The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 16, 1947
Page 6
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BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.);COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 1C, 1047 fSoys MowopoJ/esto Be Issue in'48 ft, J WASHINGTON, Aug 16. (UP)— ~ „ Sen. 'Joseph C O'Mahoney, D., " Wyo,*-told. President Truman yes! "'' t*rd$y, that the rapid expansion of industrial nfjnopoly H'ill be the main* issue" of the 1948 campaign -' unless Coiigiess, at its next ses- * stojj,' acts to block it '.OKahonly. said he.tolil .jar.; Tvu- "' mar( .that industrial concentration , is developing at such a rate ns to deprive 'Americans,of normal .op-. ^ ".porlunity and to prevent expansion of production "so btidly needed throughout! Hie world. Olfahoncy said ^hc asked Mr. Tnimsn to back legislation •• to control-the growth oJ monopoly..Sucli a bHl-^to amend the'Clayton Act to bar monopolistic mergers—was Introduced In the Jnst Congress hut was•:"smothered" .by the Houso Rules Committee, O'Mahoney • said! O'Malioney' said that In addillon to direct'- anti-monopoly legislation he urged the: President to support*.' I.•('Revision or the tax laws fo encourage; indei>endent, competitive enterprise. .Small business, it is 'substantially fixed, now finds an >' incentive" to sell.out to big business, he said. 2.: r"A-. measufd to set up "National Youthful Barents Bypass Baby Sitter; Tie Infant Son in Crib r)E\V ORLEANS, Aug. 1C. (UP) — TWO .youlli'iil.. parents who bypassed a baby sifter' last night had to tell -police yesterday why they stuck n 'bottle. In their three-month -old son's mouth and tied him in his crib before • taking off for a tlountou'n movie. 'Answering a complaint, police found the Infant alone and crying in n darkened apjirlment. They arrested Prank Fontcnot, 21, and )>ls SO-ynar-old wife, Dora, when the couple returned from the movie. The parents were charged with cruelty to a .Juvenile and the b.auy was placed in St. Vincent's Infant Home. PoJicc said Uie child,had a bruise over its right eye' nnd ..Ills'Imiuls were tied to !'is .Hide with a soft cloth. The yo'.mg mother said she always tied the baby's hand to prevent l>i;n from pushing his bottle out o! the crib. "We didn't know, we were doing anything wrong." Mrs. Fontcnot said tearfully, "We figured that if anything went bovs would heai care of him-" "\Ve weren't afraid to leave the baby alone," (he father (old po- Itco. "He is very healthy and we e H once or twice be- wrong the neigh- flbout U awt take slaivctards" • of social responsibility tlavo for all business engaged In.Jntcr- [ ole state or foreign commerce. ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ Jn the same (vnnnmeut. miiltttng, snirt • '. Grew lln in ;Transit A-lew years ago, when transportation facilities were lacking in Brazil, beef cattle there were started to market as calves, so they would be mature upon arrival. she Dad served as baby silter on numerous precious occasions when the Fontcnolc wanted to attend a movie. Detectives sa!;l today they would ask juvenile court officials if the Hew Orleans Police,Head Escapes Attempt on Life NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 1C. (UP) —Police Siipl A. A. Wallers disclosed yesterday llml an altetnnt luul been made on his llt e vc- ing to do," Mis. Fontcnot sobbed. ccml v '»' an unidentified gunman, "We svnm the bnby back above wnUci's sal'J (he man had pulled promise we <"O»«BMe «>s c_av_ and liven cnse should be pressed. I don't know what we arc go- everything else. We promise we won't du anything like this again. Body's Cries Are-Heard