walls. :.-!•.) S. 2."Jr<l St. (Gateway) 0 l8-nk-911fi Business Opportunity Distributor offers to rleht t>erspn. Ortporlnnn-' lo inrrate 50 Cf.Ufohiia AJrnond Nut Mnc>ilpes - pro'vn' r"n- fit SI 09 prr niichlno per *eek Caili neces.sary approsltnat+rly <.SOO. F.r more Information. Write Ntr. David Berns, 2316 Ollvo-Street. ?>•-. l/iu'6 Mo. itr-ci- ^) SALESMAN WANTED SALESMEN WANTED A OOI.DEN OPPOHTUNrTY Are yo\ir earnings provltllTis sufficient inonev to take rare of the hl"h cost, or HvinH? Are von tired of the Inside Job? Would you like lo Increase vonr earnhi' T novvcr? Here's the answer-Sell (Tic national advertised hue of Underwriter Approved Fyr- t*vter Evtlti'^ulshcrs direct lo Schools. Factories. Shops. Hotel*. Reslaur- nnts. Public InstUnllous, Country Estates and Chlbs. Service Stations Farms. Horace. Auto. Truck ami UMS Ovvuers, Taverns. Stuuiner npsorls. Amusement Parks. Lumber Vard.; and hundreds of other prospects. Mo Invest-wiT.! In stock as \\& deliver direct to your custcnrjers. Collect, and sei.d yonr nroflt c.hecki cac>) rrlday. Be yonr own bj.. Start right '.n your homo city anrt nearby iiolnts. Ma«c plenty or mor.oy Big drnmiut now for Fvr-Fv'cor £x tlngnlsliers. Write tirbmntlv '*, Free Details. THE FYTl-FYTETt CO JJKPT. T-!.,DAYTON 1. OHIO EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and .Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town ' Phone 3553 NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC In spite of }{vo:i(. losses sufCo.vod \n the fire. :vl <wv pliuil IniiklhiK, wo arc continuing to icivn OOAllMiRTK' service in all clcpartmqnls. . i Dnn'L take n siiliKtitiilc for i-cnl BTJ.ICK SKRVICK . . . hriiiK your car to I,ANGST,ON-WROT ; RN .now—as always! A conijiloln lino of Now Ruiclc parts has henn flown to.our shop to lake care of all .our Cornplctc Telephone Service Eor Service! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 5S5 CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing, Screen Work Palming, lieiJlnclns Windows Steps, anil utlier work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Tclcphor.c 280J . Ebb H. Carson Tux Cqnsultant Tux ItkjMirts — A<;c()i|"tiu(f Mourn 21, l.yi'icli '. O. lin Phone 2940 Blythcville Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Lnrfic Dividend .Snvings - Ixiw Net Cost Protection For Servile ! W. L. TAMKE 4M K. lluvls St., r. O. Rax 4X1 Phone 2^87 Hl.iMievMIr, Ark. City .Radio * Dial 2407 Fur Expert .324 Ejut Main 81. Felix A. Carney ELBERTA PEACHES $2.50 and $3.00 ]'(!!• Hll^llCl \V(i Sell: • Hy ihc • l!y I lie BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET ITO 10. -Mniii. Phono !)7i) An 'Xlcn nt. aiinri! of splilcr's web would l llfill miles It .slriiltiliLcncil. NOTICE TO PUBLIC [ i'ho Inw of M' ! h'y t liiwn Uoi'U |i\twcd to MiiJu. (Across Klix'Pt frni t ijuiiiiiry Wiii'il.) RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODK,. HK- LlAllUK WORKMANSHIP. We PHONE 2642 call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Klectrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Kndlo Sales and Service 106 South .First St. of Citriic R. B[i»<l- 411 W. in Monl- FARM LOANS Ynn nnii now sncuro tho nt- trncllvi! fnnn loon In hlsLnry. Uiw rules of -Interim!., extremely l')iiK terms wllli literal prciiuxmcnl lirlvllnijiis. PriKillcully m> t!X|JCUS« nlluehecl. If J'i>«i' imiscnl loan doc.' not brivr Ifss llinn S irer cent yov will eertnlnly lie hiteresliKl In our I'Mmi Ix>ans. Unllmlleil- ninnniiL nvailiitolv. Hiieli »» opiioflii inny nevnr crxisl n(;nln. So If ym wish l« finimce or refinance, wi'l nr r.tie A. f. DIl-.TItlOII United Insnr.mrr Aucnry 2B!IJi W. M:i)n—Ouaril Hide. lllythr.villr, Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Hcst Kirby Drug Stores As a Natural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE IliRli lilnod presMirn assonLilrit willi hWncy ilisrasc may 1« Vi-iluf ril liy kf eplnr; hidnrys functioning !>rn|i- rrly For ^"0 years iloctnrs li:ivo. prfKcrllxrl Uils mlti- cr:il'w:ilcr from U')t fSprinjs, Ark. I'urc (nsdMB . . . not :i laxative. Phone or Write Tniliy for Free nncikle.t CROSSTOWH WHISKEY SMOP Miln «nd Division HlylheTlllc. Ark. Dn You Mind . . . H«'« walcom* to it t And you'r* welcome to th» fri«ndly. fr»« aarvica you a«t h«r». Court»ou» attendant* will check your car quietly 'and quickly, .advia* you and serve you — «t no extra coat. Mo^oriata like to drive in to thi» modern aervic* atation for batter service, better motoring — greater econonnyl, " LOY EICH v CHEVROLET CO. t Wrrcken Tciaeo I'riHlncH Phone) llr. Htmtm I DON EDWARDS TyptwHtcr M*n' . .-. MMITU, <:<)BONA uul UICMINOTON rUKTABLK BECOND BT. ' PHONB »JW IKTerjr Tr*nwict1on MOflT BE SATISFACTORY) "Mister, if you u'Jtnl LI ilicturivof s Inail nr llirar ItAV'l'ON TIKKS i\NI> MOTORS!" niif;li(y iiretly. TUIIKJi' I cot ; ( t ' • ICE COLD! Watermelon Cold ....... 2 Vzc Ib. Hot ..... 50c ca. & up Blythcville CURB MARKET 130 R. Main Phone 973 ' We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinioa Treads 1 I • i Let Your N«xt Tim B« j s4 i " '. rV"-'i" ', Cost More — W^rth 'More! ca n 1. PRlCU..LA'S TOP f'Just krieiv this would happen! My husband .is /ost—lost in a/I this wilderness' Serious ffon't worry, I'm s show (JV:AL VERMEEIi. -

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