The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 15
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PAGE SIXTEEN 1 BLYTHEV1LLB (AHK.) COURIER NEWg Early Gallup Poll Shows Power For Eisenhower in Race for GOP Presidential Nomination By I/SUE O. WIIJ5ON United Preu Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, IU.P.) —Dr. George Gallup's poll" are dealing sledgehammer blows to the pre-conventlon Republican presidential cahdidicy ot Ben. Robert A. Taft ot Ohio. Taft consistently chowg in' poll report* as the Republican president Truman most surely could lick next November. The same statistics ar« boosting the stock of General ike an a man Mr. Truman could not defeat * — Oov. Thomas K Dc\vey of New where, perhaps to Sen. Arthur H. Vandcnberg, R., Mich., or Speaker York shows up well in the poll reports, but trails Eisenhower in popular support which Is not likely to please the governor's backers. Tuft Is hard hit by poll reports because the greatest obstacle to his nomination for president appears to be doubt that lie would be an effective campaigner. A statement frequently heard Is tlitit Tnft woul:l make a good president but would knock himself out in his campaign. Practical politicians challenge the value ot the polls, especially if the figures oppose the practical politician's Idea of what is what. The consensus here, despite the polls, is that Tatt will come to thu Republican national convention next June urilli a large collection ot delegates. He may not have so many as Dewey but he will have a lot.* Those two are expected to lead on the first ballot. It was that way In 1!MO. Dcwcy was first. Taft a good second and Wendell L. Willkie far buck on the first ballot that year. Dcwey's strength faded fast after one ballot. Tatt gained steadily for a while but was overtaken by Willkic who kidnapped the nomination to the astonishment of politicians who thought they were running (he national convention. General Ike Is the potential kidnapper this year. The Gallup polls are making it steadily more difficult for him to make I lie definite statement which would take him out of the contest now and forever. Many -of the political regulars regard Eisenhower as an <* adequate ln**lll*«ne*." Th« lint reaoUlU to becoming any kind of a rMitn, he >ald, U a deep feetlnr of res|x>nslbfllty. "The most profound thing a IHT- •on can do to become a worthy member of society Is develop a profound MttM of renpontlbUil) 1 ," Mr. WaUon old. Calling for a more Intelligent citizenry, Mr. Watson «ald "we had better re'-assess our way of living and check on the poteiitlal- itlcj of the Intellect ol the mass l«»t night, Marshall Blackard presented a talk on tli e "Meaning of Jaycee Week" In the absence of Jaycee President Jlmmle Edwards. The Hev. 11. R Jat'ger wns toast- tna.stcT for the banquet, and program, which was followed by a of people. If man has now reached the plnacle of Intellectual nnd moral growth, out society U doomed." "We must keep the fires of In- ..llcctual curloslt minds," he said. Mr. Watson asserted that there , , wns a greater need for a higher Joseph w. Martin, Jr., R., Mass, But tv i )c of citizenship today than ever dance. The banquet wai arranged by a Jaycce committee headed by Jack Rav, linns and Including Douglas Lawgon, JOG Evrard, Billy Boone, THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1948 Leon Oennlng bio. and Hunter Klrn- CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE ' RKCKIPTS AMI IHSBURSKMKNTS PKItlOI) ENI>IN« DKCKMBKR 31, 1947 It K C E I P T S Cash on hand 1-1-47; General Funds 25 567 73 Sinking Funds 20,035.83 County Millaec 1947 Delinquent Millage the General might be hard to stop in a deadlocked convention, especially if poll reports continue to suggest lie has the most political sex appeal of the lot of them, and the preferential primaries go Eisenhower's way. before. "We need strong communities," he said, "because the united States In an aggregate of small communities." Auto License Building Permits Police Fines and Costs Civil Costs State Turnback Hall With the Courts Chancery S. J. Lambert vs. ShlrlctLa Lambert, suit for divorce. JAYCEES (Continued from PURC 1) the Etehlh National Cotton Piek- iiiB Contest; Mr. Knens, secretary of the cluh and editor of Its "News anil View" publication; Mr. Mllcy. chnlnnnn of a special fundraising project to obtain funds for tlie proposed Jnj'ceo club house and children's playground. Mr. Owen, treasurer of the Junior Chamber; Mr. Blackard. member of the Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; Mr. French, chairman, of th e Jnycec House Committee. Joncslioro Man Slio.iks III his address. Mr. Watson asserted that the United States wns not as much In need of adequate leadership as it, was In need of an terlopCT, a political jUnknosvn, ami Informed "fellowship." Until Rood they don't want him: Already there "fellowship" Is developed, Icartcr- are vague Indications of a stop- j ship is of no avail, he pointed out. Ike movement which would seek to •, He cited as examples the failure get going at Philadelphia next June ] ol the British to continue to fol- if the convention were unable to j low Churchill, whom he termed make a choice between Taft and : a great leader, and the Socialistic Dcwey and