Hour Before Its Birth CINCINNATI, O, ftug. l<i. (UP) — Medical circlet, lierc yesterday were amazed o\'cr the cries of a baby girl, heard an hour before her birth. Attending physician Joseph. Crot- ly said thc> infant, one oj twin daiixlilers born lo .Mis. J. William Joseph, was "heard from" faintly, prfoi lo blilh. However, lie said he was unable to tell whloh of the childroii iitteird tl>e walls. A number of other physicians, mji'Fc.s- nnd attendants said they nlso liravU-the liny cries. The tables' futher. Dr. J. Wllllmn Joseph, snid both mother and twins "we doing fine." Alabama Postmaster Held On Mail Stealing Charge CHATTANOOGA, Vena., Aug.-1C. (UP)—The postmaster al Bollgee. Ala,, -John D. Means, is free under SSOO Imnrt while awaiting grand Jury action on charges he • stole mall, postal inspectors revealed yesterday. Inspector E. R. Martin, describing the ease as n "routine" \heft of mail, said the 50-year-old postmaster had been arrested. AUK. 5. Means, postmaster since 19M, .Is his car mm men one sliol. "I ducked below the dashboard and heard the "bullet 'ulim' past me," he sokl. The supt'i intendcnl of police, who has led a determined craclt- down on (jumbling and other vice since he became head of Hie force tome 18 months ago, said he did not get the license number of the gunman's "fast" automobile. Walters said he was on Ms wav home alone in a police car wh.-n the attack occurred. 112 Speeders Arrested In July by State Police LITTLE ROCk, Atk., Aug. 10.-(Ul 1 ) — The Arkansas State Police made 1.2J1 arrests during the month 01 July. Director Jack Pov- tci told Ciov, ten Lancy today. Of thai number, convictions were obtained in oa:( eases. > Porter said ins department Issued 0,400 warnings for minor highway Infractions, made 7.7HO collections on lights mid InvcMi- gated 191 accidents. 112 'motorists wcru arrested Cor speeding durini- the month. Nov.- weapon in the fight against mental sickness is a synthetic cheer-up drug'called synhoxyf that, lifts patients out of depressions. accused of taking letters which had Keen mailed in Boligcc for points elsewhere. DCHTH oF a DOLL a Lawrence; Distributed by NEA SERVIC »•*•!•-»••-»• .XXXVI •••»»,.««**' TITISS .BRADY didn't answer his .knock. .He gave her a minute before- he opened .the ,door .and went in.-She \yas clearing out her de^K, tearing.sheets of paper antl dropping the fragments to .the floor. lie said, "This afternoon we got Ilia background. A story, a name, nnd a psychiatrist's report. It's an old report, but it's as good today •as it ever ^" , He told her about Ihc telephone number, and ^repealed Norman Crawfbrd's '. conversation as Foy had i'speated it to him. "So you girl ' it adds up," he said. "The killed .Ruth Miller was borh'wanting tilings..She was am- DitioviR,. devious, .lazy. . A psychi- atrjst'Said that five ycars.ago >vhen she was .up .for shoplifting. Am- biiious, devious, Inzy, although she did i take jobs when they were worth her while. She could Dt herselt.'jiitb .any soi I ot job if her Iiarlicijlar pot svas at the end of it.,'Nobody ever cliecked on her,,she was,too good for that. She ; could he, and act, anything." "Yes," "Miss.Brady -said. "And there's aribther.thing about hei' ib,it-\vorries;Foy. She's a-bud loser. -IC^sho.can't have wlmt she wants.,nobody.can." - "Foy's wrong." He-got up and went to the door. He'd said enough. "I'm going now. Would you'ralhcrr-tl-mean do yoi want to go down with nie?" •TJo." He shut'the door behind him. . .'" .* » » -\1ISS -SMAL.IJ was still at her •"* desk when Miss Brady walke in. All 'Miss .Brady .said was "Changed my mind. Couldn't sleep a£i*r all." .Miss *-Smnll -said, "I know. I couldn't either. . . . Monny, I'm frightened. The place is crawling wilh policemen! why?" aid. "Don't ask me why ubont 'nyUiitig. . » . Got anylhing to Irink?" Rliss -Small sighed. "Brandy," she said. She reached into the [esk and limited out the bottle. 'It isn't very good brandy, but t's all I can ofter. I'm sorry. Will t'bc all right?" 'Sure." .-«.,«.•;•*•/>•••>'•'• 'I'll wash out the glasses." Miss Small went into the tiny bathroom and returned. '.'Anything new on Lillian Harris, Monny?" She's all light." c That's goad. . . . Here, Monny. Dnn't spill." . They touched their glasses, held them high and smiled. "After this, beddy-bye,'' Miss Small said. There was a shout, the world rocked, and Miss Brady fell to the floor. .Her mouth was bleeding where a hand had struck her. Foy's hand. Foy's, .His square hands were on her shoulders, gripping not r )uirllng, lifting her up. was, lifting her up and talking someone across the room. He wa talking to East. She put her hands to her head she had hurt her head. I fell, she said to herself, I remember foiling. He stnick me, he struck the glass out 'of my '"Why did yon asked vaguely. Foy's answer came from a dis icn they had laughed, Togetheri c hadn't liked the sound of that,* ) he'd signaled fo the nearest j inn on duly, and the signal hadl avelecl up and down. the stairs) oin lloor to floor. After that it, :ul been a neat- thing. In time,. c bad heard the clink of glasses.. i time, he • hail reached Brady. xit only Bt'ady. -*••»!• -- ^ Roberta shivered. "Bad." <I4H He went on, quoting. fragments f his first interview with PKim- iw. "Miss Plutrimer unconscious- Btive, us the answer when she old Brady that Small went down o Ihe kilchen when the chef was ,urt. That didn't say anything to' ic, : but it said a lot (o Brady. I aw how she looked at Phimmor. o' looked like somebody getting preview of hell. You see, she tncw Small hadn't gone. She'U n IhDre herself, the whole lime, o she knew. . . .- A few hours ater everything broke and Kornan Crawford and Clara mopped t up." "Mark, has anyone said any- hing about suspecting her?" Free Delivery COF», \W If HUUMICE, !w. T.M. SEO. V. S. PAT.W. •file 4000-ton cyclotron at |}ie University of California in Uerke- Icy knocked from 22 lo 30 pailli-les out of the jiucli'us of ll)f sitoin. A InmdrcHi or more nc\v r.idioiso- tffps are In project. Pride & Usrey s GENERAl CONTRACTORS ( Excavations and Backfills $ Phone 517 1 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition $ >" >)#X>"#'>>;>>;>;>;>^ GATEiOOD GROCERY "Before sit with children, Mike to know whether they expect .to be rocked or snankGdl" FRECKLES &. HIS FRIENDS By.MERRILL BLOSSISU An Ailing Friend • Ark.-Mo. State Line : on the left at the A rch Phone 9751 54 Ft. 7 Crown ; 1.35' Co I vert 1.35 Schenley 1.35 . Three Feathers 1.35 1.40 Hill & Hill Z Old Taylor . . • Four Roses J5% Beer • GAS, reg PL 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 6th ^.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 per Case $2.88; • 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5c; :AII Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35i Chamblin Sales Co., inc. Sa7es Studetiaker Service First by Far With a Postwar Cur Modern limo-snvinjj fools arc provided for our trained mechanics. They UKU llioir skill and Hie corner', tools to {five you bolter service. We repair all makes of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars 194G Chi-vrolcl J5 t(in Pickup GMO '/• ton VIckiin 1945 DodgcVi Ton ricuup 1941 Clicvrulrl V, (on 1'kkiip ^s Mcwesr, Hit-OA. t \ICAwsnLLRfAD ' MEAN TO I GET YOUR TCI.F - J