wavered toward an Eis- government which then came Into Hitting at exploitation ot the privileges of U 6. citizenship, he pointed out that "we who enjoy the blessings of representative Koverunu'nt hai! better turn alMtut and be good stewards" of democracy. "If we lake all the privileges offered by our system (of, government) and return nothing, the' street Department system will he destroyed," Mr Police Department Watson declared. Sanitation Depnrli In calling for a more enlightened p| rc Department citizenry, he nlso stated that "nil Mumcm-il' Court ' the scientific discoveries of the Almorl, past 5,000 years remain with us today and stand as a Frankenstein monster ready to turn on us." "llllnrt FaUh" Not Enough He also hit at blind faith in i Sanitation Collections 1 Airport Mississippi County Fair Association 1947-1048 Rent Hospital Hoard of Governors Ml.scellnneons Receipts Hospital Board of Governors: Rents from City Hospital 45,603.35 ! 39,878,95 , 454.98 ! 26,212.25 ' 15,711.25 I 1,896.16 ! 39,000.46 j 159.75 I 28,604.20 ' 1.380.00 25,889.25 8.81B.02 ', 2,000.00 4,000.00 2,640.59 I) I S n V R S E M E N T S General Administration Bonds Paid Bond Interest Paid ACCOUNTS: democracy and the beli that; nvjiivti m,j HIIU Li IV UUilKl I Nil L .-, HIT "nothing can happen to the United ! £ npU " 1 . I " 1 > 1r ° vcmcllts Stales." He cited England a.i an Hos l )ltn l B° ar( l of Governors: example and pointed out Its drop ^''l'" • from a first-rate nation. Recounting the cost of the past two World Wnrs nnd the dnnucrs! o[ a third. Mr. Watson said that; Cash on Hnucl December 31, 1517: ;U'c<junls accrued 1947 34.124.88 Accounts Paid 1947 33,001.93 69.24 and Repair.. 799.82 City 4,000.00 $246,581.21 27,155.97 21,912.73 22,456.68 13.032.47 I 1,350.00 I 4.436.00 ; 27,111.88 i 13.500.00 | 8,335.38 24,000.19 4,869.08 t enhower power. Mr. Watson also cited Prcs- Thcre would be a mighty effort I 'dent Woodrow Wilson's League of then to swing the nomination else- Nations, which collapsed "because of a lack of following by people the United States comprises only -seven per cent of the world. Russia Is larger, he said, nnd Is aiming at the destruction of democracy. In another conflict, he said, "we might win every battle, btit we would lose the war." Russia, he snld, Is only waiting for chaotic economic conditions before "taking over." Declaring that the United States must create a new citizenship thatt Attest,will extend beyond Its borders, Mr. Watson, termed tYic United Nations a "farce as to controlling world peace. A state of "cold war" now exists, he said, and the stage Is being set for actual war. The United States must, he said, join other democracies to protect, peace. Prior to presentation of awards General Account 33.ISfl.45 Street Fund 20.949.56 60,100.01 Sinking Funds: City Hall Bond Account City Hospital Bond Account City Park Bond Account Hospital Board of Governors A-c. 9.474.30 4.302.81 3.633.62 1,424.06 18,834.79 78.943.80 LADIES DRESSES, GOWNS, SLIPS, SWEATERS and BLOUSES! 75 DRESSES GABARDINES, CREPES AND WOOLENS VALUES TO $12.75 Priced at Only $500 BLOUSES $2.98 to $3.98 VALUES GOWNS Reg. $2.98 Values. Celanese Tricot in flesh, white, blue, red and white stripe PRINCESS SLIPS REG. $3.95 Our Sales Price '1.98 SWEATERS ALL WOOL PULLOVER White and Pastel Shades Reg. $3.98 Value Our Sales Price '1.98 25 Ladies Dresses Odds & Ends Up to $5.75 $1.00 AM Wool Ladies Sweaters $1.00 RCST. 13.45 Children's and Boys Robes $1.00 COATS ROBES SWEATERS I. Rosenthal, Inc. 226 West Main Street- Large Sizes. Reg. $14.95 Women's Quilted Mostly Large Sizes Reg. $10.95 Boys & Girls $2.45 to $3.95 '4.95 '6.95 M.OO Phone 2562 $246,581.21 E. R. JACKSON, Mayor. Frank Whitworth. City Clerk A. G. Hull, Auditor In Tkit fof* Our Price 29e Coupon worth TOc Actual Cost 19c to you Use Our Delivery Service IT'S FREE! We Deliver Monday Through Friday at gf 9:30 a.m, 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m. Saturday Deliveries at :9:30 a.m., 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. CALL 2668 Free Samples All Day Saturday ORANGES 35 10 Oz. Can TOMATOES 10 Jack Sprat POTATO SALAD 19 2 Bunches RADISHES 15 Frosh Red CABBAGE „, 10 Temple ORANGES . 59 COUNTRY SAUSAGE -59< AGED WISC. CHEESE Ib. 65^ STICK BUTTER - - lb.$1 Hunter or Brookfield Link Sausage - - Ib. We Feature Pevely Ready Packaged Ice Cream CITY SUPER MARKET » 109 West Main —We Deliver— Phone 2668 Sterling's January VALUE PARADE 80 SQ. PRINT DRESSES Smart styles In finest 30 spuare print WaiiVi Dresses. Neat stripes and colorful floral patterns. Button down-front styles. Fast col- SIZES FROM 12 to 52 INFANTS Dresses 79c Snow While, Soft Batiste, Hibbon and Lace Trim, SNUGG1ES Tearosft Tuck stitch combed Cotton Snuggles and Vests. A good quality at a money-saving price! 39c Each Boys SWEATERS PoDiilar Slip-over slvle. In solid 10 ir\ Popular Slip-over style. In solid olors of Rod, Blue, Green. A "amiary Value Parade Special for 3 3oya. to 8 ton 79c 59c Infants-Childs ANKLETS Excellent quality Anklets for Infants and Children. 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Get several at this amazing price! .79 MF.NR I .AMOK WH1TV- HANDKERCHIEFS IOC Blytheville, Arkansas t.

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