No GRAM WET/ ; THAwK'S ToVou; M A WAV--) AMD LEWS- To GO 1£> TO PABAOlSe PICKARD'S GROCERY Meip ir THIS FRKMO is --UH-- SCKJ SORTOF-UH-DY'MG! Phone '204J 1044 Chickasawb* IMG Fgrd Super 2-donr 1041 Plymouth 2-d«or 1!)41 Plymouth 4-door 19JO I'ontiao Lots of Others to Select From If It's INSURANCE "Not in words. But when Foy and. I left, we mel Kilty ; lirice in .he lobby and she didn't look crushed. ... It was a made-to- ordcr job from the start. When Small went to Hope House us a aoardcr, she couldn't face the character investigation they . required. So she turned on the ch*»nu and the grave, sweet talk about private rights and the un- American -way. Brady was en- CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY '. Your Studebaker Dealer "First by Far With a Postwar Car" Bill Ohaitiblin — UR & Ash SL, Phone 2135-^ dial 2311 For ^Complete Protection WASH TTJBBH -Accident & Health Hospitalization Fire • Automobile : Linbilily -Burglary • Plate Glass Tornado Surety Bonds Aviation Waiting for Eas f WcM FftN WML- PER YOU BESIWS POuRIN 1 IN, SON Eni CDWE CRMtW ...BUT NE'lL B! ilfrEO TO GIT HE'D KEN TIPPED OFF 8V SOMEONE-THM "IKE WOlllO BE ^ SENSATION!. AND.W&S 3U5T IEAVIIW TO MURPER. THE TIPSTER. WHEN VOU THE f-MKE! *tL eiSHT, 6OYS...T1WE FOP/ TVKE BOMW Whs BED! r ter vousriwup /SIVELL.BUT C I."TCR- LME TO HEf\R THE /GOSH! KRINSLE BftBY. Right ofV the bat she KINDA TIREO BHIW W RADIO gave our girl a job, and the reference rule was tossed out. Our girl climbed up and up. Wlien Ruth Uliller came on the scene, TO LEARN «OT ftlt HAPPENED EASV GETS HERE! lance, • although he was standing she was pretty close to the top beside her.-' VBecausc there was poison your' drink," ; he" snid. - Then Rust's voice, living, c beside her. "I tried to tell you. VOh no," she cried. "Not to me! of her world, .-iiul she wash t climbing down. So Ruth had to go. IJulh's fear was loo obvious, the story \ras bound to come out eveiilually." Roberta said gently, "Poor Ruth." Mark saw the woman he bad left only a short time slumped in a chair, looking at the drift of torn paper on (he door. Letters, notes, travel folders— He answered Roberta, but to T ITTLE by liltlc Mark lold Ho fcerla. Foy had watched th door himself, waiting for (lie hons to'igi'ow quiet. But when hc-sa\ Brady go in, he bcgari \o \vorry.-llo Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd O. Btttner-W. M. (11111) Wilson thought of all the things that could tip-off, suicide, poison, ' himself. He said, Poor Monny. and he moved in closer. lie hcarc f\ HDP£,5E ( TrtAT \ TOStlLLAS•' ASVD YOD ALSO 5O TQU PEPPE.KED TMl SDR A E 1O ESCAPE '.'Don't ask me why," Miss Brady them talking. Talk, just talk. And Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople By J. R. Williams JlS LIKE ME— IT'S WORKED \ TO -DEATH-- AT'S ALL IT tl*\S TO COOL A YARD O' WRAPPlM' PAPER BEFORE / IT CAW COOL TH' HAM-- \ IT HAS TO COOL A VARP ) OF PLATTER TO COOL / A THREE-BEAM "\ LEFTOVER, AM'~ -/ DUMPS BfeT\MEEM COrtGRW ULATlOAS, By V. T. HAMLIN \VEU.,\W>T RI6HT>BUT HE NEVE! OB WE HAVE TO I S.\V6 ANY CONCLUDE H DIFFERENT FPOM AOMy OTHEE EVIDENCE OF IT B=PORE-TO MY KNOWLEDGE.' m How Fortunate H«re He .Comes BY MICHAEL.O'MAU.EY and RALPH T,ANB AN^V HEH BUDDIES AW, INSPECTOR, I'VE GOT A FRESH COlriOM COMING UP. GIVE OS SOMETHING ON THE MO- 1W£ BEHIND THE KHUNG. police statbn at that moment... HOW, MISS MQ6UL, JUST IOOK UP AT Ft INT AOMIRINGIV. AFTER All. HE'S YOUR PROTECTOR. REPvSOW I VJf\"5 TO JUST LOOK tat THIS VI5IT OUGHT TO SURPRISE THE OlD GROUCH. VOR. EXtCUTWE.U OtH»\TtVV MRKtS (At V.OOVC RtTURKs XT i r

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